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ARCS membership Brochure

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ARCS Fellows are vital members of our vibrant research community making intellectual and hands on contributions which push fearless science forward Join us in supporting this generation s brightest young scientists S E AT T L E CHAP T E R Dr Thomas J Lynch Jr President and Director Fred Hutchison Cancer Research ARCS Foundation s commitment to advancing graduate science education has made a significant contribution to WSU s goal of becoming one of the nation s top 25 public research institutions by 2030 Kirk H Schulz President Washington State University As a vital partner of 40 years ARCS Foundation s generous support makes it possible for the University of Washington s Graduate School to attract the most promising graduate students in STEM fields enabling discovery that serves our region and our world Ana Mari Cauce President University of Washington For over 20 years I have committed myself to 4 key scientific themes discovery translational research global health education and mentorship I belong to the Seattle Chapter because its mission overlaps with my passion to support STEM scholars and next generation leadership in global innovation and health Rhea Coler MSc PhD Professor University of Washington and Seattle Children s Research Institute As a member of this vibrant group of women committed to advancing science I work with ARCS Fellows and am continually inspired by their passion and dedication to science Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Kitti Lile Executive Coach and Speech Writer www seattlearcsfoundation org membership seattlearcsfoundation org ARCS Foundation Seattle Chapter is a nonprofit that funds the top PhD candidates in STEM research addressing global challenges

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ARCS Fellows hold positions of leadership and distinction in academia industry and government policy My ARCS Fellowship highly influenced my decision to study in the Department of Neuroscience at WSU which led to my position as a Senior Scientist at the Allen Institute for Brain Science Brian Lee PhD Senior Scientist at Allen Institute for Brain Science Our members engage their time and talent in support of the next generation of top tier scientists As one of 15 chapters nationally the Seattle Chapter has provided more than 20M in unrestricted Fellowships over the past 42 years to academically outstanding U S citizens ARCS members raise over 1 000 000 annually by engaging inspired donors industry foundation partners UW WSU alumni ARCS members and friends Our Fellowships support the University of Washington and Washington State University efforts to compete with peer institutions and attract top graduate students in the STEM fields I have the freedom to think and do science ARCS Seattle Chapter uniquely supports both the process and the person I am deeply grateful for their encouragement and confidence in me Sanjay Srivatsan MD PhD Candidate Genome Sciences University of Washington Our individual ARCS Fellowship awards not only funded our PhD journeys and were also the initial bond of a lifelong friendship which inspired us to pay it forward and come together to fund an ARCS Endowed Fellowship in Nursing Science Frances Chu PhD Candidate School of Nursing University of Washington Sunniva Zaratkiewicz PhD RN CWCN Pamela Kohler PhD RN MPH Sharon McRae PhD MSN FNP BC Clockwise from top left Frances Chu Sunniva Zaratkiewicz Pamela Kohler Sharon McRae

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