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Photo byPhi TranonUnsplashPlatform * Products * Process * Projects

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Photo byPhi TranonUnsplashA niche digital technology pioneer to deliver the future generationenterprises; partnering in design, transformation and innovation.Specializing in the ecosystems of mobility 4.0, healthcare 4.0 andreal estate 4.0.archents design and deliver Platforms, Products, Processes andProjects for enterprise growth and sustenance.25 years ofarchitectingenterprises globally

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Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoouis on UnsplashWe deliver:Applications lifecycle managementCross shore technology developmentProduct development & life cycle managementArchitecture developmentManagement consultingServicesOn-Demand:Transformation as a serviceDigital as a serviceIntelligent process as a serviceIntelligent data as a serviceInfrastructure as a service

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We deliver:archents’ fellowship Program createsopportunities for Interns, Researchers,Faculty and talent anywhere in the world to Innovate and Create Societal wealth.nGuage: A digital platform for hospitalityproperty management.Aciana: A digital healthcare and blockchainplatform.We work on the principle of n= 1, r = g; wheren = unique customer life engagement andexperience that is delivered by a resource – thatis global and ideally capable of delivering for agiven context.We are focused oncreating IntellectualPropertyArchents apps: A digital platform for enterprisegrowth apps.Photo by Naassom Azevedo on UnsplashPhoto by Sven Kucinic on Unsplash

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An instrument that allows mirroring of theenterprise digital maturity.To allow a dialog with evidential data in anenterprise; prioritizing on the initiatives thatneed to be undertaken and, in the process,creating a compass for the transformationjourney with risk assurance. the perspective of an individual,aggregating to team, function, process,enterprise and even ecosystem.Premiering…

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Connect with:Pooja.Haritwal@archents.com 614.602.42265890, Sawmill Road, Suite 200Dublin, Ohio – 43017, USA.