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Christian Theological Seminary 2020 Annual Report

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12020 Annual Report

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Message from the President

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Dear Friends,Christian Theological Seminary is an amazing community of learners, teachers, activists, counselors, and leaders. I knew that when I applied to be the 7th president. After one year in the role, I have seen all of this in action and more. The community is marked by deep generosity, respect for academic work, a passion for justice, and a spirit of gratitude.Reecting upon a year that will forever be remembered as an unprecedented moment in world history, this letter is written at a time when much has changed. Yet the spirit of CTS remains. Between the onset of my presidential duties at CTS and the completion of the Seminary’s scal year, a global pandemic has resulted in the tragic loss of lives and livelihoods. Senseless violence and systemic inequities are igniting protests in Indiana, throughout the U.S. and around the globe. Economic hardships can be seen in wearied faces at food distribution centers. Our country is fragile, divided, and traumatized as we engage the election process. Amid a sea of turbulence, Christian Theological Seminary is maintaining our mission to form disciples of Jesus Christ for church and community leadership to serve God’s transforming of the world. As we do so, we pause and reect on what God is inviting us to consider in this moment. How do we discern the theological signicance of the global health threat posed by a novel virus? How do we respond to the racial injustices perpetuated in society? What role can we play in addressing the mental health crisis perpetuated by so much trauma and the resulting economic hardships plaguing our neighbors?Such contemplation and discernment, coupled with action, are enabling us to adapt and serve – even in such a moment. A seamless shift to online learning is allowing CTS to continue serving students’ academic needs while protecting the health of students and faculty. A commitment to social justice rooted in the Seminary’s inception continues as we respond to discrimination and injustices. The nimble eorts of faculty and sta have allowed the Counseling Center to implement telehealth services. Swift collaboration with our community partners is allowing us to implement emergency grants in response to the economic hardships aicting individuals and institutions throughout the community.COVID-19 resulted in a pivot, yet we can look back and see how the Seminary was positioned to implement changes swiftly and continue serving. Although this letter is being written at a time of uncertainty, we remain certain of our mission: to form disciples of Jesus Christ for church and community leadership to serve God's transforming of the world. As we reect on what God is asking us to consider in this moment, we humbly realize our calling is deeply suited for such a time as this.With deep gratitude, Dr. David M. Mellott PresidentMessage from the President

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4 STRATEGIC PLANNING a process of listening, discerning, & setting prioritieshile 2020 began with a robust plan for the development of a strategic framework to guide CTS through 2025, the pandemic, followed by continued social unrest, crystallized the importance of this work. In the midst of so much change, crisis, and uncertainty, there’s greater need for clarity about the mission of CTS and how that mission comes to life. Never before has it been more clear that the status quo is not an option. 2020 is the exact right time to engage our commu-nity in this process of answering the question, “What is God inviting us to consider?”Our mission to form disciples of Jesus Christ for church and commu-nity leadership to serve God’s trans-forming of the world has been a constant. Much else about this work has evolved as we’ve all learned to do things in an untraditional way. A Core Team, with representatives from faculty, alumni, sta and trustees, has been engaged since March to advance the conversa-tion. While we might traditionally have retained external consultants with experience in theological education to inform our views, we chose instead to engage internal and external stakeholders and thought leaders directly into our discernment process. We have been well-served with this approach.We have explored current real-ities and trends impacting CTS and theological education. We have utilized both qualitative and quantitative methodologies as well as completed peer-bench-marking. We’ve engaged with “Big Thinkers” inside and outside of theological education who have caused us to reframe our own thinking.WMarch 2020Informed by listening sessions with internal stakeholders, the team begins by addressing the current realities and trends impacting CTS and theological education. Spring 2020Summer 2020 SWOT development commences with insights from peer benchmarking research and conversations with leadership at eight peer seminaries. Additionally, the Core Team discerns with seven theological "Big Thinkers" to help address the question "What should we be paying attention to?" TIMELINEStrategic Planning Core Team convenes with representation from faculty, staff, alumni and trustees. 4

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5 Consistent with most strategic planning work, we’ve also looked internally at our own strengths and weaknesses as well as identi-ed opportunities and threats that may need to be addressed. We will continue to consider how best to serve the needs of our stakeholders as well as the city and world we serve.The team continues to focus on the development of recommendations and will complete their work with identication of specic plans and associated resources that will be required to implement the recommendations successfully.We are grateful for the engage-ment and exibility of the Core Team. Their collective and indi-vidual contributions will enable the delivery of a strategic frame-work that will enable Christian Theological Seminary to step into our purpose.Core Team David Mellott and Jo Taylor, co-sponsorsJe BowerKristin ChampaSarah EvansLeah Gunning FrancisLuis GierboliniDick HammLiz KlimesMitchell LannertKimberly RussawMichelle Hummel and Diane Thompson, facilitators The Core Team will propose recommendations and begin to highlight processes for the implementation phase. Fall 2020Scenarios and strategic alternatives are developing with extensive input from internal and external stakeholders informing possible recommendations. Winter 20/21Spring 2021Summer 2021 The Core Team will develop initial drafts of the strategic plan for review, with focus on what is required to pursue our vision and the metrics for how implementation will be evaluated. Implementation and after action review. 5

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6Dear Christian Theological Seminary Community,In an “ordinary” year, a Dean’s letter is intended to provide perspective on the previous academic year. However, the date of this writing nds us in extraordinary times. Reecting on events transpiring over the past year, it would be easy to refer to this period as unprecedented. And yet I’m reminded of the Latin phrase in medias res, — in the midst of things — particularly at such a painful moment in time. We are in the midst of pain that precedes the pandemic and will outlast a notorious presidential campaign.At this moment, the Christian Theological Seminary community stands with advocates for justice around the globe in protest of countless travesties against humanity. While the raw reality of today is centered around the senseless killings of Breanna Taylor and George Floyd, these tragedies are part of an ethos that has permeated our society for centuries and has sadly amplied in recent years. When I joined the CTS community in 2016, I was drawn to the school’s legacy of having a distinguished faculty, engaged students, and a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. I was also excited to engage with academics and activists who struggle for human dignity and the just world God desires for humankind. The faculty, sta, students and community have not disappointed and even in the present medias res, I am encouraged by the dierence our students, faculty and alumni are making in the world. From virtual panels and check-ins to public protests to socially distanced engagements, our community is showing up with and for each other in meaningful ways.I am humbled to work alongside a faculty committed to serving the academic interests of our students. We have welcomed a 2nd cohort into our PhD program in African American Preaching and Sacred Rhetoric, and a new DMin cohort that is one of the largest in several years. The impact of Covid-19 has challenged and stretched us in ways we never imagined, yet I remain grateful for the way our faculty and students have responded to our temporary shift to online learning with grace and determination. What could have become chaos was instead a moment of character – of supporting one another, our community and our society. Faculty have invested in expanding their online teaching capacities. Students are actively engaging in the online learning platforms. Our sta remains attentive to details that enable productive student experiences. Our library services have been adjusted to provide curbside pickup and online consultations. Our counseling center is providing needed care via telehealth services. I couldn’t be prouder of our school community and the leadership, care and determination they have shown during these challenging times.As we go forward into the remainder of this academic year, we do so by faith, trusting that the God who has enlivened and sustained us this far, will be with us in the days ahead. Thank you for journeying with us!Peace and blessings,Leah Gunning Francis, PhD Vice President for Academic Aairs and Dean of the Faculty Message from the Dean

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7STUDENT Conversation is a cornerstone for cultivating wisdom. An interplay of inquiry, reection and response is central to helping both student and teacher discover meaning, consider truths, and advocate for justice. But the conversation suddenly sounded very dierent in 2019-20.A silent and stealth virus silenced CTS classrooms while racial injus-tices unleashed cries and outrage in the streets. How did this new sound of things inuence students and their views about personal missions, vocational callings and the communities they will care for after completing their studies?We asked students to share how the events of the 2019-2020 academic year inuenced and informed their callings. Representing various life stages and pursuing dierent degrees, they reected on what God is inviting them to consider and shared insights gleaned from the year’s pandemic, protests, and political landscape. Students’ responses speak not only to the pain of a moment, but to the possi-bilities and passions of a memo-rable season and its inuence on their lives and work.Returning to the beginningThe events of 2020 served as a reset and an invitation to explore new beginnings for Dena Hein, an MAMFT student. Beginning Seminary after three decades of pursuing other passions, Dena viewed the onset of the student journey as an opportunity to return to the beginning. The year’s upheavals and sense of consternation invited her to reect and contemplate on her calling to become a licensed thera-pist. Remarking on the pandemic and protests, Dena notes, “All of us had to sit with self more than we might have liked. The year’s events are a reminder that the church can be an asset to the missional call of God as an agent of love and peace, or it can be weaponized to support greed and hate.” Dena says her personal experiences of grief, loss, and anxiety during the pandemic inspired a greater call to address issues of race, culture, and spirituality. “I feel called to learning and doing as much as I can in this program so when I am a practicing therapist I may responsibly grow and create community. I feel so blessed to be on this path with others at CTS who share the same healing goals.”REFLECTIONS“God is calling us to think deeply, love deeply, reect deeply, so that we might all serve more deeply.” Dena Hein, MAMFT student7

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8Clarifying the callingSeminary has historically been a place for contemplating and contextualizing life experiences. MDiv student Michael Jeerson views the events of 2020 as an invitation from God to think about things dierently — to form and reform ways of doing, thinking, and being in a life-giving, supportive, and arming space. “CTS is a place of great contemplation, spiritual formation and exploration,” says Michael. “We all bring questions about justice, ethics, politics, and power. Personally, I am considering the future of my own ministry, my experience within my denomina-tion, and how God could call me to something radically dierent from what I expected when I walked through the doors of CTS and said 'yes' to the call of a seminary education.”Building on a holy calling and revolutionary theologiesA member of the inaugural cohort of the world’s first PhD Program in African American Preaching and Sacred Rhet-oric, Rev. Janae Pitts-Murdock is mindful of the need for academic programs that explore the richness of history, culture, and contributions of communi-ties of color. Remarking on her studies during a period of racial strife and unrest across the nation, Janae reflects that the doctoral program responds to a holy calling. “The PhD program is holy work God has cultivated, and it displays the substantive brilliance across God’s creation.” Looking inward, Janae discerns God’s invitation to increase her commitment to the long-term sustainability of the doctorate program. Events in 2020 rein-forced Janae’s conviction of the need for academic programs supporting and building upon the work of revolutionary public theologians. She is inspired by the work of those who acknowl-edge and respond to deformi-ties embedded in the American project opposing the flourishing of all of God’s creation. “Like those prophetic voices, I am recommitted to proclaiming — in the sanctuary, outdoors, and on virtual platforms — the radical gospel of Jesus Christ which rejects the oppressive order of this world and invites rebirth in spirit, body, and systems.” 8

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9Influencing new paths of scholarship While the pandemic introduced structural changes to learning — such as a transition to online courses — it also brought seismic shifts aecting the essence of students’ areas of research. Prior to the pandemic, DMin student Rev. Chad Abbott’s studies focused on contemplative and mystical forms of theological reec-tion and spiritual practice related to pastoral work. In the wake of the pandemic, Chad discovered a desire to consider how the expe-riences of trauma intersect with contemplative and mystical spiri-tual expressions. He was inspired to consider how signicant trauma — such as that inicted by the pandemic — impacted healing and justice, and particularly the mental health of pastors. The reection inspired Chad to direct more focus toward caring for the mental health of the clergy under his care. “Pastors’ mental health is of critical importance to the future of their ministries and our local churches,” he says. “To walk alongside clergy and their churches as they navigate the eects of multiple traumas is bound to change a ministry forever and I am grateful to the CTS community for allowing my research and studies to reect this shift in my call to ministry.” Replacing divisiveness with inclusivityAdaliah Brown, an MDiv/CMHC student, notes seminary is a very humbling place. The political divisiveness of 2020 prompted Adaliah to reect even more on God’s invitation to humanity. “We are all placed here for a specic time, and we have a purpose to fulll,” Adaliah says. She views the pandemic as a temporal pause button providing an opportunity to focus on internal tools and gifts and how those resources may be used to serve a calling. “Sometimes we do a really bad job of doing the intro-spective work and trying to gure out what gifts lie inside us. God is saying, ‘I need all of you to walk with me in this ministry’ and this personal assessment is part of what God was inviting me to consider when I was called to CTS,” she said. As much as 2020 has inicted pain and divisiveness, Adaliah sees an opportunity for greater inclusivity stemming from the year’s events. “God is inviting us to consider that the things that drive us to sepa-rate each other into boxes are no longer relevant,” she says. “Political jargon means nothing to me. God is inviting us to consider why we were created -- to show love to one another.”While the legacy that 2020 ulti-mately imprints on the church, higher education, and society will be studied and reected on for decades to come, CTS students are discerning and responding in the moment. These students’ perspec-tives are an inspiring reminder that challenging times can serve to direct our ears and minds to answer the question, “What is God inviting us to consider?” and channel our voices to call out with cries for justice.Act justly, love mercy, & walk humbly9

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10MOMENTS & MILESTONESOn July 1, 2019, CTS opened a new chapter in its rich history when it welcomed Dr. David M. Mellott as the Seminary’s seventh president. “Christian Theological Seminary’s commitment to racial and gender justice is now, as much as ever, essential to being faithful, authentic, and engaged. I am honored to serve as pres-ident of such a distinguished school with a substantial mission to serve the world,” noted Dr. Mellott upon accepting his presidential responsibilities.“Abide in Me” was the theme of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) General Assembly in Des Moines, IA. In an era preceding social distancing, hugs and handshakes were abundant as attendees gathered to reunite for study, preaching, worship and reconnecting.10Summer 2019

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11MOMENTS & MILESTONESThe Mixed Methods Preaching Conference hosted by the PhD program in African American Preaching and Sacred Rhetoric explored Narrative, Womanist, and Expository preaching methods. The immersive, contex-tual experience connected PhD students and distinguished preachers in student-led labs, rich dialog and experiential learning.Best-selling author, commentator, and former White House advisor Van Jones headlined the Fall 2019 Faith & Action event. Guests lled Clowes Hall’s three levels for “Uncom-fortable Truths, Healing Impact.” Conversation between Jones and panelists focused on the root causes of poverty and opportunities to address poverty in Central Indiana.President David M. Mellott visited Wash-ington D.C. to engage with thought leaders serving religion, social justice and higher education. Discussing topics ranging from gender equity to demographic and psychographic factors aecting the nation’s religious views, Dr. Mellott met with Pew Research Center, NPR, Sojourners and U.S. News & World Report. Fall 201911

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12An integral part of the CTS community for more than 20 years, Rev. Mary Harris announced her retirement in January. Over the years, Mary applied her leadership, keen intellect and servant’s heart to several departments at CTS including church and alumni relations, advancement, admissions and the Dean’s oce. Upon her retirement, CTS President Mellott honored her legacy with the announcement of the Harris Student Emergency Fund.The second cohort of scholars in the PhD in African American Preaching and Sacred Rhetoric joined the CTS family, building on the vocational diversity and academic promise of this rst-of-its-kind program. As the pandemic affected the world, nation, and Indiana, attention focused not only on the novel virus’s physical threat, but also the mental and emotional turmoil it posed. The Christian Theological Seminary Counseling Center pivoted to deliver online counseling services at a critical moment in time, supporting the mental health needs of Central Indiana citizens regardless of ability to pay. Over 40 local alumni attended a warm reception on a cool evening in early December. Participants enjoyed nourishment for body and soul as they ate, fellowshipped, and discussed “spiritual discernment as a way of life” with President Mellott.Winter 2020

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13When a novel virus threatened lives and livelihoods, CTS developed an online learning program, informed by its ongoing work with distance learning. The pivot allowed students and faculty to tran-sition to online learning with minimal disruptions. Partnering with the Faith & Action Project, CTS identied seven organizations supporting mental health and family stability in Central Indiana. Each organization was awarded an Emergency Relief Grant to support its eorts during the pandemic crisis. 2020 vision? Commence-ment looked dierent as online ceremonies were held. New graduates received a “celebration box” to commemorate the occasion. Following the murder of George Floyd, CTS students, sta, and faculty participated in a procession for racial justice. President Mellott explained, “As religious leaders and people of faith in the city and the region we gathered and raised our voices in unison with countless others in our city and across the nation over the ongoing racism against Black and brown people in our country.” Spring 2020

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14Net Tuition & Fees 4%Contributions 4%Counseling Center 2% Net Investment Return 9% Other Income 1% Select Financial DataSTUDENT DEMOGRAPHICSChristian Church (Disciples of Christ and United Church of Christ)17Non-denominational2127177 7No Affiliation/OtherBaptistRoman CatholicUnited Methodist92Caucasian161Total Students (as of Spring 2020)Denomination EnrollmentStudents to Faculty$8.2 Million 63% Endowment17% Grants57% Programmatic29% Administration14%Based on Spring 2020 enrollment 69 Male 92 Female60African American 4LatinX 3American Indian/ N Alaskan/Pacific Island 2AsianFiscal Year End June 30, 2020147:1ExpensesDevelopment & Communications$8.3Million Revenue

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15You, our alumni and friends who give so faithfully and generously, continue to bless our students and faculty with your wonderful gifts. Whether you support the CTS Annual Fund, our outreach and academic programs or you provide support to establish an endowed scholarship fund, your gifts to Christian Theological Seminary are deeply appreciated.STUDENT DEMOGRAPHICS7% Disciples Mission Fund3% Endowment 1% Annual Restricted 36% Program & Other40% Board Designated17% ScholarshipFaculty Chairs 7%GIVING at-a-glance15Client SessionsThank you to all of the interns, residents, faculty, supervisors, and sta for their hard work helping the Counseling Center transition to virtual and telehealth services during the pandemic in order to continue serving clients.16% Operations56% Programs17% Annual Fund28% Disciples Mission Fund69% Annual Fund$378,884Annual Giving3% Annual RestrictedGifts by Designation$1.5 Million 333Endowed FundsDevelopment & CommunicationsCounseling Center Services(Fiscal Year 2020)6,997

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16Board of TrusteesMelissa Bauzo Liberation Counseling Services Indianapolis, INRodney Byrnes Arrow Street Development Indianapolis, INEric Dozier North America Eli Lilly & Co. Indianapolis, INTyrone Eugene “Gene” Fisher Retired, Pension Fund of the Christian Church Solon, OHMerillat Flowers CICP-Tech Point Indianapolis, INTim Franson Faegre Drinker Consulting Indianapolis, INFred Green CRIPE Indianapolis, INPhilip Gulley Fairfield Friends Meeting Camby, INRichard B. Gunderman Indiana University Indianapolis, INRichard Hamm Retired, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Indianapolis, INElizabeth H. Klimes Retired, Eli Lilly and Co. Indianapolis, INDonald E. Knebel Retired, Barnes and Thornburg Indianapolis, INLynn Martin Light of the World Christian Church Indianapolis, INPatty Martin BioCrossroads Indianapolis, INAndrea McGordon Old National Bank Indianapolis, INHoliday Hart McKiernan Lumina Foundation Indianapolis, INDavid M. Mellott Christian Theological Seminary Indianapolis, INSaundra Michael-Bowers Retired, Pension Fund of the Christian Church Indianapolis, INDavid Miner Retired, Eli Lilly & Co. Indianapolis, INNick Orange Family and Community Partners, LLC Indianapolis, INJerry Roberts Retired Optometrist Seymour, INDennis Sasso Congregation Beth-El Zedeck Indianapolis, INChristian Theological SeminaryCarolyn J. Scanlan Holmes The Garden Indianapolis, INMyra Selby Ice Miller Indianapolis, INDana Sherwood C-Tech Corp. Inc. Boggstown, INMichael L. Smith Retired, Anthem, Inc. Indianapolis, INRichard L. Spleth Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Indiana Indianapolis, INJo A. Taylor Retired, Eli Lilly and Co. Indianapolis, INTed Waggoner Peterson Waggoner & Perkins, LLP Rochester, INSharon E. Watkins Bethany Memorial Church Bethany, WV

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17Keira Amstutz Indiana Humanities Indianapolis, INMolly Chavers Community Volunteer Indianapolis, IN Jennifer Dzwonar Borshoff Indianapolis, IN Rob Fuquay St. Luke’s United Methodist Church Indianapolis, INJay Geshay Bosma Enterprises Indianapolis, IN Sarah Hawkins Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation Indianapolis, INDon Knebel Retired, Barnes and Thornburg Indianapolis, INBrett Krichiver Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation Indianapolis, INSam Odle Bose Public Affairs Group Indianapolis, IN David Shane Retired, LDI, Ltd. Indianapolis, INJoe Smith Faegre Drinker Indianapolis, INMichael L. Smith Retired, Anthem, Inc. Indianapolis, INJo Taylor Retired, Eli Lilly and Company Indianapolis, INMichael Twyman InExcelsis Indianapolis, INSara Van Slambrook United Way of Central Indiana Indianapolis, INMelissa Bauzo Liberation Counseling Services Indianapolis, IN Linda Mac Bellner Retired, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) North Adams, MAJeffrey L. Bower St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Indianapolis, IN Hilary E. Cooke Chapel of the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church West Lafayette, INBarbara Anne Fisher Trinity Cathedral Easton Easton, MDLuis Gierbolini Central Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Indianapolis, IN Kimberly J. King Compassionate Compass Counseling, LLC Indianapolis, IN Timothy A. Knight Martin University Indianapolis, IN Lynn Martin Light of the World Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Indianapolis, INMiki L. Mathioudakis Ascension St. Vincent Health Indianapolis, INWillie J. Newton, Jr. United States Army Branford, CTNicholas T. Orange Family and Community Partners, LLC Indianapolis, INSherri L. Session IU Health Indianapolis, INAllan R. Wallace, Student Liaison St. Francis in the Fields Episcopal Church Zionsville, INAlumni Association Board of DirectorsFaith & Action Advisory Board

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18The CTS Legacy Society recognizes and thanks those individuals who have made estate plans or estab-lished life-income gifts to benet Christian Theological Seminary. Membership in the CTS Legacy Society has no minimum gift level, as each commitment represents a lifetime pledge to CTS and acknowledges the future of what is possible through philanthropy.Mrs. E. June ArnettRev. and Mrs. Bruce A. BarkhauerDr. and Mrs. Jack L. BarnesMrs. Julia P. BeanMr. and Mrs. Albert F. CapertonRev. Dr. Sue Webb CardwellMrs. Mary A. Clough*Mr. Albert E. CrandallMs. Nancy S. DickinsonRev. Errol J. DietrichDr. and Mrs. Ronald L. FaustRev. Carmen R. Fernandez and Mr. Enrique OcasioMrs. Harriett Fielder-DuffMr. Thomas L. FreundRev. and Mrs. Jerry R. GalbreathMr. and Mrs. Max E. GlennMr. Harry H. GrahamMrs. Jean E. GrahamRev. Donnamae Grannemann and Mr. Glennen R. GrannemannRev. Dr. Richard L. Hamm and Mrs. Melinda A. HammMr. Richard B. HarrisDr. and Mrs. William C. HineMr. John H. Holliday*Mrs. Caroline HughesDr. John M. Imbler and Mrs. Toni W. ImblerMrs. Mary Blair ImmelRev. Dr. Arleon L. Kelley and Rev. Dr. Donna J. MeinhardDr. and Mrs. William B. KincaidMrs. Bonnie H. KirkmanMs. Elizabeth H. Klimes and Mr. David KlimesMr. and Mrs. David W. KnallPastor David L. Kovalow-St.John and Dr. Karen A. Kovalow-St.JohnDr. and Mrs. Alec J. LangfordMr. Samuel T. Long, M.A.Mrs. Anna P. LoweDr. Perry C. Mattern and Mrs. Maureen E. MatternDr. John E. McCaw*Dr. and Mrs. Donald H. McCordRev. Susan M. McIverMr.* and Mrs. John W. McKiernanDr. James W. Miller and Rev. Dixie J. MillerMr. and Mrs. John M. MutzMrs. Martha MyersRev. and Mrs. Arthur Neumarkel, Jr.Dr. and Mrs. William J. NottinghamMrs. Esther L. PadrickDr. Frances Parker-SmytheRev. Dr. Linda K. PatrickMr. and Mrs. Bruce A. PolizottoDr. and Mrs. Calvin L. PorterRev. James L. Powell and Mrs. Margaret PowellRev. Kathryn A. PuckettRev. Dr. George A. PurnellMr. John C. RexrothMrs. Sallie W. RowlandMr. and Mrs. Vernon H. ScottRev. Dr. Scott D. SeayMrs. Suzanne SkooglundMs. Elizabeth K. StoneMr. Vernon J. Stover, Jr.Mrs. Billie D. TaylorRev. and Mrs. Timothy N. TiffanyRev. Andrea R. ToonderMrs. Marian K. TowneRev. and Mrs. Wendell R. TurnerMrs. Joan S. UnderwoodDr. H. Keith WatkinsRev. and Mrs. Charles H. Webb, Jr.Dr. and Mrs. Donald WeiserRev. Milton D. WillfordRev. Doris J. Woodruff-Filbey and Chaplain Edgar E. FilbeyWITH GRATITUDELegacy Society*deceased

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19$25,000 and aboveMr. John H. Holliday*Ms. Elizabeth H. Klimes and Mr. David KlimesMr. and Mrs. Michael L. Smith$10,000 - $24,999AnonymousNiel and Karen EllerbrookPastor Jeffrey A. Johnson, Sr. and Lady Sharon A. JohnsonDon KnebelDavid and Robin MinerDana and Bill SherwoodRev. Dr. Gina StewartRev. Dr. Lance D. Watson and Mrs. Rosemary K. Watson$5,000 - $9,999Eric D. DozierMr. Fredrick J. Green AIA, NCARB and Mrs. N. Angela GreenMr. Richard KraegeMr. William KusterMr. J. Mark MutzRev. Nicholas T. Orange, MDiv, MA, LMHC, CSAYCRev. Karl D. SwainJo and Kirk Taylor$2,500 - $4,999Dr. Ronald J. Allen and Rev. Linda J. McKiernan-AllenDr. Lauren Dungy-Poythress and Mr. D. Wesley PoythressMrs. Merillat Flowers and Rev. Trey FlowersRichard L. and Melinda A. HammDr. David M. Mellott and Rev. Lance F. MullinsRev. Saundra Michael-Bowers and Rev. Howard E.M. BowersDr. Jerry D. Roberts and Mrs. Elizabeth RobertsRabbi Dennis C. Sasso and Rabbi Sandy E. SassoRev. Dr. Ozzie SmithMr. and Mrs. Ted A. Waggoner$1,000 - $2,499Anonymous (2)Ms. Ellen K. AnnalaBishop T. Garrott Benjamin and Lady Beverly BenjaminRev. Jeffrey L. BowerRev. and Mrs. David E. BrownRev. Dr. Mary Linda BushMr. and Mrs. Albert F. CapertonMrs. Grace C. Caress and Mr. Steven W. CaressRev. Monique Y. Crain SpellsMr. Clarence CrainDr. and Mrs. Richard E. DaviesTimothy R. Franson, M.D.Rev. and Mrs. Jerry R. GalbreathMr. and Mrs. Keith T. GambrelMrs. Elizabeth J. GossLaura and Richard GundermanRev. Larry J. Kuntz and Mrs. Sherry E. KuntzMr. and Mrs. Aaron C. LaramoreRev. Lynn MartinMrs. Patricia A. Martin and Mr. Kevin J. MartinHoliday and Philip McKiernanMr. and Mrs. Scott MeltonMr. and Mrs. John M. MutzMr. Ed Norman and Mr. Tim ParnellMs. Margaret E. Paddock*Mr. N. Clay Robbins and Mrs. Amy McConkey RobbinsRev. Dr. Carolyn J. Scanlan Holmes and Rev. Dr. Andrew Scanlan HolmesRev. Dr. Scott D. SeayRev. Tim S. ShapiroRev. Robert J. Shaw and Ms. Susan B. McNeelyMrs. Kelly SheltonDr. Paris Lee Smith, Sr.The Reverend Jean M. SmithRev. Richard L. Spleth and Rev. Diane E. SplethRev. Dr. Sharon E. Watkins and Rev. Dr. Richard H. LoweryMs. Mamie L. Young*$500 - $999AnonymousMs. Wendy L. BaldwinMs. Kathleen BellMrs. Martha B. Branaman*Ms. Donna S. BrughMr. and Mrs. Rodney ByrnesKristin and Lou ChampaMs. Nancy S. DickinsonMs. Sarah D. Evans and Mr. Glenn EvansPastor Diane M. GattoneDr. Eugene GibsonMrs. Jean E. GrahamDr. Leah Gunning Francis and Rev. Rodney FrancisRev. and Mrs. Arthur A. Hanna*Rev. Dr. Stephen C. Hsieh and Mrs. Susan C. HsiehDr. Felicity Kelcourse and Mr. Paul KelcourseDr. and Mrs. William B. KincaidRev. Robert J. KintnerRev. Dr. Amy Lindeman AllenPastor Sydney MartinRev. Dr. and Mrs. Jerry D. McCoyAndrea McGordonDr.* and Mrs. Jack P. MillerMs. Victoria L. NelsonRev. Dorothea Norwood and Mr. Glenn NorwoodMr. and Mrs. James G. NullRev. R. Janae Pitts-MurdockChaplain Myra K. Raab and Mr. Glenn M. RaabMrs. Gloria S. Rosenzweig and Mr. Lyle A. RosenzweigRev. and Mrs. Tom ShiffletRev. Dr. Rose Carol TaulMs. Diane G. ThompsonMs. Marjorie M. TurnerRev. and Mrs. James W. WhitakerIndividuals

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20$250 - $499Anonymous (3)Nicole Anderson Cobb, Ph.D.Rev. and Mrs. Charles M. BabcockRev. Dawn BarnesDr. Matthias BeierMr. Joseph G. BozzelliRev. Dr. Sue Webb CardwellDr. and Mrs. David R. CartwrightMr. and Mrs. Charles L. EmersonRev. Luis GierboliniDr. Howard B. Goodrich, Jr. and Rev. Darlene B. GoodrichMr. and Mrs. Harry H. GrahamRev. Dr. Evelyn F. Hale*Rev. Moya HarrisRev. Jane HeatonMr. Jack L. HiattDr. John T. Hinant and Mrs. Eleyce G. HinantDr. John M. Imbler and Mrs. Toni W. ImblerRev. and Mrs. Jim R. KeownThe Reverend and Mrs. Russell N. Kimmerly, Sr.Dr. Al K. Kundenreich and Mrs. Sara KundenreichPastor William H. H. Lamar, IVMr. Gary LarreateguiDr. and Mrs. Oscar J. MathuraDonald and Ann H. McCordThe Rev. Dr. Nicole McDonaldPastor Carrie J. MillerMr. Fred MoseleyRev. Teresa D. Owens and Mr. Walter M. OwensRev. and Mrs. Lester D. PalmerDr. and Mrs. Calvin L. PorterDr. Earl W. Hoppert and Mrs. Susanna-Judith RaeRev. Eric W. RobinsonMr. and Mrs. James H. RuddellMr. and Mrs. Matt SchlimgenDella Stanley-Green and Kerry GreenMr. and Mrs. Winston N. TurnerRev. Dr. and Mrs. P. Joseph WardDr. H. Keith WatkinsRev. Helen Weber-McReynoldsRev. Marvin D. Williams$100 - $249Anonymous (5)Rev. and Mrs. John L. AndraeRev. Melissa Bauzo and Rev. William A. BauzoMs. Deborah J. BockRev. and Mrs. J. M. BraggThe Reverend Trevor A. BrandonMs. Danita BrownMrs. Evelyn P. BrownMr. and Mrs. Jeffrey O. BrownMr. and Mrs. Sean BrownRev. Barbara L. BullockRev. and Mrs. Jason A. ButterickMr. Patrick F. Cameron and Ms. Geneva HershbergerMs. Mary Lou CarverRev. and Mrs. G. Scott ComrieMr. and Mrs. Terry E. CookRev. Dr. Hilary E. CookeDr. David L. Coolidge and Dr. Shirley S. CoolidgeMs. Carol Q. CosbyDr. Suzanne M. Coyle and Rev. Peter ZinnMs. Lisa A. CripeDr. Joseph A. Culpepper and Rev. Ellen H. G. CulpepperDr. Carolyn A. CunninghamRev. Barbara J. Dahl and Mr. Jon E. DahlRev. Paul L. DavidsonRev. Dr. Christina DavisMs. Greta DeckerRev. and Mrs. Neil W. DeupreeMrs. Patricia A. DevlinMr. and Mrs. Mark L. DickenRev. and Mrs. James W. DysonRev. and Mrs. James C. ElderMr. and Mrs. James C. EllerbrookRev. Fred H. EricksonMs. April ErvinRev. Carmen R. Fernandez and Mr. Enrique OcasioRev. Maurice A. Fetty and Rev. Sara A. FettyRev. and Mrs. Morris Finch, Jr.Rev. Nancy L. Flood and Dr. Royce E. FloodRev. Mark W. Frey and Mrs. Marguerite B. FreyRev. Captain and Mrs. Ivan R. FullerRev. and Mrs. Allen A. GoetcheusChap.Cpt. and Mrs. James G. Goode, USNMs. Judith A. GoodrowRev. Dr. Lisa GoodsRev. Donnamae Grannemann and Mr. Glennen R. GrannemannMr. and Mrs. Austin W. GreeneDr. and Mrs. Donald N. GriffithRev. Lari R. GrubbsDr. and Mrs. John B. HartRev. Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hayes-BennettMs. Lyn H. HaysDr. Elton HeatonRev. J. L. HershiserRev. Dr. Margaret J. HickmanDr. Robert L. Hill and Ms. Priscilla RecklingRev. David A. Hogue and Ms. Diane W. StephensRev. Marion L. Hopkins and Mrs. Carolyn A. HopkinsRev. and Mrs. David C. HummelPastor Eric JacksonRev. Susan C. JacquesDr. and Mrs. J. Gerald JanzenRev. Dr. Arleon L. Kelley and Rev. Dr. Donna J. MeinhardMr. Wayne E. KesslerRev. Dr. Richard V. KilgoreThe Reverend Karen L. KingMr. and Mrs. Mitchell J. LannertRev. Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. LauerRev. Andrea L. LeiningerMs. Patricia A. LeyRev. Sally J. Lindskoog and Mr. David LindskoogMs. Betty LoftonMrs. Laura Marine and Mr. Thomas MarineRev. Miki L. MathioudakisDr. Perry C. Mattern and Mrs. Maureen E. MatternMs. Linda J. MatthewsRev. Peggy N. Meier and Mr. Henry G. MeierMr. and Mrs. Gregory W. MichaelRev. and Mrs. Milton L. MikesellDr. James W. Miller and Rev. Dixie J. MillerMr. Raymond Mills and Mr. Philip ClevelandRev. Ellen L. Mitchell and Mr. Lennis MitchellRev. and Mrs. Robert A. MitchellRev. K. Stephen MohrRev. and Mrs. Charles B. Montgomery, Sr.Rev. Steven B. MooreWITH GRATITUDE

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21Rev. Chesla T. NickelsonRev. Peggy J. Nowling Williams and Rev. Dr. William K. WilliamsThe Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Miley E. PalmerMr. and Mrs. Mehul PatelMrs. Arlene J. PeightalRev. Anjeanette L. PerkinsMr. Daniel L. Pritchard, Sr.Rev. Kathryn A. PuckettRev. Carolyn C. Reed and Mr. William R. ReedMr. and Mrs. Howard G. Rohrer*Mr. Jeffrey P. RomackMs. Felecia J. RoseburghMs. Jennifer M. Roth and Mr. Ken RothMr. and Mrs. Larry R. SalerRev. Robert A. Schilling and Dr. Rita S. SchillingMrs. Joel L. Schmiegel and Mr. Klaus K. SchmiegelChap. Col. William S. SchuermannMr. John A. SeestRev. Nicole L. ShawRev. Dr. Constance SimonMr. Scott Sims and Mrs. April SimsRev. and Mrs. Nathan S. SmithMs. Linda M. SnowMr. Ronald J. SnowRev. Ann G. Spahr and Mr. Dean SpahrRev. Sheila P. SpencerRev. Dawn K. Stemple and Pastor John W. StempleDr. Marti J. Steussy and Dr. C. Nicklaus SteussyMr. John J. StimsonRev. Dr. John M. ThomasMr. Arthur I. Thorpe*Rev. and Mrs. Timothy N. TiffanyDr. G. Andrew Tooze and Dr. Janet Austin ToozeDr. Katherine Tyler-Scott and Mr. Fred ScottDr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. VeatchRev. Dr. Art G. Vermillion and Mrs. Pauline J. VermillionRev. and Mrs. Burdett L. WantlandDr. and Mrs. William J. WassnerMr. N. William Weinstein and Mrs. Bebe WeinsteinDr. and Mrs. Donald WeiserDr. C. Edward WeisheimerMr. and Mrs. Norman A. WellsMr. and Mrs. Stephen WhiteRev. H. Ann WilliamsRev. and Mrs. Nathan D. WilsonRev. Laurie J. WolcottRev. Doris J. Woodruff-Filbey and Chaplain Edgar E. FilbeyDr. and Mrs. Michael C. YarbroughPastor Gary Young$1 to $99Anonymous (4)Dr. Doug PriestMs. Amelia M. WalkerRev. Tommy R. AkersMr. and Mrs. David S. AlbertRev. Joseph D. Allison and Rev. Maribeth WesterfieldDr. and Mrs. Wayne R. AndersonMr. David M. BarickmanRev. Linda Mac BellnerMr. and Mrs. Drew D. BoggsRev. Ruth M. BrandonRev. and Mrs. Richard C. BrayMr. Thomas A. BrethauerMr. James A. CarpenterRev. Elizabeth CarrasquilloMr. Scott A. CavinsRev. Robert L. Coalson and Rev. Joyce B. CoalsonMiss Christy DearingerMrs. Tyciee L. Faison and Mr. Alderman Z. FaisonMr. and Mrs. Les GalbraithRev. Michael L. Gant and Ms. Rita Gaither-GantDr. Louise Goggans and Mr. Otis GoggansMrs. Martha A. Gran and Mr. Keith L. GranMr. and Mrs. Daniel G. GreenMr. and Mrs. Kent GrimesRev. and Mrs. Warren O. HarryMr. and Mrs. William B. HartingRev. and Mrs. Kyle M. HunterMs. Reubenia JacksonDr. and Ms. William D. JonesMrs. Mimi J. Jose and Mr. David E. JoseChap. LTC Marion R. Kirk and Mrs. Judy KirkMs. Joy L. KnopfmeierRev. Dr. Edward H. KolbeRev. Stephen B. Lantis and Rev. Jennifer A. Steele-LantisRev. Robert B. LeachDr. and Mrs. Richard E. LentzChaplain Andrea LewisMr. Donald B. Martin and Rev. Julia Crowden MartinMr. and Mrs. John M. MayCol. and Mrs. Lelan D. McReynoldsRev. Loren D. MellumDr. V. Gayle MillerRev. and Mrs. John T. MooreMr. and Mrs. Norman L. MorfordRev. Larry Morris, IIIMrs. Tammy MurguiaMrs. Ann K. NewtonMr. Joseph NormanDr. and Mrs. J. W. NovakRev. and Mrs. David Mark OwensDr. Edith N. ParrishMrs. Jean W. PerneyMr. Stanley H. PetersonRev. Paula R. Pettis-GarrettMr. and Mrs. Robert F. PierretRev. and Mrs. Ronald D. RiggsDr. D. Bruce Roberts and Dr. Karen Altergott RobertsRev. and Mrs. Ronald RockeyRev. and Mrs. Gene E. RohrerMrs. Mary Lou RotheDr. Kimberly D. RussawRev. Barbara A. Short and Mr. Donald L. ShortProf. Edmund C. ShortRev. and Mrs. Larry SquierMs. Kathryn StreetDr. and Mrs. Joseph D. StumpRev. Deborah R. ThompsonRev. Andrea R. ToonderRev. Ruth I. WaiteFather Allan R. WallaceMrs. Sue B. WallaceMr. Eric A. WilliamsChaplain and Mrs. James C. WilliamsMs. Anne WilliamsonMs. Jill Zimmer

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22WITH GRATITUDE$25,000 and aboveCentral Indiana Community FoundationChristian Church FoundationCommunity Christian Church, Jeffersonville, IN**Disciples Mission FundLilly Endowment Inc.Lumina Foundation for EducationMichael L. Smith and Susan L. Smith Family Fund, a fund of the Hamilton County Community Foundation$10,000 - $24,999Brentwood Baptist Church, Houston, TXEastern Star Missionary Baptist Church, Indianapolis, INEli Lilly & Company FoundationFirst Church of God (A City of Refuge), Columbus, OHMt. Olivet Baptist Church, Columbus, OHOreon E. Scott Foundation$5,000 - $9,999Covenant United Church of Christ, South Holland, MICripe Charitable FoundationFidelity CharitableFirst Christian Church, South Bend, IN**New Creation Christian Fellowship, Windcrest, TXNicholas H. Noyes, Jr. Memorial Foundation, Inc.Petticrew FoundationSt. Peter's United Church of Christ, Carmel, IN$2,500 - $4,999Central Christian Church, Jacksonville, ILChristian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the US and CanadaDisciples Home MissionsFamily and Community Partners, LLCLight of the World Christian Church, Indianapolis, INSecond Presbyterian Church, Indianapolis, IN$1,000 - $2,499Faegre Baker Daniels FoundationFirst Christian Church, Moline, IL**The Fountain of Pembroke Pines, Miami Gardens, FLIndiana University HealthIndiana-Kentucky Synod, ELCAOgden Christian Church, Ogden, IL**PNC Wealth ManagementRay of Hope Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Decatur, GASeventh & Eighth United Christian Church, Indianapolis, IN**Shelton Solutions, Inc.Mamie L. Young Trust$500 - $999BNY Mellon Charitable Gift FundFederated Church, West Lafayette, INFirst Christian Church, Mooresville INLynn's CateringSchwab CharitableUniversity Park Christian Church, Indianapolis, IN**$250 - $499Bank of America Charitable Gift FundCentral Christian Church, Wooster, OHFirst Christian Church, Hoopeston, ILFirst Congregational Church of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, INUnion Christian Church, Franklin, IN$100 - $249Church Extension Financial & Missional Resources, Inc.Erwin T. Koch Charitable TrustFirst Christian Church, Greencastle, INFirst Presbyterian Church, Fowler, INJewish Federation of Greater IndianapolisNetwork for GoodPension Fund of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)UBS Financial Services Inc.United Way of Central Indiana$1 to $99Christian Board of PublicationGreyhawk Counseling Services LLCPianimals Kids Club LLCState Farm Company FoundationOrganizations** closed church

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23God our creator, God who sees us, God who is with us,As we conclude this season of the work to which we have been called — take, bless, and use us. For your sake.Take, bless and use, the CTS team: our new president; new board members; new faculty, sta, and students. For your sake.Take, bless and use the new strategic plan that will shape this institution for years to come. For your sake.Take, bless, and use CTS alumni and partners who are making a dierence in the world. Take, bless, and use our faith and frailty, in the midst of pandemic, social unrest, and uncertainty.We yield ourselves to you.Take, bless, and use the meditations of our hearts, the musings of our minds, and the work of our hands. For your sake, Amen.Let Us PrayDr. Courtney Buggs Assistant Professor of Homiletics and Assistant Program Director, PhD in African American Preaching and Sacred Rhetoric

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