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 The Definition of an Aquarium is: An aquarium (plural: aquariums or aquaria) is a vivarium of any size having at least one transparent side in which water-dwelling plants or animals are kept and displayed.


 Jeanne Villepreux-Power was the fisrt Marine Bioligist to create Aquiria (aquarium) to study marine fish in her lab.


 Now and Days most Aquariums are used as display or even tourist attractions (sea world). Aquiriums are still used by scientists around the world to study fish, and different water dwelling animals.


Why Would you want an aquarium?



1) Decide which Aquarium tank is big enough for your fish. (also comes with the decision of how  many fish you want)






2) Set up your Fish tank in A good

spot with a sturdy table underneath

so it doesnt fall. Make sure your

tank isnt in direct sunlight at

anytime of the day. Also make

sure to keep away from animals!


 3) fill your tank and add any plants, additional stone, or decor to make your fish tank unique! Make sure the decor you add in your fish tank is fish friendly.


 4) Certianly last but not least add your fish. Make sure when your choosing your fish in the fish store not to get fish that will atack each other.


Getting Started!


File:Reef Aquarium.jpg


Chemical Filtration: Chemical Filtration is when toxic chemicals pass through a resin. Some of the chemicals filtrations target specific accessive particles, like poop.


Mechanical Filtration: Mechanical Filtration is when the water in your fish tank is forced through a filter that is designed to catch particles in your tank. Most poeple have Mechanical filtration in there tanks.


Biological Filtration: Biological Filtration is the break down of different bacteria. This is called the Nitrogen cycle where waste products, food, and fungi breakdown and cause amonia.

Amonia is toxic to things living in your fish tank!


Maintaining your tank usually consists of filtering your tank. There are many ways to filter your tank, but heres a run down of the three most popular kinds of filtration:

File:Särkänniemi - fish.png


*Maintaining your Tank is Key*

Maintaining your Tank


Fish, Animal, Water, Free,

File:Beta Fish Icon.png


 What is salinity? See site:



3) When buying fish ask questions. Make sure your fish is suitable for your tank aslo make sure your fish are suitable to be with the other fish you decide to buy. Some fish may be very agressive and attack your other fish.


2) Buy as big as a tank as you can afford. Not only does it give your fish more space to swim around but it also is more stable in keeping your saltinity levels  good.

(fish aquarium topics),

Quick Tips and additional info



1) Dont overfeed! The

label on the fish food

bottle says you can

feed up to 3 times

a day, but that can be

a little excessive. 

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