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April & May 2023 Newsletter

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The first year of college can be a year of tumultuouschange, uncertainty, and anxiety. It can also be a yearof unparalleled intellectual, social, and emotionalgrowth. While there were likely challenges along theway, we hope that you and your student take time inthe coming weeks to celebrate their successes andaccomplishments thus far. First-Year ResilienceU L L A F A Y E T T EP A R E N T & F A M I L Y N E W S L E T T E RInside This IssueA P R I L 6 , 2 0 2 3Final Exams_______________2Academic Calendars______2Sophomore Resources____3April & May Student______4End of Year Checklist_____4As this first year of college comes to a close, take time to recognize what your studenthas accomplished. Here are some of the topics you may wish to discuss with yourstudent as they wrap up the first year and prepare for the second:Compliment your student on the positivechanges that you’ve observed so far.Reinforce that completing the first year is a bigaccomplishment. Talk with your student about the classes they havetaken this year. What were their favorite courses?What classes challenged them? Another semester closer to graduation!

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2A P R I L 6 , 2 0 2 3April 7-16Spring BreakApril 26-30Dead DaysApril 28Last Day of ClassesMay 1-5Final ExamsMay 5Semester Ends(Subject to change)SPRING 2023 ACADEMIC CALENDARHow certain are they about their choice of major? Changingmajors after the first year can often be done withoutsubstantially increasing the length of time they will be in school. Ask your student how they feel about their level ofengagement and involvement with UL Lafayette. Have theyfound student organizations or activities in which they feelcomfortable? Are they making friends and participating in clubsthat will help to build their resume? If not, encourage them tocheck out Pathways (the student organization portal) on theCampus Services tab in ULink.(Subject to change)FALL 2023 ACADEMIC CALENDARAugust 21Tuition & Fees DeadlineAugust 21Classes BeginAugust 25Last Day to Add/Drop ClassesSeptember 4Labor Day HolidayOctober 5-6Fall HolidayOctober 16-27 Advising Session for Spring November 2Last Day to Drop Class with "W" November 23-24 Thanksgiving Holiday November 29 - December 3 Dead Days December 1 Last Day of Classes December 4-8Final Exams December 8Semester Ends Final ExamsWhen students return from spring break, there is often a tendencyto “check out” until summer comes around. Passing finals though,is an important step towards crossing the finish line of summer! One of the best things you can do to help your student prepare forfinal exams is to simply ask when their exams are. The last fewweeks of class are filled with projects and deadlines, often leavingstudying for finals pushed to the back burner. Asking your studentabout their final exam schedule helps them begin thinking aboutand planning for finals. Some professors hold final exams outside of their regularlyscheduled class time to provide extended test time—this is normal.View the Spring 2023 Exam Schedule here, and remind yourstudent to check their syllabi for class-specific exam information.Click here to take the 2022-2023 Freshman Parent & Family Survey!Tell us about your student's first year at UL Lafayette! Your feedback will help us prepare to welcome a new groupof first-year families and develop next year’s newsletters.

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Major & Career Exploration Center and Career ServicesIf your student remains uncertain about their major, thereare plenty of resources available to help them explore theiroptions and decide.Career Services can help identify internships and part-timejob opportunities in your student’s field of study. This is the year to start attending on-campus career fairs andnetworking events.Joining student organizations, especially those related to afield of study, is another great way to network!The Learning CenterThe need for tutoring certainly does not end with freshmanyear. Encourage your student to ask for help when needed.Students with strong GPAs might consider looking here for apaid position as a tutor. Office of Student Engagement & LeadershipIt’s never too late to get involved! Sophomore year is thetime to take an active role in leadership and communityservice opportunities.Involvement, leadership, and service lead to greatersatisfaction while in college and help to enhance yourstudent’s resume. We hope your student has a relaxing and rejuvenating summerbreak! Come August, encourage your student to reconnect and re-engage with campus right away by utilizing these campus resources:A P R I L 6 , 2 0 2 33For Parents & FamilyFor StudentsSophomore Year ResourcesStay connected through the official UL Lafayette Parents & Family Facebook groupSave the date for Family Weekend: September 22-24, 2023Email your questions to parents@louisiana.eduThis may be your last Parent & Family Newsletter, but we will continue to be here for youthroughout your student’s UL Lafayette journey!Students networking at a recent Career Fairhosted by Career Services!Tutors at The Learning Center are eager to helpstudents succeed!With so many student organizations to choosefrom, everyone has a place at UL!

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During the month of April, students begin to feel the pressure and stress of final exams and projects.Final exams week is May 1-5, 2023, with the Spring semester concluding on Friday, May 5. Summerplans, summer jobs, housing arrangements for Fall, and dealing with course scheduling issues are allthings that your student will be thinking about during the last weeks of school. As parents, here are afew things that you can do to help:The April & May StudentRemind your student to take care of themself by eating healthy, making time for exercise,drinking plenty of water, and getting enough sleep. Respect and appreciate who your student has become. They will likely return home moreindependent, self-reliant, and mature after their first year of college.If your student is moving home for the summer months, be sure to communicate yourexpectations of them ahead of time. This will allow them to be respectful of yourexpectations when scheduling vacations, social activities, and summer jobs.Encourage your student to manage their time wisely as the summer months go by morequickly than expected! Fall classes will be here before they know it. A P R I L 6 , 2 0 2 34End of Year ChecklistShare this checklist with your student to help them finish off their Spring semester:Make a to-do list (including duedates) with everything that needs tobe done. Study hard for final exams. Finish final exams and submit anyfinal projects.Pack up your residence hall (clothes,books, your personal furniture, etc.)Clear out your room. Thoroughly clean your entire room.Follow all housing move-out andcheckout instructions.Finalize your class schedule for nextsemester.Return rented textbooks and/orlibrary books.Look for summer jobs or internships.Make sure summer housing is inorder (if applicable). Enjoy your summer!