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April & May 2021 Newsletter

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UL LAFAYETTEA P R I L 2 1 , 2 0 2 1FIRST-YEAR RESILIENCEEven in a typical year, the first year of college can bea year of tumultuous change, uncertainty, andanxiety. It can also be a year of unparalleledintellectual, social, and emotional growth. While therewere likely challenges along the way, we hope thatyou and your student take time in the coming weeksto celebrate their successes and accomplishmentsthus far. Completing the first year of college is a bigdeal and doing so during a global pandemic is all themore impressive. P A R E N T & F A M I L Y N E W S L E T T E RTHE PARENT & FAMILY NEWSLETTER IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE OFFICE OF ORIENTATION AND THE OFFICE OF FIRST-YEAR EXPERIENCE....

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...Compliment your student on the positive changes thatyou’ve observed so far.When reflecting on the past year, one word comes tomind: resilience. In the face of uncertainty, your studentshave adapted to a new, temporary normal. This shift haslikely been challenging for both you and your student. Asthe leaves begin to change this fall though, we lookforward to returning to a campus that is as close to normalas we can be, while continuing to follow the guidance ofhealth authorities. As this first year of college comes to a close, take time torecognize what you and your student have accomplished.Here are some of the topics you may wish to discuss withyour student as they wrap up the first year and prepare forthe second: ACADEMIC CALENDAR(SUBJECT TO CHANGE)Reinforce that completing the first year is a bigaccomplishment. Talk with your student about the classes they have takenthis year. What were their favorite courses? What classesgave them trouble?How certain are they about their choice of major?Changing majors after the first year can often be donewithout substantially increasing the length of time theywill be in school. Ask your student how they feel about their level ofengagement and involvement with UL Lafayette. Havethey found student organizations or activities in whichthey feel comfortable? Are they making friends andparticipating in clubs that will help to build their resume?If not, encourage them to check out ENGAGE (thestudent organization portal) on the Campus Services tabin ULink.

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Major & Career Exploration Center and Career Services If your student remains uncertain about their major, there are plenty of resourcesavailable to help them explore and decide. For those who have made the decision, Career Services can help identify internships orpart-time job opportunities in your student’s field of study. This is the year to start attending on-campus career fairs and networking events.Joining student organizations, especially those related to a field of study, is anothergreat way to network! The Learning Center The need for tutoring certainly does not end with freshman year. Encourage yourstudent to ask for help when needed. Students with strong GPA’s might consider looking here for a paid position as a tutor. Office of Student Engagement & Leadership It’s never too late to get involved! Sophomore year is the time to take an active role inleadership and service opportunities. Involvement, leadership, and service lead to greater satisfaction while in college andhelp to enhance your student’s resume.We hope your student has a relaxing and rejuvenating summer break! Come August, encourageyour student to reconnect and re-engage with campus right away by utilizing these campusresources: FO R S T UDE NTSSOPHOMORE YEAR RESOURCES Stay connected through the official UL Lafayette Parents & Family Facebook group. Email your questions to Attend Family Weekend in the Fall (2021 dates and schedule TBA). This may be your last Parent & Family Newsletter, but we will continue to be here for youthroughout your student’s UL Lafayette journey! FO R P A REN TS

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Make a to-do list (including due dates)with everything that needs to be done. Study hard for final exams. Finish final exams and submit any finalprojects. Pack up your residence hall (clothes,books, your personal furniture, etc.) Clear out your room. Thoroughly clean your entire room. Follow all housing move-out andcheck-out instructions (Housing willemail students this information soon).Finalize your class schedule for nextsemester. Return rented textbooks and/orlibrary books. Sell back any purchased textbooksthat you no longer need. Look for summer jobs or internships. Make sure summer housing is inorder (if applicable). Enjoy your summer! It is important to finish the semester off strong! Share this checklist with your student tohelp them wrap up the Spring 2021 semester. END OF YEAR CHECKLIST One of the best things you can do to help prepare your student for final exams is to simply askthem when their exams are. The last few weeks of class are filled with projects and deadlines,often leaving studying for finals pushed to the back burner. Asking your student about theirfinal exam schedule helps them to begin thinking about and planning for finals.Some professors hold final exams outside of their regularly scheduled class time to allot forextended test time—this is normal. View the Spring 2021 Examination Schedule here, andremind your student to check their syllabi for class-specific exam information. When students return from spring break, there is often a tendency to “check out” untilsummer comes around. Passing finals though, is an important step towards crossing thefinish line of summer! FINAL EXAMS

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THE APRIL & MAY STUDENT During the month of April, students begin to feel the pressure and stress of final exams andprojects. Final exams week is May 3-7, 2021, with the Spring semester concluding on Friday,May 7. Summer plans, summer jobs, housing arrangements for Fall, and dealing with coursescheduling issues are all things that your student will be thinking about during the last weeksof school. As parents, here are a few things that you can do to help: Remind them to take care of themselves by eating healthy, making time forexercise, drinking plenty of water, and getting enough sleep. Respect and appreciate who your student has become. They will likely returnhome more independent, self-reliant, and mature after their first year of college. If your student is moving home for the summer months, be sure to communicateyour expectations of them ahead of time. This will allow them to be respectful ofyour expectations when scheduling vacations, social activities, and summer jobs. Encourage your student to manage their time wisely as the summer months go bymore quickly than expected! Fall classes will be here before they know it. Counseling & Testing CenterSaucier Wellness CenterO.K. Allen Hall337-482-6480counseling@louisiana.eduThe Writing CenterH.L. Griffin Hall 107-108337-482-6447writingcenter@louisiana.eduStudent Health ServicesSaucier Wellness CenterO.K. Allen Hall337-482-1328shs@louisiana.eduOffice of Disability Services (ODS)Agnes Edwards 126337-482-5252ods@louisiana.eduDean of StudentsStudent Union, 168337-482-6276deanofstudents@louisiana.eduAcademic Success CenterLee Hall 115337-482-6818asc@louisiana.eduIn this brief survey, we ask you to share your student’s challenges and successes, as well asadvice for future parents. This information will help the Office of Orientation and the Officeof First-Year Experience as we prepare to welcome a new group a first-year parents andfamily this summer and develop next year’s newsletters. We value your feedback! TAKE THE 2020-2021 FRESHMANPARENT & FAMILY SURVEY!