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April 2021 Door to Door

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April 2021 Prizes for green fingers If you re proud of your patch why not enter our 2021 virtual gardening competition You could win up to 50 Entry is open from 1 April to 5 July 2021 to all Broadland Housing tenants and the winners will be judged from your photos Find out more on page 2 CO ULD W IN U 05 OT P Y O U Repa are b irs ack Boo new k your Tena repair o n nts O nline now

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Door to Door April 2021 Enter our virtual gardening competition Perhaps you ve been spending more time in your garden lately You could win 50 in our competition Whether your garden style is compact colourful formal or informal traditional or modern let s hear from you Entry is open from 1 April to 5 July 2021 to all Broadland Housing tenants and the winners will be judged from your photos Winners in each category will receive a 25 Love2shop voucher and runners up will receive a 15 Love2shop voucher There will also be an overall winner who will receive a 50 Love2shop voucher Every entrant will receive a certificate Our panel of judges includes our Environmental Champions and Jane our tenant gardening guru Read Jane s latest gardening tips over the page O C 5 0 U WIN UP TO LD Send us your photos You can enter in 1 or more of these categories Best Garden Does your garden have the wow factor Judges will be looking for a variety of plants in different colours and shapes and ornaments used to good effect Best Small Garden We want to see the best use of space and a good variety of plants or flowers in the space available Best Communal Garden Do you have a garden that s shared and used by tenants at your scheme We would love to see how the garden benefits you and your neighbours Best Edible Garden We want to see a variety of vegetables and fruits Are you getting more than one harvest and are you planting all year round UOY Best Hanging Baskets These should be really colourful with lots of different plants not forgetting some greenery Best Patio Courtyard or Balcony Even in the smallest outdoor space we want to see the creative ways you have been growing The closing date for entries is 5 July 2021 TO ENTER Simply register your interest from 1 April to 5 July 2021 at https www broadlandgroup org enter our 2021 virtual gardening competition Please email 4 6 photos of your garden taken between 2 and 5 July 2021 to tenantengagement broadlandgroup org If you would like a paper version of the form please call 01603 750113 Judging will take place on 9 July broadlandgroup org

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In the Garden Shed with Jane Greetings to all our readers and gardeners I m writing this during the unexpected warm spell in February Isn t it amazing how a spell of dry sunny weather lifts the spirits and makes us all feel better Spring bulbs are popping up birds are singing and the summer isn t too far away Indoor gardening Windowsill gardening and houseplants are very popular It s a good idea to give your plants a spring clean and feed Wash the outside of the pots repot if the plant has grown out of it or the roots are showing through the drainage hole Feed with a general purpose houseplant feed and dust the shiny flat leaved plants No access to an outside garden Grow a tomato or chilli plant and a few herbs indoors Basil parsley and coriander all do well in a sunny spot and make great pizza toppings They re easy to grow from seed or buy the ready potted plants don t overwater To chit or not to chit That is the question It s time to get the potatoes in I ve chitted my early salad potatoes but not the main crop This year I m trying something different as digging trenches is hard work I m using a bulb planter but you can achieve the same result with a long scooped hand trowel 1 Dig a hole 6 in 10cm deep 2 Deeply place seed potato eyes shoots upwards in the hole and cover with soil Space about 12 14 in 30cm apart in rows about 2 feet 60cm apart 3 When the green leaves appear cover up with soil Do this until all possibility of frost is over about 2 3 times I ll see how I get on and show you the results in the autumn Or better still you have a go and let me know how you get on Gardening calendar Tip for beautiful bulbs If you planted your bulbs in pots it s very important to ensure good drainage If possible place the pots on pot stands in the tray This allows water to drain away from the pot Bulbs hate soggy soil April April is tidy up time Clean pots greenhouses clear paths make your garden plot and patio trip free for grown ups and little ones Weeds love this time of year Keep hoeing and weeding you ll reap the benefits later Sow potatoes and most of your summercropping leafy vegetables carrots and peas Sowing every 2 3 weeks will give you a long harvest time Get ready to cover up delicate seedlings on cold nights or put them in a cold frame May Protect your peas from birds with pea sticks twigs and cover with netting Sow beans cucumbers and tomatoes Check the wildflower garden or space to see what s coming up June Order manure if you use it Keep mulching and weeding Check weather and water as necessary Harvest young sweet vegetables salad and cut flowers for the house if they are ready Continue to love and cherish your space look after indoor plants open windows to let in fresh air and help them thrive If you have any questions or problems that I can help with please get in touch I m happy to try and help Until next time have a great springtime and get growing J ane 0303 303 0003

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Door to Door April 2021 Protecting against Covid 19 Broadland cleaning teams have been using an electrostatic spraying and antimicrobial technology at all communal sites since July 2020 This technique protects all surfaces and touch points for up to 30 days Broadland will be carrying out these cleans to touch points within all communal properties and schemes every 4 weeks This will ensure we are offering the highest possible level of safety in all contact areas The new technology has reduced the time our cleaning teams spend at sites while offering a higher level of sanitisation and greater protection from Coronavirus over longer periods We will be monitoring the new system to make sure that the system continues to get rid of bacteria and viruses on surfaces and touch points How does it work The electrostatic sprayers pass a fine mist of antimicrobial product that has been positively charged This mist finds the nearest unprotected surface and sticks to this surface The coating remains in place and if any bacteria or viruses land on these surfaces they are killed off Since March 2021 we have rolled out an even more advanced product to provide a 90 day level of protection Here is an example of the new electronic sprayer and antimicrobial technology Please contact us if you have any questions about the electrostatic spraying and antimicrobial technology Keeping you safe in your home To comply with Government guidance and keep our tenants and staff safe we are required by law to continue to carry out gas and electrical safety tests throughout the pandemic As your landlord it s important that we gain access to your home to carry out these checks This is not only to make sure your home is safe but to see if there are any improvement works to be carried out to your existing heating or electrics broadlandgroup org Employees will be wearing appropriate PPE when they enter your home or work in communal areas Always make sure you are at home for your appointment We will send you a text or email with your appointment details To re book your appointment call us on 0303 303 0003 ASAP

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Repairs are back Book your new repair on Tenants Online now From Monday 8 March we started to work on the backlog of routine repairs If you have had a non urgent repair you have been waiting to tell us about please log it now on Tenants Online To sign up or log into your account please visit https portal tenantsonline org We are contacting all tenants who have already logged their repair on Tenants Online to make an appointment We will continue to wear full PPE when carrying out repairs at your home and will be socially distancing Please continue to follow the Government guidelines Please bear with us while we work through the backlog of repairs Thank you all for your patience during lockdown Sign up to Tenants Online today Free app for all tenants 24 7 access to your account Report a repair or issue Update your contact details No more waiting on the phone What s changed New code for complaints As we reported in January s Door to Door the Housing Ombudsman has introduced a new complaint handling code Broadland has formally adopted the new code which is not very different from our existing complaints policy and procedures However there are some key changes As a result we are updating our policy and procedures to reflect these changes and they will be available on our website shortly Visit https www housingombudsman org uk landlords info complainthandling code for details of the new complaint handling code You can see our self assessment against the code on pages 6 7 This is also available in the Complaints section of our website You can access the Ombudsman service for advice and assistance at any stage in the complaints process although the Ombudsman is still unlikely to investigate a complaint until you have exhausted Broadland s complaints process All tenants should be able to access Broadland s complaints process easily The number of formal stages is reduced to two Broadland has tighter time constraints to respond to complaints unless agreed by the tenant Broadland must publish the results of complaint investigations and the lessons learnt Broadland must take action to put things right and find appropriate remedies the Ombudsman has published separate guidance on remedies Broadland must publish an annual selfassessment against the code together with a summary in its Annual Report 0303 303 0003

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Door to Door April 2021 broadlandgroup org

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The Community Improvement Fund is designed to help tenants set up their own community project The fund can offer grants up to 3 000 for projects that will make a positive difference to you and your neighbourhood For example you might want to hold yoga classes in your local village hall and need support to pay for the teacher or hall hire or you may wish to buy water butts for your scheme Your idea for funding must fall into one of the following categories Health and wellbeing Community projects Environmental improvements Last year s community projects We received lots of applications in 2020 There were projects to landscape communal gardens help to start up allotment projects and for new communal garden furniture and seating at our some of our sheltered schemes on w 2021 Community Improvement Fund A p p yl Door to Door April 2021 Some quick questions answered The fund is open to Broadland Housing tenants only The 2021 fund is open for applications from 1 April to 31 July you can only make one application per scheme If you already have part funding for your project from another agency or charity or you have already done some fundraising you can still apply to this fund We hope as the weather improves that tenants at the scheme will enjoy their new communal garden area Thank you for your application Working with our Estate Services team we have been progressing applications that involve landscaping and garden improvements to communal areas These projects wanted to encourage more use of the garden and provide enjoyment for all tenants and benefit their social wellbeing After the first walkaround at one scheme see right a plan was put together which included re seeding the grass planting bulbs and creating wildflower areas to encourage wildlife The plan also included re establishing hedges and beds and planting new shrubs and small trees Some of the plants were grown in our very own polytunnel broadlandgroup org Before After How to apply Complete the short form on our website at https www broadlandgroup org communityimprovement fund If you need a paper version of the form please call 01603 750113 or email tenantengagement broadlandgroup org

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Adapting services to lockdown Neighbourhood Officer Margaret Bryant describes how our Housing team has had to adapt to keep tenants and staff safe during lockdown Virtual lettings Since January we have been operating digital sign ups for tenants via a mobile phone app Anyone who has an email address will automatically start their tenancy this way How does it work Digital sign up is very simple All the documents that need to be signed during the lettings process are sent to the prospective tenant via the app The tenant can either sign by hand or use the digital signature that the app provides whichever is easier The app sends each document back to us and we upload it to the tenant s file Tenants can receive all the necessary paperwork on a computer tablet or mobile phone making it very user friendly WhatsApp house tours Using WhatsApp video calls means you can meet with tenants virtually and talk to them face to face I did this recently for the first time for a hoarding case Using WhatsApp video means that we can tour the tenant s house with them chat face to face and put a plan into place about actions before the next call As you can appreciate in hoarding cases the properties are full of contents so it would be very difficult to keep social distancing unless the tenant stood in another room or outside Video calls keep both the tenant and us safe until we are able to meet again in person Safe and convenient On the day of letting the Neighbourhood Officer visits and takes photos of the property takes meter readings and changes the code on the key box Meanwhile the new tenant has been sent their welcome pack a keycode for the keys to the property and the time when the keys will be available to collect Digital sign ups appear to be working well for staff and also for tenants especially those who are working Digital sign up means tenants don t have to take time off work to collect the keys to their new home Share your experience with us 0303 303 0003

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Door to Door April 2021 Home visits IMPORTANT We want to keep you and our staff safe during visits to your home Please follow this simple advice to protect everyone On arrival our staff will Ask if you have any Covid symptoms or if you have been in contact with anyone who has Covid symptoms Wear a mask and use hand sanitiser Before our staff enter your home please Clear any area being repaired so there is space for our operative to work Open the nearest windows When our staff are in your home please Keep 2 metres distance at all times If this is not possible wear a face mask If possible stay in a different room while any repair safety check is carried out Thank you for helping to keep everyone safe Have you downloaded your FREE wellbeing app yet Broadland tenants and their immediate family members can get professional counselling and support direct from their phone Simply download the app My Healthy Advantage from Google Play or the App Store Use the code MHA151889 For more information about this service see our website www broadlandgroup org iap individual assistanceprogramme broadlandgroup org

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Gold rating again We are delighted to retain our Gold accreditation following our recent SHIFT assessment This is great recognition of Broadland s commitment to being environmentally responsible Louise Archer Executive Asset Director said This is brilliant news It shows that our commitment to working in a sustainable way and reducing our carbon footprint is continuing to pay off A big thank you to our Environmental Champions and other Broadland staff who helped to gather the information needed for the assessment It is so important for us all to work together to safeguard our natural resources at work and at home What is assessed We are assessed annually by SHIFT Sustainable Homes Index For Tomorrow which measures us against 21 different environmental criteria to calculate how sustainably we are operating The data we provide includes everything from our carbon emissions to the amount of waste we recycle and the energy efficiency ratings of our homes We are also rated on our work with tenants to raise awareness of the environment Why do we do it Our SHIFT assessment report allows us to make critical decisions about where we need to invest resources in the future This could be related to the type of heating systems we install through to the information we give to our tenants when they move into their new home It also keeps us up to date with new innovations in technology and allows us to share ideas with other landlords How it impacts you There are lots of different ways we try to operate more sustainably Some you may have noticed others may be less visible Some examples include Fitting over 150 Switchee devices in tenants homes Free Norfolk Car Club Membership for tenants A new smart scheduling system ensures we minimise mileage between repair appointments Installing energy efficient windows and doors to help reduce tenants bills Making improvements to bin stores so it is easier for tenants to recycle their waste We love how many of our tenants share our views on sustainability If you have any ideas on how Broadland or your scheme could be more sustainable please email tenantengagement broadlan dgroup org Switchee devices are smart thermostats for your home Due to the success from our first pilot we are hoping to offer our tenants the opportunity to apply for one of the next batch of Switchee devices later in the year Keep an eye out for your chance to get involved 0303 303 0003

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Door to Door April 2021 Thanks for your feedback In December a group of tenants and staff got together to review our process for implementing the new Charter as set out by the National Housing Federation Siobhan our tenant board member welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for completing the recent survey The panel then reviewed the survey feedback Part of the Charter is to ensure that tenants review and monitor Broadland s performance TWT Charter Six Commitments 1 Relationships 2 Communication 3 Voice and influence 4 Accountability 5 Quality 6 When things go wrong The panel also reviewed Broadland s selfassessment against the Charter The tenants agreed with the assessment but also made some good suggestions to be added especially around communication voice and influence The last agenda item was What does the future hold for tenant engagement Catherine Little outlined some ideas for how we can expand our offering and also get more tenants feedback and involvement in meetings You can read the results of the survey on our website Go to www broadlandgroup org together withtenants broadlandgroup org Since it was relaunched in 2018 the Broadland Housing website www broadlandgroup org has nearly doubled in size with lots of new pages and tools However we wanted to ensure that tenants and stakeholders can easily find the content they are looking for In November we invited our Digital panel and a group of staff to complete a website survey Here are some of the headline findings Working well Website is easy to navigate overall Quick access to the most useful sections Language is clear and easy to understand Need to improve Simplify the side menus Stronger colour contrasts for easier reading Make website design work better across different platforms Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey Our web developer is currently redesigning the site with this feedback Along with our website analytics your comments and suggestions are shaping the new look website Thank you to all our tenants who took part in the survey Your feedback helps us continue to improve If you would like to be involved in these meetings please contact us at tenantengagement broadlandgroup org

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PULSE Thank you to everyone who took part in our winter 2020 21 Pulse survey Nearly 300 of you responded with 78 reporting that you are happy with Broadland as your landlord and 74 of you happy with how we have listened to you The high scores included lots of positive comments such as The standard of support from Broadland has been incredible Any problems I have had have been sorted out immediately Everyone I have spoken to has been more than happy to help and to answer any questions You have nice friendly staff However we also received a few low scores for repairs issues including poor communication about repairs Where tenants supplied details we will be looking into these cases individually to try and resolve them as quickly as possible Get involved As an organisation we want to grow our services but also to improve them We know that we don t always get it right This is where you as our tenant can really make a difference So what s in it for you Get your voice heard Influence changes in Broadland policies and procedures Help us make decisions and give us guidance Give us feedback on projects Check on us to make sure we are doing what we say we will 78 happy with Broadland as a landlord 74 happy with how we have listened to you Employment worries More people said they were concerned about their household s employment over the coming months compared to previous surveys This is perhaps not surprising given the amount of uncertainty in the economy after a long lockdown Remember our Tenancy Support team is here to help if you are struggling to pay bills or would like to get more skills or employment training https www broadlandgroup org tenant support Because of the pandemic we are only sending out surveys by email Don t miss out You can update your email address in just a few seconds using Tenants Online https portal tenantsonline org Mystery Shopping Test out a variety of our services and help us plan the best way to improve Tenant Action Group Homes Panel The panel look at issues related to our repairs services The next online meeting is in early June The TAG panel focuses on community and neighbourhood issues Our next meeting is on 13 May at 2pm online via Zoom Community Conversations Community Inspectors Volunteer to walk around your scheme and look at cleaning and gardening services and Health and Safety Talk to us about what matters to you and what Broadland could do better Our next meetings are on 13 April 11 May or 15 June at 6 30pm online via Zoom To join us on Email tenantengagement broadlandgroup org Call 01603 750113 0303 303 0003

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Door to Door April 2021 Help us save the planet In early March at our Tenant Action Group Zoom meeting we talked through Broadland s Environmental plan Moll one of our members shared with the group the following ideas and tips on how we can help to save the environment and also save money in our homes Moll says It s all right talking about the big things but it s about how we live and what we do in our homes that s very important One thing my mother taught me and something I have done all my married life is to use white vinegar diluted with a touch of water in a spray I use white vinegar in my home for cleaning windows and on the inside of varnished doors paintwork and even some furniture This way you do not have to buy as much polish To clean taps get a plastic bag with some crumpled paper tissue in the corner then pour in the white vinegar Twist the bag around the tap and use a peg to keep it in place overnight I also cover the bottom of the kitchen sink with undiluted white vinegar leave it for a few minutes then clean it down with a sponge Thanks Moll Find more vinegar tips at www sarsons co uk vinegar tips www bhg com homekeeping housecleaning tips cleaning with vinegar Always take care when using household cleaning products to ensure you do not damage surfaces Moll s top tips Make sure you leave the linen basket until you have enough to fill the washing machine A half load costs the same as a full load in water and electricity Most materials today do not need ironing It s mostly linen and trousers you need to press Shake clothes when dry and then pat flat or roll If you have any spring cleaning tips you would like to share please get in touch HAVE YOU SPOTTED OUR NEW SIGNS Our Estate Services team have been busy over the last few months seeding new wildflower areas in communal green spaces This not only increases biodiversity and encourages wildlife it reduces the amount of grass that needs to be cut and produces some wonderful blooms Send us your wildflower photos and you will receive a free packet of seeds Email your photos to tenantengagement broadlandgroup org broadlandgroup org

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LIFE IN LOCKDOWN You can write or draw your story In the boxes below share your story Over the last 12 months most of us have experienced different challenges we d never faced before as a result of the Covid 19 outbreak As lockdown restrictions begin to ease we d love to hear how you have been coping throughout the lockdown and what you learnt about yourself and your community If you d like to share your story please email to tenantengagement broadlandgroup org or post to Tenant Engagement Broadland Housing NCFC Carrow Road Norwich NR1 1HU I ve missed I enjoy truggle My biggest s has been My favourite thing to do is My neighbours community have I m looking forward to Name First line of address I hope that I give Broadland Housing consent to use my story in future Door to Door magazines on our website and social media pages Please tick 0303 303 0003

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Door to Door April 2021 How to make newspaper seed pots If you have any newspaper at home why not try making these organic seed pots In just a few easy steps your pots will be ready to fill with compost and seeds They are great for your small plants and completely biodegradable too Later in the year plant them out in your garden place them on your windowsill or maybe you could give them away as a gift Step 1 what you will need Newspaper bottle pair of scissors soil or compost and seeds Step 4 Push in and fold any excess paper towards the bottom of the bottle Step 2 Lay several sheets of newspaper together As a guide lay your bottle on its side at one end of the paper Step 5 Remove pot from bottle and flatten the bottom of the pot Step 3 Roll the paper around the bottle If using scissors carefully cut the paper at the bottom Step 7 Plant your seeds and water Well done to our winners Step 6 Fill your pot with soil For more information please visit https www instructables com How tomake organic planting pots using old newspa Spring Wordsearch Miss Lee Norwich Winner of January Door to Door crossword competition Mrs Ninnes Norwich Winner of December Door to Door crossword competition Win 25 Find all the words in our Spring Wordsearch and be in with a chance of winning a 25 Love2Shop voucher To enter Take a photo of your completed entry and send to tenantengagement broadlandgr oup org To enter by post tear off and post in an envelope with your full name to Tenant Engagement Broadland Housing NCFC Carrow Road Norwich NR1 1HU Closing date Monday 7 June One entry per person If there is more than one correct entry winner will be chosen at random Broadland Housing tenants only