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April 2020

Be an
Create a personal brand
where you are seen as the
expert in your eld, industry,
or community.
What is
Read an excerpt of the book
#ThatsLife, Justine works from
home and that means she has time
to ensure her house is perfectly
clean, right?
Perfect Mess
During this time of social
isolation redening connection
can help us to understand
what it is and how to foster
stronger connections.
Likky Lavji is a Blind Spot navigator helping lead-
ers nd those blind spots which get in the way of
their success. Blind Spot #1 is a Lack of Trust.
James Boskovic writes about how his team focuses
on the culture they have build at Zero focused on
their vision and mission.
Joe Dichiara writes about the 7 secret steps to starting
a business without money. He shares the lessons he
learned and provides insight into what is important.
Aaron Sulley asks questions about success and
what it really means. Dive into the concept of
success and dene it for yourself.
Cheryl  Bishop  writes  about  why  chasing  after
shiniy things and trying to start lots of new projects
is not the path to success.
Lack of Trust
Lead with Condence
Start a Business
What is Success?
Focus to Succeed

Andrew Murdoch’s life was changing and he
decided to become a digital nomad travelling the
world working from his laptop. Read his story.
While we are at home we can be preparing for
when our lives get busy again by cooking meals
which freeze well. Nicky shares her favourites
Steve Aspinall wanted to keep his co-worker’s spirits
up during social distancing. What he created show-
cased his creative side and his fans wanted more.
Aaron Sulley asks questions about success and
what it really means. Dive into the concept of
success and dene it for yourself.
Marcy Peel pulls together information on what the
BC and Canadian government’s funding promises
and who is entitled to what.
Digital Nomad
Frozen Meal Recipes
Finding Talent
What is Success?
Government Help

from the
What happened to
March? It was just Jan-
uary and now we are
coming up to April and
we are isolated from
each other because of
the global pandemic.
On social media I
see all the creativity
coming out of people
who are staying home
to ensure our medical
systems do not get
overwhelmed and it is
I know it’s hard to be
alone at home and it
can be even harder to
be stuck at home day
after day with those
you love. Some fami-
lies will become stron-
ger and others will
break from the stress
of being in each others
space far too long. I
hope you will become
closer as a family unit
during this time.
I am concerned for
those people who are
stuck behind closed
doors with abusers.
If you know someone
whom you believe is
controlled by some-
one, please take the
time to reach out over
the phone and be
there for them. Do not
give advice, don’t try
to save them, don’t
judge, or shame them.
Just listen and create a
safe place for them to
speak. When they are
ready they will know
where their safe har-
bour is and thank you.
In this issue of AP-
eeling I wanted to talk
a bit about connection
and what it is and how
we can cultivate it in
our lives.
Due to the virus we
are trying new ways to
stay in touch with peo-
ple and nding virtual
networking opportu-
nities. This is a great
time to make new
connections and lay
a foundation for your
There are oppor-
tunities out there, we
only have to stop fo-
cusing on the news
and connect with oth-
ers to discover them.
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Photo by Randy Peel
Some days you’re the Heron,
other days - the Rat.
What is success?
It is different for each
person and the deni-
tion changes as we go
through life.
If I ask my 20 year
old self if I’m success-
ful, she would say,
“What the hell did you
do with my life? You
are an utter failure
because my life does
not look like anything I
dreamed about.”
If I ask my 30 year
old self if I’m success-
ful, she would say, “Hell
no. I had more stuff,
money, love, and po-
tential at 30 than I do at
46. How could you lose
everything I have.”
If I asked my 40 year
old self if I’m success-
ful, she’d say, “You go
girl!!! I am free to live
for me and nally, I live-
downtown. Look at the
great life I have.”
Currently, my de-
nition of success is to
live life on my terms.
What is your denition of Success?
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What is
The Oxford Dictio-
nary denes trust as “a
rm belief in the reli-
ability, truth, ability, or
strength of someone
or something” For ex-
ample, we trust people
who are benevolent
toward us, who have
integrity, and whose
actions correspond to
their words. We trust
someone we can count
on to consistently do
what is “right.” In
an intimate relation-
ship, we trust our part-
ner if he or she is pre-
dictable, reliable, and
Trust can also be
dened as a verb:
as actions based on
having condence or
trust in oneself. On an
action level, trust in-
volves being able to
“do something without
fear or misgiving.”
A lot of people have
a hard time trusting
other people can do
the job properly or they
don’t trust enough to
give autonomy to peo-
ple to lead a team.
In organizations the
tone of trust is set by
leaders. When leaders
create a place that is
consistent and non-
threatening, allowing
for feedback and ap-
preciation, they begin
creating a trust building
relationship by putting
their people rst to feel
To sum up
organizational trust
drives employee en-
gagement and organi-
zational results.
Keynote Speaker | Facilitator | Consultant
APeeling Columnist
My Trust
I had a real hard
time trusting people
and it affected my be-
haviors towards them.
For me, lack of trust in
others began when I
was three years old
when my dad suddenly
died of a heart attack.
Two years later my
grandfather, who took
the role of my father,
passed away from a
heart attack. At 35 my
cousin, who was like a
brother to me died in a
car accident. The result
of these traumatic
events shaped my per-
ception of life and the
people around me. It
creeped into my busi-
ness life without me
knowing it.
I had a real hard
time trusting my teams
could do the job right
at work. I wasn’t open
to listening to feedback
from employees,
my friends, and family
because I had built a
fortress around me to
make sure I was safe
rst. Seemed quite
natural for my sub-
conscious mind to be
doing this after having
experienced such trau-
matic losses in my life.
However, by treating
everyone like I didn’t
trust them, I negatively
impacted my relation-
ships by causing
unnecessary conict.
Trust is an issue
everywhere because
people don’t commu-
nicate and don’t get to
really know one anoth-
er. Trust requires being
vulnerable, dropping
your armor and being
courageous enough to
listen to others even
when it’s an opposing
opinion. It’s also being
vulnerable to the point
you can listen for feed-
back from others and
be honest with the peo-
ple on your team.
As leaders we are
always looking for
ways to improve our
teams. Telling them
what needs to be done
to improve their perfor-
levels. But what if for a
moment we looked at
ways of improving
our leadership? Would
that create a positive
environment for trust?
Most denitely it does
and studies have
proved it.
Trust is a two way
street and it must be
demonstrated day in
and day out. Trusting
others when we’ve
been hurt is difcult.
Being vulnerable is
scary. Tell your team
about one thing you
need their help with
and discover who
steps up. It takes time,
evidence, and
results to grow in trust,
however, the rst step
towards better relation-
ships with people is
you being vulnerable
enough to take the
risk to trust them in the
rst place.
Discover how
Lack of Trust is getting
in the way of success
for your organization,
your team, and you.
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Our gift to you.
Likky Lavji is the Blind
Spot Navigator, helping
organizations, teams, and
individuals discover the
blind spots in their lives
Visit his website to discov-
er how he can help you
achieve success.
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To be seen as an Ex-
pert in your Industry,
you need to build a
brand that establishes:
Be an Expert
Do you have the educa-
tion, life experience, or
skills to be an “Expert”?
If you have certica-
tions, awards, work ex-
perience, or the knowl-
edge about a topic, you
will have to communi-
cate your credentials
to your target audience
where they will see it.
For example, I have
20 years experience in
marketing, sales, cus-
tomer relations, and
writing. I also have
a Bachelor of Arts in
economics and certi-
cations from the online
companies, Google,
Hubspot, Hootsuite,
and Moz. To back up
this statement, I have a
portfolio of work on my
website, three novels,
and a number of social
media platforms show-
casing my skills.
What can you do to
build proof of your ex-
Determine your
credibility and commu-
nicate your credentials
succinctly. Authenticity
is vital to create trust in
your industry because
you don’t want some-
one to discredit you by
shining light on a lie, a
unsubstantiated boast,
or gossip.
Like me, you may
have a wide general
knowledge of a topic or
industry and might be
tempted to showcase
everything you know all
at once. It is easier to
start by choosing one
or two topics to write
about, tweet about,
broadcast about, pod-
cast about. Once you
have exhausted every-
thing you know on that
topic, go on to the next
By tackling one topic
at a time, you are cre-
ating a resource online
that will provide solid
keywords for SEO and
you can connect all
your content easily from
social media posts to
blog posts on your web-
Take the topic, How
to be an Expert, as an
I have a video on
YouTube and Face-
book entitled, How to
be an Expert. I share
this video on social
Build an Expert
Personal Brand
By Shannon Peel
media and link it back
to this article for more
information. I also have
various graphic posts
with quotes on being
an expert, tips on How
to be an “Expert” and
third party “Expert” ar-
ticles on the subject to
share on social media.
Posts links back to my
websites where I have
links to my portfolio,
and more information to
backup my claims.
Be deep with your
knowledge. The more
content on the topic you
have to share, the more
visible you become
online.Think about the
people you believe to
be ‘Experts’ online.
Why did you start pay-
ing attention to them in
the rst place?
They probably
showed up more than
once for you to pay at-
tention. In fact, I bet you
saw their name, face,
or logo over ten times
before you began to
notice them and it took
a few more posts before
you believed they were
someone worth listen-
ing to.
It takes work. It
takes time. It takes fo-
cus to be seen as an
‘Expert’ in your eld.
There are so many peo-
ple trying to be the next
big name in your indus-
try that the noise can be
overwhelming, however,
if you start with narrow
topics and work out
from there before you
know it, you’ll be seen
as the one to follow.
in Your InBox
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Here are some ideas
on how to be seen as
an expert:
Find a Niche and
know it better than
anyone else
Write about other
Experts in your eld
- Better yet, inter-
view them
Share content writ-
ten by other experts
in your industry on
social media
Write about what
books you’ve read,
courses you took,
and people who
taught you
Write about your
mistakes and what
you learned from
Write about your
struggles as you
work towards your
next level of success
Write about top-
ics to teach, encour-
age, and motivate
Write a book - a
good book about
your industry
Find speaking op-
portunities at net-
working groups
Join toastmasters
and give talks about
your industry
Make hard to under-
stand topics easy to
Focus on your read-
er not on you by
analyzing what they
Be authentic and
Read as much as
5 Months of
for $500
click to
purchase the
Month 1:
Podcast Interview - 30 min + Social Media Promo
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APeeling Article Written for you + Social Media Promo
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Podcast Interview - 30 min + Social Media Promo
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Article on Blog & Read onto Podcast + SEO Backlink
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30 second video onto YouTube + social media promo
Do you get distract-
ed by shiny objects?
Many business own-
ers do! While it’s fun
to get busy working
on projects we believe
should be done, some-
times they aren’t really
what you should be
If you are busy do-
ing different projects
in efforts to grow your
business, you should
always ask yourself
these questions:
What is the one thing
driving my business
and what am I doing to
drive it further?
Is doing this project
going to lead to things
I really want and need
to get done?
Why am I doing
what I am doing?
If you answered
‘no’ or ‘I don’t know’ to
any of the above ques-
tions, then you will not
be able to become
truly focused on where
you need to go.
It’s important to
keep asking until you
get a clear answer or
‘yes’ to all the ques-
tions so you can eas-
ily recognize the one
thing which you need
to get done.
That last question
is one that too many
business owners don’t
take the time to ask
When you know
why you are doing
your business then
every project, every
activity, every meeting
and decision should
evolve around that
‘why’, fully understand-
ing it is supporting
your business goals.
When you get clear
on your why, then you
can become a lot more
focused and clearer
on what you need to
get done. Reminding
yourself of why you
are doing your busi-
ness will assist you on
getting what needs to
get done… as long as
your why is heartfelt
and deep for you.
If your why is surface,
for example you just
want to make money,
then you may not be
able to stay focused
when times get tough
or when challenges
arise. Trust me all
businesses go through
challenges at every
level of success.
Your why you are
doing your business
really should be about
others. For example,
my why for creating
Resilient Women In
Business is because it
pains my heart to see
so many women in
business struggle. Of-
ten it is because they
are only coming from
Focus to
By Cheryl Bishop
one place or a thou-
sand places on what
they feel needs to get
Women struggle
because they are ei-
ther not clear on their
business or they are
not passionate enough
about their business.
Another reason they
struggle is because
they don’t understand
business. They have
not developed the nec-
essary skills. When
you are a business
owner you need to get
things done to ensure
your business is suc-
Things do not
happen by
Your thoughts need
to be in control and
be calm so you can
focus. I have learnt to
lter the noise in my
thoughts so that I can
focus quickly and ef-
ciently on what needs
to be addressed and
get done.
Honestly, I don’t
want to waste time
thinking about the
thousands of choices I
could make when the
choice I make is good
enough. Especially
today, there is so much
information on the In-
ternet. You can spend
hours, days searching
on what you should
do or looking for new
One of the reasons
I created the Resilient
Women In Business
Mastermind groups is
to support women on
their focus so they can
gain clarity on their
business and ultimately
increase their revenue.
The only thing that no
one in the history of
the world has learned
to make more of is…
Without managing
your time anything you
do, no matter the size
or importance, can
cause you to fall victim
of not having enough
I had to learn to
lter my projects by
prioritizing the time I
had available to me,
not the time I dreamed
I had, to get through
the day, week, month,
and year. Sometimes
there are projects that
get delayed due to
more pressing priorities
I need to tend to.
Creating a priority list
each day, week and
month will assist you
in becoming more fo-
cused on what you
need to get done.
You may realize
as you evolve in your
focus that things you
thought you should do
will not get you the re-
sults you thought. You
might then completely
cross it off your list.
The key to focusing on
your revenue/income
for you and your busi-
ness is asking yourself
this question every
time you are doing
“Is this activity I am
doing right now an
income generating
If the answer is ‘no’
then move onto some-
thing that is.
I will leave you with
this: Anytime you want
to create a new habit
for yourself, start us-
ing a calendar such
as Outlook. Since I
have used my Outlook
calendar to ensure I
stay on target for what
I need to get done,
it has increased my
sense of focus and has
assisted me on getting
the tasks done. It has
also assisted me to say
‘no’ to things that are
not in line with what I
need to achieve.
I wish you all the
Cheryl Bishop, Founder
of Resilient Women In
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on your journey to success
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your journey to achieve it
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ness and the lessons you learned along the way
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As Canadians move
through this unprec-
edented time in our
personal and business
lives, we all have many
concerns and unan-
swered questions.
Both our Provincial
and Federal govern-
ments have stepped
up to try and ease
us through this pro-
The Province is
providing an addition-
al $5 billion in income
supports, tax relief
and funding for peo-
ple, businesses and
services in response
to the COVID-19 out-
B.C.’s plan builds
on the federal govern-
ment’s COVID-19 Eco-
nomic Response Plan.
BC Providing
Relief for
Effective immediate-
ly, many provincial tax
ling and payment
deadlines are deferred
to Sept. 30, 2020.
Businesses with a pay-
roll over $500,000 can
defer their employer
health tax payments
until Sept. 30, 2020.
Businesses with a pay-
roll under this threshold
are already exempt.
BC Tax Payments
Payments for provin-
cial sales tax (PST),
employer health tax,
municipal and regional
district tax on short-
term accommodation,
carbon tax, motor fuel
tax and tobacco tax are
also deferred.
The scheduled in-
crease to the carbon
tax rate, and applica-
tion of PST to e-com-
merce transactions and
sweetened and car-
bonated drinks, will be
Relief for Commercial
Property Owners and
Business, light and
major industry property
classes will see their
school property tax
cut in half for the 2020
tax year, providing
$500 million in relief
for business that own
their property and for
tenants on triple-net
BC Investing in
a longer-term
economic plan
A $1.5 billion in provin-
cial funding will support
economic stimulus
once the pandemic has
The B.C. govern-
ment is working in
partnership with the
business and labour
sectors to develop the
long-term plan for eco-
Help for BC
Businesses during
the Pandemic
by Marcy Peel
nomic recovery.
The federal wage
subsidy for small and
medium-sized busi-
nesses hit by the new
coronavirus pandemic
is jumping up to 75 per
cent, the prime minister
announced on Friday.
“It’s becoming clear
that we need to do
more — much more —
so we’re bringing that
percentage up to 75
per cent for qualifying
businesses,” he said.
“This means people
will continue to be paid
even though their em-
ployers have to slow
down or stop their busi-
nesses.” That wage
subsidy will be back-
dated to March 15.
The news prompted
an immediate response
from the Canadian
Chamber of Commerce
praising the move and
calling it “exactly what
the doctor ordered, and
what business groups
have been asking for.”
To further support
small businesses, the
Government of Cana-
da will announce a 75
per cent wage subsidy
for qualifying business-
es, for up to 3 months,
retroactive to March
15, 2020. This will help
businesses to keep
and return workers to
the payroll. More de-
tails on eligibility cri-
teria will start with the
impact of COVID-19
on sales, and will be
shared before the end
of the month.
Allow businesses,
including self-em-
ployed individuals,
to defer all Goods and
Services Tax/Harmo-
nized Sales Tax (GST/
HST) payments until
June, as well as cus-
toms duties owed for
imports. This measure
is the equivalent of pro-
viding up to $30 billion
in interest-free loans to
Canadian businesses.
It will help business-
es so they can contin-
ue to pay their employ-
ees and their bills, and
help ease cash-ow
challenges across the
Applying for a government
covid-19 benet package
Launch the new
Canada Emergency
Business Account. This
program will provide up
to $25 billion to eligible
nancial institutions
so they can provide
interest-free loans
to small businesses.
These loans – guaran-
teed and funded by the
Government of Can-
ada – will ensure that
small businesses have
access to the capital
they need, at a zero
per cent interest rate,
so they can pay for
rent and other import-
ant costs over the next
number of months.
Launch the new
Small and Medi-
um-sized Enterprise
Loan and Guarantee
program that will en-
able up to $40 billion
in lending, supported
through Export Devel-
opment Canada and
Business Development
Bank, for guaranteed
loans when small
businesses go to their
nancial institutions
to help weather the
impacts of COVID-19.
This is intended for
small and medi-
um-sized companies
that require greater
help to meet their
operational cash ow
On Monday, March
30, Prime Minister
Trudeau announced
that any Canadian
businesses whose
revenue has de-
creased by 30 per
cent or more due to
the pandemic will be
eligible for the 75 per
cent wage subsidy
promised, regardless
of the number of em-
Can you help businesses
navigate the government’s
red tape for covid-19 help?
Free Promotion of Your Services
Write an article about how your governments are helping businesses in your
area and send it to along with your bio, photo,
and links to your website or contact information.
ployees they have.
The emergency
wage subsidy is being
back-dated to March
15, and is an increase
to the initial commit-
ment of a 10 per cent
subsidy. It comes
alongside a special
emergency guaranteed
business loan of up
to $40,000, as well as
a deferral of customs
duties, HST and GST
Trudeau also said
the government will be
offering a new Canada
Emergency Business
Account to provide
loans of up to $40,000
to small and medi-
um-sized businesses
that will be interest-free
for one year.
The announcement
comes with a warning
from Trudeau to busi-
nesses, not to misuse
the program or they’ll
face “serious conse-
quences.” He also en-
couraged companies
who can still afford to
pay their employees
their full salaries, or
the 25 per cent not
covered by the govern-
ment, to do so. “Every
dollar of this should go
to workers,” Trudeau
As all information is
new and quite uid, I
have included the fol-
lowing websites where
you can go for the lat-
est information.
B.C.’s COVID Action
Plan and other govern-
ment resources and
To learn more about
Canada’s COVID-19
Economic Response
For more informa-
tion on how B.C.’s
COVID-19 Action Plan
helps people and busi-
Marcy Peel is a retired
Realtor who agreed to
help MarketAPeel nd the
resources BC Businesses
All of us leaders,
whether we are in a
startup at various stag-
es all the way to large
corporations, have
been faced with un-
paralleled challenges
in the past few weeks.
Every touchpoint in our
org’s have felt it deep-
ly. The human race as
a whole is faced with
stressful scenarios, jug-
gling food shortages,
children at home, work-
ing from home in chaot-
ic environments. These
factors and many more
affect every part of
a company at a time
when liquidity is king.
At zero, our team
has stepped into high
gear. We continue to
hire and grow while
achieving unexpected
milestones each week,
shocking investors, cli-
ents and strategic part-
ners alike.
I wanted to share a
few elements of what
has contributed to that
ability. First of all, we
all work predominant-
ly remotely which has
given us a leg up on
teams that were not
already set up to do so.
However, even with the
increased stress levels,
the challenges are the
same as everyone is
We have built our
culture on the metrics I
base every decision on,
which our team fondly
refers to as “the ZERO
way.” At zero, as each
employee is onboard-
ed, we make sure that
each new team mem-
ber is a good cultural
t, and understands the
great value these met-
rics hold in our compa-
Our focus in every
decision is zero’s the
“vision and & mission.”
In our left hand, we
hold our “4 phases of
growth” which is a liv-
ing document of our
company’s goals for
the next 24 months and
they are broken down
into 4 key segments.
In our right hand, we
hold the metrics that
we use to validate ev-
ery initiative, being “de-
sire ow protability”.
The level of de-
sire on a scale of 1-10
for the stakeholder of
every touchpoint the
solve in question has.
The ow helps to
eliminate actions, mak-
ing life easier for the
Lead with
By James Boskovic
stakeholder at each
one of those touch-
Can we deliver the
rst two with a target-
ed sustainable level of
prot for the desired
level of scale.
With these two in bal-
ance guided by integ-
rity & credibility we
have our core values
bonding us as a team;
glued together by our
promises to ourselves,
our teammates, our
customers, our inves-
tors, and any other
With these so clear-
ly dened zero actions,
every employee is
able to disagree, align,
and commit to every
initiative set forward,
because together or
apart we have a clear
foundation that each
person in our organiza-
tion embodies.
This method is how
we are able to not
only hold strong, but
adapt and grow with
agility and clarity. This
process is driving our
success forward to
achieve our “mission
and vision.”
I rmly believe it
takes a village, and
since our world “vil-
lage” has gone remote,
we are all in this to-
gether. I am opening
up in the chance it
makes a difference for
you and your team.
Stay Home & stay
safe. Let us build a
strong future together.
James J Boskovic
CEO / Co-founder @
ZERO Waste Inc.
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Cutest Video
Video here
Steve Aspinall, of
Marsh Commercial
UK, created a video to
inspire his colleagues,
who moved from an
ofce environment to a
work from home situa-
tion during social dis-
Anthony Gruppo
sent me this slice of
the video, which fea-
tures the book Mar-
ketAPeel helped him
write and publish. The
video was so cute, I
just had to share it.
I contacted Steve to
get his permission and
discovered he original-
ly, meant to create one
video for his ofce and
they loved it so much
he agreed to make
more. Before he knew
it, other members of
Marsh Commercial UK
were asking for them.
He has committed
to make 3 per week
and post them to a
YouTube channel to
bring people humour
during a challenging
I love the creativ-
ity being generated
by people during their
isolation. Social media
is full of funny, interest-
ing, and educational
creative content.
I hope Steve con-
tinues to inspire us with
his videos after he’s
back in the ofce.
Click to
Pushers of the Possible
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Anthony C. Gruppo, CEO of Marsh Commercial, UK, talks
to business leaders who started out with a dream and the
determination to build successful companies by Pushing the
Possible in both life and business. Join Anthony and his guests as
they share their stories, the advice they received from some of the
greats, and how they Pushed the Possible in their lives.
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7 “Secret” Steps to
Starting a Business
With No Money
That’s right! You
don’t need any money
to start your business
off on the right track.
In fact, after working
with thousands of busi-
nesses over a thirty-
ve-year career as a
CPA, I’ve found that
most people that have
money wind up wasting
it, myself included! The
truth is, I’m an entre-
preneur who became a
CPA because I wanted
to learn about busi-
ness. Boy, did I learn
“What not to do and
what to do in business”
during that time. Today,
I use my experience
to help entrepreneurs
avoid the mistakes I’ve
seen made over and
over again.
We spend time and
money on useless do-
dads, invest thousands
in three day events
and hire people we
believe will lead us to
the promised land, only
to nd out that they’re
looking for it them-
selves. The truth is that
no amount of money
can buy success. If it
were that easy anyone
could just take out a
loan (been there done
that), pay it back and
live the life of Riley.
That’s not reality. Real-
ity is this:
According to the
SBA “50% of busi-
nesses fail in the 1st 5
years” and according
to Forbes “8 out of 10
businesses fail in the
rst 5 years.” Regard-
less of who’s numbers
you believe starting a
business and staying in
business is tough. My
advice is to leave your
checkbook at home
because I’m going to
provide you with the
secret sauce that the
inspirational event or-
ganizers don’t want
you to know.
These are time tested,
proven strategies, used
by millions of success-
ful entrepreneurs to
start a business, be-
fore spending a dime.
There may come a
time when you need to
reach into your piggy
bank, many times rev-
enue can be produced
before that is neces-
sary. At the very least,
this information can
save you some of the
pain and suffering new
business owners en-
Step 1:
Dene your Objective
Not everyone goes
into business just to
make money. In to-
day’s economy, side
gigs and life-style busi-
By Joe DiChiara
nesses are in vogue.
I call this “Doing busi-
ness intentionally”. Dr.
Steven Covey wrote,
“Begin with the end
in mind” in his classic
“The 7 Habits of Highly
Successful People”.
Reverse engineer your
business before you
start it. Are you looking
to spend more time
with the kids, make
some fun money or
replace your full-time
job? This information
Step 2:
Learn from Others
Free information
is available every-
where in an instant.
Not knowing what you
don’t know, should not
be an excuse for failing
anymore. There is no
such thing as too much
knowledge and ob-
taining it is an invest-
ment in time that costs
zero dollars. A word of
caution. Find credible
sources, such as an
experienced entrepre-
neur that will be honest
with you.
Everyone knows
how successful Walt
Disney was, not many
knew “Walt Before
Mickey”, a movie that
shows the resilience
it takes to start a busi-
ness. Walt was at
broke, evicted from
several ofces and
made a gut wrenching
nancial decision that
could have ruined his
family for good before
achieving success.
He made it, obviously.
Keep in mind, for ev-
ery: Walt Disney, Steve
Jobs or Jeff Bezos,
there are thousands of
heart-breaking stories
from others whose de-
cisions did not work out
as well.
Step 3:
Know the Problem
you Solve
I tried selling book-
keeping, accounting
and tax preparation
services for over twen-
ty-ve years. I was al-
ways able to get clients
through networking,
referrals and some-
times sheer luck. I
never had a successful
“marketing campaign”.
It wasn’t until 2010, I
started studying sales
and marketing to learn
that people don’t buy
products and services
based on logic, which
is how I approached
it. Logic can come into
play, but only after the
seller conjures up emo-
tion in the prospective
The easiest way
to reach an emotional
pain point, is by iden-
tifying their “perceived
problem”. As long as
they believe it’s a prob-
lem and you know
what it is, you have a
chance at making a
sale and generating
revenue. The “per-
ceived problem” can be
deciding on where to
vacation or guring out
next springs “In colors”.
Step 4:
Know Your Prospect
I cannot stress how
important this is! You
need to put yourself
in their shoes and feel
what they feel, see
what they see and hear
what they hear. What
gets their juices ow-
ing? What are their val-
ues, dreams, desires?
Forget about what
they “need”! Everyone
“needs” a dentist but
most people don’t go
until they have a tooth-
Step 5:
Know Your Product
or Service
If you’re selling wid-
gets, you need to know
how those widgets
solve your prospects
“perceived problems”.
Ask yourself, “Is it easy
for a prospect to un-
derstand and see ex-
actly how the “offering”
lls their need and is
it in their budget? Is it
packaged and appeal-
ing enough to make an
how money
works and
know your
bottom line
easy decision?” When
a potential prospect
cannot understand how
your product or service
will help them, they will
never buy. Think about
the relief a client will
feel when they expe-
rience your product or
service, tell them how
they will benet.
Step 6:
Document Personal
Most people have
only a rough idea of
their nancial health.
This is a crucial step
because too many new
business owners go,
“All In” without know-
ing the risks. This is
where logic hopefully
kicks in and brings an
investor back down
to earth before losses
mount. Knowing ex-
actly what you have
and how much you
can afford to lose, can
save you a lot of pain
and misery. I’ve seen
too many people go to
an inspirational event
and come home ready
to quit their jobs and
take out a second
mortgage. People go
bankrupt because they
are full of optimism and
unreal expectations.
Look at your numbers
realistically and know
what’s at stake.
Step 7:
Map Out Startup
Costs and Monthly
Business Expenses
This may be the
hardest of all because
of the simple fact that
you have nothing to
base it on. Start with
the things you know
you’re going to need
like a website, phone,
ofce supplies, tech-
nology, software sub-
scriptions, accountant,
lawyer, insurance,
licenses and permits,
etc. Add the “Fudge
Factor” for things that
will come up that you
don’t know about yet
like taxes (only if you
Contribute to the
APeeling Magazine
Click the Peel for Details
plan on making a prof-
it), travel, networking
events, etc.
Take the info and
look at each item and
decide if it’s something
you “must have” and I
guarantee you, even
some items you think
you “must have” are ei-
ther not needed or can
be done for free.
Hopefully, this informa-
tion will encourage you
to take the emotion out
of it and look at what
you’re doing logically,
possibly saving you
a lot of needless pain
and suffering.
Joe DiChiara is an en-
trepreneur with a CPA
license. He has worked
with thousands of busi-
ness owners over a 35
year career providing sim-
ple bookkeeping through
complex IRS tax audits.
It troubled him that most
new businesses fail and
was determined to nd out
why. In 2010, after reading
“The Science of Getting
Rich” by Wallace Wattles
and “Law of Success” by
Napoleon Hill he got his
Visit website:
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Connection is really
important and I have
so many questions
around it. Like, what
is it, and not the dic-
tionary denition, but
what is it really?
Sometimes you
really click with some-
one, and other times
you just don’t, even if
you want to. Too of-
ten what we thought
was a deep connec-
tion turns out to be the
least reliable. I often
discovered in life, the
connections I valued
were not important to
the other person and
the imbalance resulted
in miscommunication
and hurt feelings.
Have you ever won-
dered if your connec-
tions are as strong as
you think they are.
I’m a loner, an inde-
pendent person, and
I’ve spent a lot time
alone over the last
ve to seven years. I
have learned that even
though I like to be
alone, I need connec-
tion in order to survive
in order to be happy,
and I wish it wasn’t so.
How can we get
more out of connec-
tion, get better at
connecting, and build
deeper connections,
not only with other
people, but also with
I struggle with the
disconnection between
my emotions, and my
rational mind. My brain
is forever saying one
thing and my heart
seems to say another.
There is a disconnec-
tion between the two.
Over the past two
years, I’ve done the
work to know myself
better and build a con-
nection between my
mind and my heart.
First, I had to under-
stand why there was a
disconnection and then
nd the strength to
face who I really am.
When there is a
disconnect between
parts of ourselves, it is
a signal that we need
to take a look at our-
selves, our beliefs, and
our values. We need
to dive deeper into our
minds and hearts to
get to know which part
is lying to us.
Yes, we lie to our-
selves. We try to con-
vince ourselves we
who we are, what we
need, or want. When
the truth is the oppo-
site of what we think,
but we don’t want to
face it. We want to
ght to hold on to a
story we’ve told our-
selves and the result is
a disconnect between
our true self and the
What is
By Shannon Peel
self we’ve created.
When this happens
we behave in ways we
do not mean to and let
others down because
we cannot deliver on
our promises. We end
up disappointing others
and losing the connec-
tions we value.
Take the time to
know yourself and you
will nd a better con-
nection with both your
self and with others.
When People
Let You Down
We all have times
when the powers that
be in the Universe,
love to give us that
good old right hook,
and sometimes, that
right hook comes with
an uppercut. This is
when you really need
help, however, when
you turn around those
people whom you
thought were going
to be there aren’t and
those connections you
thought were so valu-
able, turned out to be
fools gold
When we go
through tough times
we need to be able to
voice what we need
from others and then
allow them to be who
they are. Not every-
one who loves us can
give us what we need
when we need it. By
understanding people’s
limitations, skills, and
talents, we can man-
age our expectations of
When you ask for
help make sure you
are asking someone
who can give you what
you need at that mo-
ment and if they can’t
help, accept they are
limited in their ability
to support you at that
If they continue to
be unsupportive or
worse, they hinder
your ability to recover
from life’s disasters,
then you need to move
on so you can make
space for those con-
nections who want to
be there for you.
Why do we ignore
those people who
have our backs while
persuing those who
don’t value us?
This happens in life
all the time. We give to
those whom we want
in our lives and they
take what we offer, but
when we need their
support we get disap-
Often times, we
want something from
someone who is unwill-
ing to give it to us and
yet, there is someone
else willing to fulll
our need, but we don’t
want them to. When
this happens, we focus
on what we didn’t get
instead of what was
available to us and we
end up in pain.
People are not per-
fect. Some are really
good at being there
for others and some
are not. They care
about us, but they are
ill equipped to be the
support we need.
Often times, people
will tell us they will be
what we need them
to be, they believe
they can be, however,
they are unable to be.
Those who have lied
to us, lied rst to them-
selves and let them-
selves down as much
as they let us down.
At these time rede-
ne the relationship, so
you don’t expect some-
thing the person is ill
equipped to provide.
How many people
are you truly
connected with?
In today’s world of
virtual connections,
we have a complex
address book in our
hands. We know our
connection’s phone
numbers, we know
their birthdays, we
know more about peo-
ple than we’ve ever
knew before, without
even meeting them.
So, we should be
more connected, right?
I mean, it is all right
there, in our hands.
I get it, we’re busy,
we don’t have time for
those deeper connec-
tions with people. You
tell a friend, hey, we
should have coffee one
day, and then the next
thing you know, the
kids are 10 years older
and you haven’t made
any time for coffee.
Still, you know ev-
erything about your
friends and their kids,
because you’ve been
watching them on
Facebook. You’re con-
nected to people, you
know what’s going on
in their lives. But is that
a real connection, one
you can count on?
We don’t need to
catch up with other
people in the
real world because
we have already read
about them on their
Facebook page.
I believe that only
connecting with peo-
ple online is missing a
big part of connection.
There has to be a real
world component to
cement the relationship
and create real trust.
The more consistent
we are in spending
time with people, the
deeper the connection.
Some people are
really good at mak-
ing connections and
making them strong.
My mom is one of
those people who has
lots of lifelong friends
she can count on in
life. I’ve watched her.
She makes a point of
regularly contacting
people to talk to them
about how they are,
what they are doing,
and asks if there is
anything she can do to
help them. She goes to
lunch, has coffee, and
golfs with them. She is
forever planning trips
with with people and
making arrangements
with friends.
I’m more like my
dad, I sit back and wait
for people to come to
me, which doesn’t work
by the way. Unless
you are some big shot,
celebrity, or leader. Us
regular folk, we need
to make an effort to call
people whom we value
in our lives. We need
to make sure we reach
out to them to foster a
The health of our
connections is up to
us and what we do.
If like me, you spend
more time alone than
with people or you sit
by your phone instead
of calling, you will nd
your connections are
weak because you
didn’t value them, not
because they didn’t
value you.
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Chicken Gumbo
Photo by Eat Real Meals Customer - Marilyn Anderson
Success is all about
fame, nancial freedom
or having a multi-mil-
lion or a billion-dollar
business. Or is it?
Success can be de-
ned in so many ways.
You may have a variety
of experiences with it
and perhaps struggled
with it.
You may be aspiring
to be a best selling au-
thor, have a multi-mil-
lion dollar business or
maybe a $5 million
mansion in a wealthy
If you have all the
money you will ever
need and a successful
business, yet you are
feeling tired, stressed,
overwhelmed, irritable,
is it success?
If you have all the
awards of achievement
yet, you are feeling
empty, unlled, lost
and alone, is this
If you are in the pro-
fession everyone knew
you would be in yet
you are feeling unmoti-
vated, exhausted,
angry and deated, is
this success?
Take a moment and
consider your denition
of success.
1. What is it?
2. When did you rst learn
about success?
3. Who taught you about
4. What rules have you
been taught about suc-
5. What is actually true
when it comes to success
for you?
6. How much is focused
on tangible things such as
money, cars, real estate or
Consider the quotes
below from people who
most would consider
successful individuals
“Always be yourself,
express yourself, have
faith in yourself, do not
go out and look for a
successful personality
and duplicate it.”
-- Bruce Lee
“Strive not to be a suc-
cess, but rather to be
of value.”
-- Albert Einstein
“The reason I’ve been
able to be so nancially
successful is my focus
has never, ever for one
minute been money.”
-- Oprah Winfrey
“Right now I’m just de-
lighted to be alive and
to have had a nice long
-- Richard Branson
Success isn’t
what you
by Aaron Sully

by Aaron Solly

“Have the courage to
follow your heart and
intuition. They some-
how know what you
truly want to become.”
-- Steve Jobs
What do you learn from
these individuals?
Where do they put their
focus when it comes to
Success is about what
you feel and experi-
ence. What if success
is a lot about under-
standing an internal
awareness that you get
to control.
A key theme from
these quotes is suc-
cess is an inside job.
When I say inside job,
I am referring to an
emotional connection
to what is true for one-
self. Logic may assist
to help with planning,
however, how you feel
along the journey to
and achieving success
is where the value is.
Consider that success
is more about becom-
ing open to change,
seeing things different-
ly, letting go and step-
ping into the unknown.
The walk to and into
the place outside your
comfort zone.
Ultimately, how you
handle the journey and
the life experiences
that occur such as a
failed business, a failed
marriage, a conict
with a business part-
ner, lack of business
funding or a prosper-
ous business.
What new skills do
you need to learn to
ensure every step you
take is following your
heart and intuition?
From my own expe-
rience, I resisted learn-
ing new skills to help
me experience suc-
cess differently. It
took me some time to
understand the bene-
“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They
somehow know what you truly want to become.”
-- Steve Jobs
Photo by Randy Peel
ts of improving how I
communicate with my-
self and others.
I was resistant to
courses about topics
such as emotional in-
telligence, personal
reection, and mind-
fulness. It all seemed
to provide no tangible
value to be successful.
Until I learned that
behind the scenes,
successful people are
constantly working on
improving themselves.
A key part of that
process is spending
time asking questions
such as how they de-
ne success, what bar-
riers are getting in the
way and who do I truly
want to be in the world.
If you are nding your-
self struggling with suc-
cess and perhaps not
believing you are cur-
rently successful. Or
you earn an above-av-
erage income yet you
don’t the work you are
doing every day. You
may want to spend
some time going within
to better understand
what you are experi-
The power of
A simple and easy
way to help gain more
internal awareness is
journaling. An article
published by Michael
Grothaus in Fast Com-
pany titled, “Why Jour-
naling Is Good for Your
Health (And 8 Tips to
Get Better),” highlights
health benets from
journaling. The article
mentions research by
Dr. James Pennebaker,
who is a psychologist
and leading expert in
the eld of Expressive
Writing. He has
found that journaling
strengthens immune
cells and has proven to
result in drops in
depression and anxi-
ety, and increases in a
positive mood, social
engagement and quali-
ty of relationships.
The University of
Rochester Medical
Center found that jour-
naling can improve
mental health. The
benets include man-
aging anxiety, reducing
stress and coping with
depression, to name a
To get started, you
can write out the an-
Subscribe to
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swers to these ques-
1. Why do I dene suc-
cess in this way?
2. Where did I rst learn
about success?
3. When it comes to suc-
cess, what do I continually
struggle with and why?
4. What aspects of my
denition to I want to em-
brace and what do I want
to let go?
5. What are my values?
6. Are my values in align-
ment with how I dene
7. How do I want to dene
success moving forward?
8. What areas of personal
growth do I need to work
on? (ex. communication,
mindfulness, emotional
intelligence, mindset,
connection to self)
If you need any help
in this area, there is an
online course I have
created called, “En-
gage, Connect,
Grow”. It is a great
resource to help with
self-reection. The
course is based on
my successful use of
journaling to overcome
challenges with com-
munication, self-con-
dence, and mindset.
There are 52 video
lessons which you can
do at your own pace
such as one lesson per
week. Also, there is the
opportunity to engage
in discussions with my-
self and other students
as you complete the
This course com-
bines self-reection
with a community of
support, guidance, and
About the Author
Aaron Solly is a bank-
er turned best selling
Author, Facilitator, and
Visit Website
Remote Work
Called To Me
by Andrew Murdoch
I felt trapped, frus-
trated and left behind.
I had a tough conver-
sation with myself and
suddenly, all of the
self-development work
I had invested in made
so much sense. For
example, the famous
Einstein quote, “The
denition of insanity is
doing the same thing
over and over again
but expecting differ-
ent results.” I had al-
ways understood the
meaning behind this
quote, but I never fully
grasped the message.
The answer I was
looking for was staring
me in the face. I had
already transitioned to
a career that allowed
me to work from home.
It was natural to ex-
plore all the added
benets that this new
found freedom granted
me. My journey of be-
coming a resourceful,
adaptable and exible
digital nomad had be-
gun. That was in late
2018 and I had no idea
how important this
transition would later
My name is An-
drew Murdoch and I
travel the world as a
digital nomad living
the laptop lifestyle as
a remote worker. I val-
ue being location in-
dependent, I escaped
the traditional loca-
tion-based dinosaur
model and I joined the
future of work. Life can
be unpredictable and
it’s only prudent of me
to hope for the best
and plan for the worst.
I pride myself in being
able to optimize my
life in such a way that
I can best take advan-
tage of opportunities
and I believe you can
Transitioning to
live and work remote-
ly doesn’t qualify as
“Breaking the Mold”
anymore. This is a
growing trend and
thanks to the exponen-
tial growth of the tech
boom, there are no
indications that this will
slow. The rate of accel-
eration is accelerating!
According to Peter Dia-
mandis - 4 billion “new
minds” are about to be
connected to the World
Wide Web by 2024,
at Gigabit connection
speeds, and at near
zero-cost. Do you think
this will support or hurt
the digital nomad life-
style experience? The
trends would suggest
that transitioning into
being an online remote
worker only increases
your chances of suc-
Traveling around
the world has forced
me to become more
social, adaptable, ex-
ible, and understand
nonverbal communica-
tion. I’m actually very
introverted, and I im-
pressed myself when
I realized how much
I can convey through
body language and not
knowing the local lan-
guage. I’m now more
able to gure out sit-
uations even when I
can’t communicate with
the locals. I’m more
independent, open,
and overall, just a bet-
ter person. You’ll be
inspired by how often
you can surprise your-
self when thinking of
creative solutions to
The reasons for
seeking a laptop life-
style are different for
everyone. I found my-
self newly divorced
and sleeping on an air
mattress in a friend of
a friend’s spare bed-
room. I was loaded
with debt of my own
doing, and an added
ve gures that my Ex
left on my credit card.
I felt like the world’s
biggest loser. A failed
marriage, coupled with
a mountain of debt that
was overwhelming.
I was choking on
my situation and sick to
my stomach because
I had created it. I had
to make a choice. I
could bitch and moan
or I could take control.
This was a painful and
expensive lesson; you
will never be able to
control someone else’s
actions. Complaining
about someone else
saying or doing some-
thing is like complain-
ing about the weather.
You are wasting
your time and breath.
I knew the only way I
had a shot of improving
my nancial mess was
to increase income and
reduce expenses. So
I got off that air mat-
tress and took action. I
got rid of almost all my
belongings, including
selling my car. I studied
my digital nomad op-
tions and realized that I
could live for a fraction
of what my expenses
were in my hometown
of Vancouver, Canada.
Not a big surprise ac-
tually since Vancouver
is widely known to be
a very expensive loca-
Financial indepen-
dence is a very REAL
possibility when choos-
ing the laptop lifestyle.
I shudder to think
where my life would be
had I not taken action
when I did. I doubt I’d
still be on that air mat-
tress, but I would not
have realized such a
profound sense of free-
Getting a grip on my
nances was only the
beginning. Looking at
the world through the
Netix lens no longer
appealed to me. Don’t
get me wrong, I still
enjoy my entertainment
as much as the next
remote professional.
However, I am able to
leverage this remote
lifestyle to experience
parts of the globe rst
hand. I typically work a
regular schedule be-
ing Monday to Friday
which allows me to
explore the local envi-
ronment on weekends.
This was of course the
norm before terms like
self-isolation and so-
cial distancing started
Where I came from
was not a traditional
path. I spent the bulk
of my adult life as a
blue collar profession-
al. My diverse career
background stretches
serving as a reght-
er, cruise ship scuba
instructor, freight train
conductor and coast
guard rescue diver.
I even worked as an
insurance agent for two
years which is when
I cultivated a mindset
around reducing risk.
My work experi-
ence has taught me
that there is no point in
stressing over aspects
that are beyond your
control as that doesn’t
do anyone any good.
You can do yourself a
service and improve
the quality of life for
those around you by
focusing your attention
on factors you have
inuence over.
Some of my loved
ones, including my
mom, were originally
very critical of my de-
Photo by Marcy Peel
cision to live this way.
People claimed that
I was making a risky
decision by becoming
a digital nomad. I let
them say what they
want as I understood
they were concerned
for my safety and well-
being. They also could
only see things from
their perspective. The
truth is, they were right.
It was a risky decision,
for them. I considered
it to be a ‘safe’ option
and the recent events
would suggest that I
made the right call.
These days have
proved that companies
with remote staff are
able to remain oper-
ational while others
have reduced, or in
some cases, complete-
ly closed their opera-
tion down. I predict that
after the world survives
this Coronavirus pan-
demic, companies will
look at remote work-
ers more favorably as
a way to reduce risk,
improve retention and
improve their bottom
None of us can pre-
dict when life will return
to normal but when
it does, I’m going to
continue traveling the
world, eating different
foods, experiencing
new cultures, taking in
the views, creating new
friendships, and well,
you get the idea. There
are many reasons why
so many people feel
pulled towards this way
of life. Have you ever
met someone who re-
gretted traveling? I ha-
ven’t. There is so much
to be gained by explor-
ing this beautiful planet
and the people on it.
It seems crazy to me
to put that experience
off for a few decades
until retirement. There
is no need for that. I
answered the call and
maybe you will too.
Follow Andrew Murdoch
as he travels the world liv-
ing life as a digital nomad.
freezer meals
By Nicky
Meal prep is great
for knocking out
various components
to use in breakfast,
lunch and dinner
throughout the week,
but complete make-
ahead freezer meals
can be even better for
those nights you just
can’t manage anything
beyond reheating, or
if you’re stuck indoors
from a bad storm or
self-isolation and can’t
make it to the store.
Just a few hours
of prep and cooking
time can give you
enough freezer meals
to last you a month --
especially if you double
the recipes below.
What freezes best
Hearty soups and
stews (e.g., beef and
barley, lentil, bean)
Long-cooked braised
dishes and stews
(beef short ribs, osso
buco, beef stew, chili,
curries)Casseroles and
baked pastas (e.g.,
sausage and peppers,
enchiladas, mac and
cheese, lasagna) Juicy
meats cooked in (or
to be served with)
Tips for freezing
food. Divide recipes
into whatever portion
sizes work for your
needs before freezing.
If you have space,
make multiple batches
at once, then divide.
Be sure to label each
package with contents,
preparation date and
reheating instructions.
Another trick is to line
small gratin dishes
with nonstick foil (or
spray it with oil), ll
the dishes and freeze.
Once the food’s frozen,
you can peel the foil
off and pop the frozen
“bricks” of food into
freezer bags, which
stack neatly. When
it’s time to reheat,
the packets t right
back into the gratin
dishes for serving. It’s
an idea Chowhound
member funwithfood
gave us.Small foil
takeout containers and
lids from a restaurant
supply house are
another easy solution.
These are the right
size for single servings
of entrees or doubles
of soup and they’re
easy to freeze, stack
and reheat. Sixteen-
ounce hot/cold cups
(sold at Costco) are
also good for freezing
and reheating soups.
freezer meal
Jerk Turkey Chili
With its not-so-
secret ingredient of a
wedge of bittersweet
chocolate to add depth,
this chili develops even
more avor after a day
or two, so make some
on the weekend and
stash it in the fridge or
freezer to eat later in
the week.
Split Pea Soup
This lling, comforting
soup infused with ham
avor from a bone or
hock is easy to make
in a Crock-Pot rst off,
and then it’s easy to
freeze for the week.
Cheesy Enchiladas
You can make the
enchiladas through
step 3, then cover and
freeze for up to two
weeks. To nish, bake
it at 350°F uncovered
and straight from
the freezer, until the
cheese is all melty
and awesome, about
40 minutes. Get
Chowhound’s cheesy
enchiladas recipe.
Chinese Brisket
and Turnip Stew
Brisket can handle
time in the freezer. It’s
already falling apart,
and it’s supposed to.
You can swap turnips
for daikon radish or
another hearty root
Spinach Lasagna
If you’re new to making
lasagna, this recipe
is a good starter one.
Learn the basics and
then throw in the twists
and substitutions. You
can freeze it cooked or
uncooked. If you freeze
it cooked, let it cool
down rst, and then cut
it into single servings,
placing the portions
in Ziplock bags or
If you freeze it
whole and cover it with
aluminum foil, spray
or rub oil on the foil
so it doesn’t stick to
the cheese and you
can get it off when it’s
frozen. For unbaked
versions, people often
don’t cook the noodles
beforehand to avoid
Green Curry
Besides the name sake
vegetable, you get
green beans, yellow
onion and chickpeas
in there, and the
sauce made with Thai
green curry paste
(bottled or canned...
it’s a weeknight, OK?),
coconut milk, soy
sauce, garlic and lime
juice. You might want
to use only half the
salt suggested in the
recipe, and then add
more after it’s ready, to
Beefy Macaroni
No one will complain
about this simple,
comfort food classic.
It’s like Hamburger
Helper, but from
scratch and without all
the time and effort if
you’re pulling it out of
the freezer to reheat.
There are peppers,
onions and tomatoes
in there too, so it’s not
just meat, cheese and
Easy Lentil Soup
Use any color of lentils
to make this soup that
you can adjust to your
liking. It’s got the ber,
protein and vegetables
you need, all in one
Nicky is a blogger and
a virtual assistant. Visit
her blog to discover more
great articles.
Visit website
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A Perfect Mess
By Shannon Peel
Excerpt from #ThatsLife
Justine’s House
The house is a mess.
I’m not exaggerating.
There are piles of dirt up
against the walls on the
oor, food, dust, dirt. The
kitchen is piled to the top
with dishes and there is no
food in the kitchen. I have
laundry in various stages
piled around me. It’s been
weeks since I cleaned.
I look at the piles of
crap on the counter, on the
desk, in the living room,
family room and do you
know what, I don’t care. I
just don’t.
Instead of cleaning
and sorting through the
mess I’m working. I write.
I create content. I market
for my clients to increase
the trafc to their websites
so they can make money.
I am a lead generator. It
challenges me. It uses my
mind. I have to analyze
data. Figure out how peo-
ple interact with content. I
have to engage others on
my client’s behalf. This all
takes time. Lots and lots
of time.
I get Lost in the Work.
You know how people
have junk drawers? Well
I have a junk room. When
someone is coming over
for a visit I’ll run around
the house at full speed,
completely stressed out,
in a panic of epic propor-
tions. I’ll grab everything
that’s lying around and
throw it into the junk room,
then I’ll shut the door.
Once that’s done I’ll do a
quick supercial clean so
the house looks perfect.
It’s not. If someone looked
close enough they’d see
the dust, the dirt, the grim.
My mother looks close
and I’ve stopped even
trying to get the house
perfect for her visits, she is
coming over tomorrow and
will yell at me. How could I
live like this? She’ll go on,
“This is how your aunt
Meridith started out, with
a house cluttered and
messy like yours. Now it’s
so bad she has so much
stuff piled everywhere
there is no room in her
house, no one will visit.”
My aunt Meridith is a
rst class hoarder, I don’t
think she’s ever thrown
out anything. I don’t know
how she got so bad, mom
seems to think it’s be-
cause she’s just lazy and
there is no reason for it.
I’m not so sure. There has
to be more to why people
end up like that. A deep
sadness? Loneliness?
A hole so deep that only
stuff can ll it?
I’m not a hoarder.
My mom will come
tomorrow, muttering about
this and that. She will start
cleaning and I’ll start feel-
ing guilty because I didn’t
get it done. I will feel inad-
equate because I chose to
work instead of clean the
house. I will feel like a bad
wife, mother, daughter. I
will feel like the failure that
I am. All because I couldn’t
keep the place clean.
How does one keep up
a house with a family run-
ning it amuck? When I
do clean up, two minutes
later the kids have gone
through and the place is a
disaster again. What was
the point? Where is the
data that shows me I’m
doing something right?
That I’m getting some-
where? That each brick I
put into the plans is build-
ing something?
I have two kids. Do
you think they can help
out? Clean their rooms?
Change over the dish-
washer? Pick up their
toys? Nope. No way. No
how. They just add to the
mess. When it’s already a
mess why bother?
I give them a list of
chores. When I raise my
head up out of my work I
yell at them to get it done.
They never do. The place
stays a disaster and I
somehow just don’t care
enough to make them do
it. How does one make a
preteen and teenager do
anything? When they were
little I’d say do this, they’d
either do it or went on time
out. Now what?
Friends and family tell
me to take their phones
away, their video games,
anything. I just don’t care
enough to do it. I mean
really. Is having a clean
house that important that
I have to punish them for
not doing it? Where is free
I go Back to Work.
My husband, Gary, he
does what he can. He ei-
ther cooks dinner or brings
home take out. He helps
the kids with their home-
work and gets them set-
tled while I work. I work all
the time. I start rst thing
in the morning and I don’t
look up until it’s time for
bed. I work everyday.
I’m not looking forward
to my mother’s visit. She’ll
lecture me on how I have
to have dinner ready for
Gary when he gets home
and how I need to focus
more on keeping a clean
house, an organized
house, a perfect house. I
Photo from Pixabay (Gerd Altman)
know that I’m supposed
to. I know that. I just can’t
seem to care.
I tried cleaning up this
morning. I started in the
living room and all I could
do was think of work. How
to get more trafc to the
contractor’s website. What
should my next blog post
be and exactly how could
I motivate someone to
stop looking and pick up
the phone. That when the
ideas came to me and I
stopped cleaning.
I Started Working.
You’d think Gary would
get mad. He doesn’t. He
brings me coffee in the
morning. He asks me
how my latest campaign
is going. He tidies up on
the weekends. Once, he
offered to hire a clean-
ing lady. The thought of it
loaded me down with so
much guilt, I cleaned for
a week. The house was
perfect and I barely slept,
as I still had to work.
After a week, I got tired.
So tired I couldn’t get out
of bed for two days. I was
sick. Not sick as in cough,
cough, puke, puke, but
sick in a different way. I
didn’t care about anything.
Not even work. Every
muscle on my body ached
and my brain was shutting
down. I couldn’t hold a
thought, I couldn’t string a
sentence together without
losing words and going
blank. I couldn’t focus. I
just couldn’t move.
Two days later, I woke
up and went back to work.
Sitting on my ass, at my
computer, never mov-
ing. I should be the size
of Rose by now, but I’m
not. Thank you mom for a
fabulous metabolism. I am
completely out of shape,
you just can’t tell that from
looking at me.
One day I’ll get it to-
gether. One day I’ll be
able to do everything.
Work, keep a clean house,
take care of my self and
my family. One day. Just
not today. I just don’t care
enough to.
Justine: A work from home mom of two pre-teens with
the perfect husband, perfect job, perfect house, and perfect
life. So perfect she feels she doesn’t measure up.
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