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Surive or
Tips n Tricks
What is
Digital Magazine
May 2020
Likky Lavji is a Blind Spot navigator helping lead-
ers nd those blind spots which get in the way of
their success.
Gil Gerretsen shares his Linkedin 10 Finger Rule
which led him to social media success. Discover
what he did and how you can improve your results.
Tom Broxham shares his story of drowning more than
once and how he learned to embrace his fears to build
connections and live a more fullling life networking.
Monika Becker tells how she is thriving during
social isolation as a single businesswoman. Find
out what tools and tips she has discovered.
LinkedIn Success Tip
fear and drowning
Survive or Thrive
Gina discovered how introverts can have amazing
networking success on LinkedIn to build relationships
to grow their businesses.
Introverts on LinkedIn

Sylwia Borowy’s life was changed with just one
phone call. Discover how she transitioned to a
new career during a time of pain and betrayal.
What are you doing to expand you mind and skills
during this time of less socialization and restricted
activities? Why not learn a new language.
Aaron Sulley asks questions about success and
what it really means. Dive into the concept of
success and dene it for yourself.
Karen Angelucci  helps  people  nd  health  and
happiness with a pleasure body. Read
about how she discovered life’s magic pill.
Learn a New Language
What is Success?
Life’s Magic Pill
Mariana Konsolos shares her story about how
the phone and hurtful comments almost shut her
voice off from the rest of the world.
The Phone

What Does the
Word Hope Mean?
Lilian Sue
The prospect of new changes, new opportunities and the ability to grow
Lou Bush
A new world full of positive changes
Janice Tetlock
Hope is optimism that things will get better.
Musica Wilder
Hope for me is the knowledge that anything is possible!
Judy Csatho-Drummond
My thinking is... Hope is the spiritual medicine for earthly pain.
Myra Merkal
Trusting in possibility
Mariana Rozemblum Konsolos
Hope in my eyes It’s to have something to look forward, a purpose that fuels us to
get up in the morning and keep moving toward our goal with the expectation of a
better tomorrow
What is your denition of Hope?
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Hope Lives on the Horizon and
Around the Unseen Bend
Letter from
the editor
     As May unfolds,
businesses reopen, and
we will emerge into a
new reality - a new
way of doing things.
There is a light
on the horizon and it
brings hope to those
who have been strug-
gling with social iso-
lation, closed busi-
nesses, and reduced
income. Will things get
back to normal or will a
new normal come into
existence for the un-
forseeable future?
With forced chang-
es, new opportunities
emerge and some
things we were used to
died and we must take
the time to mourn them
and remember what
life was like.
For me, sitting at
a cafe working and
listening to the people
around me, making me
feel less alone, is what
I will still pine for.
Will my dream of
living in Pais for six
months and working
out of cafes even be
possible? I hold onto
my memories of work-
ing from London for a
week, a taste of what
I hoped was to come
within the next year,
only to have it pushed
out into an uncertain
What other indus-
tries, businesses, and
lifestyles will be affect-
ed by our new normal?
Will we all be wearing
masks and trying to
create deeper connec-
tions with others from 2
meters away? How will
people date and nd
love, so they can have
someone by their side
if we are forced back
inside for months on
end in the fall?
People starved for
friendships and busi-
ness connections will
be looking for new
ways to meet people
and create a better
connections by nding
new ways to meet face
to face. Or will zoom
meetings remain the
only way to build re-
lationships with other
There are so many
questions, which only
time and experience
will answer. I hope you
will share your predic-
tions with me and my
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Cameron Chell on
How to do the Impossible
Today, he runs multi million dollar companies. Is interviewed by
CNN and various other media outlets. He mentors start ups and
leads others to realize their dreams. However, this wasn’t always
the case. A true rags to riches story full of inspiration.
Life happens. Sometimes you get blind sided and end up losing
everything, what matters is what you do next. What steps you
take to create new dreams and realize them. If you are living with
hopelessness, you cannot take the next step.
Discover Cameron
7 Tips to Do Well in
Times of Crisis
Have you ever lived
through a crisis like
COVID-19 before? I
have not. While we are
socially distanced and
further apart than ever,
we are forced to get up
really close and per-
sonal with ourselves
and the people we live
with … and that’s not
necessarily easy, espe-
cially in times of uncer-
tainty and upheaval.
It can be a huge chal-
lenge and/or a tremen-
dous gift.
We have no road-
map for this. We don’t
know how to deal with
it, how long it will take,
or what our life will
look like in a week, a
month, or a year from
now. Everything is dif-
ferent now, our life has
changed dramatical-
ly, and we just do not
know what our future
will hold. Changes of
that magnitude can
be hugely unsettling
and scary, and many
people are facing big
emotions: desperation,
stress, anger, uncer-
tainty, overwhelm, fear,
and helplessness in
the face of this invisible
force of nature that is
keeping our world in
check right now. This is
a big deal for many of
And, even in a situ-
ation that seems to be
totally out of our control
and so overwhelming,
there ARE things you
can do to help your-
self and make your life
a little better again.
Here’s a list of 7 things
to keep you as healthy,
grounded, and positive
as possible.
1. Stick to a Routine
Design a daily
schedule and live by
it. A schedule provides
you with structure and
a sense of solidity,
control, and accom-
plishment in otherwise
uncertain times. For
example, stick to reg-
ular times to get up,
eat, exercise, work (if
you are working from
home), and connect
with your loved ones.
Make sure to include
some variety, as well
as abundant time for
self-care and fun activ-
For me personally,
it looks like having 3
(mostly healthy) meals
a day, working more or
less 8 hours per day,
going for walks, phone
calls with friends, and
play time with my cat.
Then, I allow myself to
watch a video at night,
which is a relaxing way
for me to close off the
2.Get out in the fresh
air every day
I don’t know what I
Survive or
by Monika Becker
would do if I could not
at least smell and feel
the cool air on my skin
every day. Whether it’s
a tiny stroll through our
backyard, an evening
walk with my friend, or
a 3-hour hike on the
weekend, time in the
outdoors is one of the
most grounding and
calming experiences
that exist for me. It’s
one of my top 3 ‘sanity
tools’ for sure.
In case you don’t
want to be around
too many people, you
can go out early in
the morning or later at
night when fewer peo-
ple are out and about.
And if you can’t go out,
open the window and
consciously breathe in
the fresh air. Enjoy!
3.Connect with oth-
ers daily
Not all of us are
used to being at home
so much and being
isolated. Connecting
to our friends and fam-
ily can be an import-
ant lifeline. So I invite
you to stay connected
through online mes-
sages or virtual meet-
ings, or a simple phone
call. Exchange help
and support with the
people that matter the
most to you!
I live by myself and
am generally really
ne with it. Howev-
er, I too need human
connection. As much
as I like my own com-
pany, it’s essential for
me to connect with my
friends/family, share
my thoughts or daily
experiences, crack a
joke, or play an online
4.Take extra good
care of your Self
This includes tend-
ing to all aspects
of your health and
well-being, physical-
ly, emotionally, men-
tally, and spiritually.
From getting enough
sleep and eating well
to acknowledging and
expressing your emo-
tions, from engaging
in stimulating conver-
sations and joking with
your friends, to ques-
tioning your purpose
and making sense of
your life – it’s all part
of your well-being and
Maybe you can’t
tackle all aspects at the
same time? That’s OK!
Simply start by picking
the area that’s most
important to you and
begin with something
small in that area.
Let me add a spe-
cial note about your
emotional wellbeing.
How ARE you feel-
ing? Many people are
experiencing feeling
stressed, angry, de-
pressed, sad, afraid, or
All these are normal
feelings given the situ-
How about YOU?
Are you aware of and
able to express your
Please do your very,
very best to NOT sup-
press your emotions
but nd a way that
works for us to express
and release them: Talk
to a trusted friend, your
partner or your thera-
pist, write in a journal,
or use self-help tools
such as the Dalian
Method, for example.
I have been using the
Dalian Method for four
years now, and it has
been working for me
like an ‘Anti-Virus pro-
gram for my life’. It is
the most effective tool
I know when it comes
to acknowledging and
permanently releasing
the emotions that are
in my way of living my
life joyfully and freely.
Since I worked in-
tensively with the Da-
lian Method before the
pandemic, I am in the
calm, peaceful, and
mostly positive state
that I nd myself in.
What a life saver it is!
5.Help others
Another thing for
you to consider is of-
fering help and support
to the people in your
community. It’s been
proven time and again
that being of service to
others boosts people’s
happiness, health, and
sense of well-being,
satisfaction, and pur-
pose. It’s even said
that volunteering caus-
es blood pressure and
pain levels to go down.
Here’s my COVID-19
example: In the early
days of the pandemic,
I was wondering how
I could support others
and I came up with the
idea of offering ‘Lead-
er Huddles’. They are
free, solution-focused
support calls for lead-
ers and managers.
There are two calls
per week. It gives me
a great sense of joy
and satisfaction when
I focus my energy
and good intention on
the participants in my
Leader Huddles and
see that they get great
value out of the inter-
actions during the call.
I’m curious, what do
you have in you to
give? It doesn’t have
to be anything big. All
that matters is that you
offer something of val-
ue to another person.
On the count of three…
6. Take inventory and
see(k) the positive
Many people are
concerned about their
professional future,
and understandably
so, because their pro-
fessional situation may
be looking really bleak.
How about you? Have
you been laid off and
don’t know yet if you
have a job to go back
to or a new one to
start? Or maybe you
have a business and
are not sure yet if you
are able to keep it run-
ning? Either way, you
may need to reinvent
yourself to stay aoat
and thrive (again).
You may want to go
through the following
3-step process:
a.Start by taking
inventory of all your
skills (big or small) and
accomplishments that
you have acquired over
the years.
b.Write down all
the resources that you
have access to, e.g.
staff, connections,
funds, materials, be-
longings, ideas, health
c.Set up an online
meeting with trusted
Photo br EyeAPeel
friends or family and
brainstorm about new
possibilities for each
other. When sincere
people put their heads
together brilliant sparks
of ingenuity may come
forth that none of the
participants would
have thought possible.
Give it a try and be sur-
…and while you’re
busy making lists,
make one more, name-
ly of all the things that
are positive in your life
right now and that you
appreciate. “Positive?”,
you say? Yes, positive!
I understand, there
are many challenges
currently. However, I
dare say that you are
also able to see at
least a few things that
are good in your life
despite the upset of
our crisis. Looking at
the good in your life
and expressing your
appreciation for it will
lift your spirit and help
shed some light on the
darker moments of the
Looking at my own
situation, I feel very
grateful to be able to
pivot to 100% digital
service delivery. That
also includes offering
online presentations
and workshops inter-
nationally in collab-
oration with my col-
leagues from different
continents. Where I
was mostly thinking of
in-person presenta-
tions and workshops
in the past, I am com-
pletely shifting to the
online world – at least
for now.
So, what’s possible
and positive for YOU?
7.Look for your les-
As you are going
through this time of cri-
sis and all your associ-
ated emotions, I invite
you to ponder what this
challenging time may
actually have to offer
you and what you may
learn from it – be it big
or small. Is it calling for
change inside your-
self, in your work or at
home, or in your rela-
tionships with yourself
Click to Discover
or others? If so, what
would that change look
like? What can you
do – or who would you
need to become – to
initiate or contribute to
that change?
When I look at my
own lessons, I’m see-
ing how much I have
been running around
before and how much
I’m appreciating the
quieter pace right now.
That’s something I
want to maintain going
forward. Also, when I
look at the huge strug-
gles and pain that are
occurring in many oth-
er people’s lives, I am
feeling a much deeper
gratitude for the bless-
ings of my life and for
the simple things, e.g.
a nice meal, a walk
with a friend, or the
joys of the spring ow-
ers on my patio.
I feel called to slow
down and assess what
REALLY matters to
ME. I welcome this op-
portunity to press the
reset button in some
aspects of my life, and
I feel as though it will
do me a world of good
in the long run.
Do YOU have a
hunch yet what your
lesson(s) might be?
Take some time to sit
quiet or go for a walk
and ponder. I trust the
answer(s) will nd you
if you are sincere in
your desire to know
and understand.
Before I let you go,
here’s one last piece
of advice: Times are
overwhelming enough
as they are – so please
don’t overwhelm your-
self on top of it. You do
NOT need to tackle all
of these things imme-
diately, or at the same
time. Just pick one or
two tips that resonate
the most with you and
start there. The most
important thing is that
you take the rst step
by doing something,
even if it’s a tiny thing.
If you have questions
about any of the above
or you feel stuck and
don’t know where to
start, let’s jump on a
complimentary Zoom
or phone call. I promise
you will walk away with
at least one concrete
idea to move forward in
your that you,
too, get to survive and
thrive in times of crisis.
Stay safe and well!
Monika Becker, helps
others identify and live in
their values, needs
and goals to live
amazing lives.
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will you be going back to the ofce?
Are you ready
to go back to
the ofce?
What is
According to Meri-
am Webster Conict
is dened as, to be
dif- ferent, opposed, or
contradictory : to fail
to be in agreement or
Conict occurs
when we think we are
always right and those
who disagree with us
are wrong. Examples
include, not listening to
oth- ers, always com-
ing up with reasons the
ideas of others won’t
work, devaluing oth-
er’s ideas, arguing with
anyone who disagrees
with you, refusing to
explore other options,
making assumptions
on oth- ers intent or
their ideas.
Conict is simply
the energy created by
the gap between what
we want and what
we’re experiencing,”
says Nate Regier, a
former practicing psy-
chologist and author of
Conict Without Casu-
alties (Berrett-Koehler,
2017). “If we dene
conict as energy that’s
created by the gap,
then the real question
is ‘How are we going to
use that energy?’”
Keynote Speaker | Facilitator | Consultant
APeeling Columnist
My Conict
Growing up, I con-
stantly felt I had to
prove myself as an
immigrant to Canada,
which is why I devel-
oped conict as one of
my blind spots. Being
an immigrant, I bare-
ly spoke English and
had difculty learning
to write. I was bullied,
taunted, and felt the
constant need to prove
myself to others. This
blind spot carried with
me into my business
and how I interacted
with my employees. I
became a per- fection-
ist in everything I did
and nothing less was
acceptable. This atti-
tude created conict
with my employees
because I only had one
point of view - mine. I
didn’t allow room for
engagement nor did I
create a space for em-
ployees to feel safe in
contributing their point
of view or ideas.
I worked extra hard
to make sure my per-
sonal success was
mea- sured by how
well I did in my busi-
ness. However, I also
lost sight that personal
success also means
how many lives you
can empow- er and
motivate people to rise
up to be their best,
which means some-
times you have to lis-
ten to others. I had to
make room for healthy
conict so any existing
roadblocks between
myself and my employ-
ees were removed.
There only exists
room for commitment
to getting the job done
and moving forward
as an entire team. The
success of any com-
pa- ny is not built by
just one person but an
entire team of people
will- ing to overcome
conict and commit
to getting the results
I recall we had a
migration project for a
client, In the IT indus-
try, a migration project
to a cloud server was
not an easy task back
then. A lot of prepa-
ration, documenting,
following the process
and collaboration
needs to occur. It’s not
a one-man effort and
usually require more
than one person on
the project. Since I
wanted to prove I could
do the project with a
quick turn-around time,
I made sure my em-
ployees understood
that as well. I received
some ob- jectives by
my technical team on
this unrealistic expec-
tation, but I was ada-
mant in show casing
our abilities to this new
Peace is not the absence of conict,
but the ability to cope with it.
- Mahatma Gandhi
client and I refused to
hear their frustrations
and stress. As you can
imagine, communica-
tion lines broke down,
conict started to arise
as a re- sult, and the
project became a
When I look back,
I can see how I creat-
ed the conict. I didn’t
trust my team and
didn’t provide the op-
portunity to listen to
them. In turn they felt
unsafe and as the proj-
ect commenced, they
withheld communica-
tion from me when they
were facing challenges
be- cause they felt I
was unapproachable.
Funny thing about con-
ict, if you don’t have
trust all around, people
can’t engage in healthy
conict dialogue and
this issue rears its ugly
head when issues start
to arise or when goals/
projects can’t be com-
After this disaster, I
realized the issue was
my conict blind spot.
When I had to own up
to my employees that
my leadership be- hav-
ior caused the conict
and their inability to
perform their work ef-
fectively, was when I
started to change. Part
of developing lead- er-
ship modelling behav-
iors is in recognizing
the impact of actions
and behaviors on oth-
ers and the business.
There is no shame.
It takes a lot of cour-
age and vulnerability
in leadership to model
the right behaviors and
move an organization
forward towards high
performing results.
Discover how conict is
getting in the way of success
for your organization, your
team, and you.
Free ebook
Likky Lavji is the Blind
Spot Navigator, helping
organizations, teams, and
individuals discover the
blind spots in their lives
Visit his website to discov-
er how he can help you
achieve success.
Click to Discover
Click to Discover
Chef Prepared Meals
Delivered to you
Greater Vancouver and
Fraser Valley Areas
Get 50% off Your First Week
Code: AYMSP06
All Your Meals
 The world is on
pause and I’ve never
been so busy. I have
been connecting with
lots of people on social
media, listening to pod-
casts, participating in
virtual events, and cre-
ating content for clients.
     I feel like I’m always
behind, having to up my
game, and it’s exhaust-
 I’m a one woman
show. I have a number
of platforms and proj-
ects going at any one
time, which means I’m
always working and I
do get overwhelmed
by it all. Not because
there is too much work,
I love the work. It’s the
little things, the details,
which take so much
     It would be great to 
have the support of a
team who shares my
vision and could take
some of the workload
off my shoulders.
     I have a plan. A big
scary dream of a plan.
When I build a big 
enough company to
attract a kickass team
I'll still be overwhelmed.
 For ideas to help
overwhelmed women
I asked the wom-
en in the Vancouver
Women in Business
Facebook group the
question, "What do you
do when you feel
     They shared so 
many great ideas, I
decided to collect them
for the APeeling read-
ers to help during
this time. I know I’m not
the only entrepreneur to
bite off more than she
can chew to end up
overwhelmed by all
the work.
 Here are some of
their tips and I encour-
age you to click their
names to discover more
about these amazing
business women in
Vancouver and how
they can help you.
Theodora Teddy Lind
Take a break.
Karolina-Anna Hajna
Take a step away from
what i’m doing and go
for a walk to clear my
head. That and a cup of
tea and chocolate.
Karen Woodruff
Feed my brain with an
all natural mood, focus
and clarity drink 10
min I am back to being
Lilian Sue
Watch something mind-
Magda Garbacz
I’m making masks one
women show styles
and it’s been intense to
say the least. I just take
wine breaks
Are You
By Shannon Peel

Annett Forcier
Exercise, tire myself out
so I get a good night
Amy Remark
Step away and out-
source. There’s always
a few things you can
pay someone else to
do without breaking the
bank. And probably end
up growing the bank as
a result!
Sandra Wong
Find someone to rant
to that knows how to
listen, shopping therapy
and masturbation... I’d
say hugs but very inap-
propriate during these
Ashley Slade
Cry. Not even joking.
Once I have a good cry,
I get myself a good ol
cup of coffee and then I
feel pretty solid
Billie Sinclair
I love working with
my Virtual Assistants.
They’re such an import-
ant part of my team.
Judy Csatho-Drum-
I listen to spiritual ex-
perts on YouTube. It
absolutely helps me put
all the chaos into per-
spective and recharges
Coo Kie Selena
Deconstruct the BIG
take it one day at a time
with a clear vision in
Wai-Kay Ho-Ching
I’m not a one woman
show but whenever
I feel overwhelmed I
would hang out with
my kids and get down
to their level. Always
calms me down.
Gemma D Wilson
You track your time for
a week and determine
what is worth your time
and what you can dele-
gate or hire out.
Ashley Anjlien Kumar
Stop. Breathe. Make a
list of my top 3 priority
Izabella Garcia
You can try the pomo-

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doro technique. Focus
for 25 minutes and have
a 5 minutes break to
do whatever- go to the
washroom, water, social
media. I nd it helps
me stay productive
when I know it’s just for
25 minutes
Julia Cha
Stop doing things that
you don’t need to do.
Cooking. Cleaning. Ac-
Outsource, delegate.
Karolina Ticha McMur-
Deep breath and ener-
gy healing (regularly)
Yvonne Connor
Sit with myself and re-
Helen CarpeDi-
Pray and know that God
has a plan for you. He
has put you in that po-
sition for such a time as
this. You can do any-
thing through Him. All
the best!
Angelia Darnbrough
So been there .. I prior-
itize what I really need
to get done vs things
that can wait. I keep
a list so they don’t get
forgotten.I do eventu-
ally get to everything
that I need to do. I also
don’t wait for things to
be perfect. Sometimes
it’s better to get things
done in phases and
accept phase 1 is good
Trina Wray Waller
I’ve been a one-woman
show for 10 years. I feel
this SOOOO freaking
hard. In the past, I’ve
worked my ass off until
I reached my breaking
point, then would take a
few days off to rest and
recoup, then do it all
over again. Wash, rinse,
repeat. I got tired of it,
but mostly, I got tired of
never nishing MY stuff
because I was always
working on client stuff.

I hired Theodora Teddy
Lind earlier this year
and she was an INTE-
GRAL part in getting
some of my stuff off
the ground and into the
spaces I wanted/need-
ed it to be. Sadly, I had
to let her go when my
entire business ground
to a halt, but I cannot
wait to get started again
and bring her back on
board. But for now, I’m
using this downtime to
actually take a guilt-free
Melissa Danielle
Write down all my todos
in order of most impo-
rant/urgent to least.
Focus on the top three.
For large projects, I
break them down into
5 pieces and focus on
step one.
I also found having
my to do list due by the
end of the week instead
and just evluating it
daily takes the pressure
Joslynn Beach
Take a 5 minute decom-
pression break. When
I’m recomposed, I make
a list of the rst 1-3
doable tasks that come
to mind that I MUST
do NOW to relieve any
anxiety at the end of the
day from not accom-
plishing those things.
Ask for help with any
parts I can outsource.
Sandra Nomoto
Rest. I meditate and
do EFT every day. My
one-week social media
detox last week was
HUGE (even though I
still had to go on for one
client). If you need bod-
ies to help, nd student
interns or people look-
ing for things to do and
who want to volunteer
their time.
Laura Kassama
I’ve been a virtual as-
sistant since 1995 and
have managed teams of
virtual assistants since
2002. It surprises me to
hear that entrepreneurs
still try to wear all the
hats for their business-
es. It so often leads to
burn out or lack of moti-
By utilizing target-
ed support services for
their businesses, own-
ers can focus on what
they love to do and are
good at. This increases
productivity and morale,
and collaborating brings
new ideas and perspec-
tives. Virtual assistants
can help in so many
ways, from handling
daily operations to spe-
cic, specialized project
work (both long and
short term).
There are lots of
great ideas in here for
overwhelmed business
owners. My problem
is I want everything
yesterday, especial-
ly when I think about
how old I am and how
many years I have left.
I wish I’d created this
magazine 15 years ago
when I started blogging
or even 10 years ago
when I started writing
novels. Maybe even
5 years ago when I
started writing my sec-
ond novel and actively
building on my digital
personal brand to nd a
Thing is, I can’t
change the past, I can’t
roll back time, and I did
what I did. All I can do
is work hard today and
get as much done as
I possibly can to grow
the readership of APeel-
ing, to consistently post
episodes to UnPeeled
and continue to grow
the MarketAPeel digital
platform. I have a list,
deadlines, and a vision.
Every day is an oppor-
tunity to do the tasks I
need to do to build the
MarketAPeel brand
and it’s platforms.
What is holding you
Visit Shannon Peel’s Per-
sonal website to view her
portfolio of work.
Social Media Tips n Ticks
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Cutest Video
Video here
Steve Aspinall, of
Marsh Commercial
UK, created a video to
inspire his colleagues,
who moved from an
ofce environment to a
work from home situa-
tion during social dis-
Anthony Gruppo
sent me this slice of
the video, which fea-
tures the book Mar-
ketAPeel helped him
write and publish. The
video was so cute, I
just had to share it.
I contacted Steve to
get his permission and
discovered he original-
ly, meant to create one
video for his ofce and
they loved it so much
he agreed to make
more. Before he knew
it, other members of
Marsh Commercial UK
were asking for them.
He has committed
to make 3 per week
and post them to a
YouTube channel to
bring people humour
during a challenging
I love the creativ-
ity being generated
by people during their
isolation. Social media
is full of funny, interest-
ing, and educational
creative content.
I hope Steve con-
tinues to inspire us with
his videos after he’s
back in the ofce.
Click to
Pushers of the Possible
Available on Amazon
Anthony C. Gruppo, CEO of Marsh Commercial, UK, talks
to business leaders who started out with a dream and the
determination to build successful companies by Pushing the
Possible in both life and business. Join Anthony and his guests as
they share their stories, the advice they received from some of the
greats, and how they Pushed the Possible in their lives.
Buy it Today
I think people are
using Linkedin (and
most other social
media) backwards.
Everyone is busily
cranking out arti-
cles and blog posts
and videos ... and
then sharing them
to their social media
streams. The prob-
lem is that few peo-
ple are looking at
the stuff they create
(often nobody) be-
cause they, in turn,
are pushing out
their own content.
They’re too busy
working on their
own “creations” to
take notice of any-
thing that someone
else has done!
I think people
have missed the
obvious opportunity
that could provide
far greater reach
and inuence. It’s
sitting right under
their nose and al-
most everyone is
ignoring it. It’s also
a LOT less work!
However, for any-
one to remember
this idea ... and give
it some weight ...
and make it more
shareable ... I have
to give it a name.
Yup, I have to
“brand” it because
that’s how people’s
brains work.
How to be inuential
and get best results
from Linkedin
The Fingers
Rule follows the
core social media
principle that when
you create some
content and put it in
your stream, then
the only people who
see it are the people
you’re already con-
nected to. If some
of those “friends”
make a remark or
perhaps share it,
then some of their
friends will see it
too, but that chain
dies out almost im-
Now ip the pro-
cess around. When
you comment on
someone else’s
content, then every-
one in your stream
sees it and every-
one in their stream
sees it. If someone
else in their network
also comments,
LinkedIn 10
Finger Rule
By Gil Gerretsen
then everyone in
that person’s stream
is more likely to no-
tice your remark too
... especially if their
remark is a com-
ment to your remark.
See the idea?
If you comment on
other people con-
tent ... and then
comment on other
people’s remarks ...
well the thing blos-
soms. Lots of people
see you and have a
far greater chance
of being impacted
by you ... and you
by them. All you
need is a sentence
or two. Something
really profound or
savvy and people
will go “Wow, who is
that person?” Easy,
Now, here’s
where the Fingers
Rule come into play.
For every piece of
content you create
or post (i.e. shares),
you should make ten
(10) comments or
remarks on some-
one else’s stuff.
Most readers of this
article will have ten
ngers. That’s why I
called it the Fingers
Rule. If you have
more or less than
10 ngers, you can
adjust accordingly.
People will give you
an appropriate pass.
Give it a try and
see what happens.
Maybe the inuence
you long for will -
nally come to pass.
Gil Gerretsen of BizTrek’s
ReLaunch Code marketing
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Drowning in a
Sea of Faces
Walking into a room
full of people can be
quite intimidating. Ev-
ery time I walk into a
room full of strangers
my heart starts racing.
For me, the waves of
panic feel like the wa-
ter is coming over my
head. This is a feeling
I know quite well as I
have drowned before.
Since the day I
drowned I had three
other times I was near-
ly taken by the water.
I drowned when I was
three and although I
don’t remember it, I do
remember the other
three near drowning
experiences including
one a year ago.
I remember these
experiences every
time I enter the water.
I was nearly drowned,
by my bullies at the
age of eight and near-
ly drowned again at
the age of 13. After a
second near drowning
experience at the age
of 13, I didn’t go in the
water much anymore.
In my late 20’s I
started travelling. After
travelling for years and
missing out on oppor-
tunities I decided to
take swimming lessons
when I was 33. The
rst time I took lessons
I thought I was going to
drown in a pool three
feet deep. Walking
down towards the pool
I was nervous my heart
was racing, and my
breathing was heavy.
I was convinced that
the water would take
me. We were told we
needed to submerge
ourselves. After hear-
ing this my heart really
started racing. I was
standing in the pool
trying to build up the
As I stood there, I
slowly built up the
courage and my heart
starts to beat faster
and faster, I am dealing
with waves of panic hit-
ting me. I am trying to
ght all the emotions in
my body and my mind
is telling me to run but
something deep down
inside of me is ghting
to break out. There
is a part of me telling
me it is going to be ok
and it gets stronger
and stronger inside of
me. My breath starts
to settle, and my heart
slows down and then
I take one nal breath
before submerging into
water. When I nally
submerged myself and
came back up it felt like
an eternity, but I was
ok. After a few weeks
of lessons, I was get-
ting more comfort-
able in the water and
was able to accom-
plish more than I ever
thought possible.
While not a great
swimmer I am now at
least comfortable in the
By Tom Broxham
water, and that was a
massive accomplish-
A few years later
as I stand in the water
with a snorkel on my
face and I am nervous.
I stand there thinking
and waiting to catch
the right breath. I then
go and submerge and
start to swim with every
movement and every
breath I settle down. It
is in these moments I
remember to breathe
and remember this is
the only thing I can
focus on. All there is
in these moments are
a brand-new world of
discovery. As I swim, I
see a world of colourful
sh, sea cucumbers
and corals beneath me
it is like nothing else
exists in the world.
All the years of being
scared have disap-
peared. The fear has
gone, and I realize I
can do anything. The
next time I step into the
water it gets easier but
every time I must ght
with the emotions in-
side of me. Every time
I just need to take that
one breath.
It takes a lot of
hard work to get over
a fear. You must want
to do it. You need to
learn to breathe and
push yourself through
it. You must start small
and learn to ask for
help. Over time you
might not need as
much help, but you
understand there is
nothing wrong with
asking for it. I need-
ed to do this myself,
just last year in Thai-
land. I was swimming
and a wave of panic
overtook me. I could
not nd that breath.
I needed help, and
help came to me by
my wife. She took my
hand, helped to keep
me aoat and remind-
ed me that all I need-
ed to do was breathe,
Photo by EyeAPeel
breathe and swim back
to the shore. We swam
together back to the
shore, where I sat on
the beach, trying to
catch that breath and
within a few minutes I
found my strength and
went back out there.
When I went back
into the water there
was no fear just one
breath and one move-
ment at a time.
When it comes to the
fear of networking
while you have a little
chance of dying it is
remarkably similar in
overcoming a fear of
For me just before
I enter a room full of
strangers, I have a
hard time. For me, this
room full of strangers is
like being at the edge
of the pool ghting the
same emotions. It is
like I am drowning in a
sea full of strange fac-
es. I look around the
room for the edge of
the pool for my lifeline.
For me, the edge of the
pool is people I know.
As I walk around the
room, I am just trying to
catch that right breath.
I am looking around for
an opening. There I
see it that familiar face.
My connection then
introduces me to the
people they are there
with. Now that I have
caught my breath, I am
slowing my breathing
and the fear slips away
as I begin to talk to the
new friends I am mak-
ing. Afterwards as I get
more condence, I look
for a new opening and
go deeper within the
room just like I would
with swimming by get-
ting further in the pool
away from my safety
net. For me this is what
it means to network in
large rooms. While this
is not as terrifying as
learning to swim after
drowning a lot of the
same skills are there
and the lessons are the
When you learn to
swim you start with the
basics. You start in the
shallow waters
Social Media Tips and Tricks
and learn the skills
needed to stay aoat.
How does that relate to
networking? This is the
same as networking
with your friends and
people close to you.
Maybe this is as far in
the pool as you get and
there is nothing wrong
with that. For me, I
want to venture a little
further into the depths
of the pool. Once you
are comfortable talking
to your friends about
what you are network-
ing for you can take
that and talk to new
people. With swimming
it is one breath and
one movement at a
time and with network-
ing it is one breath and
connection at a time.
One of the challeng-
es is people see how
others network and
think that is how they
should be network-
ing. The reality is you
need to network how
you are most comfort-
able. I might not be
comfortable in the mid-
dle of the ocean, but
I am comfortable off
the beach. You might
not be comfortable in
a room of 300 people,
but you are in a café
with one other con-
nection. You can learn
new skills that can help
you. I swim with peo-
ple I trust who can help
me and you can nd
people to help you with
your networking. A lot
of networking I do is
one on one, I go where
I know someone can
introduce connections
for me or it is with one
of my hobbies such as
hiking or public speak-
ing at Toastmasters.
Much like getting over
my fear of water, with
networking or any oth-
er time of panic it is a
matter of catching that
right breath.
Once you catch that
breath you dive in and
realize it is one breath
and one movement at
a time.
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Tom Broxham uses his
personal stories of fear
and anxiety to help oth-
ers get over their fears
and to ask for help.
Can Hope Exist in Conict?
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No Charge

The Phone
by Mariana Konsolos
In Uruguay, the tele-
phone was one of my
favorite tools. I used it
to speak with friends
for hours, or to carry
out real estate trans-
actions with my abroad
clients. But in Canada
it happens to be one of
the things which I was
most afraid of. I hate
answering the phone
because I didn’t un-
derstand what people
tell me. Face to face
everything was easier.
I would use my hands,
make gestures and
somehow always man-
age to make myself
understood. By phone
it was entirely different.
If I did not understand,
I did not understand,
period. I could repeat
the same phrase ten
times and still not dis-
cern it. This frustrated
me a lot.
One afternoon
at work, I heard the
phone ring. I somehow
managed until that day
to ignore it. There was
always someone at the
counter who liked to
answer the phone. But
that day it rang where
my manager and I
were standing.
She gestured to
me to answer it. I did it
as I had been taught,
“Good morning, Mar-
iana speaks. What I
can help?”
“Do you have a red
[...] in stock?” asked
the lady calling. I could
not decipher what she
was looking for in red.
So, I try again, “What
are you looking for?”
She repeated over
and over and all I un-
derstood what she was
looking for.
When the lady re-
alized that I did not
understand, she raised
her voice and said
boldly, “Why do you
answer the phone if
you do not speak En-
glish? Pass me imme-
diately with someone
who understands me.”
I called the man-
ager and crying I ex-
plained what had hap-
pened. After attending
to the client, my man-
ager called me into her
ofce and told me that
she could not believe I
still did not know how
to answer the phone.
It was unacceptable,
and she asked me
what I thought should
be done about it. I felt
humiliated and very
The Mariana who
managed millionaire
businesses in Uruguay
and spoke with im-
portant people about
philosophy and poli-
tics, could not, in this
Canadian setting, un-
derstand a most basic
I asked to leave
early and went home
crying. I was convinced
that the best thing
would be to give up
that job and dedicate
myself to taking care of
children or doing things
where I didn’t need to
speak much.
In the evening I
called Elaine. I told
her all the details of
what happened to me
and how badly I felt
not only because of
the client’s attitude
and words, but also
because of the manag-
er’s. I communicated
my idea to resign. She
listened to me carefully
and asked me ques-
tions, trying to get as
much information as
possible, when, sud-
denly, she started to
laugh. I didn’t under-
stand what was funny
about what I told her.
Does me feeling like an
idiot make you want to
With a rm voice
she shook me, “Mari-
ana, today is the best
day of your life. Today,
for the rst time, you
know what you didn’t
know. You do not know
how to answer the
phone! You can’t live
in any country without
knowing how to answer
the phone!
How will you make
doctor’s appointments
for your child? How
are you going to call
a mechanic if your car
breaks down? How are
you going to negotiate
with a provider if you
don’t know how to talk
on the phone? In order
to be the complete
Mariana, you have
to leave your comfort
zone and learn what
you don’t know. You
don’t know how to an-
swer the phone!”
Then she repeated
slowly, and in a very
loud voice emphasiz-
ing, “Giving up isn’t
going to solve your
problem. It will just
make it worse and
worse. Every day you
will be more afraid of
answering the phone.
From now on, when
the phone rings in the
store, you have to run
to answer the phone.
The more times you
answer the phone, you
will experience less
fear and you will under-
stand a little more each
day. In time, clients will
get used to your accent
and you’ll recognize
more words every day.
It doesn’t matter if they
shout at you, if they
speak badly to you.
You have to remember
that your only goal is
to learn to answer the
What a lesson my
dearest Elaine had
given me! How many
‘telephones’ do we
have in front of us in
our daily life, and, in-
stead of running to
take care of them, we
ee for fear of failing or
being rejected.
“From now on,” I
thought, “every time
something scares me,
I’m going to run to-
wards that something.
Fear will be the signal
to indicate I am faced
with something new to
learn. It will be difcult,
it will take time, but I
will grow for sure.”
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Hope is in the Seeds We Sow

Photo by EyeAPeel

Mariana’s story is one of overcom-
ing obstacles and pursuing happi-
ness. From bouncing back after a
failed marriage, raising her daugh-
ter as a single parent and opening
several companies to uprooting
her life in order to move from Uru-
guay to Canada to be with her
true love, Mariana’s story is bound
to inspire and captivate.
Check out Shannon Peel’s Portfolio
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A 15 year old boy
was attending his un-
cle’s wedding. During
the reception he ap-
proached the band and
asked if he could play
on stage with them.
The lead singer start-
ed the next set by tell-
ing the audience, “This
kid is going to come up
and play a song with
the band. It takes a lot
of courage to stand up
here and he’s only 15,
so let’s be kind and
give him a chance.”
The band started
playing and the boy
blew them away. While
they played the drum-
mer’s mouth was open
in awe as he watched
him and the base gui-
tarist kept shaking his
head. At the end of the
song the lead singer
addressed the audi-
ence again, this time
he was enthusiastic
and full of energy as he
said, “Wow, now that
is talent. You can play
with us anytime.”
That is how my son
showed our family and
friends he is a rockstar
instead of telling them.
People assume a lot
when we talk to them
and even more when
we talk at them. In this
case the band looked
at the 15 year old kid
who’d only been play-
ing a couple years and
assumed it would be
a painful experience.
What they, the fami-
ly, and friends of the
newly wed couple ex-
perienced, was unex-
pected and that is what
made the moment
What can you do to
show people how
you can solve
their problem?
Social media is a
good platform for
showing what you do,
however, most people
only tell what they do
and ‘hope’ for a sale,
which results in more
frustration than sales.
Marketing Tip
Show don’t tell what you do
Share Your Social Media Tips and Tricks
Don’t Wait for
an Apology
by Sylwia Borowy
In the past I couldn’t
understand why in the
courtroom family mem-
bers could forgive mur-
derers of their beloved
ones. Now, I under-
stand it very well.
When we forgive, it
doesn’t mean that we
accept that what hap-
pened was right.
Forgiveness is not
an excuse. In fact, we
acknowledge the sta-
tus quo of the past. It
did happen. We ac-
knowledge that we
felt hurt by actions of
others, and we hold
them accountable for
those actions. When
we forgive, it doesn’t
mean that we need to
be friends with them, or
keep any mutual con-
tact, but we wish them
a good future.
I am not kidding.
Only then can we feel
we have truly forgiven.
When we forgive,
we free ourselves, our
minds, from any hostili-
ty, grudges and resent-
ments. You see, when
we feel anger, frustra-
tion, resentment, hate
toward others, and
when we blame them
- they may not even
know it.
When we continue
to keep the negative
emotions and thoughts
of revenge, we hurt
ourselves, not them.
And with the time,
we may also develop
stress, anxiety and
depression. I’m pret-
ty sure most of you
already know that we
are able to choose our
Emotions don’t
control us, we control
them. It is in our hands
what we want to feel,
and we want to feel
good, right?
When we don’t al-
low others to push our
emotional bottoms, we
express our emotional
maturity, we feel more
empowered and ener-
gized, instead of being
dragged down. By for-
giving we are gaining
control of our lives.
I was married for
almost 18 years when
my husband called me,
yes, he called me, not
even face time, and he
asked me for a divorce.
My world turned up-
side down. I received
the memorable phone
call when I was still
living in Latin America,
and he was already
back in Europe.
For him, love of my
life, I left my country,
my family, and my ca-
reer in a bank. At that
time I was promoted to
What if you start believing that YOU can make changes in your life?
Lending Risk Manag-
er, but I never started
this position. I emigrat-
ed. When our twins
were born two years
later, I started working
even less. When they
were eight years old, I
stopped working. We
left for Latin America
to pursue his career.
Eight years later we
were back in Europe,
in his country.
I needed to start
all over again, really
everything, while at
the same time being
in the divorce process.
I was feeling shame
and guilt, and failure.
I felt betrayed and
feared for my future.
I was hopeless and
helpless. I had lots of
anger and sadness in
me. Sadness? No, I
was depressed. Every
day, when I woke up in
the morning, I wanted
the night to come back
again very quickly. I
wanted to sleep non
stop. I didn’t see any
purpose in life. In fact,
I didn’t want to live, but
then after thinking for a
long time, I decided to
I didn’t want to hurt
my family, leave my
children with trauma,
and a legacy of suicide
in the family. I did my
rst coaching training,
during which, I discov-
ered my new purpose
in life: helping others
become stronger and
I became a survivor,
not a victim. There was
however something
else I needed to do. I
held lots of resentment
toward my ex. I needed
to get rid of all the neg-
ative emotions. I need-
ed to forgive him.
And I did it!
I do believe that
forgiving may be ex-
tremely hard for some
people, especially for-
giving those who did
not admit doing any
wrong, or if we still love
them. I know it is hard.
Let’s however remem-
ber that doing hard
things makes us stron-
Forgiving doesn’t
mean that we forget
what happened in the
past. This is not what
forgiving is about.
When we forgive,
our negative emotions
are gradually being
replaced by neutral,
and hopefully with the
time, by positive emo-
tions. We start feeling
not only inner love, but
also inner peace and
hope. We start feeling
happy again. As a re-
sult, our mental health
improves. Oh yes, for-
giveness is a medicine
against suffering.
Keeping the neg-
ative emotions inside
inuences our state of
being - we are stuck in
negativity. And as long
as we are there, we
cannot move forward,
because our focus is
on the problem. When
we forgive, our focus
shifts. Instead of think-
ing about the past, the
hurtful situation, we
pay more attention to
the future, and steps
we want to take. We
start thinking how we
can use this experi-
ence to improve our
lives, and the lives of
other people.
In fact, many of
us can be grateful for
those tough experienc-
es. I am. They often
give us more wisdom
and strength. Some of
us can even discover
a new purpose in life.
With some training,
we can become ex-
perts in the elds of
consultants, therapists
or coaches, like me.
We can write articles
or books for others,
either how to avoid
certain situations, or
how to handle those
tough moments in life. I
have written two books
about relationships,
“How to Get Over a
Breakup & be Hap-
py Again in 5 Simple
Steps in 3 Months”
and “Is Your Relation-
ship on the Rocks?
Find out the Red Flags
Here.” I publish arti-
cles on LinkedIn how
to live with more joy
and positivity on a daily
basis. We can set up a
foundation, give public
speakings, organize
workshops, and more.
And as I said in my
post on LinkedIn on
Valentine’s Day, the
act of forgiveness in a
romantic relationship
is a crucial ingredient
to have a healthy and
sustainable relation-
And it is not only
about forgiving others;
it is, rst of all, forgiving
ourselves. So often we
blame ourselves that
we didn’t do enough
to avoid unwanted sit-
uations, that we made
mistakes. I blamed
myself and I needed to
forgive myself. I did it.
Let’s take respon-
sibility in our hands
and admit if we indeed
made mistakes. Let’s
reect on the lessons
we learned. By not for-
giving ourselves may
lead to feeling of guilt,
self-blame, self-pity,
regret, and even self
hatred. This way we
punish ourselves. Let
me say it again, when
we forgive ourselves,
we feel more inner
love. Forgiveness is an
act of kindness toward
To conclude, people
who forgive become
less angry. They devel-
op feelings of compas-
sion for those who hurt,
empathy, and under-
standing. They feel
less hurt, and become
more optimistic. They
become more resistant
to negative experienc-
es - they develop a
stronger immune sys
tem. Their self-esteem
improves and they gain
more positive energy.
They are more agree-
able and condent.
They handle challeng-
ing situations much
Forgiveness is a
choice, strength, and
intelligence. When we
forgive, our wounds
nally start the healing
process. And it is very
important to under-
stand that forgiveness
comes from deep in
our hearts. It needs to
be sincere. Otherwise,
it won’t work.
If you are reading
already here, I do be-
lieve that by now you
understand the ben-
ets of forgiveness. If
you know somebody
who cannot forgive,
please encourage
them to read this arti-
cle, share it with them,
so they can nd the
strength to forgive,
and I can assure them
that they will feel better
Sylwia Borowy works with
clients who want to im-
prove their relationships,
either with their partner,
children, their boss, or
with themselves.
The “Magic Pill
that Changed my
Life and Career
by Karen Angelucci
Life’s changes,
challenges and uncer-
tainties are front and
center in our world with
the current distancing
protocols that are be-
ing mandated.
The muddle that’s
brewing in people’s
lives, homes, business-
es, communities and
beyond show up more
dramatically when our
inner world and outer
expression are thrust
into circumstances out
of our control.
Not feeling in con-
trol is certainly what is
happening for many
now because of the
pandemic but many of
you also experience
this lack of control in
your life when it comes
to your body health.
Do life’s control but-
tons in relationship to
your body seem elu-
sive or are you press-
ing the wrong buttons
as a safety mechanism
of protection and limit-
ing your body’s ability
to function fully? For
example, if you’re
holding tension in your
muscles because of
stress, worry, anger,
fear this can cause
physical pain or reduce
your ability to move. If
your answer is to avoid
moving because of
pain, other systems in
your body will be im-
pacted. Such as re-
duced blood ow which
brings nutrients to your
cells and removes
wastes; or restricted
lymph ow to help with
your body’s immune
ghting. Your ability
to breathe deeply can
be restricted hamper-
ing the ow of oxygen
through your blood; or
your digestive func-
tions which are reliant
on blood ow to take
important nutrients to
and from the cells in
your body can be af-
Because your body
is a functional unit,
when dysfunction oc-
curs as in this case of
long term tension in
muscles other systems
in your body are com-
When your body
systems can’t perform
as they were intended,
they start to struggle
and breakdown leading
to ill health and dis-
ease. The more areas
of your body that are
struggling or out of bal-
ance the less energy
you have for moving,
feeling and living well
in your body.
What you’re doing and
how you are coping
now reects the areas
of your life that are in
balance or in need of
Stop reading for
just a moment …take
a breath in and notice
what areas of your
body are holding ten-
sion. Is this a chronic
tension for you…mean-
ing you always feel it?
Do you have difculty
even taking a deep
breath in?
Do you feel pain
areas in your body that
concern you? Do you
ignore pain areas? Are
you so accustomed to
them you don’t really
pay attention; you think
that’s just how my body
Just taking a
few minutes to no-
tice the signals your
body sends you, the
thoughts you have
about this internal in-
quiry and the answers
you have to the ques-
tions are enough for
you to become con-
Being conscious
about your body opens
doors to thinking about
choices and new pos-
sibilities. Becoming
conscious about my
life circumstances and
a body injury I had
over 40 years ago is
what directed me on
my path to becoming a
body centered practi-
It doesn’t need to
be an accident, trau-
ma or virus to make
major shifts, even the
simplest form of self
discovery can be very
powerful in making
transformational or rad-
ical shifts in your life.
The ability to say to
yourself “I am Worthy
of Health and Happi-
ness” and mean it will
also be a driving force
in your body healing
and life fulllment.
You might feel like
you’re in a muddle or
clueless in answering
self discovery ques-
tions…saying to your-
self it just feels too
complicated, I don’t
know what my body
messages are, I really
don’t feel anything.
What if you take this
complicated scenario,
make it an opportuni-
ty to be curious about
your own personal
Have a WOW mo-
ment saying to your-
self, I didn’t know that
I didn’t know about my
body. Or notice if your
body holds so much
tension that you have
become accustomed
to living with it. Take
a wonder moment now
…. what would it be
like to breathe deeply
and not be in pain, feel
tight or in distress?
Offer yourself the
opportunity to explore
some new sensations
or ways of thinking that
wouldn’t have occurred
to you if you hadn’t
taken a few minutes
for yourself. This is
a perfect time for self
discovery, especially if
you’re experiencing the
isolation, work chal-
lenges or limiting activ-
ities as threatening to
your well being.
Of course without
question, If you are un-
safe or your well being
is truly being threat-
ened, it is a must to
reach out and get help,
no ifs and or buts!!!!
Life threatening cir-
cumstances require
immediate support or
intervention from a pro-
fessional for any and
all physical, emotional
or nutritional needs!
For most of us in
general, life presents
all of us with our own
level of muddle phys-
ically, emotionally
and nutritionally. Yes,
during times of mud-
dle there is distress,
discomfort, challenges
and upheaval that oc-
Choices in these
times are often to
ingnore the circum-
stances, hope it will go
away; bury it, avoid it.
Or it can be a clue to
realize your skills to at-
tend to the muddle are
under developed.
A tip for you …Your
body acts like an alert
buzzer when you are in
distress. Maybe you’re
not getting enough
sleep or eating poor-
ly for example. Your
body let’s you know by
ramping up the signals
in any vulnerable areas
you have…such as you
could feel increased
pain in old injuries or
old symptoms can re-
surface to let you know
your body resources
are depleted.
This tells you to get
back on track or nd
a new path of better
health choices. Such
as going to bed earlier;
nding out why you’re
not sleeping; improve
dietary needs; see a
nutritionist to help you
if you don’t know what
food choices support
your body. It’s always
about the choices we
make physically, emo-
tionally and nutritional-
The problem is if
you don’t know what
your choices are, you
don’t know who to go
to for help, you think
there is nothing that
will make it different.
Being curious about
the signals my body is
messaging has been
my “magic pill” to learn
self care skills, nd out
who to go to when I
need help and under-
stand what my unique
physical, emotional
and nutritional needs
are to direct me back
to well being. “I want
that for you”!
Self discovery is the
“magic pill” I’ve taken
to make changes in life
in my personal growth,
absolutely in my pro-
fessional career and
most importantly in my
health. But more im-
portantly your body has
the “magic” of healing!
How it works is your
body heals from the
inside / out! This is
a physiological fact!
Healing from the inside
out also happens emo-
tionally and energeti-
The magic pill dose
of self discovery is de-
pendent on your life’s
experiences. Whether
you take daily doses
of self awareness or a
big gulp when life chal-
lenges keep you lying
in bed. The dose is
what ever it takes for
you to make choices
that support your body,
your values or your
Your body is your
“Birthright”. When you
make choices that sup-
port the love and care
of your body you are
maintaining your “mo-
tor home” the home
you move in and its job
is to take you where
your heart’s desires
lead to enrich your life.
When is the time to
take this magic pill?
When you are bored, in
pain, dysfunction, dis-
tress, fear, emotional
overload to name a few
Always remember
taking self discovery is
a personal choice and
it does not mean you
are required to dive
deep on your own. As
a matter of fact, some
doses of self discovery
can be very powerful.
I’ve experienced this
and it’s set me back,
so I’ve learned there
are times when I need
to seek help to guide
me or help me take the
right dose. The right
dose means I will be
able to integrate new
feelings or have help
to guide me in new
physical abilities or
even help me regain
physical function that I
thought I lost.
Each of us knows
we have our struggles
maybe not conscious-
ly but we experience
them as frustrations
in our lives, constant
struggling, physical
and emotional pain and
dysfunction. We may
not think there is any-
thing we can do about
it, give it the excuse
that it’s just old age or
resign ourselves that’s
how it’s always been
and nothing can be
done to make it dif-
ferent or better. That
thought process is
really you just saying
you don’t have the
resources, skills or
understanding to make
the changes on your
own. Believe me don’t
expect yourself or crit-
icize yourself or bully
yourself with self talk
that says you should
be able to make body
or life changes on your
What I want you to
know in order to make
body health simple,
the choices lie in these
three areas physical,
emotional and nutri-
Eat Real Meals
Photo by Eat Real Meals Customer - Marilyn Anderson
Frozen Homestyle Meals
Delivered to You
tional and each of you
will have your own
unique combination of
making choices in one
or all of these areas.
Choosing one of these
areas will automatically
help improve the other
two areas of your body
health and well being
so no need to get over-
whelmed in what to
What’s stopping
you from making life
changing choices is
often self-imposed
limitations, thinking
you don’t have enough
time, money, energy
to do anything differ-
ent and of course fear.
One of which is fearing
your body because you
don’t know what’s go-
ing on.
This can all be sim-
plied through body
charting, taking a look
at your body health
history, possibly spe-
cic testing and the big
factor is the willingness
to make new choices.
In my case and in the
case of my clients the
life changing results
are the ability to move,
feel and live better in
our body.
This occurs by
knowing how to attend
to your body whether
that’s with self care
skills or by going to the
practitioner that meets
your specic needs;
with understanding that
by looking after your
physical, emotional
and nutritional needs
sooner rather than later
you create the oppor-
tunity for your body to
function better. This
translates into healthy
living in a happier body
that you can look for-
ward to enjoying for
years to come. This
has been my experi-
How you evolve,
create or emerge out
of the muddle is what
I love helping you do.
If you’re ready to cre-
ate your health action
path and want help to
know who to go to or
what to do. I would
love to be your guide.
Karen Angelucci
Body Centered Practi-
Birthright Investment/
Bodytalk Studio
Body Health
Made Simple
in Your InBox
Click to Discover
. Don’t procrastinate
anymore, start now!
Once upon a time, a
girl from France named
Océane landed in
Brazil to complete her
Master of Science in
Management. All was
perfect, or almost...
Naturally at the start,
Océane did not speak
a word of Portuguese.
Alas all her classes
were... In Portuguese.
Let’s not lie, the
beginnings were a bit
rough. Being surround-
ed by people who were
not speaking much of
English nor French,
was pretty challenging
and uncomfortable.
But that experience
was extremely rich and
Within 3 months of
sweat and misunder-
standing, Océane was
nally uent (or almost)
in Portuguese! Now
you’re probably think-
ing: “Three months?
Really? That’s all it
takes? Well, in this
article, Océane reveals
her secrets and how
she was able to master
a new language that
“This experience in
Brazil deeply changed
my life.” confessed
Océane. “I did not
know it at that time, but
this was the stepping
stone of my entrepre-
neurial journey. Indeed,
after my wonderful time
in Brazil but also strug-
gles, I decided to help
other people learn a
new language. This is
how I created my on-
line business: “Have
Fun Learning French”
. I think the major
plus of my classes is
how much I really do
care. I do care that
my students get what
is being taught, and
that they improve and
succeed. I make this
commitment to them
and to myself, because
I know how vulnerable
it can feel to learn a
language. And I want
to provide a safe learn-
ing environment and a
comfortable space in
which my students can
develop their skills and
feel supported.
As a language coach,
my aim is to have peo-
ple feeling great when
they learn with me.
That’s why the name of
my program is “Have
Fun Learning French,”
because it should be
fun. I believe you re-
member things better
if you have fun and
if you work on things
that truly interest you.
Sometimes, you have
to learn some things by
heart, but even then,
you can still turn it into
a game.
Another important
thing is the type of con-
tent you learn in my
class. At school, you
learn French by the
learn French
in 3 months
By Océane De Decker

book- the convention-
al French. However
most French people
use slang most of the
time. So after learning
French in a regular
school, people are able
to express themselves
in well-put together
But when those
same people arrive
in France for holidays
or business, they are
completely lost be-
cause the French peo-
ple around them speak
with words they have
never heard of. They
wouldn’t learn this in
a regular school. So I
teach slang in my class
and a lot of cultural
facts. Understanding
how a culture works is
already half of the les-
son learned and makes
a big difference.
I also organize we-
binars where I share
some of my tips to
learn a language fast.
My best recommenda-
tions for you:
- Multiply social
interactions with the
locals. I learned Portu-
guese faster by living
with Brazilian room-
mates, by hanging out
with Brazilian friends
or simply listening to
my teachers in Portu-
guese even if, at the
beginning, it was hard
to understand. Find
opportunities to meet
locals and connect with
them. It can also be
online (eg. via Face-
book, Skype or Zoom)
- Make mistakes.
There is a simple rule:
Don’t be shy! So many
North Americans feel
bad their rst time in
front of me: “I don’t
speak French very
well”. I usually reply
that it’s a good thing,
otherwise I would not
have a job anymore!
Making mistakes is
what makes us better
at the end of the day.
The more you speak
the more you have
a chance to reach a
good level.
- Find your learn-
ing style. One of the
things that helped me
was to read my favorite
book in Portuguese.
As I knew it by heart
already, it was easy
to associate the new
vocabulary to the one
I knew from my native
language (French). You
can also make ash-
cards with the vocabu-
lary you need to know,
have sticky notes all
around your house
etc. Listen to tons of
podcasts or music in
the language you want
to master. Movies are
also a great way to re-
lax while learning a few
- Get to know the
culture associated with
the language you want
to learn. Understanding
how people commu-
nicate and it’s already
half of the lesson
- Finally... HAVE
FUN! Don’t forget: we
are never too old to
learn something. Be
aware of your own
learning potential! And
to remember things
better, a bit of original-
ity and fun does not
hurt. I make my class
interactive with role-
plays, fun facts about
French culture and
some jokes because
I know my students
have a better chance
to remember that at the
end of the day.”
For people interest-
ed in learning French
with Océane, contact
her and use the code
*French4ever* to save
50$ on 10 lessons!
Learn French today
from the comfort of
your home for only
250$ instead of 300$.
A bientôt !

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Bon Chance mes amies.

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Why a Private Health Service Plan
(PHSP) is a Good Idea.
To attract talent in Canada, businesses can create exible health
plans to incentivize and provide a non-taxable bonus to their
employees. This means your employees will have more tax free
cash to pay for their healthcare and the corporation will have
more to deduct against revenues for taxes.
Are you Incorporated?
Do you operate in Canada?
Do you want a healthy workforce?
If you answered “Yes” than a PHSP might be a solution for you.
Visit Win for details:
How to
Reduce Taxes
and Be Healthy
Within the tax laws of Canada
there are certain professions,
namely doctors, dentists, and
lawyers, and professional real
estate corporations, who have
the power to become incorpo-
rated entities and as such, can
use the benets of a Private
Health Services Plan (PHSP)
to deduct medical, dental vi-
sion expenses for themselves
and their families through the
Let’s step back and under-
stand there are only two ways
you can write off medical
dental expenses. One way is
through your personal income
tax, which everybody does.
The other is a Personal Health
Services Plan, which allows
you to deduct 100% of your
health expenses through the
The differences is a 100%
deduction for the corporation,
as opposed to a 15% partial
tax credit on your personal
income tax return.
A PHSP is an alternative
to expensive and sometimes
restrictive group benets
plans. It overcomes the limited
3% medical tax credit rule on
your personal income tax and
enables you to pay for your
personal health care costs with
non-taxable dollars.
Business Owners can cre-
ate exible health care plans,
incentives, and bonuses for
their employees, which will
not increase the employees’
personal income tax because
this is a non-taxable benet. In
other words they pay for their
health care needs with non
taxable funds.
The business then deducts
those personal healthcare ex-
penses against their corporate
business income to reduce
their tax bill.
In essence you are increas-
ing your income without in-
creasing your personal income
tax bill while reducing your
corporate tax bill.
The Fine Print
No premiums. It’s not an
Insurance product. Contribu-
tors are recognized as a 100%
business deduction in the year
they were contributed - even
if the money is not spent that
year. Unspent contributions
are carried forward for future
healthcare spending. No hid-
den costs. A xed 10% ad-
ministration fee is charged on
actual claims.
Who Qualies for a PHSP?
Business owners, their de-
pendents and their employees.
There is no age limit or health
Winex is a CRA approved way
for business owners to fully deduct
100% of their personal healthcare
expenses as a business expense.
We have a number of different
private health plans for Incorporated
Businesses available.
By Victor Logan
freezer meals
By Nicky
Meal prep is great
for knocking out
various components
to use in breakfast,
lunch and dinner
throughout the week,
but complete make-
ahead freezer meals
can be even better for
those nights you just
can’t manage anything
beyond reheating, or
if you’re stuck indoors
from a bad storm or
self-isolation and can’t
make it to the store.
Just a few hours
of prep and cooking
time can give you
enough freezer meals
to last you a month --
especially if you double
the recipes below.
What freezes best
Hearty soups and
stews (e.g., beef and
barley, lentil, bean)
Long-cooked braised
dishes and stews
(beef short ribs, osso
buco, beef stew, chili,
curries)Casseroles and
baked pastas (e.g.,
sausage and peppers,
enchiladas, mac and
cheese, lasagna) Juicy
meats cooked in (or
to be served with)
Tips for freezing
food. Divide recipes
into whatever portion
sizes work for your
needs before freezing.
If you have space,
make multiple batches
at once, then divide.
Be sure to label each
package with contents,
preparation date and
reheating instructions.
Another trick is to line
small gratin dishes
with nonstick foil (or
spray it with oil), ll
the dishes and freeze.
Once the food’s frozen,
you can peel the foil
off and pop the frozen
“bricks” of food into
freezer bags, which
stack neatly. When
it’s time to reheat,
the packets t right
back into the gratin
dishes for serving. It’s
an idea Chowhound
member funwithfood
gave us.Small foil
takeout containers and
lids from a restaurant
supply house are
another easy solution.
These are the right
size for single servings
of entrees or doubles
of soup and they’re
easy to freeze, stack
and reheat. Sixteen-
ounce hot/cold cups
(sold at Costco) are
also good for freezing
and reheating soups.
freezer meal
Jerk Turkey Chili
With its not-so-
secret ingredient of a
wedge of bittersweet
chocolate to add depth,
this chili develops even
more avor after a day
or two, so make some
on the weekend and
stash it in the fridge or
freezer to eat later in
the week.
Split Pea Soup
This lling, comforting
soup infused with ham
avor from a bone or
hock is easy to make
in a Crock-Pot rst off,
and then it’s easy to
freeze for the week.
Cheesy Enchiladas
You can make the
enchiladas through
step 3, then cover and
freeze for up to two
weeks. To nish, bake
it at 350°F uncovered
and straight from
the freezer, until the
cheese is all melty
and awesome, about
40 minutes. Get
Chowhound’s cheesy
enchiladas recipe.
Chinese Brisket
and Turnip Stew
Brisket can handle
time in the freezer. It’s
already falling apart,
and it’s supposed to.
You can swap turnips
for daikon radish or
another hearty root
Spinach Lasagna
If you’re new to making
lasagna, this recipe
is a good starter one.
Learn the basics and
then throw in the twists
and substitutions. You
can freeze it cooked or
uncooked. If you freeze
it cooked, let it cool
down rst, and then cut
it into single servings,
placing the portions
in Ziplock bags or
If you freeze it
whole and cover it with
aluminum foil, spray
or rub oil on the foil
so it doesn’t stick to
the cheese and you
can get it off when it’s
frozen. For unbaked
versions, people often
don’t cook the noodles
beforehand to avoid
Green Curry
Besides the name sake
vegetable, you get
green beans, yellow
onion and chickpeas
in there, and the
sauce made with Thai
green curry paste
(bottled or canned...
it’s a weeknight, OK?),
coconut milk, soy
sauce, garlic and lime
juice. You might want
to use only half the
salt suggested in the
recipe, and then add
more after it’s ready, to
Beefy Macaroni
No one will complain
about this simple,
comfort food classic.
It’s like Hamburger
Helper, but from
scratch and without all
the time and effort if
you’re pulling it out of
the freezer to reheat.
There are peppers,
onions and tomatoes
in there too, so it’s not
just meat, cheese and
Easy Lentil Soup
Use any color of lentils
to make this soup that
you can adjust to your
liking. It’s got the ber,
protein and vegetables
you need, all in one
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Date Night
By Shannon Peel
Excerpt from #ThatsLife
I pull into the driveway
and park the van. My head
is throbbing with the be-
ginnings of a headache.
I lean back on the seat’s
headrest and close my
eyes. Just for a minute.
Only a minute.
My eyes shoot open.
An electric shock jolts me
awake, my heart pounds
in my chest, and I am
breathing rapidly. I feel
a wave of blood moving
through my body. I’m get-
ting light headed and diz-
zy. What the…? I turn and
my son’s face is looking
at me through the driv-
er’s side window. I put my
hand to my chest, breath
deep and push the button
to open the window.
Nothing happens.
I turn the key in the ig-
nition and put the window
“Aiden. You scared me.
“Aren’t you coming in?
You’ve been out here for
almost an hour.”
An hour? I look at the
time on the dash. It’s been
almost an hour since I
parked. The groceries! I
panic. Meat, frozen pizzas,
milk, cheese. I ick the
switch unlocking all the
locks on the van and the
back door rises up.
“Grab some groceries
and take them into the
house. Where are your
“Awwwwe, do I have
“Yes. Your sisters?”
“I don’t know. Inside.”
I grab a few bags and yell
for my three daughters to
unload the van and put
the groceries away be-
cause I’m running late.
They whine while doing it.
I don’t care.
“If you hadn’t fallen
asleep…” Aiden starts and
I just glare at him, daring
him to continue. The boy’s
not dumb, I’ll give him that.
I have to get ready. Gus
will be home soon.
I run upstairs to jump in
the shower, shave, wash
my hair, the whole nine
yards. I have less than an
hour to look gorgeous. Not
an easy feat at forty. Af-
ter twenty-two years, four
kids and an extra hundred
pounds, I am not the slim
beautiful eighteen-year-old
girl my husband married.
I know Gus still loves me.
He says my curves and
stretch marks make me
that much more real and
attractive to him. More
cushin for the pushin he
teases me and I try to be-
lieve him, I do.
My husband doesn’t
have an ounce of fat on
him, thanks to good genes
and a physical labour job
as a contractor. He even
still has most of his hair. I
see the women lingering
around him, irting with
their eyes, trying to get
my husband’s attention.
He claims never to notice
because he only has eyes
for me. Ha. I just bet he
didn’t notice when Melissa
Rempkin walked right into
him at church and then
looked up with puppy dog
“Ooops sorry Gus. You
sure are a solid one, aren’t
I could have ripped her
eyes out and I would have
too if the pastor hadn’t
walked by at that very mo-
ment. I mean, I can’t have
him thinking I’m a jealous,
violent, irrational woman,
now can I?
I get out of the shower,
look at my naked body in
the mirror and cringe. I’m
plump. Round. No, not
rounded, round. My waist
is larger than my hips
and my hips are round.
Remember in the Charlie
and the Chocolate Factory
movie, when the girl eats
the gum and becomes a
big fat round blue berry
and needs to be rolled
out by the umpa loompas.
No, not the Johnny Depp
one, the original one, the
one made before, before
I was born. The one with,
what was his name? It’s
been so long since I saw
it. Gene Something… Sim-
mons? Hackman? Oh I
don’t know.
“Mooooom.” My son’s
voice coming through the
“You forgot the nacho
cheese dip. How are we
supposed to have a movie
night without the nacho
cheese dip?”
“I don’t know. You have
to make do. Now leave
me alone or give me your
game system.”
I start getting dressed.
Nothing ts the way I
want and I hate how I
look. After trying on four
dresses and a pantsuit I
settle on a black sac of a
dress. It might as well be
a tent. My hair at least is
cooperating. I wished I’d
had time to go to the hair-
dressers this afternoon
and get it done up really
nice, but with driving the
kids around, the groceries,
getting the house cleaned
up, laundry… the list is
There, that should do it.
I dig in the bathroom clos-
et for my makeup box.
I hardly ever wear any,
there is little to no point.
I rarely go out and when
I do, no one cares what
I look like. Lack of daily
practice is making a mess
of things and I feel like
a clown. Too much eye
shadow and the lipstick is
too bright.
“Mom. Aiden is being a

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Photo from Pixabay (Gerd Altman)
little shit. You have to get
him under control.”
“Language, Alexis,
watch your language.”
I turn to see my eldest
daughter looking gorgeous
and dressed to the nines
in a blue patterned skirt
with a matching blouse
and her hair cascading
over her shoulders. She’s
nineteen and looks a lot
like I did when I married
Gus. I look at my slim
daughter with her indented
waist, perky breasts, and
Just wait I think, twenty
years and you’ll look like
“And where do you
think your going tonight?”
I ask.
“Out with Cameron.”
“Which one is Camer-
“The blonde with the
pickup truck. You know,
he goes to the University,
he’s studying to be a law-
yer one day.”
“Oh right him. What
happened to the one
who’s going to be an elec-
trician or something? I like
“Dan? I’m seeing him
tomorrow, and before you
ask, I went out with Rich-
ard last night.”
“How do you keep
them all straight? I can’t
even imagine dating more
than one man. You’re not
sleeping with them all
are you? Don’t forget you
can catch diseases and
worse they’ll think you’re
a whore and no man has
ever fallen in love with a
whore. You really should
just pick one or else peo-
ple will think you’re a slut
or something.”
She has heard me say
these things a hundred
times already and I can
see from the glazed over
look in her eyes, that she
isn’t listening. Why do I
bother? I just want her
to be happy. Not like her
Aunt Charlene or worse
Charlene’s new friend,
Lindsay. I wouldn’t worry
so much if she’d just nd
a nice boy who is like Gus
and will take care of her,
protect her. It’s a danger-
ous world for girls. It just
Rose: A stay at home mom with a supportive husband
and three teenagers to keep her busy. She lives her life for
her family and believes there is a right way to do things.
Five Women
Navigating Life in the
21st Century.
“Mom. Enough. Aiden.
That little spoiled shit you
call a favourite -.”
“I do not.”
She rolls her eyes. I hate it
when she rolls her eyes.
“Everyone knows he’s
your precious little boy
and that he’s an entitled
pain in the ass who at this
very moment, is trying to
make nacho cheese sauce
in your kitchen, with your
favourite pot. Thought you
might want to know.”
With that, she turns on her
heel, and walks out the
Trying to make nacho
cheese sauce? Oh no,
what does that mean?
I hurry downstairs. There
is my son, with cheese all
over the counter and a pot
of burning cheese on the
“Oh Aiden.”
“I wanted nacho
cheese sauce. Gerry likes
nacho cheese sauce and
I told him there would be
I grab the pot off the
red-hot stove element.
Right then, the smoke
detector goes off and Gus
walks into the kitchen.
“Ready to go on our
date honey?”
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