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festival about Gupta

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           Aloo tikki

           Spicy aloo


          and more!

      The Gupta Empire celabration

  This event is happening so we can show how the world is different. Like many other country's they are all unique. We think we should all experience a different place!

            May 17 2017  at 4:30pm to 9:00pm

               Admision fee: 4.00 per person 


                             a turtle globe

                             an india map

                             a pack of pencils`

                             and more you can buy!


    items on sale

            ancient coins


            ancient jars or cups






        Hindu providedthe upper class with religios traning.

      The gupta's built many universities throughout the empire

     Hindu doctors were especially skilled at surgery.


The paintings were often done on scrolls.
One of te most famous paintings is the ajanta cave murals
They made the paint from minerals and clay
Paintings were very popular almost every house had one.


                    paper- a place where you make your own paper

             clothing- where you make your own shirt coat ect.

                   music- will listen to their music


                 an gupta empire music album

     a how to communicate with the gupta empire

or an instrument including the guide on how to use it.


The sculptures were made of wood, bronze stone.
most statues were built to stand on their own
some sculptures were carved into walls
many sculptures portrayed human form

                   game and contest


The contest will be can tell the most facts about the gupta empire


        some games will be about india,games from india, and more!



       They wrote poetry, fables, folktales and plays.   (comedies, dramas)
Often large crowds gathered to watch the plays.
They wrote in Sanskrit.


They used roads as a trading system
The roads were designed for safety and comfort.
Ditches were dug along the road to prevent flooding.
There were signs to tell travelers they were.


There were huge mines for gold copper and iron.
The metal workers made gold and copper coins.
They were very skilled in iron working.
The coins honored gupta and the king.


They created the decimal system.
They were the first to call zero a number.
They considered that the planets were round.
They figured out that years were exactly 365.258 days long


It allowed China to trade with India, Central Asia, and the Roman Empires. Exported silk to India and Rome in order to make clothing. Traded silk to get salt, iron , and bronze for meals and armor. other goods.