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Antimony Journey

In a timeline that is different from our world there was once a rusty neighborhood with houses made of metals, streets, roads, etc… A man by name of Calvin was really into nature but his city is made of metals and he has always wished to discover trees, grass, and plants. Also Calvin’s job is being a scientist, and every day he tries to find how to make plants and trees that once lived.

One day Calvin was making his research when all of the sudden he realized he had dropped his Antimony chemical substance. When he saw he had done he rushed to the hospital and as soon as he reached the hospital he could barely walk. He crawled his way to the entrance and there is when Dr. Pyro came and helped him. 

When he woke up the next day he had extraordinary upgrades to his body. Calvin was shocked of what the doctor had done to him so he asked him “What happened to me?” So then Dr. Pyro replied “We had to upgrade your body so we could of save your life, that Antimony substance has adapted to your body so we had to make it that it doesn’t harm you.” Calvin was sobbing knowing that he couldn’t keep doing his research. And so he kept trying to be normal again, but couldn’t. Later Dr. Pyro tried to cheer him up with gifts, but Calvin was still upset and so he started to ignore everyone.

Later that night Calvin had a visit from an organization that were also scientist but researching on Antimony. Also the organization had offered Calvin to help the scientists on defeating the great evil the scientists have been dealing with. Calvin refused until he heard that he could return to his old self if he completed the task, so he agreed to the offer. His first task was to infiltrate a factory were all the bad guys have their resources hidden.

However there was major security, but that didn’t stop Calvin; so then he used his new upgrades to infiltrate. First, he used his sharpness to open an entrance. Second, Calvin used his smell that gives a life threatening disease to take down the enemies. Finally he reached the gate to the resources he needed, but it needed to charge up and so he did with his arm used as a current. But then there was another door blocking and it was made of fire. However with his Antimony powers he pass through the firewall like it was a breeze. As soon as he passed the firewall there was even more; there was a puzzle he had to solve.

 Calvin was feeling really annoyed and he was feeling hopeless, but then he remembered that he was doing this to live a normal life so with all his strength he got up and came up with some ideas. The puzzle was a bunch of Egyptian hieroglyphs and so Calvin came up with the bright idea that it could have been the eye of an Egyptian; since they used Antimony as eye makeup and paint. He had reached the resources and was feeling glad that he didn’t give up.

Calvin had returned from his long journey and when he returned to the scientist to turn in the resources. The scientists had planned a surprise for him. Calvin was walking getting near them and once he turned around the corner everyone jumped out and were congratulating him for his bravery. And as the scientists promises they gave him his normal life back and a piece of a plant as an extra. Calvin was filled with joy and happiness knowing he is able to be normal again and he is never going to forget those moments of being a hero.