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WHAT IS It s the perfect respite from the heat a rainy day diversion or a travel destination by itself PART Inside the library you ll find an extensive collection of books magazines newsletters photographs videos and audio recordings associated with social nudism s long and fascinating history Preserving this history is vital to ensuring you and future generations will always have access to the story of social nudism s development and cultural significance Why does that matter Keep reading Smithsonian Institution American Nudist Research Library Inc OPEN Mon thru Sat 1 pm 4 pm or by appointment 2950 Sun Cove Drive Kissimmee FL 34746 2773 Closed Holidays 407 933 2866 anrl anrl org anrl org Active Member of PART National Archives ANSWER The American Nudist Research Library The American ike you we believe everything is more enjoyable in the nude whether in the great outdoors with friends or at a resort or club Nudist Research Library is an independent entity We are not affiliated So much of our future lies in preserving our past Peter Westbrook with any other nudist organization Our holdings are primarily acquired from generous donors like you We are a 501 c 3 non profit corporation operated by volunteers none of whom are paid not even our Board of Directors All support fees and financial material donations are invested into the library s mission and are tax deductible PART Library of Congress BUT FOR NUDISTS In fact here s your next bucket list item Go to the library naked While on the beautiful grounds of Cypress Cove Nudist Resort check out the American Nudist Research Library

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Ensuring the Future Preservation of Social Nudism r ee i on of p Fiction written by nudist authors and or about nudist characters A wide variety of nonfiction including large collections of nude photography nude recreation including guide books and nudist history es f ro m 28 c o u ntr ies in 17 la n g u a ges lu inc din g p Es er in e ag a in az Hear the founders of American nudism in their own words Listen to a Who s Who of recent nudist leaders and activists a tm 200 Audio Recordings az Information about the men and women who pioneered social nudism is at your fingertips in our library You can gain a lot of insight from their stories methods mistakes and successes Keeping all of this enlightenment organized and available is a service we provide to help you become a more knowledgeable writer or podcaster Make Some History Attorneys lobbyists legislators academics researchers teachers anyone looking for accurate details about social nudism s history for their work will find the American Nudist Research Library invaluable There is literally nowhere else you can go on the planet and find this much information about nudism under one roof We want future generations to have this same advantage es Promotional videos documentaries travelogues club activities Cypress Cove Performers and family videos of nude vacations D The complete case The files for Topfree Seven winning court case allowing women to go topless in NY anywhere Files on other US legal cases involving clubs hot springs free beaches and more 950 Videos g ie S ch n h eit 1911 Legal Case Files o ter s News let M 1 000 Nudist Related Books M It s another reason preserving this material is so important rt PR and marketing news articles memorabilia from organizations clubs and free beach groups both historic active 00 We don t give legal advice but we often have relevant information you won t find anywhere else li s h A 1 000 Club Files 0 12 The library has provided relevant material to help defendants strengthen their court cases u a om around the wo on s f r i rld t a z ni Individuals and clubs sometimes face legal disputes like divorces and zoning hearings cl org in E ng If you write a blog or have a podcast about nudism you know changing the public s perception isn t easy 22 19 e Take Your Best Shot i ng bs ine in Collecting this material for you matters h d ar O ldest ma gaz az Let your imagination run wild from thermal springs in the USA s wild west to sparkling beaches in Croatia to snowshoeing in the French Alps ic Un w ge it te Open Their Minds ag We have travel guides maps club newsletters and other information resources to help you find your next naked adventure Oldest book Die Na ck t he it b yR 7 000 The world is full of great places and ways to get your nude on 907 1 r nt Spread Your Wings TAKING A CL SER LOOK O ld REMEMBER THE FUTURE

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