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Annual Report FY 2022

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Annual Report FY 2022

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Director s Letter While calling a fiscal year end report an Annual Report is common practice for most non profit organizations I am tempted to call our 2022 report a Celebration Report We have so much to celebrate and be thankful for thanks to the tremendous generosity support and loyalty of the Timanous family as well as the continued success of our beloved camp glorious past I offer a heartfelt thank you to all who made 2022 from camp to the reunion to the honoring of Suitor family leadership a year worth celebrating Thank you for your enduring support Summer 2022 was a joyous summer and cause for great celebration as our daily camp lives moved much closer to normal free from the most stringent of COVID 19 interventions from 2021 The barn was once again full with our entire camp eating meals together We welcomed friends and families to camp once more to attend Council Fire and Chapel and to visit their campers and walk the bunkline The Timanous spirit was strong Further affirming our return to close to normal operations was our 105th The Hundy Five Anniversary Celebration and Alumni Reunion immediately after camp closed from August 13 15 Over 130 alumni returned to camp for a festive weekend in celebration of lasting friendships and a deep connection to our beautiful camp on Panther Pond For many in attendance the highlight of the weekend was the recognition of 75 years of Suitor Family leadership of Timanous through the dedication and renaming of our ballfield as Suitor Field Almost everyone who donated to Timanous in the past year and who is reading this report knows how much the leadership of the Suitor family means to Timanous We celebrate Dave and Linda for their visionary leadership in transforming Timanous to the successful nonprofit organization of today as highlighted by this report While the numbers displayed here tell one part of our story we know they are a reflection of the ways Timanous stays relevant in our lives through the experiences of our campers today the enthusiasm for our vibrant future and our PAGE 2 Garth Altenburg Director

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Chair s Letter Dear Timanous Family The 105th year of Camp Timanous was an amazing and satisfying season by virtually any measurement First we continued our historic standard of a completely full roster of campers and a full stable of veteran counselors This does not surprise anyone but it is a welcome attribute of our organization Eighty five percent of our boys returned from the previous year Our 65 staff members averaged eight years at camp and altogether represented 499 summers on Panther Pond These extraordinary numbers are a reflection of the excellence of our people and our program Second the robust nature of our enrollment combined with regular annual giving from every sector of our community meant that we concluded our fiscal year with a very strong balance sheet as further described in the enclosed Treasurer s letter Third although COVID made an appearance due to the incredible spirit of campers and staff alike it did not meaningfully alter the reach or success of our programs We sent out 17 camping trips and staged 16 special events on campus Campers achieved 102 archery awards 175 riflery awards 22 sailing awards and 77 swimming awards Eighteen boys were designated Polar Bears for dipping every morning of the summer And in our camper run honorary organizations seven Voyagers and 22 Woodsmen were recognized Fourth the enthusiasm of the whole community was extraordinary perhaps owing to the combined sense of both relief and relaxation that has followed in the wake of having our lives altered so much by the pandemic Being together at Timanous was especially welcome because it felt like a measure of rightful normalcy had been restored Finally our after camp reunion celebrating 105 years of Timanous camping was the capstone to an excellent summer Here s to the HUNDY 5 It seems as if we ve fully regained our rhythm in a very Timanous like way through resilience collaboration and mutual respect As always for all these things we give thanks Craig MacDonnell Board Chair Board of Trustees Kelly Dietel Vinny Dotoli Fred Hollister Bill Leece Treasurer Craig MacDonnell Chair Will Mayer Secretary Dave McElhinny Trustee Emeritus Jeanette Michael Tim Morningstar Michael Prior Dave Suitor Linda Suitor Kara Van Norden Alan Washington Bruce Wimberly Garth Altenburg Ex Officio PAGE 3

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SANDY TATTERSALL FUND With our growing campership program a broader community of boys will be able to gain from the Timanous experience The income from the Sandy Tattersall Fund campership endowment will play a key role in expanding access to Timanous by providing campership aid in perpetuity We are forever grateful for the endowment s founding gift and continued support from the Samuel C Tattersall Fund of the Maine Community Foundation It is incredibly meaningful to know that we are not only carrying out a mission that meant so much to Sandy but also that his impact lives on in yet another profound way at Timanous ANNUAL CAMPERSHIP FUND Timanous is on a path toward creating a strong culture of philanthropy through recurring support toward camperships Each year we will have a critical need to fully fund financial aid commitments to returning campers as well as new families introduced to Timanous through this program The funds raised in the final phase of the campaign allowed 29 boys to come to camp in 2022 and will help support even more through pledge commitments for upcoming summers TIMANOUS FUND This unrestricted fund for camp s financial security was instrumental in helping Timanous successfully weather our 2020 closure We sought to rebuild and further add to this fund in order to guard against unforeseen challenges and finance pressing capital projects Continuing to grow our financial resilience will play a key role in ensuring camp continues to thrive for its next 100 years PAGE 4

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Report of Donors This Annual Report reflects all donors who gave to Austin and Sarah Bramwell Sharon and Sam Chaplin the Timanous Foundation from September 1 2021 John B Branson David Chidsey through August 31 2022 FY 2022 We are Bill and Susan Breidenstine Livy Coe Laurie and Bill Brennan Jake and Sally Congleton Bebe and Doug Broadwater Jake Cooley Alex Bryan Kate Culbertson in memory of Jack Culbertson grateful for your support and abiding Timanous spirit Bill and Cynthia Allen in memory of Rob Hollis Annie Allen and Julie Allen Armstrong in memory of Rob Hollis Bruce Carroll Will Carroll Henry Carroll Garth and Heather Altenburg Liz Carroll The Alvarez Hibbs Family Alan Carroll Kirby Culbertson in memory of Jack Culbertson Katharine Culbertson Prentice in memory of Jack Culbertson The Alwang Family Jake Culbertson in memory of Jack Culbertson Mac Andrews Jack Cutler Anonymous in memory of Jack Culbertson Jr Jeremy Cutler Jon and Lauri Arnold Matthew Dapas Jack Barclay Julie and Duane Darienzo George Barson Kelly and Rob Dietel Alex Benik in memory of Rob Hollis Thomas Bergreen Dennis and Barbara Dobbyn in memory of Rob Hollis Peter Bopp Digger and Susan Donahue Bob Bradley in honor of Fred Barnes Good stuff amigo Pete Donovan in memory of Peter Downey The Danforth Family PAGE 5

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Report of Donors cont Archie Douglas Chris and Jacqueline Hasty in memory of Rob Hollis Dick and Susan Howlett in memory of Rob Hollis Robert W Easton in memory of Edward Easton III Kevin and Ellen Hayes Dave Hubbard Mike Hazard Dan Hubbard Steve Engel Rollin Ives Daniel and Ann Fisher Hazard Family Foundation in honor of Mike Hazard Alex Fritzche Merrit Heminway Terry Keith The Ganger Family Dave Henahan Robert Keller David Geis Michael Henahan Chris and Vonda Kelsey Martha Tattersall Giancola and Paul Giancola John Chiz Hoffman James Margaret Kennerly Charitable Trust Teresa Gomez Douglas R Honnold Tom Klingenstein Jeffrey and Emily Goodwin The Howell Vieira Family Fund at The Chicago Community Foundation The Kyriakakis Family Bruce and Madeline Droz Mike Goodwin P J Goss Jim Grover Brooke Hagerman in memory of David Hagerman Boe Hamilton Andrew Allison Hamm in honor of Alex Hamm Gregg Renfrew and Mark Hancock The Hansen Family Warren Harthorne PAGE 6 Edward R Johnson

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Report of Donors cont Martha Land and Laurence Greenberg Sandy Martin Michele Oh and Nick Post Mrs Sandy Larkin in honor of Casey Larkin Nan and Ben Mason Sarah and Peter O Keefe Luis Massiani and Maria Dominguez Rika and Taito Okiura David Larkin Will and Mary Mayer Kitty Paiste Law Family April and Dave McElhinny James Patton Jennifer Leachko Wilson McElhinny Grant Pennoyer Bill Leece and Kate Higgins Patty and Leo McKinney Bill and Alice Lehmann Alan McLean Penobscot Financial Advisors in honor of Sam Chaplin The Lemon Foundation Ashley Lemon Shaw Dr Fred Meine Nan Poor Dustin Michel Tom Poor Bing Leverich Tim and Monnie Levine Nick Leyden Rick Low Kirsten Lundberg and Alex Beam Holland and K C Lynch Craig and Lisa MacDonnell Patrick and Deborah Madden Steve and Sue Mandel Betsy Ned Mollie and Ned Mandel in honor of Bill Leece Fred Hollister and Dick Howlett John and Candace Marsellus William and Carolyn Miller Jill and Michael Millis Charlie and Toby Milner Kate Angelo and Francois Mobasser Jaime Perez Montes Faith and Richard Morningstar Liz and Tim Morningstar Pete Morningstar Brooks and Kristin Motley Jessica Nagle Marina Niceta and Gustavo Palazzi Mark E Noonan PAGE 7

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Report of Donors cont Charlie Potts and Lindy Lyman Dave and Linda Suitor Aidan Prior Michael and Lauren Prior Dave and Linda Suitor in memory of Rob Hollis Ross Rankin Christine Surette and David Ornstein Cory A Waters Susie and Jim Reeks Peg Tattersall David Waters Honcu David Reid Samuel C Tattersall Fund of the Maine Community Foundation David Wheeler James Temple Harry and Marion Whelpley Joe Tessler and Sophia Shah Stephanie and Ryan Whelpley Lew Rumford Tom and Sally Tindall Dave Whitcraft Al Ryter Town Fair Tire Foundation Barbie and Bill Williams Harry Saunders Tom and Deanne Urmy Tom and Nancy Williams The Sawyers Family Kara and Tad Van Norden Robert Windsor Jill and Denman Scott BVO and Lill in memory of Rob Hollis Jim Winninghoff and Anne Derome Diana Roland and Samuel Reynolds William and Patricia Roland in memory of Rob Hollis Barbara W Secor Ashley Share and Greg Jakubowsky Susan and Sandy Sierck Andy Sims Nathanael Sprague Robert Stevens Quentin Q Stockwell Steve Strachan PAGE 8 Bill BVO and Lill Van Order Louise and Davis Van Winkle Mark and Quincy Van Winkle Alexander and Martha von Uckermann Susan Walcott in memory of Jim Walcott Polly Wall Jim Ware in memory of Rob Hollis Alan Washington Sandy and Maynard Wheeler Peter and Jo Ziesing

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Legacy Gifts to Timanous The Timanous Foundation is able to accommodate planned gifts and all are welcome We are very grateful to those who have made provision for Timanous in their estate plans Jon and Lauri Arnold April and Dave McElhinny Craig and Lisa MacDonnell Robert Simmons Andy Sims David B Sharpe Peter Bopp John Branson Fred Hollister and Carol Gray Bill Leece and Kate Higgins Fred and Erin Lehmann PAGE 9

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Treasurer s Letter I m happy to report that once again Camp Timanous remains in a very strong financial position as of the close of our fiscal year ending August 31 2022 Despite serious declines in both the stock and bond markets Timanous continues to be well capitalized Total assets including cash and investments were just over 8 5 million an increase of over 300 000 from last year This was primarily the result of gifts received during the year from members of our very generous Timanous family Donations were made to the Annual Campership Timanous and Tattersall Funds as well as a new unrestricted giving category titled Where It s Needed Most Donations into this category totaled 53 000 with 10 000 designated for camperships and the balance remaining unrestricted This was decided by a vote of the Board of Trustees Tuition assistance to our Campership program was provided via the Annual Campership Fund and a draw from the Sandy Tattersall Fund Finally long term debt includes a 500 000 SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan EIDL which is a 30 year loan carrying an interest rate of 2 75 Our ratio of current assets to liabilities remains very healthy The Board of Trustees gave its approval to have an audit of our financial statements performed by the accounting firm Baker Newman Noyes of Portland Maine I am pleased to report that once again we received an unqualified opinion Our 2021 and 2022 financial statements are included in this report We continue to maintain our two investment accounts managed by MAI Capital Management The Sandy Tattersall Fund is an endowment for camperships and the Timanous Fund is an unrestricted fund for capital improvements and contingencies Due to a rapid rise in inflation expectations not seen since the 80 s the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates significantly this year resulting in considerable losses for both stocks and bonds Domestic and international stocks declined approximately 20 and 25 respectively and bonds normally a safe haven when stocks decline lost 12 The Timanous and Tattersall Funds had an allocation of 65 stocks and 35 bonds and bond equivalents during most of our fiscal year We continue to favor a mix of mutual funds and low cost exchange traded funds For our fiscal year ending August 31 2022 the combined net 12 month return was 13 6 A benchmark return implied by a segmented blend of 65 stocks and 35 bonds returned 14 3 These last few years have been difficult ones with Covid and the recent severe volatility in the financial markets As Craig mentioned in his letter Timanous continues to thrive through its resilience and collaboration A sincere thanks goes out to everyone in the Timanous family for making this possible Happy New Year Bill Leece Treasurer PAGE 10

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TIMANOUS FOUNDATION STATEMENTS OF FINANCIAL POSITION Audited Financial Statements Years Ended August 31 2022 and 2021 2022 Assets Cash and Investments Accounts Receivable and Prepaid Expenses Pledges Receivable Fixed Assets net of accumulated depreciation Total Assets Liabilities and Net Assets Liabilities Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses Deferred Revenue Long term debt Total Liabilities Net Assets Without donor restrictions Board designated endowment With donor restrictions Total Net Assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets TIMANOUS FOUNDATION STATEMENTS OF ACTIVITIES Audited Financial Statements Years Ended August 31 2022 and 2021 2021 5 074 826 24 385 537 690 2 893 023 8 529 924 3 896 909 43 326 1 361 500 2 898 005 8 199 740 92 118 5 000 500 000 597 118 83 058 23 685 409 657 516 400 5 306 926 114 375 2 511 505 7 932 806 8 529 924 4 805 483 129 874 2 747 983 7 683 340 8 199 740 2022 Program Income Tuition net Other Total Program Income Expenses Program Management and General Fundraising Total Expenses Operating Income Other Income loss Donations Grant Income Investment income net Other income net Total Other Income Change in Net Assets 2021 1 295 959 34 557 1 330 516 1 310 477 17 939 1 328 416 949 147 311 220 52 649 1 313 016 876 497 264 782 175 046 1 316 325 17 500 12 091 423 799 279 257 477 094 6 004 231 966 249 466 2 699 373 299 469 430 533 0 3 429 375 3 441 466 Board designated endowment is without donor restrictions The Timanous Foundation dba Camp Timanous is a recognized 501 c 3 nonprofit organization PAGE 11

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Non Profit Org U S Postage 2023 CAMP SEASON Opening Day Thursday June 22 1st Session Ends Saturday July 15 2nd Session Begins Monday July 17 Closing Day Wednesday August 9 PAID Portland ME Permit No 218 PO Box 2886 South Portland ME 04116