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11Annual Report2020 - 2021

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2INTRODUCTIONEXECUTIVE SUMMARYOUR COLLABORATORSOUR PROGRAMMEIntroduction: ere is Beauty in this JourneySanctuary and CultureCONTESTED DESIRESINTERNATIONAL CONSULTANCY AND EXPERTISED6:EUMANAGEMENT, GOVERNANCE AND STAFFINGD6 Sta and BoardD6 Associate ArtistsD6 Volunteers2020 - 2021 in NumbersOur Programme in NumbersOur Organisation in NumbersLOOKING TO THE FUTUREFUNDERS AND SUPPORTERS346779111416171717171818192021CONTENTS

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3CHAIR’S INTRODUCTIONe pandemic has proved challenging for everyone, and fororganisations of all kinds it has been a test of the resilience andexibility of the sta. As Chair of D6: Culture in Transit, I have beenimmensely proud of the way the whole D6 team has adapted to thesituation, moving seamlessly to digital working, and turning theircollective energy towards local projects, when some other activitieshave had to be postponed. It is deeply impressive that despiterestrictions, the team, working with valued volunteers, still managedto complete the creation of the Studio of Sanctuary, converting anunused oce into a welcoming meeting and studio space by March2021.During this period, the Board also welcomed new Trustees TaniaMahmoud, Radha Sharma, Lucy Latham and Dave Pritchard,providing much valued expertise in international working,governance, marketing and sustainability. We also bid farewell to ourBoard member and former Chair Stella Hall, although she continuesas a founding Board member of our new sister company D6:EU.Despite the necessary postponement of some of our internationalwork, we have continued tour involvement in regional initiativesconcerning international working, as well as continued and growingcontact with networks across Europe, and involvement indiscussions at a national level regarding the post-Brexit situation forartists and organisations.Volunteer Amy Golding (Curious Monkey eatre) packing food to distribute aspart of Md’s A Lile Help Food Bank, Sanctuary and Culture, Photo: Ma PickeringVolunteer Amy Golding (Curious Monkey eatre) packing food to distribute aspart of Md’s A Lile Help Food Bank, Sanctuary and Culture, Photo: Ma PickeringINTRODUCTION2020-2021 has also seen the company benet om the start of anew four year funding agreement with the Paul Hamlyn Foundation,as well as our continued positive relationship with Arts CouncilEngland, the Newcastle Cultural Investment Fund and a range ofother valued supporters. We look forward now to an exciting periodahead, strengthened by our experiences over the past year.Ros Rigby OBE, Chair.Volunteers Fran, Mohamad and Claudia renovating the new D6 studio communalkitchen and meeting space, Sanctuary and Culture. Image: Clymene Christoforou

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4DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT2020-2021 has been a year of adapting to the circumstancesbrought about through the COVID-19 pandemic. It impacted thedelivery of our international project CONTESTED DESIRES, and twointernational artist residencies and an exhibition in the UK werepostponed; alongside a residency in Barcelona for one of D6’s UKartists in February 2021 and exhibition.In March 2021, Partner Meetings and Capacity Building workshopstook place online, and we delivered additional digital labs and aremote artistic residency. However, aer several delays, anemergency meeting was held between partners and CONTESTEDDESIRES was extended by 12-months until December 2022.Unable to deliver much of our international programme, we turnedour aention to the needs of those at risk in our city. From Marchthrough to July 2020, with volunteers we supported a temporaryfood bank serving individuals and families seeking asylum with norecourse to public funds or facing food poverty in Newcastle andGateshead.Following this, D6 secured emergency funding om the Paul HamlynFoundation to extend this initiative to a monthly service betweenAugust to December 2020. With volunteer support and incollaboration with Curious Monkey eatre, we shopped for, packedand delivered food parcels to around 45 newly arrived individualsand families seeking asylum and made clothing donations to theVolunteer Amy Golding om Curious Monkey eatre packing food parcel forA Lile HelpFood Bank, Sanctuary and Culture. Image: Ma PickeringEXECUTIVE SUMMARY

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5West End Refugee Service to distribute to clients with no recourse topublic funds.During this period we extended our residency programme to includeSanctuary and Culture, a strand to support artists arriving in ourregion as refugees or seeking asylum. e conversion of an ocespace to a new studio was due to begin in April 2020 and launch tocoincide with Refugee Week 2020. However, the renovation waseventually completed by a team of extraordinary volunteers atmoments when lockdowns eased, completing in March 2021.In March 2020, we approached Sadia Sikandar, a young artist ofPakistani heritage currently seeking asylum in the city to oer her aresidency. Although we were unable to host her in our space, weproceeded with an online residency om November 2020 to January2021 and a digital presentation of her work, using digital plaormMural in February 2021.Towards the end of 2020 the Migration and Asylum team atNewcastle City Council contacted D6 to refer a newly arrived artist.is led us to create a new materials bursary programme to supportup to four artists a year as part of the wider Sanctuary and Cultureprogramme. e rst bursary was awarded in December 2020.In January 2021, we formed an Associate Artists Group of six artistsand their rst meeting took place online in March 2021 with aroundtable of introductions to practice. In February 2021, D6released an open call for an artist/ illustrator/ designer to produce aseries of illustrations, animated GIFs and graphic design materials tointernationally reect our values and artistic programme.EXECUTIVE SUMMARYFor much of the year our sta worked remotely, with only occasionaloce visit when restrictions were eased. All our board meetingsthroughout the year also moved online.With the UK leaving the EU in December 2020, we shored up ourengagement in international and European Networks at home andabroad by seing up D6:EU a sister NGO on 8th April 2020 based inCyprus to pursue European opportunities and collaborations.Clymene Christoforou, DirectorArtist Dima Karout in Residence at the D6 Studio, Image: Ma Pickering

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6ARTISTS AND PARTNERSASSOCIATE ARTISTSHenna AsikainenAkeelah BertramDima KaroutNicola SinghDominic SmithDegna StoneCONTESTED DESIRESPartnersECCOMXarkisLACLa BonneFresh MilkArtistsAkeelah BertramNicola SinghStelios KallinikouDimitris ChimonasMarcio CarvalhoSara Baga De Sousa CorreiaMónica RikićAnna Carreras SalesKia RedmanSally PilkingtonSANCTUARY AND CULTUREPartnersWest End Refugee ServiceCurious Monkey eatreResidency ArtistsSadia SikandarDima KaroutMaterials Bursary RecipientMohsen SheinighanbariDigital CuratorDominic SmithVolunteers across programmeMd HamidGraham RobinsonMehrshad ChamanfarMohamadFran KeayClaudia SacherMarek Gabryscheresa PoultonMohaned FKaren TraynorAmy GoldingCarol BellYusefIsmet IsyanikAli SahinPaul MaughanSimon NorthropRichard BroderickPHD RESEARCHERSPartnerSunderland UniversityResearchersCatrina UreBruce GilchristACCELERATORPartnersJulie’s BicycleBALTIC Centre forContemporary ArtOUR COLLABORATORSArtist Film and VideoProgrammeLara SousaElena MolinaMia GeorgisMairead McCleanHussina RajaNatalia SkobeevaWriter and PodcasterDegna StoneDigital CuratorDominic SmithTHERE IS BEAUTY IN THISJOURNEYPartnersEast Durham Createse National TrustArtistHenna AsikainenIllustratorsRanya AbdulateefDan Nelson

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7OUR PROGRAMME:There is Beauty in this Journeyere is Beauty in this Journeyseeks to redress the sensationalismand bias around migration stories, aspiring towards a shared, richand responsive exploration of Newcastle and beyond. isprogramme aims to reclaim the positive and too oen concealednarratives around migration, diversity and cultural heritage. eseare narratives and experiences are inextricably connected andcomplex but increasingly used to divide neighbours, communitiesand regions.ere is Beauty in this Journeydraws out both theknown and unknown historical and contemporary constructs thatlead to misrepresentation and misinformation.rough a high-quality programme of artist-led engagement in theNorth East of England and Internationally,ere is Beauty in thisJourneysupports the research, development and exchange of ideas.It looks for new opportunities for cross-sector collaboration andshared learning.ere is Beauty in this Journeyserves as a plaormfor new processes, practice and partnerships to grow in times ofextraordinary political change and transition.

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D6 ASSOCIATE ARTISTSIn February we were delighted to conrm our rst Artist Associates cohort: HennaAsikainen (Artist, NE), Akeelah Bertram (Artist, Y&H), Dima Karout (Artist, London), NicolaSingh (Artist, NE and Y&H), Dominic Smith (Artist and Curator, NE) and Degna Stone(Writer, NE).e amework for the Associates group is open, exploratory and outward looking. Acrossa two-year period, it is an opportunity to think eely and oer a creative space that looksboth deeply and tangentially around the intersection of D6’s programme themes, ethicsof engagement and a diverse range of practices.In order to interrogate what D6 is doing and should be doing, we will invite the Associatesto enter into honest discussions and actions that are mutually benecial across ourshared professional development, emotional wellbeing and connectivity as artists andproducers. e rst Artist Associates meeting took place on 15th March.ILLUSTRATION COMMISSIOND6 released an open call for an artist,illustrator or designer to produce aseries of illustrations, animated GIFs andgraphic design materials tointernationally reect our values andartistic programme.is responded to a need across theprogramme for more visual material topromote programme in-development,or where we are not able to publiclyshare imagery of individuals taking partin our activities.e commissioning process included arst stage, where we paid a fee toNewcastle-based Sally Pilkington,Wakeeld-based Ranya Abdulateef andManchester-based Dan Nelson to workup initial designs. e nal commissionwas awarded to Dan Nelson.JULY - AUGUST 2020FUTURES PAST: HENNA ASIKAINEN,ONLINE WORKSHOPS IN EAST DURHAMIn 2019, D6 developed a long-termprogramme with artist Henna Asikainento extend her socially engaged practiceacross communities and landscapesom the Durham Heritage Coast toHadrian’s Wall om Spring 2020 untilSpring 2021.With planned activity postponed to late2021, Henna delivered a short andinformal digital programme with twoparticipant groups residing in EastDurham - the rst representing threereseled refugee families om Iran andSyria, the second reseled residentsom the NE region and UK.Developing informal conversations andsharing information facilitated throughWhatsApp and a private Facebookgroup, followed by eight onlineworkshops, Henna nurtured exploratoryconversations inspired by nature,heritage and culture.MARCH 2021MARCH 2021 - PRESENT

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9Sanctuary and Culture is a new programme led by D6, working towardsthe development of an equitable and sustainable arts sector, withartists and cultural practitioners who are refugees or seeking asylum.Deepening knowledge and understanding of the systemic immigrationchallenges and associated issues that impact upon artists and culturalpractitioners with lived experience of displacement is vital.Sanctuary and Culture is a safe, welcoming and creative environmentwhich artists can access through residencies that oer space forcreativity, peer support and professional development.e programme will also develop a North East network for exploratoryconversations focusing on learning, listening and understanding tobespoke training oered by a range of experts across the arts andrefugee sector.rough this programme we seek to action the necessary step changetowards a regional cultural sector that is equitable, representative andresponsive to the needs of a diverse range of artists and culturalpractitioners.OUR PROGRAMME:Sanctuary and CultureFEBRUARY 2020 - FEBRUARY 2025

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D6 STUDIO RENOVATIONIn February 2020 we launched aCrowdfunder UK campaign to createNewcastle's rst Studio of Sanctuary, aspace in the city centre welcomingartists who are refugees or seekingasylum, raising £5,550 thanks to manygenerous donors.Working between lockdowns, a team ofdedicated volunteers gave over 350hours of their time to transform theformer oce into a bright, functionaland welcoming studio. e studiocreates a central location for Sanctuaryand Culture, oering artists theopportunity to research their ideas,make work and make connections tothe cultural life of this city and beyond.It hosts two dedicated studios and acommunal kitchen area to meet,network and host small workshops.MERAKI: SADIA SIKANDAR RESIDENCYVisual artist Sadia Sikandar became ourrst Artist in Residence. With D6, shedeveloped a new body of work inprogress, informed by her personaljourney and unique experiencesnavigating the hostile and complexasylum system alone in the UK.“When you are facing a lot of trauma inyour life and you don’t nd anyone byyour side who can understand yourpain, it can kill you inside every day. Inthose moments I pick nature to heal mywounds. It oers serenity and peace.”-Sadia SikandarSadia’s residency began remotely, andshe continued her developing practicein the D6 studio in summer 2021. Shedeveloped Meraki, a digital presentationof her work in progress with supportom D6’s Associate Digital Curator,Dominic Smith. Sadia will present thiswork for Counterpoints Arts’ RefugeeWeek Slow Conference, March 2021 andEKO Magazine, June 2021.MARCH - DECEMBER 2020OCTOBER 2020 - PRESENTMD’S LITTLE HELP FOOD BANK -TRANSITION PHASEFrom March, D6 made a number ofdonations and volunteered time to atemporary volunteer run food bankserving individuals and families seekingasylum in Newcastle and Gatesheadinitiated and led by Md Hamid (D6Volunteer, Law student and activistcurrently seeking asylum) in response toCOVID-19. We secured emergencyfunding om the Paul HamlynFoundation to extend this initiative andprovide a monthly service betweenAugust-December 2020 to clients withno recourse to public funds.With the support of 118 volunteer hoursand in collaboration with CuriousMonkey eatre, we shopped, packedand delivered food and sanitary parcelsto 121 individuals and 89 families, withan additional donation of new winterclothing purchased for the West EndRefugee Service to distribute. e foodbank revealed challenges relating to thehostility and complexity of theimmigration system, access to foodbank provision and safeguarding in thecontext of the pandemic.MARCH 2020 - MARCH 2021ART MATERIALS BURSARY SCHEMEIn December, Newcastle City Council’sMigration and Asylum team contactedD6 to ask where an artist could seeksupport towards his practice. isreferral came via Action Foundation andled us to create a light-touch scheme tosupport up to four artists a year with amaterials budget of £150 to continuetheir practice. Mohsen Sheinighanbariwas our rst supported artist.NETWORK TRAINING DEVELOPMENTWORKSHOPOn 4 December, we hosted anexploratory workshop facilitated byHannah Barnes (Director, West EndRefugee Service - WERS). Participantsincluded D6 sta and Chair Ros Rigby,sta om Curious Monkey eatre andartists Henna Asikainen and SadiaSikandar. Participants were introducedto WERS and dened training areas theyfelt were required for cultural sectorworkers and artists with livedexperience of displacement. A bespoketraining programme developed withWERS will take place in summer 2021.DECEMBER 2020

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OUR PROGRAMME:CONTESTED DESIRESSEPTEMBER 2019 - DECEMBER 2022Across the world, 2020 saw protests calling for equality for all citizens, for urgent reappraisal of ourrelationships with each other and for the way in which our histories are edited and our heritage ispresented. Although these demands are not new, the restrictions of a global pandemic created theconditions for the world to sit with and begin to process the current and historic injustices rooted inour colonial legacies. From the removal of historic statues and proposals for new memorials, todemands for educational reform, we are rightly calling into question the connection between the pastand the present, interrogating the ways that national identities are craed. It is within this context,under the titleCraing Nations, that D6 delivered its’ 2020 programme for CONTESTED DESIRES.CONTESTED DESIRES is a transnational capacity building programme for artists and producersengaging with communities and heritage spaces, digging deep to explore, reveal and question thelinks between our colonising ancestors and our culture today. Led by D6 and supported by CreativeEurope, it connects cultural organisations across the global north and south: La Bonne (Spain), LAC(Portugal), Xarkis (Cyprus) and Fresh Milk (Barbados) and heritage experts ECCOM (Italy).Beginning in September 2019 as the international element ofere is Beauty in this Journey,weselected North UK based artists Nicola Singh and Akeelah Bertram as the 2 UK artists participating inthe project. 2020 would have seen North East UK host a major public conference, followed by a jointartist residency and exhibition of work in progress in partnership with the National Trust. Withinternational travel disrupted, we decided swily in May 2020 to extend the programme untilSeptember 2022, with live activity in the UK activity postponed until the following year. D6 deliveredinstead across summer 2020 a responsive programme of capacity building webinars and reectivepodcasts on the theme ofCraing Nations, and a series of digital training webinars and productions.

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DIGITAL TRAINING AND PRODUCTIONWith the movement of the programmeonline, we brought forward andextended the CONTESTED DESIRESdigital strand.We delivered three group trainingwebinars for the whole CONTESTEDDESIRES cohort on 3 June, 14 July, and21 July 2020. We then supportedfurther digital training and productionfor the three artists who undertooktheir residency in Lagos to develop adigital presentation of their work, withsupport om D6’s Associate DigitalCurator Dominic Smith.ARTIST FILM AND VIDEO PROGRAMMEONLINE LAUNCHIn parallel to the artist residencyprogramme, we invited a globalresponse to the themes of CONTESTEDDESIRES om lmmakers who identias women.is call drew in over 150 submissions,and the partnership curated aprogramme of 6 videos om artists inMozambique, Russia, Ireland, Kashmir,Spain and the UK. With thepostponement of planned CONTESTEDDESIRES exhibitions, our rich, powerfuland beautiful programme of short lmslaunched online in June 2020.CRAFTING NATIONS WEBINARS: CAPACITY BUILDING WORKSHOP 2, UKCraing Nations was the second capacity building theme of CONTESTED DESIRES.Originally due to take place in Newcastle, this workshop was redesigned as threewebinars for the project’s artists and producers.Designed and facilitated by Cristina da Milano (ECCOM) and François Matarasso, CraingNations focused on the role of heritage in the political, cultural and economic craing ofnations. Speakers included Tiger de Souza (Volunteering, Participation and InclusionDirector, National Trust), Sajida Carr (Director of Operations and Development, CreativeBlack Country), Sadie Young (Director) and Jacquie Aitken (Digital Heritage Curator) omTimespan and Annalee Davis (Visual Artist, Cultural Instigator, Educator and Writer).Each webinar had a specic focus bringing into dialogue the role of institutions;dismantling and reconstructing heritage narratives within the context of nationalism;shared responsibility and the autonomy of the artist; and the relationship betweencolonialism and racism.e webinars were observed by North East based writer, Degna Stone, who producedthree critical texts and podcasts (Craing Nations: e Need for Radical Change; CraingNations: e Need for Radical Common Sense and Craing Nations: e Need for RadicalUnderstanding), which launched online to a wider online audience in November.JUNE 2020 JUNE 2020 - FEBRUARY 2021JUNE - SEPTEMBER 2020

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DIGITAL COMMISSIONS LAUNCH:AKEELAH BERTRAM, ANNA CARRERAS,STELIOS KALLINIKOUOn 19 March, we launched three newdigital commissions. From February toMarch 2020, artists Akeelah Bertram(UK), Anna Carreras (Spain) and SteliosKallinikou (Cyprus) undertook a month-long residency at the LAC studios inLagos, Portugal. e residency reectedon the colonial legacies of Lagos andhow we, as artists, activists and citizensengage with the past that has createdthe world in which we live. esedigital commissions draw on the artists’experiences in Lagos and the workthey produced, and can be viewedhere:(Dearly) Beloved, Akeelah BertramAugust Sorrow, Stelios KallinikouRugas da História Fendas na Paisagem,Anna CarrerasCOLONIALISM AND GENDER WEBINARS:CAPACITY BUILDING WORKSHOP 3,BARCELONAOriginally due to take place inBarcelona, our partner LaBonneproduced 4 online capacity buildingworkshops between 2 to 5 February2021. As a cultural organisation with afeminist focus, laBonne’s workshopscentred on the relationships betweengender and colonialism, presenting rsthand perspectives of feminism and itsrelation to racism, colonialism,migration and discrimination.Following an introductory session ledby lmmaker Sally Fenaux, eachworkshop began with a recordedconversation between two experts,which included historian Karo MoretMiranda, documentary lm producer,Aida Esther Bueno Sarduy, activist,Karina Fulladosa-Leal, historian, IsabelSegura Soriano, Spanish sociologist andtrans activist Miquel MisséÌ, andresearcher and psychologist MariselaMontenegro. ese recordedconversations launched onlinefollowing the sessions.REMOTE ARTIST RESIDENCY: NICOLASINGHFollowing the online workshop inBarcelona, a remote digital artisticresidency took place for UK artist NicolaSingh, which enabled the production ofnew work-in-progress.Nicola produced a short performanceto camera, in advance of her fullresidency alongside Kia Redman andSara Baga in Barcelona in February2022.FEBRUARY 2021 MARCH 2021

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14CONSULTANCY AND EXPERTISEPILOT CITIES - Expert advisorsExperts for UCLG and Culture Action Europe advising European Citieson culture in sustainable development.NORTH EAST CULTURAL PARTNERSHIP - webinar presentations:July 2020 - inking International Conference . Clymene presented aEuropean perspective on culture in sustainable development.January 2021 - Shiing Cultures: Annual Forum 2021. Andreapresented on the panel Leadership in a Changing Landscape.BRITISH COUNCIL - webinar presentations:July 2020 - Creative Europe training to new beneciariesOct 2020 - Creative Europe training, 3rdcountry partnershipsNov 2020 - Creative Europe training, 3rdcountry nancesNov 2020 - Creative Europe training, Alternative Business ModelsDec 2020 - Creative Europe, case study for legacy campaignApril 2021 - High-level round table young people/internationalismJULIE’S BICYCLECharity supporting the cultural sector’s environmental sustainability:March 2020 - September 2021 - Accelerator Programme with BALTICas partners, addressing sustainability in international exchange.April 2021 - Creative Climate : Regenerative and Waste-eeNewcastle University - WOR CULTURE webinar presentationsFebruary 2021 - What does it mean to be international now?Clymene presented the value of international workingApril 2021 - No Culture on a Dead Planet. Andrea presented a casestudy of D6 in this session on climate and environmental justice.CULTURE ACTION EUROPE, Brussels - webinar presentation:June 2020 - Culture, Environment and Sustainability (online)RELAIS CULTURE EUROPE/e Creative Europe Desk in Paris:April 2021 - A question om the UK: and now? Clymene speaks in thispodcast alongside Alison Andrews and Mir Jansen on EU co-operationCENTRALIA - webinar presentation for Birmingham-based galleryApril 2021 - Clymene presented on Art and Brexit: Artist ResidenciesMIGRATION NETWORK NORTH EAST AND YORKSHIREJanuary 2021 - Network Event and case studyD6: CULTURE IN TRANSIT - webinar presentationJanuary 2021 - Information session for artists and arts professionalstravelling to the EUINVISIBLE FLOCK - publicationDecember 2020 - Case Study for the Green Guide UKINTERNATIONAL NEWCASTLE - board membershipPromoting internationalism across public, private and voluntary sectorRES ARTIS network of artist residencies - board membershipNEWCASTLE CULTURE COMPACT - steering commiee members

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15D6:EU is a new sister NGO to D6: Culture in Transit, established bythe directors of D6: Culture in Transit (Clymene Christoforou, RosRigby and Stella Hall) alongside fellow founding director, ArgyroToumazou, who has worked with D6 as part of the CONTESTEDDESIRES Programme.We look forward to developing a programme that collaborates withartists, cultural producers, heritage professionals and policy makersto consider the role of culture in the sustainable development of ourcities and neighbourhoods.Our inaugural programme for 2021-22 will focus on capacitybuilding around the role of culture in sustainable development andthe European Green Agenda, supported by a recently conrmedgrant om the Cyprus Ministry of Culture.D6:EURoundtable discussion at the D6:EU launch event at Gardens of the Future,Nicosia, October 2020. Image: Clymene Christoforou

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16THE D6 TEAMe D6 sta have been supported this year, as in others, by acommied and engaged Board of Directors who have oered one toone support for legal, nancial, management and programme issues.e Board collectively sets strategic direction, helps to manage risk,and has worked to strengthen the D6 brand. Andrea Carter remainsour excellent Lead Producer, Mahew Pickering our AssistantProducer, Victoria Moore our meticulous Finance Manager, and HazelSoper our Communications and Marketing Coordinator. DominicSmith continues his role as eelance Digital Curator working onMural.Our Director, Clymene Christoforou (also Chair of InternationalNewcastle, and board member of Res Artis) continues working withthe City, universities and civil society and cultural organisations tosupport the international communities that live in our city, towelcome those who come to our city and to represent our cityInternationally.D6 STAFFClymene Christoforou DirectorAndrea Carter Lead ProducerVictoria Moore Finance ManagerMa Pickering Assistant ProducerHazel Soper Marketing and CommunicationsCoordinatorMANAGEMENT, GOVERNANCE AND STAFFINGASSOCIATE ARTISTSHenna Asikainen ArtistAkeelah Bertram ArtistDima Karout ArtistNicola Singh ArtistDominic Smith Artist and CuratorDegna Stone WriterD6 BOARDRos Rigby Chair of the BoardClymene Christoforou Executive DirectorFiona Crisp Artist and Professor of Fine Art,Northumbria UniversityAlison Gwynn Head of Marketing and CommercialDevelopment, Northern Film and MediaLucy Latham Senior Manager, Cities, States andRegions, CDPTania Mahmoud Cities and Programmes Lead, BritishCouncilDave Pritchard International consultantRadha Sharma Programme Management OceAnalyst, Virgin Money

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17OUR PROGRAMME2029Artists supported throughresidencies, digitalcommissioning andpresentations of practice.2020 - 2021 IN NUMBERSArtist ResidenciesHours Volunteered tosupport Sanctuary andCultureDigital Commissions2468138National and Internationalcapacity building workshopsdelivered to the arts, heritageand voluntary sectors.Participatory workshopsdelivered.

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Paid toArtistsSpent onProjectsTotalIncome£20,258£49,934£178,58718OUR ORGANISATION2020 - 2021 IN NUMBERS59%22%11%6%2%ere is Beauty in this JourneyCONTESTED DESIRESSanctuary and CulturePilot CitiesAccelerator

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19LOOKING TO THE FUTURELooking to 2020-21, we hope to return to live programmeactivity once restrictions have lied and can return tointernational travel.e Studio of Sanctuary space was given a so launch onlinein April 2021, and we have invited Sadia Sikandar to thespace in June/July 2021 for a micro residency.Dima Karout will join D6 to begin her research residency inMay 2021. Dima is based in London and has a multifacetedpractice extending across visual arts, curating and education.Her residency will reect upon a new body of workfocussing on works of art and heritage institutions as placesof sanctuary during times of adversity.We have been working with WERS to create a bespoketraining programme for cultural sector professionals whichwill begin in June online.We will relaunch CONTESTED DESIRES with a live conferenceevent in Newcastle in October 2021, and also host aninternational artists residency.Meanwhile we continue to develop our Sanctuary andCulture programme alongside the development of a furtherphase of CONTESTED DESIRES.

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20D6 would like to thank the following local,national and international organisations andfunders for their support this year:SUPPORTERSOUR COLLABORATORS