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Annual Report 2017-2018

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Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club Inc. Page 2 Contents Office Bearers 2017/2018 3 Committees 2017/2018 3 Membership 4 Sponsorship 5 Community Involvement 6 Vale 8 President’s Report 9 Vice-President’s Report 10 Treasurer’s Report 10 Bar Manager’s Report 11 Men’s Bowls Report 11 Ladies Bowls Report 13 Tennis Report 14 Web/IT Communications Report 15 Dragon Boat Report 17 Auditors Independent Declaration and Reports 18 Life Members 22 Volunteers 23 Champions Men’s Bowls 23 Ladies Bowls 24 Tennis 25 Photo Gallery 25

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Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club Inc. Page 3 OFFICE BEARERS SEASON 2017 – 2018 President Geoff Hull Vice-President Russell Hickey Treasurer Allan Grieves Secretary Jackie Danes / Jenny Brunt Committee Leo Harwood Sallianne Ford Charlotte Wilks Laura Walker Shire of Murray Cr Maree Reid Patrons Stan Hill COMMITTEES SEASON 2017 – 2018 Men’s Bowls Committee President Stan Hill Vice President Chris Hofer Secretary John Bolton Match Captain Geoff Hull Selection Chairperson Don Wren Selectors Adam Danes Steve Blake League Delegate Allan Grieves Greens/Grounds Chairman Mick Kirby Bob Gordon, Russell Hickey Don Curtis, Dan Farley, Todd Sutherland

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Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club Inc. Page 4 Ladies Bowls Committee President Marie Hickey Vice President Sandie Deves Secretary Jackie Danes Treasurer Julie Peach / Leslie Lambert (Acting) Match Captain Annette Farley Selection Chairperson Denise Trenorden Selectors Mavis O’Connor, Denise Haynes Janet MIllar, Lisa Gooch League Delegate Pauline Sheppard Tennis Committee President Vice-President Leo Harwood Niels Larsen Secretary Coral Woodhead Treasurer Nola Goodall Captain Julie Meldrum Vice Captain Gail Flatman Committee Pat Harwood (Assistant Treasurer) Jill Williamson (Social Convenor) Keith Hunt MEMBERSHIP (as at 31st March, 2018) Membership Type As at 31/3/2018 As at 31/3/2017 Tennis – Senior 36 30 Tennis – Junior 0 18 Bowls – Ladies 40 43 Bowls – Men’s 69 82 Sporting 23 35 Ordinary 338 329 Basketball 196 199 Total 702 736

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Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club Inc. Page 6 COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Yunderup Sport and Recreation Club is proud to be involved in our local community, being involved in the causes that are important to us and thereby supporting local community charities and initiatives. YS&RC recognizes that for many individuals giving something back to the community is very important and is a tangible and measurable investment in the community. During the past twelve months the Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club has been involved in the following events: Pink Up Bowls Day The Ladies Bowls Division organized a Pink Up Bowls Day where all members and friends were encouraged to dress up in pink for a friendly game of bowls to raise money for Breast Cancer Support. The day was a great success, with many of the men bowlers joining in the fun and even dressing up in pink. $1,846 was raised on the day. Congratulations to all participants and organisers.

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Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club Inc. Page 7 Friendship Day – Bedingfeld Aged Care This is a Ladies Bowls initiative where each lady invites a guest to play bowls on the day. The Ladies provide lunch and a great time is had by those participating. Many of the guests have not played bowls prior to the event. Monies raised are donated to Bedingfeld Aged Care in Pinjarra. This year $413.00 was raised this year. Barefoot Bowls Barefoot Bowls had a very successful 2017/2018 season. Promoting the competition prior to starting with a flyer drop proved very successful and attracted both old and new players. This was done with the help of members who offered to drop flyers around their areas. I greatly appreciate all the volunteers who helped me during the season. Paul Haynes helped with selecting the teams and filling in for me when I had a night off. Maureen Craig, Deb Hurren, Robyn and Phil Coxon helped me before the game with the players and the money. Ross Stanton and Greg Hurren did a wonderful job cooking the sausage sizzle after each game. On average there were around 40 to 50 bowlers each night, with the best night attracting 60 players. Although most players did have teams of four, there were quite a few that were teams of three, couples and individuals. We were able to make up teams depending on numbers. We had great sponsors this year with Nanga Bush Camp being the main sponsor. IGA Austin Lakes supported us by providing the sausages for the sausage sizzle after each game and vouchers for prizes. Ravenswood Fresh also provided voucher prizes as did Dome Pinjarra. Along with prizes for the winning team each night we also “rang the bell” of couple of times during the game for the first to hit the jack. This was very popular. Going forward for next season, I think more promotion will help the competition grow. South Yunderup and Austin Lakes is growing and forever changing and to attract new players we need to get it out there, as with the flyer drop. Sherry Taylor Community Tennis

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Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club Inc. Page 8 An initiative of the Tennis Division, Community Tennis is held every second Sunday at 8.30am. All the community is invited to attend. Austin Lakes Baptist College Students from this school have incorporated lawn bowls and tennis into their sports program. They were able to borrow junior tennis racquets from the Club in order to do this, with their PE teacher supervising. Graham Bishop again volunteered his services for the bowls and again the students took to the game with enthusiasm. Perhaps some future champions may appear. VALE It is with regret that we note the passing of our friends and members during the past year: GORDON COLLINS DON STEVENS SCOTT GIFFORD JULIE PEACH BERNIE LYDIATE To the families and friends, and to all members who lost a loved one during the year, we extend our sincere condolences.

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Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club Inc. Page 9 Presidents Report 2017/18 has been another great year for our Club. We have such strong community feeling amongst the members and it is such a pleasure to see a lot of new members coming to share what is a fantastic place to play your chosen sport, to participate in one of the many community- based activities and socialize with your friends and families. To our Sponsors I would like to extend our thanks. I hope many of you have been able to spend time at Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club and meet our members. We hope that you will continue your support into the future. This past winter has seen the attendance by our Social Members elevate to a level of which we have not seen for a long time. It is great to see so many people venturing out during the winter months and spending time here and obviously enjoying yourselves. A big part of the successful winter months has been the team in our kitchen. Wonderful feedback has been received for the quality of the meals being provided. Thank you to Jayde and Bee Cooke and their team, we look forward to you continuing to be involved with our Club. The sporting Members of the Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club return year after year to enjoy the wonderful facilities we have to offer. Throughout the past year we have had many sporting highlights, both for teams and individuals. On behalf of the Club, thank you for your continued participation, congratulations on your sportsmanship, competitiveness and comradery. Our wonderful Volunteers, as a whole, you are the heartbeat of this Club. Without your continued support, whether it is that you give your time to help out in a sporting capacity, behind the bar, in and around the Club and the grounds, our Club would not be what it is today. We are able to move forward and grow, as a whole, because of the immense effort you contribute and your passion for our Club. You are appreciated and valued beyond comparison. Keep up the outstanding work. As President, many people have assisted me over the past year, especially the board of Management. I would like to thank some people who have done an outstanding job over this past year. Susan Moore - Susan, you have done an amazing job as the Events Coordinator. Nothing is ever too much trouble for you, and I appreciate the time and effort you have put into your role.

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Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club Inc. Page 10 Sandie Deves - Sandie, you have accomplished an outstanding outcome for this Club with regards to the Sponsorship role you have taken on. Your dedication to the task shows true with the results. Admin Team - Robyn Tilbury and Alan Greives, thank you for always being here to support our Club. You both do a fantastic job to provide the administration needs to all our members. Pam Walker and Christine Dawe - Ladies your excellent work in purchasing and organizing the raffles and prizes for Friday nights has continued. Your efforts do not go unnoticed. Once again Liz and her band of Volunteers behind the bar have continued to excel with their prompt and friendly service. Thank you for making our Club what it is today. We live in a beautiful part of the world. Together Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club can continue to grow and move forward. Geoff Hull President “ If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito” “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart” Vice-President’s Report As this is my first report as Vice President of Yunderup Sport and Recreation Club I would like to thank my fellow Committee members for their support and encouragement over the past year. The Club as a whole continues to grow at a steady pace with membership numbers increasing and Friday nights proving a great success with our meals prepared by our wonderful chef and his staff. The raffles and “Chase the Ace” are generating a great vibe around the Club. I would also like to give a special thank you to all our volunteers who help out around our Club in many different ways. I acknowledge the tireless hours they put in and their commitment to giving something back. Without you our club would not be able to operate. Special thanks go to Liz Hull ( Bar Manager) and her band of volunteers for their outstanding efforts during the year and also Robyn Tilbury ( Admin Coordinator) for all her work behind the scenes. Treasurer’s Report The past year has been financially successful for the club. Friday nights have increased our turnover considerably and thanks must go to Jayde our chef for his contribution towards this. Bowls income was down from last year. This was mainly due to the drop-off of players playing social bowls. The Management Committee has made changes to the costs of playing these events to try and have more players attending. It is good to see that the Tennis Section has increased its playing numbers and the income from them has increased. Our expenses for the year have dropped due to tightening up on most areas of expenditure. I have only forecast a small increase in turnover and profit for the coming year as there doesn’t appear that there will be many changes to our income stream.

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Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club Inc. Page 11 I would like to thank Sue Brierley for undertaking the job of Club Finance Reviewer. It has made it so much easier for the Club’s finances to be balanced. I would like to say a big thank you to Liz and her band of merry men/ladies for their contribution to our Club. The input to the finances of the Club cannot be under estimated. Finally, I would like to thank Robyn for her contribution to the running of our Club. You have done wonders in the office and have been a tremendous help to me over the year. Allan Grieves Bar Manager’s Report Well another year had passed. The Club had a lot going on in the past 12 months with fantastic results and a lot of new and old members enjoying our Club, with Functions and Events, socializing and lots of laughter. Thank you once again to all our wonderful Volunteers, be it Green Keepers, Office Staff, organizing Functions, Beer Lines and Glass Washers, Bowlers, Sponsorships and the people behind the scenes that no one notices. Also, a massive thank you to my wonderful crew that help myself and the Club so much. We would not be able to function without you Volunteering your time to keep the Bar running so smoothly. We have recruited new Bar Staff which is always greatly appreciated… so to old and new thank you all so much. Liz Hull Men’s Bowls Report The 2017-2018 Pennant Season was not as good as I would have liked. It was probably because of the two teams in 1st Division that players were not as dedicated, as we could not lose one side out of top Division. I would hope that the dedication will return next season and we will be more competitive with a lot less unrest amongst the players. Congratulations to all Championship Winners and Runners Up in both the men’s and mixed events. A special thank you to John Bolton, our secretary, for the work he put in even when his health was not 100 percent. From all of us thanks John. MATCH COMMITTEE: Thanks to Geoff Hull for his organisation of all Club Championship Events, all of which went very well but for the mixed fours event which was finally cancelled. Geoff is always thinking outside the box trying something different to create more interest. Thanks to Allan Buckingham for organising all our midweek events - it is not easy trying to co-ordinate 24 or 28 teams each time. SELECTION COMMITTEE: I think selection this year was more difficult than normal with so many players missing each week and the unrest amongst some players. The Chairman of selectors Don Wren had a torrid year because of the number of times he was basically on his own.

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Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club Inc. Page 12 Don, I thank you for sticking with it to the end and also for ringing me and keeping me informed at all times. I do appreciate what you did this season. GREENS COMMITTEE: Mick Kirby, to you and all your helpers, another great year from your band of dedicated men with a new face – Dave Anderson. We never ask for anything to be done because its always spot on. On behalf of all members of the Sport and Recreation Club I would like to say a heartfelt thank you. LEAGUE DELEGATE: Thanks to our delegate Allan Grieves for looking after all our interests at League level. There may not have been a great deal to do this season but it is something we have to keep our finger on. We do have a notice of motion before League regarding no pennants in January so we hope Allan can have a win with that. BAR COMMITTEE: Once again our Bar Manager Liz Hull and all her voluntary helpers, many old faces and some new, have been fantastic. Liz, from everyone please accept our sincere thanks for another year of great service. There are lots of people to thank such as Lance Woodhead, who runs Friday scroungers, Sherry Taylor, who runs community bowls on Wednesday evenings, Paul Haynes, who runs social bowls, Ted Stokes, who runs Winter Pairs and everybody who helps in any way at all. One lady we need to thank is Mavis O’Connor, for keeping our aggregate board up to date every Saturday. Thank you Mavis. A special thanks to all our Ladies for afternoon tea on pennant days and all other times that they are asked to provide whatever we need. Just a few words on our unified committee. The committee has been operating for 3 years now and is just starting to get things going in the right direction. We have had problems with some events but are trying to sort that out. The three years that I have been Chairman have been interesting to say the least, but I have enjoyed working with the two Lady Presidents in Barb Keefe and Marie Hickey. They are two very good common- sense people and a pleasure to work with. I may have missed some people but thanks to all who have helped with the Club in some way over the last 3 ½ years of my tenure. Stan Hill President

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Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club Inc. Page 13 Ladies Bowls Report Ì write this report with many mixed emotions as I reflect on our 2017-18 Bowls season. I feel a great sense of sadness when I think of those that we lost. Julie Peach and Bernie Lydiate, you will be forever in our hearts. Then I reflect on the enjoyment we have shared throughout the season; drinks, laughs and grumbles after a bowls pennant games, the celebrations of our achievements and the joy when someone shares something like the birth of a new grandchild. These are the things that make me feel grateful to be part of a great supportive Club and the network of women. TO OUR UNIFIED COMMITTEE: Thank you, I feel we have started to look at the bigger issues and have worked together to create solutions. It is with sadness we see Stan Hill step down as President; we look forward to working alongside Chris Hofer and his team in the 2018/19 season. TO OUR SELECTORS: “Well done” Top Division finishing in fifth spot. I am told it is the best our top division has achieved for many years. It was disappointing that our second division relegated to third. On a positive it also gives us a chance to rebuild and win a flag. Third division, we are so proud of these Ladies and Men. To finish just out of the four was a great effort. Your wins were built from determination and team work. Our Lady bowlers would like to say a special thank you to all the men who filled in when we were short (which was every week). We could not have done it without you.

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Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club Inc. Page 14 MATCH COMMITTEE: Spring Carnival was disappointing because we had to cancel due to the weather. Gala Day a great success and then the Split Fours had to be canceled due to lack of numbers. Going forward we are committed to working together with our Match Committee in promoting these events and making them a success. Annette Farley, to you and your Match team we thank you for all your hard work and the long hours you have put in. Also thank you to our Sponsors, we could not hold these events without you. To all the Ladies who sold raffle tickets, cooked, waited on tables, worked the bar, laid the tables and volunteered their time to make our days a success. Thank You. CHAMPIONSHIP EVENTS: Congratulations to all our winners and all those who participated. Well done to Denise Trenorden, our 2017/18 Ladies Club Champion. Congratulations also to Annette Farley, Janet Miller, Denise Haynes and Mavis O’Connor for winning our Club, Zone and League Fours. Denise Haynes was unable to play in the League and was replaced by Shirley Mulchay from Halls Head. Ladies you have done our Club proud. GREENS COMMITTEE: Thank you to Mick Kirby and your team who worked tirelessly to ensure our greens and surroundings looked a picture. LEAGUE DELEGATE: Thank you Pauline Sheppard for being our voice at a League level. TO MY EXECUTIVE: Thanks so much for all your support this year. It has been a pleasure to work alongside you all. Thank you to Jackie Danes and Leslie Lambert who have both decided to step down. We welcome Susan Moore (Secretary), Barb Keefe (Treasurer) and Margaret Crane (Chair of Selection) to our 2018/19 Executive Committee. Please Ladies have a wonderful well-deserved break over the winter. Stay safe and re- energize. See you back in September when “Flower Power” will emerge again. Murray District Bowling League Championships Tennis Report The last year of Tennis has seen an increase in membership which is also wonderful for the main club. We have extended our playing Tennis days to include Sunday which is a free morning for all members and the South Yunderup Community.

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Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club Inc. Page 15 Busy Bees are held very regularly with our members participating very strongly. A big THANK YOU to all our members and especially the hard-working Committee, our Captain Julie Meldrum and our handy man Laurie Williamson. We are hoping for another good year in Tennis and thank you for your involvement. Leo Harwood This is my 12th year with this portfolio and a lot has changed from setting up the club broadband, internet, Web sites, computers, and server, emails, to the present technology with almost all club business going online and technology moving even faster than ever. We now have 19 volunteers using Office 365 to help with computer type information, some very active and others not used yet. YOUR HELP would be welcome if you would like to help.

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Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club Inc. Page 16 The change over from the server to the Cloud has saved the club a lot of money and computer issues are down to almost zero. 13 Office activations eg.. Word, Excel etc have been added by users to various devices. 11 users are using the Office 365 emails. 8 users are now storing files online and on their device. Office 365 is being used on PCs, smart phones, and tablets. The Basketball club have integrated Office 365, Teams app and 365 Teams and intend to use the technology to increase productivity to help with managing the club. The spare HP laptop is being used by the Basketball Club WEB SITE The Web site has been upgraded and I hope it is easier to find your info with new colour theme added and a search bar can take you straight to what you want. SOCIAL MEDIA FACEBOOK is still going great with over 450 followers. Thank you to Susan Moore and Jackie Danes for your contributions. Leo Harwood

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Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club Inc. Page 17 Theme nights are always popular – wear a tie night DRAGON BOAT REPORT The Dragon boat section continues to show off the great Yunderup Waterways with ever growing numbers of regulars, occasional visitors and existing YS&RC members. No experience required, just wanting to try paddling. The age of the participants varies greatly and the training of “newbies” with paddling methods is proving very effective. The camaraderie and fitness improvement if participants is significant. Adorned as they are now in their new uniforms as they pass on the water on their Friday outings, they present a significant icon to our community of Yunderup. The paddlers are finding interaction with Dolphins and observing birdlife a wonderful experience. The history of Yunderup is explained to their fellow paddlers by a couple of residents who are regular paddlers. We welcome all to join in. Ken Gilbert

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Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club Inc. Page 18 Dragonboaters with their smart new uniforms All ages participate

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Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club Inc. Page 19 Yunderup Sport & Recreational Club (Inc) ABN 46 068 583 342 Compilation Report to Yunderup Sport & Recreational Club (Inc) We have compiled the accompanying general purpose financial statements of Yunderup Sport & Recreational Club (Inc), which comprise the Statement of Profit or Loss and Other Comprehensive Income, Statement of Changes in Equity, Statement of Cash Flows and Statement of Financial Position as at 31 March 2018, a summary of significant accounting policies and other explanatory notes. These have been prepared in accordance with the financial reporting framework described in Note 1 to the financial statements. The Responsibility of the Committee The committee of Yunderup Sport & Recreational Club (Inc) is solely responsible for the information contained in the general purpose financial statements and the reliability, accuracy and completeness of the information. Our Responsibility On the basis of information provided by the committee, we have compiled the accompanying general purpose financial statements in accordance with the financial reporting framework and APES 315: Compilation of Financial Information. We have applied our expertise in accounting and financial reporting to compile these financial statements in accordance with Australian Accounting Standards. We have complied with the relevant ethical requirements of APES 110 Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants. Assurance Disclaimer Since a compilation engagement is not an assurance engagement, we are not required to verify the reliability, accuracy or completeness of the information provided to us by management to compile these financial statements. Accordingly, we do not express an audit opinion or a review conclusion on these financial statements. The general purpose financial statements were compiled for the benefit of the committee who is responsible for the reliability, accuracy and completeness of the information used to compile them. We do not accept responsibility for the contents of the general purpose financial statements. Absolute Accounting & Bookkeeping Services PO Box 3128 Mandurah East WA 30 April, 2018

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Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club Inc. Page 20 TRADING ACCOUNT 2018 2017 Trading Income Bar Sales 344,699 305,150 Total Trading Income 344,699 305,150 Cost of Sales Add: Opening Bar Inventory 12,605 13,516 Purchases 151,966 124,658 164,571 138,174 Less: Closing Bar Inventory 14,417 12,605 14,417 12,605 Add: Bar Gas 2,355 2,447 Freight 191 158 Bar Glasses 890 - Sundry Expenses 506 825 3,942 3,430 Cost of Sales 154,096 128,999 Gross Profit from Trading 190,603 176,151 INCOME AND EXPENSES 2018 2017 Income Trading Profit 190,603 176,151 Bowls Fees 12,389 22,931 Bingo & VLT Machine 3,930 - Basketball Fundraising & Fees 23,966 - Donations and Grants 832 2,134 Green Fees 27,796 28,646 Hire of Venue 9,928 3,034 Footy Tipping 1,815 1,366 Interest Received 4,163 3,445 Kitchen Income 8,507 8,979 Profit on sale of plant/equip 455 - Raffles 29,058 22,314 Sundry Income 3,076 42,424 Social Events & Functions 5,527 8,132 Sponsorship 14,427 8,055 Subscriptions & Memberships 36,738 36,196 Tennis Fees 6,014 5,618 Total Income 379,225 369,425

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Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club Inc. Page 21 2018 2017 Expenses Advertising & Promotion 1,630 2,533 Administration/Office Expenses 3,205 4,507 Affiliation Fees 22,721 29,249 Auditors – Other services 750 750 Bank Fees & Charges 114 151 Borrowings Expenses 1,224 Bowls Costs 26,237 35,265 Cleaning & Rubbish Removal 31,257 31,138 Clubhouse replacement/Minor purchase 1,325 1,050 Computer Expenses 2,770 5,543 Consultants Fees 577 - Depreciation – Plant 3,706 - Donations 400 648 Electricity & Gas 12,046 12,053 Insurance 10,229 9,488 Jackpot - 8,050 Kitchen Expenses 4,493 7,278 Licenses & Permits 1,787 1,660 Members Expenses 2,120 - Postage 455 812 Repairs & Maintenance 18,152 20,756 Security 271 684 Social Function Expenses 24,568 35,358 Subscriptions 1,422 1,265 Sundry Expenses - 2,487 Superannuation Employees 7,350 7,612 Telephone 2,022 2,238 Tennis Costs 3,621 1,979 Wages 77,361 81,060 Rates & Taxes 10,167 2,430 Total Expenses 271,981 306,046 Net Profit from ordinary activities 107,244 63,379 CURRENT ASSETS 2018 2017 Cash Assets Bendigo Bank – 5528 90,033 37,867 Bendigo Bank – 6523 10,350 16,391 Bendigo Bank – Term Deposit 3089 111,338 96,521 Bendigo Bank – Term Deposit 2511 16,309 15,908 Bendigo Bank – Term Deposit 2512 20,194 19,705 Bendigo Bank – Term Deposit 7,637 5,000 Undeposited Funds 5,125 3,495 ATM Machine 3,591 3,584 Basketball Float 200 200 Bar Float 1,400 1,400

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Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club Inc. Page 22 2018 2017 Office Float 300 300 Darts Float - 70 VLT Float 1,000 1,000 Tennis Float 152 150 Bingo Float 1,400 1,400 269,029 202,991 Receivables Trade Debtors 120 Inventories Bar Inventory at Cost 14,417 12,605 Other Prepayments - 3,645 ____________ Total Current Assets 283,565 219,240 Non-Current Assets Property Plant & Equipment Clubhouse Additions 494,044 492,628 Cool Room 21,490 21,490 Tennis Courts 30,800 30,800 Tennis Renovations 31,123 30,123 Pavilion 38,422 38,422 Bowling Greens 170,000 170,000 Plant & Equipment – at cost 86,501 79,857 Revaluation (63,316) - Less: Accum Depreciation (3,706) - Video system at cost 6,830 6,830 811,188 870,150 Total Assets 1,094,754 1,089,390 CURRENT LIABILITIES 2018 2017 Payables Chase the Ace/Membership Draw 2,550 2,350 Basketball Holding Account 3,855 3,855 6,405 6,205 Current Tax Liabilities GST payable control account 1,564 1,712 1,564 1,712 Provisions PAYG Withholding Payable 3,380 3,176 Superannuation – SGA 1,865 691 5,245 3,867 Total Current Liabilities 13,214 11,784

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Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club Inc. Page 23 Non-Current Liabilities 2018 2017 Financial Liabilities Building Loan – Shire of Murray 136,515 178,838 136,515 178,838 Total Liabilities 149,729 190,622 Net Assets 945,025 898,768 Members Funds Issued Capital Members Equity 901,096 835,389 Reserves Assets revaluation reserve (63,316) - Accumulated surplus (deficit) 107,244 63,379 Total Members Funds 945,025 898,768 ___________________________________________________________________________ Life Members D. MURRAY R CHAPMAN D WRIGHT G COLLINS W RUSSELL C ROGERS J McCLELLAND J CRANE F BLUNDY M CRANE P WOOLARD G McCLELLAND J BOSTOCK M KIRBY M O’CONNOR M BOSTOCK R MOFFAT D CURTIS J YOUNG B LYDIATE

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Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club Inc. Page 24 VOLUNTEERS To each and every one of you a heartfelt THANK YOU. Without you this Club could not function. CHAMPIONS 2017-2018 MENS BOWLING DIVISION SINGLES CHAMPIONSHIP WINNER: Adam Danes PAIRS CHAMPIONSHIP WINNER: Brian Peach WINNER: Gary Blacklock PLATE: Geoff Hull PLATE: Peter Deves TRIPLES CHAMPIONSHIP WINNER: Alan Grieves PLATE: Geoff Hull WINNER: Bill Williamson PLATE: Steve Blake WINNER: Dave Anderson PLATE: Eddie Gooch FOURS CHAMPIONSHIPS WINNER: Harry Browne WINNER: Leo Harwood

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Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club Inc. Page 25 WINNER: Graham Bishop WINNER: Bruce Oldfield PLATE: Paul Haynes PLATE: Gary Blacklock PLATE: Brian Peach PLATE: Russell Hickey VETERANS CHAMPIONSHIP WINNER: Gary Gulberti PLATE: Eddie Gooch NOVICE CHAMPIONSHIPS WINNER: Peter Burton LADIES BOWLING DIVISION SINGLES CHAMPIONSHIP WINNER: Denise Trenorden RUNNER-UP: Sheila Richardson PLATE: Janet Millar PAIRS CHAMPIONSHIP WINNER: Denise Haynes WINNER: Denise Trenordan RUNNER-UP: Janet Millar RUNNER-UP: Sheila Richardson PLATE: Margaret Bostock PLATE: Kay Stanton TRIPLES CHAMPIONSHIP WINNER: Barbara Keefe RUNNER-UP: Denise Haynes WINNER: Margaret Bostock RUNNER-UP: Beryl Lucas WINNER: Annette Farley RUNNER-UP: Sheila Richardson PLATE: Lisa Gooch Susan Moore Dianne Gilbert FOURS CHAMPIONSHIPS WINNER: Mavis O’Connor WINNER: Denise Haynes WINNER: Janet Millar WINNER: Annette Farley RUNNER-UP: Moyra Martin RUNNER-UP: Beryl Lucas RUNNER-UP: Sally Pound RUNNER-UP: Jean Young VETERANS CHAMPIONSHIP WINNER: Denise Haynes RUNNER-UP: Maxine Green TWO BOWL SINGLES WINNER: Denise Trenordan RUNNER-UP: Margaret Bostock PLATE: Denise Haynes

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Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club Inc. Page 26 100 UP WINNER: Denise Haynes RUNNER-UP: Sheila Richardson PLATE: Maxine Green NOVICE CHAMPIONSHIP WINNER: Robyn Coxon RUNNER-UP: Dee Charlton MIXED PAIRS CHAMPIONSHIP WINNER: Kevin Cameron WINNER: Mavis O’Connor RUNNER UP: Adam Danes RUNNER UP: Janet Millar PLATE: Paul Haynes PLATE: Denise Haynes MIXED FOURS CHAMPIONSHIP - CANCELLED MURRAY DISTRICTS BOWLING LEAGUE FOURS CHAMPIONS Mavis O’Connor Denise Haynes Janet Millar Annette Farley SOUTH WEST BOWLING ZONE FOURS CHAMPIONS Mavis O’Connor Janet Millar Annette Farley Shirley Mulchay seconded from Halls Head TENNIS DIVISION BEST CLUB PERSON: Julie Meldrum MOST IMPROVED: Nola Goodall MOST CONSISTENT LADY: Teresa Palmer MOST CONSISTENT MAN: Paul Haynes PHOTO GALLERY

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Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club Inc. Page 27 The 1938’ers combined 80th birthday party Theme nights are always popular

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Yunderup Sport & Recreation Club Inc. Page 28 GET INVOLVED IN YOUR CLUB There are many activities available at the Club so become involved. Check the details on the website at .

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