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FY 2012 Annual Report
Dear Friends,
God truly keeps bestowing his blessings upon us and this scal year was no
In June we broke ground for the renovation and addition to Lutheran Social
Services Luther Hall, our adolescent psychiatric treatment facility in Fargo, and
hope to have it completed by the time you read this. Our deepest appreciation to all
of you who helped make this possible for the youth from across North Dakota who
depend on the services we provide at this facility to help them reach their potential.
Our Abound in Hope capital campaign continues to move forward. We received a
wonderful gift that has been immensely helpful and still have some distance to
travel to complete the campaign, but there is denitely light at the end of the tunnel.
We are grateful that we can lend our support to western North Dakota, particularly in the critical areas of
housing and child care. We are honored to be able to help meet these needs with a spirit of service.
We recently held some very productive meetings with legislators across the state who have been most
gracious in hearing our concerns. Obviously they can’t make any promises, but it is gratifying to know
that they are willing to consider helping our citizens in need where they can during the legislative session.
Our Board of Directors and staff have, as always, given us their support in every way possible,
exemplifying our spirit of service. Your leadership and strength are truly God’s gift to us.
Finally, as always, there are all of you who care about our work and support us. We are always strengthened
by your support, as well.
It is wonderful to be a part of the social ministry of the Lutheran churches in North Dakota. This partnership
raises all of us up in so many ways.
God Bless,
Robert L. (Bob) Sanderson, CEO
Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota
This 2012 Annual Report covers the Fiscal Year from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012.
Powered by the spirit of service, Lutheran Social Services
of North Dakota is a statewide social services ministry providing
nonprot housing, food, disaster recovery, counseling,
therapy and more to our neighbors in need.
Lutheran Social Services
receives food donations and
recovers surplus food from the
food industry for distribution to
food pantries, other charitable
feeding programs and hungry
people across North Dakota
and western Minnesota through
the Great Plains Food Bank.
The BackPack Program helps
feed hungry children on the
weekend when free school
meals are not available.
Surplus perishable food is
recovered and distributed
to feed the hungry through
the Daily Bread program.
Through the Great Plains Food
Bank, Lutheran Social Services
served 73,404 people by distributing
10.5 million pounds of food valued
at $17.4 million to 278 feeding
programs in 101 communities.
The volunteer force grew to
4,492 dedicated individuals.
Lutheran Social Services
Disaster Response assists
disaster victims before and after
a disaster. Services include
preparedness training, case
management and consultation
services as well as recruitment
and coordination of volunteers
for cleanup and rebuilding.
This year Lutheran Social Services
Disaster Response coordinated
2,703 volunteers who provided
54,604 hours of ood cleanup
and rebuild services in the greater
Minot area. The agency played a
key role in creating Hope Village
volunteer housing in Minot with
other faith-based partners. The
agency also established local Unmet
Needs Committees and provided
case management in rural areas.
Great Plains Food Bank
Lutheran Social Services Housing
Lutheran Social Services Disaster Response
Lutheran Social Services
Housing creates nonprot
affordable rental housing
for rural communities by
leveraging the strengths of
local congregations, community
leadership and the housing
industry. In addition, Lutheran
Social Services Legacy Living
apartment communities for
seniors are under development.
Lutheran Social Services Housing
currently owns and/or manages
a total of 228 affordable rental
units in complexes in 11 North
Dakota cities. An additional 279
units in seven cities are under
development, with most of these
apartments to open in 2013. This
includes the agency’s rst senior
housing projects in Jamestown
and Williston.
FY 2012 Annual Report (July 1, 2011–June 30, 2012)
Lutheran Social Services
Adoption Option is a statewide
program offered with The
Village Family Service Center.
Staff provides pregnancy
counseling, facilitates adoptions
and assists birth children and
birth parents in searches to
establish agreed-upon contact
with one another. The staff
also trains medical professionals
and social workers statewide.
This year 25 children were
placed for adoption in loving homes.
78 women received pregnancy
counseling. 13 searches were
completed for adopted adults,
birth siblings or birth parents.
1,274 people attended community
education and outreach
presentations at 280 sites.
Lutheran Social Services helps
connect families to child care
and increase the number of child
care programs and also trains
and supports more than 600
licensed child care programs in
western North Dakota through
its Child Care Resource and
Referral (CCR&R) program.
Lutheran Social Services helped
45 in-home child care providers
and 2 child care centers start new
child care businesses and helped
2,788 families nd licensed child
care. The agency trained 1,698
individuals, with 511 providers
attending 31 training events and
1,454 providers completing online
training. 86 courses were offered
online with a course completion
total of 34,011.
Lutheran Social Services Adoption Option
Child Care Resource & Referral
Lutheran Social Services
Healthy Families is a primary
prevention home visitation
program working with
overburdened families at risk for
adverse childhood experiences
including child maltreatment.
Services are provided in the
Grand Forks and Bismarck
areas and are free and voluntary
until the child turns three years.
They enhance overall child
development, school readiness
and family health and safety.
This year 69 families in Burleigh
and Morton Counties (Bismarck–
Mandan area) and 101 families in
Grand Forks and Nelson Counties
received in-home services from
Lutheran Social Services Healthy
Families. 98% of the children in
the program are up-to-date on
well-baby checks and 97% on
Lutheran Social Services Healthy Families
Intensive in-home counseling
is provided to families with
one or more children at risk
of being placed outside the
home by Lutheran Social
Services Family Counseling.
Counselors strengthen families
by helping them work through
crisis situations and become
self-sufcient in handling future
371 family members in 112
families received services this
year. 86% of families who returned
surveys reported services as
“excellent” and 14% as “very good.”
82% of youth served were
retained in the family home at
90 days post services.
Lutheran Social Services Family Counseling
Through this early intervention
program for at-risk youth and
their families, Lutheran Social
Services helps the youth
identify difculties, sets goals
for improvement and helps
obtain needed resources. At-risk
youth age 6–17 not yet involved
in the criminal justice system in
Grand Forks and Nelson
Counties are eligible.
107 families received services
through referrals from Juvenile
Court, schools, Social Services
and family self-referral. 86% of
the youth were not involved in
the Juvenile Justice System
90 days post services.
Lutheran Social Services DIVERT
Lutheran Social Services New
Americans resettles refugees
assigned to North Dakota by
the U.S. State Department who
have ed persecution in their
home countries. Resettlement,
employment and immigration
services as well as foster care
services for minors are offered
in Fargo, Grand Forks and
The agency welcomed 610
refugees ranging in age from
infants to elderly to North Dakota
in 2012. 192 employable adults
went to work after resettlement.
632 clients completed applications
for citizenship, green cards and
other immigration needs. Refugee
youth who arrived without a parent
or guardian were provided 13,119
days of licensed foster care.
Lutheran Social Services New Americans
FY 2012 Annual Report (July 1, 2011–June 30, 2012)
Lutheran Social Services Day Report
After-school supervision,
structure and educational
assistance are provided to teens
with a history of delinquent
offenses by Lutheran Social
Services Day Report. The
program helps youth develop
a positive relationship with the
community and improves
community safety through anger
management, service learning
projects, setting goals and more.
26 youth in Day Report completed
305 hours of community service
and received 2,233 hours of
supervision and structure.
Youth between the ages of 10 and
18 from across the state who have
been diagnosed with a psychiatric
disorder and need 24-hour care
and treatment are served at
Lutheran Social Services
Luther Hall in Fargo. Mental
health professionals provide
residents with an individualized
plan including education,
therapy and psychological
or psychiatric services.
Last year 43 youth and their
families were served with an
average age of residents of
14 years and an average length
of stay of seven months. At
discharge, 94% of the youth, their
families and case workers reported
that the youth made positive
changes during their treatment.
Lutheran Social Services Luther Hall
Lutheran Social Services of
North Dakota is one of the
founding partners in Safer
Tomorrows, a collaborative in
Grand Forks County working
towards reducing childhood
exposure to violence. The
agency was instrumental in
obtaining a $2 million grant
from the US Department of
Justice for the initial two-year
effort to make childrens’ lives
safer. Other lead partners
include the City of Grand
Forks, Community Violence
Intervention Center and Grand
Forks Public Schools. Parent
education is provided in part
by Lutheran Social Services
Healthy Families and bullying
prevention by Lutheran Social
Services Restorative Justice.
Lutheran Social Services
Restorative Justice facilitators
hold accountability conferences
with juvenile and adult
offenders and the victims of
their crimes and work with
students who have conict with
one another in school settings.
Victim Empathy Seminars and
Community Circles also address
victims’ needs while holding
offenders accountable.
632 youth offenders, 83 adult
offenders and more than 289
victims were served. Additionally
276 students participated in
restorative programming offered
at Bismarck Public Schools and
through Safer Tomorrows at
schools in Grand Forks County.
Lutheran Social Services Restorative Justice
Troubled youth at risk of being
placed outside their home are
paired with an adult mentor
who helps develop positive
behavior in the Lutheran Social
Services Tracking program.
307 youth referred by the criminal
justice system, schools and parents
were mentored this year, with 85%
of referral sources indicating that
tracking was effective.
Lutheran Social Services Tracking
This short-term alternative to
jail or a detention center is
provided for juveniles needing
supervision while awaiting
court intervention or parents.
305 youth received 4,932 hours
of supervision in Minot and Grand
Forks after being picked up and
charged by local law enforcement.
Lutheran Social Services Attendant Care
Lutheran Social Services Youth
Court is an alternative to formal
court proceedings for youth in
Cass County charged with an
offense or showing concerning
behavior. Teen volunteers serve
as jurors and courtroom
personnel to decide the actions
the youth must take to repair the
harm done.
95 youth and their families were
served this year. 58 volunteers
gave 844 hours of time as youth
jurors, courtroom personnel,
program interns and adult
Lutheran Social Services Youth Court
FY 2012 Annual Report (July 1, 2011–June 30, 2012)
Education, counseling and
treatment is provided by
Lutheran Social Services
Gamblers Choice to help
problem gamblers and their
families resolve the emotional,
relationship and nancial
problems that result from a
gambling addiction. Counselors
help people connect to lifelong
recovery options.
A total of 147 gamblers and their
family members received help with
gambling addiction this year.
In addition, 882 people participated
in a total of 23 educational
Lutheran Social Services
Violence Free helps batterers
change their behavior toward
their partners, helping to reduce
domestic violence. Therapy
groups meet weekly for 26
weeks using a dialog and
interactive approach. Anger
management counseling is also
offered for persons needing help
with non-intimate relationships.
Last year Lutheran Social Services
conducted one long-term Domestic
Violence group with an average of
8–10 people attending weekly in
Bismarck. The program also
provided 48 evaluations for courts,
probation and other agencies and
expanded services to the Williston
area effective July 1, 2012.
Lutheran Social Services Senior
Companions volunteers age 55+
offer free in-home services to
older adults who need help to
continue living independently
in their homes throughout North
Dakota. Volunteers assist with
non-medical tasks such as
grocery shopping, household
chores, hobbies and
socialization opportunities.
635 seniors were served in their
homes by 117 senior companion
volunteers who gave 82,000
hours of assistance. The
volunteers also provided 53
caregivers a break with in-home
respite services.
Lutheran Social Services Violence Free
Lutheran Social Services Gamblers Choice
Lutheran Social Services Senior Companions
This page represents a consolidated summary that includes Lutheran Social Services Housing.
Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota is the sole member of Lutheran Social Services Housing, Inc.
Public Support & Revenue
Contributions ............................................. $ 1,790,174
Memorials and bequests
.................................. 112,793
United Way
....................................................... 284,146
Church support
.............................................. 1,421,100
Government fees and grants
......................... 9,791,647
Client and program income
........................... 2,007,130
Investment income
........................................... 182,879
Unrealized gain (loss) on investments...............(89,456)
Rent income
..................................................... 550,937
Gain on sale of property
..................................... 30,000
Miscellaneous income
...................................... 397,483
Development Income........................................ 144,847
Management Income
.......................................... 79,599
Total Public Support & Revenue
................ $16,703,279
Social program services
Family ................................................... $ 4,924,880
Youth ......................................................... 2,958,555
Communities ............................................. 5,078,457
Administrative services
..................................... 992,498
....................................................... 599,264
Lutheran Social Services Housing................. 1,219,112
Total Expenses ........................................ $15,772,767
Public Support in Excess Expenses...... $ 930,512
Contributions for Long-Lived Assets
.... $ 458,157
Change in Net Assets
.............................. $ 1,388,669
Net Assets, Beginning of Year.................. 12,510,330
Net Assets, End of Year
.......................... $13,898,999
Composition of Change in Net Assets:
Operating Decit (undesignated)
...............$ (157,929)
Contributions for Long-Lived Assets
................. 458,157
Board designated surplus
................................... 86,745
Temporarily restricted funds surplus
.............. 1,001,696
Change in Net Assets
.............................. $ 1,388,669
Financial Summary
for the year ended June 30, 2012
$0 $1 $2 $3 $4
Income: Millions of Dollars
$5 $6 $7 $10$9$8
FY 2012 Annual Report (July 1, 2011–June 30, 2012)
Lutheran Social Services
reaches out to serve the needs of North Dakota
from ve ofces
Our Mission:
Guided by God’s love and grace,
Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota
brings healing, help and hope.
1905 2
Street S.E.
Suite 1B
Minot, ND 58701
(701) 838-7800
P.O. Box 163
1821 9
Ave. W.
Williston, ND 58802-0163
(701) 774-0749
1616 Capitol Way
Bismarck, ND 58501
(701) 223-1510
Grand Forks
412 Demers Avenue
Grand Forks, ND 58201
(701) 772-7577
4720 7
Ave. S., Suite B
Fargo, ND 58103
(701) 235-7341
Learn more about
Lutheran Social Services
of North Dakota
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Statewide program availability by county
FY 2012 Annual Report (July 1, 2011–June 30, 2012)
* indicates a donor’s gift was matched + indicates donor is deceased
Visionary—$5,000 plus
Estate of Claire H. Lunn • Estate of George H. Klindworth
Estate of Ruth B. Taylor • Estate of Sheldon Ellig
Matching Gift Partners
Altria Group, Inc. • American Crystal Sugar Company
American Express Charitable Fund • Bank of America Matching Gifts
Bank of the West • BNSF Foundation • Dakota Medical Foundation/Charities
Gate City Bank • ING Foundation • Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Midland National Life Insurance Company • Pepsico Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. • Xcel Energy Foundation Matching Program
United Way Partners
United Way of Bismarck—$32,641 • United Way of Cass–Clay—$150,206
United Way of Dickinson—$4,000
United Way of Grand Forks, East Grand Forks & Area—$53,204
United Way of Jamestown—$5,375 • United Way of Minot—$17,328
United Way of Richland–Wilkin—$4,000 • United Way of Valley City—$500
United Way of Williston—$8,673
Anonymous (2)
Cynthia Aafedt
Orvella P. Anderson
Clifford Bakke
Ron & Mary Alice Bergan
Ronald & Judy Bock
Elsie M. Gilbertson
Lynn & Marlene Grabow
Duane & Karen Haugerud
Brian Hayer
Barbara Jo Holwegner
John & Christal Hutchison
James D. Kertz
Betty Lou Kuklish
Mark & Linda Nygard
Carl H. Oksol
Howard L. Oppegard
Elsie M. Pitsenbarger+
Robert L. Sanderson
June & Malcolm Tweten
Robert & Helen Weed
Stan Wright
Churches/Church Groups
Bethlehem Lutheran Church,
ELCA—National Ofce,
Chicago, IL
Episcopal Diocese of North
Dakota, Fargo
First Lutheran Church, Williston
Good Shepherd Lutheran
Church, Bismarck
Hope Lutheran Church, Fargo
Lutheran Church of the Good
Shepherd, Moorhead, MN
Olivet Lutheran Church, Fargo
Alex Stern Family Foundation,
Community Foundation of
Grand Forks, East Grand
Forks & Region, Grand Forks
Dakota Medical Foundation/
Charities, Fargo
Ecolab Foundation, Grand Forks
Engel-Kesting Foundation CMA,
Fargo-Moorhead Area
Foundation, Fargo
Impact Foundation, Fargo
Land O’Lakes Foundation,
St. Paul, MN
Margaret A. Cargill Foundation,
Eden Prairie, MN
NFC Foundation,
Minneapolis, MN
North Dakota Community
Foundation, Bismarck
Otto Bremer Foundation,
St. Paul, MN
Walmart Foundation,
Bentonville, AR
Cargill Financial Services, Inc.,
CHS, Inc., St. Paul, MN
Dakota Plains Cooperative,
Valley City
Fargo Rotary Club #1418, Fargo
Scheels All Sports, Fargo
State Bank & Trust, Fargo
Super Valu, Inc., Boise, ID
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans,
Minneapolis, MN
Toyota Dealer Match Program,
Princeton, NJ
West Acres Development, LLP,
Cass County Social Services,
City of Fargo, Fargo
City of Grand Forks,
Grand Forks
Feeding America, Chicago, IL
Second Harvest
Heartland Partner Relations,
Maplewood, MN
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans,
Appleton, WI
Anonymous (2)
Margaret Ahlness
Wayne Altenbernd
Shirley R. Bohmbach
Rick & Janet Ennen
Sigrid Erickson
Eleanor W. Herrick
Anna Marie Johnson
Joel & Nancy Kangas
Lisa M. Kelly
Gary & Judy Kubalak
& Judy McCormick
Jack & Kristen Paris
Wilma J. Pierson
Joslyn R. Putnam
Donald & Sylvia Schmid
Peter & Vicki Schmidt
Marcia Sickler
Nathan & Emily Spickler
John & Sandra Ann Sutter
Church Groups
American Lutheran Church,
Atonement Lutheran Church,
Augustana Lutheran Church,
Grand Forks
Calvary Lutheran Church,
Grand Forks
Christ Lutheran Church, Minot
Eastern ND Synodical Women’s
Organization, Binford
Ebenezer United Methodist
Church, Streeter
Faith Lutheran Church,
West Fargo
First Lutheran Church, Fargo
First Lutheran Church,
First Lutheran Church,
Watford City
Grace Lutheran Church, Oakes
Heart River Lutheran Church,
House of Prayer Lutheran
Church, Bismarck
Immanuel Lutheran Church,
Grand Forks
Knife River Lutheran Church,
Montpelier Lutheran Church,
Our Savior’s Lutheran Church,
Our Savior’s Lutheran Church,
Valley City
St. John Lutheran Church,
St. Luke Lutheran Church,
Trinity Lutheran Church,
Western ND Synodical Womens
Organization, Zahl
Zion Lutheran Church, Ashley
Zion Lutheran Church, Minot
Walter & Lucille Braun Family
Gift Fund, Bismarck
Elmer & Kaya Berg Foundation,
Janet & David McNair Family
Fund, East Gull Lake, MN
SERVE Foundation, Kindred
Altru Alliance, Inc., Grand Forks
Bank of America,
Providence, RI
K & T Irrigation, Inc.,
West Fargo
Kadrmas Lee & Jackson,
Moorhead, MN
Swanson Health Products,
The Anthony Group, Inc.,
Xcel Energy,
Minneapolis, MN
North Country Food Bank, Inc.,
Crookston, MN
North Dakota Moravian Mission
Society, Durbin
Rotary Club—District #5580,
Duluth, MN
Thrivent—East Williams
Chapter, Ray
West Fargo Public School,
West Fargo
The Lutheran Children’s Home Finding Society,
which later became Lutheran Social Services of
North Dakota, was formed in 1919. The 1919 Society
commemorates the agency’s heritage and recognizes
donors who are able to make annual charitable gifts
of $1,000 or greater in support of current needs.
Thank you to our donors
Anonymous (9)
Paul & Rose Aaberg
Robert & Doris Alin
Sarah Anderson Wagner
Brian A. Anderson
Tommy & Fay Arant
John C. Arneson
Darci Asche
Leonard & Corrine Astrup
Dennis & Paula Aune
Roger D. Aus
Gary Ballantyne
Christopher C. Baranko
Marcia J. Baranko
Peggy & Ted Bearce
Terry & Rhonda Becker
James & Carol Bjorge
Arlo & Karen Blumhagen
Bruce & Eunice Bohlman
Norris & Joyce Braaten
Terence R. Brock
Nola J. Brown
Janna L. Carey
Carl T. Carlson
Kent Conrad
Brian & Terrie Dahl
Howard & Ann Dahl
Jared & Angela Darveaux
Gerard J. Dompke
Marlys E. Dullum
Glen I. Earthman
Pamela M. Engberg*
Jerry & Carolyn Erickson
Lois Erickstad
Dale J. Ernster
Kay M. Finneseth
David Fischer
Aveard C. Fjelstad
Steven & Carol Foss
George G. Franklin
Guy & Cindy Galliger
Gary’s Sanitation Service
Ernie & Bonnie Gilbertson
Barbara J. Gitter
& Madrene Goeson
Charles & Phyllis Green
Oben Gunderson
Michael A. Hajicek
Richard & Geneal Hall
David & Valerie Halvorson
Gerald R. Hamm
Clarence H. Hanssen
Melinda Harr, D.D.S., P.C.
James & Mary Hastings
Eileen Hauge
Steve & Joan Hawthorne
Elaine Hetland
Margaret M. Hilleboe
Franklin Ingulsrud
Ronnie & Rena Iverson
William L. Jans
Scott & Stacy Jensen
Vincent A. Jensen
Annette I. Johnson
Leland M. Johnson
Lyle G. Johnson
Roger & Delane Johnson
W. Thomas Johnson
& Katherine Sukalski
Richard & Cheryl Jordahl
James & Jean Jorgenson
Mark A. Kasowski
Duane & Polly Keller
Timothy L. Kingstad
Glenn & Kelly Klebe
Bethol Knutson
Rueben & Phyllis Knutson
Don & Darcey Kosolofski
R. Douglas & Sally Larsen
Grace M. Link
Troy & Claudia Lorenz
Kirsten L. Lym
William C. Marcil
John Mayer
Tanjia F. Melland
Russell & Darlene Mitchell
JoAnne Moeller
Cheryl Moore
& David Kraft
Hollis M. Nappen
Frances Natwick
Laurette Nelson
Dennis & Mary O’Briant
James & Donna Olson
Robert & Karla Osborn
Kenneth Ost
Randy Otte
& Dorothy Jacobson-Otte
Marilyn J. Oyhus
Jim & Sonja Ozbun
Harold & Joanne Pahlmeyer
Margaret Pankow
Joseph & Sandra Paul*
Mary L. Peterson
Loretta Quanbeck
Dorothy A. Reing
Janell & Jeffrey Regimbal
Gail Reierson
Kenneth & Marcia Retzer
William & Louise Rindy
Bradley W. Robertson
Ted & Victoria Robinette
C. Teresa Rodahl
Luke C. Rodakowski
Dean & Debbie Rodne
Dennis & Anita Rohde
Charles Ross & Mary Holm
Gerald O. Sanderson
Vicki L. Sandvig
Edward & Nancy Schafer
Robert & Joan Scheel
& Carol Schlossman
Richard & Elaine Seidel
John E. Sinn
Karen A. Skjei
Lloyd & Cheryl Smith
Diane D. Spolum
Robert & Bridgette Startz
Karen Stoner
Marcella Storseth
M. Arlene Strand
Roberta M. Strand
David A. Sunderland
Lisa A. Undem
Harold & Lila Unruh
Roger O. Vaagen
Robert & Sue Valenta
Leon B. Vangerud
Lisa Vig-Johnson
Arlyn A. Wadholm
Robert & Susan Wefald
Valentine Welder, Jr.
Richard & Julie Welding
Peter & Jane White
Florence E. Wiest
Paul & Sandi Wisness
Lloyd Wittenburg
Alvin & Elaine Wittmaier
Mark & Cheryl Wolf
Rodney & Verna Wolf
Cindy & James Wolslegel
Dorine Zahnow
Matthew Zeltwanger
Church Groups
Adams Mountain Lutheran
Church, Adams
Bethel Lutheran Church,
Bethel Lutheran Church,
New Town
Bethesda Lutheran Church,
Carson/Morristown, SD
Bethlehem Lutheran Church,
Bethlehem Lutheran Church,
New Town
Bethlehem Lutheran Church,
Blanchard Lutheran Church,
Bowman Lutheran Church,
Carpio Lutheran Church,
Chapel of Hope, FPO, AP
Christ Lutheran Church,
Blaine, MN
Clear Creek Lutheran Church,
Concordia Lutheran Church,
Concordia Lutheran Church,
Dilworth Lutheran Church,
Dilworth, MN
Emmanuel Lutheran Church,
English Lutheran Church,
Evangelical Free Church,
Grand Island, NE
Finley Lutheran Church,
First Lutheran Church,
First Lutheran Church,
New Rockford
First Lutheran Church,
First Lutheran Church,
First Lutheran Church,
First Lutheran Church,
First Lutheran WELCA, Fargo
First Presbyterian Church,
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church,
Grafton Lutheran Church,
Hettinger Lutheran Church,
Hickson Lutheran Church,
Maple Sheyenne Lutheran
Church, Harwood
Martin’s Lutheran Church,
Mayville Lutheran Church,
McVille Lutheran Church,
Messiah Lutheran Church,
Milnor Lutheran Church, Milnor
Nazareth Lutheran Church,
Nordland Lutheran Church,
Norman Lutheran Church,
Northwood Evangelical
Lutheran Church,
Norwich Lutheran Church,
Our Savior Lutheran Church,
Our Saviors Lutheran Church,
Moorhead, MN
Our Saviours Lutheran Church,
Peace Lutheran Church,
Devils Lake
Pontoppidan Lutheran Church,
Ray Lutheran Church, Ray
St. John Lutheran Church,
St. John’s Lutheran Church,
St. John’s Lutheran Church,
St. Olaf Lutheran Church,
Devils Lake
Town Hall Lecture Series,
Trinity Lutheran Church,
Trinity Lutheran Church,
Trinity Lutheran Church,
Trinity Lutheran Church,
Trinity Lutheran Church,
Turtle Lake
Trinity Lutheran Church,
United Lutheran Church,
United Lutheran WELCA,
Grand Forks
Viking Lutheran Church,
Wilmington Lutheran Church,
Zion Evangelical Lutheran
Church, Leola, PA
Zion Lutheran Church, Elgin
Zion Lutheran Church, Mohall
Zion Lutheran Church,
Grand Rapids/LaMoure
Darden Restaurants, Inc.
Foundation, Orlando, FL
Noel & Judith Fedje Family
Foundation, Fargo
GAP Foundation Money-For-
Time Program, Princeton, NJ
Myra Foundation,
Grand Forks
Victor & Nina Cranley
Charitable Foundation
Anda Construction Co.,
Moorhead, MN
Automated Maintenance
Services, Inc., Fargo
Bremer Bank, Fargo
Cass County Farm Bureau,
Dakota Health Solutions,
Dawson Insurance Agency,
Erbert & Gerbert’s Subs
& Clubs, Willmar, MN
Fagerholt Brothers, Inc.,
HUGO’S, Grand Forks
Industrial Builders, Inc,
Market Place Food & Drug,
Bemidji, MN
Matrix Properties Corporation,
North Dakota Interior Designers,
Pitney Bowes, Stamford, CT
Reach Partners, Inc., Fargo
Riverzen, Moorhead, MN
Rooter’s Bar, Inc., Fargo
Scheels Home & Hardware,
Spring Prairie Hutterian
Brethren, Inc., Hawley, MN
Urdahl, Inc., Jamestown
Wells Fargo Bank, Bismarck
Centre, Inc, Fargo
Kiwanis Club of Fargo,
Thrivent- East Cass County
Chapter, Fargo
Valparaiso University,
Valparaiso, IN
Wilton Public School,
FY 2012 Annual Report (July 1, 2011–June 30, 2012)
* indicates a donor’s gift was matched + indicates donor is deceased
Anonymous (11)
Karen Aardahl
Gloria E. Adams+
Nathan Adams*
Linda & David Ahlberg
Margaret L. Andersen
Alfred Anderson
Dale & Claudia Anderson
Leslie & Debra Anderson
Ronald & Myra Anderson
Sheri L. Anderson
John & Juliana Andrews
Stanton Andrist & Jan Nelson
Royce & Joyce Aslakson
Howard & Dorothy Barlow
Kenneth & Leona Barnhart
Brent & Julie Basaraba
Darrell & Linda Bassen
Kelly J. Bauer
Elaine Baumgartner
Tekla Bekkedal
Andrew & Becky Benz
Laverne & Eleanor Berg
Jodi Bettger-Huber
& Elroy Huber
Dennis & Irene Biliske
Terry & Donna Bladholm
Richard & Carolyn Blaine
Don & Jamie Blevins
Lourdes S. Bockness
Donald & Wilma Boeder
Sally Bohmbach
Margret A. Bohnhoff+
Karen E. Botine
Gilman & Esther Braaten
Jerry & June Brantner
Leslie & Marlys Brewster
Lucille T. Bronson
Amy & Ryan Brooks
Christopher & Sarah Brosz
Lenora A. Buck
Lloyd I. Burgess
Glenn & Joan Burkle
Don K. Caldwell
Cole & Laura Carley
John R. Challey
Jennifer M. Cook
Joseph F. Crary
Dawn & Patrick Cronin
Harold A. Cullom
Jeffrey Cutting*
John R. Dahl
Lynn S. Dahleen
Byron & Virginia Danielson
Duane & Jeannie Danielson
Doris E. DeSautels
Oliver & Rosalia Dewald
Roger Dieterle
Leo & Jonie Dignan*
Jason & Melanie Dinham*
Erdal Diri
Daniel L. Dub, Jr.
Wanda Ebach
Wayne Egenes
Orvis & Bonnie Eklund
Josh & Shannon Ennen
Jay & Bonnie Erickson
Judy K. Erickstad
John & Lori Erie
Lavern Erikson
Charles & Dorothy Erstad
Thomas & Carolyn Espel
J’Patrick & Kristen Fahn
Bernard & Alice Falkenstein
Keith Fernsler
& Naomi Jo Thorson
Lloyd & Lois Fett
Allen & Glenna Fitzgerald
Glenn Fixen
Karen Fjellanger
David Freitag
James & Julie Frisk
Vicki Fugleberg
Leah Fujimoto & Mark Jensen
Susan S. Fuka
Peter & Laurie Furuseth
Joe & Ruth Galey
Mike Giddings
Brendan Giese*
Aanen & Carroll Gjovik
Carl W. Glamm
Doris E. Goebel
Sharon M. Goetz
Marsha A. Grams
Bruce & Stella Green
Caroline Gribble
Ardis K. Haaland
David & Lorna Halaas
James & Janice Halvorson
Marie Harstad
Matthew & Kathryn Hasbargen*
Jerry Hasnedl
Garry & Lonie Hauf
Wilbur Hauff
Anne Haugaard+
Kristi Haugen
Dayne & Marjo Headland
Charles Heiden*
Knute & Charlotte Henning
Richard & Lynn Hentges
Rebecca Herman
Doris M. Hertsgaard
Linda Hindrichs
Kevin & Elizabeth Hoenke
Gregory & Dorothy Hoffelt
Sherman E. Hoganson
Marvin & Carol Holje
Ronald & Darlene Holtz
Richard & Rebecca Horsley
Joan Hovdestad
C. Doug Howells
Noel Iwen
Curtis & Linda Jabs
Frank & Cynthia Janousek
Steve & Bonnie Jarolimek
Donald W. Jensen
Brian & Alane Jodock
Edwin & Karen Johnson
Mandley O. Johnson, Jr.
Michael & Mona Johnson
Ross & Katharine Johnson
Rodney & Diane Jordahl
Elliott & Denise Kabanuk
Dale M. Kankovsky*
Kent & Eunice Kapplinger
James G. Karas
Dean & Lynnette Karges
Steven & Linda Karpyak
Michael & Donita Kaspari
Lorna M. Kennedy
Douglas D. Ketterling
Randy & Mary Ketterling
Michael & Kathryn Killoran
Roy R. Klassen
Marsha & Robert Klein
Thomas & Mary Lou Kley
Michael & Debra Klimpel
Thomas & Phyllis Kloster
Mark & Karen Koller
Michael & Kristen Kosir
Charles & Bonnie Koski
Richard & Sharon Krabbenhoft
Marilyn M. Kuch
Gerald & Karen Lammers
Maurice & Sharon Lardy
David & Julie Larson
Maureen & Ricki Larson
Myron & Shirley Larson
Michael & Linda Laszewski
Kari M. Lee
Mark & June Lehr
Agnes M. Lessard
Debra Letkeman
Mark & Carolyn Lillehaugen
Christian Lind
Richard Lindbo
Jim & Carol Lindseth
Marvel Lindstrom
Lewis H. Lowe
Randall & Karen Lucht
Richard Lugert
Kenneth & Elaine Lystad
Adelaide B. MacMillan
Judy K. Magnuson
William & Darline Mahowald
Sandra L. Martz
Nathan & Amy Jo Mattison
Shawn & Angela McCarthy
Ronny & Carol McClellan
Maurice & Joy McCormick
Franklin & Elizabeth McCoy
Kevin & Rhonda McCrory
Bernice E. McMartin
Margaret O. McMorrow
Michael & Heidi Mellmer
Fay R. Michelsen
Sinisa Milovanovic & Natalija
George Mizell
& Cheryl Huber-Mizell
Glenn C. Moen
Beverly Molbert
Wayne & Linda Monge
Roger D. Monson
Darrell & Kay Moon
Ruth Morton
Steven Mott*
Donald Motzko*
Virgil & Phyllis Muscha
Mark & Janice Narum
Edward & Jill Nesheim
John & Cheryl Nilsen
Donald & Sarah Nordby
Russell & Laura Nylander
Allan & Marlene Ochsner
John & Marion O’Donnell
Wanda J. Olson
Richard & Yvonne Opoien
Celesta Ostby
Robert & Terryl Ann Ostmo
John & Maureen Palmquist
Craig & Alberta Pankow
Ronald & Lynette Pederson*
Bruce & Patricia Penas
Gregory & Gaylene Peterson
John & Linda Plaggemeyer
Eunice L. Plunkett
Robert & Delores Pope
Wayne & Gertrude Quibell
Doyle & Kim Ranstrom
Douglas & Kristen Reardon
Donald & Marilynne Reiner
Kenneth Reinowski
& Chris Lingen
Douglas & Carol Riedinger
Nancy L. Rippley
Elizabeth Rise
Kenton Rodgers
& Gudrun Lukat-Rodgers
Lowell & Carole Romfo
Glenn & Marcia Rost
Lillian Rost
Helen M. Rudie
Garren Ruggaber
& Lisa Juvette
Howard & Mary Russell
Angie Ryan
Edwin & Judy Ryen
Ronald L. Sanderson
Clarence & Juli Ann Sandvik
Paul & Ella Mae Satrom
Jennifer Schaeffer
Florence Scherbenske
Frank & Cheryl Schindler
Harry & Burnette Schlenker
Dwight E. Schmidt
Mary F. Schmit
Michael & Kathleen Schneider
Steven & Kathleen Schou
Lloyd & Beverly Schrader
Calvin & Thelma Sebelius
Hubert Seiler
Wayne Selensky
Colin A. Senogles
Donald A. Short
Martin & Lois Simmons
Wayne G. Skramstad
Doris A. Slaaten
Michael & Kim Slette
Mark A. Sletten
Howard Smith
& Roslyn Abramovitch*
James & Merilyn Smith
Justin & Sara Spickler
A William & Patricia Spiry
Delton & Lori Steele
Preston & Joy Steen
Louanne Stephenson
William & Melanie Stillwell
Warren & Anne Stoe
Steve Stoner
& Kari Lavelle Stoner
Henrietta Strandjord
Steve & Janice Sweeney
Garth & Sandi Teske
Harold & Mary Trautman
Edith M. Trygstad
Allan & Bergliot Turmo
Scot A. Tygart
Marcia A. Ubbelohde
John & Barbara Van Grinsven
Darrell & Susan Vasvick
Rosalie Veeder
Frances V. Ventsch
Chester M. Vosburg
Marion Voxland
Jack & Sandra Wagner
Thomas C. Walstad
Dwane & Joan Wanzek
Nellie M. Ward
Bob & Joan Waslien
Devane & Kathy Webster
Keith Welsh
Kirk Wetch
Cynthia T. Wieland
Jane A. Williamson*
James & Phyllis Winkler
Thomas & Wendy Winter
Arvel & Myrtle Woessner
Larry C. Wold
Susan J. Zachgo
Monica E. Zander
Church Groups
American Lutheran Church,
Atonement Lutheran Church,
Bethany Lutheran Church,
Bethany Lutheran Church,
Bethany Lutheran Church,
Cherry Hills Village, CO
Big Pembina Lutheran
Church, Langdon/Walhalla
Bowman Lutheran ELCW,
Buffalo Lutheran Church,
Calvary Lutheran Church,
Lemmon, SD
Christ Lutheran Church, Neche
Christ Lutheran Church,
Christ The King Lutheran
Church, Ellendale
Dahlen Lutheran WELCA,
Davenport Lutheran Church,
Deering Lutheran WELCA,
Dovre Lutheran Church,
Elm River Lutheran Church,
English Lutheran Church,
English Lutheran Church,
Faith Lutheran Church,
First Lutheran Church, Enderlin
First Lutheran Church, Harvey
First Lutheran Church, Hoople
First Lutheran Church,
First Lutheran Church, Rugby
First Lutheran Church, Keene
First Lutheran Church, Tioga
First Lutheran Church,
First Lutheran WELCA,
First Lutheran WELCA,
First Lutheran WELCA, Minot
First Lutheran WELCA,
Galchutt Lutheran Church,
Good Shepherd Lutheran
Church, Englevale
High Prairie Evangelical
Lutheran Church, LaMoure
Holy Cross Catholic Church,
West Fargo
Holy Cross Lutheran Church,
Powers Lake
Hurdseld Lutheran Church,
Immanuel Lutheran Church,
Lakota Lutheran Church,
Lebanon Lutheran Church,
Lord of Life Lutheran Church,
Lutheran Church of the
Cross, Bismarck
Lutheran Church of the
Cross, West Fargo
Luverne Lutheran Church,
Luverne Lutheran WELCA,
Medora Lutheran Church,
Norman Lutheran Church,
Northwood Evan.
Lutheran WELCA,
Our Redeemer Lutheran
Church, New England
Our Redeemer Lutheran
WELCA, New England
Our Savior Lutheran Church,
Our Savior Lutheran WELCA,
Our Savior Lutheran WELCA,
Our Savior Lutheran WELCA,
Our Savior’s Free Lutheran
Church, Stanley
Our Savior’s Lutheran
Church, Reeder
Our Saviour’s Lutheran
WELCA, Grafton
Peace Lutheran Church,
Peace Lutheran Church,
Peace Lutheran WELCA,
Pella Lutheran Church,
Sidney, MT
Richland Lutheran Church,
Sharon Lutheran WELCA,
Grand Forks
Skjeberg Lutheran Church,
St. Ansgar Lutheran Church,
St. Francis de Sales Church,
Moorhead, MN
St. John Lutheran Church,
St. Luke Lutheran Church,
St. Mary’s Hunger Fund,
Park River
St. Matthew Lutheran Church,
St. Olaf Lutheran Church,
St. Paul Lutheran Church,
Trinity Lutheran Church,
Trinity Lutheran Church,
Trinity Lutheran Church,
Trinity Lutheran Church,
Trinity Lutheran Church,
Trinity Lutheran Church,
Trinity Lutheran Church, Tioga
Trinity Lutheran Church,
Trinity Lutheran Church,
Sidney, MT
Trinity Lutheran WELCA,
Trinity Lutheran WELCA,
United Lutheran Church,
United Lutheran WELCA,
United Lutheran WELCA,
University Lutheran Church,
Grand Forks
University Lutheran WELCA,
Grand Forks
Valle Lutheran Church,
Walcott Lutheran Church,
Walcott Lutheran WELCA,
Warwick Lutheran WELCA,
Washington Lutheran Church,
West Prairie Lutheran
Church, Williston
Wolford Lutheran Church,
Wyndmere Lutheran Church,
Zion Lutheran Church,
Zion Lutheran Church,
Zion Lutheran LWML, Munich
Zion Lutheran WELCA, Minot
Feinstein Family Fund,
Cranston, RI
Lutheran Community
Foundation, Minneapolis, MN
Trinity Foundation, Carrington
Aberle Farms, Menoken
American Petroleum Institute,
Bobcat Company, Bismarck
Canadian Pacic Railway
Company, Calgary, AB
Carol Widman’s Candy, Fargo
Catalyst Medical Center,
CNH America LLC, Racine, WI
Colonial Estates, Bismarck
Concorde General Agency,
Decorating Artists, Inc.,
West Fargo
Eide Bailly LLP, Fargo
Food Services of America,
Great Outcomes Consulting,
LLC, Moorhead, MN
Hearing Solutions Inc., Fargo
High Point Networks, LLC,
West Fargo
Hooters of Fargo, Fargo
Hotel Donaldson, Fargo
Intercept Corporation, Fargo
Kadrmas Lee & Jackson,
Meinecke-Johnson Company,
Mikkelsen Insurance,
Moorhead, MN
ND Red River Valley Chapter
CSI, Inc., Fargo
Nodak Spickle, LLC, Minot
North Dakota Farm Bureau,
North Dakota Farmers Union,
Northern Improvement
Company, Fargo
Radisson Hotel Fargo, Fargo
Red River Counseling,
Moorhead, MN
Riverside Properties, LLC,
West Fargo
Riverview Family Dental PC
Schneidermann Brothers,
Ulen, MN
Share House, Inc., Fargo
Shultz & Associates, LTD.,
Sundog, Fargo
Three B Farms, Gettysburg, SD
Total Energy Concepts, Inc.,
Detroit Lakes, MN
Truist Altruism, New York, NY
Tuntland & Colling, Mandan
Wallwork Truck Center, Fargo
Western State Bank,
West Fargo
AMVETS Auxiliary Post 7,
Beta Beta Chapter of
Alpha Gamma Delta,
Dakota Region, PCA, Sioux
Falls, SD
Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls
LLC, Fargo
Fargo Public Schools,
Logan County Social Service,
Network For Good,
Bethesda, MD
Sanford Health, Fargo
Thrivent- Burleigh Chapter,
Thrivent- Ward County
Chapter, Minot
United Tribes Technical
College, Bismarck
Anonymous (18)
Christopher & Gina Ahlers*
Douglas & Lillian Aird
Chris & Elizabeth Alberty*
Terry & Elnora Allan
Candace Allen
Katie M. Allen
Brian & Erin Allrich*
Jerry Ames
Corinne E. Amundson
Omar & Rita Amundson
Charles A. Anderson+
Clinton N. Anderson
Dean R. Anderson
Donald & Corrine Anderson
Dwight & Karen Anderson
Elmo & Norma Anderson
Gerald & Susan Anderson
Ray & Sandy Anderson
Mike & Debbie Andvik
Arlyn & Verna Annrud
Gary & Gloria Annear
George & Michaella Arneson
Ronald & Karen Arneson
Pepper & Debra Ashmore
Darlene Askegaard
Ronald D. Atanasu
Marjorie E. Aufforth
Lee & Lesley Augustin
Sarah Bachmeier*
Willibrord O. Bachmeier
John & Florence Bahma
Jill D. Baker
Mindy Bakke*
Harold & Beverly Bale
Monroe & Doris Bartel
Justin D. Beahm
Marie G. Beck
Steven A. Beck
Kenneth & Rita Becker
Wesley & Judy Belter
Corley B. Benson
Kathryn E. Benson
Kevin & Candice Benz
Richard D. Bergseth
Michael & Bonita Bernath
Loren & Carole Berwald
Dean & Kathleen Bjorge
James & Patricia Bjorklund
Frank M. Boechler
Melissa J. Borgen
Matthew R. Borud
Beverly Boss
Bryan & Pamela Bossert
Elizabeth C. Boyle
Janice B. Braaten
H. Donald & Dorothy Brakke
Roger & Patricia Bramel
& Marlene Brandenburg
Jeff Brandenburg
Esther Bring
James & Rebecca Brislin
Robert & Jackie Brodshaug
Larry & Linda Brooks
William & Patricia Broome
Winnifred Brown
Thomas & Mary Brunsdale
Verlin & Virginia Buechler
FY 2012 Annual Report (July 1, 2011–June 30, 2012)
* indicates a donor’s gift was matched + indicates donor is deceased
Arnold & Barbara Buhr
Pamela Burchill
Ronald & Kim Burd
Derek D. Buss
LeeAnn M. Butts
J. Dean & Beatrice Caldwell
Arthur & Shirley Carlson
Dennis & Darlene Carlson
Kurt E. Carlson
Olaf & Verna Cartford
Richard & Janice Catalan
Charley & Eileen Chamberlain
Rodney & Karen Christenson
& Stephanie Christianson
Lynn & Janice Clancy
Richard & Ruth Clemenson
Jolynn Clinkenbeard
Patricia E. Collison
Richard & Stacy Conrad
Jerome H. Cossette
John Craig
Patricia S. Crary
James & Otillia Croteau
Phyllis L. Crowe
John & Trisha Cyr
Ben & Jana Daeuber
Duane & Carol Ann Dahlberg
Thomas Dahle & Karen Oby
Bernie & Louise Dardis
Lyla H. Daschendorf
Jerry & Deborah Daub
Dale & Laurain Dehlin
Matthew & Laurie DeVries
Mark & Marlene Deyle
Scott & Amanda Diamond
David & Carol Dinkel
Shirley Disher
Lawrence & Joan Doeden
Curt & Dawn Doetkott
Joel Donat*
Blayne & Penny Doty
Cari & Erich Drees
Myrna Drees
Joanne Drenkow
Roberta G. Drew
Jim Dueker
Catherine A. Duffy
Mark & Faye Duncan
Bryan & Cynthia Dvirnak
Delray & Verlene Dvoracek
Donald & Marlene Dvorak
Jane L. Dynes
Jon & Heidi Dyrstad
Connie L. Elledge
Charles & Kathy Ellefson
Irene M. Ellsworth
Jerome N. Eman
Roger & Betty Engberg
Laurine Engel
Adeline T. Erickson
James & Sheri Erickson
Lennis & Linda Erickson
Scott & Karen Erickson
Yvonne Erickstad
Colleen Evenson
James & Lisbeth Fandrich
Peter & Sandy Farrelly
Robert & Jennifer Feller
Daniel L. Fett
Brent Fischer
& Marilyn Nermoe-Fischer
Monte & Kristen Fischer
Wilbert & Betty Fischer
Theresa N. Flitter
Harold & Alida Flom
Richard & Nancy Foss
Donna F. Fraase
Beverly A. Fragodt+
Deborah P. Francis
Walter & Carolyn Frank
Keith & Pamela Freeland
Rosella A. Freitag
Joseph & Elaine Frison
Vincent & Colleen Frost
Dennis Fuhrman
Bert & Pat Funke
David & Elizabeth Garaas
Margaret K. Gaynor
Rebecca Gear
Ernest & Sandra Geffre
Roger A. Gegelman
Randall & Danita Gerhold
Robert & Lona Getz
Hazel M. Ghylin
Betty L. Gianunzio
Larry J. Giese
Erik & Kristi Gilbertson
Esther L. Gilbertson
Mark & Kristi Gilbertson
Teresa Gilbraith
Keith & Jill Gilleshammer
Marvin J. Gisi
David & Juneve Givers
Mary L. Gokey
Roger & Julie Gould
Alan A. Goyne
Craig & Christine Graf
David & Dorothy Green
Ray & Cathy Green
James & Kathryn Greene
Paul Grev
Charles & Helen Grommesh
Ronald & Elnore Grow
David & Sharon Gunwall
Jacob Gust & Barbara Olive
James N. Gustafson
Jason & Jill Gustofson
Robert & Linda Gylland
Neal & Kelly Haaland*
Terry & April Haar
John & Leone Hagen
Lawrence & Maureen Hahn
Pamela C. Hajicek
John & Joyce Hajostek
Ellen J. Halonen
Ronaldo & Carol Halverson
Dewey Halvorson
Loy & Pamela Ham
Clif & Yvonne Hamilton
Ethel I. Hanen+
Sandra D. Hannestad
Birgit Hans
David & Ardis Hanson
Lois M. Hanson
Paul & Pamela Hanson
Steven & Eldean Hanson
Warren & Mary Hanson
Dorothy W. Harbeke
Douglas & Janice Harildstad
Marc & Jean Harju
Glenn R. Harmon
Mary Harrington*
Colleen M. Hauser
Phyllis M. Hauter
Harold & June Hayer
Barbara R. Headrick
Andrew & Victoria Hecker
Karin & Justin Hegstad
Ron & Kay Hegvik
Douglas E. Helbing
Kimberly P. Helbling
Marilyn J. Helgeson
Dwight & Janet Hendrickson
Tula Henrikson
Dennis & Patricia Hetland
Donald G. Heuer
Betty L. Hill
W. Bryce & Maxine Hill
Jon & Gisela Hodneeld
J. T. & Peggy Hoggard
Phyllis Hohle
Peter & Susan Holte
James & Joyce Holter
Patricia A. Hornbaker
Hazel G. Hovde
Carol A. Huhner
Stephen & Diane Hulbert
Loretta Huschka
Sandy N. Huseby
Walt & Sandra Ihnken
Michael G. Ishaug
Darrell A. Iverson
Richard & Carolyn Jacobson
Richard & Olive Jacobson
Terry & Sharon Jacobson
Dave Jelliff
Clayton E. Jensen
Frank & Stephanie Jensen
Wayne & Fay Jensen
Barbara Johanson
Ann L. Johnson
Brian & Yvonne Johnson
David R. Johnson
Gregory & Susan Johnson
J. Philip & Joanne Johnson
Mark D. Johnson*
Marlys L. Johnson
Mary D. Johnson
Odell & Arlene Johnson
Roy O. Johnson
Zane Johnson
Duane & Janet Johnston
Lilah M. Jondahl
Shirley M. Jones
Neil & Nancy Jordheim
Elroy & Susan Kadrmas
Margaret M. Kaldahl
Darlean Karna
Cindy Kavlie
John & Nancy Keating
Gladys Keily
Arlyn & Nora Keith
Bradley & Lisa Kellerman
David Kiefer
Marguerite Kilber
Sean & Eithnea Killilea
William & Joyce King
Don & Karen Kirmis
Casey Kitzan
Allyn & Louise Klaman
Inez L. Klaus
Jay & Jeanne Klemetsrud
Tom & Avis Klinkhammer
Lemoine & Patsy Klose
Joseph D. Klosterman
Roy & Susan Knapp
Dale & Norine Knudson
Bryan & Sarah Knutson*
Joshua R. Knutson
Mark & Marion Kolstad
Kevin & Joan Kopperud
Gayler & Sharon Korsmo
Ina Kragness
Vernon Kragness
Kurt D. Kramer
Michael & Karolyn Kramer
Craig & Joan Krause
Fred & Marian Kreps
Curtis & Terri Krovoza
Josephine Kruckenberg
Brad & Dee Ann Krugler*
Duane A. Kuehn
Douglas G. Kuruc
D. Ann Kusler
Leopold & Marlys Kuznia
Mike & Cheryl Lacey
James & Kim LaHaise
Lucas & Nicholette Lahtinen
Timothy Lamey*
Katherine Laney
Larry & Sandie Laney
Dustin & Jennifer Lang
Jeffrey Lanser
Dennis & Lynda Larkin
David & Susan Larsen
Joan Larsen
Ronald & Ilene Larsen
Arvid & Darlene Larson
Barbara A. Larson
Daniel & Marla Larson
Donald & Muriel Larson
John & Sharon Larson
Philip & Melissa Larson
Stuart & Kathy Larson
Wayne & Betty Larson
Michael Lazarz*
Chad & Lindsey Leach
Sharon Lean
Larry & Betty Ledene
David & Karen Lee
Larry Lee
& Margie Martin Lee
Kathy R. Leingang
Michael Lemna
Eric W. Leonhardt
Keith & Shelley Lesteberg
Dale & Paulette Lian
Charles L. Lindberg
Bernard & Marilyn Lipp
Wayne & Barbara Longbella
Diane Luiken
Christopher Lund
& Kerry Kornblatt
Kenneth & Phyllis Lundeby
Duane G. Lura
Robert & JoAnn Lynne
Timothy & Kathleen Mahoney
Gordon & Orilla Maier
John & Bess Manesis
Barrie March & Jeanne Beare
Earl & Lorna Marifjeren
Dale & Ann Marks
Tom & Susan Marman
Keith & Paulette Martin
Ann Martodam
JoAnn & Gary Matthews
Kyle McConnell
John & Grace McDonough
Victoria & Thomas McGauley
John A. McGinnis
Dean & Shirley McInnes
R. Paul McPhail
Irene Melander
Keith & Sherry Melby
James & Helen Melland
Todd & Jill Metzger
Eduardo Meza & Nancy Fidler
Mark & Sheila Miller
Thomas & Sandra Miller
Patrick Mineer*
James & Darline Mitchell
Roger & Judy Moberg
Brian Moore*
Joan L. Morris
Robert E. Morris
Joe & Laverne Morrissette
Arthur G. Mueller
Myron & Marilyn Muhle
Sue Murray
Kelly Myers
Richard & Cheryl Narum
James W. Neilson
Allen & Kimberly Nelson*
David & Teresa Nelson
Duane & Valri Nelson
Gary & Sherry Nelson
Lee & Reness Nelson
Roger & Margaret Nelson
Gaynelle Nesheim
Gary A. Ness
Leo & Kari Ness
Stephanie L. Ness
Myron & Katherine Netzer
John Neuenschwander*
Donavon Newnam
& Doris Gliege
Rod J. Nibbe
Carl & Norma Nicholson
Marvin & LaVonne Nicklay
Paul & Marilyn Nielsen
John Niemackl
& Jean Ryan-Niemackl
Larry & Peggy Njos
Janice M. Nosal
Shawn D. Nulph*
E. Virginia Nyberg
Juanita Nyhusmoen
Rae L. Offutt
Dennis & Carolyn Ogroske
James C. Ohnstad
Arthur & Grace Olien
Dennis L. Olson
Donna M. Olson
Ralph & Louise Olson
Robert & Tamara Olson
Robert & Tonya Omdahl*
Donald & Evelyn Ommodt
Harry E. O’Neil, Jr.
Scott & Stephanie Ostlie
Perry & Patti Ostmo
Lawrence & Nancy Otterson
Edwin Ough+
E. Lynn & Joyce Overboe
William & Phyllis Owan
Roger & Judy Parrow
Rodney & Carolyn Paseka
Marcia L. Paulson
Harvey H. Pedersen
Daniel Pederson
& Susan Larson Pederson
Karla L. Pederson
Larry & Eileen Pederson
Helen O. Pepple
Barbara J. Peterson
Darold & Judy Peterson
Jack & Lilly Peterson
John & Rebecca Petrik
Tri C. Phan
Bruce & Catherine Piatt
Garnet F. Pierson
Kevin & Mary Pitzer
Richard & Jane Plecity
Robert & Jean Pope
Steve & Annette Porter
Elizabeth & Travis Posey
Jerry & Elizabeth Protextor
Andrea C. Quiggle
& Melissa Rademacher
Marcellus & Sharon Ratajczak
James & Nancy Rauch
Maridell H. Reid
Wayne & Betty Reinhart
Richard & Nicole Reis
Michael A. Rempfer
J. Donald & Naomi Rice
Randy & Carmen Richards
Lisa A. Richmond
Theresa A. Rick
George & Beth Rickard
Vivian J. Rickertt
Walter & Jayne Robinson
Carrol E. Rognlie
Jeffrey & Denise Rondeau
Maxine Rostad
Leslie & Doris Rourke
Tim & Linda Rubis
LaVerne H. Rued
Aaron Rykhus*
Darrell W. Saathoff
Dallas H. Sailer
Tim Sanden
Monique Sauvageau*
Arlene J. Sax
Richard & Mary Schaefer
Bryan & Janine Schaffer
Duane & Carlotta Schall
Paul Schauer
Eldor & Cheryl Scheid
& Mary Ann Schensch
Betty Schiele
Randall & Naomi Schlecht
Steven & Marsha Schmidt
Joel & Lynette Schmitz
Reuben & Marilyn Schnaidt
Ramona Schroeder
Tim & Annette Schroeder
Larry & Dixie Schulz
R. Stanley & Judith Schulz
Steven & Billie Schumacher*
Brad Schuster
Ardella Schwartzwalter
Lisa C. Schwinden
Daniel & Bernadine Seefeldt*
Joel Sehrt
Scott D. Seiler
Brian Selland & Sharon Baker
Edward & Barbara Sellent
Steve J. Sellent
Roberta F. Seright
Allan & Mary Severson
Douglas & Gloria Shamberger
Dwayne & Gloria Shelton
Terence Short
& Shirley Norgard
Cameron & Joan Sillers
Donald & Becky Silva
Curt & Mary Simons
Eva Skarphol
Cindy & Steven Skauge
Donny & Mary Ellen Skogen
Dennis & Patricia Slaaen
Wayne & Marsha Smogard
Herbert Snyder
& Barbara Dunn
Mike & Patricia Sojka
Gwen L. Solien
Robert & Jackie Sorenson
Sara K. Sorenson
Ruth B. Sorknes
Karen I. Spilde
Gustav & Mary Staahl
Cody B. Stanley
Anthony & Carissa Stauss
Gerald & Melinda Steen
Richard D. Steffan
Clarence & Mary Steffen
Anthony J. Steidl
Natalie M. Steidl
Gary D. Steinke
Lloyd & Patricia Steinmetz
Clinton J. Stellon
Steven Stempf
Laila G. Stenberg
Robert & Jenette Stenehjem
Sandy Stockert
Mark & Stephanie Strand
& Jacquelyn Strandberg
Lillian Stromme
Larry & Carmen Svenningsen
& Cameron Swearingen*
Adele Swenson
Orven & Deborah Swenson
Timothy & Dale Ann Swenson
Joe & Jennifer Sykora
Mitchell & Ellen Syverson
Gerald Tanberg
& Sharon Burley Tanberg
George & Stacey Tebelius
David & Marilyn Tessier
Rebecca J. Thom
Jessica A. Thomasson
Gregory & Susan Thompson
Susan Thompson
Michael & Mona Thorstad
Shad & Brenda Thurlow
H. Joan Toay
Carrol A. Tollefson
Terrance & Debra Traynor
Eric & Heidi Trittin
John & Deborah Trombley
Ralph & Jean Truman
Jon & Catherine Tufte
Dennis & Donna Tupper
Berniece Turnquist
Vincent & Jacqueline Ulstad
& Judith Van Engelenhoven
Dan & Patricia VanBrunt
Daryl & Esther Vance
James & Rae Ann Vandrovec
Thomas & June Vangerud
James & Joyce Vanlith
Constance H. Vanvig
Richard & Mary Veit
Bruce & Joanne Vieweg
Raymond & Betty Vikander
Robyn S. Vinje
Lisa & Randy Voeller
Lois F. Vogel
Esther Vollbrecht
Alphonsus & Rita Wagner
Stephanie A. Wald
Corie A. Walker
Patricia A. Wallen
Robert & Kathleen Walsh
Bernice A. Walton
David & Jeanne Wanner
Richard & Mary Warner
Leslie & Eunice Wassberg
Glen & Nancy Weber
Dean C. Webster
Mary & William Weiler
Patrick J. Welle
Bill & Sylvia Wendland
& Sharlene Wendorff*
Barbara J. Wenger
Frances M. Werre
Andrew & Erin Westby
Anton L. Whitehead
Alon C. Wieland
Dean & Mae Wieland
Thomas & Virginia Wiggen
Ruth M. Wigness
Shonda & Scott Wild
Mildred Wilkinson
Glenn & Nadine Williams
Jim & Linda Willis
Charles Wilson
& Desiree Smith
Scott & Tammy Winter
James & Jean Wold
Howard & Doris Wolfe
Rollin & Joyce Wolter
Jack & Rebecca Wood
James & Lois Wood
Debra Wright
Robert & Ellen Wright
Steven & Leann Wright
Lois A. Ydstie
George & Lisa Yocum
Tracey Yorio*
William & Ruth Zerr
Jane M. Zidon
Allan & Carol Zimmerman
Church Groups
Adams Mountain Lutheran
WELCA, Adams
Almont United Lutheran
Church, Almont
Augustana Lutheran WELCA,
Grand Forks
Beaver Creek Congregation,
Beleld Lutheran Church,
Beleld Lutheran WELCA,
Bethany Lutheran Church,
Bethel Lutheran Church,
Battleview/Powers Lake
Bethesda Lutheran Church,
Moorhead, MN
Bethlehem Evangelical
Lutheran Church,
Evanston, IL
Big Pembina Lutheran
WELCA, Langdon
Bisbee Lutheran WELCA,
Bruat Lutheran WELCA,
Bucyrus Lutheran Church,
Cando Lutheran Church,
Carpio Lutheran WELCA,
Comstock Lutheran WELCA,
Comstock, MN
English Lutheran Church,
English Lutheran WELCA,
Evanger Lutheran Church,
Faith Lutheran WELCA,
Faith Lutheran WELCA,
Valley City
Faith Lutheran WELCA,
First Lutheran Church, Hunter
First Lutheran Church, Beach
First Lutheran Church,
Willow City
First Lutheran Church,
Miles City, MT
First Lutheran WELCA,
New Rockford
First Lutheran WELCA,
First Lutheran WELCA, Beach
First Lutheran WELCA, Tioga
First Lutheran WELCA,
First Lutheran WELCA,
Keene/New Town
Grace Lutheran Church,
Grace Lutheran WELCA,
Grace Lutheran WELCA,
Hettinger Lutheran WELCA,
Hoff Lutheran WELCA, Lankin
Holy Cross Lutheran WELCA,
Powers Lake
Hope Lutheran WELCA,
Horace Lutheran Church,
Horace Lutheran WELCA,
Immanuel Lutheran Church,
Immanuel Lutheran Church,
Immanuel Lutheran WELCA,
Kindred Lutheran Church,
Lakota Lutheran WELCA,
Little Forks Lutheran Church,
Marion Lutheran Church,
Metigoshe Lutheran Church,
Michigan Lutheran Church,
Nazareth Lutheran WELCA,
Nekoma Lutheran Church,
FY 2012 Annual Report (July 1, 2011–June 30, 2012)
* indicates a donor’s gift was matched + indicates donor is deceased
Anonymous (46)
Allen & Stephanie Aaberg
Judy M. Aalgaard
Olav & Marilyn Aarsvold
Sabina Abaza
David Abbott
& Jane Voglewede
Norman & Gladys Abernathey
Harmon & Julie Abrahamson
Ken & Mary Abrahamson
Stacey Ackerman
Jacky Adam
Beverley L. Adams
Mike & Lanette Adams
Stephen & Barbara Adams
Roger & Shirley Adrian
Todd & Ruth Afeld
Lois E. Agather
Marilyn Agnew
Kevin Ahlemeier
Thomas & Jane Ahlin
L. M. & Pamela Akers
Essa J. Albawi
Warren & Michelle Albrecht
Verna D. Aleshire
Harris Alfson
Clyde & Esther Allen
Beth Allickson
Eldon & Evelyn Allram
Ardell & Betty Almen
Nicomedes Alonso
& Giuseppina Audisio
J. Richard & Renee Alsop
Ermina Altoka-Jelovac
Kenneth & Rosella Amann
Virgil R. Andersen
Anna R. Anderson
Betty Jane Anderson
Carmen R. Anderson*
Curtis & Betty Anderson
Daryl & Gerice Anderson*
Donna M. Anderson
Dwight Anderson
Gale L. Anderson
Galen & Lynn Anderson
Gilbert & Doris Anderson
Irene L. Anderson
Jeannie Anderson
Jeffrey Anderson*
Kurt & Karen Anderson
L. Gary & Paula Anderson
Lyle V. Anderson
Monica J. Anderson
Nora E. Anderson
Robert Anderson*
Robert & Tracey Anderson
Randy & Sara Jane Annson
Edward Ankrum
Randy & Jolyn Anton
Jerry A. Arends
Syneva Arithson
& Svetlana Arutyunov
Kristi & Todd Asendorf
Stephen & Ann Ashley
Rolaine J. Askegaard
Diane M. Askew
Myron & Jeanette Asleson
James & Wanda Aspaas
Katie Astrup
Mariann Astrup
Darlain Atol
Robert Axtman
& Cara Halgren
Aaron Axvig
Richard & Karen Axvig
Audrey E. Bachman
Evelyn Backhaus
Robert & Kerry Bahl
Genny Bahnmiller
Michael & Deborah Bailly
Steve & Pat Bain
Mark & Velma Baisch
Darrell & Jean Baker
Jarret & Kerry Baker
Linda Bakewell
Brian Bakke*
Jerome & Beverly Bakke
Michael & Annette Bakken
Sue B. Balcom
Dennis & Laurie Ball
Brian & Ann Bandemer
Morris J. Bang
RaNell Bang
Michael & Beth Barga
MacDonald & Taylor Barnes
Thomas & Patricia Barr
Barry W. Barringer
Larry & Joan Barstad
Jamie A. Bartch
New Hope Lutheran Church,
New Hope Lutheran WELCA,
Alvarado, MN
Normanna Lutheran Church,
Dunn Center
Normanna Lutheran Church,
North Viking Lutheran
Church, Maddock
Our Redeemer Lutheran
Church, Fairdale
Our Savior Evangelical
Lutheran Church, Aurora, IL
Our Savior Luther League,
Our Savior Lutheran Chuch,
Our Savior Lutheran Church,
Our Savior Lutheran Church,
Our Savior Lutheran Church,
Our Savior’s Lutheran
Church, Larimore
Our Saviors Lutheran Church,
Our Savior’s Lutheran
WELCA, Valley City
Our Saviors Lutheran
WELCA, Pequot Lakes, MN
Our Saviours Lutheran
Church, Park River
Peace Lutheran Church,
Pekin Lutheran Church, Pekin
Perry Lutheran Church,
Richland Lutheran WELCA,
Sacred Heart Convent, Fargo
Sarnia United Lutheran,
Sheyenne Lutheran Church,
Sheyenne Lutheran WELCA,
Sheyenne Valley Lutheran
Church, Finley
Sheyenne-Oberon Area
Ministry, Sheyenne
Sigdal Lutheran Church,
Sisters of Mary of the
Presentation, Valley City
Spring Creek Lutheran
Church, Kathryn
Spring Creek Lutheran
Church, Hastings/Litchville
St. John Lutheran Church,
St. John’s Lutheran Church,
St. Mark’s Lutheran Church,
Grand Forks
St. Olaf Lutheran Church,
Turtle Lake
St. Olaf Lutheran WELCA,
Devils Lake
St. Paul Lutheran Church,
St. Paul Lutheran Church,
St. Peter’s Lutheran Church,
Devils Lake
St. Petri Lutheran Church,
St. Petri Lutheran Church,
St. Philips Lutheran Church,
Fridley, MN
Sundahl Lutheran Church,
Sundahl Lutheran WELCA,
Sunne Evangelical Lutheran
Church, Wilton
Trinity Lutheran Church,
Trinity Lutheran Church,
Trinity Lutheran Church,
Trinity Lutheran Church,
Trinity Lutheran WELCA,
Trinity Lutheran WELCA,
United Lutheran Church,
United Lutheran Church,
United Lutheran WELCA,
Walhalla Lutheran Church,
Western ND Synod of ELCA,
Willow Creek Lutheran
Church, Overly
Wilmington Lutheran WELCA,
Women of Hope ELCA,
Woodworth Lutheran WELCA,
Zion Lutheran Church,
Zion Lutheran Church, Kulm
Zion Lutheran Church,
Zion Lutheran Church,
Zion Lutheran WELCA,
ABC Seamless, Inc., Fargo
Ag Country Farm Credit
Services, Fargo
Becker’s Financial Services,
LLC, Fargo
Beltone Hearing Aid Services,
Border States Industries, Inc,
Bosard McCutcheon
& Rau, LTD, Minot
Bremer Bank Employees,
Cetero Research dba PRACS
Institute, Ltd., Fargo
Creative Kitchen, Fargo
Discovery Benets, Inc.
Diversied Contractors, INC,
Fargo Automotive &
Transmission, West Fargo
Feeding America—
Eastern Wisconsin, Inc.,
Milwaukee, WI
Forest River Colony,
Gary & Son Electric Service,
Inc., Fargo
Gate City Bank, Fargo
General Equipment
& Supplies, Fargo
Harland Financial Solutions,
Hilton Garden Inn, Fargo
Holiday Inn, Fargo
Horn Plastics, Inc, Fargo
IBM Employee Services
Center, Endicott, NY
Johnsrud Transport, Inc.,
Des Moines, IA
Kersten Construction,
Kiecker Farms, Edgeley
Northwestern Bank,
Moorhead, MN
Pizza Corner, Valley City
Pro Forms, Bismarck
Retterath Farm, Inc.,
Rick Lebahn Agency, Inc.,
West Fargo
Sakakawea Medical Center,
Sew What Monogramming,
Inc., West Fargo
Sig Olson & Sons Plastering,
Inc., Moorhead, MN
Stan Johnson Insurance, Inc,
Sysco North Dakota, Fargo
US Bank, Robbinsdale, MN
Valley Plumbing, Fargo
Vision Bank, Fargo
Warner and Company,
Widmer Roel PC, Fargo
Xcel Energy, Fargo
Asante Network, Valley City
Chapter Y—PEO Sisterhood,
Hawthorne Neighborhood
Association, Fargo
Kiwanis Club of Hillsboro,
Kiwanis Club of Moorhead,
Moorhead, MN
Lions Club—Cannon Falls,
Cannon Falls, MN
Lions Club—Leonard,
McHenry/Pierce County
Social Services, Towner
ND Department of Agriculture,
Soroptimist Club—Fargo,
Thrivent—West Williams
Chapter, Williston
West Fargo Exchange Club,
West Fargo
Kristy A. Bartch
Dale R. Bartel
Julie Bartelson
Gertrude Bartle
David & Patty Bass
Garry L. Bates
Calvin & Nancy Bauer
Scott Bauer
Robert & Cheryl Bauer-Olson
& Marilee Baumgartner
Bernard & Vera Baumler
Julie A. Baumler
David & Debra Beard
Mary A. Beauclair
Chaz Beck
Dale H. Beck
Marty R. Beck
Patricia Beck
Maxine M. Beckwith
Antoinette Beedy
Brian Begeman
Melva H. Behrens
Jeff & Elizabeth Behrmann
Marie E. Bellerud
William Benjamin
& Cynthia Lang-Benjamin
Joyce C. Benson
Roger & Colleen Benson
Peggy L. Benz
Ruby M. Benz
Carolyn J. Benzinger
Justin Berg
Richard & Lilly Berg
Marian B. Bergan
Arden & Patricia Berggren
LaVerne G. Berglof
John D. Bergman*
David H. Bergseid
Marion E. Bergseid
Richard & Gail Bergstad
Steven & Darlene Berndt
Robert & Lorine Bernhardt*
Phyllis A. Berntson
Barbara A. Bertel
Carol J. Bertelsen
Leroy & Mary Jean Bertsch
Phyllis Bethke
Donald & Lynne Bigwood
Roy & Karen Bigwood
Corey Bilstad
Ronald & Debra Bingeman
A. Dean Birbilis
Kelly L. Birchem
Richard & Iverne Birklid
Randy & Joan Bishoff
Mark & Marilyn Bittner
James & Heidi Bitz
Betty C. Bjerke
Scott & Sara Bleth
& Minnie Blickensderfer
Elaine Blinsky
Wade & Cindy Bloom*
Loretta J. Bloomquist
Meredith M. Bloomquist
Ray & Nance Blotske
John & Mary Bluemle
Andrew & Pamela Boen
Paul & Victoria Boese
June Bohmbach
Lowell & Priscilla Bolger
Raymond & Diane Boll
Kurt & Barbara Bollman
Nathaniel Booth
& Ann Stark-Booth
Darrell & Judy Borgen
Larry & Wanda Borowicz
Steve & Lisa Borreson
Clifford & Betty Bosak
Jake & Sandy Boschee
Joshua Boschee
John Boustead
Stephen & Vickie Boutiette
Robert & Jean Boxrud
Margaret S. Boyce
Linden & Susan Boyd
Mark & Mariah Boyle
Mary Braaten
Wayne G. Braaten
Paul Brakke
David A. Brammer
Gladys L. Brand
Kurt Brandenburg
Edward Bratcher
Lyle & Sharon Bratcher
Barbara C. Braun
Ken & Kathy Breden
Paul & Michelle Breen
Paul & Cathy Breiner
Brian & Donna Breitbarth
Lisa D. Brekkestran
Sandra L. Brennan*
Linda D. Brew
Michael L. Brewer
Michael S. Briggs
Daniel C. Brink
Maxine K. Brinkman
Karen & Ronald Broderson
Father Armand L. Brooks
David & Mary Broten
Alfred & Joanne Brown
Dean & Paula Brown
Donald & Avril Brown
Flora M. Brown
Glenn & Harriet Brown
Gloria J. Brown
Joan J. Brown
Kristine J. Brown
Linda F. Brown
Lisa A. Brown
Lois M. Brown
Malcom & Carol Brown
Thomas & Betty Brown
& Katherine Bruckbauer
Erin Brunsvold
Bill Brunton
Duane & Rita Bry
Evelyn Bryant
Robert & Faye Bubach
Terrence & Karen Buboltz*
Evelyn Buchnk
Robert Bucholz*
Robert & Linda Bucholz
Douglas & Carol Buckman
Robert & Dennette Buckmier
Richard & Ruth Budd
John & Arlette Buegel
Michael & Vicki Buesgens*
Bob B. Buhr
Kristen Bullis
Becky J. Burchill
Rick & Becky Burgess
Julie Burgum
Steve & Barbara Burian
Nils M. Buringrud
Jerrett & Erin Burk
Kathleen Burkhardt
Alan R. Burkholder
Darrell & Nancy Burkland
Janice D. Burnside
Clyde & Marcene Burtt
Robert & Jan Bury
Marvita A. Busching*
Susan C. Buttke
John & Jean Bye
Eugene & Meredith Byron
Glynco & Lanae Cajobe
Timothy & Lori Callahan
Donna M. Campbell
Thomas & Doreen Campbell
David & Marcie Camrud
Richard & Caroline Camrud
Harold & Mary Lee Capaci
Joan P. Carlisle
Alan & Sharon Carlson
ArleJean Carlson
Bruce & Judy Carlson
Bruce & Cynthia Jo Carlson
Clarence & Oryce Carlson
Cynthia Carlson
Donald & Glenice Carlson
Dorothy A. Carlson
E. John & Brenda Carlson
Jacob & Beth Carlson
Joan Carlson
Laura Jean Carlson
Paul D. Carlson
Robert A. Carlson
Robert & Heather Carlson
William & Noreen Carlson*
Douglas & Sheree Carney
Carlann R. Carow
Debbie Carriveau
Michael & Valerie Casavant
Gretchen K. Cash
Jason S. Cassella
Donald Charbonneau
Laurence Charlet
& Rebecca Meyer-Charlet
Shannon L. Charpentier
Peter J. Chisholm
Donna J. Chloupek
Edward & Clara Christ
Leroy & Patricia Christensen
Steffen & Janice Christensen
Kelly & Eileen Christenson
Eric & Stephanie Christeson
Doug & Renee Christians
Russell & Cheryl Christiansen
Charlie Christianson
Eric & Lisa Christianson*
Margaret I. Christianson
Darrell A. Christie
Jessica Clark-Woinarowicz
Janice M. Clemenson
Steven & Elaine Clemenson
Leroy & Marlys Clendenen
George Clifton
Dennis & Sherry Coauette
Robert Cobb
Patti S. Cochran
Kevin W. Cockerill
Leon Cockerill, Jr.
Joyce B. Cole
Lillian Cole
Richard & Edith Cole
Thomas & Margaret Colenso
Katherine J. Collins
Pam Collins
Patrick & Rae Colliton
Jay & Victoria Colwell
Michael & Patricia Conlon
Patrick & Jo Conmy
Mildred Connolly+
Russ & Patty Conrad
Bruce & Beverly Conway
John & Marilyn Conway
James & Eleanor Coomber
Linda L. Coons
Mark & Rachel Coppin
Peter D. Cossette
Michael & Colleen Couture
Kenneth W. Covey
Gary & Yvonne Cowden
Marshall & Jane Craft
Clyde & Robyn Craig
George & Lucinda Cresswell
Clark & Harriet Cronquist
Lynn & Nancy Crooks
Richard A. Crooks
Corey & Kelly Cruchet*
Ronald & Manuela Cruff
Bradley & Marionnette Crume
Alice Cueva
Wayne & Carol Current
Donise Cyre
John & Ethel Dabill
Lila E. Dahl
Vivian J. Dahl
Doris Dahlberg
Arlan & Janice Dahlen
Jeff & Patty Dahlen
Roger & Juneal Dahnke
Joseph Dalrymple
Robert & Virginia Dambach
Christie K. Danielson*
Jim Danielson
Wayne & Kimberly Danielson
Darlene Dau-Idso
Timothy Q. Davies
Jenny Davis
Michael & Loretta Davis
Kenneth & Marjorie Dawes
Edith A. Dawson
Joseph & Jolene Day
Ronald W. Day
Glen Deeton
Lowell P. Degnan
Charles & Alice DeHoff
Jason & Kim DelaBarre
Kaley R. Delaney
Beth J. DeLano
Justin & Kelly Deltener
Joshua DeMarcinco
Mark DeMars
Richard DeMars
Troy DeMars
Mark & Sharon DeMay
David & Myrna DeMers
Barbara Dennis*
Kristen B. Depree
Robert Deraas
Michael DeVoe*
Derrald & Evon Dewald
Connie L. DiAllesandro
Benjamin Dick
Mildred & James Dick
Edward & Deborah Didier
Ernest J. Dielen
Clay & Suzy Dietrich
Robert & Shirley Dietrich
Luella Ann Digerness
Kevin & Susan Dill
Arla Mae Discher
Bruce & Lenora Dittmer
Paul & Suzanne Dobbins
Jeremy Dockter
Arthur & Donna Dohrmann
Marcella Dolbec
Judith A. Doll
James & Mary Domaskin
Kevin & Karen Donahue
Sandra Donaldson
Brian & Julie Doom
Ruth Dosch
Barbara Dove
Mark Dowell*
Joel & Heather Downs
Kenneth & Maureen Drees
Cimarron & Renee Drewicke
May Ella Dring
Zhongying Du
Eva H. Duchscherer
Danielle C. Dueker-Sawrey
Judith M. Duerre
Elizabeth K. Dukart
James & Kimberly Durben
Todd & Mary Dutt
Ronald & Arlene Duval
David & Nancy Dvorak
Jacob & Paulette Dvorak
Shirley R. Dykshoorn
James Easton
Andrea Eberhardt
Richard & Nancy Eckman
Beverly Edgar
Arnold L. Edinger
Lyle & Lorraine Edlund
FY 2012 Annual Report (July 1, 2011–June 30, 2012)
* indicates a donor’s gift was matched + indicates donor is deceased
Stephen & Mary Edner
Catheryn Edwards
Norm Edwards & Jean Morris
Glenda M. Edwardson
Brian Egstad
Curtis & Brenda Eichele
Richard L. Eid
Jerome & Judith Eide
Doris M. Eidem+
Larry & Holly Eidsness
Lowell & Nancy Einerson
Charles F. Eisele
Larry Eisenzimmer
Josephine C. Elbert
Memorial Fund
David & Rebecca Elbert
Marjorie A. Eliason
Edna Ellefson
Lillian M. Elletson
Dagny N. Ellingson
Raymond & Dorothy Ellingson
Sharon Ellsworth
Claudia Elser
Lloyd & Louise Emerson
Nancy Emerson
James & Betty Empting
Delores A. Eng
Donald O. Engebretson
Kenneth & Brenda Engelhardt
Donald & Laure Engelhart
Matthew & Julie Engen*
Wayne & Velma Enger
John H. Engesather
Janice E. Erbstoesser
David Erdmann
& Cynthia
Amy J. Erickson
Esther L. Erickson
Jon & Paula Erickson
Kenneth & Betty Erickson
Ron & Connie Erickson
Russell & Nancy Erickson
Sally Erickson*
Wilhelm & Eileen Erickson
Dorothy M. Erickstad
Marlene Espejo
Eileen Etterman
Gary & Marcia Euren
Julie A. Evans
Jeannette Evensen
Timothy Evenson
Donna Evers
Paul E. Everson
Jack & Harriet Evert
Arnold & Loretta Fandrich
John & Evangeline Fandrich
Lisbeth Fanrich
Michael & Nancy Farbo
Justin D. Faris
Dana R. Farnham
Christine E. Fastnaught
Alan & Kristin Fehr
Larry & Maren Feiring
Elaine Feland
Carolyn & Donald Feldman
Thomas C. Ferguson
Barbara Ferrari
Erik & Bethany Fetner
David & Sylvia Fetsch
Dan & Kathy Fiandaca
Jay & Jody Field
Betty J. Fiemann
Thomas & Corrine Finck
Joe Finneman
Eugene & Jane Finneseth
K.B. & Thelma Finneseth
Mr. & Mrs. Orvin Finnesgard
Noreen C. Fischer
Rodger & Marilyn Fischer
Christina Fisher
Brian L. Fitzgerald*
& Catherine Fitzgerald
David Fixen
Linda Fjellanger
Orian & Stephanie Fjestad
Lonny Flaagan
Scott & Debbie Fladeland
Cindy E. Fleming
Sherrie M. Fleshman
Jerome & Jean Fletschock
Russell & Cathy Fletschock
Royce Floberg
Norma J. Flore
David & Charlene Flowers
Howell & Kimi Flowers
Bryan & Heide Fluhrer
Gary Fluto
Geraldine Foerster
Delvin & Joelyn Foote
James & Jerilyn Forde
Todd & Amy Forkel
Jack & Dianna Formo
Keith & Kari Forster
Theodore & Joan Forstner
Glen & Denise Foss
Erwin & Beverly Fossum
Leo & Marilyn Foster
Helen Foughty
Ron & Gwen Fraase
Neldae Frank
Sandra Franke
Ashley & Matthew Franzen
Ronald & Mary Fredrickson
Esther M. Fredrikson
Dan & Sharon Freeman
Michael A. Freeman
Renee Freeman
Henning & Elsa Freiesleben
Vi Fremstad
D.Thomas & Helen Friend
Joel Friesz
Duna & Eugina Frigaard
Dennis & Lucy Frisinger
LaMae C. Friskop
Patricia Fritel
Tom & Loralie Kay Fritel
Kevin & Michelle Froeber
Marvel L. Froemming
Dana & Mary Frojen
Scott R. Fuglesten
John & Brenda Fulwider
Bruce & Lorraine Furness
David & Catherine Gaboury*
Don Gackle+
Wesley Gackle
John & Jill Gaffney
Don & Carolyn Galitz
Wayne & Gay Galles
John & Edna Galster
Evelyn Galt
Dorothy Galyen
Leonard Gapp+
Beth Ann Gardner*
Donald & Janis Gartner
Vivian M. Garvey
Irene Gates
Ted & Patricia Gathman
Bruce & Doraine Gaughan
Christopher & Genesis Gaule
Ben D. Gawryluk
Chester A. Gebert
Louis & Mai Geeraerts
M. Richard & Susan Geiger
Gary & Ann Geiszler
Kara Genzlinger
Vaughan & Wendy Gerlach
Robert & Judith German
Robert & Beth Geske
Verna M. Giese
Nels & Carol Gilberg
Gordon & Arlene Gilberts
Alycia A. Gilbertson
Ernest Gilbertson
Roger & Marilyn Gilbertson
Karen Gilbraith
David & Orleen Gilchrist
Robert & Marlene Gilje
Richard Gist*
Melissa Gjellstad
Velda Glick
Julene Glinz
Carol J. Goertel
Elmer & Clara Goetz
Walter & Bonnie Gondrez
C. Marie Gooch
Janice K. Goodwin
Gilman & Vivian Goplen
Patrick & Kimberly Gores
Gerard & Jolene Gourde
James & Julie Graalum
John R. Graber
Gary & Stella Graff
Mary A. Gramlich-Staszko
Arlene Gran
Beatrice Grasmoen
Thomas & Judith Graves
James & Elaine Gray
David C. Green
Raymond & Yvonne Green
Roger Green
& Canan Bilen Green
Sandra M. Green
Sheldon & Roberta Green
Kaye J. Greenwood
Vincent A. Gregor
Dale & Ladora Gregory
Brian & Kate Greicar
Herbert & Arlene Grenz
Benjamin & Trina Gress
Paul & Nora Grifn
Roger & Carol Grimm
John & Rawnette Grindahl
Arnold & Jane Grindberg
Jean S. Grinde
Beatrice Grommesh+
Randy & Constance Grondahl
Elden Grosz
Walter & Donna Grotte
Connie J. Grove
Phyllis L. Grove
Wallace & Betty Grund
Peter & Bertha Grundstad
Paul & Ruth Guldseth
Ruth E. Gullicks
Marcella M. Gulsvig
Don & Helen Gunderson
Greg & Michele Gunderson
Marietta B. Gunderson
Richard & Anna Gunderson
Greg P. Gustin
Roger Gutschmidt
Loren & Dana Haagenson
Gregory Haakenson
& LuJean Thomas
Phil & LaVae Haaland
Esther Haas
Edwin L. Hafner
Marvin R. Hafner
Elizabeth N. Hagemeister
Connie R. Hagen
Gail Hagen
Gerald & Frances Hagen
Ronald & Clara Hager
Delmar R. Hagerott
W. Todd Haggart
Mark Haider*
Mark & Amy Haines
Vernis A. Haines
Kenneth & Avis Hajicek
Harry Hakanson
Michael & Lori Halligan
Robert & Louise Halseth
Art & Marie Halvorson
Duane Halvorson
Gary & Mary Halvorson
& Katherine Halvorson
James G. Hamann
Marguerite C.
David & Judith Hanawalt
Rebecca L. Hancock
Roger A. Handegard
Russell & Kyle Handegard
Scott & Mary Handy
David S. Hanekom
Robert E. Hankins
Jay & Rita Hannesson
Eileen A. Hannig
Sonja B. Hanrahan
Dale & Glenice Hansen
Greg & Kathleen Hansen
Norma E. Hansen
Richard M. Hansen
Stephen & Bobbi Hansen
Curtis & Susan Hanson
Erwin & Janice Hanson
Jeff & Darlene Hanson
John & Jennifer Hanson
Robert & Gloria Hanson
Henry C. Hanssen
Virginia M. Hapala
Michael & Alana Harden
Christina & Mike Hargiss
Kipp & Denise Harmel
David & Sally Harmon
David & Rosalie Harmon
James & Sandra Harms
Lenora V. Harrison
Jeff & Shelly Hart
Wesley & Barbara Hart
Steven & Valerie Hartman
W. Ross & Brenda Hartsough
Dennis & Marilyn Hasler
Scott & Kristy Haslerud
Mary E. Hass
Erik Hatch
Mark & Lori Hatlevoll
Alfred & Sandra Hauf
Chris & Sheila Haugen
Darrell & Kari Haugen
Eldo & Colleen Haugen
Joel & Debra Haugen
Robert & Dianne Haugen
Robert & Virginia Haugen
David & Jean Haugo
Fred & Judy Haugo
Josh & Melissa Hausauer
Cullen & Abigail Hawes
Carmen S. Hay
Luella Heber
Susan K. Heck
Leo J. Hecker
Raymond K. Hecker
JoAnn Hegel
Raymond & Dianna Hegle
Larry & Cheryl Hegvik
Susan M. Heidecker
Kathy Heimbuch
James & Barbara Heinze
Dennis & Linda Heit
Kenneth & Cynthia Hejl
Leona Hektner
Eileen L. Helgeson
Dean & Jeanne Hellesvig
Dale & Marcia Hellevang
Lillian Helmer
Tanya J. Helmstetler
Arnold J. Hendricks+
Gladys Hendrickson
Ruth Henka
Andrew & Marlene Henning
Will & Janice Henning
Philip M. Henry
Bernard & Virginia Herberholz
Michael & Linda Hergert
Stewart & Linda Herman
Arlen & Marilyn Hermodson
Jeanette C. Hermunslie
Sonja & Joel Hernes
Mary Jane Herr
Vicki A. Hertz
Dan & Gayle Heskin
Norris Heskin
Philip & Lorraine Hetland
Richard Hettinger
& Constance Hickman
Glen Higley
C. Curtis & Pat Hildahl
Larry & Shelley Hill
James & Lydia Hillerson*
Jon Hillestad
Oscar & Lorene Hillius
Amy Hillman
James & Debra Himmelspach
Kadon & Michelle Hintz
Thomas & Janice Hinzpeter
John M. Hlebechuk
Katherine Hoag
Martin & Linda Hoag
& Carol Ann Hochhalter
Verla M. Hodgson
Arnhold & Janice Hoff
Goodwin & Beverly Hoff
Marie Hoff, Ph.D.
Francis & Marian Hoffarth
Darren & Eun Sun Hoffman
David & Constance Hoffman
Mark & Anna Hoffman
Arlene L. Hoffner
Arlan & Gayle Hoand
Marlys Hofstrand
Dennis & Kathy Hogan
Dennis & Shirley Hogan
Eva L. Hogan
Wayne & Jeanne Hole
Sally A. Holewa
Mary Ellen Holgate
Kayla Holker
Dennis & Jeanette Holland
Michael & Shirley Holland
Don & Elaine Holm
Greg & Jodi Holman*
Helen Hope Holt
Sylvia Holte
Allen G. Holter
Rodney & Terri Holzkamm
LaVonne R. Hootman
Melvin & Yvonne Hoover
Roger & Joan Hoovestol
Vincent & Betty Horner
Donald & Sharon Horning
Scott G. Houghton
Bruce & Diane Houglum
Clayton & Keri Hove
Lyle Hovelson
Brian K. Hovland
Bruce & Frances Hovland
Van & Lisa Howatt
Roger & Phyllis Howe
David & Donna Hrichena
Harvey Huber
Helmuth & Phyllis Huber
Janette Huber
Jason Hubers
Timothy & Joanne Huckle
Roger F. Huffman
Jeff Hughes
Carlton J. Hunke
Melvin E. Hunnicutt
Erwin & Beverly Hurner
Dorothy A. Huss
Alden & Merlyn Hvidston
Mark & Sherri Indvik
Andrew & Michele Ingalls*
Alfhild C. Ingberg
Wayne & Jeanne Ingersoll
John & Jean Irby
Thomas & Jessica Irwin
David & Marilyn Isaacson
Michael J. Isley*
Denis & Geraldine Isrow
Connie Iverson
Donald & Shirley Iverson
Myron Iverson
Janice Y. Jackson
Myron & Robyn Jacobsen
Thomas & JoAnn Jacobsen
Kay E. Jacobson
Peter & Ann Jacobson
Robert & Kim Jacobson
Michael & Carol Jaeger
Roger & Debra Jaeger
John & Kathleen Jahner
William & Sheryl Jahraus
James & Barbara Jameson
David & Debbie Jans
Sheila A. Jans
Allen Janz
Lyle & Claudia Janz
Michael & Christi Jarland
Vernon & Shirley Jeannotte
Kenneth Jefferson
Jason & Christy Jelinek
Leif & Nancy Jellesed
Marvin & Lois Jemtrud
Loren & Carolyn Jendro
Arlene D. Jensen
Arthur & Patricia Jensen
M. Jean Jensen
Patricia M. Jergenson
Kevin & Theresa Jerger
Aaron L. Johnson
Adelaide Johnson
Andrew Johnson
Anna J. Johnson
Arnold L. Johnson
Bob & Susan Johnson
Bruce & Shirley Johnson
Byron & Joanne Johnson
Carol I. Johnson
Dale & Marti Johnson
Deanna D. Johnson
Dennis & Rachel Johnson
Douglas Johnson*
George & Pearl Johnson
Georgia M. Johnson
Glenn & Debra Johnson
Gregory & Marjorie Johnson
Irene V. Johnson
Jeannine A. Johnson
Jeffrey & Marsha Johnson
John & Kathleen Johnson
Judith A. Johnson
Kerry & Betty Jean Johnson
L.Wilbur & Lois Johnson
Larry J. Johnson
Laverne Johnson
& Gwyn Herman
Leon & Virginia Johnson
Lowell & Bonnie Johnson
Lyle & Betty Johnson
Marlin J. E. Johnson
Marshall & Cynthia Johnson
Mary Ann Johnson
Michael R. Johnson
Nicholas Johnson*
Richard & Roberta Johnson
Robert & Shirley Johnson
Robert & Roberta Johnson
Roger & Gail Johnson
Ronald D. Johnson
Russell & Marilyn Johnson
Susan M. Johnson
Theresa A. Johnson
Timothy & LuAnn Johnson
Victor & Judy Johnson
Victor & Ann Johnson
Ryan & Jennifer Johnston
Myron Johs
Mark & Jamie Jokela
Ryan Jonasson*
Joseph & Helga Jones
Lawrence J. Jordan, Jr.
Mark & Brenda Jordan
Bette M. Jordheim
Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Jordheim
Beverly Jorgensen
Corey D. Jorissen
Frank & Patricia Joyce
Tom & Lynne Joyce
W. Thomas Joyce
David & Sue Juntunen
Gerritdina Justitz
Dale & Kelly Kadlec*
Doreen E. Kadrmas
Jill L. Kadrmas
Irene Kaelberer
John & Anne Kaese*
Gayle N. Kaftan+
David & Eldeine Kaldor
Roger & Helene Kamletz
Duaine M. Kane
Duane & Linette Kangas
David Karels
& Heather Silseth-Karels
Deloris Karnopp
James & Carol Kasper
Helen Kassenborg
Susan Kassenborg
Earl A. Kath
Vincent Kautz
John & Gladys Kautzman
Karl & Kathleen Keene
Clarice Y. Kegel
Jon & Kristi Kegel
Nathan & Mallori Keller
Chad & Diane Kelly
Gordon & Helen Kelly
Joanne Kelly
Tish Kelly
Ward & Lisa Kelsch
Larry & Sherry Kelter
James & Sharon Kemp
Robert & Debora Kemp
Betty Jane Kemper
Ken & Laurie Kennedy*
Linus & Margaret Kensok
Terry & Shari Kensok
Roger & Betty Kerns
David & Marilyn Kerssen*
Kim & Trisha Kessler
Rhonda L. Ketterling
Mohamed Khan
& Bibi Yassin-Khan
James & Mary Kieley
Ralph Kieley
John Kildahl & Teresa Iten
Alan & Gail King
Clair & Dorothy Kingsley
Valerie L. Kinlan
Arthur & Pat Kinsella
Mary Jo & Keith Kinzler
Ronald & Arva Kinzler
Shannon Kirby
LaVonne B. Kirkeide
Clark & Bonnie Kirkpatrick
Janice C. Kjesbo
Linda C. Klee
Lisa K. Kleinjan
& Theodora Klemetson
Charles & Kathleen Klemz
Marvin A. Klimek
Steven & Tamara Klocke
Jamie & Sara Kloster
Petra Klug
Charles Knapp
& Angie Fiechtner-Knapp
David & Jane Knecht
John & F Lorraine Knecht
Victor Knell
Arnold & Mary Knight
Marjorie K. Knox
Susan S. Knudson
Tamra Knudson
Marian E. Knudsvig
Jeffrey & Joanne Knutson
Rhonda Koehler
Hershel & Cleone Koenig
Kathleen T. Kolbo
Richard & Deidre Kolotkin
Norma Kolstad
Edward & Melanie Konieczka
Dennis & Karen Kooren
Konrad & Carol Koosmann
Barbara Koppelman
Eileen D. Kopren
Richard & Marilyn Korinek
Marlyn & Virginia Korslien
Paul & Florence Korsmo
La Donna Korstad
Peter & Joyce Korwin
Irene Kostenko
Jeff & Cynthia Koth
Diane Kotrba
Duaine & Nettie Krabbenhoft
Darin & Michelle Kraemer
Yvette Kram
Peter J. Kratzke
Larry & Kelly Krein
William & Catherine Krein
Craig & Carla Kretchman*
R.S. & Swarna Krishnan
James Krogh
Kent & Valerie Krogstad
Keith & Beatrice Kroke
Maxine E. Kroke
Gerard & Shelley Krosbakken
Stanley & Marilynn Kruger
Leone Kuball
Amanda Kubik
Sandy Kuch
Tracy & Tony Kuchan
Donald & Dorothy Kuhn
Monica C. Kuklenski
Emily Kulland
Gaurav Kumar Nayak*
Kelley & Sue Kunnanz
Deborah A. Kuntz*
Geraldine Kuntz
Leona Kuske+
Bruce Kusler
Shane & Melissa Kvalevog
Gary & Nancy Kvittum
Harvey & Mary Laabs
JoAnn A. LaBine
Larry Lachenmeier
Jody & Susan Lacina
Dale & Kelly Landeis
John Landeis
Betty L. Lang
Erwin & Mary Jo Lang
Floyd Lang
Darin Langager
Lois J. Lange
Gordon & Marlyn Langerud
Darlene P. Lardy
Bruce & Maxine Larkin
James & Ruby Larsen
M. Donald Larsen
Arline Larson
Carol L. Larson
Donald & Lois Larson
Dorothy M. Larson
George & Mary Larson
John & Sharon Larson
Kathryn Larson
Kay & Brian Larson
L. Duane Larson
Lowell & Joanne Larson
Martha D. Larson
Ramon & Tracy Larson
Rebecca Larson
Sarah Larson
Stephen H. Larson
FY 2012 Annual Report (July 1, 2011–June 30, 2012)
* indicates a donor’s gift was matched + indicates donor is deceased
Wilma L. Larson
Diane Laub
Michelle & Michael Lauckner
Bryan R. Lauer
Inez Laugtug
Edward T. Lauinger
Michael & Cheryl Lausch
Harley & Sharon Lautt
David & Jane Lavelle
Julie M. Lavelle
Pat F. Lavelle
Bridget Lawler
& Mary Helen Lawrence
Joseph Lawson
& Beverly Honkola
Edward & Elaine Laxdal
Matthew E. Laxdal
Jane E. Lean
Robert Lebacken
Rick & Marilynn Lebahn
Robert & Frances Lebrun
Ann J. Lee
Boyd & Jane Lee
Darryl & Faye Lee
John D. Lee
Judith E. Lee
Lyle W. Lee
Richard & Ardis Lee
Thomas & Arlene Lee
Verna L. Leedahl
Clifford & Rena Lehmann
Nadine Lehr
Michael & Susan Leingang
Henry & Leota Leintz
Rodney & Lola Leir
Rita R. Leistritz
Travis & Tami Lemar*
Nancy J. Lembke
Wayne LeMier*
Nick & Ellen Lenhardt
Clara M. Leno
Richard D. Lenzmeier
Anthony & Lynnette Leone
Peggy Lepier
Kenneth & Jennifer Lepper
James Lerwick
Barry & Mary Lesmeister
David R. Liberato
Jeff Liebl
Kerry Lien
George & Bernadette Lies
Stephen & Renee Lietzke
Ralph Lileks
& Doris Soberg-Lileks
Darrell & Deloris Lilleberg
Sara J. Lindberg
Louis Lindbo
Brett & Kristina Lindemann*
Curtis & Susan Lindlauf
Laura Lindley
Robert & Mayland Lindquist
Allan & Brenda Lineburg*
Elaine E. Linke
Paul & Vivian Linseth
Laurie J. Linz
Aletha M. Lippay
Marie Lithun
Ethel M. Little
Sue Ann Locker
Janice Lofberg
Jason & Nikki Loney
Stuart & Cynthia Longtin
Richard & Joyce Lordeman
N. Charles Lotvedt
Glen Lougheed
Bonnie Lovdahl
Cleo C. Lowe
Virginia Ludwig
John & Linda Lund
Deborah & Keven Lunde
David Lundeen
Mark & Helen Lundeen
Lynn & Kathleen Lundgren
Antony & Aileen Luz*
Kathleen G. Lyng
Robert & Karla Lyngstad
Magnus & Junice Lysne
Neil MacFarlane
Gerrard & Michelle MacIntosh
Barbara M. Mackley
Douglas & Judith Madsen
Rod Magee*
Joshua & Aliceyn Magelky
Kara Magelky*
Phyllis J. Magelky
Timothy & Sharon Magnuson
Verna Magnusson
Yvonne Mahoney
Jason & Brandi Jo Malarkey
Dorene Malaterre
Marty & Ann Malmberg
Barry & Kay Malme
David & Renee Malmskog*
Roger & Beth Mammenga
Ardys Mandt
Regina Mandy
Terrie Manno
Sharon R. Mark
Kenneth J. Markegard
Mary J. Markland
Christopher J. Markman
Linda C. Markusen
Judy Marmon
Ronald Marsh
Dana & Amanda Martens*
David & Donna Martin
Lynelle R. Martin
Tracy J. Martin
William & Christine Martin
Rebecca Mason
Ronald & Lisa Mastel
Helen Mastroianna
John & Sharon Matejcek
Katie Mathern
Nancy Mathews
Leonabelle H. Mathison
Mark & Marjorie Mathison
Wayne & Judy Mathison
Jeffrey & Jayne Mathson
Maxine Mattson
Bruce R. Mayer
Dennis & Brenda Mayer
Paul G. Mayer
Bruce Maylath
& AnneMarie Turk Maylath
Robert & Margaret McCalip
& Constance McCarty
Phillip & Renee McClean
Mary McClure
Craig A. McCormack
Stephen & Kelly McCormick
Sue & Jeffrey McCracken
James & Margo McCulley
Steven E. McCullough
Charles McDonald
Terry & Larae McGillivray
Patricia McGowan-Sandgren
Jeremy & Samantha McGrath
Bernard & Darlene McIlonie
Duane & Paula McIntyre
Scott & Carmen McIntyre*
John & Janice McLean
James & Janet McLeod
Richard & Delores McMahan
Shawn & Nola McNeally
John & Mornette McShane
Mary K. McWethy
James & Fran Mears
Carter & Mandie Medalen
Harvey & Beverly Medenwaldt
Douglas & Cynthia Meek
J. A. Mehl
Shari J. Mehlisch
Lorna Meidinger
David E. Meiers
Steven & Sarah Meinhardt
Merlin & Marlys Melby
John & Sharyn Melting
Snookie Menke
Richard & Ronda Menze
Donald & Janet Meronuck
Ronald & Emelet Messelt
Wesley & Stephanie Messer
Robert & Myrna Mettler
Phyllis D. Metz
Kasey Metzger*
Dennis & JoAnna Meyer
Herbert & Lillian Meyer
Sharon L. Meyer
Michael & Kathleen Meyers
Scott & Amanda Middaugh
Darlene Miessel
Jerome & Jacalyn Migler
Joy M. Mikyska
Dain Miller
Everett & Bev Miller
Helen J. Miller
Joan E. Miller
Madeline Miller
Marion L. Miller
Norman & Karen Miller
Ron & Sue Miller
Shirley L. Miller
Steven & Bobbi Miller
Tammy J. Miller
Joshua C. Mindeman
Darren Minette
Heidi R. Minzner*
James & Karen Mitchell
Steven Mitchell
& Kathleen Lenox Mitchell
Christopher & Maureen Moan
Alex & Dianne Moch
Martin Mock
Robert & Pamela Modin
Barbara J. Moe
Evan & Marie Moe
Loren & Deborah Moe
Donald & Juneal Moen
Matthew & Cynthia Mohr
James & Sharon Moline
Lawrence Moll
Leilla L. Moll
Lyle & Kathleen Monroe
David & Loretta Monson
Fredrika C. Monson
Kate Monson
Rodney & Barbara Monson
Dawn M. Moore
Warren & Diane Moore
Wesley & Vita Moore
Richard & Tracey Moorhead
Benjamin & Kelly Moraghan
Sylvia Morgan
Greg Morlock
Susan C. Morrissey
Michael & Janet Mosbrucker
Barbara Moses
Marvin & Clarice Mosolf
Dorothy M. Moum
Gregg & Patricia Muilenburg
Alan & Lacey Mulhern
Roger & Sandra Mulvaney
Curry G. Mund
Jerald & Arlene Munighan
Corine Munroe*
Douglas & Laura Munski
Douglas & Sharon Murray
Judy Muske
Clarence & Mary Musland
Paul Myers
Judy L. Myran
Peter & Jessica Myxter
Robert & Myra Nagel
Terry & Jeanne Narum
William & Joan Nasner
Dennis & Joann Nathan
John & Cynthia Naughton
Clarence A. Neer
Ernest & Marian Nelsen
Archie & Shirley Nelson
Barry Nelson
& Susan Wolf-Nelson
Bradley K. Nelson
Clinton R. Nelson
Eric L. Nelson*
Evelyn J. Nelson
Ilabelle Nelson
Kenneth & Marcella Nelson
Ruth M. Nelson
Thomas & Andrea Nelson*
Helen D. Nemzek
Brent & Nancy Nerland
James & Karen Nesius
Curtis & Barbara Ness
Marvin & Judith Ness
Troy M. Ness
Gary E. Neuharth
Randy & Anita Newman
Tuyet T. Nguyen
Vance & Katie Nichelson
Steve & Cherie Nicolai
Robert D. Nielson+
William Nieuwsma+
Fern F. Niles+
Marilyn F. Nissen
Lance & Shiela Nitschke
Laverne & Diantha Nodland
James W. Noehl
Warren & LuJean Nohr
Gary & Cynthia Nolte
Roy & Ann Nolte
Duane & Gayle Noraker
Doug & Vivian Nordby
Robert & Maxine Nordick
Julie Ann Norman
Virginia L. Norman
Kathy Nornes
Willard & Kathleen Norstebon
Dennis & Elizabeth Novacek
Linda Novak
Mary H. Novak
Virgil Novak
J. Michael Nyberg
Jean Nygaard
Roger & Lorie Nymark
Robert & Jo Ann Nyquist
Erin Nyren-Erickson
H. Dale & Sandra Nystrom
Lisa Oberg*
William & Kathryn O’Brien
Lester & Lois Ockert
Patricia O’Connor
Donna Odegaard
John D. Odland
James & Esther Ofcer
Gregory & Brenda Oistad
Tibor & Junielle Olah
Shawn & Carolie Olgard
Edwin & Marlis Olsen
Emery Olsen
& Audrey Boe-Olsen
Fern J. Olsen
Daniel J. Olsgaard
Otto G. Olsgaard
Audrey Olson
Barry & Gail Olson
Carley V. Olson
Charles & Ruth Olson
Charolette I. Olson*
Christina M. Olson
Clarence P. Olson
Emma R. Olson
James L. Olson
Jennifer F. Olson
Jimmy & Anna Marie Olson
Karen A. Olson
Kenneth & Luella Olson
Kent & Linda Olson
Kevin & Patricia Olson
Marlene A. Olson
Melvin C. Olson
O. Gladys Olson
Odean & Karen Olson
Paul & Jane Olson
Richard & Carol Olson
Robert C. Olson
Roger & Rachel Olson
Roger & Ann Olson
Ronald & Virginia Olson
Todd & Deanna Olson
Tim & Leanne Omodt
JoAnn M. Onstad
Carl Opdahl
Josef & Robin Opitz
Ivan & Linda Opp
Josh & Dana Opp
Charles & Bonnie Orvik
Kirsten Orvik
Ernest O. Oster
Glenn R. Oster
Vernon J. Oster
Veronica Oster
Dale C. Ott
Roger & Robbin Ott
Timothy R. Ottesen
Robann Otto Mrkonich
Ida Mae Overmoe
Ruth Overton
John & Kathleen Owens
Judith M. Ozbun
Mike & Geraldine Paczkowski
Kyle & Tiffany Page
Thomas & Sharon Parsley
Thomas & Debra Partridge
Barbara & Mikkel Pates
Curtis & Sue Paulson
Delores A. Paulson
Donald & Jean Paulson
Gary & Lyla Paulson
Lloyd W. Paulson
Michael Paulson
Thomas & Heidi Paulson
Ken Pawluk
Frank & Louise Pearson
Andrew & Deb Pedersen
Efraim & Margaret Pedersen
Mary L. Pedersen
John Pederson
& Rev. Julie Tillberg
Ernest & Edith Pelto
Gladys Pennington
Carl & Maureen Perdue
Patricia Person
Scott & Kimberly Persoon
Grant F. Peterson
John E. Peterson+
Jarenda Peterson
Joel & Deborah Peterson
John & Wanda Peterson
Paul & Debbie Peterson
Randall & Marti Peterson
Rick & Debra Peterson
Roger & Susan Peterson
& Marilynn Peterson
Susan & Bruce Peterson
Andrew & Wanda Pfau
Seth & Jean Pfeifer
Arthur & Mary Ann Phillips
Thomas & Jean Picard
Dennis & Darlene Pierson
Noel E. Pilon
William & Donna Piper
Daren & Laura Pladson
David & Leanne Pladson
Heidi & Jerad Plesuk*
Clinton & Patricia Podoll
Bernard & Evelyn Polansky
Ken & Patricia Pollert
Russell & JoAnn Pollock
Sharlene A. Porter
Frank R. Portscheller
Robert & Beverly Possehl
John & Donna Post
Craig & Jarilyn Pottenger
Winston & Clarine Pottenger
David & Carol Pratt
Harlan Pratt
& Kathleen Schwartz-Pratt
Sharon Pressley
David & Dee Pretty
Mike & Alecia Pretzer
Igor & Lora Princ
Sharon Privratsky
Math & Lynn Prom
Myron & Gertrude Pryor
Randy & Gaylene Ptacek
Jason Pulver
Glenn & Karla Quale
Elsie Quam
Jason & Jennifer Quast*
Brian & Evelyn Quigley
Bryan & Jean Ann Quigley
Richard & Lorayne Radde
Jeanette E. Radig
Donald & Susan Radtke
William & Nancy Ragan
James & Judy Rahlf
Teri Raiche
Susan J. Ramsey
Harold & Diana Randall
David & Rendy Randash
Jennifer Ranz*
Charles & Clara Rasmussen
Richard W. Rathge
Harold Ratts
Keith & Deborah Rau
Robert & Susan Rau
Claire & Carol Rauser
Herbran & Lorraine Read
Julie G. Reames
William & Sheila Rector
Deron & Barbara Redinger
Jane M. Redlinger
Susan Redman
Dale & Laquita Redmer
LuAnn Regan
Robert & Patricia Reichel
Diane M. Reierson
Kent & Lois Reierson
Vaughn & Nettie Reierson
David & Betty Rein
Roger & Susan Reinhart
Mark & Kathy Reiniger
Edith Reinke
Howard W. Reinke
Jacqueline Reinke
Paul & Janice Reis
James & Mildred Reiswig
Gordon & Jean Reiten
Richard & Lindsay Reiten
Robert & Debra Remark
Debra Remboldt*
Mark & Deborah Renard
Fred & Sherry Rengstorf
Ruthann Renner
James E. Rennie
Carol M. Rensvold
Elizabeth T. Reski
Jacob & Deb Reuter
Diane M. Reveling
Alan & Judith Reyelts
& Jackie Reyerson
George & Yola Reynolds
Kenneth & Jolene Reynolds
Betty J. Rezac
Allen & Leah Rice
Daniel R. Rice
John & Barb Rice
Stanley & Lucille Rice
Mae Richards
Melvin A. Richards
Gerald & Lou Richardson
Joseph & Muriel Richardson
William & Betty Richardson
Mark & Carole Richman
Roger L. Richman
Lynn & Donelle Richmond
Thomas & Audrey Richmond
Louise E. Richter
Richard & Connie Richter
Steve & Cynthia Richter
Lois C. Riedman
Elwood Rieke
& LaVon Driessen-Rieke
Samuel Rienstra
Jerry & Sharon Ries
Lewis & LaVerne Ringdahl
Olaf & Muriel Ringerud
Duane & Joyce Risan
Anne Riske
Celester H. Risovi
Gary & Patricia Ritter
Ronald & Susan Ritter
Eugene & Bev Rivinius
Ralph & Lorraine Rivinius
Virginia M. Rivinius
Joseph & Katherine Rizzo
Brian & Lisa Roach
Eugene Roach
Mark & Amy Roberts
Corey J. Robertsdahl
Robbie & Patty Robertson
Thomas & Sandra Robinson
Antonio E. Rocha
Wayde V. Rocksvold*
Gene Rode
Joshua & Kristie Rode
Wanda Roden
Ron & JoAnn Rodenbiker
Kenneth & Julee Rodrick
Leslie & Denise Roehl
Arlene Roerick
Lynn & Karen Roesler
Marcell & Geraldine Rogalla
Elwin Rogers
Katherine A. Rogge
Robert & Karen Rogneby
Richard Rohla
& Debra Selland Rohla
Douglas & Michelle Roise
John & Nancy Rolfsrud
Dorothy Rolfstad
Helge & Synnove Rommesmo
David & Pamela Romo
Marit Romsaas
Dale & Janet Ronning
Marvin & Alma Ronningen
Paul & Kristi Ronningen
Timothy & Marcia Rose
Debra Lee Ross
Howard & Sandra Ross
Wilbert & Elizabeth Ross
Duane & Evelyn Rossett
Thomas & Diane Rostvedt
Gilmar Rotvold
Dennis & Audrey Roy
Gary & Candice Ruden
Sonja F. Rue
Alan & Audrey Ruff
Kenneth & Lois Ruff
Rolland & Sandra Ruff
Kenneth A. Ruhland
Beulah Rustad
Michael & Anne Rydell
Ruth C. Rydquist
Mark & Sandra Rye
Paul Saastad
Elsie Saewert
Eunice Sahr
Thomas & Leslie Sams
Marguerite Samuel+
Albert & Carol Samuelson
Robert & Ethel Samuelson
Janice L. Sand
Roger & Joyce Sand
Dean & Sandra Sande
Patricia J. Sanden
Lyle & Joann Sanders
Margaret Sandness
Vernon L. Sandness
& Margaret Sandsmark
Carter & Sandra Sandvik
N. David
& Donna Lou Sanford
Terry & Debbie Sarsland
Erna P. Sasse
Lance & Judith Sateren
Duane Sather
Lillian Satrom
Barbara Satterthwaite
James A. Sauvageau
Larry & Carol Sawaya
Beth N. Schaible
Keith & Joan Schatzke
Adeline M. Schaubert
Roy & Marie Scheel
& Jeanette Scheidecker
Douglas & Gail Schell
Lyle & Jerylyn Schepp
Dominic N. Scherer
Robert Scheurer
Ervin & Viola Schielke
Erika Schiff
Sara L. Schilke*
Sean K. Schiotz
Harry Schlecht
Nem Schlecht
Solomon & Judy Schlecht
Albin & Clara Schlenker
Andrea Schlepp
Dwight & Mary Schlepp
David & Anita Schmidt
Paul & Patricia Schmidt
Raymond & Lillian Schmidt
Richard & Mary Schmiess
Otto & LaVerne Schmitt
David & Shawn Schneeberger
Bernard Schneider
Donna & Thomas Schneider
Fred & Mary Jane Schneider
Hilda Schneidermann
Leona C. Schober
Rod & Gail Schober
Diane M. Schoenecker
Errol Schoensh*
Marvin & Joyce Schoensh
Patrick A. Scholl
Corbett Schollmeyer
Beverly A. Schonert
Alvin & Susan Schopp
Cynthia Schreiber-Beck
Gary S. Schrunk
Clyde & Irma Schultz
Florence Schultz
Steven & Joanne Schultz
William & Rachel Schultz
Chad Schulz
Gary & Paulette Schulz
Lloyd & Judith Schulz
Loren & Loretta Schulz
Mark & Connie Schulz
Marvin & Jolene Schulz
Bruce & Janis Schumacher
Joshua & Kelli Schunk
Patricia J. Schutt
Carl & Shannon Schwartz
Caroline Schwartz
Erna E. Schwartz
Craig Schweitzer & Wendy
Morris J. Schwinden
Allen & Phyllis Scilley
Rosie S-Conati
FY 2012 Annual Report (July 1, 2011–June 30, 2012)
* indicates a donor’s gift was matched + indicates donor is deceased
David & Lori Scott
John & Janice Scripps
H. Laverne Seefeld
Chad Seefeldt
Jason & Jackie Seger
Iris L. Selberg
Bradford Selland
Ritchie & Barbara Sellden
Lynette F. Seminole
Larry Senechal
Barbara J. Serr
Elizabeth K. Severn
Lyle & Jean Sevre
Marc & Susan Shannon
Ron Sheehan
Mary Ann B. Sheets-Hanson
Patricia Shepard
Terrance & Rita Shiers
Carleen Shilling
James & Marjorie Shivler
Neil Shook & Cami Dixon
Warren & Roberta Shreve
Stuart & Judy Shulstad
Mukund & Sungja Sibi
Gerald & Beverly Sieg
Levi & Eunice Simbalenko
Daniel & Chelsea Simmons
Eugene P. Simon
Alice Simonson
Gary & Faith Simonson
Dorothea Sincebaugh
Glen & Lanette Singer
Carl & Donna Sinner
David & Karen Sinner
George & E. Jane Sinner
Nicholas & Christine Sinner
David & Laura Sitter*
Paul & Linda Skatvold
Gregory & Janelle Skibicki
Barbara A. Skjold
Raymond & Viola Skorheim
Arnold & Pearl Skunes
Margarete E. Skurdal
Steve & Shauna Slabik
Vincent E. Slebodnik
Kenneth Sletten
Cedric & Leslie Sloan
Janna G. Smillie
Jean Smillie
A. Elaine Smith
Dorothy H. Smith
Ione Smith
Ione C. Smith
Kelly & Sheila Smith
Kevan & Priscilla Smith
Mary J. Smith
Ronald & Donna Smith
Travis Smith*
Dave Solberg
& Beverly Olson
Stanley & Kathleen Solberg
Joyce Sonnenberg
Richard & Loretta Sorby
Steven & Rachael Sorenson
Kay Sorlien
Clay & Ramona Sorneson
Margret Sovig
Lila M. Sowards
Stephen & Judith Spellman
James & Gail Sperry
Ritchie & Carol Spichke
Jonathan & Laurie Spilde
Roger & Barbara Spilde
Renee Splichal Larson
Donna M. Springan
Gerald & Barbara Srozinski
Loren & Robin Stahl*
Merlin & Gale Stahl
James & Sandra Stai
Al & Rita Staloch
Ronald & Shirley Stammen
Craig & Dianne Stange
& Theone Stangeland
Loren & Vivian Stangeland
Leonard Stanley
James & Nancy Stannard
Les Staples
Kenneth & Sandra Starr
Paul J. Stary
Nelson & Rebecca Stave
Michael & Tanya Stebbins
Nicole A. Steen
Terry Steen
& Laura McDaniel*
Julie M. Steffens
Paul & Laurie Steffes
Earl & Dorothy Stegman
Sarah E. Steidl
William & Joanne Steidl
Alice F. Stein
Frieda Steinke
Tracy A. Stenhjem
Jamie Stephens
Ardith B. Stevens
Jeff & Jane Stevenson
Timothy & Janice Stoa
Van Stockert
Kirk Stockton
Karen Stone & SuAnn Ng
Kevin & Denise Stoppleworth
Tom & Andrea Stordahl
Lori Storey
Olin & Ruth Storvick
Scot & Kathleen Stradley
Donna Strand
Elizabeth J. Strand
Galen & Suzanne Strand
Ronald & Andrea Strand
William & Margaret Strand
Barbara Stransky
Claude & Maryann Strauch
Robert Streed
& Sandra Opatril
Richard & Marlys Strege
Todd & Cindy Streich
Marie Stremick
Paul & Tami Striegel
Loren & Kathleen Strum
Thomas Stumbo
James Stumpf
& Barbara Hoekstra
Claire S. Sullivan
Dale & Sheryl Sullivan
Richard & Holly Sundberg
Don & Phyllis Sunderland
James Sundley
& Ranee Svenningsen
Curtis & Margaret Sveum
Kevin & Barb Swann
& Stephanie Swanson
Glenn K. Swanson
Shelly M. Swanson
Sean & Joyce Swartz
Steve & Sue Swartz
Donald & Dianne Swenson
Orlan & Elaine Swenson
Scott & Jane Swenson
Timothy D. Swenson
Roger A. Synek
Norris Syverson
James & Yvonne Szarkowski
Clark & Cassandra Talkington
Wayne & Jocelyn Tang
Kenneth & Mary Tangen
Donald & Frances Tank
James & Robbin Taves
Arne & Karen Teigland
David & Carole Tengesdal
Evelyn Ternquist
David & Sharon Teschendorf
James Tessmer
Norma J. Tessmer
Beau & Larissa Theige
Ray & Janet Thielman
Richard & Linda Tholkes
Melissa Thomas
Samuel & Linda Thomas
& Florence Thomason
Allan C. Thompson
C. C. & Barbara Thompson
Ethel L. Thompson
Jeraldine R. Thompson
Kenneth N. Thompson
Linda L. Thompson
& Mary Lou Thompson
Daniel & Lynne Thomsen
Kevin Thorsness
& Marcia McMullen
Bernice Thorson
Lance & Annie Thorson
Marvin & JoAnn Thorson
Wilma Thorson
Timothy & Michelle Thurn
Allen Tiegs
Mark & Sharon Tieszen
Joan N. Tillotson
Denis C. Timm
Lowell O. Tjon
Donald Toay, Jr.
Charles A. Tobin
Duane & Sharlene Tollefson
Martha H. Tollefson
Clinton M. Tompt
Rachel Tompt
Dennis Toom & Jane Monson
Greg Toutges
& Marilyn Gravgaard
William & Alva Townsend
Harley & Betty Trautman
Rose & Thomas Trenbeath
Robert & Barbara Trieglaff
Paul & Amy Tronsgard
Paul & Kristy Tronson
Harold A. Trosen
Curt & Lesley Trulson
Richard O. Tryhus
Stephen P. Tschida
Thomas Tucker
Bonnie Turner
Arlene & Harold Tvedt
Douglas C. Tveiten
Dean & Lois Tveter
Elaine Tweed
Frank & Lorraine Tyley
Alice H. Tyre
Ralph & Rhonda Ubben
Scott Udby
Sandra Uerling
Bryan & Jane Uggerud
Linda M. Ulland
Mark Ulliman
& Ann Girand-Ulliman
David & Loretta Upgren
Reginald Urness
Garold & Patricia Vaagen
Kristine M. Valan
Evelyn L. Van Lishout
Jerome & Sandra Vance
Douglas & Kristi Vang
John & Carol Varner
Jean M. Varriano
James & Marcia Vavricka
Vern T. Vetter
Joyce Viall
Dean Vierkant
Naomi Vining
Michael & Janet Vipond
Jo Ann Voeller
Bruce & Lyn Vogt
Joyce Voigt
Hazel Von Bank
Joyce Voorhees
Lanny & Linda Wade
Lois D. Wagner
Wayne & Sandra Wagner
Aldean & Mary Wahl
Jeffrey & Barbara Wahl
Daniel & Mary Wahlman
Rita M. Wald
Scott & Dawn Walden
Morgan Walford
Bruce & Melinda Walker
Don & Ann Walker
James & Danelle Walker
JoAnn Walker
Richard & Margaret Walker*
Ruth S. Walker
Shannon R. Walker
Jonathan R. Wallace
Curtis W. Walters
David Walth
DuWayne & Karen Walz
Jerome & Renee Walz
James Wang
Scott & Marlys Wanner
Phillip Warmsbecker
Jon & Patricia Warner
Wendy Warner
& Deborah Warnsholz
Kirk & Katherine Watt
Thomas & Bonnie Weaver
William & Catherine Webb
Robert & Olive Weber
William & Barbara Weber
Megan A. Week
Jason & Kristi Weekley*
Richard & Janice Wehage
Roger & Alice Wehlander
Shelley K. Weidner
Victor & Kathleen Weigel
Dion & Chris Weinberger
Patrick & Diane Weir
Justin & Julie Welch
Mike & Judy Welder
Sheila M. Welle
Thomas & Barbara Welle
Robert & Enid Wells
Richard Wendt
& Renita Eidenschink
Ronald & Carol Wendt
James J. Wenino
Darcy Wentz & Donna Eggen
Sara J. Wenzel
Roger & Dorothea West
Kelly & Renae Westby
Genevieve D. Westland
George Westphal
Darin & Kathy Wetzel
Grant & Marsha Weyland
John & Molly Wheeler
Marilyn R. Wheeler
Arvo & Beverly Wibe
Merwin Wieler
& Judi Verplancke
& Debby Wiesenburger
Randy & Sherry Wieser
Leslie & Cyrisse Wietstock
Darroll C. Wigen
Darlene Wiger
Cecilia M. Wilke
David & Shavonne Wilkie
Kristi J. Wilkinson
Ronald & Donna Wilkinson
Meghann Wilkinson-Poku*
Bradley & Ann Williams
Kay L. Williams
Robert & Barbara Williamson
Daniel & Paula Wilson
Gary J. Wilson
Hermelle A. Wilson
Neil & Brenda Wilson
Stephen R. Wilson
James & Beverly Wiltse
Richard & Larae Wimer
William & Mimi Winchester
Lester & Carol Winning
Richard & Kathleen Winter
Bonnie S. Winters
Lawrence Wohlrabe
Lawren & Lynette Wold
David & Eunice Wolf
Troy & Mary Wolf
Wilfred & Winnifred Wolf
Stephen & Karen Wonderlich
Granville Wood
Rex E. Wood
Robert & Deborah Wood
& Rosemarie Woodbury
Raydon & Betty Workin
Pauline L. Worner
Carol Worthey
Howard W. Wrigley
Fred Wukits
& Janice Jenson-Wukits
James & Cheran Wynstra
Michael & Phyllis Wyum
Linda F. Ydstie
Cindy L. Yeager
Alejandra Yepez-Lopez
Glen Y. Yoshida
Michael & Sherry Young
Ryan & Holly Younggren*
Keri & Jason Youngstrand
Bruce S. Zacharias
Julia Zachariason
Jerry & Margret Zadow
Jeff Zainhofsky
Arthur & Crystal Zander
Joseph D. Zeleznik
Jeff Zeltwanger
Jack Ziemann
Dorothy L. Zimmerman
Marcia A. Zimmerman
Sharon K. Zimmerman
David & Ronda Zupi
Christopher L. Zurn, II
Dr. & Mrs. Grant Zwick
Church Groups
American Lutheran Church,
American Lutheran WELCA,
Atonement Lutheran WELCA,
Aurdal Lutheran Church,
Beaver Creek Lutheran
WELCA, Northwood
Bethany Lutheran Church,
Bethany Lutheran WELCA,
Bethany Lutheran WELCA,
Bethany Lutheran WELCA,
Bethel Lutheran Church,
Bethel Lutheran Church,
Bethel Lutheran LWML,
Bethel Lutheran WELCA,
Bethel Lutheran WELCA,
New Town
Bethel Lutheran WELCA,
Bethlehem Lutheran WELCA,
New Town
Bethlehem Lutheran WELCA,
Bethlehem Lutheran WELCA,
Birka Lutheran Church,
Blanchard Lutheran WELCA,
Buffalo Lutheran WELCA,
Calvary Lutheran Church,
Christ Lutheran WELCA,
Christ The King Lutheran
WELCA, Moorhead, MN
Clear Creek Lutheran
WELCA, Keene
Comstock Lutheran Church,
Comstock, MN
Concordia Lutheran Church,
Concordia Lutheran WELCA,
Glyndon, MN
Congregational & Lutheran
United Church, Gardner
Dawson Lutheran Church,
Dovre Lutheran Church,
Eidfjord Lutheran Church,
Elk Valley Lutheran Church,
Elk Valley Lutheran WELCA,
Elm Grove Lutheran Church,
Elm River Lutheran WELCA,
Elmdale Lutheran Church,
Epping Lutheran Church,
Faith Lutheran Church,
Faith Lutheran Church,
Faith Lutheran Church,
Valley City
Faith Lutheran WELCA,
Faith Lutheran Women,
Finley Lutheran WELCA,
First Baptist Church, Fargo
First Lutheran Church,
First Lutheran ELCW,
Watford City
First Lutheran WELCA,
First Lutheran WELCA, Rugby
First Lutheran WELCA, Plaza
First Lutheran WELCA,
First Lutheran WELCA,
White Earth
Gary-Rindal Lutheran Parish,
Fertile, MN
Golden Ridge Lutheran
Church, Fargo
Golgotha Lutheran Church,
Golden Valley
Good Shepherd Lutheran
Church, Williston
Good Shepherd Lutheran
WELCA, Englevale
Good Shepherd Lutheran
WELCA, Williston
Good Shepherd Lutheran
WELCA, Bismarck
Grace Evangelical Lutheran
Church, Fargo
Grace Lutheran Church,
Grace Lutheran WELCA,
Gran Lutheran WELCA,
Hawley, MN
Grandeld Lutheran Church,
Highland Lutheran Church,
Hjerdal Lutheran Church,
Hope Lutheran Church,
Immanuel Lutheran WELCA,
Kindred Area Ministerial
Association, Kindred
Lakeview Lutheran Church,
Lawton Lutheran Church,
Lawton Lutheran WELCA,
Lebanon Lutheran ELCW,
Lord of Life Lutheran WELCA,
Lucky Mound Lutheran
Church, Parshall/Plaza
Mabel Lutheran Church
of Sutton, Binford
Mayville Lutheran WELCA,
Michigan Lutheran WELCA,
Milnor Lutheran WELCA,
Montpelier Lutheran WELCA,
Mylo Lutheran WELCA,
ND District LYF, Bismarck
Nora Lutheran WELCA,
Norman Lutheran WELCA,
North Viking Lutheran
WELCA, Maddock
Norway Lutheran Church,
Norwich Lutheran WELCA,
Oakes Presbyterian Church,
Ostervold Lutheran Church,
Ostervold Lutheran WELCA,
Our Redeemer Lutheran
WELCA, Fairdale
Our Savior Lutheran Church,
Our Savior Lutheran WELCA,
Our Savior Lutheran WELCA,
Our Savior’s Lutheran
Church, Williston
Our Savior’s Lutheran
Church, Stillwater, MN
Our Savior’s Lutheran
WELCA, Williston
Our Saviours Lutheran
WELCA, Park River
Peace Lutheran Church,
Peace Lutheran WELCA,
Peace Lutheran WELCA,
Pembina Lutheran Church,
Pontoppidan Lutheran
WELCA, Fargo
Portland Lutheran Parish,
Rainbow Valley Lutheran
Redeemer Lutheran WELCA,
Rose Valley Lutheran
WELCA, Des Lacs
Rosebud Lutheran Church,
Lemmon, SD
Salem Lutheran Church,
Saron Lutheran Church,
Shell Creek United Lutheran
Church, Plaza
Sims Lutheran Church,
Almont/New Salem
South Trinity Lutheran Church,
Grafton/Grand Forks
St. John Lutheran Church,
St. John Lutheran WELCA,
St. John’s Lutheran Church
of Haley, Scranton
St. John’s Lutheran Church,
St. Luke Lutheran WELCA,
St. Luke Lutheran WELCA,
St. Matthew Lutheran LWML,
St. Olaf Lutheran Church,
St. Olaf Lutheran Church,
St. Olaf Lutheran WELCA,
St. Olaf Lutheran WELCA,
St. Paul Lutheran Church,
St. Paul Lutheran Church,
St. Paul Lutheran WELCA,
St. Paul Lutheran WELCA,
St. Peters Lutheran Church,
Stordahl Lutheran WELCA,
Trinity Lutheran Church
LCMS, Fergus Falls, MN
Trinity Lutheran Church,
Trinity Lutheran Church,
Trinity Lutheran Church,
Sentinel Butte
Trinity Lutheran Church,
Trinity Lutheran Church,
Trinity Lutheran Church,
Moorhead, MN
Trinity Lutheran Parish
Conrmation Group,
Trinity Lutheran WELCA,
Trinity Lutheran WELCA,
Turtle Lake
Trinity Lutheran WELCA,
Trinity Lutheran WELCA, Mott
Trinity Lutheran WELCA,
Trinity Lutheran WELCA,
Trinity Lutheran WELCA,
Valley City
Trinity Lutheran WELCA,
Trinity Lutheran WELCA,
Trinity Lutheran WELCA,
Trinity Lutheran WELCA,
Trinity Lutheran WELCA,
United Lutheran Church,
Grand Forks
FY 2012 Annual Report (July 1, 2011–June 30, 2012)
* indicates a donor’s gift was matched + indicates donor is deceased
United Lutheran WELCA,
United Methodist Women,
Valle Lutheran WELCA,
Walhalla Lutheran WELCA,
Warwick Lutheran Church,
Washington Lutheran
WELCA, Northwood
West Prairie Lutheran
WELCA, Williston
West Prairie Lutheran WMF,
West Union Lutheran Church,
Western Prairie Conference
ELCA, Mohall/Kenmare
Willow Creek Lutheran
WELCA, Overly/Bottineau
Worldwide Church of God,
Zion Lutheran Church, Hoople
Zion Lutheran Church, Nome
Zion Lutheran Church, Oriska
Zion Lutheran Church,
Zion Lutheran Church, Binford
Zion Lutheran WELCA,
Zion Lutheran WELCA,
Zion Lutheran WELCA,
Zion Lutheran WELCA,
Churchs Ferry
Zion Lutheran WELCA,
Zion Lutheran WELCA,
Zion Lutheran WELCA,
Zion Lutheran Youth
Fellowship, Gwinner
Bethel Lutheran Foundation,
Essentia Foundation, Fargo
First Lutheran Foundation
Fund, Litchville
American Federal Bank,
Anytime Fitness, Fargo
Becker Construction
Company, Anamoose
Benedictine Sisters of
Richardton, Inc., Richardton
Beyond Boundaries Speech
Language Therapy, Inc.,
West Fargo
Bjerke Insurance, Valley City
Blue Swan Designs, Carrington
Bremer Bank, Grand Forks
BTA Oil Producers, LLC,
Midland, TX
Carrie Peterson DDS, PC,
Ceramic Tileworks,
Maple Grove, MN
Chace Properties, Fargo
Christianson’s Business
Furniture, Inc., Fargo
Comfort Inn, Bismarck
Comfort Suites, Bismarck
County Line Bar & Grill,
Creative Surfaces, Inc.,
Sioux Falls, SD
Crosby Building Supply,
Dakota Supply Group, Fargo
Dalman Carpentry, LLC,
Elite Therapeutic Massage,
Fabricators Unlimited, Fargo
FD Walsh’s Inc, Bottineau
Fetzer Family Chiropractic,
Financial Business
Systems, Inc., Fargo
First Community Credit Union,
Fisher Enterprises, Inc., Fargo
Floor to Ceiling Carpet One,
Freddy’s Lefse, Inc., West
Great Plains Periodontics,
Greterman Enterprises, Inc.,
Hairscape Gallery, Fargo
Heinrich & Company,
High Line Transportatoin, Inc.,
Hi-Way Drive In, Carrington
HuHot, Fargo
Inside 515, Fargo
Kersten Brothers, Newburg
Konstant Products, Inc.,
Rolling Meadows, IL
KSJB-KSJZ Chesterman
Magnum, LTD., Fargo
Maintenance Engineering,
Medicine Shoppe, Fargo
Men’s Warehouse,
Houston, TX
MNDAKSPAN, Rochester, MN
Newman Signs, Inc,
Nichols Family Chiropractic,
North Star Packaging,
Long Lake, MN
Northern Plumbing Supply,
Grand Forks
Northern Technologies, Inc.,
NOVA Fire Protection, Inc.,
Ohnstad Twichell, P.C.,
West Fargo
Otter Tail Corporation, Fargo
Park Company Realtors,
Pilon Brothers, Grafton
Prots Plus, Moorhead, MN
Pro-Mark Services, Inc.,
West Fargo
R & S Heating & Cooling
Service, Cooperstown
Ramada Plaza Suites, Fargo
Red River Valley & Western
Railroad, Wahpeton
Rheault Remodeling, Inc.,
Rob’s Auto Body, Manvel
Rodan & Fields
Detroit Lakes, MN
Rusco Window Company, Inc.,
Rush River Construction, Inc.,
Sage Rentals, LLC,
Hawley, MN
Sandee’s Hallmark Shop,
Sandman Consulting PC,
Moorhead, MN
Scenic Landscaping, Inc.,
Scherling Photography, Fargo
Schwenzfeier Brothers,
Hallock, MN
SES Vanderhave USA, Inc.,
Sieler Trucking, Fargo
Spaulding Stone LLC,
Moorhead, MN
Tharaldson Motels, Inc, Fargo
The Tegra Group, Inc.,
Minneapolis, MN
The Walhalla Inn, Walhalla
Travelers Community
Connections, Andover, MA
Usher’s House Restaurant,
Moorhead, MN
Vining Oil & Gas, LLC,
Wake Farm, Inc., Napoleon
Windows Plus, Inc.,
West Fargo
Woinarowicz Brothers,
Wyman Farms, Westhope
Your Designs by Betty, Fargo
American Legion—Lawrence
Berg Post #38, Cogswell
Central Dakota Ministerial
Association, Harvey
Chaffee Lions, Chaffee
Clerk of District Court, Fargo
Delta Kappa Sorority,
Barnesville, MN
Fargo South Campus II,
Fargo West Rotary Club,
G.W.R.R.A. ND Chapter D,
Grandin Community Chest
Fund, Grandin
Lakes & Prairies Community
Action Partnership, Inc.,
Moorhead, MN
Lakes Area Parrot Heads,
Detroit Lakes, MN
Mercy Medical Center, Williston
Mosaic Lodge #11,
Grand Forks
NDSU Human Development
& Education, Fargo
Sabin Lioness Club, Sabin, MN
Sandy Critters 4-H Club,
Stutsman County Agriculture
Improvement Association,
Gifts In Kind ($100+ value)
Hamad Abdelnour
Al Anton
Leroy Benson
Brent M. Bowman
John Bowman
Robert & Viki Brunsvold
Christopher Coen
Dorothy Curry
Paul & Elizabeth Erdmann
Mark & Laurie Guy
Julie Hillesland
Garry & Sharon Huber
Kathleen Johnson
Kori L. Knipple
Katherine Lampman
Al Lerberg
David F. Martin
Sadie M. Martin
Melvin Melin
Karen Nybladh
Barbara & Mikkel Pates
Scott & Mary Piazza
Patrick & Judith Riley
Lucina Savey
Scott D. Seiler
Karin Smith
Henry & Lynn Tkachuk
Mary & William Weiler
Kristen Wilde
Meryl & Julie Willert
Emily Woods
All American Construction, Inc.,
West Fargo
Bobcat Company, West Fargo
Catalyst Medical Center,
Cottonwood Golf Course,
Creative Kitchen, Fargo
Ed Phillips & Sons Co. of ND,
Eide Bailly LLP, Fargo
Elite Island Resorts,
Deereld Beach, FL
Elite Therapeutic Massage,
First International Bank
& Trust, Fargo
Great Northern Restaurant
& Brewery, Fargo
Heartland Trail Bed &
Breakfast, Park Rapids, MN
Herberger’s Hair
& Nail Salon, Fargo
Hotel Donaldson, Fargo
Juel Distribution, Bismarck
Laney’s Inc, Fargo
McCulley’s Optix, Fargo
Business Solutions, Fargo
Monte’s Downtown, Fargo
Northwest Beverages, Inc.,
Osgood Golf Course, Fargo
Pampered Chef, Fargo
Pella Windows & Doors,
Rejuv Skin & Laser Clinic,
Republic Beverage, Fargo
Swanson Health Products,
Thirty-One Gifts by Kym,
Thumper Pond Golf Course,
Ottertail, MN
West Acres Development,
LLP, Fargo
Xanadu Island Bed &
Breakfast, Battle Lake, MN
Xtreme Measures, Fargo
Fargo–Moorhead Symphony
Orchestra, Moorhead, MN
NDSU Theater Department,
Executive Team
Robert Sanderson
Janell Regimbal
Sr. Vice President,
Children & Family Services
Mary Weiler
Vice President, Community Outreach
Gail Reierson
Vice President, Human Resources
Board of Directors
Mark Strand
Chair, West Fargo
David Walth
Vice Chair, Halliday
Lynda Bertsch
Secretary, Minot
Melanie Stillwell
Treasurer, Williston
Cindy Anderson
Rev. Sharon Baker
Richard Hall
Jim Melland
Grand Forks
Bishop Mark Narum
Harold Ovre
Devils Lake
Bishop William E. Rindy
Jennifer Schaeffer
FY 2012 Annual Report (July 1, 2011–June 30, 2012)
Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota
strengthens individuals, families and
communities without regard to clients’
race, religion, gender or economic status.
Owned by the Evangelical Lutheran
Church in America (ELCA) and afliated
with the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod
(LCMS), Lutheran Social Services of North
Dakota offers programs helping people
from birth through retirement years.
You are encouraged to research the
agency’s integrity. Visit
to review nancial statements and
program summaries.
Administrative Ofces
Fargo Program Center
4720 7
Ave. S, Suite B
Fargo, ND 58103
Phone: (701) 235-7341
Bismarck Program Center
1616 Capitol Way
Bismarck, ND 58501
Phone: (701) 223-1510
Grand Forks Program Center
412 Demers Avenue
Grand Forks, ND 58201
Phone: (701) 772-7577
Minot Program Center
1905 2
Street S.E.,Suite 1B
Minot, ND 58701
Phone: (701) 838-7800
Williston Program Center
P.O. Box 163
1821 9
Ave. W.
Williston, ND 58802-0163
Phone: (701) 774-0749
A United Way Agency