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Annual Parish Meeting, 2022 Annual Report

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3 TABLE CONTENTS RECTOR REPORT…………………………………………………………………………………... 4 SR. WARDEN REPORT ….. …………………………………………………………………………5 TREASURER REPORT ........................................................................................................................ 6 FINIANCIAL STATEMENTS ……………………………………………………………….. 7-8 MINISTRY REPORTS ……………………………………………………………………………9-24 ALTAR GUILD ………………………………………………………………………………..…… 10 AUDIO-VISUAL MINISTRIES ………………………………………………………………... 10-11 BOY SCOUTS ……………………………………………………………………………………… 12 CHILDRENS YOUTH FAMILIES (CYF) ………………………………………………………12-13 COLUMBARIUM ............................................................................................................................... 14 GROUNDS BEAUTIFICATION GUILD ……………………………………………………… 14-15 INVITE WELCOME CONNECT ....................................................................................................... 15 IT (INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY) MINISTRY ......................................................................... 15 LAY EUCHARISTIC MINISTER (LEM) .......................................................................................... 16 LAY PASTORAL ASSISTANT MINISTRY (LPA) …………………………………………….…16 MOTHER’S DAY OUT ...................................................................................................................... 17 OUTREACH ……………………………………………………………………………………..17-22 ST. CHRISTOPHER THRIFT SHOP ................................................................................................. 22 STAYING CONNECTED …………………………………………………………………………. 23 PARISH STAFF ……………………………………………………………………………………..24 2023 VESTRY ……………………………………………………………………………………… 24

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4 RECTOR REPORT Dear St. Christopher Family, Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ! As I write this report, it’s impossible for me to reflect upon the last year alone. Rather, 2022 was part of a much longer three-year chapter of our story together that feels as though it might finally be coming to a close. It is certain that the life we have lived together since March 13th, 2020, when the pandemic closed the doors of the church, has been a rollercoaster. No one knew how things would proceed or end, nor could anyone predict where we would be three years later as St. Christopher. No one would be privy ahead of time to see how God would redeem the challenges we had (and in some ways, still have) to navigate. However, hope was not lost. In fact, hope is what has sustained this church family for these tumultuous years. Appropriately so! To have hope means to have confident expectation of what is sure. Indeed! Throughout this upheaval of life, we have had hope. And as we now look through the clearing fog upon what is to come for our church family, hope remains and is abundant. We have confident expectation of what is sure… that God is calling St. Christopher to a bold proclamation of the Gospel in 2023, that God is calling St. Christopher to care for the souls of our community in 2023, that God is calling St. Christopher to make disciples of all people! Assuredly, hope abounds. This steadfast hope upon which we are called to do Kingdom Work in 2023 will be written on our hearts, for we will proclaim it in our offertory sentence using Hebrews 10:23 whenever we gather. Our new offertory sentence says this: “Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep His promise.” New Living Translation What is God’s promise for The Church? To use The Church (and we are The Church), for His glory and the welfare of His people, restoring all people to unity with God and each other in Christ. We know this to be true because all we must do is recall what God has done and is doing through this congregation… not for our glory but God’s glory, thanks be to God! I commend to you the following Annual Report as evidence of the unwavering hope in Christ we share together at St. Christopher. May we all continue to discern faithfully the movement of the Holy Spirit as we live into 2023. The Holy Spirit is indeed alive and well in this place. Let us be good stewards of that liveliness, actively participating in the work God is already doing! I remain blessed to be your rector! Faithfully, Fr. Brian+

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5 SR. WARDEN REPORT Dear St. Christopher, Episcopal Church Congregation, Family and Friends, Thank you to all the people who are members, pledgers, givers and donors of financial support, time, energy, thoughts, prayers, and yourselves to our St. Christopher parish. God bless you all. The Vestry year 2022 was truly an eventful one. We have been blessed with so many good people, projects, and possibilities this year. The ability to return face to face services and meetings, to our communion practices, increased community outreach, renewed fellowship and rich in blessings of new ministries, additional clergy, growth, family and youth outreach, equipment and for some needed maintenance. We began our 2022 Vestry year with Fr. Brian still on sabbatical. We set up our various wardenships, reviewed a health financial situation, and set up many goals. We had a presentation for an Outreach project presented by Jane Merdian and Mary McGregor and thus “PAX” was started immediately (bottle, socks, and crackers). Our year was blessed by so many wonderful outcomes: • Updates and new documentation: Vestry Person of the Day Handbook, Vestry Monthly Newsletter, Strategic Plan renewal, Stewardship appeal, Vestry Membership classes and Vestry Guidelines. • Projects: Playground (in progress), ice machine, handrails in media room, repair of side parking lot, upgraded equipment for Buckner Hall, tables and replacement of 518 sign (future 2023). Please see Junior Warden, David Crouch’s, report for details. • Family Ministry/Associate Rector Search: Mother Viktoria returning to St. Christopher Church with a concentration on family and youth programs. This addition of an Associate Rector also allowed for simultaneous 10:30 services for Rite II and Contemporary worship. It also facilitates a full hour for attendance at fellowship and Christian formation classes between the 8:00 and 10:30 services at a convenient time for all to participate. This connection between members has helped to grow St. Christopher, and will continue to in the coming year. Yet there is still so much to accomplish, and a talented new 2023 Vestry is ready to serve you all. On a personal note, a tremendous thanks to the 2022 Vestry, Fr. Brian and Alyssa Kelley for their wisdom, hard work and support. And a thank you to the parishioners of St. Christopher for their kindness and encouragement. Katie Gardner Senior Warden – Vestry 2022

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6 TREASURER’S REPORT St. Christopher had another blessed year financially in 2022, despite the disruption caused by Covid-19. Thanks to strong Givers income throughout the year, our total income was $57,000 over budget, with a surplus of $121, 927. Expenses were slightly less than 2021. Major expenditures included side parking lot repair, purchase of new partitions for Buckner Hall, and white plastic tables. The capital campaign to raise money for the new playground was successful. This project is expected to be completed in early 2023. We ended 2022 with a cash balance of $683,180, including a newly established playground fund balance of $94,481 and a $20,000 year-end gift. Looking forward to 2023, we have a prudent budget to cover our operating expenses and planned activities. May God continue the good work and bless St. Christopher abundantly. As submitted by, Lin F. Ashley, Treasurer

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7 FINANCIAL STATEMENTS St. Christopher Episcopal Church Abbreviated Income Statement - Comparison of Full Year Actual Results ($ Rounded) 2022 2021 Chg 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 INCOME 4000-00 ꞏ BUD. INCOME 4010-00 ꞏ PLEDGE $ 489,017 $ 499,068 $ (10,051) $ 483,110 $ 473,404 $ 439,296 $ 442,925 $ 456,313 $ 467,273 4020-00 ꞏ GIVERS 124,356 102,882 $ 21,474 79,514 81,730 53,354 45,308 35,156 37,707 4030-00 ꞏ PLATE 10,000 8,097 $ 1,903 3,106 14,070 11,724 13,171 12,146 13,057 4035-00 ꞏ INTEREST/DIVIDENDS 24 - $ 24 - - - - - - 4050-00 ꞏ FLOWERS 4,780 3,820 $ 960 1,552 3,802 2,230 3,235 2,113 1,845 4075-00 ꞏ MOTHER'S DAY OUT 4080-00 ꞏ OTHER GEN'L 2,250 2,250 $ - 2,750 4,500 3,875 2,500 4,500 4,100 Fund Transfers ¹ - 10,627 ¹ $ (10,627) 39,185 ¹ - - - - - Other 713 80,351 ² $ (79,638) 1,056 1,277 9,602 2,158 3,510 1,541 713 90,978 $ (90,265) 40,241 1,277 9,602 2,158 5,310 1,541 4090-00 ꞏ MISC INCOME 2,785 - $ 2,785 - - - - - - Total Income 633,924 707,094 $ (73,170) 610,273 578,783 520,081 509,297 515,538 525,523 EXPENSE 5000-00 ꞏ ADMIN Total 5100-00 ꞏ CLERGY SAL/BEN 165,418 122,324 43,093 128,812 123,919 119,857 121,589 110,091 171,198 Total 5200-00 ꞏ LAY SAL/BEN 139,489 178,691 (39,202) 197,248 191,829 164,368 159,691 163,361 170,225 Total 5300-00 ꞏ OFFICE ADMIN. 24,535 24,224 311 14,809 17,612 13,229 14,025 15,738 16,327 Total 5000-00 ꞏ ADMIN 6000-00 ꞏ FACILITIES 329,442 325,240 4,202 340,869 333,360 297,454 295,305 289,190 357,750 Total 6100-00 ꞏ OPERATION 61,902 57,155 4,746 50,526 55,539 54,537 50,408 48,360 49,556 Total 6200-00 ꞏ MAINT.-REPAIRS 47,970 91,715 5 (43,745) 52,856 48,392 53,607 64,558 69,246 18,568 Total 6300-00 ꞏ LOANS & INT - - - - 27,817 29,650 10,244 14,237 16,378 Total 6400-00 ꞏ CAPITAL EXPENSE - - - - - - - 29,918 - Total 6600-00 ꞏ DIOCESAN ASSESSMENT 48,271 45,005 3,266 45,005 45,097 44,654 52,927 53,955 55,910 Total 6000-00 ꞏ FACILITIES 7000-00 ꞏ COUNCILS 158,143 193,875 (35,732) 148,387 176,845 182,448 178,137 215,716 140,412 Total 7200-00 ꞏ OUTREACH 846 620 226 228 1,029 1,098 1,175 807 2,337 Total 7300-00 ꞏ EVANGELISM/DISCIPLESHIP 5,852 4,752 1,100 1,344 6,168 3,992 5,560 6,730 3,641 Total 7400-00 ꞏ WORSHIP MIN. 10,906 15,111 (4,205) 10,689 14,345 9,716 9,480 8,856 6,207 Total 7500-00 ꞏ YOUTH & CHILDREN 2,702 5,552 (2,850) 3,519 9,363 9,028 8,760 11,149 7,823 Total 7600-00 ꞏ FELLOWSHIP 4,107 3,574 532 803 5,577 4,638 4,428 5,695 6,612 Total 7000-00 ꞏ COUNCILS 24,413 29,609 (5,196) 16,583 36,482 28,472 29,403 33,237 26,620 Total Expense 511,997 548,724 (36,727) 505,839 546,687 508,374 502,845 538,143 524,782 Net Ordinary Income $ 121,927 ³ $ 158,370 ³ $ (36,443) $ 104,434 ³ $ 32,096 $ 11,707 $ 6,452 $ (22,605) $ 741 Capital Purchases/Other - - (53,743) 4 (17,693) FOOTNOTES: ¹ Fund Transfers: Transfer from designated funds: Net $ 121,927 7 $ 158,370 6 $ 50,691 6 $ 14,403 Sound eqmt, other eqmt, pkg lot rprs & lighting $ 10,627 $ - Buckner Hall & Nave AC Repairs - 31,266 Audio Visual Equipment - 7,919 $ 10,627 $ 39,185 ² Other - 2021 includes $66,905 for the forgiveness of the PPP Loan ³ Net Ordinary Inc excludes capital spending & Other Non-Operating Inc/Exp 4 Capital purchases Buckner AC $36K, AV Equipment $8K, Other - PPP Loan Receivable (MDO) timing $9K 5 2021 includes Vestry approved additional spending on Building repairs (gutters) and Grounds (landscaping) 6 Vestry approved the accrual (transfer) of the remaining funds - Operating Reserve $ - $ 45,000 Building Fund 63,348 18,089 Outreach Fund 95,022 - $ 158,370 7 Vestry will decide on how to allocate 2022 surplus at the vestry retreat in February 2023 $ 63,089

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8 St Christopher Episcopal Church Balance Sheet As of December 31, 2022 ASSETS Current Assets Checking/Savings Dec 31, 22 $ 683,180 Church Building 2,189,289 Furniture & Equipment 190,484 2,379,773 TOTAL ASSETS $ 3,062,953 LIABILITIES & EQUITY Liabilities Payroll Liabilities $ (556) $ (556) Equity Temp Restricted Net Assets Operating Reserve Fund $ 49,574 Building Fund 98,664 Memorial Fund 73,485 Clergy Restricted 21,938 Adult Mission 7,070 Youth Mission 9,375 Columbarium 36,128 Outreach 105,139 Retirement/Gifts 895 Directed Gifts 114,481 $ 516,749 Open Balance Equity $ 1,375,603 Retained Earnings 1,049,230 Net Income 121,927 $ 2,546,760 TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY $ 3,062,953 Other Assets FOOTNOTES: 1 Directed Gifts - include $94,481 Playground Fund balance and a year-end gift of $20,000

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10 ALTAR GUILD Again, what a year! The Altar Guild members continue to be very flexible with service to St. Christopher during this past year… I want to thank them all. The teams are very helpful to continue service to St. Christopher. The Altar Guild serves to prepare the church for all services. We care for all the linens, silverware; actually, all items used. We have a lot of fun carrying out our duties. We welcome others who are interested. The Contemporary Altar Guild energetically serves the contemporary worship. The dedicated women and men of the altar guild serve with hearts for God and our parish family. Ministry Leader: Carol Wiggs AUDIO-VISUAL MINISTRIES Nave Sound/Media Technicians: St. Chris currently has a very dedicated team of 4 Sound Technicians and 3 Media Technicians providing sound and streaming operations for all services in the nave. The Media Techs that support the Rite II services and various other services are skilled at handling the live streaming functions while managing the sanctuary sound augmentation. This team needs several new Sound and Media Techs for both the 8am and 10:30am services. Ministry Leader – Barbara Waggett-Smith Buckner Hall Sound and Lighting Technicians: We currently have a team of 3 Sound Technicians. They provide sound production and streaming audio mixes for the Contemporary Sunday services. In addition to the sound mixing, both for the room and for the Facebook and YouTube livestreams, the sound technicians also control the stage lighting for the contemporary service. The sound techs continually train to learn new skills to improve the audio quality of the live services and streaming. We are looking for one or two more team members, with the goal recruiting enough so that each person is only assigned once per month. Training is available for operating the sound systems and lighting in Buckner Hall. Please consider joining the team. No Experience needed, but an interest in sound and lighting production is a plus. All ages and genders welcome! Ministry Leader- Eric Reinagel

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11 Buckner Hall Live Streaming Technicians: Live streaming services are now a regular expectation for the Contemporary services, as well as meetings and activities in Buckner Hall. The Live Streaming Technicians are responsible for managing camera scenes/positions, the imbedded media feeds, and audio levels into the live streaming format. The understanding and operations of this equipment has been further refined and matured to a level for training classes. The Steaming Techs perform a very active and critical role in the services; working closely with the Sound Techs and the Media Techs to produce an integrate the feed to achieve a quality overall video product….sharing God’s message “to the ends of the earth”. The streaming feed is broadcast live on the St. Christopher YouTube page, and the service is promoted to Facebook after each service. A couple more team members are needed for this important ministry to provide for a regular, monthly rotations. Ministry Lead - Elijah Taylor Media Technicians Team: The Faithlife Proclaim projector media team continues to prepare the liturgy, song lyrics, and other images projected on the overhead screen during the contemporary service. They are responsible for ensuring the overhead images are in sync with the service order and worship songs as the contemporary service proceeds, and for collaborating with the worship band and other audio visual and live streaming technicians to provide a spiritually meaningful worship experience for the congregation and the online worshippers. This ministry team includes Susan Hill, Lupe Carrillo, Sherrie Hartzell Kim Gerry, Linda DeRick, Eva Villarreal and Bob Fabling. Kim Gerry has taken on an expanded role of being the main architect for preparing the weekly file with new backgrounds and other innovations that make the visual presentation fresh and appealing. Over time, there have been changes made in the software used to project the service on the overhead screen. Today we are using the Faithlife Proclaim software that has proven to be more flexible and easier to operate than our previous software Media Shout. Our outstanding group of media technicians continue to learn more about the capabilities of this software and are finding new and innovative ways to enhance the visual presentation of the service. Ministry Leader- Bob Fabling Contact one of the above leaders if you would like to help contribute to the impact & quality of the services in any of these unique ways.

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12 BOY SCOUTS St. Christopher actively supports both Boy Scout Troop 609 (boys ages 11 – 18) and Cub Scout Pack (boys - kindergarten thru 5th grade). Both groups suffered from the Covid pandemic and have lost numerous scouts. The Pack lost all of our members during this time which is a sad result of the pandemic. However, the good news is that the Pack has been revived and we are having a great time and looking forward to increasing membership and having fun. While the Troop lost several members it has continued to provide growth and opportunities to the boys. We had 4 boys earn the rank of Eagle Scout during 2022. We will continue to grow the Troop and look forward to another good year. Ministry Leader: Ray McPhail CHILDREN’S, YOUTH, AND FAMILY (CYF) MINISTRIES “Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and all the people.” Luke 2:52 This report presents activities since my grateful return to a ministry with St. Christopher, September 1, 2022. My submission also celebrates the 2022 ministry of Meghan Hillis, and years previous, successfully calling dedicated lay leadership and growing our children and youth in wisdom and stature in Christ. The goals this season have included the regathering of former families, ingathering of new, the affirmation of returning leadership and the equipping of new, and a renewal of our service to children and youth through both Christian education and spiritual formation. In the later Season After Pentecost, and with the new school year, the children and youth of the parish were recalled to Christian Education and Formation. There has been growth in Christian Education for our elementary students. Classroom 5 quickly became Classrooms 5A and B, as new educators were welcomed and furnishings were placed, accepting children aged 48 months through Kindergarten to the formerly “all ages” (through 6th Grade) program. Lectionary-based curricula were updated along with registration and other forms, providing means of follow up for all students. Likewise, the Infant-Toddler Nursery was resupplied, along with refreshed recordkeeping, providing health and safety assurances to our families. The Youth of the Parish have been invited into the benefits of St. Christopher’s collaborative relationship with Clear Lake Episcopal Youth (CLEY). Participating parishes include, also, St. Thomas – Nassau Bay (Alex Hillis, Lead), Good Shepherd – Friendswood, Holy Trinity – Dickinson, and St. John’s – La Porte. CLEY provides Bible study for 6th – 12th grade youth, meeting weekly at the Black Rock Café. Bimonthly youth fellowship events have provided pizza and service gatherings with worship. In December, St. Christopher hosted the holiday CLEY movie event for youth, with evening prayers for Advent and cookie decorating. General events for families with children and youth this past season included invitations to food and socializing, as well as an all-ages service event, assembling nearly 200 handmade Thanksgiving cards for residents of Baywind and The Crossings skilled nursing units.

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13 Annual traditions of fun were revisited and incepted through Trunk or Treat and St. Nicholas Sunday. Trunk or Treat was a “monstrous” success, with 25 decorated cars, 40 hosts, and music heard throughout the community. Nearly 250 attendees provided a continuing stream of families. St. Nicholas Sunday invited all children, youth, and the young at heart to place shoes outside the Welcome Center, where the jolly Saint left more than 100 bags of gifts and goodies. Mother’s Day Out Families have also been served through invitations to parish events. Christian Formation has continued through weekly chapel worship. MDO children took part in special trick or treating, blessing of the plushies (“pets”), dedications of prayer mats, and St. Nicholas visitation. Our CYF events, however, have been patchy in terms of attendance. This has been instructive. As a parish family, we need such experiences to know what works and what does not. The reality is that family schedules are various, interests are diverse, and discretionary time is limited. These dynamics will continue to affect the participation of children, youth, and families. Until St. Christopher sees a larger ingathering of families, we must expect the subset attendance will remain small. Leadership is in conversation about how our hopes and approaches may need to be modified. In 2023, we will revision community-building and attractional family activities through the eyes and desires of the families, considering their schedules, desires, and abilities to support events. Our plan for the season to come includes a call to families to participate in the shape of Christian Education and Formation for a new era in the Church. The congregation will see more worshipful celebration and social events, new annual traditions to develop childhood memories and meaning-making capacities, and an all-ages local service mission. When I think about our younger Christians, I do so in terms of their beautiful presences in worship. Increasingly, our children and Youth yearn to vest and serve at the Holy Table. In the Contemporary Service, our children are invited periodically to participate in the Eucharistic Prayers at the altar, and in the Blessing and Dismissal, to the delight (and dancing) of all! As a youth, our Lord would have studied the Scriptures and participated in corporate worship and service. I can imagine the young Jesus just as overjoyed in the Sabbath meal, in the relationships with his family and community, and in glorifying his Father—our God. This is the divine Image into which I pray we shape our children, assuring that from crib to college, also sacramentally, they continue to grow in wisdom, stature, and favor. I would like to thank Fr. Brian Cannaday, Rector, for his gladness, enthusiasm, and invitation to share in and increase the vivacity of St. Christopher. I would like to thank our Christian Education and Nursery leadership, Eva Trevino-Villarreal, Mary Pelaez, Lee Fabling, Joni DeSoto, Elvia “Ani” Rios, and Zohreh Siobhan as well as our regular substitutes, Carrie Owens, Michelle Barratt, and Kay Shaffer, for every heartfelt commitment and gift. Finally, I would like to thank the individual lay ministers, too many to name, who helped lead and support a host of events. We are some team! Fr. Brian and I ask that you continue to participate in, reflect and dream about, and invite seeker-families into the CYF ministry. We feel great about the obvious accompaniment of the Holy Spirit, and hope you do, also. Let’s continue to worship fully as one, remembering to pray for our children, youth, and families, for their health, safety, and prospering-- and thereby, for the Image of Christ in our parish. Ministry Leader: The Rev. Viktoria Gotting+ Associate Rector

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14 COLUMBARIUM As of the end of December 2022, thirty niches have been sold in the Columbarium and one is reserved. Thus, two were sold in the past year. Each niche can hold the cremains of two. The Columbarium and Memorial Garden are effectively self-funded by the purchases. The Columbarium fund, comprised of donations and sales of the niches, is held in reserve for future needs in the courtyard. There is about $36,244 in the fund to pay for repairs of the area as needed. Some mulching and replacement plants and trees were added this past year. A large rock was added to replace the crape myrtle that would not flourish. The Columbarium base was repaired and painted. Sometime in 2023, the garden will be refreshed since the freeze of December had wrecked some havoc on many plants. All in His name! Ministry Leader: Greg Decker, Columbarium Administrator GROUNDS BEAUTIFICATION GUILD Following the February 2021 “freeze” a new plan for our grounds beautification efforts was crafted. Replacement of freeze damaged plants with “cold hearty” and “drought tolerant” bushes and trees was put in place. The recent freeze ‘nipped’ some of the plants, but many survived just as planned. The large trees at the courtyard entrances – Savannah Hollies fared well. The green and white Flax Lillies at the base of those trees were nipped but are already coming back from the roots – as well as the green Agapanthas in that same area and surrounding the cross in the circle bed. Hopefully they will yield more purple blooms this spring. The large purplish hedge next to the buildings – Loropetalum Hedges did well also. The small bushes – Boxwood Hedges that border the central courtyard, benches, and surround the cross have been affected by an area wide fungal disease causing some yellowed dying areas, they also were nipped a bit by the recent cold but may come back as they are a plant that usually withstands cold well. The Drift Roses in the beds closest to the parking lot all survived the freeze as planned. The tall dark purple Thai plants next to the windows froze but will come back from the roots as well. We will invest in planting part of that area with ‘cold hearty’ – Nandina plants to withstand the next freeze. Our church supported landscape worker Alex Meza is approved to work 16 hours a week to keep the plantings trimmed, and cleaned of the ever-emerging weeds, and replaces annuals as needed. He also keeps clear the pine needles from the covered gutters and roof edges for good drainage during heavy rains and has maintained the crushed granite path to the Columbarium. Moving into 2023 we have already placed boxwoods hedges and Wedelia groundcover in the bed adjacent to the new children’s playground. We will add needed periodic maintenance of the edges of the playground base to Alex’s duties. Our current fertilization and insect control has been confined to the entry way but will need to be expanded to include the playground area. The flower beds by the small parking lot and the path leading to the Columbarium will need refurbishing this year. Once the playground and fence

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15 surrounding it are completed, the fund generously donated by the congregation along with the double matching of those funds from a donor will have a balance. Those assets will be used to re-purpose the South Courtyard – between the classroom wing and the welcome center - for a lovely outdoor space. We anticipate using that area more after refurbishment and are prepared to maintain and expand the plantings already started there. The participation of the congregation in our semi-annual ‘work days’ to help maintain our grounds and buildings is greatly appreciated. We also welcome any suggestions for further changes or improvement that anyone wishes to offer. Ministry Leader: Jane Montgomery Chair of Grounds Beautification INVITE WELCOME CONNECT Invite Welcome Connect (IWC) is an Episcopal effort that encourages church members to invite others into the life of their congregation, welcome them with intentional hospitality and purposely connect them into the life of their community. The efforts can be done individually and corporately. St. Christopher has worked to have a well-trained team of greeters for all main services as a part of IWC. They are the first people that visitors encounter and truly represent the friendly and welcoming nature of St. Christopher. They distribute well supplied blue bags that help visitors become familiar with the ministries of St. Christopher, information about the Episcopal Church and some treats. Greeters are often able to capture visitor’s contact information so our clergy can follow up with them. I would like to thank the following persons who faithfully served as greeters in 2022: Billie Dale; Sue Davis; Jack and Tara Hyland; Lynn Griffin; Valerie Carrillo; Susan Hill; Kathy Solomon; Stewart Baker; George Najarian and Lizette Gaudin; Bob MacGregor; Rob Kingsbury; Clarice Costello and Mark and Dorothy Sales. If you are interested in the comprehensive work and ideas behind IWC go to Please speak to me if you are interested in being a greeter or a part of this important ministry! Ministry Leader: Mary MacGregor IT (INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY) MINISTRY The IT Ministry team provides support for computers, software, networking, streaming and Internet access for Staff, Ministry Leaders and all those involved in meeting the goals and mission of St Christopher. Our efforts over the past two years have focused on providing our clergy and media team with the technology and support needed to share and expand our presence through email, social media, Zoom and live broadcasts of our Sunday and other special services. We are volunteer based and welcome anyone who has an interest in technology and desire to support our mission. Ministry Leader: David Crouch

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16 LAY EUCHARISTIC MINISTER (LEM) LEM reads the Lessons and the Prayers at each Service on Sunday. LEMs read the Lessons and Prayers at Funerals, as requested. Other LEM duties include: ❖ Serving as part of the Altar Party with the Priest and Acolyte as requested. ❖ Vesting for Service as requested. St. Christopher Episcopal Church is blessed with having volunteers who perform LEM duties each week. If you are interested in being part of this Ministry, please contact our LEM Coordinator. Ministry Leader: Vernon Thompson LAY PASTORAL ASSISTANT MINISTRY (LPA) The Lay Pastoral Assistant Ministry (LPA) is a confidential pastoral care ministry to individual adult members of the parish in support of, deployed and supervised by our Rector. In an ordinary year our team members, Lay Pastoral Assistants, receive intensive pastoral training before setting out to bring care to those in need. Active LPAs receive regular updates in their training. Activities of care that LPA team participate in include home and hospital/care facility visits, this was before the pandemic, of course, telephone calls, and handwritten cards. Each week a different team comes on duty and contacts those. who are on the care list. Referrals for receiving pastoral care come through the Rector and the Director who update the list weekly. Lay Pastoral Assistant Ministers go forth in response to Jesus’ instruction to heal the sick, show mercy, bring reconciliation, and be the heart, hands, voice, and feet of Christ in their response to the sisters and brothers of our parish seeking care. In 2022 the LPA made contacts with those needing pastoral support 51 out of the 52 weeks. In March we welcomed and trained six new folks to be LPAs and they have proven to be vital to the holy work we do. We now have six teams, with one team each week making contact with those on our Care List. At this time we have four new followers of Christ waiting for our next training in February to serve God in this ministry. Please contact Father Brian or our new Director of Lay Pastoral Ministry beginning Feb 4, Tara Hyland, for a referral to pastoral care or if you are interested in becoming an LPA. Ministry Leader: Patricia LaChance

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17 MOTHER’S DAY OUT The 2022/2023 MDO school year has been busy and full of blessings. This year we have 40 enrolled students and 8 permanent staff members. We said goodbye to out old playground in the Fall and we’re excitedly awaiting the completion of the new playground, we’re so close! Currently enrolled families have already started enrollment for the next year. Parish Families are invited to an early opportunity to enroll on February 16th. You may visit to review our information and find the enrollment link. We have 1 permanent staff opening and substitute openings for next year. Please reach out if you’d like more information about joining us in the joy, growth and learning that happens at MDO. Ministry Leader: Tami Martinez OUTREACH MINISTRIES AND MISSIONS “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9 I am aware of the boldness of presenting the outreach activities of this parish since my arrival, September 1, 2022, and of my privilege in projecting a vision forward into 2022. St. Christopher has a decades’ long legacy of being the faithful, steadfast, sacrificial, and joyfully willing hands and feet of Christ. This was true before and after my first ministry amongst you, and it is onto your mountaintop that I climb to proclaim the Glory of the Lord with you. Thanks be to God, I say, as I put my hands, feet, and heart with yours as we go forward into the mission field, together again! Since the later Season After Pentecost, Outreach and local missions have continued through various events, opportunities to give and to serve, both periodically and regularly. The season began with a food and supply drive in assistance to Communities in Schools (CIS) – Bay Area, supporting League City Elementary’s Title I program for families with food and financial insecurities. With the start of the school year, St. Christopher participated in Open House, sharing an education table with CIS and offering conversation, takeaways, and invitations to 100 families. The fall and Advent seasons continued with monthly donation drives benefiting Interfaith Caring Ministries – Bay Area. At the conclusion of each drive, St. Christopher offered a hearty response to ICM, sending forward overflowing bins of items in support of their food, dry goods, health and hygiene, and other programs for communities and families in need. A distribution of holiday meal kits assured that 302 families received the groceries needed to celebrate Christmas feasting.

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18 In November, the congregation responded to the needs of growing families served by Anchor Point, providing diapers and infant food for our newest and tiniest neighbors. Too, Bottle Pax (“pax,” Latin, meaning peace) continues Sunday by Sunday, inviting worshipers to take bundles of items most needed by displaced persons, distributing these as a Christian witness. The Bottle Pax ministry has been augmented by beautifully handcrafted crossbody packs, a bonus to those who are collecting help while afoot. In 2022, Bottle PAX brought relief to 225+ neighbors without addresses. The mid-Advent season culminated in two Christmas donation drives in support of area families and children. The Wednesday Night Growth Group, with assistance from Texas Corinthian Yacht Club, led the entire congregation in blessing those in need of a special visit to Interfaith Caring Ministries’ Santa’s Workshop. ICM representatives were greatly appreciative of one large Santa bag and four large bins of toys. They were just as thrilled to receive an additional $600 in gift cards to fill in the gaps. With the leadership of the Tuesday Night Growth Group, our congregation also filled 83 stockings for the students of League City Elementary in the care of the Community in Schools Program. These stockings were stuffed with slipper socks, games, fidget toys, art supplies, and candy. An additional 88 brightly colored, fleece blankets were rolled with ribbons, and more than 380 pairs, 95 full sets of boys’ and girls’ underwear, donated by the St. Christopher Gift Shop, only augmented our substantial contributions to the holiday celebrations (and needs) of these underserved students. The following are the 2022 St. Christopher Outreach Ministries, along with the mission statement of each and statement of relationship with the Parish. Referenced also are the leads and alternates (or co-leads) for each ministry. These individuals are representatives to the new St. Christopher Outreach Collaborative, the coordinating circle of leadership for outreach ministries and missions. Anchor Point Family Network “Anchor Point champions the future of children by educating and empowering parents, because no one is beyond hope.” St. Christopher supports programs assisting newborns, families, and parents in need. (Melodie Keener, Lead; Alternate, Open) Bottle Pax “Bottle Pax bring hope to the homeless by providing water, socks, crackers, lip balm, and a message of faith, along with a kind gesture, smile, and affirmation that these persons are ‘seen’ as Children of God.” Parish-based ministry. (Kelly Clody, Lead; Mary MacGregor, Alternate) Communities in Schools – Bay Area Benefiting League City Elementary (LCE), CCISD Title I School, “Communities In Schools® (CIS®) surrounds students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and make achievements in life.” St. Christopher is in a signed partnership agreement with CIS/LCE. (Greg Oliver, Lead; Alternate, Open) Interfaith Caring Ministries – Bay Area “ICM provides financial and food assistance that allows people in crisis apply their resources to stabilize their families.” St. Christopher is a published supporting HOW: House of Worship. (Jane Merdian, Lead; Mary MacGregor, Alternate)

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19 Kairos Prison Ministry “The mission of the Kairos Prison Ministry is to share the transforming love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to impact the hearts and lives of incarcerated men, women and youth, as well as their families, to become loving and productive citizens of their communities.” Relationship with this ministry is based upon parishioner interest and involvement. (Bob Fabling, Lead; Jane Merdian, Alternate) Little Free Pantry “The nation-wide mini pantry movement activates neighborly engagement with food insecurity, and is a grassroots crowdsourced solution to immediate and local need.” St. Christopher hosts and stocks a Little Free Pantry and provides a space for neighbors to leave food for others, as able. St. Christopher provides a published neighborhood location. (Carla Homer, Lead; Alice Snider, Alternate) St. Christopher Thrift Shop “St. Christopher Thrift Shop is a community-oriented, faith-based resale shop. Run by volunteers, the Thrift Shop sells used clothing and home goods,” making substantial annual grants in support of missions, ministries, and scholarships (vg+). Parish-based, yet a designated board-driven initiative. (Sue Davis, Lead; Lizette Gaudin, Alternate) OTHERS Local Missions (within the Houston Metroplex) Rebounding in 2023, post height of the COVID-19 pandemic. (Greg Oliver, Lead; Alternate, Open) Domestic Missions (beyond the Houston Metroplex, contiguous US States) Rebounding in 2023, post height of the COVID-19 pandemic. (Kamy Moghbeli, Lead; Alternate, Open) International Missions (international missions and interests, beyond the contiguous US States) Rebounding supportively, 2023, with an eye towards engagement on the ground, 2024. (Daniel Hammond, Lead; Alternate, Open) Guideposts for St. Christopher’s 2023 Outreach Ministries and Missions Gentle - We seek to do everything with compassion towards receivers, givers, and leadership. In asking for sacrifices of effort and expense, we also keep the resources of givers in mind, maximizing rather than depleting community reserves. Appropriate - We seek to listen to our community, asking periodically if our efforts are still needed, wanted, or need modifying. We strive to be flexible in responding to duplications of services and efforts, redesigning programs, or redesignating beneficiaries as priorities shift. Sustainable - We recognize that our missions must be sustainable in terms of resources, time, effort, leadership, true need, and interest. We strive to assure each mission activity is led by one primary minister and one co-leader, and continues with the support of participants, clergy, and vestry leadership.

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20 Educational - We resist a mechanical or checklist approach to mission opportunities. Givers should have a basic knowledge of whom is affected and why, and how the parish makes an impact upon needs in the community. We understand that clearly communicated objectives and timelines honor participants and allow for planning, participation and evangelism, and focused giving. Available - We seek not to overbook or institutionalize our outreach, such that there is no further room for movement or response. We will work towards spaces of sabbath for the givers and workers, as well as leadership, knowing that God’s creative work of regeneration flourishes in an environment open to renewal. New! 2023 Outreach Ministries and Missions St. Christopher Food Pantry The Parish is expanding our general food pantry ministry to be able to respond to multiple locations of area food insecurities. To meet the needs, the time has come to establish a general food pantry. All food donations will be taken to the kitchen for placement into the pantry. Food for all general (non-holiday) outreach activities will be withdrawn from the universal pantry. (Carla Homer, Lead; Alice Snider, Alternate) UpWell: Advocates for Community-Wide Health and Wholeness A roundtable group forming to address unmet needs concerning wholeness and healing within our Parish Family and in educational, practical, and relational offerings to our neighbors. (Mtr. Viktoria, Lead; Alternate, Open) St. Christopher Bay Area Art & Soul (BAAS at home in St. Christopher’s Art Studio) This is cooperative mission blossomed immediately prior to the pandemic shutdown. BAAS is dedicated to using the power of art in advancing healing and spiritual wellness across cultural and religious borders, offering creative responses to communities in need. Quarterly retreats will produce art for publication and/or donation to agencies and institutions on the front lines of response, in solidarity with those in trauma, in need of hope, meaning making, and wholeness. With an eye towards future disasters, a visionary group of artists and artisans is assembling to be equipped to respond to community traumas. (Mtr. Viktoria, Lead; Alternate, Open) Local and Domestic Missions Vision: All families/youth local service work on the ground, affecting displaced persons, hunger, and human dignity. Proposed: All-ages summer domestic mission, serving indigenous and/or migrating peoples. Explorations and details in present development. (Leads, as above) St. Christopher Community Health Care Collaborative October 2022, St. Christopher’s Community Health Care Collaborative, a network of 17 parishioners with professional health care and ancillary medicine experiences, met to discuss an early vision for a possible neighborhood student clinic in partnership with the University of Houston‘s Medical School. November 2022, Dr. Lisa Otey, Dr. Rebecca Hart (a community family practitioner and UH faculty member), and Mtr. Viktoria met with four UH faculty, heavily representing behavioral medicine and including associate deans with experience in founding and operating clinics in underserved communities.

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21 The conversation was forward-looking, cautious, and very preliminary. Given that UH’s new medical school is dedicated to educate physicians committed entirely to serving and advocating for the underserved, an alignment in missions is clear. Thus, there is an ember of hope for a phase 1 collaboration. A provisional project would include a clerkship model operating within St. Christopher’s existing facilities. The parties walked away to consider feasibilities, widen the institutional conversations, obtain approvals to continue talks, investigate business models and funding, and begin a careful movement towards what might first be a once weekly to once monthly clinic. These are serious and daunting prospects, but also not prohibitive. With Dr. Otey’s guiding presence, the consultation of our treasure trove of professionals, and Dr. Hart’s critical contacts, our team can enjoy a careful optimism. We are doing great works just through exploration. The soonest a phase 1 clinic might be realized would be Spring Semester 2024. Yet, there is very much to do in order to bring the conversation to the level of the vestry. February 2023, following the University’s winter break, our Health Care Collaborative will continue these careful conversations. At that time, the UH delegation will make the drive to League City, experiencing and evaluating the feasibility of student and faculty commutes, and making a practical visit to our campus. (Mtr. Viktoria Gotting, Lead; Lisa Otey and Mary MacGregor, Co-Alternates) 2022 Report from St. Christopher’s Outreach Collaborative Submitted by Greg Oliver, 2023 1st Quarter Convener In 2022, under the guidance of Mother Viktoria, a new Outreach Collaborative was established with many focus areas, setting the structure for more integrated and strategic Outreach activities. The team is developing a plan for 2023 which will include many local missions support partnerships, as well as multiple near-field mission trip opportunities for the congregation. Though still somewhat constrained by COVID, St. Christopher was even so very active in outreach in 2022, including supporting: Interfaith Caring Ministries, Anchor Point, Communities in Schools / League City Elementary, skilled nursing facilities, Kairos Prison Ministry, Bottle Pax, Little Free Pantry, and the continued services of St. Christopher Thrift Shop. Additionally, we are excited to share that another team, the Health Care Collaborative, is actively exploring the possibility of hosting a health clinic on our campus in partnership with UH’s new medical school. 1st Quarter Outreach Collaborative Summary Action Points (as reviewed and adapted by the Rector and Associate Rector) • Maintain a current brochure (paper and online/webpage) summarizing all outreach activities • Invite new outreach project leads and alternates, as indicated • Make opportunities for supported agencies to share needs and impact • Invite wider participation in and communication about Outreach visions and results • Consider workdays and other ways to support organizations, beyond donation collections • Periodic outreach announcements and reports to vestry and other readership

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22 • Roadmap the outreach strategy. Goal: build a yearlong outreach calendar • Sharing the mission of Kairos, invite for broader parishioner participation • Revisit history and scope of parish missions, including international (2020), especially with new members of the Collaborative I am overwhelmed with loving gratitude and a sense of awe when I consider the donations, gifts, works, leadership, service hours, events, coordination, meetings, logistics, prayer, faith, and raw boldness of Spirit by which the preceding, manifold report was made possible—and all this within a span of just 4.5 months! Together with Fr. Brian+, I have the corresponding daring to ask for more of the same, because our identity, which is the Image of our Christ, is at large, on the move, asking more of us than we can imagine. We are confident the St. Christopher Parish Family is equipped for what is to come as we reach out, arms stretched as HIS, to embrace the world around us. Jesus said, “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” (John 14:12) Beloveds of God, great things await! Prayerfully submitted, The Rev. Viktoria Gotting Associate Rector ST. CHRISTOPHER THRIFT SHOP This is all volunteer ministry that proudly has provided grants/funds for community and outreach programs in the excess of $75,000 in the last 10 years. The shop is owned and operated by the women of St. Christopher but volunteers are men and women from various churches as well as customers. If you are seeking an atmosphere of warmth, purpose, fun, fulfillment and good deals, the Thrift Shop is a great place to volunteer. There’s a variety of tasks to be completed both during business hours (W –F 10-2 and Sat. 10-4) and after hours. You can support this ministry with your donations of clean clothing in season and household items and spreading the word to your friends and neighbors. Please come visit, donate and/or volunteer at: 419 E Galveston St.; League City (By the railroad tracks across from park). For more info contact the shop at 281-554-7314. WOW…The Thrift Shop will be celebrating our 65th anniversary this FALL. Look for more details of this celebration soon. Ministry Leaders: Co-Managed by Ruth Jarratt Volunteer Coordinator, Sue Davis

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23 STAYING CONNECTED St. Christopher offers a variety of ways of staying connected with each other. Each has its own flavor, but all are evidence of Christ’s Body striving to live in unity, striving to live into our Baptismal Covenant, into closer relationship with God and each other. Daily Devotionals, Growth Groups, Bible Studies, Fellowship Groups, or specific ministry focused – these are some of our communities within the community - the Body of Christ, the people of God of St. Christopher Episcopal Church. Perhaps you might be thinking, “Well, what about _________?” If that’s happening - if that still, small voice is niggling at you, God may well be calling into something new. Listen to it, talk to Father Brian about it, knowing that there is plenty of room for more “communities within the community.” Our Growth Groups, Bible Study Groups, and Fellowship Groups continue to flourish some continuing to meet on-line via Zoom, some meeting in person. The Devoted Duffers fellowship around a round of golf, generally weekly, as weather conditions and personal schedules allow. Sunday morning, Adult Sunday School (in person, on campus; 9:15 a.m., open) Sunday morning, Choir Practice (in person, on campus; 11:00 a.m.; contact Interim Choir Director) Monday – Noonday Prayer (on-line via Zoom; 12:00 p.m.; open; attendees are invited to share in reading the scriptures published in the morning Daily Office) Monday evening, growth group (on-line via Zoom; 6:30 p.m.; open) Tuesday evening, growth group (in person, on campus in Buckner Hall, but also with on-line Zoom capabilities; open; normally begins with a “bring-your-own” meal 6:30 p.m., followed by the group’s current focus on formation beginning at 7:00 p.m.) Wednesday – Morning Prayer (on-line via Zoom; 7:00 a.m.; open) Wednesday morning Men of St. Christopher Fellowship Breakfast (in person at Skipper’s restaurant in Clear Lake Shores, every other Wednesday 9:30 a.m.; open) Wednesday morning Women’s Bible Study (in person, on campus; 9:30 a.m.; open) Wednesday evening growth group (on-line via Zoom; 7:00 p.m. start time; open; usually will meet in person once a month for a pot-luck meal) Thursday – Evening Men’s Bible Study (in person, on campus; 6:30 p.m.; open) Thursday evening Women’s Bible study group, the St. Chris Chicks, (in person, on campus; 7:00 p.m.; open) Friday – Morning Prayer (on-line via Zoom; 8:00 p.m.; open) Saturday – Men’s Fellowship and Bible Study (in person at Rudy’s BBQ; 7:15 a.m.; open. Note: While on-line Zoom is not offered weekly, it may be provided should an attendee notify the group early) Devoted Duffers Fellowship (Golfing in person, no set time - organized on the fly; open) Contact information or Zoom links to these Daily Devotionals, Growth, Bible Studies, and Fellowship opportunities may be obtained by contacting . Ministry Leader: John Lothrop

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24 PARISH STAFF Rector The Rev. Brian Cannaday Associate Rector The Rev. Viktoria Gotting Assisting Clergy The Rev. Cn. Bill Bryant Assisting Clergy The Rev. Jim Nelson Parish Administrator Alyssa Kelley Interim Organist/Choirmaster Mary Box Contemporary Worship Leaders Tommy & Liz Lee Lay Minister John Lothrop Bookkeeper Carla Homer Facilities Manager Dan Keener MDO Director Tami Martinez VESTRY Senior Warden Jane Montgomery Lupe Carrillo David Crouch Greg Decker Kyle Farmer Lizette Gaudin Donald Howell James McCalla Kathryn McPherson Mark Sales Elijah Taylor Cheryl Tolbert St. Christopher Episcopal Church 2508 St. Christopher Avenue League City, TX 77573 281-332-5553