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Two animal animal friendships.

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The story of two unlikley animals becoming best friends.

Koko and Her Kittens and Anjana and Her Cubs 

Three animals and one amazing friendship 

By Jack Treglia


Koko and Her Kittens and Anjana and Her Cubs

By Jack Treglia

                                    Thank you too Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Mancusso for helping me succseed in this project!!!!


Koko and Her Kittens...pages 4-13

Anjana and Her Cubs...pages 14-22

Table of Contents

Koko playing with All-Ball


Koko was born at the San Francisco Zoo in California.

Penny decided to start Project Koko


Koko wanted a kitten and got All-Ball


Koko got 2 more kittens Smokey and Lipstick


In 2010 Koko got a collection of kittens thanks to the Human Society


                                         These are two amazing stories and a couple of animals that somehow became best friends.

                                                  These aren't just any regualar animals. These animals could be smarter than some humans.


                               Your going to find out how these strange relationships blossomed.

                                                                                         Koko was born at the San Francisco Zoo in Califorina. Koko’s has a long interesting first name, it is Hanabi-ko. It is Japanese for “firework child” because she was born on the 4th of July.


                                                                                                         In 1972, something quite amazing came about. Project Koko happened! Now you might be asking yourself, who is Koko?  Koko is a fascinating gorilla and she learned American Sign Language (ASL ) during project Koko. That is mainly what Project Koko is all about, Koko being able to communicate. The person who started it all was a person named Penny. Penny started this project because she she loved the gorilla with all her heart that she wanted to be able to communicate with her.    

      Koko has been asking for a kitten for a long time ever since she has been reading books about kittens. Finally, in 1983, when Koko was 12 she got her first kitten. The kitten’s name was All-Ball. Her name was All-Ball because she had no tail and looked round like a ball. She picked All-Ball because it had no tail just like her. Before Koko had a kitten, she played and acted like her dolls and toys were kittens.

     Koko and All-Ball did everything together.  They always played so many games.  One of the games was called “Chase”.  The way you play it was they chased each other back and forth around the yard. Koko didn’t realize that that the game was more of a game for gorillas, so All-Ball didn’t really like it. That is only one of the games they played.


     It took Koko a little while to be ready to get a new kitten. But when she was ready to get a new kitten, the new kitten’s name was Lipstick. She named her Lipstick because her lips were bright pink and it looked she had makeup on which made Koko think of lipstick. Lipstick was as cute as All-Ball. They developed a really close bond. It was hard for Penny to find a kitten for Koko because it was the winter and it is hard to find kittens during the winter. They did everything together just like Koko and All-Ball did. For example, they played games, cuddled with each other.  She eventually died from her old age because she was about around 10-15 years old.

      When Koko and All-Ball were playing, All-Ball got loose and ran out into the road and something horrible happened.  She got hit by a car. She only lived for 6 short months, Koko was as sad as a stormy night.  Penny, Kokos caretaker, waited a day to tell Koko that All-ball had died.  Koko signed Bad, Sad, Bad. It was an awful unacceptable day for everyone.


     Later, Koko got another beautiful kitten named Smokey. Smokey had a smoky grayish color which is why she wad given that name. Smokey lived a long life, She lived for almost 20 years and she eventually died because of natural causes. Koko waited to get a new kitten because she was too sad for another one at the time.

     Five years ago in 2010 Koko got a collection of kittens. It was all possible because of the Humane Society. The Humane Society is a company that helps animals in need and give them away for a better life.


     When Koko had her 44th birthday in the summer she got to pick two kittens from a whole box of kittens. She chose Miss Gray and Miss Black in an instant. They fell in love at first sight.

      Almost every occasion Koko gets a new kitten and ends up crying when it dies. Koko does know sign language but got internet famous because of her love with kittens. Koko has been on the news more than once because she was crying when her kitten died. It made other people want to cry. Koko loved all of her kittens but Koko’s favorite kitten was All-Ball even though she didn't live for long. Koko even has her own book!

Anjana and Her Cubs

     It wasn't that bad of a day once the cubs met Anjana. They lived and were  raised at T.I.G.E.R.S. They were only 21 weeks old when they took them in and now they are full grown. It was the right thing to separate them from their mother because it was for their own safety. The tiger cubs mom got put under stress.


      It was a horrible day for Mitra and Shiva the white tiger cubs. They were born and got stuck during hurricane Hanna, It was horrible it was down pouring and the wind as as strong as bull. They were separated from their mom and taken by China York, a worker from T.I.G.E.R.S or The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species in South Carolina and her trusty partner Anjana the Chimpanzee. 


      Soon Anjana and Mitra and Shiva became best friends. They did everything together, Anjana fed them bottles, cuddled with them, played with them and acted like their mother. Some people might even say she does a better job than China York.

      Mitra and Shiva are her favorites because they are easier to take care of and are as cute as a button. Anjana has really thick skin which is good because it protects her from the cubs scratching her. Anjana is surprisingly stronger than Mitra and Shiva, so it is really easy for Anjana to take care of them without getting hurt.

      Anjana has raised a whole lot of different animals but Mitra and Shiva are her favorite. That means a lot because the other animals Anjana and China have raised are lions, leopards, and orangutans. All of those animals are stronger than Mitra and Shiva, so it is easy for her to take care of them. Anjana is also smarter than them so she could outsmart them.

    Anjana has been like a parent to them ever since they took them in and they have been inseparable. Anjana, has been doing as well as China. Well monkey see, Monkey do.