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about a famous animator named walter disney.

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    Walter Disney

 By Jay 

  The reason I choose Walt (walter) Disney is because of the impact of his animation and how he kind of opened up new ways of animating things all together.The reason he is important to the history of animators is because of his skill in animating, how well he did it  and how he had made so many animations and what he did to get where he got to being one of the best animators in the history of animating.

  Walter Disney was born in december 5,1901 in Hermosa, Chicago, IL.He grew up with his mother,father, three brothers and one sister.His brothers are Roy O,Disney, Herburt A, Disney and Raymond A, Disney, his sisters name is Ruth F, Disney.Walt Disney had created many animated characters in his life such as Micky Mouse, Donald Duck, Scar, Maleficent, and Goofy.Those are only a small amount of all the characters he and others working for Disney had created.

(you seen some of the characters from the previous page)

            Walt Disney's siblings

Walt with part of his staff