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10 animals nobody loves

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Foods Nobody Loves

  By Jack S.





Century Eggs............................................5-6


Deep-Fried Tarantulas..............................7-8


Deep-Fried Calf Brains.............................9-10




Bat Paste....................................................13-14


Jellied Moosenose......................................15-16


Bat Paste.....................................................17-18


Fermented Salmon......................................19-20




Puffin Heart.................................................22-23








Table of Contents


Can you imagine somebody eating a tarantula that has been deep-fried?  Would you ever envision somebody eating the heart of a puffin?  In this book you will learn about differnet foods that some people like but nobody loves.  You will think these are completely disgusting but some people like it and no places love it. 








          Haggis, The ingreidnats horrify people.



          Haggis, the national dish of scotland is a very ancient and inexpensive food.  In the second place, the dish is made of liver, heart, lungs, oatmeal, onion, beef, cayenne, pepper, spices, and sheeps stomach.  The liver, heart and lungs are cooked, married together, then boiled in a sheeps stomach.  Some people say it's like heaven on a plate.  Furthermore, the food is usually served with turnips, mashed patatoes, and scotch whiskey.  The dish for two often horrifies people and makes them sick to their stomach.  Some people try it, but are usually made queasy from it



          Many people don't eat haggis because they are allergic, a vegetarian, or just plain out disgusted.  Liver, heart and lungs boiled in a sheeps stomach probably isn't friends with your taste buds.  Haggis was originally for families that don't have money because it is very inexpensive.  People often say it's like staring at a pile of garbage.  Haggis might taste good after you try it, but most people don't plan on eatng it anytime soon.



          Haggis is in the form of an oval and when you cut it open everything falls out.  It is a huge dish made for two people and is usually taken home.  It is commonly found in restaurants in Scotland and bordering countries.




          These eggs have a texture that is very un-applealing to the eye.



          Centuy eggs can be found in China and surrounding countries.  As well, The common dish is a very small portion and is usually served as an appitizer.  "It's like eating a single M&M" some people say.  A regular egg is soaked in quick slime and salt for three months then, coated with rice chaff.  The inside of the egg turns a greenish-gray and the yoak is often gloopy.  Many people think "There is no way i'm trying this, i'd rather starve to death".  It usually smells like ammonia and sulfur.  Some people like the gooeyness in the middle.



          The food is served in expensive restaurants because it is a very hard food to make.  It is made from freah duck, chicken, or a quail eggs.  In China, the sound of "Century eggs" is music to their ears.  The greenish-black, gooey, tiny egg is cooked by only the top chefs in china and is rarely served in restaurants.  Additionally, People say "You have a better chance of being struck by lighning then finding a century egg in a restaurant".



          Century eggs are dark purple on the outside and a dark green on the inside.  It is the size of a regular size egg and is sometimes served in soup.  The food has a style that makes people never want to eat again.






Century Eggs



         Deep-Fried Tarantulas are very nasty food in most people's perspective.



          Deep-Fried Tarantulas are served in portions of three to five and it is the size of a person's palm.  It is cooked with soy, farlic, salt, and sugar then deep-fried for one minute then served.  Also,  People must hunt to get the tarantulas which could sometimes be dangerous.  The reason why it is danderous is becuase the tarantulas live in very remote Jungles that have a lot of dangerous animals.  The alternate is to grill it with rice and vegtables.  In 1970 people in Cambodia were starving because of food decay so there only food was tarantulas.  The food is extermely gooey and people sometimes say "It's like drinking a thick glass of water" and "Three gallons of goo is being poured into your mouth".



          This food is sold almost everywhere in Cambodia for a very tiny price.  The sound of eating one of the most shunned spiders in the world is disgusting to some people but to others, it's a taste of heaven.  Of the little people who like the dish, they say the body is the best part becase it is very gooey.  Some people like the legs because of the crunchiness.  People who have less money can't eat fancy food, so they eat deep-fried tarantulas.



          The food is basically just a tarantula that has been deep-fried.  It is served over limes and carrots with a special dressing called sansa.  it is only found in Cambodia but is in almost every restaurants.

Deep-Fried Tarantulas



          Brains, disgusting.  Brains, gross.  Brains, nasty.  Brains, people eat them.



          Deep-fried calf brains are a very expensive dish in France and is served in only high-class restaurants.  The brain is primarily composed of fat.  Some people say “It’s like eating a pound of fat”.  Sometimes the dish is served with eggs, scrambled or fried.  The brain is put in a bowl full of green sauce for two minutes and the brain soaks a lot of the green sauce in.  The main ingredients are brains, eggs, and green sauce.



          Many people think they would never try is because a brain is a brain.  In the little amount of people who try it, very few like it.  Some people say “It’s like eating an overcooked french-fry”.  The brain is cut into small pieces, soaked in green sauce, then put on a plate over lettuce with eggs.  Chefs with only elite abilities are able to make it for two reasons.  One is because it is a very hard process.  Also, it’s hard to keep your lunch down when you're cooking with a brain.



          The brain is cut into three pieces and the ends are threw away.  It sort of looks like a fat mozzarella stick.  It is found it is found in countries all over the world but mostly in France.

Deep-Fried Calf Brains



          Balut.  Once you read about it you'll wish you never have



          Balut is a partially fertilized with a partly formed duck fetus inside.  It is usually found in the Philippines and surrounding countries.  It is considered a delicacy in the Philippines.  Some people say “It tastes like a hard-boiled egg but more gooey.  It is made of a duck or chicken egg.  It is then put into an incubator for seventeen to eighteen days so the duck fetus partially forms.  The food is very healthy for humans but is poisonous to many animals.  It is eaten warm and is usually served as an appetizer.  Because of it's disgusting texture the food terrifies people.



          It is rarely sold in any restaurants because it takes so long to make so, it is usually sold in supermarkets.  Balut is an ethnic food and is sold in a few restaurants in the U.S.A.  “Balut is like a soft gummy bear” Said somebody after the first time they tried balut.  Many people won’t even think about trying it because it almost makes them sick just looking at what it looks like.  People fly all the way to the Philippines to try just a single balut egg.  The reason they just don’t eat it near their home is because most people say it is better in Philippines.  People want to see people to try it, but not them.



          Balut looks like an egg with a partially formed duck inside.  It looks like the duck is stuffed inside the egg.  There is also black lines going through the egg.  It is found in countries all over the world but mostly in the Philippines.





          Bat paste, a very gross food that most people don’t want to try.



          Bat Paste, a food that can only be found in China, Thailand, and Guam.  Hunting and eating bat paste is very dangerous.  Hunting for bats takes guts.  Bats are only found in very remote and threatening forests and jungles which could be harmful to hunters.  Eating bat paste can be risky also because bats can carry destructive diseases.  Cooking it is pretty simple.  All you do is put the live bat into a pot of boiling water or milk, take it out, add spices, then put it on a plate.



          Bat’s are usually mentioned in scary stories and are sometimes in scary movies, and on halloween, in haunted houses.  Some people think of a bat as a cruel thing that came out of pandora’s box.  For most people, the thought of eating a bat is horrendous.  The only difficult part about cooking it is getting the live bat in the boiling pot of water or milk.  Eating Bat paste takes a lot of guts, both mentally and physically.



          Bat Paste is served in a broth with mushrooms and seeds.  It is most commonly eaten by people who are risky becasue it can kill or seriously hurt you.

Bat Paste





          The contents in Jellied Moose Nose make people want to puke.



         Jellied moose nose, which is typically found in Montana, is the upper jawbone of a moose.  Eating a nose with boogers and everything make people go home and never think about the food again.  Chef’s make it by boiling the upper jawbone of a moose for forty-five minutes, then they cool it in cold water.  Chef’s then remove all hairs, which will come out easily.  Next, you add spices, vinegar, onions,and garlic.  Lastly, put it on a plate.  The process is an obstacle for chefs because it takes a whole day to make.  “It’s like being served an ice cube” some people say because it is served freezing cold.  You try the food, you get the puke.



         “Eating the moose nose was the most vile thing I’ve ever tried” Said a recent person who tried the disgusting food.  The name of the food sometimes causes people to become nauseas.  It is usually accompanied by mashed potatoes and vegetables.  It is found all over the world but it is the best and found most commonly in Montana.



          Jellied moose nose is just the upper jaw of a moose.  The dish is usually for two but sometimes they make a dish for one with a baby’s nose.  If you look inside the nostrils there is not a single booger in site because it all absorbs into the nose.

Jellied Moose Nose 





          Fermented Salmon is a food that most people hate.



          Fermented Salmon, many people like salmon but when it’s fermented, the percentage drops down.  There are three ways to make it.  Smoking, salt curling, and pickling.  It takes one month and three to five days to make.  The salmon is refrigerated for one month then fermented at room temperature for three to five days.  Then, it is cut into bite sized pieces and lastly, put on a plate.



         Many people who try the meal think it is horrible.  Some people say “It is a nightmare on a plate”.  Many people go to the best places to eat it because they want to try the best of the best.  Many people don’t know what it means to ferment.  What is means to ferment something is to turn carbohydrates into alcohol and carbon dioxide or organic acids.  Because of it's disgusting smell, the food is very disliked



          This food is found in just about in any place in the world but is best in Iceland according to many people's opinions.  It is a bright orange color with white lines running horizontally through it.  Sometimes it is cut into tiny pieces and put in a bowl with veggies.  It is very easy to make but you must have patience and time

Fermented Salmon




         Squab doesn’t sound disgusting but once you read about it you’ll be grossed out.



          Squab, a food that is eaten everywhere except the U.S.A is made of baby pigeons that can not fly yet.  The pigeons are domesticated and are made of only dark meat.  “It’s nasty”  Is what somebody screamed after trying a small bite of the food.  Squab has been eaten for a very long time so it is well-known all around the world.  One of the most important tools for making squab is called a kitchen string.



          Squab is served on a plate with lettuce, garlic, a lot of butter and a lot of salt.  The reason squab is made of baby pigeons that can’t fly yet is because the meat is more tender.  Chefs make this food by lining up the pigeons then putting them in the oven at 475 degrees for 15 minutes.  It takes very little time because it is such a small meal.



          The whole body is served on a plate except the head.  It is accompanied by sauteed spinach, garlic, mushrooms, and basil.  It is eaten in countries all over the world except the U.S.A. because Americans think it’s nasty and have no intrest in it.






          Puffin HEART. HEART of a puffin.  HEART puffin.  Eating a HEART.



          Puffin heart is a local food in Iceland and it’s exactly what the name says.  The heart of a puffin.  Hunters break the neck of the puffin when hunting it because if they shoot it they might shoot the heart and then you can’t serve it so you just wasted a life.  It is very rare to find a pigeon and then have the chance of killing it is very small.  Puffins are usually hunted in the Westman Islands but are found in other places to.  Many people gag at the thought of eating a heart of a once living organism.  It has only been tried by 2.4% of the world.



          Many people say “It’s like eating a chicken but it’s not a chicken”.  The heart is ripped out in the kitchen.  The chef then adds spices and lastly, it’s put on a plate and served.  The hearts are very small so they’re is usually three to four hearts on a plate.



          Puffin Heart is served with spinach, garlic, and basil.  It is most commonly eaten in Iceland because nobody in other countries want to try it.  Eating it is  frowned upon because you're killing an animal and only eating one part of it.  People are trying to trying to make eating puffin heart illegal and totally banning the hunting of puffins.


Puffin Heart



         People eat different types of food all over the world and maybe they think the food we eat is disgusting .  Food we think is gross might be good if we try it.  Families who can't afford food would do just about anthything to get even a lick at any food.  No matter how disgusting it is.  You know what they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger (even though bat paste can kill you).



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