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The Story of a dog and Wolf pup in their adventure.

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Ulrok and Beldarans Adventure!

The story of two unlikely friends become best friends

BY Jaden Levy



     I dedicate this story to my friends, family and most of all Mrs.Jones and Mrs. Mancuso for helping me create this project. I wrote about an animal/animal relationship because I love animals.

Ulrok and Beldarans adventure

The story of two unlikely friend become best friends


By Jaden Levy




     These are two amazing stories about two animal couples that somehow become best friends.


      These aren't just regular animals. These animals are very careing and loving.





        There was a beautiful Island off the coast of Maine called Mt.Desert. In 2009, a young wolf who was two years old had a sad turn when she had a baby named Beldaran. The mother was so young that her instincts failed to kick in and ignored the new arrival.


      Then the little pup was placed with a York terrier, Mia. She was not interested in Beldaran so they got a new dog that Beldaran could play with. That is when a dog named Ulrok stepped up to help out.



     Ulrok is like a father to Beldaran. He would bottle feed the wolf. Also he cleans her and takes lots of care for Beldaran. They do many things together such as sleep, play, eat, howl, and their unlikely smile to the face of one another. When Beldaran makes her cute puppy noise he would come over to investigate. Dogs and wolves are very similar both biologically and physically.



      When Beldaran and Ulrok met Beldaran was four days old. Ulrok was a fully grown rotweiler who at eighteen months old was 150 pounds and Beldaran was only 5 pounds. They were both rescued. Ulrok was given away because his previous owners had moved to Europe and they couldn't take care of him.


                                                                                            Once Beldaran is full size and can feed for herself, she will be introduced to a group of adult wolves at the park to make sure that she stays all wolf and is not changing from her own kind.


     This couple was a perfect match, it’s impossible to look at them and not be in a good mood. After all this time they spent together they will never forget each other. It’s is a true story that has touched the hearts of everybody who visits the preserve.

The place where Beldaran was born.


Ulrok met

Beldaran at the preserve 


Playing together 


Best friends forever!!!!!

The story of two unlikely friends


By Jaden Levy




     I dedicate this story to my friends, family and most of all Mrs.Jones and Mrs. Mancuso for helping me create this project. I wrote about an animal/animal relationship because I love animals.

The story of two unlikely friends



   By Jaden Levy


     There was a family of hippopotamus that were all together and had been washed out from the tsunami down the Sabaki River. But one was a survivor, his name was Owen. He was by himself for four years. Owen was 76 kilograms which is 176 pounds. He was laying on the beach. It is incredible that he stayed alive from this disaster. A large crowd had found him and were crowding him. They were very worried. 


     In 2004 on December 26th in Kenya, Africa something astonishing happened. Just before Christmas the sea began to race, the ocean became big and scary. TSUNAMI. It had started 4,000 miles away and took place in Southeast Asia. The tsunami hit many villages. Within the villages many people lost their homes and businesses.


     After he was rescued, they took him to Haller Park in Mombasa. When he got there he was confused and scared of his new surroundings. He had meet a Aldabran tortoise. His name was Mzee and he was 130 years old. They became perfect friends. They did lots of things together such as eat, sleep and play. Owen would sometimes like to try to make Mzee go for a walk with him.

     Owen had to have boats, nets and cars to get him off the beach because he was tired and slippery. They caught him with a net and the crowd of people were very happy.




     You get in a great mood when you see these two together. After all that time together they thought of splitting them up. On March, 2007 they got separated from each other. Owen was placed with other hippos. It was very sad.


    They won’t forget each other from all that time. This was a remarkable relationship. It is a true story that showed people that you can be different and still be friends.





Owen stranded in the Sabaki River 


When Owen got to the preserve


Meeting each other

Best friends forever







Typically fixed pattern of behavior in an animals response

A long high sea wave caused by an earthquake

To discover facts or information

A relationship in things