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Walt Disney

 By: Angelica Ramos

I chose Walt Disney because he came from a history of failure, but in the end, he became one of the most well known names and one of the best animators. His drawing and creativity contributed to his sucess, but it was mainly his motivation because if he gave up the first couple of times he failed, he wouldn't have left a legacy behind him and have became a famous animator and drawer, or even have amusment parks named after him. I consider him an animation pioneer because no matter what, he never gave up and he made wonderfull cartoons that inspired many current animators to be as good as Walt Disney.


Disney was born in Hermosa, Illonois, on December 5th, 1901. Disney went to high school in Chicago, in McKinley highschool. he drew cartoons for the school newspaper and took art classes in middle school which developed his talent and love for drawing which would come in handy later on, when his brother, Roy, got him a job at Pesmin-Rubin Art Studio. His death date was Decemeber 15th, 1966. Although he died, he left a legacy behind him that inspired many of todays current animators to do what they do today.


Mickey Mouse

Donald Duck


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