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Report about the 2016 chicago cubs world series

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         Ladies and gentlemen strap in your seatbelts because I am going to take you on the wild ride of the 2016 World Series. In this issue you will learn about the billy goat curse, history of the Chicago Cubs, the 2016 World series and World Series fun facts. I hope you enjoy issue 11 the Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series.


The 2016 Chicago Cubs World Series

Curse of the 

Billy Goat 

          Bottom of the ninth Aroldis Chapmen on the mound all of Chicago is relying on him-it all comes down to this last pitch. Strike Cubs and Indians go to extra innings. Ball Indians win-hit Indians win. All of the Indians fans are shouting "break the curse break the curse". Here comes the pitch it's a........... wait before I tell you what the pitch was I have to tell you about the curse.

         The curse of the billy goat was a baseball realated curse supposedly put on the cubs by billy goat tavern owner William Sianis. The curse of the billy goat lasted 71 years (1945-2016). They broke the curse in 2016 by beating the Indians to win the 2016 world series.

Cubs History 

          It has been almost 40,000 days (not including this year) sense the Chicago cubs have won the world series. There were only 46 states. Neither TV nor raido were invented yet.

         The pitch is a.......... STRIKE! The Cubs and Indians are headed to extra innings but wait here comes the grounds crew with the tarp we have a rain delay folks! And now a word from the umpire. "It's been comin down like this for the entire game but the radar indicates that the heavy stuff is comin in so we're going to have to have a short rain delay." You heard it here first folks we are going to have a rain delay in game 7 of the world series.


2016 World Series 

                   The Chicago Cubs won the 2016 world series against the Cleavland Indians. THey won game 7 8-7 in 10 innings. I think that the 2016 world series was the best world series because it went into extra innings and while it was going into extra innings there was a rain delay to build suspence

          (In the locker room during the rain delay Jason Heward calls a team meating)

          " Think about who you are-you are the Chicago Cubs, not the 1908 Chicago Cubs but the 2016 Chicago Cubs. Forget about the cubs losing streak this past century, forget about the 1908 Chicago Cubs because this is 2016 and the 2016 Chigcao Cubs are going to win the 2016 World series.

         Only 10 out of 113 games have ended in a flyout. 8 out of the last 10 teams to host game 7 of the world series have won. That is because they have the homfield advantage and the home crowd.

World Series Fun Facts 

         Alright ladies and gentlemen the grounds crew is coming back on to the feild to remove the tarp. Get raedy for inning number 10. Rizzo is up first-Rizzo gets an infeild single. Next up is Schwarber with another single. Schwarber gets lifted for a pinch runner.. Next up is Ben Zobrist with a double scoring a run! Next is montero with some insurance one more run. Indians take the field. First up is Rajai Davis with a home run. Two outs Coco Crisp (no not the cereal) is up to bat. He hits the ball to shortstop Chris Bryant- Bryant throws to firstbasemen Anthony Rizzo the Cubs WON THE WORLD SERIES!!!

         Finally after 108 years the Chicago Cubs have finally won a world series and the curse is broken. But how they did it will forever be a mystery.