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One more type of prayer, one we can all practice is personal prayer. By finding someplace quiet for meditation, we can open our hearts and have a conversation with God. This powerful form of prayer deeply strengthens our relationship with God.


Types of Prayer 

Prayer is something that is essential for all followers of Christ. It is a core part of our faith that we need to follow. The liturgy and sacraments are closely linked through mass. The Eucharist has a very close relationship with the liturgy. These are the two things we should pay the most attention to when we are in mass.


What is Prayer 

First there are the prayers of blessing and adoration, in these we praise God. Second  are the prayers of petition, where we ask God for something like, forgiveness. Third are the prayers of intercession, where we ask God to do something for someone else. Last are the prayers of thanksgiving, which we give thanks for what God has done for us.



There are many different ways to pray. We can go to church and celebrating the liturgy, which is a form of prayer. Prayer is an offering, request, or expression of gratitude to God. There are four different types of prayer.


Ways to Pray 

Healing and Sanctifacaion 

The sacraments’ main purpose is to bless us, build up the Body of Christ, and give glory to God. Not only do they tell us how to practice our faith, but how to nourish and express it as well. The sacraments also allow us to experience Christ’s presence in our lives. They’re the actions of the Holy Spirit carried out by the Church.  


We use signs and symbols throughout the ceremonies in the sacraments. For example the water at baptism symbolizing us being cleansed of our sins. Another example is the bread and wine in the eucharist.


Signs and Symbols 

Christ through Sacraments 

Sacraments seem like they are just physical words and actions, but Christ is spiritually present in them all in some way.


The church is the universal sacrament of Jesus Christ because everything the church does is for Jesus. The church is at the center of the sacrament and salvation, and also how we communicate with God.


Universal Sacrament 

 Sacramental Ecomonomy 


Christ is present in everything we do with the church, especially in the mass. Christ is present in the body and the blood at mass and he graces us with the privilege to receive him through the Eucharist.


Sacramental grace is the grace that you receive by going through the seven sacraments. Sanctifying grace is bringing grace and the Holy Spirit to other people.     


Sacraments and Grace 

Different Churches 

Different religions and cultures may celebrate these sacraments in a different way than we do. The Holy Spirit will guide them to celebrate them in a similar but not identical way.  

Sacraments are a sign of grace which we all receive at one point in our lives. There are 7 sacraments including three you have already received which are: Baptism, reconciliation, and Eucharist. The other four sacraments include: Confirmation, marriage, holy orders, and anointing of the sick. The Holy Spirit also guides us to receive the sacraments.

Definition of Sacrement 

Sacramental Nature of the church 

              By:Andrew Artz