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.Andomania is a large continent, spanning from latitude 12 degrees north to 68 degrees north, therefore, it has a wide range of climates. In Jag gillar skoldpaddors capital, Lake town, the average year round temperature is a chilling  34 degrees while in Left Pants’ capital, L’ance, the average temperature is a mild 54 degrees.

    Jag gillar skoldpaddor’s economy is considerably better than Left Pants’ with the average citizen making $40,000 more than Left Pant’s average person. However, Left Pants has better Civil Rights and Political Freedoms than Jag gillar skoldpaddor. Overall, Andomania has a great amount of economic control in Happy Valley Goose Bay World. Also considering that both Jag gillar skoldpaddor and Left Pants have Uranium, Andomania is a force not to be reckoned with.

         If you are a tourist looking for something wild, Left Pants has werewolves that were the result of a nuclear war with Right Pants. The radioactivity of the bombs cause. d genetic mutations which led to some pretty wild creatures. If you are in to normally abnormal wildlife, Skoldpaddor lake in Jag gillar skoldpaddor has a large population of Skoldpaddors, a giant soft-shelled turtle that can grow to 10 feet long and 2500 pounds.

         For all those thrill seeking adventurers, there are great rapids on the river downstream of Skoldpaddor lake. Also, there is a huge glacier ripe for exploring in the Northeast corner of Andomania, but be sure to bundle up because temperatures regularly get to minus twenty in this part of the continent.


Jag gillar skoldpaddor




     When Jag gillar skoldpaddor was founded, it was not expected to survive being independent. It expanded from a small country to a grand democratic republic. The style of lawmaking that was employed by the king has made Jag gillar skoldpaddor’s civil rights pretty low because it has had people live in lower class homes despite their wealth. Also, because of policy decision making, its political freedom is moderately low . Because of its religion policy, and its  strong support of religion, there have not been many skirmishes over religious belief in Jag gillar skoldpaddor. The natural resources found in  Jag gillar skoldpaddor have made the the government decide to trade because many of the resources aren't needed that much. For instance, shale oil, which is used for jet fuel, is not needed much because Jag gillar skoldpaddor has no desire to take to the skies. Therefore, there has been extensive trade with other countries. Uranium and shale oil have been traded for Hakunna Matata’s gold and gypsum, which can be used to make fertilizer for the massive agriculture industry. Jag gillar skoldpaddor supports people being out in nature and becoming one with the Skoldpaddor (the nature turtle god) through hard agricultural work. Thus, man has positively affected the environment. My country is not very urbanized (about 55 percent urban, 45 percent rural). Because of my remote location and my trade policies, Jag gillar skoldpaddor doesn't have the greatest relations with other countries. Also, my transportation systems aren't fully developed to it takes longer for travel. Jag gillar skoldpaddor is in the transitional stage, getting ready to take off and soar. Because of this, I would say that Jag gillar skoldpaddor is is a  semiperipheral country. It is not quite at the top of the world system theory, but is definitely not a peripheral country.




"Always put your pants on left leg first"

Left Pants

Once the great nation state of Left Pants was a united country with Right Pants, together we were Pants. However fights broke out and a war started. Left Pants having a large Uranium supply was able to make many nuclear bombs. After war, Left Pant’s arid and barren landscape was the result, most unable to be lived on. However the people of Left Pants have adapted to the dry, horrible weather. Left Pants is centered around mining with major resources such as coal, uranium, silver and gold. But due to the Nuclear civil war of the Holy Empire of Pants, current day Left Pant’s water and land is infused with radioactive chemicals. These chemicals caused mutations in the human DNA which has led to the creation of supernatural beings. These supernatural beings are similar to werewolves, humans during the day and turning in the night. Using their immense silver supply, Left Pants is making silver bullets to hunt and capture these beings. After capturing them Left Pants  

The people make all of their daily choices freely, such as religion, clothing, food and marriage. Though the people are free to choose their religion, Left Pant’s citizens are known to be irreverent towards religion. Hence, the government is not affected by their religion choices. The citizens like to take part in the reoccurring open-elections.

The Left Pants economy is worth 40.8 million jeans per year. They are led by the Information Technology industry and followed by Uranium Mining. The gap between the richest and the poorest is pretty large. The rich make up 20% of the population and the poorest makeup 12%. The average income is 60,575  jeans per working person. My main trade partner is with the continent of Silvestre Tera. My agriculture industry comes from the resources of Right Pants and Farmerz Nation. I trade uranium and coal with Hakunna Matata’s gypsum and mica. I trade coal with Mehoyminoy’s rare earth material.