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amazing animal friends

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Amazing animals

                             by: Sydney Cohen


Amazing Animals


  By Sydney Cohen

This book is deticated to Mrs.Jones who pushed me to do my very best on this project.


  Torque and Shreck..........................................5

  Sled Dogs and Polar Bears..............................9

  Kate and Pippin...............................................16


Table of contents

People usally think that most animals are sworn and natural enenmies. Well in some cases they are not. It is amazining how quickly animals that are supposed to be enimyes become friends so quick.

Torque and Shrek

Three days after a baby owl named Shrek was born in an animal center she was taken from her mom. Her mom laid four eggs, only two of which hatched. Keepers feared that if her mom got stressed she would eat her hatchlings. They took only her because she was thought to have the highest chance of survival over her sibling.


One keeper named John Picton offered to take her home. When John got home with her he introduced Shrek to his 6 month old greyhound Torque. John tried to make sure that Torque and Shrek were kept in separate rooms because he feared Torque would try to attack Shrek. John sometimes couldn’t always keep it that way. He was always extra protective of Shrek when Torque was in the same room as her.


The reason John did this was that he thought that Torque would try to eat Shrek. He didn’t want to have to keep on trying to keep them in a different room so he was trying to figure out a way to introduce them as friends. He finally made up his mind on a way to introduce them. John was slow and very careful at first. He could not do  this wrong because it would be his fault she got hurt. This was important because Shrek was an endangered type of owl.


First John started by feeding shrek in the same room as shrek. He made sure to feed her high up so Torque could not get to them. John thought Torque would jump at them. He didn't.

Then he held Shrek down so Torque could smell her. He always made sure that he was ready to scoop her up and race out the room. He would only do this if Torque showed any sign of attacking by growling and baring his teeth. After a while Torque stopped showing signs of attacking Shrek.  


Finally, John let her roam around the lounge to stretch her legs. ( Under his supervision of course) Torque was allowed to be in the room when she was doing this. They were finally used to each other.



Because Torque was a puppy John didn’t think it would have  been so hard for him to let a new animal into his pack. No matter how much preparation he made he never could have guessed what came next.


Torque adopted Shrek into his pack. She is now like a daughter to him. He is very protective of her.


He is always around to keep a close eye on her. They go on walks in the park together. They play in the evenings. During some nights they lay down on the couch and watch TV. “ I was a bit weary at first but now I trust Torque 100%.”Says John Picton. As for Shrek, the keepers are still watching over her sibling and they found out that her mother would have never eaten Shrek. But anyway, you can’t take any chances. Because who knows made her mom would have attacked.

The Sled Dogs and Polar Bears

In 1992, wildlife photographer Norbert Rosing who did work for National Geographic and other magazines was visiting Churchill, Manitoba in Canada. He rented sled dogs so he could travel from place to place easier. He went to a bar and left the dogs outside. While he was drinking, he heard the bartender in front of him gasp.

He turned   around and saw a large white polar bear approaching the dogs. This was it, he thought. This is the end of the dogs. As they watched horror stricken, something amazing happened.  


As the Polar bear came closer to the dogs they all moved back. All of them moved back except for one. This one stayed where he was. The polar bear came closer. Still the dog stayed. The Polar bear was so close now it could reach out and touch the dog. The polar bear raised his paw, the dog sniffed it. And with that they began to play.


The rolled around in the snow together. They chased each other around. Norbert stood Flabbergasted as they played. It was an amazing encounter.


After ten minutes the other dogs joined. They were all playing and having a lot of fun. After another 5 minutes another  polar bear came. This one also started to play. Norbert was still watching getting more amazed the second.

At one point he took out his camera to capture the amazing moment. After what seemed like 30 minutes the polar bears left leaving the dogs alone. By the time they left Norbert had taken a series of what seemed to be 20 pictures. This encounter was an amazing thing to see.


For the next couple of weeks the same thing happend. The polar bears came, they played for 30 minutes, and then the polar bears left.


Every evening when the polar bears were about to show up the dogs were waiting outside for the polar bears. When the polar bears came they would greet each other by sniffing each other's paws. They liked rough housing around. If a dog lets out a yelp of pain the polar bear stops and then they continue playing. They definitely enjoyed the other’s company.

Kate and Pippin

Pippin  is a baby fawn abandoned by her mom after birth. She was left in the wild of british Columbia, Canada all by herself. She had no food, no water, and no mom. She called for help in a cracked screeched voice as if hoping her mom would come back.


She started to stop calling to save her breath. After 3 days someone came. But it was not her mom. It was Isabell Springert coming to the baby fawn’s rescue.

Pippin felt arms wrap around her waist and pick her up. She let them pick her up and take her away. She did not have enough energy to fightback.  Isabell Springert brought the fawn into her house knowing that the wolves would come.

Isobel's dog Kate had an instant curiosity to the fawn. Kate follows her around sniffing as they walk. Isabell Feeds Pippin bottled milk to make up for all the food she lost. She decided to take Pippin in and care for her.

After a couple of days Pippin began to become fatter and healthier. Every morning she would be up and running around the yard. Soon she started to eat solid food with Kate.


After 2 or 3 weeks of age Pippin became very independent. She liked exploring the woods. Her favorite thing was playing with Kate. When they played Pippin would dart around the yard. Kate would join in for 10 minutes and then lay down in the grass and watch Pippin run around the yard. Every couple of minutes Pippin would run back to kate. Pippin sometimes urged her to join in.

Kate is very happy around Pippin. She feels as if she has someone to care for as her own. Pippin is like Kate's daughter now and no one can break that bond. Pippin insists on sleeping in the woods on her own.


Each morning Kate would be out looking for her. Pippin would show up darting out of the woods and run straight to Kate. They played and played for hours. Kate would rest in the middle of the yard like a proud mom. Pippin seems to be growing up well nurtured and under Kate’s influence.


Animals have unique relationships sometimes you just have to take a chance on someone. The animals did and now they have new best friends.

Eventhough mushing sled dogs is an alaskin national sport it's routes trace back into Canadian soil. This terdition started somewhere between 1000AD and 1600AD. These dogs had been specily traiened for pulling a dog sled. The dogs start to train when they are puppies so they learn to memorizethe routien.

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