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Alvarez Organic Farms

Customer Information Booklet 

Northwest Pride For Over 30 Years



Our Story 

Alvarez Farms began in 1981, when Hilario Alvarez migrated from Mexico into Washington State with the dream of making a decent living out of his passion. Through hard work and dedication Hilario was able to rent a 30 acre plot of land in Mabton, WA,where he and his family settled. In the 90's after watching a news broadcast about the health hazards linked to Genetically Modified Foods, a disappointed Hilario decided he wanted better for his family and customers. So in 1992, Alvarez Farms became one of the few certified organic producers in the state. After certification and a slight increase in prices, Hilario's customers seemed to begin disappearing. In an effort to find a market for his under appreciated produce, he began traveling to the Seattle area and participating in as many farmers markets as one man could handle. Fortunately, his focus on diverse variety made him instantly popular in the Seattle farmers market scene. Over the years, Alvarez Farms has grown into one of the largest organic producers in the state. Our well-known peppers have had us featured in many Seattle Times and Yakima Herald articles. We are also proudly featured in Good Food, a movie production focused on sustainable Northwest farming. Today, Hilario continues his passion using the same simple, pure and effective farming techniques that he has formed into a family tradition.


Hilario Alvarez admiring his peppers

Photo Courtesy Of Ken Kailing©

Farm Direct Program

 The Farm Direct Program is dedicated to connecting our farm fresh produce to premier chefs, CSA's, Grocers and Co-ops. We began with the idea of taking the worry out of buying from a produce broker and having no idea where your food will be coming from or how long its been sitting in a warehouse. Buying directly from a farmer means you get the peace of mind that your food comes from the same place every time and is consistently picked fresh just for you. By cutting out the middle man we are able to offer you higher quality produce at a more reasonable price. At Alvarez Farms, we believe vegetables need should be a health benefit not a health concern which is why we grow them  free of all the pesticides and chemicals. We want to make sure  you get the full natural flavor out of your dish because a good chef, like a good farmer knows freshness makes all the difference.


 Early harvest peppers inside our tunnels 


Row Of Peppers

Photo Courtesy Of Ken Kailing©

Farm Info


Alvarez Farms is located in Mabton, WA about 30 mins east of Yakima just off of I-82. We currently farm about 80 acres that are divided between four land parcels. Each land parcel is annually inspected and certified organic by the USDA. We recently  added a state of the art irrigation drip system that has maximized our water efficiency tremendously. All of our harvesting and packing is done the old fashioned way, by hand. We choose to because its the way farming should be. It also ensures that we are able to provide the finest quality produce. Towards the end our season we hold an annual farm walk; where we encourage all our customers to make the trip to Yakima Valley to see the fields of nature and get to meet the farmers.

A farm worker among the dense pepper fields

Pepper rows on parcel #3

Eduardo Alvarez (left) Octavio Godinez (right) carry crates of potatoes out of the field.

Photo Courtesy Of Seattle Times

Fresh Sheet

The fresh sheet is a weekly email that displays the upcoming produce we will have available throughout the season. Its our way of keeping you connected to what's harvesting in our fields. It gives you an opportunity to have your produce set aside before it has even been harvested. Fresh Sheets are sent out every Saturday and Wednesday. Orders can be placed as soon as you receive a fresh sheet. We encourage orders be placed ahead of time, as it allows us to fulfill orders in a timely and organized manner. If shuffling through emails is too much of a hassle, fresh sheets can also be mailed and faxed.  


The Sunset over Alvarez Farm #3



 Here at Alvarez Farms, we keep an interest in maintaining a large variety its what sets us apart from our competitors. We go above and beyond traditional varieties farming many varieties uncommon in the state, such as okra. Through the Farm Direct Program we are able to make our distinct produce varieties available directly from the farm letting you experience the local flavors of Washington for yourself.

Hilario Alvarez gazes over pepper plants.

Photo Courtesy of El Sol De Yakima

Hilario Alvarez cracks a smile with a group during a farm walk


Every step of where your produce is coming from is handled by us. Its no wonder we take pride in what we grow. Although delivering the produce may seem like the last and simplest step, we feel like its the most important. This is why all our produce is transported and delivered by us. At Alvarez Farms we show passion for our produce,wich is why we make sure its handled gently throughout the delivery process. Our days of delivery are every Tuesday and Friday. Depending on your location transportation fees  may be added. Orders of $150 and over are eligible for free delivery.

An Alvarez Farm Booth at the Tilth Harvest Festival 2012


Order Deadlines 


In order to receive your order in a timely manner, we ask that all orders be placed a full 24 hours in advanced. The deadline to place an order corelates with the days we deliver produce. For Tuesday delivery order deadline is Monday at noon. For Friday delivery order deadline is noon on Thursday. For all orders placed after 12, we will notify you wether or not your order could be fufilled depending on our workload. 

If you are interested in receiving a farm fresh sheet or have any questions

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Spring Shallots: June-Sept

Cured Garlic: July- Nov

Peas: May-Aug

  • Italian Red

  • Sugar Snap Peas

  • German Red

  • Snow Peas

  • Silverskin

  • English Shelling Peas

Fava Beans: July-Aug

Green Garlic: June-Sept

Okra: July-Sept

Spring Onions: June-Sept

  • Traditional

  • Walla Walla Sweet

  • Burgundy

  • Red

Bok Choy: Jul-Sep

  • White Globe

  • Traditional

Potatoes: May-Nov

Corn: July-Oct

  • Purple Majestic

  • Honey Select

  • German Butterball

  • Golden Super Sweet

  • Purple Ozette

Pole Beans: July-Oct

  • Amarosa Fingerling

  • Jade Green Beans

Alvarez Farms Produce List

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  • Yukon Gold

  • Romano Beans

  • Banana Fingerling

  • Haricot Vert

  • Yellow Finn

  • Yellow Wax

  • French Fingerling

  • Lavender Beans

  • Ozette

Cucumbers: July-Oct

Red Beet: May-July

  • Slicing Cukes

Zucchini/Summer Squash: June-Oct

  • Pickling Cukes

  • Yellow Patty Pan

  • Armenian

  • Light and Dark Green Patty Pan

  • Iznik

  • Golden Boy Ball

Squash Blossoms: July-Sept

  • Lebanese Ball

Onions: June-Nov

  • Lebanese

  • Walla Walla

  • Green Zucchini

  • Red

  • Yellow Zucchini

  • White Globe

  • Italian Zucchini

  • Yellow Spanish Sweet


Alvarez Farms Produce List

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Shallots: June-Nov

Tomatoes: July-Oct

Cantaloupe: July-Sept

  • Roma

  • Eclipse

  • San Marzano

Basil: Jun-Jul

  • Beefsteak

  • Traditional Basil

  • Green

  • Chinese Basil

  • Cherry

  • Lemon Basil

  • Green Zebra

Eggplant: July-Oct

  • German Stripe

  • Japanese

  • Plum

  • Neon

  • Yellow Pear

  • Purple Rain

  • Sungold

  • Silverwhite

Basil: Jun-Jul

  • Black Beauty

  • Traditional Basil

  • Thai

  • Chinese Basil

  • Cookstown Orange

  • Lemon Basil

Alvarez Farms Produce List

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  • Chinese

Winter Squash: Oct-Nov

  • Epic Black

  • Delicata

  • Hansel

  • Sweet Dumpling

  • Blue Marble

  • Butternut

  • Rosa Blanca

  • Spaghetti

  • German Round Long

  • Kabocha

 Alvarez Farms Produce List

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Sweet Peppers:


Mild-Med Peppers:


Hot Peppers:


Super Hot Peppers:


Dried Chiles:

Year Round

Gypsy Sweet (red/yellow)


Hungarian (Red/Yellow)

Scotch Bonnet


Banana Sweet (red/yellow)


Jalapeno (Red/Green)

Peach Habanero


Green Bell


Fresno (Red/Green)

Red Savina Habanero

Red Jalapeno

Yellow Bell

NM Hatch

Red Cayenne

Floral Gem


(Smoked Jalapeno)

Orange Bell

Pasilla Bajio- Chilaca

Devil Horn Chile

Bhut Jolokia (Ghost)


Lilac Bell

Bishops Crown

Fire Festival Chiles

Fatali (Yellow Ghost)


Red Bell


Rio de Oro

Carolina Reaper


Alvarez Farms Pepper List

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Sweet Peppers:


Mild-Med Peppers:


Hot Peppers:


Super Hot Peppers:


Dried Chiles:

(Year Round)

Blueberry Sweet

Paprika Chile

Super Chiles

Pepper Rings/Strings: July-Nov


Cherry Sweet

Cherry Bomb

Yellow Cayenne

Pepper Wreath

Ghost Chile

Spade Pimiento

Green Goathorn

Bird Eye Chiles

Pepper String


Sweet Pimento


Purple Goathorn


Thai Chile

Hot Pepper Mix Case


Mid-Med Pepper Mix

Red Hot Pepper Mix Case


Red Mil-Med Pepper Mix


Alvarez Farms Pepper List

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