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Carlos Alvarez

DUE DATE- 11/29/17

English 2 

1st period 

Miss Armstrong 


mexico has 4 special days they celebrate every year that's independence day,day of the races,day of the dead and revolution day. The people from Mexico celebrate this special day in honor of their religion and the gods or angels they believe in. And they also celebrate the Virgin Mary’s birthday and they make a big party for her every time around this year. And on the another special day call day of the dead  they leave food out for the dead and they celebrate it and they praise their loved ones. They celebrate the loved ones that departed in many ways, by decorating their house and having skulls made out of different decorations.... So they can connect with them on this special day. They also celebrate Days of the Race where everybody gets together and are just proud to be Mexicans. And on May the people from Mexico make a big party on the 5th of May they celebrate it because of the failure French had in trying to invade them and from that day on it’s been so popular even Americans celebrate it. they celebrate all this different holidays so that they can come closer as a family and community and so they can feel proud of there country.


Mexico has more than 68 different diagnosis languages that are spoken. The Tlapanecos in Guerrero speak a different language that no one else has ever heard it and there isolated from all the other different city and they have problems with other cities. The zoque people speak the language O'de püt they live southern of Mexico. The Mazahua are another group of Oto-Manguean, people speak the language Mixtecan language of 111,840 Mexicans, in 2005 1.86% of these languages was being spoken but the language Mazahua is mainly  spoken in mexico. In 2005, 125,706 people in mexico spoke one of the 14 languages representing 2.09% of them  but many of them left the country to start a new life in Veracruz. In 2005, of these speaking some of them left the country to a different country and many of them traveled north and when they left they left their language and culture behind. They need this language to communicate with each other and so that they can improve their community.


Mexico have a big belief in a religion down the years many Mexicans have lost their beliefs.  But  Being a Catholic is very popular, 82.7% of the population were catholic and everybody wanted to be Catholic, and the pope was very loved and he was the leader first so everybody listened to him. Whatever he said had to be done; Mexico is the second biggest country with the most Catholics, they have  more than 15,000 pastor and more than 45,000 people that believe in it and attend the meetings.  When their Catholics, they believe that someone can be saved by baptism with the holy spirit, but Christianity  is starting to dominate more of Mexico, they are now at 4% of the population. The people that don't believe in a religion or don't practice any are called atheist, But now people have stopped going to church like they used to and they have became atheist, they no longer believe in god or any religion. And without any religion to teach them from what’s good and from what’s bad they wouldn't know if they were doing something bad or good.

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