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It Can Wait


Launched in 2010, AT&T launched a campaign called "It Can Wait" that shares a simple message and doesnt really asks for much. All they ask is to keep your eyes on the road and not on your phone. The campaign has evolved as smartphone driving distractions have grown beyond texting to include social media, surfing the internet, facetiming  and more. 

the history of the campaign 

The mission of the "It Can Wait" campaign is to discourage all drivers, young people in particular, that no text message is worth the damages it can cause, including death.The goal here is to demonstrate how unimportant a text message is compared to the unfortunate consequences that could occur because of reading and responding to a text while driving.The campaign focuses on reaching people and making an impact on them by sharing real situations where people’s lives have been altered and sometimes ended because of a text message.This campign also focuses on spreading the word that "No Life Is Worth Losing Over A Text Message Or A Phone Call While Driving"



their mission statement and focus of the campaign

The group has achieved many laws against texting and driving and also distracred driving. Now texting and driving is illdgal in almost every state. Another thing is the textalyzer. It acts as like a breathalyzer for your phone. How it would work is  the officer on the scene would use the device to hack your phone and check out your recent activity to see iif you were texting and if the accident was your fault.

Laws and Legislation Of  The "It Can Wait"Campaign

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