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English 2 , 1st Block



A major part of Spanish culture is the traditions that they have for some months. There are many Spanish traditions that have become legendary around the world. Flamenco is one of the most popular traditions they have. Some people misunderstand it by thinking it’s just a dance , but it’s more than just a dance; it’s art. Flamenco dancing is inconsistent because it’s like the man and women who are dancing are locked into each other’s eyes and showing emotion to each other, which makes sexual tension and emotions. Bullfights in Spain are not famous anymore like it was back when it first started because it’s controversial to take risks, but people are curious to see how fascinating it is. Nights out in Spain are the most beautiful and amazing night,  since going out and partying has been a Spanish thing. If people, basically men, start going to the bars before 10 pm, they're going to be drinking alone. Usually they start to get ready at 10:30 and don’t come home until 4 or 5 in the morning. To the Spanish, eating, drinking , dancing and culture gets fun when they do a festival. Everywhere people go there is a festival. In every town and village they have a local fiestas. Spain is the most beautiful and entertainment place to be, and all the events that they do make people want to dance and just have fun for the night. (Corrigan)

The Traditions In Spain :)

A major part of Spanish culture is the holidays that are celebrated or observed. In Spain, the people celebrate the first day of the new year by throwing fireworks up into the sky while eating churros with chocolate with; caramel drizzle on top. They eat 12 grapes, the 12 represents the twelve months of the year and the grapes are symbolic for happiness each month. On January 6, there is a holiday that only Christians honor, and it is called Epiphany, which  is known in the English-Speaking World As Twelfth Night. Epiphany is attached to Christmas, which marks the two occasions into Jesus Christ's life. Epiphany is were the three wise men come visit baby Jesus and remember the day he was baptized. They even leave their shoes outside to bring good luck. Just like the united states, Spain celebrates Easter. It is the high point in some countries. Easter holiday is widely recognized by catholic people. In other countries they are known for doing bigger stuff on Easter day, for example,  Seville does the biggest celebration for Easter, also there is hardly any place that does not observe this holiday. They also celebrate labor day where all the banks and federal offices close. Businesses that are close to labor day also close. Another holiday they honor is when virgin Mary goes into heaven. On August 15, they buy fireworks and have a parade with people in the streets holding a picture of Virgin Mary in a way to honor her into heaven. On October 12, Hispanic day is celebrated to remember when Christopher Columbus had landed in the new world and it is a very huge holiday in Spain. The king will be in the marching band and people who are invited are more than welcome to come. Every occasion for every country they have will be important to their country. Not everyone celebrates the same things , some other places might have a holiday that’s differ,but in Spain their holidays are important since it represents their culture and beliefs obtain from past generations. (Sexton)

The Holidays In Spain :)

A major part in the Spanish culture is the food that they have. Breakfast is the very least important of the meal, for example, there are times when some people don't even eat they just have a toast and some coffee. Breakfast is the very least important of the meals. Some people always carry a little snack to live until lunch time. Lunch time isn’t until 2 in the afternoon. Once it’s lunch time there are some people who eat a small plate first like a soup or a salad; then they move onto a heavier meal like meat or fish some wine or a shot of tequila or if not with some water. People also take naps between the time 2 - 4 pm. For dessert they eat a basic thing like fruit or a spanish flan , also a piece of cake. There are some people who don’t get out of work until 8. They usually eat a small snack to they won't be that hungry later on. They don’t eat dinner until 9 or 10 pm. In the summer they don't eat until 12 am. A typical dish that some men eat are types of animal parts. There is a dish where people eat lengua (tongue) people put the tongue in a taco, instead of eating it with beef they add tongue to it and small pieces of onions, and  garlic with a hint of salsa verde or roja (sauce green or red). Everyone’s food plate is different. Not everybody eats Tacos or egg or beans in the mornings or afternoons, but their Pork and Cured meats are famous. Although the food that different culture eat is significant to their lifestyle the Spanish culture has particular foods that are very important to them. (Balbuena)

The Types Of Food In Spain :)

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