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How does Chance Camp support development?
The Multi skill academy challenged your pupils in the above areas using the sports of
gymnastics, athletics, rugby, tennis and hockey.
We brought together fifty of the most talented children from all over Allerdale to com-
pete and challenge each other from Year 2 to Year 6. At the 2017 Academy the follow-
ing schools were involved: Eaglesfield Paddle Primary, All Saints Primary, Broughton
Academy, Seaton Juniors, Derwent Vale Primary, Plumbland Primary, St Michaels
Primary, Threlkeld Primary, Thomlinson Juniors and Fell View Primary.
Coaches and children completed detailed assessments to ensure areas of improvement
that need to be made could be shared with parents, school and sport clubs.
Raise children’s sporting aspirations (GOALS) of young people and plant the seed for
them to grow into their full sporting potential.
“The multi skill academy programme started in 2008 and many pupils from Allerdale
have gone to reach their sporting potential identified in
Primary Schools. We have had success with Rio and Steffi
Hardy in Football in America, Natasha Wilson within in-
ternational Javelin, Danieka Borthwick on the interna-
tional tennis scene, Caine Barnes and Theeapol Ritson
Professional Rugby League, Kyle Dempsey and Patrick
Brough professional football, Jamie Blamire professional
rugby union to name a few” Chris Wright 2017.
Physical Ability - Strength, Speed, Skill, Stamina & Suppleness
Cognitive Ability Decision Making, Dealing with Pressure, Tactics and Leadership
Creative Ability Different Ideas and Adaptability
Social Ability Team Work, Meeting New People, Accepting Others, Communication
(speaking & listening)
Personal Ability Motivated, Perseverance, Hard Working, Organised, Healthy
What Sporting Talent is Chance Camp
looking to support and develop?
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What were the pupils challenged to do at the
Allerdale Multi Skill Academy?
Goal Setting - Their Time at Chance Camp
Throughout the week children were encouraged to self-asses all their activities using a
profile booklet. Within this process goals were established that they could start working
on at home, in school and in sport clubs. They also had time to consider longer and me-
dium term goals, some excellent aspirations amongst the group were established.
Long Term Goal (Think big, what is your sporting dream?)
Medium Term Goal (What sporting achievement could you achieve by the age of 16?)
Short Term Goals (What physical skills do I need to work on to help me achieve?)
The programme consisted of children completing one hour sessions where there were
three objectives to complete. The session would be physically based or would have a focus
on one of the other four abilities.
Social Respect for everyone and everything (other athletes, coaches and facilities)
Cognitive Ensuring they is didn’t rush into an activity. Thinking time given to con-
sider what they were being asked to do.
Creative Encouraged to use trial
and error in every session, it’s fine
to fail it helps us improve.
Sleep for 8 10 hours
Stay hydrated at all times
8-10 glasses of water a day
Fuel their engine, using the food
Physical Ability
Challenge themselves to their full ability in every task, especially tasks that were un-
Provided free time to practice skills they had found tough.
Encouraged to work on their flexibility every morning and evening for 10 mins to in-
Page 3 Chance Camp
Statistics and Feedback
Chance Camp leader Chris Wright and his fellow coaches, Rob Jefferson, Ross McGuire
and Zara Relph were delighted with the quality of the four days and the enthusiasm and
quality the children selected brought to the academy.
The academy had excellent feedback from the children involved, the parents in attendance
and a Eaglesfield Paddle School who had a parent governor in charge of PE in attendance.
Please see feedback results and quotes below
Parent Review
“Thank you so much. Isla was
absolutely buzzing after a
week with you... thank you for
a great opportunity and
Child Review
“I am now going to be more active and
go on my tablet less, I need to do more
“I liked the whole week, everything I
have learned is going to make me a
stronger person”
School Review
The facilities on offer were first class. Students were encouraged to review their own
progress and that of other students at regular intervals. Each day ended with a feed-
back session. There was a regular and deliberate focus on elements of strategy and
social aspects of sport as well as skills and technical aspects. They were taught skills
that were designed to help students understand the importance of performing under
pressure. Written feedback seen from some of our students was largely very posi-
tive. Some suggested the group sizes could’ve been smaller. All felt they learnt things
they could continue to develop in their sporting lives. I felt the coaching week was a
fantastic opportunity for these able students, a key move in our strategy for improv-
ing physical education in school and a very sound investment. School and each indi-
vidual child received a bespoke assessment sheet from coaches breaking down and
commenting on their performance/development in a range of areas including; Physi-
cal Creative Social Cognitive”.
Child Review
“I liked how everything was explained well
so we could understand”
“ I liked meeting new people and also getting
time to spend with new people”
“ I am now going to have a good breakfast
and do my stretches very morning and
What is next???
We hope all children will take time to reflect on their academy experience and work hard
on making their physical improvements identified over the summer term in their school
and community sport. We hope they will use all opportunities to continue their progress
within social, creative, social and personal abilities.
Many children during the four days talked about joining new sporting clubs within the
area after their experiences with us, we hope this is the case, with many excellent sports
clubs in the Allerdale area for youth development.
Chance Camp Multi Skill Academy 2018
We hope all schools involved in this year’s programme will rejoin again next year which
will take place at Netherhall Community Sports Centre during the second week of the
school Easter holidays.
We hope the children who attended this year from Y2, Y3, Y4 and Y5 will be back with us
so we can aid them in their long-term development and continue the progress made.
Chance Camp coaches when in your schools will continue to highlight Gifted and Talented
Remaining Chance Camp Dates
Tennis Camp @ Netherhall Sports Centre 31st May 2nd June
Multi Sport @ Cockermouth RUFC 26th 28th July
Olympic Week @ Netherhall Sports Centre 31st July 4th Aug
Olympic Week @ Cockermouth RUFC 7th Aug 11th Aug
Although the camps are sport specific, the skills that we work on can benefit all sports
Bookings can be made by visiting the website or by clicking here
You can also visit our Facebook page for more information, pictures and reviews of the
academy here
“There is no glory in practice, but without practice there’s no glory”