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       Multicultural and Multilingual Learners

It’s important to get to know your kids the best you can and don’t forget to smile. 

One thing a kid can read and understand fully is body language. So make yourself open and inviting.

Teacher "Photosynthesis"

 Speak as clear and as slow as needed. Repeat things multiple times. Make the kids repeat you multiple times as well, and as a whole group.



Partner kids up who speak the same language if possible.

Let the kids use things from home to help them with learning in the classroom. Use practicle items in school such as class schedule or bus route as learning tools to help them understand their environment.

Stay calm

Don't get overwhelmed

Take deep breaths

Enjoy every day

Be open and kind to your students

Kids can use this to create their own book of words they know and want us to know. 

Example: English to Spanish. Pictures as well.

They can use this to create a story in English and their own language. Make the book bilingual.


This tool would also be good for making a book for vocabulary or spelling words. Have the spelling or vocabulary word in their language on a page than have that word in English on a seperate page. Include a picture too for easier understanding.