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Alleghany County Schools 1:1 Technology Handbook

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Technology Handbook and Agreement for 1:1IntroductionAlleghany County Schools (ACS) is committed to educating all children to be productive workers, responsiblecitizens, and lifelong learners, enabling them to be globally competitive and prepared for life in the 21stcentury. Weare pleased to offer students of the ALLEGHANY COUNTY SCHOOL system access to the district computer networkresources, internet access and communications. This tool has become a vital part of our instructional program andis used daily in classrooms throughout our system. Students and their parents/guardians should review thisdocument and understand that the use of online (Internet) resources has become a standard method of delivery forinstructional materials as well as required State tests. Therefore, students must have access to these resources forfull participation in the educational process. Any questions or concerns about our computer network or accessshould be referred to your school’s principal. A copy of the board policy regarding student access to networkedinformational resources are available on the Alleghany County Schools District website, Network UseThe network is provided for students’ instructional use. Access to network services is a privilege and is given tostudents to use in a considerate and responsible manner. Students are expected to utilize good behavior on schoolnetworks just as they are in a classroom or a school hallway. As such, general school rules apply forbehavior/communications and users must comply with district standards and honor agreements they have signed.Network administrators may review files and communications to maintain system integrity and ensure thatusers are using the system responsibly. Users should not expect that files stored on district servers or districtissued software will always be private.Internet Access and CommunicationsAccess to the Internet will enable students to use thousands of libraries and databases. Within reason, freedom ofspeech and access to information will be honored. Families should be aware that some material accessible via theInternet might contain items that are illegal, defamatory, inaccurate or potentially offensive to some people. Whileour intent is to make Internet access available to further educational goals and objectives, students may find waysto access other materials as well. Filtering software is in place and eliminates most of the inappropriate material,but no filtering system is capable of blocking 100% of the inappropriate content available on the Internet.I. Terms of Device UseA. Terms of Use1. Legal title to the property (device) is with Alleghany County Schools. A student’s right ofpossession and use is limited to and conditioned upon full and complete compliance with theboard policies and completion of the following :a) Orientation meetingb) Return of signed Device Agreement by both the parent/guardian and the student.c) Technology Fee of $30 will be charged at issue date. This is the insurance for the device tobe fixed if any issues arise.2. Students may be subject to loss of privileges, disciplinary action and/or legal action in the eventof intentional damage and/or violation of policies and guidelines.Revised September 2021 1

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3. A student’s possession of the device terminates no later than the last day of the schooltheir senior year unless there is a reason for earlier termination by the District (e.g.,drop-out, expulsion and transfer to another school).B. Damage or Loss1. ACS will provide Accidental Damage Maintenance for student devices which will cover thedevice for the school year. The policy will cover no more than 2 incidents.2. The student and/or the student’s parent/guardian shall be responsible for compensating theschool district for any losses, costs or damages or more than 2 incidents per year). The studentand/or parent/guardian is liable for replacement(s) costs resulting from loss, intentional damageand/or neglect as outlined in this document (see section XIII). Replacement and repair cost(s) willbe based on fair market value as described in the table below.3. If unapproved changes or software installs are made to the device, the device will be re-imaged,and the student will be charged a $25 re-imaging fee.4. Loss of/or damaged charging adapters and cables will be charged a $25 replacement fee.**Records of losses and/or damages will be maintained by the District Technology DepartmentPurchase price of devices and replacement costs vary from year to yearTotal device replacement when lost or stolen:Age of DeviceValue1 year or less100%2 years75%3 years50%4 years25%C. RepossessionACS reserves the right to repossess the device at any time if the student does not fully complywith all the terms of this agreement.D. AppropriationFailure to return the property in a timely manner and the continued use of it for unrelated schoolpurposes may be considered unlawful appropriation of Alleghany County School’s property.II. General Care of the DevicesA. Students are responsible for the devices they have been issued. It is their device to use until theygraduate for Alleghany High School. Devices must be brought to school each day fully charged andready for classroom use. Devices in need of repair or damage must be reported to the teacher orschool technician. It will be the responsibility of the student to contact onsite technical support.B. Technical support will determine whether the device can be repaired onsite or if a loaner should beissued. Loaner devices are also covered by all rules and regulations as outlined in this document.C. Guidelines to follow:1. Always close the lid before moving your device.Revised September 2021 2

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2. For prolonged periods of inactivity, you should shut down completely before closing the lid.This will help to conserve the battery. All machines need to be completely powered off at theend of the use to allow synchronization and to prevent devices from overheating.3. Please be aware that overloading the device bag will damage the device. Take precautionswhen placing the device bag on a flat surface. Never sit on the device bag.4. When using the device, keep it on a flat, solid surface so that air can circulate. For example,using a device while it is directly on a bed or carpet can cause damage due to overheating.5. Liquids, food and other debris can damage the device. You should avoid eating or drinkingwhile using the device. DO NOT keep food or food wrappers in the device bag.6. Take extreme caution with the screen. The screens are very susceptible to damage fromexcessive pressure or weight. In particular, avoid picking up the device by the screen orplacing your finger directly on the screen with any force.7. Monthly allow your battery to completely drain. Dimming the LCD brightness of yourscreen will extend the battery run time. For help, consult a technician..8. Never attempt to repair or reconfigurate the device. Under no circumstances are you toattempt to open or tamper with the internal components of the device. Nor should youremove any screws -doing so will render the warranty void.9. Take care when inserting cords, cables and other removable storage devices to avoid damageto the device ports.10. Do not expose your device to extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, or ultraviolet light forextended periods of time. Extreme heat or cold may cause damage to the device.11. Do not write, draw, paint or place stickers/labels on your device or bag. Remember thedevices are the property of Alleghany County Schools but are your property during yourfour years of high school at Alleghany High school.12. Keep your device away from magnetic fields, which can erase or corrupt your data. Thisincludes but is not limited to large speakers, amplifiers, transformers, and old style televisionsets.III.Cleaning Your deviceA. Routine maintenance on devices is suggested. You are encouraged to perform simple cleaningprocedures as outlined below:1. Always disconnect the device from the power outlet before cleaning.2. Never use liquids on the device screen or keyboard.3. Clean the screen with soft, lightly dampened, lint free cloth or use anti-static screencleaners or wipes.4. Wash hands frequently when using the device to avoid buildup on the touch pad. Greaseand dirt can cause the cursor to jump around on the screen.5. Clean the touch-pad with slightly dampened cloth.IV. General SecurityA. Never leave your device unattended or unsecured.During or after-school, you are still expected to maintain the security of your device. Unsupervised devices will beconfiscated by staff, and disciplinary actions may be taken.B. Each device has several identifying labels (i.e., ACS asset number, serial number coded to studentname). Under no circumstances are you to modify or destroy these labels.V. General Use of the DeviceRevised September 2021 3

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A. Students are issued devices and are required to bring their devices to school each day with a fullycharged battery or the device charger.B. Be mindful not to cause a tripping hazard when it is necessary to plug in your device.C. Avoid using your device in areas which may lead to damage or theft. Do not use your devicearound sporting activities or events.D. Devices are not allowed on overnight trips or field trips without the expressed written approvalof the lead chaperone and the parent/guardian.E. *Device USE IS NOT PERMITTED IN THE DINING AREA (CAFETERIA) DURING1. LUNCH PERIODS. The device may be used in designated commons areas (away from food ordrink) during this time.2. Device sound will be muted at all times unless permission is obtained from the teacher forinstructional purposes.F. Do not delete any folders or files that you did not create or that you do not recognize. Deletion offiles could result in a computer failure and will interfere with your ability to complete class work.G. Student devices will be subject to routine monitoring by teachers, administrators, and technologystaff.H. Students will provide access to any device computer and/or accessories that they have beenassigned upon the district’s or school’s request. An individual search of the device and otherstored student files may be conducted if there is suspicion that policies or guidelines have beenviolated.I. Device use in ISS will be determined by the principalJ. Device personalization (screensavers, backgrounds, skins, etc.) must not violate AlleghanyCounty Schools Technology Policies posted on Alleghany County School website. .VI. EmailA. Email transmissions and transmitted data stored on servers shall not be considered confidential andmay be monitored at any time by designated staff to ensure appropriate use.B. Students will abide by all email guidelines as outlined in the ACS Board Policies.VII. Virus ProtectionAll devices have virus protection software installed. The virus software will be updated automaticallythrough login to the district network. Do not remove or add any virus protection software.VIII. Internet Access/FilteringA. As required by the Children’s Internet Protection Act, a current filtering solution (Fortigate) ismaintained by the district for school use on this device; the district can not guarantee that access toall inappropriate sites will be blocked. It is the responsibility of the user to follow guidelines forappropriate use of the network and the Internet. ACS will not be responsible for any problemssuffered while on the network or the Internet. Use of any information obtained through the Internetis at the user’s own risk.IX. Login ProceduresA. Students will log in with the school issued username and password and login to ACS whether at homeor school.B. DO NOT share passwords. Students are responsible for anything done using their login.Revised September 2021 4

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X. CopyrightCompliance with federal copyright law is expected of all. “Copyright” is legal protection for creativeintellectual works, which is broadly interpreted to cover just about any expression of an idea. Text(including email and Web information), graphics, art, photographs, music, and software are examples ofthe types of works protected by copyright. Copying, distributing, downloading, and uploading informationon the Internet may infringe the copyright for that information. Even an innocent, unintentionalinfringement violates the law.XI. Inappropriate/Unacceptable UseTier 1: Inappropriate Use:Includes but not limited to:❖ Sending, receiving, displaying or accessing defamatory, offensive, profane, sexually orientedracially offensive or illegal materials❖ Sharing personal information on websites (full name, address, phone number, identifiable photos)without permission from a teacher, parent or guardian.❖ Unauthorized access; damaging or modifying devices, computer systems or computer networks❖ Intentionally wasting limited network resources (streaming content without permission)❖ Using any browser other than a browser that has been installed by ACS❖ Using devices not assigned to you (Teachers may allow students to look on with anotherstudent for instructional purposes only)❖ Videoing or taping on school property is not permitted when not related to an assignment❖ Emailing or chatting during class (when not related to an assignment)❖ Profanity❖ Gaming during instructional time❖ Do not do anything to the technology that will permanently alter it in any way. This includes paintingor adhering stickers to the device itself. (voids warranty)❖ Do not remove any serial numbers or identification placed on the technology.❖ Do not leave the device in a vehicle.❖ Do not expose your device to rapid temperature fluctuations.❖ Do not leave your devices unattended.❖ Do not place heavy materials, such as books, on top of your device or keyboard.❖ Do not leave the device outside or use near water such as a pool.❖ Do not place your device in a stuffed backpack or other carrying bag not designed to protect thedevice.❖ Do not share your password with anyone.Tier 2: Unacceptable Use:Includes but not limited to:❖ Pornography (real life or cartoon) Pornography can be a felony offense and if so will be turnedover to authorities.➢ Possession➢ Manufacturing – using a camera or creating pictures/movies➢ Distributing – sending/sharing with others❖ Images of Weapons❖ Gang Related Files❖ Bootleg movies or musicRevised September 2021 5

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❖ Logging into a device/application using someone else’s login❖ Cheating❖ Using a device to plan a fight, cause harm or commit a crime❖ Profanity directed to the faculty or staff❖ Threats and/or cyber bullying❖ Employing the network for commercial purposes, financial gain or fraud❖ Attempting to access websites blocked by district policy including the use of proxyservices, software or websites. The use of keylogging devices/software is prohibited.❖ Violating copyright laws❖ Bullying, harassing, insulting or attacking othersDiscipline Consequences will be as directed by the ACS Student Code of Conduct and the Schoolwide PositiveBehavior Intervention Support Plan at the student’s home school.PARENT OR GUARDIAN (If the student is under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must alsoread and sign this agreement.) As the parent or guardian of this student, I have read this document and AlleghanyCounty Public Schools Technology Policies (10000) posted on Alleghany County Website. I understand that the use ofthe Internet and technology resources is a standard part of the instructional process and is considered the same asusing a textbook or any other resource to enhance or deliver instruction. Furthermore, I understand that my childmay be issued an email account, access to learning networks, and/or given access to other specific online content inorder to support the instructional process as is age and/or grade level appropriate. I further understand that accessto the Internet and the use of school owned technology resources are intended for educational purposes only. I alsorecognize that even though Alleghany County Public Schools uses appropriate Internet filtering software, it isimpossible to restrict access to all inappropriate materials, and I will not hold the school system responsible if mychild accesses or acquires such materials on the network. I accept responsibility for my child’s compliance with theAcceptable Use Policy. I give my consent for school district personnel to monitor my child’s school issued emailaccount as well as my child’s internet activity on school owned computers and the school network.I have read to my child (or they have read), and understand, and will abide by the Alleghany County Public SchoolsStudent Internet Safety and Acceptable Use of Technology Resources Policy (10100/10200/10226). Studentsunderstand that should they commit any violation of this policy, their access privileges may be revoked, and schooldisciplinary action and/or legal action may be taken. Students further understand that they will be issued an emailaccount and/or other online tools, that they should use them appropriately and in accordance with Policy(10100/10226).Parent Signature: ________________________________ Date: ____/____/_____Student Signature: _______________________________ Date: ____/____/_____Revised September 2021 6