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This book is about two kids camping, Allie and Ben. They went through the woods to go on a adventure. While they were strolling through the woods they found something unusual, mysterious, and frightening... YOU WOULD HAVE TO FIND OUT THE REST OF THEIR ADVENTURE!

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Diary Of Our




Property of: Allie M. and Ben L 


Dear Diary,


Allie: Our class is going to the woods to


go camping, I'm so excited!!


Ben: Me too! Have you packed your


bags yet? I'm all ready to go!!


Allie: I packed already.We need to have


a lot of sleep tomorrow.


Ben: Good Night!!


Allie: Good Night!!

 Our First Entry:

Later The next morning...


Ben: wake up, wake up!




Ben: Remember the trip to the




Allie: Oh yeah lets go get  our


bags and head out and make


sure we don't miss the bus to 


school and also the one to the woods.


Ben:Yep so lets hurry up to 


school and not miss the bus.


Later at school...

When they got to school they loaded their stuff on the car and got their seatbelts on .


Ben: You ready to go to the woods because I am.


Allie: Yep I am sure that i am ready to go to the woods in the wild.

Later that night...

When they went outside to check they saw a U.F.O.

Ben & Allie: Wow that U.F.O.

went by so fast that we can barely see it. They both went to see it, it landed when they took a look inside they saw aliens. Ben and Allie thought it was a dream or a nightmare.


 They both fainted.



When They got their...


When they got out the bus they


put up the tents and blankets


and organized everything.


Ben: It starting to turn night 


we should go back in the tent 


and go sleep.


Allie: Wait a few more minutes




Ben: okay.

A few minutes went by and the went back in the place of their tent.


When They woke up they were in a strange room with all doors locked.

When they took a closer look at the doors when they noticed 20 aliens marched into the room.

They escaped.

Ben: RUN!

Allie:I'm coming with you!!

When they went back to their camsite and looked nd saw the U.F.O. leave so they were safe for now.

On the last day packed all their stuff and bring in the bus and went to school to have their parents pick them both up.