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Algoma University Viewbook 2023/2024

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Innovative Intimate ImpactfulBrampton | Sault Ste. Marie | TimminsViewbook2023/2024

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WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT IS YOU.The unique life experiences you bring to campus are an essential part of the Algoma dierence. Learning is personal here; our intimate scale means every voice is heard and valued. Small seminars, hands-on labs, faculty and sta who care about your goals, innovative programs and research, our special mission of cross-cultural exchange – they enrich every aspect of Algoma life and learning. But the impact is mutual. We can’t wait to learn from you, and with you, because there’s so much more we can achieve, together.Land AcknowledgementWe wish to acknowledge the traditional lands of the Anishinaabek, the Mississaugas of the Credit, and the Mushkegowuk Cree, as well as hereditary lands of the Métis Nation. We also acknowledge that our Sault Ste. Marie campus is on sacred lands set aside for education as envisioned by Chief Shingwauk for our children and for those as yet unborn.Why Algoma U?More personal learningRich cross-cultural advantagesImpact-focused experiences14:1RATIOSTUDENT > FACULTYTHELOWESTUNEMPLOYMENT RATESIN ONTARIOUNIVERSITY GRADUATES HAVETHEHIGHESTLIFETIME EARNINGS&3

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UNIQUELY PERSONAL. STRONGER TOGETHER.We celebrate the values, personalities, and convictions that make each of us unique… because they enable us to create even greater impact together.Change is personal here too. Study high-demand and innovative programs that bring today’s issues to life in tangible ways that integrate scientic, cultural and social justice insights. Expand your world view, daily. Our Special Mission’s commitment to cross-cultural learning between Anishinaabe communities and the world infuses every aspect of campus life. Algoma’s new Faculty of Cross-Cultural Studies weaves Indigenous and Western knowledge to create a one-of-a-kind teaching and learning environment for all students. We learn to lead, together. Our diverse student body – 50% are international – plus the global reach of Algoma’s exchanges, and deep partnerships with diverse communities and industry-leading organizations, combine to give our grads invaluable cross-cultural insights and unique leadership advantages.5

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DIVERSE CAMPUSESAlgoma University has campuses in three locations, each with unique advantages.6

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Sault Ste. Marie – Ste. Marie, referred to as “The Soo” by locals, has all the amenities of a big city – shopping, entertainment, sports teams, festivals, and cultural activities – but without the hassle of trac. Located along the U.S. border with Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, this Canadian city is small enough to get around on foot or bike. It’s only a 30-minute walk from campus to downtown or a 10-minute bike or bus ride. The Sault Transit makes regular stops on our campus and can take you anywhere you want to go.Timmins – is known as the city with a heart of gold. The Timmins campus oers diploma-to-degree and university transfer students opportunities to accelerate their paths to successful careers. Located on the Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology campus, our blended-learning programming is placed in a northern context, perfect for those living and working in Northern Ontario.Brampton –, a lively city in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) that is home to over 600,000 residents, and is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. Algoma U’s campus lies in the heart of historic downtown Brampton. Within steps away, the downtown oers access to city and regional transit, and is home to over 1500 businesses and services. Enjoy great restaurants, shops, arts, entertainment, parks and culture. Garden Square, located directly beside Algoma U’s Brampton campus, oers free entertainment for all ages throughout the year including many events and festivals.7

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YOUR STUDENT EXPERIENCEEach Algoma U campus oers a unique student experienceThere are plenty of opportunities to get involved and expand your learning beyond the classroom. Each campus oers a variety of opportunities to help you meet new friends, all while having some fun and gaining valuable expereince. Meet people with like-interests by joining one of our many clubs, running for Student Government or becoming an Orientation leader. Attend a campus workshop or conference, get involved with activities like Leadership Week, as well a program specic events to expand your learning opportunities. You’ll meet new friends, build your résumé, and become a part of a lifelong community of Algoma Thunderbirds Plus, your leadership and volunteerism on or o campus are recognized on your Co-Curricular Record!25+ clubs and assoications to get involved in: fAlgoma University Student Union fAlgoma University Business Society fAlgoma Computer Science Club fAlgoma U Students’ Cricket Club (AUSCC) fLaw and Politics Student Society fThe AURA (Algoma University Radio) fThe People’s Garden fAfrican and Caribbean Students’ Association of Algoma UOn and o campus activities include: fTrivia nights fDance parties fCultural celebrations fCamping fSki, S’mores and More fGathering at the Rapids Pow Wow fO-campus excursions fAnd more! Algoma students have access to on and o campus facilities including: fThe George Leach Centre and Gym (SSM) fThe YMCA (Brampton) fOn Campus Residences (SSM) fAlgoma Dormitory fSpirit Village Townhouses fSpirit Village International Dormitory fWishart Library (SSM) fBrampton Public Library (Brampton) fNorthern College Recreation Facilities and Library (Timmins)8

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ATHLETICSThe Algoma Thunderbirds compete in the Ontario University Athletic (OUA) and USports, the highest level of varsity sport in Canada. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a Thunderbird, visit algomathunderbirds.caTBIRD TIPDid you know that access to Algoma U’s athletics complex, the George Leach Centre, is included in your tuition? This 49,000 square foot facility features a state-of-the-art weight room, spin studio, a basketball court used by NBA All-Stars, and more. The Algoma Thunderbirds Varsity teams compete in: fBasketball fCross-Country Running fCurling fNordic Skiing fSoccer fWrestling*Available at our Sault Ste. Marie campus9

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HERITAGE HONOUREDSPECIAL MISSIONThe objects of the University are the pursuit of learning through scholarship, teaching, and research within a spirit of free enquiry and expression. It is the special mission of the University to: fBe a teaching-oriented university that provides programs in liberal arts and sciences and professional programs, primarily at the undergraduate level, with a particular focus on the needs of Northern Ontario and; fCultivate cross-cultural learning between Aboriginal communities and other communities, in keeping with the history of Algoma University and its geographic site. THE 7 GRANDFATHER TEACHINGS help guide our eorts, reminding us of our responsibilities to the world, to others around us and to ourselves.RESPECT (Manaaji’idiwin) To have honour for all of CreationWISDOM (Nibwaakaawin) To cherish knowledge is to have wisdomHUMILITY (Dabasendiziwin) To know humility is to know yourself as a sacred part of creationBRAVERY (Aakdewin) To be able to face the foe with integrityHONESTY (Gwayakwaadiziwin) To be honest in facing a situationTRUTH (Debwewin) To have truth is to know all of these thingsLOVE (Zaagi’idiwin) To know love is to know peace 10

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ANISHINAABE EDUCATIONThe spirit of sharing and coming together continues on our campuses today. Algoma U’s Sault Ste. Marie campus, located on the former Shingwauk Indian Residential School site, oers a unique and historically rich setting for a cross-cultural community in which Anishinaabe (First Nations, Métis, and Inuit), Canadian, and International students and faculty learn with each other and from one another in a spirit of friendship and respect. We emulate this approach in Brampton and Timmins.ANISHINAABE ACADEMIC RESOURCE CENTREThe Anishinaabe Academic Resource Centre (AARC) oers academic, social and cultural support to all Anishinaabe (First Nation, Métis, Inuit) students enrolled at Algoma University. The Shingwauk Anishinaabe Students’ Association (SASA) provides both cultural and social events and support to students, and the SASA Lounge for studying and socializing and a computer lab with a printer. The AARC hosts a number of activities throughout the academic year including seasonal ceremonies, the Gabegendaadowin training program, AARC Scholar Speaker Series, an Elder-in-Residence program, Ceremonial Arbour, Sharing Circles, Ceremonial Feasts/Soup and Bannock days and the Gathering at the Rapids Annual Pow Wow in March. The AARC also hosts events such as the Biennial Anishinaabe Inendamowin Research Symposium and “Gdo Akiiminaan Ganawendanaan” (Taking Care of our Land) Symposium.AARC SERVICES & SUPPORTS: fAnishinaabe Student Success fAcademic Resources and Support fAcademic support and academic advising fComputer lab and study spaces fResearch support fPeer supports, including mentors fLunch and learn sessions fUniversity preparation advisement and support fScholarships/bursaries fCommunity outreachSocial and Cultural Supports fElders fElders in residence fElders in classroom fCultural Supports fSupporting SASA gatherings, ceremonies, events, workshops and seminars11

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VOLUNTARY SELFIDENTIFICATIONAt Algoma U, ‘Anishinaabe’ is an inclusive term that recognizes the original people of Turtle Island – First Nation, Métis, and Inuit. We use the term ‘Anishinaabe’ to honour the Ojibwe language traditional to this territory. Students can voluntarily declare their First Nation, Métis or Inuit status: fWhen they apply through the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC); or fWhen they apply directly to Algoma U; or fOnce they are accepted at Algoma University, complete the Voluntary Aboriginal Self-Identication survey on their AU student portal at students.algomau.caStudents will receive information about community events, academic workshops, scholarships, bursaries, employment opportunities and cultural activities.Opportunities to get involved: fSit on the Anishinaabe Peoples Council (APC) fJoin the Shingwauk Anishinaabe Students’ Association (SASA) fTake classes and participate in activities at our partner institution, Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig12

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GABEGENDAADOWIN TRAININGGabegendaadowin is an experiential two-day, evidence-based training program geared towards public, social service, and government agencies, the private sector and Indigenous communities. It is designed to bridge the cultural knowledge gap between non-Indigenous and Indigenous peoples and communities by fostering an environment of cultural understanding and sensitivity towards Indigenous peoples and communities. Gabegendaadowin will introduce the history and culture of Indigenous peoples, and the impact of systemic biases inflicted upon them and their communities.13

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FUTURE FOCUSEDToday’s job market changes very quickly. Experiential learning engages students in hands-on experiences that connect theory to practice and builds transferable skills highly sought after by employers, helping connect you with your future career! The Experiential Learning (EL) Hub is your place to learn about experiential learning opportunities at Algoma University. The following programs run through the EL Hub and are available to all students regardless of program of study:14

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CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATION Co-op is designed to integrate undergraduate academic studies with paid work experience. It provides students with meaningful, practical knowledge, networking capabilities, and helps build and develop students’ competencies and skill sets. Co-op is available in most academic programs at Algoma University. CAREER LINK Career Link is a co-curricular certicate program that runs concurrently with a student’s academic program. Open to all students, Career Link helps students develop career skills, networking connections, and includes a guaranteed work experience component. WORKING ON CAMPUS Many Algoma University students gain tremendous experience working on campus. Build your skills by joining a plant and animal research study, plan and organize a university event, assist the recruitment team to bring new students to campus and so much more. STUDY ABROAD The Study Abroad program oers more than just a unique classroom experience. While being immersed in a new culture and language, students are opened up to the new perspectives and ideas of the host institution and country. Students also have the opportunity to learn in diverse contexts and educational systems, while being exposed to diering worldviews. Students of Algoma University have the opportunity to study in over 30+ universities around the globe beginning as early as their second year! Countries of exchange include: Austria, Brazil, Denmar, England, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland and more! ACADEMIC INTERNSHIPS Algoma University’s Internship courses are designed to help students connect their academic studies with hands-on experience. Students will gain invaluable experience by applying their academic knowledge and critical thinking skills in a work environment and will receive academic credit after completing the internship course. Algoma University has both domestic and international internships available.GLOBAL LEARNING LEADERSHIP SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM GLLSDP is Algoma University’s new outbound mobility program that provides a unique blend of co-curricular and/or curricular experiential learning with international experience for students funded by Employment and Social Development Canada and Algoma University.“I had the wonderful opportunity of studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea. It was my dream to be able to live in and explore this beautiful country that is so rich in culture. I was able to learn more of the Korean language, expand my worldview, and discover more about myself. I also got to meet up with past international students that I had met before at Algoma University and build new meaningful relationships with people from all over the world. Life in South Korea was never a dull moment, from walking among the tranquillity of the beautiful cherry blossoms in the spring to testing out new foods, and going sightseeing at numerous historical sites around the country. It was an experience that I will never forget. I will always be thankful to Algoma University for allowing me to take this opportunity.”Courtney Celetti (Ba4.Soci) Sookmyung Women's University, South Korea15

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At the core of everything we do are academic programs that span the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. Plus, as an undergraduate-only university, our students have opportunities to assist with faculty research projects – an advantage like no other.Program available at noted campus(es):S - Sault Ste. Marie campus | B - Brampton campus | T - Timmins campus | O - Online deliveryACCOUNTINGS an Accounting student, you will gain a fundamental understanding of accounting concepts and principles needed to succeed in your chosen accounting career. You will learn what it takes to be a creative, independent problem solver who can be relied on to get the job done right the rst time. This three-year degree oers a pathway into an array of accounting career opportunities for those with an aptitude for numbers, organizing, and analytical problem-solving skills. Our program will provide you with the opportunity to pursue the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation after graduation and our courses are also recognized by the Aboriginal Financial Ocers Association of Canada (AFOA), which can prepare you to become a Certied Aboriginal Financial Manager (CAFM).CAREERS fChartered Professional Accountant fStatistician fPublic Accountant fFinancial Analyst fAuditing fTax and Estate PlanningCOURSESExternal Auditing, Intermediate Accounting, Advance Financial AccountingFaculty of Business and EconomicsACADEMIC PROGRAMS16

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BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIONB S Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program will give you the opportunity to conduct research, sharpen your critical thinking skills, network with businesses and professionals, and increase your skills in oral and written business communication. In your fourth year, you’ll be ready to apply what you’ve learned by participating in the Northern Ontario Business Case Competition, which enables BBA students to showcase their knowledge before local business judges and national celebrities. Business students have a very high employment rate in their eld and a 95% success rate on the Chartered Accountancy exam on their rst attempt on the UFE.Business Specializations: fAccounting fAviation Management fBusiness of Esports (NEW) fEconomics fHuman Resources fManagement MarketingCAREERS fAdvertising fChartered Professional Accountant fHuman Resources Specialist fPR Specialist fFinancial Ocer fPublic Relations fMarketing Analyst fSales fPayroll Coordinator fRecruitment fCommercial Pilot fAviation Safety Management Specialist fEsports EntrepreneurCOURSESMarketing Concepts, Marketing for Non-Prot Organizations, Human Resource Planning, Industrial & Labor Relations in CanadaECONOMICSB S the analytical and critical thinking skills necessary to interact with policymakers at the local, national, and international level for both for-prot and not-for-prot organizations. In our program, you will learn various tools for a deep understanding of individual and market behaviour as well as the roles of government in improving economic and societal well-being. Economics students help create knowledge by participating in conferences locally, nationally and internationally. In our intimate and interactive learning environment, you will examine a variety of topics including urban economics, economic development, and elementary statistical methods for economists.CAREERS fEconomist fFinancial Risk Analyst fData Analyst fSales fBanker fMarket Researcher fFinancial Advisor fStatisticianCOURSESCanadian Economics Problems and Policy, International TradeFINANCE AND ECONOMICSB Snance-economicsThe Finance and Economics program oers you a unique and holistic degree - combining business administration and nancial analysis and management of economics. You will examine economic policy-related issues at the regional, national and international level, study roles of government, nancial institutions and more. Our program is designed to equip you with a broad-based understanding of the tools and skills required for successful careers in the nancial sector. You will learn the analytical and critical thinking skills necessary to interact with policymakers at the local, national, and international level for both for-prot and not-for-prot organizations.CAREERS fPolicy Analyst fStatistician fActuaryCOURSESEconomics of Natural Resources, Management of Financial Resources, Elementary Statistical Methods for Economists17

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BIOLOGYS our Biology program, you will take courses that will teach you the scientic method, and how to use it. Our program takes a problem-solving approach to the sciences, preparing students for all areas of graduate studies. Biology students gain practical experience through laboratory and internship courses that allow them to work with researchers or relevant businesses. Students can also conduct ground-breaking research with world-class scientists as part of Honour’s Thesis course. Approximately 25% of our students volunteer or work in faculty research labs each year, and many publish the work they do in scientic journals!CAREERS fPhysician fDentist fVeterinary Medicine fResearcher fNurse fForensic ScientistCOURSESBiochemistry, Cancer Biology, Human Anatomy and PhysiologyCOMPUTER SCIENCEB S T O our Computer Science program, you will gain a strong theoretical and practical foundation in the study of algorithms, programming languages, and construction of computer systems and applications. You will have a solid foundation in data structure, programming, assembly language programming, computer organization, operating systems, theory, software engineering, algorithms, and computer networking. Computer Science students have the option to complete a fourth-year honours thesis, in addition to regular Bachelor of Computer Science or Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degrees, which can be used to build a portfolio to highlight your skills and abilities to potential employers after graduation.Computer Science Specializations: fComputer Game Technology fComputer Game Technology – Creative Arts fMobile Software Engineering CAREERS fSoftware Engineer fSystem Analyst fDatabase Administrator fGame Developer fComputer Programmer fVideo Game Developer fWeb Developer fInformation Specialist fSoftware AnalystCOURSESComputer Game Design, Mobile Application Development, Information Technology Security and Privacy, Human-Computer InteractionFaculty of SciencesProgram available at noted campus(es):S - Sault Ste. Marie campus | B - Brampton campus | T - Timmins campus | O - Online delivery18

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ENGINEERING 1ST YEARS rst-year Engineering pathway provides qualifying students with a rst year of study followed by a seamless transition to the second year of Laurentian University’s Bachelor of Engineering program. You will study in areas such as mathematics, chemistry, and physics in preparation for a degree in either Mechanical, Mining, or Chemical Engineering. You will benet from the best of both worlds – an intimate and highly supported rst-year experience at Algoma University followed by a transition to the Bharti School of Engineering with faculty from a variety of disciplines, strong industry connections, and brand-new facilities. If you pursue co-operative education, you may have the option of being placed in Sault Ste. Marie working with local industry partners. There is a growing need to recruit and retain professional engineers in Northern Ontario and beyond. Join the next generation of professionals with an opportunity for long and successful careers in an area of high demand.CAREERS fMechanical Engineering fMining or Geological Engineer fChemical Engineer fConsultantCOURSESApplied Mechanics, Introduction to Physics, CalculusENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES Environmental Science program introduces you to environmental challenges, such as climate change, invasive species, biodiversity loss, and provides you with the training to tackle these challenges in your future careers as environmental scientists. You’ll develop critical thinking skills that will allow you to contribute to the current environmental, social, and economic challenges facing humanity in the twenty-rst century. Our program is interdisciplinary - you’ll take courses in biology, chemistry, geography, but can also take relevant courses in political science, sociology, economics, and law and justice. In your third year, you’ll complete an 80-hour internship with an industry leader. In your fourth year, you can complete an honours thesis research project and/or complete another internship in the eld of environmental science.CAREERS fClimatologist fEnvironmental Consultant fForestry Researcher fOceanographer fBiochemist fMeteorologist fEntomologist fEnvironmental Technician fConservation OcerCOURSESPollution, Epidemiology, Environmental ChemistryPSYCHOLOGYB S’s Psychology program encourages you to think critically about human and non-human behaviour, and science in general. You will learn about the history of psychology and explore how the brain contributes to human and non-human behaviour. Most psychology courses oered at Algoma U fall under one of three categories: social and personality psychology, clinical psychology, and neuropsychology. In your fourth- year, you will have the opportunity to complete an honours thesis, conduct original research and present your ndings at our annual institutional conference. Our students have the opportunity to work as research assistants conducting cutting edge research alongside faculty. You can earn a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.CAREERS fNeuroscientist fSpeech-Language Pathologist fForensic PsychologistCOURSESNeuropharmacology, Forensic Psychology, Animal Behaviour19

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ANISHINAABEMOWIN OJIBWES program is the only one of its kind in Canada and will teach you basic- to advanced-level instruction in Anishinaabemowin - the Ojibwe language. You will gain a functional level of fluency in the language and will investigate the challenges of the written word. With more language speakers, we’re helping to keep the Anishinaabe language alive and well in Canada. Complement your degree by participating in a variety of cultural activities on campus, including the Gathering at the Rapids Pow Wow, one of the largest in the region. Other activities include: full moon ceremonies, the Elders’ Gathering, feasts, and more.CAREERS fTeacher fLinguist fPolicy Maker/AnalystCOURSESIntroductory Anishinaabemowin, Intensive Conversational Practice - Introductory Level, Anishinaabe Philosophy of Language and CultureENGLISHS our program, you will study literature, language, and ideas from Shakespeare to Margaret Atwood, and explore a variety of genres such as ction, drama, poetry, creative nonction, lm, and criticism. You will gain an understanding of diverse perspectives and values and learn how language and literature continue to shape human experience, as well as an appreciation of the power of words and ideas. In learning to write critically, creatively and convincingly, you will hone your ability to think clearly and to analyze attentively, abilities that greatly appeal to employers, professional schools, and graduate programs. You can also take your learning outside of the classroom by getting involved in research being conducted by our faculty through paid work placements.CAREERS fCopywriter fAuthor fCommunications Ocer fEducator fLibrarian fEditor fPR Specialist fJournalist fWriter fPoet fScreenwriter fBloggerCOURSESIntroduction to Creative Writing, Indigenous Literature of North America, Academic Writing: FundamentalsANISHINAABE STUDIESS Anishinaabe Studies program, oered in partnership through Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig, explores the history of the Anishinaabe peoples. Through a culture-based curriculum, you will learn Anishinaabe history, philosophy, and worldview. Due to the holistic style of delivery, an emphasis is placed on cultural values. Through this program, you will be immersed in a traditional Anishinaabe community and will develop broad cross-cultural understanding and experience both traditional and contemporary Anishinaabe research methodologies, as they relate to other research paradigms.CAREERS fTeacher fHistorian fConsultant to non-Indigenous/Indigenous organizations or within government organizationsCOURSESAnishinaabe Peoples and our Homelands, Anishinaabe Social Issues, Music as Culture: Native MusicFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesProgram available at noted campus(es):S - Sault Ste. Marie campus | B - Brampton campus | T - Timmins campus | O - Online delivery20

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LAW AND JUSTICES Law and Justice, you will acquire knowledge of the pattern of law and legal institutions required to regulate our political, social and economic relations. We take a more holistic approach in that you will study many areas of the law including civil law, criminal law, family law, corporate law, constitutional law and contract law. We also investigate conventional, traditional and alternative forms of justice and dispute resolution. You will come to understand law as a multidimensional and complex social phenomenon. You will also acquire skills in critical thinking, written and verbal communication and high calibre research making you an excellent candidate for law school and graduate programs.CAREERS fPolice Ocer fLawyer fCriminal Investigator fCorrectional OcerCOURSESCanadian Political and Legal Institutions, Introduction to Interpersonal Dispute Resolution, International Law, Crime and Popular CultureMUSICS our program, you will develop the fundamentals of performance, theory, and musicianship. We oer courses in performance, music theory, music history, popular music, sociology of music, Indigenous music, world music, audio arts, conducting, elementary school music, and music business. We also provide an extensive variety of jazz-based courses. You will have the opportunity to study and perform in a historic building, outtted with the best instruments and faculty who are leading musicians in their eld. Take your learning outside of the classroom by participating in one of our ensembles. The Algoma University Choir, Jazz Ensemble, and Music Theatre Ensemble are active within the local community and give you ample opportunity to perform.CAREERS fSongwriter fPerformer fEducator fMusic Producer fMusic TherapistCOURSESMusic Composition, Jazz Performance and Pedagogy, History of Music in Video GamesHISTORYS History program has courses covering a wide range of topics, including the history of First Nations, women’s history, colonial history through an Indigenous lens, history and lm, witches and witch-hunts, the history of ideas, and more. New courses in public history and archival studies will allow you to explore ideas and projects on history as it’s made available in museums, historical sites, and archives. Did you know that Algoma U houses a number of important archives on campus, including those of the Shingwauk Indian Residential School? Explore the history of the University and delve into over 100 years of archives right on campus.CAREERS fLibrarian fPublic Historian fMuseum Curator fArchivistCOURSESWestern Civilization: Renaissance to the French Revolution, Introduction to Archival Studies, Decolonizing Indigenous HistoriesOur History students study at a historically signicant landmark. Algoma U is situated on a historic site - the former site of the Shingwauk Indian Residential School. Our students walk in the halls and study in the classrooms where Canadian history was forged and the campus is home to one of the most polished archives on the residential schools system.21

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SOCIAL WORKS T generalist Social Work program will prepare you to practice anti-oppressive social work with diverse populations. You will use structural, Anishinaabe, and feminist approaches to critically analyze the ways that social contexts shape personal and social problems. Our program has a particular focus on social work in and with northern, rural, remote, Indigenous, and Franco-Ontarian communities. Our program advocates for social justice and equips you with the intellectual, practical, and professional skills needed to promote the individual and collective well-being of individuals, families, groups, and communities. You’ll have the opportunity to take your learning even further in your fourth year when you participate in a 700-hour eld placement that will link your classroom learning to real-life situations.CAREERS fMental Health Worker fCommunity Worker fCase Manager fChild Welfare Worker fRehabilitation WorkerCOURSESIntroduction to Social Welfare in the North, Human Services Organizations, Northern and Rural Social Work Practice, Field PracticumPOLITICAL SCIENCES our program, you will learn about the key political institutions and actors, along with the forces and ideas that work to shape society and influence transformative political action. You will examine the concepts of power, sovereignty, identity, equality, freedom, justice, authority, democracy, ideology, political violence, revolution, globalization, political economy, development, and more. Our program is built around three streams: international relations and comparative politics; Canadian government, politics, and public policy; and political theory. Due to our location on the site of the former Shingwauk Indian Residential School, our program has a special focus on Indigenous content, including the implications of treaty relations, the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action, and colonialism.CAREERS fLawyer fGovernment and Public Service fForeign Aairs and diplomatic serviceCOURSESIntroduction to International Relations, Global Governance: The United Nations System, Canadian Legal and Political InstitutionsProgram available at noted campus(es):S - Sault Ste. Marie campus | B - Brampton campus | T - Timmins campus | O - Online delivery22

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VISUAL ARTSS Visual Arts program focuses on contemporary studio practices in painting, drawing, printmaking, and mixed media. In your rst two years of studies, you’ll receive structured, intense, and project-based studio courses that develop basic visual vocabulary, observational drawing skills, and an overview of art history. Upper year courses involve increasingly varied approaches that allow for more independent and personal development. This individuality is reflected in our end of studies thesis, which results in a professionally curated annual group exhibition at the Art Gallery of Algoma. There are countless opportunities to show o your work around town at local businesses and various gallery spaces, like 180 Galleries. Even better, most of these spaces are free!CAREERS fGallery Coordinator fCommunity Arts Educator fWriter/Critic fIndependent CuratorCOURSESVisual Fundamentals, Printmaking, Advanced Studio, Senior ExhibitCOMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CDEVS T to work alongside people in communities to eect change by helping to identify common concerns and solutions, and to build relationships with organizations and those in positions of power. Our program has a specic focus on northern, rural, remote communities, and Indigenous populations. You will be adequately prepared to be a Community Development Practitioner in Northern Ontario and to work with a diverse and cross-cultural group of people. In your third year, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your classroom learning in a 150-hour eld placement that links concepts, values, and theories to practice.CAREERS fEconomic Development Ocer fCommunity Organizer fEvent Planning & Management fChild & Youth Worker fPR & Communications OcerCOURSESIntroduction to Community Economic and Social Development, Community-based Research Methods, Environment and Community ResilienceFaculty of Cross-Cultural Studies23

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Program available at noted campus(es):S - Sault Ste. Marie campus | B - Brampton campus | T - Timmins campus | O - Online deliveryGEOGRAPHY, GEOLOGY, AND LAND STEWARDSHIPS program is divided into four major thematic areas: physical geography, human geography, human-environmental geography, and geomatics. You have the opportunity to study in two of these tracts. Due to the University’s location, you will have the opportunity to study in a region with a rich diversity of peoples and natural environments, and you can explore these options through eld courses and the Co-operative Education program. With more to explore, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with local businesses, including the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre, Community Geomatics Centre, and NORDIK Institute, and can work alongside faculty conducting cutting-edge research on food security in the region.SOCIOLOGYS enables you to think critically about the world in which we live in; to explore the existing power structures that we are part of; dismantle and unpack the taken-for-granted. We focus on social inequality, through examining the impacts of colonization, racialization and identity-politics. When you enter the program, you will learn alongside faculty who are committed to social change. Our small class size creates an environment for engagement, dialogue, and interrogation of social issues and problems. You will be encouraged throughout the program to investigate a research problem of your own. A sociology degree provides you with an excellent foundation in critical thinking, research skills, and analyzing complex social dynamics.CAREERS fCartographer fForestry Analyst fConservation Ocer fEnergy AdministratorCOURSESIntroduction to the Human Environment, Spatial Thinking and Quantitative Geography, Community Planning in an Indigenous ContextCAREERS fEducator fCounsellor fLawyer fHealth & SafetyCOURSESThe Social Making of Gender, Sociology of Mental Health, Racialization, Migration, and Identity, Understanding Society: Principles and ProcessesCOMMUNITY, ECONOMIC, AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT CESDB S our Community, Economic, and Social Development program, more commonly known as CESD, you will develop a holistic perspective of the world around you, and develop the knowledge and skills to ght for positive change, economic and social equality, and defend human rights. Our program is the only one of its kind in Canada with a special focus on northern, rural, remote, and Indigenous populations. You’ll have the opportunity to put your skills and learning into practice in your third- and fourth-year when you complete two eld placements in the community. Graduates are also eligible for certication by the Economic Developers Association of Canada (EDAC) and the Council for the Advancement of Native Development Ocers (CANDO).CAREERS fCommunity Development Ocer fResearcher Assistant fPolicy Analyst fCommunity Educator fSocial Services AdministratorCOURSESCommunity Advocacy and Social Justice, Directed Studies CESD Practicum, Global/Local Relations: Critical Perspectives24

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MAJOR CAMPUS REQUIRED HIGHSCHOOL PREREQUISITES 6 GRADE 12 U/M LEVEL COURSES INCLUDING:MINIMUM OVERALL AVERAGEFACULTY OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMICSAccounting SSM ENG4U, two U/M Math (Data Management recommended)65%Business Administration fAccounting fAviation Management fBusiness of Esports fEconomics fHuman Resources Management fMarketingBrampton SSMENG4U, two U/M Math (Data Management recommended);70%Economics Brampton SSMENG4U, two U/M Math 65%Finance and Economics Brampton SSMENG4U, two U/M Math (Data Management recommended)65%FACULTY OF SCIENCEBiology SSM ENG4U, MHF4U, two U/M Sciences (Biology & Chemistry recommended);70%Computer Science fComputer Game Technology fComputer Game Technology - Creative Arts fMobile Software EngineeringBrampton SSM TimminsFor BCOSC: ENG4U, MHF4U, one other U/M MathFor BSc: ENG4U, MHF4U, two other U/M Sciences (Chemistry & Physics recommended)65%Computer Science Co-Op SSM For BCOSC: ENG4U, MHF4U, one other U/M Math 70% Engineering (1st Year Only) SSM ENG4U, MHF4U, SPH4U, SCH4U, one other U/M Science or one other U/M MathChemical/Mining70%Mechanical 75%Environmental Science SSM ENG4U, MHF4U, two U/M Sciences (Biology & Chemistry recommended)65%Psychology (BA) Brampton SSMFor BA (General): ENG4U 65%For BA (Honours): ENG4U 70%Psychology (BSc) SSM ENG4U, one U/M MATH, two other U/M Sciences (Chemistry & Physics recommended)70%FACULTY OF HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCESAnishinaabe Studies SSM ENG4U 65%Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe) SSM ENG4U 65%English SSM ENG4U 65%History SSM ENG4U 65%Law and Justice SSM ENG4U 65%Music SSM ENG4U + audition 65%Political Science SSM ENG4U 65%Social Work SSM TimminsENG4U 70%Visual Arts SSM ENG4U + Portfolio 65%FACULTY OF CROSSCULTURAL STUDIESCommunity Development SSM TimminsENG4U 65%Community, Economic, and Social Development (CESD) SSM BramptonENG4U 65%Geography SSM ENG4U 65%Sociology SSM ENG4U 65%ADMISSIONS25

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TUITION CANADIAN CITIZENS & PERMANENT RESIDENTSINTERNATIONAL STUDENTSFull-Time Tuition* $5,865.18 $19,496Required Fees $942.10 $942.10Total $6,807.28 $20,438.1VALUE ADDED*All fees are in Canadian dollars. Fees are based on the 2022/2023 academic year. Fees for 2023-2024 will be announced in May 2023. Laboratory courses will be charged an additional $20.80 per 3-credit course, and studio courses will be charged an additional $16.01 per 3-credit course. Fees listed do not include mandatory student health plans. Students who have proof of coverage may opt out of the health plan after registration. Tuition rates and scholarships apply to all Algoma University campuses. Please note: fees are subject to change at any

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AWARD NAME RENEWABLE/ NONRENEWABLEAMOUNT ELIGIBILITYAU Platinum Award of ExcellenceRenewable for up to three additional years (maximum $16,000)$4,000 95%+ Based on top six Grade 12 U/M-level coursesAU Gold Award of Excellence Renewable for up to three additional years (maximum $12,000)$3,000 90–94.9% Based on top six Grade 12 U/M-level coursesAU Silver Award of Excellence Renewable for up to three additional years (maximum $10,000)$2,500 85–89.9% Based on top six Grade 12 U/M-level coursesAU Bronze Award of Excellence Renewable for up to three additional years (maximum $6,000)$1,500 80–84.9% Based on top six Grade 12 U/M-level coursesThe Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) AwardNon-renewable, cumulative $500 Minimum 75% average and completion of SHSM certicate (see website for more details)Algoma University Brampton Campus BursaryNon-renewable, cumulative $6,000 over rst two years Canadian citizen or permanent resident starting studies at the Brampton CampusScholarship Renewal: Algoma University renewable entrance scholarships are renewed using a tiered approach of the award. Students who satisfy the condition of renewal based on the required complement of credits, appropriate terms of study, and academic average, may be able to renew based on a 30-credit complement. Course loads less than 30 credits, but greater than or equal to 24 credits, will be prorated accordingly.ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIPS, AWARDS, AND BURSARIESHOW TO APPLYApplying to Algoma U is simple. Once you’ve been admitted, we will continue to work closely with you to help guide you through the process of securing your admission and getting you to campus. We’re ready to help answer all of your questions and more. And before you know it, you’ll be walking across campus to your rst class.NEXT STEPS:1. Apply online at Ontario University Application Centre ( or Connect with an Admissions Advisor3. Submit and required documents or transcripts (if applicable)4. Book a campus visit or virtual tour at 5. Attend an Algoma Univeristy Open House QUESTIONS?Contact or international@algomau.ca27

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STUDENT SUCCESSSTUDENT SUCCESS CENTRALstudentsuccess@algomau.caStudent Success Central is your one-stop to academic success! Whether you are studying globally, in Brampton, Sault Ste. Marie, or Timmins, our team is committed to ensuring that our students succeed and have the most enjoyable university experience possible. Once you accept your oer of admissions you will be assigned an Academic Success Advisor who will help guide you through your rst-year registration and be your contact for support throughout your academic career.Your academic advisor and student success team will provide assistance with: fcourse registration facademic advising fimmigration assistance fstudent accounts and nancial aid fAnishinaabe student supports flearning suports and accessibility services fwellness supports and health servicesTHE LEARNING CENTRE Algoma University is committed to providing an accessible and inclusive learning environment, which includes access to the Learning Centre. All students as well as those with documented accessibility requirements qualify for accessibility services and additional support. This can include access to: fthe Writing Lab and the Math Lab fstudent success workshops fon-campus learning strategist/assistive technology fpeer tutoring fnote-takers fexam accommodationsACADEMIC SUPPORTSAt Algoma Univeristy, we also have 4 professional schools that act as smaller communities within a community! Here you will nd additional supports, resources and opportunities to get involved: fSchool of Business and Economics fShcool of Computer Science and Technology fSchool of Life Sciences and the Environment fSchool of Social WorkTBIRD TIPAll Algoma University students have access to up to 30 hours of free tutoring every semester!28

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STAY ENGAGEDCome visit Algoma University- we know you’re going to love it, go ahead, book a tour. This is your future.Schedule a visit today at FREE SWAG ITEM!Redeem this coupon in person to receive an exclusive Algoma University swag item**terms and conditions applyScan the QR Code to stay connected!30

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Algoma University – Sault Ste. Marie 1520 Queen Street East, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 2G4info@algomau.ca1.888.ALGOMA.Ualgomau.caAlgoma University – Brampton 24 Queen St. East (Suite 102/103), Brampton, ON L6V University – Timmins 4715 Highway 101 East, South Porcupine, ON P0N Thunderbird SymbolThe Thunderbird represents the inspiring heart of the Algoma University brand.Its thunder, lightning and rain cleanses and gives power to the earth and its people.Adopted in the early 1970’s from the pictographs within the Agawa Bay region of Lake Superior, it symbolizes our collective hope as we emerge from a dark past into a brighter future for all - learning from and with each other.