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Marketing World: Video Games

Alexa Brazelton Marketing and Advertising

Video Game Indusrtry

Today, the video game industry is bigger then the film industry. Millions of people worldwide play video games. From reality games to fantasy, to science fiction there is a wide range of games that draws people in of all ages. It is so popular that people go to conventions and even compete against eachother at competitions, and create videos of them playing them for jobs today.



Since its so popular, may companies have taken to it and have began selling video games. But, all these companies are different when it comes to selling them. From approaches, to whether or not it is one of their main branches in the store.



From the direct company, to the publisher, to retailer stores, online stores, and stores soley focused on selling video games, there are many options when it comes to buying them and the consoles to play on them, and you can get them in a majority of the stores you look like.



With everying on the market it would bmean that every company would sell a majority of games. Right?


Nintendo is the main distrubutor of many franchises, such as Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon. And though they distribute to many retail stores and comapanys, they of course sell their products on their own website.



There was a large selection of Nintendo products, but they were only from there company which is to be expected. There was their consoles to merchendise for their game series.



Their website is very proffesional, advertising for their newest product so it is right in you face and the new games for it so it is right in your face, which can cause impulse buying for what is being advertised.

Game Stop

Game Stop is one of the biggest branches that sells video games. They are a branch of retailer stores that sell pretty much every game and system under the sun. 



They don't only sell games rated E, but they sell games in every catagory and genra. As well as merchendise for the game series as well.



Their website is professional advertising everything on the first page of their website, and when you look at games you can click which game you want for the console you have, the rating, and the genra, so you can rule out all the games that you don't want. Thus, making it easier to buy and scroll through the site.

NIS America

NIS America is an online store that sells anime games in the U.S. They sell the games mainly for the Play Station consoles, Nintendo console for some, with no games for the Xbox.



They mainly focus on dubbing, or translating to English, smaller comapny games such as Dangan Ronpa, and Persona franchises. They also provide a large range of genres and ratings. Thus, making it very wide range in diversity. However they do not sell anything that is not made outside Japan which is understanable.



Their website is both proffesional and simple, promoting new games and telling news on it, and overall easy to navigate.


A retail store that sells video games as a part of their regular store, however that is not their main branch of what they sell, so video games are not their main focus.



They do have a large range of video games however, and for the main company's such as Nintendo, Xbox, and Play Station and sells their consoles. But there is not a wide arrange of the video games like in Game Stop, and focuses on more of the family friendly games. So it would be hard to find a non popular, or higher rated game while there.



Their website was proffesional, but it had to take a lot of clicks to just get to one game section and find what you are looking for, or just browsing. There is also not a lot of impulse buying unless it was for a new game system and consel and they were advertising for it.


Like Target, Walmart is a retail store whose main focus is not on video games. They do advertise for video games, but non of the new stuff only really Xbox on their front page so there was no real impulse buying.



Walmart does focus on the big brands, but at the same time they don't. They overall want it to be family friendly games, so a lot of the smaller games you may have never heard of are beign sold on their website and stores. There also no big horror games, such as Resident Evil 7, being sold only the video games that are small on the horror level are shown on their website.


Amazon is one of the most popular companies at the moment, so it is obvious that they would sell video games. They sell everthing from the games to the consoles.



Overall their website is very professional and has a majority of video games and consoles that are big on the market, merchendise, as well as games from foreign countries that aren't out in America yet.