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Why Choose Us?
PickUp Covers UK is proud to present the globally patented roller lid cover
from our manufacturer friends, Tessera4x4.
This 100% handmade pickup cover is designed and crafted to meet the
individual needs of all the leading 4x4 brands including: Ford Ranger
(T6), VW Amarok, Mitsubishi L200 2016+, Nissan NP300 2016+,
Isuzu D-Max 2012+, Toyota (Hilux) Revo, Fiat Fullback and SsangYong
Actyon 2015+. For those with Space Cabs from this list, you’ll be pleased to
hear we have the same premium patented covers for you too.
We know that security is the priority when you’re investing in a roller lid cover,
it is for us too. Expensive tools or luggage in the back of your truck need
protecting from thieves and tough weather conditions. Our specially designed
(patented) aluminium hinges work by connecting with each other in such a way,
that any potential thieves would find it virtually impossible to get through.
Our Strong Aluminium Roller Cover Hinges for Smooth Rotation
Some other brands of lids simply use rubber seals which are easy to cut with a
simple knife and unwelcome hands can access your treasured possessions
within seconds. The screenshots below (available on the internet) demonstrate
how easy it is to break the seal and joints compared to our patented aluminium
Ensuring the pickup cover is weatherproof was a priority for the Tessera4x4
design team. Therefore if you live in an area where it rains a lot, or your work
involves lots of dust and debris, this is the perfect cover for you. The design
includes special side rubbers seals, brushes, and 4 water drainage channels for
extra protection from water and dust.
One of the biggest compliments we had for our pickup cover was the fact that
the housing box for the lid easily drained any excess water, unlike other well-
known leading brands. The reason for this is because it is consists of 2 drainages
and 2 overflow recessed drain fittings to ensure rapid and complete drainage of
the housing unit. This is demonstrated below.
As for the housing box, we know space is important for you also. Therefore the
pickup cover is housed in a durable but small box made from a piece of solid
galvanized 1.5mm piece of steel, painted in black (powder coat) to ensure you
have the maximum loading capacity. Again, please see below:
Designed for your convenience, our roller lid cover is compatible with original
roll bars for all the above brands, which we know you will appreciate as some
other brands don’t allow for this. Before placing an order we insist on emailing
us a photo through eBay to avoid any confusion.
Weighing 50kg and covering 100% the length and width of the rear perimeter
profile, this will ensure it will strengthen your vehicle’s trunk bed enabling you
to add additional accessories such as side hand rails, loading bars and roll bar. It
is the strongest roller lid available, and its durability will astound you.
Colour options include silver anodized aluminium as standard, however we also
love the “Black Matt” version for its sporty look. Heavy duty users will
appreciate its resistance to scratches and marks and external weather made
possible by the paint procedure quality systems 9001:2000 & 14001:2004, and
qualifies for the "Seaside Class" stamp of approval from industry experts
’Qualicoat’ after being blasted in a furnace for 30 minutes at 180 degrees.
For those of you with no accessories in the trunk bed there’s no need for drilling
(drilling is only necessary when the vehicle has got roll bars, side hand-rails, or
loading bars are fitted)
Assembling is made simple with the easy to follow Installation Guides, and will
take approximately 90-120 mins and require 2 people.
This item is compatible with extra accessories such as hand rails, roll bars, loading
bars, roof racks & rails which can be purchased separately not included. Please
email through eBay for enquiries
Patents and TÜV Certificate
Proudly, the manufacturer of this premium pickup cover is a holder of 1 Global
Patent & 3 European Patents, and also holds 2 certificates by the independent and
renowned TÜV Austria
TÜV AUSTRIA is strictly independent of any interest groups such as authorities,
industry, trade, operators or any other parties. The documents issued by TÜV
AUSTRIA are highly recognized in and outside the European Community as well
as in some overseas countries. For our customers this is the guarantee for
legitimacy and acceptance by economy, authorities and the public in general
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To ensure 100% complete buyer satisfaction, before purhasing a roller lid cover
you must contact us through eBay email and send us photos of the
rear of your vehicle confirming the model and year of your truck, and if you have
additional/extra accessories, ONLY THEN will we be able to confirm
compatibility and proceed with your order. Each pickup roller cover is made to
your vehicle's individual specifications, therefore you must contact us first with
photos BEFORE you purchase asRETURNS ARE NOT
Delivery will be between 7-14 days only after we confirm compatibility and
availability and after full payment completion.
This is done to safeguard you in order to ensure you receive the correct
product and avoid any confusion or error.
FREE EU SHIPPING WITHIN THE EU (please contact us to confirm).
Shipping costs to any Islands will be calculated separately.
Please note, customers who are not resident in one of the EU countries must take
into account the tax regulations of their country for the importation of goods, as
you will be responsible for this.
All our shipments are insured, however in the unlikely event your packaging
arrives damaged, please ensure you sign for the goods as "packaging damaged"
This will help quicken any potential claims with the couriers.
We will only accept FULL PAYMENT in advance - For payments or queries
about PayPal, please contact us through eBay email.
If the item you have ordered is out of stock from our warehouse, it will be sent
directly from the factory.