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Some of the foods of Seattle Chinease and also lot and lots of fish.


Come visit Seattle.


The Space needle and Mount Rainier are some historic sites in Seattle.

Did you know that the Headquarters of Starbucks, Amazon, and Boeing are in Seattle?  

History on Seattle

History on Seattle, Seattle gets a lot of rain but most of it is just mist since the mountains create a barrer. The famous Pikes place market is located in downtown. There is also the great Mount Rainier that last erupted in 1894. Seattle was founded 1851. You should also visit the Space Needle which is by the museum of  pop culture. The Native Americans lived in this area for over than 4000 years. 

The population of Seattle is 652,405.

The Sounders were founded in 2007.

The Seattle Seahawks were founded in 1974

The Seattle Supersonics were founded in 1967

The Seattle Mariners were founded in 1977.

The Seattle Storm was founded in 1999.

Mount Rainier last erupted in 1894 and now it is a great tourist spot.

Mount Rainier ^ 

Pike's place fish had their famous fish throwing, but if you watch a video on it, it isn't as cool as it is in real life . 

The famous Pikes's place market was founded in 1907. 




Seattle,  Washington