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ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
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ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
Administration | Management
Academic Libraries for Commuter Students:
Research-Based Strategies
Edited by Mariana Regalado and Maura A. Smale | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1701-5
Did you know that more than 85% of U.S. undergraduates commute to college? Edited by a team of librari-
ans and anthropologists with City University of New York, this book draws on their ongoing research while
also presenting several additional case studies from a range of institution types and sizes. Topics include
À why IUPUI interior designers decided to scrap plans to remove public workstations to make way
for collaborative space;
À how ongoing studies by the University of North Carolina shaped the design of the Family Friendly
Library Room, where students may bring their children;
À ways that free scanners and tablet lending at Brooklyn College supports subway studiers;
À using ACRLs Assessment in Action model to learn about student engagement and outcomes with
library instruction at a community college; and
À guidance on enlisting the help of anthropology students to conduct interviews and observations
in an ethnographic study.
Putting Library Assessment Data to Work
Edited by Selena Killick and Frankie Wilson | PRINT: 978-1-78330-220-8
A practical guide for library administrators, managers, and practitioners, this new book brings together
key library assessment methodologies and details how they can be used to improve an academic library.
It focuses on common sources of data that academic libraries are already collecting, and presents simple
qualitative and quantitative techniques that can be used to evaluate and assess services. Featuring numer-
ous case studies, this book includes coverage of
À the theoretical framework for assessment, its purpose, and the tools and techniques used;
À institutional, national and international student surveys and how they can be used to improve
library services;
À the history and development of standardized library surveys (eg LibQUAL+®) and their impact;
À the benefits of inhouse library surveys, demonstrated using case studies;
À qualitative feedback in the library; and
À taking a holistic approach to library assessment through advocacy and strategic planning.
2018 | softcover
176 pp | 6" x 9"
$59.99 | Members: $53.99
2018 | softcover
304 pp | 7" x 10"
$76.99 | Members: $69.29
2018 | softcover
256 pp | 6" x 9"
$89.99 | Members: $81.00
Library Management 101: A Practical Guide, Second Edition
Edited by Lisa K. Hussey and Diane L. Velasquez | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1715-2
Just because a set of responsibilities isn’t formally called management doesn’t mean that it isn’t manage-
ment. And this vital text speaks to a reality that all current professionals already know: that is, everyone
studying to enter the profession needs an introduction to the topic of management. Because no matter
what ones role in an academic or public library context, it will involve decision-making, planning, and orga-
nization skills. Newly revised and updated, this book pulls together management best practices from library
management experts teaching in LIS programs across the U.S. and Canada. Among the many topics dis-
cussed are
À classic and contemporary theories of management, and how they apply to the library;
À human resource planning;
À marketing and public relations;
À negotiations, mediation, and financial management of the library;
À facilities management;
À information technology management and future trends; and
À change management and its relationship to organizational culture. | 866.746.7252
Administration | Management
The No-Nonsense Guide to Project Management
Barbara Allan | PRINT: 978-1-78330-203-1
A practical guide for library administrators, managers, and practitioners, this new book brings together
key library assessment methodologies and details how they can be used to improve an academic library.
It focuses on common sources of data that academic libraries are already collecting, and presents simple
qualitative and quantitative techniques that can be used to evaluate and assess services. Featuring numer-
ous case studies, this book includes coverage of
À the theoretical framework for assessment, its purpose, and the tools and techniques used;
À institutional, national and international student surveys and how they can be used to improve
library services;
À the history and development of standardized library surveys (eg LibQUAL+®) and their impact;
À the benefits of inhouse library surveys, demonstrated using case studies;
À qualitative feedback in the library; and
À taking a holistic approach to library assessment through advocacy and strategic planning.
2017 | softcover
240 pp | 6" x 9"
$74.00 | Members: $66.60
Academic Library Value: The Impact Starter Kit
Megan Oakleaf | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1592-9
It’s up to you to measure the value of your academic library and how it delivers on your institutions goals.
The question is how to do it efficiently and effectively. This resource from Oakleaf, who wrote a bench-
mark 2010 ACRL report on library value, will help you apply value and impact concepts to your own library.
It includes 52 activities designed as part of professional development workshops and in consultation
with libraries. By using this book, you’ll learn how to identify your stakeholders, listen to them, take new
approaches to addressing value, and ultimately position your library as an increasingly valued asset. The
activities inside will guide you through such key issues as
À stakeholder views of library servicescapes;
À institutional communications audit; assessment fears, challenges, and barriers;
À impact on student retention;
À involving the entire library organization; and
À reporting the results.
2018 | softcover
232 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$62.00 | Members: $55.80
2017 | softcover
256 pp | 6" x 9"
$59.00 | Members: $53.10
Fundamentals of Library Supervision, Third Edition
Beth McNeil | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1554-7
“Clear and concise, this classic text is recommended for new and seasoned library managers.”
—Library Journal
This new edition of a classic text will give you the grounding to supervise, manage, and lead with confi-
dence. Focusing on daily, real-world issues, this resource offers
À discussion of how to foster a positive work environment by determining the character of your
À advice on supervising all different kinds of employees, from those with “structural" personalities
to creative types;
À tactics for leading productive and focused staff meetings;
À guidance on how to develop shared accountability, overcoming the decision dilemma so common
in group settings, and other strategies for building successful teams;
À easy to follow tips for making email a genuine productivity tool; and
À methods for meeting deadlines through backward planning.
ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
Administration | Management
Financial Management for Libraries
William W. Sannwald | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1560-8
Presenting financial management principles and best practices applicable to both public and academic
libraries, this comprehensive text
À gives readers a solid grounding in the basics of accounting and finance, with an emphasis on
applicability to library management and operations;
À ties budgets and strategic planning to library mission, goals, and objectives;
À discusses the roles of stakeholders such as boards, governmental/municipal bodies, the univer-
sity, and the community;
À looks at a variety of funding sources, from tax revenue to gifts and donations, and presents sound
strategies for including them when projecting income and expenses;
À articulates and discusses the pros and cons of various budget strategies;
À includes sample budgets and forms that can be customized as needed; and
À offers expert guidance on modifying budgets for windfalls and shortfalls.
Reengineering the Library:
Issues in Electronic Resources Management
George Stachokas, editor | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1621-6
In this book, the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) gathers a variety of per-
spectives to examine recent developments in electronic resources management (ERM) and how this work
fits into the overall mission of the contemporary academic library. Thoroughly grounded in experience and
everyday best practices while also considering how ERM can best fulfill the mission of today’s academic
libraries, this books contributors discuss issues such as
À interdepartmental workflows such as instruction, metadata, and user support that impact elec-
tronic resources management;
À strategies for controlling costs;
À license arrangements to allow text and data mining;
À managing the transition from dedicated ERM systems to integration into library service platforms;
À new analytics and assessment techniques; and
À operational improvements for better usability, troubleshooting, and customer support.
2018 | softcover
192 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$82.00 | Members: $73.80
2018 | softcover
480 pp | 6" x 9"
$85.00 | Members: $76.50
2018 | softcover
336 pp | 6" x 9"
$79.00 | Members: $71.10
Essential Management Skills for
Library and Information Professionals
Mary E. Wilkins-Jordan | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1497-7
Informed by the authors research on critical skill sets, this text explores a variety of managerial topics, fus-
ing theory with a hands-on approach that encourages practical application. Suitable for self-paced study as
well as specific guidance on particular subjects, this book
À utilizes an engaging tone far removed from the dry manner of a lecture hall, helping to cement
knowledge gained in the course of reading;
À covers ethics, personal career development, human resources, planning, evaluation, budgeting,
communication, leadership, advocacy, and many other important management issues;
À organizes concepts into units that feature case studies, discussion questions, a list of tasks that
can be used as assignments, and a bibliography of additional resources; begins with foundational
concepts and builds unit-by-unit to increasingly advanced sets of skills; and
À concludes by presenting ways to think more broadly about being part of the larger LIS profession. | 866.746.7252
Administration | Management
Practical Tips for Successful Library Management
Leo Appleton | PRINT: 978-1-78330-032-7
Today's library and information service managers need to be multi-skilled practitioners, demonstrating
knowledge and understanding of multiple professional disciplines while working in operational and strate-
gic managerial and leadership capacities. Drawing from an international field including all types of libraries,
this book takes management theory and practice and places it within a library and information context so
that readers can see how the practical tips provided can be applied in their own roles. Readers will find flex-
ible tips and implementation advice on such topics as
À leadership and self-awareness;
À organizational awareness;
À project management;
À strategic and business planning;
À staying in touch with developments and
innovations in the field;
À time management;
2018 | softcover
224 pp | 6" x 9"
$95.00 | Members: $85.50
2017 | softcover
176 pp | 6" x 9"
$57.00 | Members: $51.30
Tactical Urbanism for Librarians:
Quick, Low-Cost Ways to Make Big Changes
Karen Munro | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1558-5
The case studies that Munro presents prove that this guerilla-style intervention in
communities is achievable . . . Munro's passion and excitement is palpable.” VOYA
Tactical urbanism, a global grassroots movement to improve cities by and for the people who live in them,
has applications that are tailor made for libraries. Here, Munro offers plentiful examples from cities and
libraries, addressing such topics as
À useful urbanism concepts like placemaking, pink zones, design thinking, and optical leverage;
À 12 steps to becoming a tactical library interventionist;
À 4 tactical urbanism case studies, such as Park(ing) Day and Self- Gentrification, with discussion of
why they matter to libraries; and
À 5 library case studies, including Library Box and a “Dewey- Less" Library System, that demonstrate
how libraries can apply tactical urbanism concepts.
2017 | softcover
184 pp | 6" x 9"
$75.00 | Members: $67.50
Library Conversations:
Reclaiming Interpersonal
Communication Theory for
Understanding Professional
Marie L. Radford and Gary P. Radford
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1484-7
A satisfying combination of
intellectual and practical, this work
will appeal to librarians in public
service positions and to those
teaching or mentoring students
preparing to join the profession.”
—Library Journal
À budget and people management;
À working in a team;
À quality assurance and performance mea-
À liaison and communication;
À evaluation and responsiveness; and
À career planning and work-life balance.
So You Want to Be an
Academic Library Director
Edited by Colleen S. Harris
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1496-0
“Institutions with library science
programs will want to consider
this . . . Some other academic
libraries which support schools
of education, or have staff
interested in moving into library
administration, may also wish to
consider it.” —ARBA
2017 | softcover
128 pp | 6” x 9”
$59.00 | Members: $53.10
ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
Administration | Management
Effective Difficult Conversations: A Step-by-Step Guide
Catherine Soehner and Ann Darling | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1495-3 | e-book available
“Buy a copy immediately and put it near your desk!” Teacher Librarian
The book provides a formulaic method of structuring a difficult conversation: from defining
the difficult conversation, to determining what the party initiating the difficult conversation
wants to say, to the ebbs and flows of said difficult conversation, to documenting the results of
the conversation . . . The skills discussed in the book help librarians perfect the soft skills that
are necessary to serve all patrons.”—ARBA
After reading this book, you will feel empowered to
À proactively identify situations that require an intervention, thus avoiding unnecessary complica-
tions or confrontations down the line;
À prepare for and initiate a difficult conversation, balancing a clear message with empathy; and
À follow up a difficult conversation in writing, keeping the lines of communication open to ensure a
way forward.
2017 | softcover
128 pp | 6" x 9"
$38.00 | Members: $34.20
Winning Grants:
A How-To-Do-It Manual
For Librarians, Second
Stephanie K. Gerding and
Pamela H. MacKellar;
Foreword by Susan Hildreth
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1473-1
Newly revised and refreshed,
this invaluable how-to manual
offers a proven, easy-to-under-
stand process for grant success.
It’s loaded with a wide variety of
forms, worksheets, and check-
lists to help you stay organized.
The Good, the Great,
and the Unfriendly:
A Librarian's Guide to
Working with Friends Groups
Sally Gardner Reed, United for Libraries
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1498-4
e-book available
“Straightforward, practical advice.
—Library Journal
“The appendixes provide truly
useful information, from a sample
memorandum of understanding to
information about nonprofits; much
of her advice is useful outside of
Friends groups as well.“ —VOYA
2017 | softcover
248 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$108.00 | Members: $97.20
2017 | softcover
168 pp | 6" x 9"
$57.00 | Members: $51.30
2017 | softcover
224 pp | 6” x 9”
$69.00 | Members: $62.10
Academic Library Management: Case Studies
Edited by Tammy Nickelson Dearie, Michael Meth, and Elaine L. Westbrooks | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1559-2
“Written by the personnel directly involved in the decision-making and implementation of the
tasks described, these studies allow the reader to truly grasp the multiple dimensions of library
management . . . By presenting accounts from a variety of settings, involving units from public
and technical services to archives/special collections and facilities management, this tome
gives managers and future managers much to ponder.” —ARBA
This book
À touches upon such key issues as human resource planning, public relations, financial manage-
ment, organizational culture, and ethics and confidentiality;
À examines how to create a new liaison service model, advance a collaborative future, and set up
on-the-spot mentoring; and
À discusses digital planning for archives and special collections. | ..
Administration | Management
2013 | softcover
600 pp | 6" x 9"
$88.00 | Members: $79.20
Management Basics for Information Professionals, Third Edition
G. Edward Evans and Camila A. Alire | PRINT: 978-1-55570-909-9
“Full of great tips and pertinent references on all sorts of skills and concepts . . . a great resource
for library classes and those interested in library management and administration.” —Booklist
“With its excellent organization, detailed table of contents, comprehensive indexes, and ‘key
points to remember,’ it can also serve as a reference resource on specific topics.” —Portal:
Libraries and the Academy
Reflecting the rapidly changing information services environment, the third edition of this bestselling title
offers updates and a broader scope to make it an even more comprehensive introduction to library man-
agement. Addressing the basic skills good library managers must exercise throughout their careers, this
edition includes a completely new chapter on management ethics. Evans and Alire also pay close attention
to management in "new normal" straitened economic conditions and offer updates on technological topics
like social media.
252 pp
8.5" x 11"
Members: $46.60
e-book available
304 pp
8.5" x 11"
Members: $46.60
e-book available
Be a Great Boss: One Year to Success
Catherine Hakala-Ausperk
Any library director, whether experienced or
not, will definitely benefit from this book.”
Gwen M. Gregory,
Build a Great Team: One Year to
Success Catherine Hakala-Ausperk
“Recommended for library managers and
managers-to-be, this is a great source for
what they didn’t teach you in library school.”
224 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $58.50
e-book available
The Purpose-Based Library:
Finding Your Path to Survival,
Success, and Growth
John J. Huber and Steven V. Potter
An inspiring read.” Technical Services
175 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $63.00
Lean Library Management:
Eleven Strategies for Reducing
Costs and Improving Customer
Services John J. Huber
“Each reader should be able to take away
something positive from reading this book.”
Journal of Access Services
224 pp
6" x 9"
softcover | $95.00
Members: $85.50
PRINT: 978-1-78330-018-1
hardcover | $190.00
Members: $171.50
PRINT: 978-1-78330-180-5
Practical Tips for Developing Your
Staff Tracey Pratchett and Gil Young
with Carol Brooks, Lisa Jeskins, and
Helen Monagle
“The content is applicable to libraries
everywhere. VERDICT: Sound advice that
will appeal to new managers and mentors of
information professionals.” —Library Journal
208 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $55.80
e-book available
College Libraries and Student
Culture: What We Now Know
Edited by Lynda M. Duke and
Andrew D. Asher
A well-organized and insightful work that
reveals how academic libraries are viewed
and utilized.” —Booklist
ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
Administration | Management
256 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $62.10
e-book available
104 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $41.10
e-book available
152 pp
8.5" x 11"
Members: $46.80
152 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $51.30
e-book available
208 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $51.30
e-book available
125 pp
8.5" x 11"
Members: $64.80
256 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $51.30
e-book available
184 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $48.60
e-book available
Getting Started with Evaluation
Peter Hernon, Robert E. Dugan, and
Joseph R. Matthews
A valuable entry point into the field.”
Journal of Library Innovation
The Black Belt Librarian:
Real-World Safety and Security
Warren Graham
“This short guide packs a great deal of tips
into nine succinct chapters.” —VOYA
Reflecting on the Future of Academic
and Public Libraries Edited by
Peter Hernon, and Joseph R. Matthews
“Hernon and Matthews have made a major
practical and readable contribution to the
literature of contemporary librarianship.”
Australian Library Journal
The Challenge of Library Management:
Leading with Emotional Engagement
Wyoma vanDuinkerken and
Pixey Anne Mosley
A concise change leadership treatise.”
College & Research Libraries
Small Public Library Management
Jane Pearlmutter and Paul Nelson
“Highly recommended to any small
public library administrator—it will have
a permanent place on this reviewer’s
nightstand.” —Booklist
The Transformed Library:
E-books, Expertise, and Evolution
Jeannette Woodward
“Offers readers a frank and honest examina-
tion of the current state of librarianship and
the professionals that work in the field.” Journal
of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries
Library Management Tips that Work
Edited by Carol Smallwood
A core addition to any library science
reference collection." —Midwest Book Review
“Managers looking for ways to improve
communication and staffing techniques will
find plenty to choose from in this collection
of practical and pragmatic management
tips.” —Public Libraries
Defusing the Angry Patron: A How-
To-Do-It Manual for Librarians,
Second Edition Rhea Joyce Rubin
“Library staff who have public service duties
will find this book invaluable in learning to
deal with patron anger.” —Library Journal
(starred review)
184 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $51.30
e-book available
Library Security: Better
Communication, Safer Facilities
Steve Albrecht
“His writing style is straightforward and he
keeps the reader interested throughout
the various chapters.” —ASIS Dynamics | 866.746.7252
Career Enrichment
The Dysfunctional Library:
Challenges and Solutions to Workplace Relationships
Jo Henry, Joe Eshleman, and Richard Moniz | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1623-0
Frankly, it’s not something we like to talk about. But incivility, toxicity, deviant behavior, workplace politics,
and team and leadership dysfunction not only make the library a stressful workplace, they also run counter
to the core values of librarianship. This book examines these negative relationship-based issues and sug-
gests practical, research-based solutions by
À showing how organizational dysfunction is rooted in problems such as poor communication, inade-
quate leadership, and lack of employee engagement;
À breaking down relatable scenarios to analyze what’s behind them and how to defuse them, ranging
from a gossipy coworker who fails to contribute to the organization, to workplace bullying and
mobbing; and
À delving into the importance of conflict management.
2018 | softcover
216 pp | 6" x 9"
$64.00 | Members: $57.60
Your Passport to International Librarianship
Cate Carlyle and Dee Winn | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1718-3
Regardless of your career path or what type of institution you serve, theres an exciting kind of career
enrichment waiting for you. It involves travel, experiencing different cultures and languages, and learn-
ing interpersonal skills you just can’t get behind a desk: volunteering in international libraries. Here, the
authors draw from their experiences working with groups such as Librarians without Borders to offer
À an in-depth discussion of what international librarianship (IL) entails, and why its emphasis on
collaboration and advocacy makes it such a nourishing form of professional development;
À stories from librarians around the world about their own IL experiences;
À straightforward guidance on researching IL opportunities and making it work in the context of
your job;
À trip planning, fundraising, and cost saving tips;
À advice on staying connected after the trip is over; and
À ways to bypass the need to travel by volunteering digitally and remotely.
2018 | softcover
128 pp | 6" x 9"
$49.99 | Members: $44.99
2018 | softcover
112 pp | 6" x 9"
$54.99 | Members: $49.49
Project Management in Libraries: On Time, On Budget, On Target
Carly Wiggins Searcy | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1719-0
A recent study showed that only 53 percent of projects come in on budget and only 49 percent on sched-
ule. So what does it take to be an on-time finisher? Searcy, a certified Project Management Professional
as well as a librarian, takes readers through mastering the key skills that will make it happen: initiating,
planning, executing, monitoring, and closing. Applying project management principles in a library-project
context, this book provides to-the-point guidance on
À running effective and productive meetings by using a checklist approach;
À treating people fairly while openly sharing information;
À ways to simplify workflows by choosing the most suitable software program;
À how to write a project charter;
À the agile concept of self-organizing teams;
À identifying risks and planning for the downside;
À managing scope creep by maintaining realistic expectations; and
À using a checklist to close projects so they stay closed.
ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
Career Enrichment
and eCourses
Two affordable options for learning and professional development from the conve-
nience of your desktop!
À Workshops are small-group webinars led by recognized experts, offering you the
chance to get authoritative answers to your questions while interacting with
colleagues who have similar concerns.
À eCourses are asynchronous online courses, offering readings, instructor-led
discussions, and weekly assignments or activities. The instructors are experts
in their content area as well as in leading interactive online learning. All interac-
tions take place on the eCourse website, available 24/7. A certificate of comple-
tion is available to participants after the course.
Browse all of our eLearning opportunities at
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How can you make sure you are evolving
with it?
With budgets and staff stretched thin, it can be tough to know how to
allocate your resources effectively. eConsulting Library Solutions can help.
Experienced consultants in marketing, web development and design, user
experience, customer service, and more are ready to work with you. We
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solutions through a variety of tools and leave with a custom-tailored plan
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Bestseller in Career Enrichment
Renew Yourself: A Six-Step Plan for More Meaningful Work
Catherine Hakala-Ausperk | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1499-1 | ebook available
This book will help the new LIS graduate, a mid-career staffer, or a library veteran who
is burned out. The author discusses strategies to help a stifled or frustrated worker
cope with their existing situation. This is a wonderful work to encourage the reader to
learn to flourish and grow in their work life and add meaning to their work life. Highly
recommended!” Journal of Hospital Librarianship
Through her engaging, encouraging style, the author guides readers to find their own
answers by providing a path that makes the renewal process clearer as she offers renewal
strategies to help readers make smart choices and take positive action in their careers
going forward.” —Career Convergence
More best-selling books from Hakala-Ausperk on page 7.
2017 | softcover
152 pp | 6" x 9"
$50.00 | Members: $45.00
 | ..
Buildings | Facilities | Design
Bestseller in Buildings, Facilities, and Design
Useful, Usable, Desirable:
Applying User Experience Design to Your Library
Aaron Schmidt and Amanda Etches | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1226-3 | ebook available
An excellent introduction to user experience design for libraries . . . The clear, accessible
yet entertaining writing style is enjoyable to read.” —Australian Library Journal
This is a killer manual for any library staff member to have at your desk, no matter what
your job is . . . This book covers the gamut of library user experiences: your physical space,
service points, policies and customer services, signage and wayfinding, online presence,
and using the library. . . For some achievable ideas for how to make your community’s
experience in your library better, try this book out. An investment that will keep paying
you back every time you make an improvement.” —Librarian In Black
2014 | softcover
216 pp | 6" x 9"
$65.00 | Members: $58.50
The Practical Handbook of Library Architecture:
Creating Building Spaces that Work
Fred Schlipf and John A. Moorman | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1553-0
With a special emphasis on avoiding common problems in library design, this definitive resources address
a range of issues applicable to any undertaking, offering specific how-to and how-not-to guidance. Packed
with lists and headings to allow for easy scanning, this handbook
À provides nuts-and-bolts guidance on the entire process of planning, design, and construction,
including “snappy rules” summarizing each chapter;
À covers new construction, remodeling and expanding of existing buildings, and conversion of
non-library spaces to libraries;
À advises libraries on how to avoid creating dysfunctional buildings and spaces;
À shows how to collaborate productively with planners, architects, and contractors;
À discusses the technical needs of basic library spaces, including collection storage, user seating,
meeting and conference rooms, craft rooms, study areas, service desks, restrooms, and staff
workspaces; and
À includes careful consideration of technical requirements relating to lighting, electrical systems,
security systems, elevators, and other areas.
2018 | softcover
1040 pp | 7" x 10"
$149.00 | Members: $134.10
2018 | softcover
128 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$74.99 | Members: $67.49
Collaborative Library Design: From Planning to Impact
Peter Gisolfi | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1717-6
Award-winning architect Gisolfi presents detailed case studies of ten library design projects, identifying
paths to success as well as hazards to avoid. This book
À examines projects from a range of institutions, such as an academic library recovering from a fire,
a high school library transitioning into the 21st century, and a public library that was transformed
over many decades from a one-room schoolhouse to a 48,000-square-foot building;
À includes plentiful illustrations, photos, and diagrams;
À presents essays for each project written by the board member or academic administrator who
participated and contributed to the planning, and the architect who lead the design team;
À features honest evaluations of each project from a librarian responsible for the day-to-day opera-
tion in the new space; and
À offers a closing essay discussing new trends in library design that will help assure the library’s
position as a vital civic institution.
ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
Programs | Services
Pop Culture-Inspired Programs for Tweens, Teens, and Adults
Amy Alessio, Katie LaMantia, and Emily Vinci | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1705-3
Lets have a Pac-Man Party! Or perhaps you’d rather make your own lava lamp or love beads, or just chow
down on some nifty ‘50s snacks? Complete with programming best practices, age ranges and suggested
variations for multigenerational or family events, planning lists, budgeting guidance, and marketing advice,
this book trawls the decades to engage your library’s users through
À programs that incorporate yummy treats like cake pops, Chex mix, Classic Candies by the Decade,
and popular microwaveable foods from the 80s;
À toy-centric events that riff on Everything Barbie, Strawberry Shortcake, Cabbage Patch Kids and
À Poodle Totes, Flannel Pillows, Flair Fun, Graffiti Art, and other DIY projects;
À video screenings such as I Want My MTV, Nostalgia Nickelodeon Night, Cult Movie Fest, and
Marvel Madness; and
À themed book discussion groups, board game gatherings, trivia contests, and many more fun
50+ Fandom Programs:
Planning Festivals and Events for Tweens, Teens and Adults
Amy J. Alessio, Kate LaMantia, and Emily Vinci | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1552-3
An excellent resource.” ARBA
This book of ready-to-go programs and events will help public libraries give fans who are passionate about
genres, characters, games, and book series plenty of reasons to return to the library again and again.
Adaptable for a wide range of ages, this resource
À covers all the basics of how to host a fandom event, including prep time, length of program, num-
ber of patrons, budget, and supplies needed;
À presents such imaginative and engaging programming ideas as 50 Shades of Hot Books, Old
School Video Games, Women in Comics, Creating Steampunk Outfits, Superhero School, and
many more;
À provides ideas for perennial fan favorites like Harry Potter, horror stories, and sports; and
À gives tips on how to stay current with what’s popular and ways to incorporate popular activities
like cosplay, trivia, and movie-oke.
2017 | softcover
184 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$49.00 | Members: $44.10
Get Your Community Moving:
Physical Literacy Programs for All Ages
Jenn Carson | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1725-1
Movement-based programs bring new people into libraries, help promote community health, and stimu-
late literacy for children and adults alike. A guidebook for serving library patrons of all ages, both mind and
body together, this resource
À describes the concept of physical literacy and explains why it matters;
À shares tips for building enthusiasm among library staff, training, marketing, as well as guidance on
handling patron feedback;
À shows how to get started regardless of staffing or budget limitations;
À includes programs for children and families, such as ABC Boom!, storytime fun runs, and a healthy
nutrition lecture and tasting;
À outlines a Water Wars! party, a Quidditch match, an earth walk, and other programs that convert
teens’ energy into healthy movement; and
À offers adult programs, from gym passes and walk/run clubs to ballroom dancing.
2018 | softcover
144 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$49.99 | Members: $44.99
2018 | softcover
224 pp | 7” x 10”
$54.99 | Members: $49.49
 | 866.746.7252
Programs | Services
The Librarians Guide to Homelessness:
An Empathy-Driven Approach to Solving Problems,
Preventing Conflict, and Serving Everyone
Ryan J. Dowd | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1626-1
Homelessness is a perennial topic of concern at libraries. In fact, staff at public
libraries interact with almost as many homeless individuals as staff at shelters
do. Empathy and understanding, along with specific actionable advice that’s
drawn from experience, makes all the difference in working with this group. In this
book Dowd, executive director of a homeless shelter, spotlights best practices
drawn from his own shelter’s policies and training materials. Filled with to-the-
point guidance that will help frontline public library staff and managers under-
stand and serve this population better, this resource
À includes facts about homelessness every librarian should know;
À debunks widespread myths about these individuals, explaining how they
see themselves, what issues they struggle with, and how libraries can shift
towards supporting them;
À shares de-escalation techniques like showing respect, ways to avoid
making things personal, and using proper body language;
À walks readers through dealing with common issues like a sleeping patron,
questionable hygiene, offensive behavior, and asking a patron to leave; and
À advises on how to provide backup to a colleague and when to call the
2018 | softcover
264 pp | 7" x 10"
$57.00 | Members: $51.30
2018 | softcover
208 pp | 6" x 9"
$92.99 | Members: $83.69
Edited by Liz Brewster and Sarah McNicol | PRINT: 978-1-78330-341-0
Bibliotherapy initiatives can now be found in libraries all over the world, from pub-
lic libraries to health/hospital libraries and academic libraries. This book draws on
the latest international practical and theoretical developments in bibliotherapy to
explore how libraries can best support the health and well-being of their commu-
nities. Examining all aspects of bibliotherapy in its widest sense, it begins with a
critical historical overview of bibliotherapy, followed by an explanation of theories
or approaches to bibliotherapy. This book explains how various bibliotherapy mod-
els actually work, drawing on practical examples to demonstrate how the theories
behind bibliotherapy can be applied. Included are case studies encompassing
a range of settings (public library, academic library, outpatient, inpatient); popu-
lations (including young people, ESOL speakers, psychiatric patients, homeless
people, people with dementia/carers); and countries (UK, North America, South
America, Australia).
This book will be useful reading for students and practising library and information
professionals in a variety of settings, including health, public, and academic librar-
ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
Programs | Services
The Makerspace Librarians Sourcebook
Edited by Ellyssa Kroski | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1504-2
“Essential . . . Kroski is a librarian with an uncanny ability to explain technological concepts
and functions in a simple and entertaining style. She has included many professional voices in
the various chapters of this sourcebook, resulting in a seamless narrative of vital makerspace
information. This sourcebook will eliminate any hesitation about makerspace possibilities and
enable a superior service platform to serve your library patrons.”—Catholic Library World
This hands-on guidebook
À leads librarians through how to start their own makerspace from scratch, covering strategic plan-
ning, funding sources, starter equipment lists, space design, and safety guidelines;
À discusses the transformative teaching and learning opportunities that makerspaces offer, with
tips on how to empower and encourage a diverse maker culture within the library; and
À delves into 11 of the most essential technologies and tools most commonly found in
Promoting Individual and Community Health at Your Library
Mary Grace Flaherty | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1627-8
In this book Flaherty shows not only how to guide library users to high quality health information but also
demonstrates why taking the initiative to offer health promotion programming can be a valuable form of
community outreach. Library directors, programming staff, reference librarians, and health educators will
all benefit from this books patron-centered stance, which features
À a historic overview of the consumer health movement and how it intersects with public libraries;
À guidance on finding and evaluating the best print, electronic, and app-based health information
À an in-depth look at collaborative efforts to provide and sponsor simple health-related activities in
public libraries, spotlighting programs in action at libraries across the county;
À instructions on creating, planning, marketing, and evaluating a public library health program;
À discussions of patron privacy and liability concerns; and
À guidelines for public libraries’ role in public health efforts, including disaster preparedness.
2017 | softcover
400 pp | 6" x 9"
$85.00 | Members: $76.50
2018 | softcover
368 pp | 6" x 9"
$67.99 | Members: $61.20
2018 | softcover
144 pp | 6" x 9"
$50.00 | Members: $45.00
63 Ready-to-Use Maker Projects
Edited by Ellyssa Kroski | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1591-2
This new compilation from editor and maker Kroski spotlights a multitude of creative projects that you
can tailor for your own library. Librarians and makers from across the country present projects as fun as an
upcycled fashion show, as practical as Bluetooth speakers, and as mischievous as a catapult. Included are
projects for artists, sewers, videographers, coders, and engineers. The handy reference format will help you
quickly identify the estimated costs, materials, and equipment; and because several projects don’t even
require a dedicated makerspace, every library can join in. Inside you’ll find how-to guidance for projects like
À a foam rocket launcher;
À stop-motion animation with 3D print characters;
À found-object robots;
À glowing ghost marionettes;
À Arduino eTextiles;
À magnetic slime;
À yarn painting;
À fidget flannels;
À an LED brooch; and
À cardboard sculpture.
 | 866.746.7252
Programs | Services
Getting Started in Service Design:
A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians
Joe J. Marquez and Annie Downey | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1564-6
Because service design prioritizes users and their overall experience, it’s a valuable framework that admin-
istrators and library staff can use as a group to assess, revise, and create library services, spaces, and work-
flows. Using an action-oriented assortment of exercises, templates, and tools to make service design more
accessible to all types of libraries, this how-to-do-it manual
À introduces the service design concept, what it is used for, and how it can benefit every institution;
À describes the four necessary phases for any service design project, with key exercises for thinking
in service design terms to craft a “thick description” of the library’s users and behavior;
À explains the importance of making assessment part of the fabric of the library, and offers tools for
following through;
À reviews real-life examples of implemented service design, spotlighting how students and
researchers use library services; and
À offers advice for moving forward and managing change.
2017 | softcover
120 pp | 8.5” x 11”
$60.00 | Members: $54.00
Creating a Local History Archive at Your Public Library
Faye Phillips | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1566-0
This is a good introduction to the multiple factors and processes involved in setting up a local
history archive. It provides good guidance on types of materials to include in such a collection
including personal records and genealogical resources.” ARBA
Written by an archivist and librarian with hands-on experience in multiple archival and manuscripts repos-
itories, this concise guidebook provides guidance on creating a new archive as well as reinvigorating an
existing one. It addresses
À what makes for a successful local history collection, with real-life examples that can serve as
À policies, planning, procedures, and day-to-day work involved with archival collections;
À processing, from appraisal and legal transfer to arrangement and description;
À maintenance of the collection, offering guidance on proper care, storage, security, and disaster
prevention and recovery; and
À continuing education for staff.
2018 | softcover
304 pp | 6” x 9”
$68.00 | Members: $61.20
2018 | softcover
176 pp | 6” x 9”
$57.00 | Members: $51.30
The Complete Guide to Personal Digital Archiving
Edited by Brianna H. Marshall | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1605-6
Scholars and scrapbookers alike need your help with saving their most important digital content. But how
do you translate your professional knowledge as a librarian or archivist into practical skills that even nov-
ices can apply to their own projects? This guide will show you the way, helping you break down archival
concepts and best practices into teachable solutions for your patrons’ projects, providing
À explanations of common terms in plain language;
À quick, non-technical solutions to the most frequent patron requests;
À guidance on how to archive Facebook posts, baby announcements, bar mitzvahs, weddings, and
other life events;
À methods for capturing analog video from obsolete physical carriers, like MiniDV;
À proven workflows for public facing transfer stations, as used at the Washington, D.C. Memory Lab
and the Queens mobile scanning unit;
À ways to help seniors plan digital estates as heirlooms and memory objects; and
À pointers on additional resources.
Programs | Services
ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
A Year of Programs for
Millennials and More
Amy J. Alessio, Katie LaMantia,
and Emily Vinci
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1332-1
“This gem of a resource for
librarians at public libraries
will appeal to those designing
programs with budget and staff
constraints.” —Library Journal
A well-organized and easy-to-
consult sourcebook.” ARBA
Adults Just Wanna
Have Fun: Programs
for Emerging Adults
Audrey Barbakoff
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1391-8
“Inventive and exciting . . .
Readers will also be inspired to
create their own groundbreaking
outreach programs.” —Public
Barbakoff shows how to draw
emerging adults to the library
using a mixture of play and
engagement and then keep
them coming back for more.
Strategic Planning
for Results
Sandra Nelson for the Public Library
Association (PLA)
PRINT: 978-0-8389-3573-6
“If you’re serious about strategic
planning, then buy this book.”
—Marketing Library Services
A must-have publication for
every public library, as well as the
kind of publication librarians in
other contexts could use.”
—Library Hi Tech
2015 | softcover
216 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$49.00 | Members: $44.10
2008 | softcover
312 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$74.00 | Members: $66.60
2013 | softcover
280 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$54.00 | Members: $48.60
Adult Programs in the
Library, Second Edition
Brett W. Lear
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1140-2
e-book available
Programming is an important
means of not only drawing new
people to the library but also
better serving existing patrons.
Walking the reader through
every aspect of adult program-
ming, this tried-and-true book is
truly a librarians best friend.
2016 | softcover
136 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$49.00 | Members: $44.10
Bestsellers in Programs and Services
2017 | softcover
152 pp | 6" x 9"
$57.00 | Members: $51.30
The Collection All Around:
Sharing Our Cities, Towns, and Natural Places
Jeffrey T. Davis | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1505-9
“Davis provides remarkable and inspiring examples with enough detail to help librarians get
started with similar outreaches unique to their communities.” —Catholic Library World
Using ideas drawn from libraries from around the country, this book covers
À why this model strengthens libraries’ community and institutional support;
À programs for brokering public access to cultural venues via ticketing platforms;
À the joint use of library cards as IDs, for banking, and as parking/transit passes;
À ways that libraries can act as guides to local resources, such as cultural walking tours and navi-
gating social services;
À parklets, food truck roundups, and other programs for extending the public library beyond its
walls; and
À planning advice for getting started, managing the launch, and budgeting guidance.
 | ..
Intellectual Freedom | Copyright
Licensing Digital Content:
A Practical Guide for Librarians, Third Edition
Lesley Ellen Harris | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1630-8
Of the second edition, ARBA declared, “Harris’s book has become the standard for libraries and has yet
to have an equal published that is either as useful or as clear.” Covering the basics of digital licensing for
librarians, the new third edition provides a freshened look at all the key issues as well as updated sample
agreement clauses. Giving library professionals and students the understanding and the tools needed to
negotiate and organize license agreements, Harris uses a plain-language approach that demystifies the
process. Her guide
À explains licensing terminology and discusses changes in technology, including developments
such as text and data mining;
À points out opportunities for cost savings;
À features many useful tools such as a comprehensive digital license checklist;
À provides sources of additional information on the global aspects of licensing; and
À walks readers through educating organizations that have signed license agreements.
2018 | softcover
176 pp | 6" x 9"
$65.00 | Members: $58.50
2018 | softcover
304 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$68.00 | Members: $61.20
Copyright Law for Librarians and Educators:
Creative Strategies and Practical Solutions, Fourth Edition
Kenneth D. Crews | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1629-2
Copyright law never sleeps. Declared “an exemplary text that seals the standards for such books
(Managing Information), this newly revised and updated edition by respected copyright authority Crews
offers timely insights and succinct guidance for LIS students, librarians, and educators alike. Readers will
À learn basic copyright definitions and key exceptions for education and library services;
À find information quickly with “key points" sidebars, legislative citations, and cross-references;
À understand the concept of fair use, with fresh interpretations of its many gray areas that will aid
decision making;
À learn the current state of affairs regarding mass digitization, Creative Commons, classroom use
and distance education, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and other important topics;
À receive guidance on setting up on a copyright service at a library, college, or university; and
À find many helpful checklists for navigating copyright in various situations.
Banned Books: Defending
Our Freedom to Read
Compiled by Robert P. Doyle
PRINT: 978-0-8389-8962-3
Packed with challenge entries,
infographics, timelines and
explanations of legal cases, this
resource presents a visual narra-
tive of the current state of literary
censorship in America, while
encouraging readers to explore
the past and advocate for the
2017 | softcover
308 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$35.00 | Members: $31.50
2018 | softcover
176 pp | 6" x 9"
$57.00 | Members: $51.30
The No-Nonsense Guide
to Copyright in All Media
Alma Hales and Bernadette Atwell
PRINT: 978-1-85604-764-7
Providing a happy medium between
a “fingers crossed” approach and
a “copyright police” stance, this
handbook explores the principles
of copyright for those with little or
no experience. It will help you to
develop good practice in clearing
and negotiating licenses for use of
third-party content in all types of
media including video, images,
and music.
ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
Intellectual Freedom | Copyright
2015 | softcover
296 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$70.00 | Members: $63.00
Intellectual Freedom Manual, Ninth Edition
Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF); Trina Magi, editor; Martin Garnar, assistant editor
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1292-8 | ebook available
Also of interest: A History of ALA Policy on Intellectual Freedom
PRINT 978-0-8389-1325-3 | e-book available
ALAs Intellectual Freedom Manual is more than just an invaluable compendium of guiding principles and
policies. It’s also an indispensable resource for day-to-day guidance on maintaining free and equal access
to information for all people. Fortifying and emboldening professionals and students from across the library
spectrum, this manual includes
À 34 ALA policy statements and documents, 17 new or updated for this edition, addressing patron
behavior, internet use, copyright, exhibits, use of meeting spaces, and other common concerns;
À at-a-glance lists summarizing key issues such as access, challenges and censorship, access by
minors to controversial materials, and advocacy;
À explanations of legal points in clear, easy-to-understand language, alongside case citations; and
À numerous checklists to help readers stay organized.
Copyright for Academic
Librarians and
Rebecca P. Butler
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1214-0
An excellent resource that
deserves to be in every
professional library.”—Catholic
Library World
A handy desk reference . . .The
splendid flowcharts allow you
to move much more quickly
through the steps of a copyright
analysis." —Law Library Journal
Copyright for Teachers
and Librarians in the
21st Century
Rebecca P. Butler
PRINT: 978-1-55570-738-5
“The thoughtful layout,
question-answer format, and
clear flowcharts contribute
to this titles readability and
usefulness.” —Booklist
Complete Copyright for
K–12 Librarians and
Carrie Russell
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1083-2
Recipient of the 2013 ABC-CLIO
Greenwood Award for the Best
Book in Library Literature
“Supplies a coherent, step-
by-step approach.” —Public
The Librarians Legal
Companion for Licensing
Information Resources and
Tomas A. Lipinski
PRINT: 978-1-55570-610-4
e-book available
“Thorough, well researched,
thoughtfully written . . . Lipinski’s
book will be a go-to work on my
reference shelf.” —Law Library
2014 | softcover
296 pp | 7" x 10"
$82.00 | Members: $73.80
2011 | softcover
275 pp | 6" x 9"
$72.00 | Members: $64.80
2012 | softcover
192 pp | 7" x 10"
$52.00 | Members: $46.80
2013 | softcover
760 pp | 6" x 9"
$134.00 | Members: $120.60
 | ..
Marketing | Advocacy
2018 | softcover
176 pp | 6" x 9"
$67.00 | Members: $60.30
2018 | softcover
160 pp | 7" x 10"
$54.00 | Members: $48.60
Easy Graphic Design for Librarians: From Color to Kerning
Diana K. Wakimoto | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1593-6
From the layout of a library’s web banner to the swag handed out during summer reading programs, librar-
ies make their visual identities known through the many forms of communication they produce and share.
And even if “graphic designer" isn’t technically in your job description, wouldn’t you like to do it better? This
approachable introduction to graphic design
À offers a concise overview of graphic design fundamentals such as typography, color, layout, and
using images;
À outlines a design process for busy librarians emphasizing a pragmatic approach to creating mate-
À explains how to use tools like templates and style guides, and how to choose the right software
for a particular project;
À includes guidance on creating bookmarks, brochures, flyers, and buttons;
À shows how to get more bang for your buck through flexible designs that can be repurposed; and
À provides a resource guide and suggestions for further readings.
Leveraging Wikipedia:
Connecting Communities
of Knowledge
Edited by Merrilee Proffitt
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1632-2
As a senior program officer at
OCLC, Proffitt has encouraged col-
laboration between Wikipedia and
cultural heritage institutions, lead-
ing to increased visibility and user
engagement at participating orga-
nizations. Here, contributors from
the worlds of academia, archives,
libraries, and members of the vol-
unteer Wikipedia community show
libraries how to get involved.
2018 | softcover
256 pp | 6" x 9"
$68.00 | Members: $61.20
2017 | softcover
288 pp | 6" x 9"
$57.00 | Members: $51.30
Winning Elections and
Influencing Politicians
for Library Funding
Patrick “PC" Sweeney
and John Chrastka
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1556-1
“The book includes discussion about
the recent election of President
Donald Trump and notes an
increased potential for anti-library
rhetoric, devoting a chapter to how
best to respond to opponents, even
opponents who lie. The authors have
turned what can seem daunting and
insurmountable into something very
possible and approachable.” —VOYA
Marketing with Social Media: A LITA Guide, Second Edition
Edited by Beth C. Thomsett-Scott | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1631-5
This all-new edition of a bestseller gathers a range of contributors to explore real-world uses of library mar-
keting technology, perfect for novices ready to dive in as well as practitioners on the lookout for ways to
improve existing efforts. Inside, librarians share insights on how they use their favorite social media tools to
promote their library and build community. Applicable to all types of institutions, this guide
À covers popular tools such as Snapchat, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter;
À shares four easy-to-use tools for creating memes, tips for creating short videos, and ways to
integrate blogs into social media;
À demonstrates how to use reaction GIFs and tagging to boost your Tumblr posts;
À shows how to tailor messages to communicate effectively with different generations and audi-
ences; and
À includes screen shots, illustrations, sample social media policies to help you navigate controver-
sies, and free online training resources.
ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
Marketing | Advocacy
Marketing Your Librarys Electronic Resources:
A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians, Second Edition
Marie R. Kennedy and Cheryl LaGuardia | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1565-3
When frontline librarians improve awareness of under-utilized resources, thereby increasing demand for
more of the same, it can also encourage increased funding for the library. The authors’ evidence-based
approach to promoting electronic resources effectively made the previous edition of this guide a bestseller.
Newly expanded and updated, this manual shows library marketing staff how to get the job done from
beginning to end and in a variety of library settings. Comprehensive yet to the point, this book includes
À seven complete programs from both public and academic libraries;
À an examination of the e-resource life cycle;
À cutting edge guidance on COUNTER usage reports and other web analytics;
À advice on making the most of marketing opportunities from learning management systems,
discovery services, LibGuides, and more; and
À a step-by-step organization guide, with a variety of feedback and assessment forms which can be
used as models.
Collaborating with Strangers:
Facilitating Workshops in Libraries, Classes, and Nonprofits
Bess G. de Farber, April Hines, and Barbara J. Hood | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1542-4
“CoLAB has great potential for fostering community and individual connections and long-
lasting partnerships.” —Reference & User Services Quarterly
Interaction with strangers cultivates creativity and provides opportunities for joining forces to achieve
great ends. Enter CoLAB. Developed and presented by de Farber at workshops across the country, and
used by the authors to successfully spur faculty-librarian collaboration at the University of Florida, it show-
cases the power of face-to-face conversations. Leading readers through a unique framework that breaks
down barriers to collaboration while also kindling long-lasting enthusiasm, this manual includes
À testimonials from workshop participants that demonstrate its benefits;
À step by step guidance on every aspect of organizing and presenting a CoLAB workshop;
À helpful photographs and diagrams that show workshops in action; and
À ready to use surveys for assessment before and after the workshop.
2017 | softcover
160 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$55.00 | Members: $49.50
2018 | softcover
240 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$65.00 | Members: $58.50
Creating Inclusive Library
Environments: A Planning
Guide for Serving Patrons
with Disabilities
Michelle Kowalsky and John Woodruff
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1485-4
e-book available
“Features checklists to support
the various topics, as well as
examples of programming schedules
. . . Kowalsky and Woodruffs
contribution thoroughly addresses
an underrepresented yet worthwhile
topic.” —Library Journal
2017 | softcover
232 pp | 6" x 9"
$62.00 | Members: $55.80
Bestseller in Marketing | Advocacy
Start a Revolution:
Stop Acting Like a Library
Ben Bizzle with Maria Flora
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1267-6
e-book available
“Not only does the book lend
solid, pragmatic advice, it is an
enjoyable read.” Technical
Services Quarterly
“Humor plays a big part in the
author’s marketing strategy, and
he provides examples of how his
tactics have reached new users.”
—Library Journal
2015 | softcover
208 pp | 6" x 9"
$55.00 | Members: $49.50
 | ..
Marketing | Advocacy
204 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $51.30
e-book available
Librarians as Community Partners:
An Outreach Handbook
Edited by Carol Smallwood
“The book makes a strong case for the
benefits of collaboration, backed up by
specific projects and quantifiable results."
216 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $51.30
e-book available
The Library Innovation Toolkit:
Ideas, Strategies, and Programs
Edited by Anthony Molaro and Leah
L. White; foreword by R. David Lankes
“Use these ideas, these points, these work
plans as a foundation for a larger personal
network of innovation.”
Technical Services Quarterly
140 pp
7" x 10"
Members: $44.10
e-book available
240 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $89.96
The Library Marketing Toolkit
Ned Potter
“I suggest that you buy, borrow or beg a copy
today.” —Australian Library Journal
Bite-Sized Marketing: Realistic
Solutions for the Overworked
Nancy Dowd, Mary Evangeliste,
and Jonathan Silberman
“Provides a powerful and streamlined approach
to marketing.”ACRL Washington Newsletter
224 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $48.60
e-book available
The Librarians Nitty-Gritty Guide
to Social Media Laura Solomon
“This is more than just another book
discussing the different types of social
media technologies; it provides a critical,
in-depth look at our understanding of social
medias role in libraries.” Journal of Library
128 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $45.00
e-book available
Makerspaces: Top Trailblazing
Projects, A LITA Guide
Caitlin A. Bagley
Any librarian and library considering
makerspaces should pick up this title.”
256 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $89.96
Social Media for Creative Libraries
Phil Bradley
“. . . a practical and simple, yet honest and
accessible mix of the good, the bad and the
ugly.” —Alexandria
2011 | softcover
80 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$38.00 | Members: $34.20
Doing Social Media So It Matters:
A Librarians Guide
Laura Solomon
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1067-2 | ebook available
“Gives both the novice and the experienced social
media practitioner advice on how to use these
virtual-communications tools more effectively and
is recommended for any library desiring to increase
the social media effectiveness quotient of the
staff.” —Booklist
ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
Information Technology
Using Digital Analytics for Smart Assessment
Tabatha Farney | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1598-1
Too often library analytic programs simplify data into basic units of measurements that miss useful
insights. Here, data expert Farney shows you how to maximize your efforts. Teaching you how to identify
and analyze areas that fit your library’s priorities, this book covers
À case studies of library projects with digital analytics;
À ways to use email campaign data from MailChimp or ConstantContact;
À how to measure click-through rates from unavailable items in the catalog to the ILL module;
À getting data from search tools such as library catalogs, journal search portals, link resolvers, and
digital repositories;
À using COUNTER compliant data from your electronic resources;
À techniques for using Google Tag Manager; and
À descriptions of analytics tools ranging from library analytics tools like Springshares LibInsights
and Orangeboy’s Savannah to more focused web analytics tools like Google Analytics, Piwik, and
2018 | softcover
168 pp | 6" x 9"
$65.00 | Members: $58.50
2018 | softcover
240 pp | 6" x 9"
$84.99 | Members: $76.50
Delivering Impact with Digital Resources:
Planning Your Strategy in the Attention Economy
Simon Tanner | PRINT: 978-1-85604-932-0
How do strategic decisions about digital resources foster change within our communities? This book
focuses on introducing both a mechanism and a way to thinking about strategies and evidence of benefits
that extend to impact, proposing an updated Balanced Value Impact Model (BVIM) to enable each memory
organization to convincingly argue they are an efficient and effective operation. Coverage includes:
À a guide to using the BVIM and a wide range of data gathering and evidence based methods;
À exploration of strategy in the context of digital ecosystems, an attention economy, and cultural
À working with communities and stakeholders to deliver on promises implicit in digital resources/
À major case studies about Europeana, the Wellcome Trust, and the National Gallery of Denmark,
among others; and
À an exploration of the difference between the attitudes expressed by groups within digital cultures
versus the actual behaviors they exhibit.
Mastering Data and
Databases for Information
Diane Rasmussen Pennington
PRINT: 978-1-78330-117-1
This text provides an appropriately
technical introduction to creating,
implementing, and working with
relational databases. Taking a
holistic look, the book is organized
into three sections:
À Part I. Introduction to data-
bases and data
À Part II. Structured data and
À Part III. The new generation
of data and databases
Information Law: Compliance
For Librarians, Knowledge
Managers and Information
Naomi Korn with Charles Oppenheim
PRINT: 978-1-78330-366-3
This no-nonsense guide provides
easy-to-follow and pragmatic solu-
tions to working with everything
from e-journals and repositories to
databases and image collections
from experts in the field. Case stud-
ies drawn from across the globe and
from every type of institution illus-
trate relevant real-world problems
and answers.
2019 | softcover
272 pp | 6" x 9"
$70.00 | Members: $63.00
2018 | softcover
160 pp | 6" x 9"
$95.00 | Members: $85.50
 | 866.746.7252
Building Digital Libraries:
A How-To-Do It Manual for Librarians, Second Edition
Kyle Banerjee and Terry Reese Jr. | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1635-3
Whether you’re embarking on the challenge of building a digital collection from scratch, or simply need to
understand the conceptual and technical challenges of constructing a digital library, this top-to-bottom
resource is the ideal guidebook to keep at your side. Demystifying core technologies and workflows, its
chapters walk you step-by-step through every stage. This book comprehensively covers
À needs assessment and planning for a digital repository;
À acquiring, processing, classifying, and describing digital content;
À storing and managing resources in a digital repository;
À technologies and standards useful to digital repositories, including XML, the Portland Common
Data Model, metadata schema such as Dublin Core, scripting using JSON and REST, linked open
data, and automated metadata assignment; and
À analyzing repository use, planning for the future, migrating to new platforms, and accommodating
new types of data.
Neal-Schuman Library Technology Companion:
A Basic Guide for Library Staff, Fifth Edition
John J. Burke | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1382-6
The tips on how to stay current are particularly useful . . . Highly recommended to all librarians
and staff.”—Public Libraries
The perfect primer for LIS students, Burkes guide should also be at the top of the list for any current or
future library professional looking to stay at the forefront of technological advancement. Its incisive cover-
age includes
À complete analysis of the librarians technological toolbox for teaching, security, databases, and more;
À expert advice on how to compare and evaluate competing technology solutions;
À mobile devices and technology, social media, and streaming media;
À makerspaces and other technology programing; and
À updated content on open source catalog systems, discovery layers, and related elements of
library management systems.
2018 | softcover
224 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$85.00 | Members: $76.50
2017 | softcover
272 pp | 7" x 10"
$56.00 | Members: $50.40
2016 | softcover
232 pp | 6" x 9"
$80.00 | Members: $72.00
Migrating Library Data: A Practical Manual
Edited by Kyle Banerjee and Bonnie Parks | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1503-5
Using step-by-step instructions and checklists, this book provides expert advice to help library staff with-
out programming knowledge address common conceptual and technical issues encountered in migra-
tions. An important planning and implementation tool, this book
À offers a holistic view of migrating different types of library data in ILSes, institutional repositories,
DAMs, and other types of systems used to manage data and operations;
À shows how to analyze, clean, and manipulate data using skills and tools available to most libraries;
À demonstrates how to work with specific data types typically encountered such as MARC, XML,
and delimited text;
À examines issues that affect specific areas such as acquisitions, circulation, licensing, and institu-
tional repositories;
À thoroughly covers testing, the final migration process, and putting the new system into full pro-
duction; and
À provides step-by-step instructions as well as useful checklists for “go live" readiness, post-migra-
tion functionality, and more.
Information Technology
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Newsleter (SLN), offering answers to your toughest questions about data analysis, open
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and more. Written by industry-leading practitioners and experts, this content helps you
discover the latest tools and implement practical stratgies to help your library thrive in
today’s digital world.
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JAN 2018
Vol. 54 / No. 1
ISSN 0024-2586
Jason Griffey
JAN 2018
Vol. 54 / No. 1
ISSN 0024-2586
Jason Griffey
Combating Fake News
in the Digital Age
Joanna M. Burkhardt
Library Technology Reports,
November/December 2017 (53:8)
PRINT: 978-0-8389-5991-6
This issue explores fake news—
its history, how it is shared, the
technology that has enhanced
its reach, the technology that
can help combat it, and the prac-
tical steps we can take to help
our patrons discern fact from
Free Reading Zones:
Transforming Access to
Books through Technology
Mirela Roncevic
Library Technology Reports,
October 2017 (53:7)
PRINT: 978-0-8389-5990-9
This report discusses Free
Reading Zones (FREZ), desig-
nated areas that provide people
free and uninterrupted access to
e-books through sponsorships.
Roncevic shares how this initia-
tive came about, who’s behind it,
and the short-term and long-term
goals of FREZ.
Library Spaces and Smart
Buildings: Technology,
Metrics, and Iterative
Edited by Jason Griffey
Library Technology Reports,
January 2018 (54:1)
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1610-0
Griffey explores sensor technology,
artificial intelligence and machine
learning, computer vision, and
other technologies and offers read-
ers a look into what’s possible in
the current state of technology for
smart library buildings.
2018 | softcover
36 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$43.00 | Members: $38.70
2018 | softcover
32 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$43.00 | Members: $38.70
2018 | softcover
36 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$43.00 | Members: $38.70
2018 | softcover
32 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$43.00 | Members: $38.70
Information Technology
How to Stay on Top of
Emerging Technology
Trends for Libraries
David Lee King
Library Technology Reports, February
2018 (54:2)
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1611-7
This report explores why you
should stay on top of technology
trends, the trend watchers you
should follow and how to follow
them, practical ways to incorpo-
rate new technology trends into
your library, and how to prepare
for and know when not to pursue
current trends.
FEB/MAR 2018
Vol. 54 / No. 2
ISSN 0024-2586
David Lee King
FEB/MAR 2018
Vol. 54 / No. 2
ISSN 0024-2586
David Lee King
 | 866.746.7252
Information Technology
2018 | softcover
256 pp | 6" x 9"
$84.00 | Members: $75.60
Getting Resource Discovery Right for Your User Community
Edited by Simon McLeish | PRINT: 978-1-78330-138-6
This important new book contains a range of contributions analyzing the ways in which libraries, muse-
ums, and other institutions are tackling the challenges facing them in discovery in the (post)-Google era.
Chapters are written by experts, both global and local, describing specific areas of discovery and local
implementations and ideas. The book will help with enhancing discovery both inbound—making locally
held resources globally discoverable—and outbound—making global resources locally discoverable—in
ways which are relevant to your user community. Discussion topics include:
À a survey of what resource discovery is today;
À analysis of how users approach discovery;
À using limited resources to help users find collections;
À discussion of the special requirements of and solutions for archives and museums;
À the role museum and library discovery plays in learning and teaching;
À linked open data and discovery; and
À the future of discovery.
Introduction to Modern
Information Retrieval,
Third Edition
G. G. Chowdhury
PRINT: 978-1-55570-715-6
“Chowdhury provides a good
understanding of where much
of our current systems have
come from … this book would
be a good resource for a basic
information retrieval course.”
—College and Research Libraries
Exploring Digital
Libraries: Foundations,
Practice, Prospects
Karen Calhoun
PRINT: 978-1-55570-985-3
“From the ‘cloud’ to ‘community,’
and from the ‘mass digitization
to the ‘digital divide,’ Calhoun
has meticulously covered
everything the reader needs
to know . . .This is a book by a
librarian for other librarians, and
that really is what makes this
book stand out.” —VOYA
The Top Technologies
Every Librarian Needs
to Know: A LITA Guide
Edited by Kenneth J. Varnum
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1228-7
e-book available
“Contains excellent advice about
defining the library’s context,
goals, needs, and abilities as
a means of discerning which
technologies to adopt.”
Technical Services Quarterly
2010 | softcover
508 pp | 6" x 9"
$94.95 | Members: $85.46
2014 | softcover
144 pp | 6" x 9"
$70.00 | Members: $63.00
2014 | softcover
224 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$55.00 | Members: $49.50
Google Search Secrets
Christa Burns and
Michael P. Sauers
PRINT: 978-1-55570-923-5
e-book available
“The authors have
researched each section with
an almost forensic attention
to detail. Virtually every step
of the search process is
fully explained with multiple
screen captures.” —Online
Information Review
2014 | softcover
352 pp | 6" x 9"
$98.00 | Members: $88.20
Bestsellers in Information Technology
ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
2014 | softcover
320 pp | 6" x 9"
$57.00 | Members: $51.30
The Network Reshapes the Library:
Lorcan Dempsey on Libraries, Services, and Networks
Lorcan Dempsey, Edited by Kenneth J. Varnum | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1233-1 | ebook available
“Dempsey’s uniquely extrapolative approach to discussing topical issues means that even out-of-
date posts have an enduring relevance.”Technicalities
A new generation of librarians and library professionals now have the opportunity to read these
important writings in a new context: hindsight . . . Dempsey has provided both a record and many
noteworthy ideas to a community that continues to applaud his insights.—Serials Review
“Future students of library history are not the only audience for this book. Dempsey’s posts
can serve as a starting place for new professionals who wish to understand how the library
environment has shifted over the past decade . . . it is likely that practicing librarians, library
students, and scholars of early 21st century technology will all find value in this book.”
Technical Services Quarterly
Book Repair,
Second Edition Revised:
A How-To-Do-It Manual
for Librarians
Kenneth Lavender;
revised by Artemis BonaDea
PRINT: 978-1-55570-747-7
Covering both basic book repair
techniques and sound preser-
vation practices, this practical,
step-by-step manual offers
illustrated sections on cleaning,
mending, hinge and spine repair,
strengthening paperbacks, and
much more.
Is Digital Different?:
How Information Creation,
Capture, Preservation
and Discovery Are Being
Edited by Michael Moss and
Barbara Endicott-Popovsky
with Marc J. Dupuis
PRINT: 978-1-85604-854-5
“This is a useful compilation
of many of the important
considerations of how to manage
digital content in the present
environment.” Technical
Services Quarterly
Information 2.0:
New Models of Information
Production, Distribution
and Consumption,
Second Edition
Martin De Saulles
PRINT: 978-1-78330-009-9
“De Saulles uses case studies to
outline his points and does not veer
into jargon that might leave the
casual reader to engage in head-
scratching . . . Just as valuable
for the casual reader as for the
information professional and it
clarifies what otherwise is a very
confusing picture.” Ariadne
Library Analytics and
Metrics: Using Data to Drive
Decisions and Services
Edited by Ben Showers
PRINT: 978-1-85604-965-8
A valuable resource for anyone
who serves as a liaison to faculty
and students along with those
who manage library systems and
services.” —Library Journal
2011 | softcover
300 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$82.00 | Members: $73.80
2015 | softcover
224 pp | 6" x 9"
$95.00 | Members: $85.50
2015 | softcover
192 pp | 6" x 9"
$95.00 | Members: $85.50
2015 | softcover
224 pp | 6" x 9"
$95.00 | Members: $85.50
Information Technology
 | 866.746.7252
Information Technology
Librarianship | Information Studies | Librariana
Data and Information: Organization and Access
G. G. Chowdhury and Sudatta Chowdhury | PRINT: 978-1-78330-260-4
This important new foundational text covers the theory, practice, research issues, and contexts of informa-
tion organization and interactive information retrieval. Readers will learn about the key principles of infor-
mation organization and retrieval along with the essentials of human information behavior and information
seeking and retrieval, and how to put them into practice. Information Organization and Access will help
readers develop creative, critical and reflective problem solving capabilities in the management of informa-
tion and data and allow them to demonstrate advanced information and data management skills in diverse
environments. Topics covered include:
À structured and unstructured information resources;
À digital libraries web information;
À indexing techniques;
À information retrieval models;
À information interactions in specific domains and contexts; and
À human information behavior models.
2018 | softcover
288 pp | 6" x 9"
$78.99 | Members: $71.09
Sustainable Thinking:
Ensuring Your Library’s Future in an Uncertain World
Rebekkah Smith Aldrich | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1688-9
In communicating the value of libraries to our society what our profession needs is confidence, determina-
tion, and the will to succeed. Aldrich shows that the first step towards a sustainable library is sustainable
thinking. This inspiring book
À begins with a situation report that examines the myriad societal disruptions that are impacting
À defines how sustainable thinking encompasses not just the environment but economics and
social equity as well;
À details the Three Es of Sustainable Libraries;
À lays out a host of tactics to build intense loyalty to your library from the inside out through policy
changes and purposeful leadership; and
À guides you in communicating effectively with the community, thereby ensuring that your advo-
cacy connects with the maximum number of people.
2018 | softcover
216 pp | 6" x 9"
$49.99 | Members: $44.99
2018 | softcover
176 pp | 7" x 10"
$54.99 | Members: $49.49
Foundations of Information Ethics
Edited by John T. F. Burgess and Emily J. M. Knox; Foreword by Robert Hauptman
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1722-0
The need for an intellectual primer on information ethics that also functions as a solid working casebook
for LIS students and professionals has never been more urgent. This text, written by a stellar group of eth-
ics scholars and contributors from around the globe, expertly fills that need. Organized into twelve chap-
ters, this volume
À thoroughly covers principles and concepts in information ethics, as well as the history of ethics in
the information professions;
À examines human rights, information access, privacy, discourse, intellectual property, censorship,
data and cybersecurity ethics, intercultural Information ethics, and global digital citizenship and
À provides historical context along with timely and relevant case studies; and
À features contributions from John M. Budd, Paul T. Jaeger, Rachel Fischer, and Margaret
Zimmerman, among others.
ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
Librarianship | Information Studies | Librariana
Blockchain (Library Futures Series, Book 3)
Susan Alman and Sandra Hirsh | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1743-5
Blockchain technology is a concept with far-reaching implications for the future of recordkeeping. It uses
a distributed database (multiple devices not connected to a common processor) that organizes data
into records (blocks) that have cryptographic validation. The data are timestamped and linked to previ-
ous records so that they can only be changed by those who own the encryption keys to write to the files.
Firms like Microsoft and IBM are already exploring ways that blockchain can more securely handle valuable
transaction data. And Sony is harnessing blockchain to store educational information that can easily be
transferred between schools as students move or graduate. In this book, technology experts Alman and
Hirsh discuss how blockchain’s potential use as a convenient system for recordkeeping could lead to more
government documents, historical records, and other pieces of information migrating to such a system.
They also examine its possible consequences for academic, public, school, and special libraries, as well as
the information professionals who sustain those institutions.
Library Futures Series
Edited by Miguel Figueroa, Director,
Center for the Future of Libraries
ALAs Center for the Future of Libraries works to identify emerg-
ing trends relevant to libraries and the communities they aerve.
Expanding on that work, the Library Futures series brings
together library experts and innovators to explore the profes-
sions many futures by focusing on emerging trends.
2019 | softcover
96 pp | 5" x 7"
$24.99 | Members: $22.49
Set of 28 cards
Anonymity (Library
Futures Series, Book 1)
Alison Macrina and Talya Cooper
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1633-9
In the virtual realm, anonymity
means that such bedrock values
of librarianship as privacy, free
speech, and intellectual freedom
coexist uneasily with fake news,
sexist and racist sentiments,
and repugnant ideologies. But
librarians can fill a growing need
for reputable information and
open dialog.
Resilience (Library Futures
Series, Book 2)
Rebekkah Smith Aldrich
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1634-6
This book discusses why libraries
and information professionals may
be ideal partners or providers in
helping individuals and the commu-
nities which they serve adopt resil-
ient practices. It offers important
points of consideration for library
administrators and managers, as
well as scholars of urban planning,
public policy, disaster recovery, and
related disciplines.
2018 | softcover
64 pp | 5" x 7"
$24.99 | Members: $22.49
2018 | softcover
64 pp | 5" x 7"
$24.99 | Members: $22.49
Future of Libraries
Trend Cards
Also available
Each card includes
information about the
trend and why it might
matter for libraries.
Librarianship | Information Studies | Librariana
 | ..
Confessions of a Book Reviewer: The Best of Carte Blanche
Michael Cart; Foreword by Francesca Lia Block | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1645-2
For more than 20 years, Michael Cart’s column for Booklist has delighted YA literature enthusiasts and bib-
liophiles in general with an engaging mixture of wit, insight, and good old fashioned publishing industry
gossip. Spotlighting Carts unique perspective as both devoted book reviewer and self-proclaimed book
addict, this “Carte Blanche” compilation offers readers the chance to trace the blossoming of YA lit into
a bona fide phenomenon that continues to grow in popularity. In the columns gathered here, he explores
À reading, writing, and book collections and collecting;
À the past, present and future of YA lit;
À a multitude of genres, including historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction, humor, and comics; and
À memories of notable figures in the world of publishing through tributes and memorials.
These pieces remain as engaging and fun to read as when they first appeared.
See more from Michael Cart on page 75.
2018 | softcover
216 pp | 6" x 9"
$45.00 | Members: $40.50
Transform and Thrive:
Ideas to Invigorate Your Library and Your Community
Dorothy Stoltz with Gail Griffith, James Kelly, Muffie Smith, and Lynn Wheeler
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1622-3
Successful libraries are those that continuously learn to listen and respond, prioritizing an organizational
approach that encourages library staff to work with each other as well as the community to create oppor-
tunities to thrive. That may sound airy and abstract, but in this book the authors demonstrate how it boils
down to applying a handful of straightforward principles. With practical applications for hiring staff, coordi-
nating an author event, creating a community partnership, and designing a building, this book walks read-
ers through how to
À identify the community’s motivating factors and use them to guide priorities;
À create a culture of learning at the library;
À apply courage, curiosity, and creativity to cope with challenges;
À ask the right questions to get the right answers;
À draw out creative ideas from both staff and the community; and
À use creativity exercises for both individual and group problem solving.
2018 | softcover
144 pp | 6" x 9"
$60.00 | Members: $54.00
Introduction to Public Librarianship, Third Edition
Kathleen de la Peña McCook and Jenny S. Bossaller; Foreword by Felton Thomas Jr.
PRINT: 9780838915066
Put simply, there is no text about public librarianship more rigorous or comprehensive than McCook’s sur-
vey. Now, the REFORMA Lifetime Achievement Award-winning author has teamed up with noted public
library scholar and advocate Bossaller to update and expand her work, incorporating the field’s renewed
emphasis on outcomes and transformation. This “essential tool” (Library Journal) remains the definitive
handbook on this branch of the profession. It covers every aspect of the public library, from its earliest his-
tory through its current incarnation on the cutting edge of the information environment, including
À statistics, standards, planning, evaluations, and results;
À legal issues, funding, and politics;
À organization, administration, and staffing;
À all aspects of library technology, from structure and infrastructure to websites and makerspaces;
À adult services, youth services, and childrens services; and
À associations, state library agencies, and other professional organizations.
2018 | softcover
432 pp | 7" x 10"
$72.00 | Members: $64.80
ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
Librarianship | Information Studies | Librariana
The Handbook of Art and Design Librarianship, Second Edition
Edited by Paul Glassman and Judy Dyki | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1624-7
Integrating theory and practice, this essential handbook examines methods of innovative librarianship
in academic and art school libraries. It offers guidelines for information professionals working in art and
design environments who support and anticipate the information needs of artists, designers, architects,
and the historians who study those disciplines. Also valuable for students taking library and information
science courses in art librarianship, special collections, and archives, this book includes
À chapters from a range of contributors representing current practice at a global level;
À a range of case studies and library profiles, providing benchmarks for developing facilities;
À theoretical essays, guidelines, checklists, photographs, and diagrams;
À a new section on knowledge creation that accommodates developments in institutional reposito-
ries, digital humanities, and makerspaces; and
À in-depth sections on physical environment and sustainability.
2018 | softcover
368 pp | 6" x 9"
$85.00 | Members: $76.50
2018 | softcover
256 pp | 6" x 9"
$75.99 | Members: $68.40
The No-nonsense Guide to Born Digital Content
Heather Ryan and Walker Sampson | PRINT: 978-1-78330-195-9
Providing continued, sustainable access to a wide array of born-digital content is a challenge, particularly
because of the broad and highly technical skills needed to build and sustain born-digital content manage-
ment workflows. This new guide will usher students and practitioners into this area with confidence. It
explains step-by-step processes for developing and implementing born-digital content workflows in library
and archive settings of all sizes and includes a range of case studies collected from institutions internation-
ally. Key topics include
À types of digital storage media and their differences and similarities with traditional content;
À the various sources of born-digital content and how they are appraised for a collection;
À retrieving and preparing content for a library or archive;
À storage systems and archival arrangement philosophies;
À description, preservation, and access;
À designing workflows for born-digital collection processing; and
À strategies and philosophies to keep up as technologies change.
Being Evidence Based
in Library and
Information Practice
Edited by Denise Koufogiannakis
and Alison Brettle
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1521-9
“If you are interested in
becoming a researcher
practitioner, or in integrating
data into your decision-making
processes for your library, this
book will be quite useful.”
Journal of Electronic Resources
Information Ethics:
Reflection and Practice
David McMenemy
PRINT: 978-1-85604-939-9
This book considers the overarching
ethical concepts impacting on all
library and information profession-
als. Practical guidance to ethical
dilemmas is provided through dis-
cussion of international real-world
examples. A resource guide, sugges-
tions for further reading, and model
policies that can be used by practi-
tioners to support ethical practice
are included as appendices.
2017 | softcover
224 pp | 6" x 9"
$75.00 | Members: $67.50
2018 | softcover
256 pp | 6" x 9"
$99.95 | Members: $89.96
 | ..
Librarianship | Information Studies | Librariana
Academic Librarianship, Second Edition
G. Edward Evans and Stacey Greenwell | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1563-9
This “comprehensive overview” (Journal of Access Services), has been thoroughly revised and updated
to provide a timely exploration of the characteristics of academic librarianship and its place in the
ever-changing environment of higher education. Evans and Greenwell offer authoritative coverage of
À teaching faculty roles and the status of the academic librarian;
À governance and the growing tension on some campuses between faculty and administration;
À curriculum, with a discussion of the balance between general education requirements and
applied courses;
À collections, data management, digitization, and metadata;
À scholarly communication, plus alternative models such as open educational resources (OERs);
À providing quality service, and the role of user experience (UX) in assessment;
À ACRLs Information Literacy Framework;
À classrooms, common learning spaces, and other facilities; and
À staffing and professional development.
2018 | softcover
304 pp | 7" x 10"
$95.00 | Members: $85.50
Capturing Our Stories:
An Oral History of
Librarianship in Transition
A. Arro Smith;
Foreword by Loriene Roy
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1461-8
“Clear and fluid . . . the librarians
words shine through and give life
to this volume.” —Library Journal
“The second part is fresh and
interesting with constructive
techniques on how to
get subjects to give more
information and what type of
technologies to record them.”
—Catholic Library World
Government Information
Edited by Susanne Caro
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1597-4
Government documents, both
physical and electronic, constitute
a rich and varied resource that calls
for special attention. And because
government information is useful
and pervasive in nearly every kind of
library, more and more librarians of
all types need to know how to work
effectively with federal, state, and
international resources. This volume
provides real-world insight into the
work and collections of this discipline.
2017 | softcover
224 pp | 6" x 9"
$45.00 | Members: $40.50
2018 | softcover
256 pp | 6" x 9"
$75.00 | Members: $67.50
Bestseller in Librarianship
648 pp
6" x 9"
Foundations of Library and Information Science,
Fourth Edition
Richard E. Rubin; Foreword by Joseph Janes | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1370-3
“In this fourth edition, Rubin excels at providing everything working library
professionals and those desiring to become library professionals need to know.
This text could be considered ‘the librarians Bible,’ as it is so comprehensive in its
coverage of the profession. Rubins relaxed and conversational writing style makes
it a highly approachable text and a valuable addition to any professional resource
collection, library and information science classroom, or personal reference.” —VOYA
“Continues to deserve its place in the required curriculum of many American MLS
programs . . . in its latest edition, [it] lives up to the broad expectations set by its
title.”—Against the Grain
ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
2012 | softcover
384 pp | 6" x 9"
$80.00 | Members: $72.00
Introduction to Information Science
David Bawden and Lyn Robinson | PRINT: 978-1-55570-861-0
“Scholars and academics who are serious about information science as a discipline should not
be without this book.”—Online Information Review
Introduced by leading international scholars and offering a global perspective on the discipline, this is
designed to be the standard text for students worldwide. The authors’ expert narrative guides you through
each of the essential building blocks of information science offering a concise introduction and expertly
chosen further reading and resources. Among the critical topics covered:
À foundations, including the information society, historical perspectives and concepts;
À organizing and retrieving information;
À Information behavior and digital literacies;
À technologies and digital libraries; and
À information research and methods.
The Librarians Book
of Lists
George M. Eberhart
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1063-4
“Filled with library trivia, history,
and information, this is an
enjoyable read for anyone who
loves libraries.” —Reference &
Research Book News
Our Enduring Values
Revisited: Librarianship in
an Ever-Changing World
Michael Gorman
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1300-0
e-book available
“Sure to cause a great amount
of introspection . . . a must-have
for all librarians, from all areas.”
The Librarians Book
of Quotes
Compiled by Tatyana Eckstrand
PRINT: 978-0-8389-0988-1
“The quotes are sometimes moving,
sometimes funny, sometimes
irreverent, but always dead-on
. . . This book is a gem.” The Voice
The Whole Library
Handbook 5: Current Data,
Professional Advice, and
Curiosa about Libraries and
Library Services
Edited by George M. Eberhart
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1090-0
e-book available
A remarkable introduction to
the field of librarianship . . . Highly
recommended.” —Library Journal
2010 | softcover
128 pp | 5" x 7.5"
$13.00 | Members: $11.70
2015 | softcover
256 pp | 6"x9"
$45.00 | Members: $40.50
2009 | softcover
120 pp | 5.5" x 6.5"
$22.00 | Members: $19.80
2013 | softcover
536 pp | 6" x 9"
$52.00 | Members: $46.80
ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
Librarianship | Information Studies | Librariana
 | 866.746.7252
Librarianship | Information Studies | Librariana
Information Literacy | Library Instruction
Digital Literacy Unpacked
Katharine Reedy and Jo Parker | PRINT: 9781783301973
This book brings together a wide range of diverse perspectives on digital and information literacy that pro-
vide a comprehensive blend of theory and practice. The authors demonstrate the importance of digital
literacy in all areas of life, the centrality of critical thinking (a key element of both digital and information
literacy), and the essential role of library and information professionals in leading digital literacy develop-
ments. Highlighting case studies from a range of international practitioners, this book covers such key
topics as
À approaches to digital literacy, including discussions of terminology, institutional approaches, and
existing frameworks;
À an overview of digital literacy in higher education and examples of good practice;
À openness, digital literacy, and an examination of OERs and MOOCs;
À the myth of digital natives;
À developing digital capabilities for staff;
À professional development for librarians; and
À digital inclusion and lifelong employability in a digital world.
2018 | softcover
224 pp | 6" x 9"
$84.99 | Members: $76.49
2018 | softcover
192 pp | 7" x 10"
$54.99 | Members: $49.50
Teaching Media Literacy, Second Edition
Belinha S. De Abreu; Foreword by Michelle Ciulla Lipkin; Preface by Denise E. Agosto
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1721-3
In this book, international expert De Abreu melds advice from a diverse array of practitioners with her own
research findings to examine how consuming media and technology impacts the learning of K–12 students,
tackling such paramount issues as
À fake news/alternative facts;
À subjectivity;
À digital literacy and digital citizenship;
Inside, readers will find a wealth of intelligently crafted, ready-to-use lesson plans and activities designed
to help promote critical thinking skills for K-12 students, making this a perfect teaching resource for school
and public librarians, educators, and literacy instructors. Each group of lesson plans is prefaced by a
well-informed and insightful discussion of the concept at hand along with guidance on how to best use the
lesson plans, which can be freely adapted to any setting.
Fake News and Alternative Facts:
Information Literacy in a Post-Truth Era
Nicole A. Cooke | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1636-0
Talk of so-called fake news, what it is and what it isn’t, is front and center across the media landscape, with
new calls for the public to acquire appropriate research and evaluation skills and become more informa-
tion savvy. But none of this is new for librarians and information professionals, particularly for those who
teach information literacy. Cooke believes that the current situation represents a golden opportunity for
librarians to impart these important skills to patrons, regardless of their age or experience. In this ALA
Editions Special Report, readers will
À learn more about the rise of fake news, particularly those information behaviors that have perpet-
uated its spread;
À discover techniques to identify fake news, especially online; and
À explore methods to help library patrons of all ages think critically about information, teaching
them ways to separate fact from fiction.
2018 | softcover
64 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$35.00 | Members: $31.50
À social inclusion and equity;
À global interconnectivity; and
À social justice and advocacy.
ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
Information Literacy | Library Instruction
2017 | softcover
112 pp | 6" x 9"
$40.00 | Members: $36.00
The Subject Liaisons Survival Guide to Technical Services
Krista Schmidt and Tim Carstens | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1502-8 | e-book available
Subject liaisons act as a bridge connecting academic departments to the library and its services, helping
facilitate instruction sessions, research support, and collection development. To be at their best in these
roles, subject liaisons need a working understanding of technical services functions. This book represents
the first guide to speak directly to the needs and responsibilities of subject liaisons, clearing away unnec-
essary information and jargon to bring them up to speed on how technical services staff get things done.
Clear and concise, this guide
À covers policy, budgets and funding, acquisitions ordering, processing, cataloging, weeding, and
other major technical services duties;
À includes appropriate background information on each topic to enhance readers’ understanding;
À provides “Questions You Should Be Asking” connected to each chapter which encourage subject
liaisons to be proactive in their learning; and
À offers a glossary of common technical services terms.
2018 | softcover
144 pp | 6" x 9"
$57.00 | Members: $51.30
2017 | softcover
144 pp | 6" x 9"
$57.00 | Members: $51.30
Becoming a Reflective Librarian and Teacher:
Strategies for Mindful Academic Practice
Michelle Reale | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1529-5
“Provides a process-oriented framework that serves as a solid guide for its implementation.
And, entering such a practice with the mind of the learner will slowly reveal the value of
being able to uncover those human qualities and passions that contribute to who we are as
professional beings.”Journal of Hospital Librarianship
In this book Reale offers
À a concise framework for reflective practice, from laying the groundwork and getting started
through creating and sustaining a reflexive loop;
À guidance on how to use journaling as a tool for expressing experiences, creating a dialogue with
oneself, listmaking, and other constructive reflection;
À tips for becoming a reflective practitioner both inside and outside of the classroom; and
À a plan for using reflective practice with colleagues through conversation and collaboration.
The Indispensable Academic Librarian:
Teaching and Collaborating for Change
Michelle Reale | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1638-4
Far from being auxiliary to the learning cycle, academic librarians are educators in their own right. If the
primary challenge before them is to change how they’re perceived within their institutions, Reale proposes,
the key lies in becoming a proactive teacher and collaborator. Blending practice-based evidence with a
warm approach, Reale
À discusses the changing perception of academic librarians, how they are seen and how they see themselves;
À shows how academic librarians can and should assert their rightful place in the learning cycle;
À looks at how to match teaching goals with academic librarians’ mission;
À advocates for the indispensable roles the academic librarian should play, including co-collaborator,
one-on-one research consultant, expert-at-large in non-structured spaces such as the dorm or stu-
dent lounge, and embedded librarian in the classroom; and
À offers talking points for self-advocacy, looking at the many ways academic librarians are making a
 | 866.746.7252
Information Literacy | Library Instruction
Reflective Teaching, Effective Learning:
Instructional Literacy for Library Educators, Second Edition
Char Booth | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1501-1
Booths practical approach to developing personal instructional literacy, a method that empowers library
professionals at any level of experience to become better and more confident educators, made the first
edition of this text a runaway bestseller. Updated to expand its focus to more fully include program coor-
dinators and library administrators, the new second edition cements its status as a peerless resource for
day-to-day use as well as LIS courses. Laying the foundation for effective teaching, Booth outlines a frame-
work that includes
À tools for improving learning in the moment and developing a teacher identity through self-assessment;
À evidence-based strategies in learning and instructional research;
À methods for evaluating and integrating technology in learning using a practical toolkit approach;
À a systematic and outcomes-based process for developing and assessing learning experiences; and
À new material on strategy and scaffolding, with discussions of collaboration, institutional partner-
ships, working with faculty, and program development through curriculum mapping.
2019 | softcover
160 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$65.00 | Members: $58.50
2018 | softcover
352 pp | 6" x 9"
$69.00 | Members: $62.10
Theory and Practice of Information Literacy
Charles Inskip | PRINT: 978-1-78330-135-5
From politicians and policymakers through funders and education providers to cultural heritage organiza-
tions, employers, community groups, and social activists there is a growing awareness of the impact of
digitization on engagement with information. Beginning with a recent history of information literacy (IL)
to give context, this book then provides a detailed review of theoretical models and practical approaches
using real life examples from the wide information landscape. Examining key issues around IL from an aca-
demic and professional perspective, this book
À provides a detailed understanding of the theory and practice of IL and associated areas;
À identifies and discusses the challenges presented by the lifelong learning nature of IL in a digital
world; and
À enables the development of appropriate skillsets of library and information professionals as cen-
tral players in the delivery of IL in education, workplace and society.
Fundamentals for the Instruction Coordinator
Caitlin A. Bagley | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1637-7
An instruction coordinator does more than just oversee the entire department of instruction librarians. The
role also requires you to function as the assessment lead, training and directing the tone of how instruction
will be taught, performed, and evaluated, as well as perform outreach to departments and faculty outside
the library to find ways to make connections for future instruction. In a concise, straightforward manner
Bagley outlines exactly what you need to know as a new instruction coordinator, including
À an overview of library instruction and the primary stakeholders;
À guidance on key duties such as training, management, communications, and assessment;
À instruction coordinator best practices drawn from librarians working in a range of settings; and
À tips on how to integrate what you’ve learned into your program.
2018 | softcover
192 pp | 6" x 9"
$55.00 | Members: $49.50
ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
Information Literacy | Library Instruction
2017 | softcover
208 pp | 6" x 9"
$80.00 | Members: $72.00
Information Literacy in the Workplace: New Perspectives
Edited by Marc Forster | PRINT: 978-1-78330-132-4
In today’s information-driven workplace, information professionals must know when research evidence or
relevant legal, business, personal, or other information is required, how to find it, how to critique it, and how
to integrate it into one’s knowledge base. There is an ethical requirement for information professionals to
meet best practice standards to achieve the best outcome possible for the client. Using a range of new
perspectives, this book demonstrates several aspects of informational literacy’s presence and role in the
contemporary workplace. Content covered includes
À examination of the value and impact of IL in the workplace;
À how IL is experienced remotely, beyond workplace boundaries;
À ILs role in professional development;
À organizational learning and knowledge creation;
À developing information professional competencies; and
À how to unlock and create value using IL in the workplace.
2017 | softcover
208 pp | 6" x 9"
$60.00 | Members: $54.00
2017 | softcover
160 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$54.00 | Members: $48.60
Creating and Sharing Online Library Instruction:
A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians
Joelle Pitts, Sara K. Kearns, and Heather Collins | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1562-2
An easy to follow tutorial for creating online library instruction with learning objects, this manual is written
by three librarians with the New Literacies Alliance (NLA), an interinstitutional information literacy consor-
tium that addresses the “new" literacies required for academic success and lifelong learning. This book
À walks readers through creating and sharing outcome-based lessons that allow students to master
skills at their own pace;
À demonstrates how to use assessment to ensure that students learn foundational research and
critical thinking skills rather than simply how to use a database or discovery platform;
À sketches in the background and mission of NLA, sharing examples of successful collaboration
across institutions;
À includes an assortment of NLAs workflows, design processes, and style guides; and
À offers project planning and implementation tools, including checklists, steps, and critical ques-
tions to consider.
Learner-Centered Pedagogy: Principles and Practice
Kevin Michael Klipfel and Dani Brecher Cook | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1557-8
Today’s emphasis on metrics and personalization make evidence-based instruction an imperative. In this
practice-based handbook, the authors draw on the research of the humanistic psychologist and educator
Carl Rogers to present an empathetic approach to information literacy sessions, reference service, and out-
reach. With an eye on everyday library work, they offer concrete, empirically-based strategies to connect
with learners at all levels. Offering plentiful examples of pedagogy in action, this book covers
À 6 cognitive principles for organizing information literacy instruction, with sample worksheets and
organization tools for instruction planning;
À how to establish rapport and kindle learners’ motivation;
À tactics for transcending “cite 5 sources" and other uninspiring research assignments;
À educational evidence debunking the mythical perception that because students are skilled at com-
puters and mobile technology, they already know how to do research;
À questions to keep in mind for inspiring autonomous learning; and
À the power of story, as described by Joan Didion, Brené Brown’s Ted Talk, and educational psychol-
ogy research.
Information Literacy | Library Instruction
2017 | softcover
256 pp | 7" x 10"
$68.00 | Members: $61.20
2017 | softcover
248 pp | 6" x 9"
$80.00 | Members: $72.00
Expert Internet Searching, Fifth Edition
Phil Bradley | PRINT: 978-1-78330-247-5
Covering everything from the basics to running advanced and complex searches using a variety of different
search engines, the book enables readers to gain a nuanced and full understanding of online search, includ-
ing trends such as social media search, fake news, and discussion of the authority and validity of search
results. Key topics include
The New Instruction Librarian:
A Workbook for Trainers and Learners
Candice Benjes-Small and Rebecca K. Miller | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1456-4 | e-book available
This book cuts through the jargon and rhetoric to ease the transition into library instruction, offering sup-
port to all those involved, including library supervisors, colleagues, and trainees. Grounded in research on
teaching and learning from numerous disciplines, not just library literature, this book
À shows how to set up new instruction librarians for success, with advice on completing an environ-
mental scan, strategies for recruiting efficiently, and a training checklist;
À walks readers step by step through training a new hire or someone new to instruction, complete
with hands-on activities and examples;
À explores the different roles an instruction librarian is usually expected to play, such as educator,
project manager, instructional designer, and teaching partner;
À demonstrates the importance of performance evaluation and management, including assessment
and continuing education, both formal and informal; and
À provides guided reading lists for further in-depth study of a topic.
 | ..
Teaching Information
Skills: Theory and Practice,
Second Edition
Jo Webb and Chris Powis
PRINT: 978-1-85604-949-8
Informed by new case studies from
a broad range of institutions and
contemporary learning theories,
the text covers both the theory
and practice of library instruction.
New and expanded topics for this
edition include discussion of dis-
tance learning and technology-
enabled learning, and when and
how to buy in commercial services
to support your teaching.
The One-Shot Library
Instruction Survival Guide,
Second Edition
Heidi E. Buchanan
and Beth A. McDonough
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1486-1
“Inspired solutions for difficult
assignments, vignettes from actual
librarians in the field, assessment
techniques, and suggestions for
how to make information literacy
relevant to students . . . [it] will inspire
instruction librarians to move beyond
traditional bibliographic instruction.”
—Reference & User Services Quarterly
2018 | softcover
256 pp | 6" x 9"
$99.95 | Members: $89.96
2017 | softcover
168 pp | 6" x 9"
$50.00 | Members: $45.00
À an introduction to the internet and search engines;
À the Google experience;
À other free-text search engines;
À directory- and category-based search engines;
À multi- and meta-search engines;
À social media search engines;
À visual searching;
À people-based resources;
À academic and other specialized search
À news-based search engines;
À multimedia search engines;
À search apps and the effect of mobile
search on the industry; and
À search utilities and resources to make
life easier.
Information Literacy | Library Instruction
2016 | softcover
232 pp | 7" x 10"
$58.00 | Members: $52.20
Teaching Information Literacy Reframed: 50+ Framework-Based
Exercises for Creating Information-Literate Learners
Joanna M. Burkhardt | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1397-0
The six threshold concepts outlined in the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education are
an altogether new way of looking at information literacy. In this important new book, bestselling author
and expert instructional librarian Burkhardt decodes the Framework, putting its conceptual approach
into straightforward language while offering more than 50 classroom-ready, Framework-based exercises.
Guiding instructors towards helping students cross each threshold, this book
À thoroughly addresses each threshold concept, scaffolding from the beginner level to the interme-
diate level;
À includes exercises that can be used in the one-shot timeframe as well as others designed for lon-
ger class sessions and semester-long courses;
À offers best practices in creating learning outcomes, assessments, rubrics, and teaching tricks; and
À looks at how learning, memory, and transfer of learning applies to the teaching of information literacy.
208 pp
8.5" x 11"
Members: $63.00
Visual Literacy for Libraries:
A Practical, Standards-Based Guide
Nicole E. Brown, Kaila Bussert,
Denise Hattwig, and Ann Medaille
“Required reading for any library
professional, from students to seasoned
librarians, who participate in teaching
activities.” —Library Journal
228 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $85.50
Critical Literacy for Information
Professionals Edited by Sarah McNicol
“Concisely written . . . Essential reading for
librarians looking to gain an understanding
of critical literacy in order to improve their
support services.” —Library Journal
192 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $67.50
Emerging Strategies for Supporting
Student Learning: A Practical Guide
for Librarians and Educators
Barbara Allan
Allan brings together recent developments
in both theory and practice to cover a wide
range of tools and techniques, suitable for
students in many different contexts.
ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
Metaliteracy in Practice
Edited by Trudi E. Jacobson
and Thomas P. Mackey
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1379-6
“The practical applications of
metaliteracy described in this
book will be incredibly useful for
anyone developing assignments
and evaluation frameworks to be
used in teaching across disci-
plines, whether they are starting
to plan a new course from scratch,
or simply want to rework an exist ing
course to better teach and
evaluate for metaliteracy skills.”
—College & Research Libraries
Metaliteracy: Reinventing
Information Literacy to
Empower Learners
Edited by Thomas P. Mackey
and Trudi E. Jacobson
PRINT: 978-1-55570-989-1
e-book available
A broad audience of educators at
many levels will benefit from this
well constructed, formatted, and
developed study of how best to
reach today’s learners.”
—Catholic Library World
2016 | softcover
256 pp | 6" x 9"
$70.00 | Members: $63.00
2014 | softcover
248 pp | 6" x 9"
$67.00 | Members: $60.30
Information Literacy | Library Instruction
224 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $85.50
Going Beyond Google Again:
Strategies for Using and Teaching
the Invisible Web
Jane Devine and Francine Egger-Sider
A timely and enjoyable read and should help
combat such myths as searching is easy, or
everything important is free.” —Information
World Review
Altmetrics: A Practical Guide
for Librarians, Researchers and
Academics Edited by Andy Tattersall
A comprehensive snapshot of what they
look like today and demonstrating their value
if applied in a meaningful manner.”
—LSE Review of Books
360 pp
8.5" x 11"
Members: $79.20
e-book available
softcover book
and CD-ROM
412 pp
8.5" x 11"
Members: $73.80
e-book available
192 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $64.80
e-book available
208 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $55.80
e-book available
192 pp
6" x 9"
softcover | $79.99
Members: $72.00
PRINT: 978-1-78330-047-1
hardcover | $190.00
Members: $171.00
PRINT: 978-1-78330-098-3
Information Literacy Instruction
That Works: A Guide to Teaching by
Discipline and Student Population,
Second Edition Edited by Patrick Ragains
A must-have for every college information
literacy librarian.” —Library Journal (starred
Fundamentals for the Academic
Liaison Richard Moniz, Jo Henry,
and Joe Eshleman
“The authors have written a work that
will become indispensable to new and
experienced liaison librarians alike.”
Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship
Information Literacy Instruction:
Theory and Practice, Second Edition
Esther S. Grassian and Joan R. Kaplowitz
“The most comprehensive and detailed look
at information literacy, from historical to
classroom contexts, available.” —YALS
The Data Librarians Handbook
Robin Rice and John Southall
“Covers a large amount of interesting terrain
in thoughtful and accessible ways.”
—LSE Review of Books
272 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $76.50
Introduction to Information Behaviour
Nigel Ford
“Simplifies the confusing, chaotic picture
of information behavior … an ably useful
and sophisticated rendering of a complex
research field.” —Journal of the Association for
Information Science and Technology
Teaching Information Literacy:
50 Standards-Based Exercises for
College Students, Second Edition
Joanna M. Burkhardt and Mary C.
MacDonald with Andrée J. Rathemacher
“Deserves wide circulation in colleges and
perusal by any instructors of freshmen.”
Catholic Library World
200 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $73.80
Teaching Information Literacy Online
Edited by Thomas P. Mackey and
Trudi E. Jacobson
A must read for any librarian involved in
online learning or working on developing an
information literacy component for an online
course.” —Journal of Library Innovation
152 pp
8.5" x 11"
Members: $46.80
 | ..
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Research Methods
Making Sense of Business
Reference: A Guide for
Librarians and Research
Celia Ross
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1084-9
“It reads as if you have an expert
coach in business reference
helping you each step of the
way.” —Academic BRASS
The College Student’s
Research Companion:
Finding, Evaluating, and
Citing the Resources
You Need to Succeed,
Fifth Edition
Arlene Rodda Quaratiello
and Jane Devine
PRINT: 978-1-55570-729-3
“Written so that a novice can
understand, the materials are
comprehensive enough to suit
even the graduate student or
advanced scholar performing
research.” ARBA
Dynamic Research
Support for Academic
Edited by Starr Hoffman
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1469-4
“Hoffmans collection showcases
how we can add long-term value
for our users by focusing on
going ‘deeper’ and delivering
comprehensive specialist
services which tap into a very real
need.” —Libfocus
2016 | softcover
232 pp | 6" x 9"
$58.00 | Members: $52.20
The Students Survival
Guide to Research
Monty L. McAdoo
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1276-8
“Research can be taught, and
this book offers beginning-
to-end instructions . . . Highly
recommended for high school
and undergraduate students.”
—Library Journal
2010 | softcover
183 pp | 6" x 9"
$57.00 | Members: $51.30
2013 | softcover
200 pp | 6" x 9"
$54.00 | Members: $48.60
2016 | softcover
224 pp | 6" x 9"
$75.00 | Members: $67.50
Bestsellers in Research Methods
2018 | softcover
224 pp | 6" x 9"
$92.99 | Members: $83.69
Exploring Research Data Management
Andrew Cox and Eddy Varbaan | PRINT: 978-1-78330-278-9
Research Data Management (RDM) has become a hot professional topic internationally because of
changes in scholarship and governmental policies about the sharing of research data. This book provides
an introduction to RDM for librarians and other support professionals. Starting by exploring the nature of
research and the importance of data in the research process, the book reviews how RDM has developed
over time, what typical research data services are, and how they relate to other research support services.
After considering how a multi-professional support service can be created, it then examines the decisions
that need to be made in designing different types of research data service, from local policy formulation
and training to creating a data repository. This book will be useful reading for all students studying librari-
anship and information management, as well as librarians who are interested in learning more about RDM
and developing research data services in their own institutions.
 | 866.746.7252
Archives | Records Management
Records and Information Management, Second Edition
Patricia C. Franks | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1716-9
As Information Management put it, “On the strength of its currency and coverage alone, Franks’ book is
poised to take over as the recommended go-to reference for both students and RIM professionals for many
years to come.” The new second edition cements this work’s status as an up-to-date classic. Updated and
expanded to address emerging technologies, most notably blockchain, and evolving standards and prac-
tices, the text addresses such key topics as
À the origins and development of records and information;
À the discipline of information governance and developing a strategic records management plan;
À creation/capture and classification;
À retention strategies, inactive records management, archives, and long-term preservation;
À access, storage, and retrieval;
À electronic records and electronic records management systems; and
À the latest on rapidly evolving technologies such as web records, social media, and mobile devices.
Archival Futures
Edited by Caroline Brown | PRINT: 978-1-78330-182-9
This new book draws on the contributions of a range of international experts to consider the current archi-
val landscape and imagine the archive of the future. Firmly rooted in current professional debate and schol-
arship, it offers thought-provoking chapters that will challenge and inspire archivists to encourage debate
about their futures. Among this collections crucial topics:
À the role of archives in relation to individuals, organizations, communities, and society;
À how appraisal, arrangement, description, and access might be affected in the future;
À the impact of changing societal expectations on access to information, how information is
exchanged, and how things are recorded and remembered;
À the place of traditional archives and what “the archive" is or might become;
À challenges and opportunities offered by other information, cultural, or IT-related professions and
the future role of the archive profession; and
À truth and post-truth: archives as authentic and reliable evidence.
2018 | softcover
224 pp | 6" x 9"
$98.99 | Members: $89.09
2018 | softcover
224 pp | 6" x 9"
$98.99 | Members: $89.09
2018 | softcover
480 pp | 7" x 10"
$84.99 | Members: $76.50
Digital Humanities: An Introduction for Librarians
Sally Chambers | PRINT: 978-1-78330-129-4
Librarians have an important role to play in the burgeoning world of digital humanities and digital schol-
arship. This book provides an accessible, introductory guide to digital humanities with the librarian in
mind. After giving a brief history of the field, it dives deeper into digital scholarly activity, involving active
researchers in the field and using real research projects as case studies throughout. This book
À provides an overview of how “the digital” has affected a wide range of humanities disciplines, from
literary studies and history to digital musicology;
À previews key tools and methodologies, including digital scholarly editing, social network analysis,
3D modelling of archaeological data, and others;
À looks at existing digital humanities activities at a variety of libraries across the UK, Europe, and
the United States; and
À discusses professional development and training opportunities involving digital humanities at
library schools, training programs, and professional associations.
ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
Developing and Maintaining Practical Archives:
A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians, Third Edition
Gregory S. Hunter | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1277-5
Newly revised and updated to more thoroughly address our increasingly digital world, Hunter’s manual cov-
ers such keystone topics as
À a history of archives;
À selection, appraisal, acquisition, accessioning, and deaccessioning;
À important points of copyright, privacy, and ethics;
À description, including DACS, EAD, and tools such as Archon and the Archivists’ Toolkit;
À preservation, including guidance on how to handle rare books, maps, architectural records,
and artifacts;
À digital records, addressing new and popular methods of storage and preservation of email, image
files, webpages, Word documents, spreadsheets, databases, and media files; and
À metrics, assessment, establishing employee procedures and policies, working with interns and
volunteers, and other managerial duties.
Archives: Principles and Practices, Second Edition
Laura A. Millar | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1606-3
Written in clear language with lively examples, the book outlines fundamental archival principles and prac-
tices, introduces core concepts, and explains best practices. This revised edition contains expanded dis-
cussion of the impact of digital technologies on archival materials and practice and an examination of the
changing role of the archivist in the digital age. Topics addressed in the book include
À the nature of archives and archival institutions;
À the role of archival service as a matter of trust;
À core archival concepts such as provenance, original order, and respect des fonds;
À practical guidance in the execution of central archival tasks, including appraisal, preservation,
arrangement, description, and reference and access; and
À discussion about the changing role and responsibilities of the archival institution and archival
practitioner, as digital technologies fundamentally transform how records and archives are cre-
ated, captured, preserved, used, and shared.
Ethics for Records and Information Management
Norman A. Mooradian | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1639-1
The scope and reach of information has expanded dramatically over the past 30 years, and the conse-
quences of these changes to records and information management (RIM) professionals are profound.
RIM professionals require a professional ethics to guide them in their daily practice and to form a basis
for developing and implementing organizational policies, and Mooradians new book provides a rigorous
outline of such an ethics. Taking an authoritative principles/rules based approach to the subject, this book
comprehensively addresses
À the structure of ethics, outlining principles, moral rules, judgements, and exceptions;
À ethical reasoning, from meaning and logic to dilemmas and decision methods;
À the ethical core of RIM, discussing key topics such as organizational context, the positive value of
accountability, conflicts of interest, and confidentiality;
À important ethical concerns like copyright and intellectual property, whistleblowing, information
leaks, disclosure, and privacy; and
À the relationship between RIM ethics and information governance.
2017 | softcover
304 pp | 6" x 9"
$79.00 | Members: $71.10
2018 | softcover
240 pp | 7" x 10"
$75.00 | Members: $67.50
2018 | softcover
320 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$85.00 | Members: $76.50
Archives | Records Management
 | 866.746.7252
The Silence of the Archive
David Thomas, Simon Fowler, and Valerie Johnson; Foreword by Anne J. Gilliland | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1640-7
This new book provides a groundbreaking discussion of a major but little considered issue: Why do
archives, sometimes seen as the repositories of truth, often fail to satisfy users because they do not con-
tain information which users expect to find? Silences range from details of individuals’ lives to records of
state oppression or of intelligence operations. The authors bring together ideas from a wide range of fields,
from contemporary history through family history research to Shakespearian studies. Marking the first
time that the question of silence in the archives has been discussed holistically and from a broad perspec-
tive, this book examines the causes, responses, and implications both for researchers and for the archive
itself. Key topics include:
À enforced silences;
À inappropriate selection;
À dealing with the silence;
À possible solutions; and
À the meaning of the silences.
Digital Archives: Management, Use and Access
Milena Dobreva, editor | PRINT: 978-1-85604-934-4
This landmark edited collection offers a wide-ranging overview of how rapid technological changes and
the push for providing greater access to digitized cultural heritage holdings are changing the landscape of
Providing inspirational and informative chapters by international experts, this book will help digital
archivists and other information professionals understand the drivers for change in archives and the impli-
cations. Sustainable business models for cultural production, the digitization of analog cultural heritage,
and the related IPR issues surrounding the reuse of digital objects and data for research, education, advo-
cacy, and art all receive full attention. Contributors also present state-of-the-art solutions in building digital
archives on networked infrastructure, trusted digital repositories to ensure long-term access, and tools to
serve emerging needs in digital humanities.
2017 | softcover
224 pp | 6" x 9"
$76.00 | Members: $68.40
2018 | softcover
224 pp | 6" x 9"
$95.00 | Members: $85.50
Archives | Records Management
Records, Information
and Data
Geoffrey Yeo
PRINT: 978-1-78330-226-0
In this book Yeo sets today’s
recordkeeping and archival prac-
tices in their historical context.
He examines changing percep-
tions of the nature and purpose
of records management and
archival work, notions of con-
vergence among information-
related disciplines, and archi-
vists’ and records managers’
attitudes to information and
its governance.
Introduction to
Documentation Studies
Niels Lund
PRINT: 978-1-78330-189-8
This groundbreaking book intro-
duces a new approach to the doc-
umentation, communication, and
information field: documentation
studies, a new discipline within the
overall information studies umbrella.
It outlines the historical background
and the theoretical foundation for
the discipline by giving insight into
documentation issues and pro-
cesses from early modern society to
today’s digital age.
2018 | softcover
192 pp | 6" x 9"
$94.00 | Members: $84.60
2018 | softcover
256 pp | 6" x 9"
$79.00 | Members: $71.10
Archives | Records Management
Moving Image and Sound Collections for Archivists
Anthony Cocciolo | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1740-4
This book is for every archivist (or archivist-in-training) who has opened a box or file cabinet or otherwise
unearthed some carrier of moving image and sound and has wondered what to do. You may have not rec-
ognized the format, you may have not known if it held video or audio, and you may have not known how to
describe the item. It’s even possible that you did not recognize it as a carrier of moving image and sound.
Most archivists encounter and most archives contain some form of moving image and sound material.
These can include recordings of events on video, oral histories captured on audiotape, and films created
by independent filmmakers. Heres practical guidance on how to preserve and make accessible the mov-
ing image and sound record, from the most relevant legacy formats to born-digital formats. Gorgeously
designed and illustrated.
2017 | softcover
224 pp | 7" x 10"
$69.99 | Members: $62.99
ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
Through the Archival
Looking Glass:
A Reader on Diversity
and Inclusion
Edited by Mary Caldera and
Kathryn M. Neal
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1655-1
“Will remind the reader that
much discussion has happened
within the Society of American
Archivists about how to make
the profession as a whole more
inclusive and more repre senta-
tive of all societal facets, but that
we have miles to go before we
sleep.” Journal for the Society
of North Carolina Archivists
Archives in Libraries:
What Librarians and
Archivists Need to Know
to Work Together
Jeannette A. Bastian, Megan Sniffin-
Marinoff, and Donna Webber
PRINT: 978-0-8389-4721-0
“Skillfully brings the differences
between and challenges faced by
archives and libraries into sharp
relief, and will act as a useful hand-
book for librarians (and others) who
are new to or about to approach
managing an archive.” Archives
and Records: The Journal of the
Archives and Records Association (UK)
Perspectives on
Womens Archives
Edited by Tanya Zanish-Belcher
with Anke Voss
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1656-8
“This work is an excellent investment
in the archival pursuit of womens
records. It also serves as a history
of the womens movement in
the 1960s–70s, capturing the
inventiveness that motivated it.”
21st-Century Archives
Anne J. Gilliland
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1652-0
“Overall, this book is a thorough
blend of the history of record-
keeping, present practice, and
thought-provoking speculation
about its future, and is essential
reading for both archives
professionals and students alike.”
—New England Archivists Newsletter
2014 | softcover
320 pp | 6" x 9"
$69.99 | Members: $62.99
2015 | softcover
146 pp | 7" x 10"
$69.99 | Members: $62.99
2013 | softcover
488 pp | 6" x 9"
$69.99 | Members: $62.99
2014 | softcover
336 pp | 6" x 9"
$69.99 | Members: $62.99
Exhibits in Archives and Special Collections Libraries
Jessica L. Lacher-Feldman | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1657-5
In this book longtime special collections exhibits curator Lacher-Feldman advises archivists at
all levels on developing enlightening and entertaining exhibits. She describes each step of the
exhibit process, providing straightforward tips on
À developing innovative exhibit ideas;
À formulating exhibit policies and procedures for your institution;
À crafting well-written and visually interesting exhibit labels;
À branding and designing exhibits; and
À promoting exhibits through conventional media, social media, and giveaway items.
À Also included are case studies that detail exhibits at a variety of institutions, sample
documents and forms, a literature review, and a guide to exhibit supplies.
With this comprehensive resource, you’ll learn how to develop exhibits that help you to better connect with
your audience and advocate for your repository. “Proceed and be bold” with exhibit development, and grati-
fying, inspiring results will transpire.
The Special Collections Handbook, Second Edition
Alison Cullingford | PRINT: 978-1-78330-126-3
A comprehensive manual for special collections and rare book librarianship ... Highly
recommended.”—Library Journal
“Should be an essential tool to anyone managing Special Collections or archives, no matter
their professional background or area of expertise."” Archives and Records
Working with special collections can vary dramatically from preserving a single rare book to managing
and digitizing vast mixed-media archives, yet the role of the information professional is always critical in
tapping into the potential of these collections, protecting their legacy and bringing them to the attention
of the wider public. This book offers up-to-date guidance which pulls together insights from best practice
across the field to build innovative, co-operative and questioning mind-sets. It covers all aspects of special
collections work: preservation, developing collections, understanding objects, emergency planning, secu-
rity, legal and ethical concerns, cataloging, digitization, marketing, outreach, teaching, impact, advocacy
and fundraising.
2013 | softcover
208 pp | 11" x 8.5"
$69.99 | Members: $62.99
2017 | softcover
336 pp | 6" x 9"
$85.00 | Members: $76.50
Archives | Records Management
 | ..
Engaging with
Records and Archives:
Histories and Theories
Edited by Fiorella Foscarini,
Heather MacNeil, Gillian Oliver,
and Bonnie Mak
PRINT: 978-1-78330-158-4
“It is a welcome, and almost
necessary, addition to the
shelves of academic institutions
and to those of practicing
archivists ... Its not often that
such an intellectual book is also
eminently approachable.”
—College & Research Libraries.
Participatory Heritage
Edited by Henriette Roued-Cunliffe
and Andrea Copeland
PRINT: 978-1-78330-123-2
“It will be thought-provoking for
most readers, whether around the
boundaries of our professional
self-definition, the need to listen to
communities in developing our work
with them, or our understanding
of linkages across the spectrum of
what may be defined as heritage
practice.”—Archives and Records
2017 | softcover
240 pp | 6" x 9"
$75.00 | Members: $67.50
2016 | softcover
256 pp | 6" x 9"
$85.00 | Members: $76.50
Archives | Records Management
Developing Digital Scholarship:
Emerging Practices in Academic Libraries
Edited by Alison Mackenzie and Lindsey Martin | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1555-4
A welcome addition to the literature about the ongoing changes in academic librarianship . . .
recommended for both teachers and students of LIS, but also for practitioners.”
—Information Research
Spanning a wide range of contrasting perspectives, contexts, insights, and case studies, this edited col-
lection explores the relationships between digital scholarship, contemporary academic libraries, and
professional practice. The book demonstrates that there are opportunities to be bold, remodel, try new
approaches, and reposition the library as a key partner in the process of digital scholarship. Topics include:
À the impact of digital scholarship
on organizational strategies;
À developing digital capable librarians;
À social networking with the scholarly
À digital scholarship centers;
À new approaches to service delivery; and
À re-visioning of space, both physical and
2017 | softcover
192 pp | 6" x 9"
$70.00 | Members: $63.00
Managing Digital Cultural
Objects: Analysis,
Discovery and Retrieval
Edited by Allen Foster
and Pauline Rafferty
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1343-7
Bringing together chapters
written by leading experts in the
field, this book provides an over-
view of the theoretical and aca-
demic aspects of digital cultural
documentation and the state of
the art. Includes case studies of
digitization projects.
Open Licensing for
Cultural Heritage
Gill Hamilton and
Fred Saunderson
PRINT: 978-1-78330-185-0
This guide introduces and explains
the use of open licenses for con-
tent, data, and metadata in librar-
ies and other cultural heritage
organizations. Using rich back-
ground information, international
case studies and examples of best
practice, this book outlines how
and why open licenses should and
can be used with content, data,
and metadata.
Management Skills
for Archivists and
Records Managers
Edited by Louise Ray
and Melinda Haunton
PRINT: 978-1-85604-584-1
A must-have resource for practition-
ers, as well as students who hope
to become leaders in archival and
records management, this up-to-date
handbook provides guidance on
all the skills needed to succeed.
The book’s practical advice is under-
pinned with current thinking and
theory, and draws on experience of
teaching management skills to gradu-
ate archivists and records managers.
Archiving Websites:
A Practical Guide for
Information Management
Professionals, Second Edition
Adrian Brown
PRINT: 978-1-78330-053-2
This second edition covers key devel-
opments such as advances in the
archiving and analysis of social
media, the challenges and opportuni-
ties of mobile technology and Linked
Open Data, recognition of the vast
potential of web archives to support
research, and the adoption of web
archiving in the commercial world to
support regulatory compliance.
2019 | softcover
256 pp | 6" x 9"
$125.00 | Members: $112.50
2016 | softcover
256 pp | 6" x 9"
$88.00 | Members: $79.20
2019 | softcover
224 pp | 6" x 9"
$95.00 | Members: $85.50
2017 | softcover
240 pp | 6" x 9"
$89.00 | Members: $80.10
ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
 | 866.746.7252
Archives | Records Management
Preserving our Heritage: Perspectives
from Antiquity to the Digital Age
Edited by Michèle Valerie Cloonan | PRINT: 978-1-55570-937-2
Winner of the 2016 Preservation Publication Award from the Society of American Archivists
Drawing on a multitude of historical texts, this sweeping yet accessible volume provides a broad under-
standing of preservation for librarians, archivists, and museum specialists, and related LIS and continuing
education classes. Cloonan covers such key topics as
À early perspectives on preservation, from 700 BC to the 19th century;
À cultural heritage and risks to cultural heritage, such as time and nature;
À preservation in the context of libraries, archives, museums, and the built environment;
À digitization, the preservation of time-based media, obsolescence, and other contemporary collec-
tion development and management issues; and
À important frameworks for the discipline, such as policy, ethics and values, sustainability, and mul-
ticultural perspectives.
2015 | softcover
736 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$110.00 | Members: $99.00
Digital Curation,
Second Edition
Gillian Oliver and Ross Harvey
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1385-7
“There is truly a wealth of
information on every page
. . . The text provides precise
and up-to-date workflows
and terminology, as well as
describing best practices in
digital curation.”
Technical Services Quarterly
Cultural Heritage
Information: Access
and Management
Edited by Ian Ruthven
and G. G. Chowdhury
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1347-5
“Provides a number of viewpoints
to inform and challenge readers
on the primary issues of digital
humanities. Academic libraries
serving library and information
science programs and libraries
engaged in digital humanities
projects would be advised to
consider this book.”
Catholic Library World
2016 | softcover
240 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$85.00 | Members: $76.50
2015 | softcover
360 pp | 6" x 9"
$110.00 | Members: $99.00
Rare Books and Special Collections
Sidney E. Berger | PRINT: 978-1-55570-964-8
Winner of the 2015 ABC-CLIO Award for the Best Book in Library Literature
Berger, a veteran of rare book and special collections, offers a landmark examination of this field. This wide-
ranging book offers coverage of such key topics as
À the profession’s history and its relevance in the face of an increasingly digital world;
À archives’ relationship to the special collections department and their role in the wider institution;
À collection development, cataloging, processing, physical layout, and other operational functions;
À what everyone needs to know about the physical materials in their care, including preservation,
conservation and restoration, handling, and security;
À reference and outreach services;
À fundraising and financial management;
À legal and ethical issues;
À bibliography and its impact on the rare book world; and
À the present state of books in our digital environment.
2014 | softcover
560 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$129.00 | Members: $116.10
 | ..
Managing Electronic
Records, Fourth Edition
William Saffady
PRINT: 9781555706869
A useful guide for professionals
managing electronic resources.”
—Information World Review
“It is likely that everyone
who reads this book will
learn something about the
development or enhancement
of an electronic records
management program.”
Journal of the Medical Library
The No-Nonsense Guide to
Archives and Recordkeeping
Margaret Crockett
PRINT: 978-1-85604-855-2
This comprehensive guide to all
aspects of archives and records
management, from creation of
records to making them accessible
as archives, is based on the inter-
nationally renowned training days
run by the author. It deals with all
materials, including born-digital
and digitized, photographs, and
audiovisual. Utilizing checklists,
practical exercises, case studies,
and helpful diagrams, the book
ensures a pragmatic approach.
2009 | softcover
246 pp | 7" x 9"
$82.00 | Members: $73.80
2015 | softcover
224 pp | 6" x 9"
$115.00 | Members: $103.50
Forging the Future of Special Collections
Edited by Arnold Hirshon, Robert H. Jackson, and Melissa A. Hubbard
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1386-4 | e-book available
A valuable cross-section of perspectives . . . Many of the authors are leaders in their fields,
including head curators, administrators, long-time collectors and booksellers, and faculty, who
have seen broad changes in cultural heritage-related fields.”Technical Services Quarterly
This timely volume
À explores ways to build 21st-century special collections that are accessible globally, and how to
provide the expertise and services necessary to support collection use;
À gives advice on developing and maintaining strong relationships between libraries and collectors;
À provides critical information on how libraries and their institutions’ faculty can best collaborate;
À showcases proactive, forward-thinking approaches to applying digital scholarship techniques to
special collections materials; and
À looks at how the changes in the way authors work—from analog to digital—increases the
importance of archives.
Academic Archives: Managing the Next Generation of College
and University Archives, Records, and Special Collections
Aaron D. Purcell | PRINT: 978-1-55570-769-9 | e-book available
“Purcell’s style is not overly technical but it is comprehensive.” —Archival Issues
Today, the field of academic archives is more expansive and complex than ever before. In addition to college
and university archives, academic archives encompass records management programs, special collections
departments, and other campus archival repositories. This new definition of academic archives programs
has redefined the role, and training, of academic archivists. This book gives you the tools to fill that role,
including collection strategies, a management plan for electronic records, and development strategies for
starting a campus records management program, and an understanding of the emerging trends affecting
all archivists. Academic Archives is designed to appeal to archivists of all ranks and experience, archivists
working both inside and outside of academic libraries, archivists in training, other information profession-
als, library directors, and members of the academic community. Whether you want to start an archives
program, update an existing archives program, begin a career in academic archives, or remain current on
recent developments, you’ll find valuable advice in this timely handbook.
2016 | softcover
224 pp | 6" x 9"
$85.00 | Members: $76.50
2012 | softcover
336 pp | 6" x 9"
$98.00 | Members: $88.20
Archives | Records Management
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 | ..
Collection Development and Management for 21st Century Library
Collections: An Introduction, Second Edition
Vicki L. Gregory | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1712-1
Packed with discussion questions, activities, suggested additional references, selected readings, and many
other features that speak directly to students and library professionals, Gregory’s Collection Development
and Management for 21st Century Library Collections is a comprehensive handbook that also shares myr-
iad insightful ideas and approaches valuable to experienced practitioners. This new second edition brings
an already stellar text fully up to date, presenting top-to-bottom coverage of
À the impact of new technologies and developments on the discipline, including discussion of
self-publishing, ebooks, open access, globalization, and other trends;
À needs assessment, policies, and selection sources and processes;
À budgeting and fiscal management;
À collection assessment and evaluation;
À weeding, with special attention paid to electronic materials; and
À collaborative collection development and resource sharing.
Digital Preservation in Libraries:
Preparing for a Sustainable Future
Edited by Jeremy Myntii and Jessalyn Zoom | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1713-8
In today’s information landscape, there are fewer topics that more urgently demand expansive discourse
than digital preservation, which touches on everything from technology to copyright. The Association for
Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS) steps up to the challenge with this comprehensive
overview. Global in scope, it features case studies and contributions that discuss such key issues as
À the history of digital preservation;
À digital preservation and information ethics;
À strategies for getting started, sustaining digitization programs, and performing evaluation;
À fine-tuning digital preservation workflows, with a look at Digital Streams Matrix for analyzing path-
ways and tasks;
À preserving e-books, mobile device data, and other specific types of materials;
À collaborative efforts in digital preservation, including jargon-free techniques for engaging
non-technical colleagues in digital legacy tools and processes; and
À the copyright, legal, and administrative issues connected with digital preservation.
Fundamentals of Collection Development and Management,
Fourth Edition
Peggy Johnson | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1641-4
Technical Services Quarterly declared that the third edition “must now be considered the essential text-
book for collection development and management . . . the first place to go for reliable and informative
advice.” For the fourth edition expert instructor and librarian Johnson has revised and freshened this
resource to ensure its timeliness and continued excellence. Thorough consideration is given to
À traditional management topics such as organization of the collection, weeding, and staffing;
À cooperative collection development and management;
À licenses, negotiation, contracts, maintaining productive relationships with vendors and publish-
ers, and other important purchasing and budgeting topics;
À key issues such as the ways that changes in information delivery and access technologies con-
tinue to reshape the discipline, the evolving needs and expectations of library users, and new
roles for subject specialists, all illustrated using updated examples and data; and
À marketing, liaison activities, and outreach.
2018 | softcover
256 pp | 7" x 10"
$79.99 | Members: $71.99
2018 | softcover
352 pp | 6" x 9"
$84.99 | Members: $76.49
2018 | softcover
432 pp | 7" x 10"
$85.00 | Members: $76.50
Acquisitions | Collection Management
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Textbooks in Academic Libraries:
Selection, Circulation, and Assessment
Chris Diaz, editor | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1587-5
There are many academic libraries who are selectively adding textbooks to their collections, and the prac-
tice seems to be gaining momentum. In this volume, the Association for Library Collections and Technical
Services (ALCTS) and editor Diaz gather case studies that pull together creative approaches and best prac-
tices for print textbook reserve programs. This book discusses such topics as
À results and analysis from a detailed survey of a state university’s core-course textbook reserve
À funding sources for starting or piloting a program;
À using aggregated enrollment, grade, and textbook cost data to identify “high impact" courses;
À identifying course-related books that are in the library’s collection or fit an existing collection policy;
À workflow for using bookstore data with ILS and purchasing systems; and
À using LibGuides and Google Sheets to publicize textbook holdings, and how a back-end database
supports discovery for students and reporting for reserves staff.
Affordable Course Materials:
Electronic Textbooks and Open Educational Resources
Chris Diaz, editor | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1580-6
A recent study found that two-thirds of students will skip using a textbook because of the cost. In this
book, the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) has gathered its members
expertise to describe affordable text initiatives that promise to improve student learning and student
retention. Topics covered include
À surprising findings on the most expensive courses for textbook requirements;
À a case study showing how LSU abandoned DDA, established requirements for e-books collec-
tions, and boosted usage to 17,000 unique titles accessed;
À ways to build on existing procedures and relationships of print reserves to develop e-book collec-
tions for courses;
À how to work productively with campus bookstores;
À analysis of library programs that offered grants to faculty for developing course texts at UCLA,
North Carolina State University, and the University of Southern Mississippi; and
À ideas for partnering with campus instructional technology and distance ed units.
Valuing Your Collection:
A Practical Guide for Museums, Libraries and Archives
Freda Matassa | PRINT: 978-1-78330-187-4
The subject of valuation has always been challenging for museums and public collections and is becom-
ingmore urgent as monetary values of many itemscontinue to break records. There is an increase inlend-
ing and borrowing, meaning more loans which require a value forinsurance, while recent government
initiatives such as Lifetime Givingmean that donations to the nation need to have a monetary value for
taxpurposes. At a time when loans and exhibitions are expanding to allcorners of the world, while lenders
are becoming more risk-averse, Valuing your Collection addresses the issues and offers solutions. A well-
known UK expert on collections management, in this book Matassa discusses
À issues around the valuation of public collections;
À assigning values to individual objects and valuing an entire collection;
À valuation law and insurance;
À examples from real life collections; and
À guides to valuing different types of items.
2017 | softcover
160 pp | 6" x 9"
$65.00 | Members: $58.50
2017 | softcover
256 pp | 6" x 9"
$74.00 | Members: $66.60
2017 | softcover
160 pp | 6" x 9"
$65.00 | Members: $58.50
Acquisitions | Collection Management
 | 866.746.7252
Acquisitions | Collection Management
Acquisitions: Core Concepts and Practices, Second Edition
Jesse Holden | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1460-1
As a discipline, acquisitions encompasses everything from purchasing and budgeting to enabling access to
materials; and every format from books, monographs, and serials to e-books, subscription-based electronic
resources, and beyond. In this guide, Holden boils it to down to its essentials while providing a strategic
framework that introduces and integrates all aspects of acquisitions. Using a holistic, hands-on approach
that’s as useful for working librarians as for those studying the profession, this book
À provides an overview of acquisitions as a library profession, with a discussion of basic competen-
cies, notions of ethics, and the organizing principle of “assemblage”;
À lays out a robust conceptual framework that unifies disparate aspects of acquisitions work and
synthesizes its practical aspects;
À thoroughly examines acquisitions in all formats, including digital materials; and
À covers such important trends as the rise of e-books, the ramifications of mobile devices as a
mode of content access and interaction, demand-driven acquisition, and shifting expectations
regarding paid-for content.
Fundamentals of Electronic Resources Management
Alana Verminski and Kelly Marie Blanchat | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1541-7
This book goes a long way towards demystifying this subject and briefing librarians on these
essential areas so that they can stay relevant to their institutions and provide excellent
resources to their patrons.” —Journal of Hospital Librarianship
Inside you’ll find to-the-point advice on methods and tools that will help you stay on top of things, includ-
ing coverage of
À the full range of purchasing options, from Big Deals to unbundling to pay per view;
À conversation starters that will help build productive relationships with vendor reps;
À common clauses of licensing agreements and what they mean;
À understanding the four types of authentication;
À using a triage approach to troubleshooting hitches in accessing articles;
À the basic principles of usage statistics, and four ways to use COUNTER reports when evaluating
À five steps to developing an effective marketing plan; and
À how to master the lingo, with clear explanations of jargon, important terms, and acronyms.
Getting Started with Digital Collections:
Scaling to Fit Your Organization
Jane D. Monson | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1543-1
“Convenient and practical . . . Monsons inclusion of management concerns results in a more
comprehensive overview of digitization issues for libraries and museums.” —Library Journal
Providing an entry point for those new to digitization, Monsons well-researched guide clears aside the jar-
gon and acronyms to offer guidance on
À how to efficiently harness existing workflows, especially in departments seeing a decline in workload;
À the pros and cons of the two common service models for state and regional digital repositories;
À how to evaluate and choose among the digital asset management systems;
À hardware options for image capture;
À choices in metadata models MODS, VRA Core, Dublin Core Element Set, and EAD; and
À understanding the characteristics of various file formats and using them effectively to create master
and derivative files.
2017 | softcover
264 pp | 6" x 9"
$65.00 | Members: $58.50
2017 | softcover
192 pp | 6" x 9"
$69.00 | Members: $62.10
2017 | softcover
152 pp | 6" x 9"
$59.00 | Members: $53.10
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Acquisitions | Collection Management
256 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $89.96
256 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $89.96
Organizing Information: From the
Shelf to the Web G. G. Chowdhury
and Sudatta Chowdhury
“The content is of immense practical value
for librarians and information professionals
involved in both traditional and digital
libraries.” —Library Collections Acquisitions
& Technical Services
Collection Development in the
Digital Age Edited by Maggie Fieldhouse
and Audrey Marshall
“Its coverage is extensive and reflects a
cross-section of the experience of librarians
and information professionals.” —Journal of
Librarianship and Information Science
216 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $57.60
216 pp
8.5" x 11"
Members: $69.30
e-book available
Customer-Based Collection
Development: An Overview
Edited by Karl Bridges
A practical way to learn about questions
that may need to be addressed when
utilizing PDA, and the reader will appreciate
seeing how other libraries have addressed
some of these questions.” —Serials Review
Building and Managing E-Book
Collections: A How-To-Do-It Manual
for Librarians Edited by Richard Kaplan
“Every librarian and library dealing with
e-books should have a copy of this work.”
—Australian Library Journal
200 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $60.30
Developing and Managing Electronic
Collections: The Essentials
Peggy Johnson
“I would highly recommend this book for
anyone wanting a short, informed overview
of e-resources.” —Feliciter
200 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $60.30
e-book available
No Shelf Required: E-Books in
Libraries Edited by Sue Polanka
An informative publication for librarians and
administrators looking to make sense of the
e-book market and its impact on libraries.”
Collection Management
272 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $60.30
e-book available
No Shelf Required 2: Use and
Management of Electronic Books
Edited by Sue Polanka
Anyone interested in the discussion of
e-books in libraries will be well served by this
volume.” —Booklist
2015 | softcover
216 pp | 6" x 9"
$48.00 | Members: $43.20
The Weeding Handbook:
A Shelf-by-Shelf Guide
Rebecca Vnuk
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1327-7 | ebook available
“Vnuk gives experienced insight into this often
misunderstood and sometimes ill-conceived task.”
—Reference Reviews
“I found this book to be very practical and plan to go back
through it to incorporate some of the excellent suggestions
Vnuk has included . . . this work's shelf-by-shelf approach
and inclusion of sample policies and methods make it a
welcome update and addition to the literature."—Against
The Grain
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 | 866.746.7252
RDA Toolkit
Designed for the digital world and an expanding universe of metadata users, RDA:
Resource Description and Access is the new, unified cataloging standard. The
online RDA Toolkit subscription is the most effective way to interact with the stan-
dard. RDA Toolkit helps catalogers, metadata professionals, and other library staff
transition to RDA with numerous features, including
À searchable and browseable presentation of RDA instructions in English,
French, Spanish, Italian, Catalan, Finnish, and German languages;
À editor tools that allow users to create, share, and access user generated
content (workflows, maps, and a host of cataloging specific documents);
À access to a collection of pol icy statements from national libraries and
professional groups; and
À full MARC record examples of RDA cataloging.
For pricing and subscription information, visit
RDA | Cataloging | Knowledge and Information Management
RDA: Resource Description and Access Print2015 Revision
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1346-8
The 2015 RDA Print Revision contains:
À A full accumulation of RDA—the revision replaces the previous version of RDA Print rather than
being an update packet to that version. Numerous changes to the text of RDA have been made
since the publication of the 2014 Revision. Cataloging practice described by RDA has not altered
dramatically due to these changes, but a significant number of the pages in RDA Print were
affected by the changes, making an RDA Print update packet impracticable.
À The most current RDA—the revision contains all changes to RDA up to and including the 2015
RDA Update approved by the JSC. There are two types of changes to RDA that routinely take
place—“Fast Track" changes and RDA Updates. The JSC periodically issues Fast Track changes
to RDA to fix errors and to clarify meaning. These changes do not typically change cataloging
practice as described by RDA. An RDA Update is issued annually. In an Update process the JSC
considers proposals to enhance and improve RDA as a cataloging standard. The 2015 Revision
includes all Fast Track changes and RDA Updates since the 2014 publication of RDA in August 2014.
2015 | softcover
1056 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$185.00 | Members: $166.50
RDA: Strategies for Implementation, Second Edition
Magda El-Sherbini | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1508-0
Since its publication, thousands of catalogers, technical services librarians, and LIS students have benefit-
ted from the expert guidance provided by El-Sherbini’s guide. In this new edition, she completely updates
her text to reflect the maturing landscape of RDA: Resource Description and Access. This book
À traces the history of RDA and the transition from AACR2, enumerating the differences and simi-
larities between the standards;
À presents detailed strategies on implementing RDA, from general training tips to decision making,
covering every aspect of daily practice;
À addresses FRBR-driven tasks, FRBR-Group relationships, and principles of FRAD, including how
FRAD impacts the RDA application;
À features numerous handy checklists and worksheets to aid cataloging and reinforce learning;
À offers brand new chapters on Work and Expression, Work and Expression for Special Materials,
Authorized Access Points, and Relationships Among Entities; and
À provides updated guidance on getting the most out of RDA Toolkit.
2018 | softcover
464 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$85.00 | Members: $76.50
ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
RDA | Cataloging | Knowledge and Information Management
Facet Analysis
Vanda Broughton | PRINT: 978-1-78330-083-9
The Classification Research Group of the UK aimed to make facet analysis “the basis of all information
retrieval,” yet its philosophical and methodological bases are poorly understood by the wider information
community. In this book, Broughton provides a general overview of facet analysis as a formal methodol-
ogy for building knowledge organization and search tools and as a general knowledge organization theory.
Coverage includes:
À a full statement of the principles and theory of faceted systems as developed by Ranganathan and
the UK Classification Research Group;
À the origin and development of analytico-synthetic classification and indexing tools, and of the use
of facet analytical theory to underpin design and construction;
À applications of facet analysis, both in conventional information management contexts and in
e-environments; and
À a survey of current writers and researchers working in the facet analytical tradition.
2018 | softcover
224 pp | 6" x 9"
$104.99 | Members: $94.49
Information at Work: Information Management in the Workplace
Katriina Byström, Jannica Heinström, and Ian Ruthven | PRINT: 978-1-78330-275-8
Today’s society is characterized by quick technological developments and constant changes to our infor-
mation environments. One of the biggest changes has been in our workplace environments; technologi-
cal developments have automated work processes that were previously done by manual labor, while new
professions and work tasks have emerged in response to new methods of creating, sharing and using
Information at Work: Information Management in the Workplace provides a comprehensive account
of information in the modern workplace. It includes a set of chapters examining and reviewing the major
concepts within workplace information, from overarching themes of information cultures and ecologies, to
strategic concerns of information management and governance, and to detailed accounts of questions and
current debates.
The Chief Data Officers Playbook
Caroline Carruthers and Peter Jackson | PRINT: 978-1-78330-257-4
The new and rapidly expanding role of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) is of significant interest and relevance
to organizations and data professionals internationally. Written by two practicing CDOs, this new book
offers a jargon-free, practical guide to making better decisions based on data. Content covered includes
À why does any organization need a CDO?;
À the secret ingredients of the successful CDO;
À avoiding the hype cycle;
À building the CDO team;
À who leads the technology?; and
À the CDO and data governance: enablement not red tape.
This book will offer key insight for CDOs looking to understand their position better, for aspiring CDOs and
data officers looking at career progression, for those recruiting CDOs, and offers essential knowledge for
anyone else operating in the current data environment.
2018 | softcover
224 pp | 6" x 9"
$98.99 | Members: $89.09
2017 | softcover
208 pp | 6" x 9"
$55.00 | Members: $49.50
Coding with XML for Efficiencies in Cataloging and Metadata:
Practical Applications of XSD, XSLT, and XQuery
Timothy W. Cole, Myung-Ja (MJ) K. Han, and Christine Schwartz | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1653-7
Even experienced catalogers and copy catalogers need guidance when creating metadata for sharing bib-
liographic records or digital collections on the web. Likewise, coders or new librarians coming from iSchool
or software backgrounds need examples of how to use XLML or XSLT scripting with library records. That’s
where this new handbook from the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) comes
in. All librarians working in their code editors will want this resource, with its 58 sample coding examples, at
their side. It covers
À essential background information, with a quick review of XML basics;
À transforming XML metadata in HTML;
À schema languages and workflows for XML validation;
À an introduction to XPath and XSLT;
À cataloging workflows using XSLT; and
À the basics of XQuery, including use cases and XQuery expressions and functions.
Metadata for Information Management and Retrieval,
Second Edition
David Haynes | PRINT: 978-1-85604-824-8
A thought-provoking introduction to metadata, this new second edition has been fully revised to bring
it up to date with new technology and standards. Containing new chapters on Metadata Standards and
Encoding Schemes, it assesses the current theory and practice of metadata and examines key develop-
ments in terms of both policy and technology. Essential reading for LIS students, and ideal for professionals
looking for an accessible introduction to metadata, this book includes
À an introduction to the concept of metadata;
À a description of the main components of metadata systems and standards;
À an overview of the scope of metadata and its applications;
À a description of typical information retrieval issues in corporate and research environments;
À a demonstration of ways in which metadata is used to improve retrieval; and
À a look at ways in which metadata is used to manage information.
2018 | softcover
288 pp | 6" x 9"
$69.00 | Members: $62.10
2018 | softcover
176 pp | 6" x 9"
$60.00 | Members: $54.00
RDA | Cataloging | Knowledge and Information Management
Digital Asset
Management in Theory
and Practice
Mark Hedges
PRINT: 978-1-85604-935-1
This handbook provides
information professionals
with everything they need to
know to effectively manage
digital content and informa-
tion, addressing digital asset
management (DAM) from a
practitioners point of view but
also introducing readers to the
theoretical background to the
Cataloguing and
Decision-making in a
Hybrid Environment:
The Transition from
Anne Welsh
PRINT: 978-1-85604-955-9
Showing readers how to operate
successfully in a world of hybrid
catalogs, where records created
under different standards coexist,
this hands-on guide draws out the
flexibility offered by RDA and the
scope for cataloger judgment in
balancing flexibility with consis-
tency of entry.
2018 | softcover
224 pp | 6" x 9"
$99.95 | Members: $89.96
2018 | softcover
224 pp | 6" x 9"
$95.00 | Members: $85.50
 | ..
Bestsellers in RDA, Cataloging, and Knowledge and Information Management
RDA | Cataloging | Knowledge and Information Management
Information Systems: Process and Practice
Edited by Christine Urquhart, Faten Hamad, Dina Tbaishat and Alison Yeoman | PRINT: 978-1-78330-241-3
This collection adopts a holistic interpretation of information architecture to offer libraries and information
professionals a variety of methods, tools, and techniques that may be used when designing websites and
information systems that support workflows. Featuring an international lineup of contributors, with case
studies that cover a wide variety of settings, this book
À discusses research and methods that help libraries and information services use strategic busi-
ness objectives as a foundation for organizing processes;
À shows how to support information management functions;
À opens a new area of research/investigation on the link between information behavior research
and information systems and architecture; and
À uses introductory sections and chapter commentary from the editors to draw the discussions
2018 | softcover
288 pp | 6" x 9"
$75.00 | Members: $67.50
Practical Ontologies for Information Professionals
David Stuart | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1511-0
The development of robust and widely used ontologies is an increasingly important tool in the fight against
information overload. The publishing and sharing of explicit explanations for a wide variety of conceptu-
alizations, in a machine readable format, has the power to both improve information retrieval and identify
new knowledge. This new book provides an accessible introduction to
À the concept and definition of ontology and why it is increasingly important to the information
À ontologies and the Semantic Web;
À existing ontologies, such as SKOS, OWL, FOAF,, and the DBpedia Ontology;
À adopting and building ontologies, showing how to avoid repetition of work and how to build a sim-
ple ontology with Protégé;
À interrogating Semantic Web ontologies; and
À the future of ontologies and the role of the information professional in their development and use.
2017 | softcover
224 pp | 6" x 9"
$88.00 | Members: $79.20
Second Edition
Marcia Lei Zeng and Jian Qin
PRINT: 978-1-55570-965-5
Named a 2017 CHOICE
Outstanding Academic Title
“The current edition of this
seminal resource represents a
radical and necessary shift to
a richer, more comprehensive
analysis of metadata and its
uses . . . A core reference work.”
RDA Essentials
Thomas Brenndorfer
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1328-4
A most helpful shorthand guide.”
—Catholic Library World
This concise guide focuses on the
needs of those seeking a simpli-
fied path to creating basic RDA
records. First describing founda-
tional RDA concepts and vocabu-
lary, Brenndorfer then distills RDA
instructions, matching them to
cataloging practice in easy-to-
follow language.
2016 | softcover
584 pp | 6" x 9"
$84.00 | Members: $75.60
2016 | softcover
384 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$105.00 | Members: $94.50
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Maxwell’s Handbook for RDA: Explaining and Illustrating RDA:
Resource Description and Access Using MARC 21
Robert L. Maxwell | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1172-3
Winner of the 2014 ABC-CLIO Greenwood Award for the Best Book in Library Literature; Winner of the
2015 Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) Outstanding Publication Award
In this clear and comprehensive resource, cataloging expert Maxwell brings his trademark practical com-
mentary to bear on the new, unified cataloging standard. Designed to interpret and explain RDA: Resource
Description and Access, this handbook illustrates and applies the new cataloging rules in the MARC 21
environment for every type of information format. From books to electronic materials to music and beyond,
À explains the conceptual grounding of RDA, including FRBR and FRAD;
À addresses the nuances of how cataloging will, and won’t, change in the MARC 21 environment;
À explores recording relationships, working with records of manifestations and items, and more; and
À provides numerous sample records to illustrate RDA principles.
2014 | softcover
912 pp | 7" x 10"
$125.00 | Members: $112.50
2015 | softcover
432 pp | 6" x 9"
$75.00 | Members: $67.50
2015 | softcover
152 pp | 7" x 10"
$65.00 | Members: $58.50
Metadata for
Digital Collections
Steven J. Miller
PRINT: 978-1-55570-746-0
An extremely useful book
for . . . those with little to no
experience in using non-MARC
metadata, who either need to
do so now or who would simply
like to remain current with
developments in the field; those
who need a ready-reference
work for a particular metadata
scheme; and students of
cataloging and metadata.”
College & Research Libraries
2011 | softcover
230 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$82.00 | Members: $73.80
RDA | Cataloging | Knowledge and Information Management
Linked Data for Libraries,
Archives and Museums:
How to Clean, Link and
Publish your Metadata
Seth van Hooland and
Ruben Verborgh
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1251-5
“Can easily be used as either a
linked data textbook for library and
information science educators or
a linked data handbook for library,
archive, and museum technical
services.” —Technicalities
2014 | softcover
272 pp | 6" x 9"
$88.00 | Members: $79.20
Essential Classification,
Second Edition
Vanda Broughton
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1369-7
“This lucid book of classification
knowledge in pellucid prose
and engaging style can easily
be described as the best one
as of today.” —Knowledge
RDA and Cartographic
Paige G. Andrew, Susan M. Moore,
and Mary Larsgaard
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1131-0
"Provides solid guidance for map
catalogers of all levels . . . clearly
written, detailed and easy to use. “
Journal of The Australian and New
Zealand Map Society Inc.
 | ..
ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
240 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $92.70
softcover book and
301 pp
8.5" x 11"
Members: $73.80
128 pp
8.5" x 11"
Members: $41.40
240 pp
8.5" x 11"
Members: $55.80
Information Resource Description:
Creating and Managing Metadata
Philip Hider
A survey that is almost sure to reveal
something new, even to some of the most
experienced practitioners among us.”
—Cataloging & Classification Quarterly
Introducing RDA:
A Guide to the Basics Chris Oliver
“Highly recommended for novice and
experienced catalogers as well as library
school faculty and students seeking basic
information on RDA and its implementation.”
––Library Journal
MARC21 for Everyone:
A Practical Guide Deborah A. Fritz
and Richard J. Fritz
“Rich in demonstrating the impact of
authority work in all areas of user-focused
information discovery.” —Library Collections
Acquisitions & Technical Services
Describing Electronic, Digital, and
Other Media Using AACR2 and RDA:
A How-To-Do-It Manual and CD-ROM
for Librarians Mary Beth Weber and Fay
Angela Austin
“This book is highly recommended for
technical services staff.”Technicalities
224 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $69.30
Practical Cataloguing: AACR2, RDA
and MARC21 Anne Welsh and Sue Batley
“Comprehensive, practical, clear, and
written with a dash of humor—this is
the textbook about AACR2 and RDA for
which catalogers have been waiting.”
—Karen Attar, Senate House Library
240 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $51.30
ebook available
208 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $55.80
Cataloging Correctly for Kids:
An Introduction to the Tools,
Fifth Edition Edited by Sheila S. Intner,
Joanna F. Fountain, and Jean Weihs
A beneficial text for anyone interested in
the cataloging of childrens materials.”
—Public Libraries
The Concise AACR2: Fourth Edition
through the 2004 Update Prepared by
Michael Gorman
Featuring examples and updates throughout,
a glossary of important cataloging terms
used in the rules, and a concordance with
AACR2, this is the must-have reference book
for all librarians.
234 pp
8.5" x 11"
Members: $55.80
e-book available
RDA and Serials Cataloging Ed Jones
“Working catalogers will be able to use this
manual for day-to-day practice and will find
it of lasting value as a reference manual
for unusual or difficult cases.” —Collection
275 pp
6" x 9"
Members: $83.70
Structures for Organizing Knowledge:
Exploring Taxonomies, Ontologies,
and Other Schema June Abbas
“Important reading for library and information
science students learning about the organiza-
tion of knowledge, as well as library profes-
sionals working in the cataloging and metadata
fields—College and Research Libraries
ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
RDA | Cataloging | Knowledge and Information Management
 | 866.746.7252
Reference | Readers’ Advisory
softcover book and
301 pp
8.5" x 11"
Members: $73.80
Reference and Information Services:
An Introduction, Fourth Edition
Kay Ann Cassell and Uma Hiremath | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1568-4
praise for the third edition:
”Library school students will benefit from reading the book cover-to-cover, and
the most diligent of them will remember it as an important component of their
education . . . The book is an irreplaceable source that can be recommended
as an essential item for any library’s professional collection.”—Collection Building
Teaching failsafe methods for identifying important materials by matching spe-
cific types of questions to the best available sources, regardless of format, this text
offers fresh insight on core issues, including
À ethics, readers’ advisory, information literacy, and other key aspects of
reference librarianship;
À selecting and evaluating reference materials;
À assessing and improving reference services;
À guidance on conducting reference interviews with a range of different library
users, including children and young adults;
À a new discussion of reference as programming;
À important special reference topics such as Google search, 24/7 reference,
and virtual reference; and
À delivering reference services across multiple platforms.
2018 | softcover
480 pp | 7" x 10"
$88.00 | Members: $79.20
2018 | softcover
304 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$84.99 | Members: $76.49
Conducting the Reference Interview:
A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians, Third Edition
Catherine Sheldrick Ross, Kirsti Nilsen, and Marie L. Radford | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1727-5
The authors, working in consultation with an advisory board of scholars and practitioners,
present a comprehensive resource that will teach you how to understand the needs of
public, academic, and special library users across any virtual setting as well as in tradi-
tional and face-to-face models of communication. Packed with exercises and examples,
this book
À shares techniques for finding out what the library user really wants to know;
À covers the ins and outs of the readers’ advisory interview;
À examines a wide range of contexts, such as children, young adults, parents,
seniors, adults from diverse communities, and those with disabilities;
À presents case studies from a variety of libraries;
À offers updated coverage of virtual reference, including virtual reality transcripts
and crowd-sourcing reference via social media;
À features new content on common microaggressions, with guidance on ensuring
better outcomes; and
À discusses topics such as respecting/protecting privacy, the importance of con-
text, and many other lessons learned from challenging reference encounters; and
À thoroughly addresses policy and training procedures, as well as the unique chal-
lenges faced by paraprofessionals and non-degreed staff.
ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.
Reference | Readers’ Advisory
The Readers’ Advisory Guide to Teen Literature
Angela Carstensen | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1726-8
Teen lit expert Carstensen, creator and editor of School Library Journal‘s Adult Books 4 Teens blog, pres-
ents this comprehensive resource for serving the reading interests of teens. Moving far beyond merely
offering lists of book titles, this RA guide actually helps librarians and educators in public libraries, middle
and high school libraries, and colleges and universities expand their knowledge of young adult literature
genre by genre. Covering popular YA titles as well as adult titles with crossover appeal, Carstensen
À offers in-depth chapters discussing realistic fiction, science fiction, fantasy, horror, historical
fiction, thrillers, and nonfiction;
À includes core titles and authors in each genre that can be used to create a reading plan, plus
specific whole catalog readers’ advisory advice;
À examines teen reading habits and offers tips for successful marketing; and
À provides guidance on getting up to speed as well as additional resources for staying current.
See also: Outstanding Books for the College-Bound, p. 77.
Helping Patrons Find Their Roots:
A Genealogy Handbook for Librarians
Janice Lindgren Schultz | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1644-5
Public libraries have many valuable resources for diving into a patrons lineage and family history, but librar-
ians themselves are sometimes not fully acquainted with all the tools available. The good news is that you
don’t have to be a genealogist to help patrons find the research information they need to get in touch with
their roots. In this book Schultz, an experienced genealogy librarian, guides librarians through the process,
À an overview of heritage research, with an explanation of the differences between genealogy and
family history;
À step-by-step instructions for finding genealogy records;
À a discussion of useful databases such as Ancestry Library Edition and Heritage Quest as well as
print sources of information;
À key websites to help patrons continue their search; and
À advice on collection development and training.
2018 | softcover
176 pp | 6" x 9"
$60.00 | Members: $54.00
2018 | softcover
248 pp | 6" x 9"
$59.00 | Members: $53.10
2018 | softcover
176 pp | 6" x 9"
$54.99 | Members: $49.49
The 4 Rs of Reference: Using the Psychology of Question-Asking
for Reference Success
David A. Tyckoson | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1643-8
A sometimes invisible pathway lies between a patrons initial question and what the patron actually wants
to find out. This book gives reference librarians a set of techniques for illuminating that pathway, showing
ways to interact with library users productively. Speaking to reference novices as well as to professionals
looking to polish their approach, reference pioneer Tyckoson
À discusses the psychology of question asking, examining how psychological factors can inhibit
users from asking questions;
À introduces the four Rs of reference—reassuring, responding, restating, and repeating—an
effective method for working with users that can help overcome barriers;
À demonstrates how to apply the RUSA Behavioral Guidelines for more successful reference
interactions; and
À addresses key issues such as in-person and online reference, the impact of environmental factors
like desk size and location, the use of open- and closed-ended questioning, and how to deal with
problem situations and users.
 | 866.746.7252
Reference | Readers’ Advisory
Finding the Answers to Legal Questions, Second Edition
Virginia M. Tucker and Marc Lampson | PRINT: 978-0-8389-1569-1
Newly revised and updated, this timely, clearly organized, and easy-to-use resource is packed with guid-
ance to help librarians answer questions that span the gamut of the law. An ideal tool for practicing
librarians looking to better serve users’ legal needs, as well as for LIS students preparing for careers as
librarians, this book provides
À an overview of fundamental legal information, including the basic structure of the U.S. legal
system and primary law;
À how-to instructions for finding primary law in print sources, free websites, and pay-for-view
À information on how to evaluate the trustworthiness of online and print resources;
À tips for conducting a legal reference interview;
À guidance for handling common legal questions, such as lawsuits, family law, landlord-tenant
disputes, wills and estate planning, debt, bankruptcy, employment, and criminal law; and
À advice on how to build a basic legal reference collection.
2018 | softcover
256 pp | 7" x 10"
$75.00 | Members: $67.50
A Basic Music Library:
Essential Scores and
Sound Recordings,
Fourth Edition, Volume 1:
Popular Music
Compiled by the
Music Library Association
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1039-9
“The fourth edition of this popular
reference work has moved from
one to three volumes, in order to
better represent the variety and
changing needs of library selectors
in public and small academic
libraries . . . Highly recommended.”
A Basic Music Library:
Essential Scores and
Sound Recordings,
Fourth Edition, Volume 3:
Classical Music
Compiled by the
Music Library Association
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1531-8
Covering classical music,
Volume 3 delves into orchestral
music, film music, band music,
opera, musical theater, choral
music, classical music antholo-
gies, and much more.
A Basic Music Library:
Essential Scores and Sound
Recordings, Fourth Edition,
Volume 2: World Music
Compiled by the
Music Library Association
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1530-1
Volume 2 concentrates on folk,
traditional, and popular music of
regions spanning the globe, with a
section dedicated to international
The ALA Guide to
Information Sources
in Insurance, Risk
Management, and
Actuarial Science
Lucy Heckman
PRINT: 978-0-8389-1275-1
“The annotations are concise and
precise . . . This has a wealth of
good information that will guide the
research to quality resources and
make finding information in these
fields much easier.” —Reference
2017 | softcover
368 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$258.00 | Members: $232.20
2018 | softcover
688 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$258.00 | Members: $232.20
2018 | softcover
296 pp | 8.5" x 11"
$258.00 | Members: $232.20
2016 | softcover
224 pp | 6" x 9"
$74.00 | Members: $66.60