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In a small farm in Scotland, there were animals that were uneducated.The farm owners were on a trip. The only animals that were educated were these two king snakes. They would control the uneducated animals, they would make them work just like slaves. One day a stray dog named Boxer, had came across this farm and had met the two king snakes that are named Napoleon and Snowball. At first, they had acted as if they cared for him, but then later on in the week, the dog soon realized that the two snakes were trying to manipulated him ,and wanted to get even with Snowball and Napoleon for trying to take control of his own actions. So Boxer talked to Benjamin the goat and Clover the cat, which were very confused when Boxer told them that they were being mistreated and that they were also being manipulated. Squealer, the owl spread the rumor to all of the farm animals, and the ani6mals were enraged by these rumors. After that happened, the animals and boxer had rebelled against Napoleon and Snowball. And when Napoleon and Snowball found out about the rebellion against them. The had battled the animals, but were unsuccessful. The two snakes had been chased of the farm, they ran into the forest. The two snakes ran into people that would catch snakes and sell. This had ensured that they would be safe from the snakes attacking them again.

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