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Akira Toryama

By:Delvone Jones

Well i chose this animator because of the fact he is the creator of the of the most famous japanese anime dragon ball. Akira also mad a second series of dragon ball called "Dragon Ball Z". But it dosent stop there, A even more famous series of his was "Dragon Ball Super". Ive been watching theses series of dragon bal sense i was young and i feel as if this guy, this man is animation legend simply bc he has been doing this since 1986-2017, that's 37 years. 37 years of him rocking this world with a amazing animation.

Like i said before Akira Toriyama is a animation legnend because of the fact he made the 37 year old anime thats still a hit in every country. Akira toriyama is still animating even at this old age.his creations were Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball super, etc.