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Inside the Unique Mind of Alyssa Cunningham

Table of Contents

1 - Song Poem "Love is Best"

2 - Blackout Poem "Destiny"

3 - ABC Poem "Repel the Darkness"

4 - Cinquain "Life"

5 - Haiku "Sleeping"

6 - Bio Poem "Jesus Christ"

7 - Shape Poem "The Cross"

8 - Acrostic Poem "Rolos"

9 - Elegy "Alivia's Soul"

10 - Tanka Poem "School is Hell"

11 - List Poem "Do Want You Want - You're Punk Rock"

12 - Limerick "Dreadful Homework"

13 - Senryu "Alyssa Mendes"

14 - Epitaph "Success is Happiness"

15 - Diamente "Eliciah's Hug/Sleep"

They told you what they thought was best

And you had to fight your own thoughts for the longest time

But that was before tonight

And you knew the dangers and the risk

But the desire already wore down to your soul’s core

And you’re holding your breath as if that will suppress

The fall

The change

The life you just felt

That you swore was impossible

But you found it

And to breathe is to confess that

It’s not cheap, hiding in a corner,

Afraid to move

It can’t be put into words

Or captured in a picture

Or held in a hand

And now you understand what you were missing

The wonder igniting the new sensation


Do you dare let it dance on your tongue?

You smile as you pull the memory closer to your heart

Giving you the rest you never knew you needed

As you play that kiss over and over again in your head

Thanking your lucky stars for the beauty you experienced

And with the release of the breath your lungs have held captive

You surrender yourself to the belief that

Love is best

Love Is Best




Repel the Darkness

As I go through life, I realize we are

Blinded by negativity.

Choose to repel the darkness that

Deprives you of

Endless joy and a

Full life.




Hard, Short

Changing, Trying, Giving

A war between beauty and pain




I enjoy sleeping...

My bed is comfortable...

I’ll just fall asleep now…




Loving, Patient, Selfless

Savior of mankind

Loves you, me, and everyone else in all existence

Felt compassion for sinners, betrayed by His Father, and willing to save everyone

Feared nothing (and yet feared a great amount)**

Healed and fed multitudes of people, saved mankind from eternal damnation

Wanted to show others the love of God, to serve others, and to save everyone from hell



** If we are being biblically correct, Jesus was 100% God and 100% man. This is unfathomable to the human mind. But, God is God, and He made Jesus have all fears that humans do whilst also having none.

Jesus Christ


The cross.

Man,   do I  

Love   this

Thing.   My

Savior died

On this rugged piece of wood, taking all of

My  dirty,  messed  up  actions  without  a

Second  thought, persevering through  the

Most   cruel

Thing to ever

Happen   to

A   human,

Still   never

Batting  an

Eye,    just

Because he

Loves   me

That  much.

The Cross


Really amazing candy that causes me to

Overeat because I just

Love them so darn much… I mean, who wouldn’t be

Obsessed with a perfect ratio of

Soft caramel and chocolate, right??



You died a slow, agonizing death you did not deserve. Killed by a princess who stole your hypothetical man. You claimed you were the Buddha statue yet you found no peace within your soul. The soul you no longer have. Cause it’s dead.


You were the freaking queen. Your beauty was immaculate. Your voice was amazing. Oh, how I miss the joyous sounds of hope and truth that flowed from your pie hole before everything was stripped from you.


I hope you will return someday… maybe after your hypothetical man realizes how great you are you can return to the world, spread your positivity, and get lit with your best friend because she’s better than any guy you could ever dream of.

Alivia's Soul


I hate school a lot

Teachers... oh, the despair I

Constantly feel from

The hell that is your classroom.

Chill on the assignments, please!

School is Hell


We listen to various styles of songs -

When it comes to music, your taste can’t be wrong!

You could love rakish rap,

Or soft, smooth soul,

‘Jesus up’ with some gospel,

Jam to rock ‘n’ roll,

Dance around to some folk,

Stick to classical roots

Maybe sing some country

While wearing your boots

So if you are ever made fun of your love for blues

Remember you can listen to whatever you choose!

Do What You Want - You're Punk Rock


There once was a girl who didn’t sleep at all

For her homework pile was 15 feet tall

She cried a bunch from the stress

But her pile was never less

So, she smashed her head against the wall

Dreadful Homework


I love Shawn Mendes

We’re married; my name is now

Alyssa Mendes

Alyssa Mendes


“Allow yourself to go beyond the standards of the world’s view of success. Your success is  happiness.”


Success is Happiness


Eliciah’s Hug

Warm, secure

Amazing, reassuring, loving

Needed for emotional health, needed for physical and mental health

Revitalizing, relaxing, energizing

Peaceful, healthy



Eliciah's Hug/Sleeping


Alyssa Cunningham is a very sleep deprived and busy student attending Paris High School. She is an honor student, takes college classes, is in FBLA, is in Key Club, is in Student Council, a class officer, and lastly is very involved in her church. Her hatred for school, love for Shawn Mendes, and this assignment's due date gave her the inspiration to write these 15 amazing, life-changing poems. You're welcome.

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