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Our AirField Systems Brochure for Synthetic Installations for you to review. I would like you to consider our AirDrain synthetic drainage system for any of you current projects. We have applications in Green Roofing, Sports Fields, Playgrounds, K9 Area Dog Runs and Putting Greens just to name a few. Whether installed on an aggregate subbase, concrete, asphalt or rooftop the AirDrain for Synthetic Turf drainage helps provide you with consistent Gmax and shock attenuation properties which are a major contributor to the reduction of concussions and the safety of your players. Unlike traditional shock pads or e-layers the AirDrain is 1" high, has a 92% air void and a vertical and lateral drainage rate which cannot be matched by any other product in the industry. Benefits of an AirField system include: AirDrain creates and helps maintain a constant Gmax for Synthetic Turf Shock absorption reduces the strain on joints and ligaments AirDrain can be reused when the Synthetic Turf must be replaced Can help qualify for LEED and other green building credits A smaller carbon and development footprint with reduced site disturbance Water harvesting reclamation and reuse is easily achieved with an AirDrain System AirDrain is a 100% recycled copolymer with the impact modifier metallocene qualifying it as a No Break plastic AirDrain can be made to the following specification Flammability UL 94, Flame Retardant, High Impact Polypropylene Copolymer, Black for Rooftop applications.

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