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AIM March 2024

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HOW MICRO-TRAUMAS AFFECTPARENTINGHealing Parent contributor Tina Hamiltondefines micro-traumas and how awarenessof them can help us become better parents.WHEN LADY JUSTICE ISN’TBLIND & HOLDING THE SCALESProsecutor’ POV contributor KathrynMarsh discusses the importance of femalejudges and the dangers they face.WOMEN’S HISTORY &ENDOMETRIOSIS Psychedelics contributor Jen Chesakshares her personal story living withEndometriosis and why you shouldtrust your gut.March 2024

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AlwaysDear Readers,March is Women’s History Month and what better way to share the cover with some of theamazing women who graciously contributed their wisdom to Authentic Insider. In this issue, Kathryn Marsh, our Prosecutor’s POV discusses the importance of female judgesand the dangers they face serving on the bench.As parents and mothers, its important to be aware of any traumas that are driving how weparent. Tina Hamilton, our Healing Parenting contributor discusses micro-traumas and how theyaffect our parenting.It’s also Endometriosis Awareness Month. Jennifer Chesak, our Psychedelics contributor sharesher personal story living with Endometriosis and the constant gaslighting she received from maledoctors. Contributor Michael Robb takes a look at the women in movies breaking the glass lens and thereal heroines in the history of film.For Gen Zer’s, relocation happens, whether for school, for a job, for a marriage etc. but findingnew friends as an adult can be tricky. Our Gen Z contributor, Sara Correa-Dibar shares howshe stepped out of her comfort zone and made the first move.Next month is Poetry Month and with the release of her new book, contributor MK Standbyshares how poetry healed her soul as an outlet to manage her mental health. Be sure to checkout her presale in my recommended books section.We all tend to need a mental health day, but what about children and their needs? TraumaEducator Karen Gross discusses absenteeism in schools and how we need to better understandthe reasons behind it.As in every issue, we have our monthly AIM Playlist focusing on Strong Female Voices alongwith my picks for children and adult books about mental health and celebrating women. Plus,check out Joy Larkin's Twin Flame Reading to see what's in store for you this March. Happy Reading!Lorilee BinstockAuthentic Insider | Page 02editor's noteLorilee BinstockEditor in Chief

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Lynn BinstockCopy EditorCali BinstockCreative DirectorMonthlyContributorsJoy LarkinTwin Flame ReadingsLorilee BinstockEditor in ChiefAuthentic Insider | Page 03

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Tina HamiltonParenting POVYour Micro-Traumas and ParentingKathryn MarshProsecutor POVWhe n L ady j u sti c e isn ’ t bli n dSarah Correa-DibarGen Z POVFinding Yourself in a New Community Jennifer ChesakPsychedelics POVEndometriosis AwarenessAuthentic Insider | Page 04

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MK StandbyContributorPoetry for the SoulMichael RobbContributorBreaking the Glass Lens: Women, the real heroines of Cinema through the yearsKaren GrossContributorSchool Absenteeism: We Misunderstand Its Cause(s) and That Means…Authentic Insider | Page 05Contributors

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Y O U RM A R C H2 0 2 4 I S S U EParenting POV: Tina Hamilton11 Micro-Traumas: What Are They?Prosecutor POV: Kathryn Marsh16 When Lady Justice Isn’t Blind and Holding ScalesGeneration POV: Sarah Correa-Dibar22 Finding Yourself in a New CommunityPsychedelic POV: Jennifer Chesak30 Women’s History and Endometriosis Awareness47 AIM Playlist48 Recommended Books50 Joy's Twin Flame ReadingI N E V E R Y I S S U EAuthentic Insider | Page 06I N T H I S I S S U E44 School Absenteeism: We Misunderstand the Cause(s)By : Karen Gross11163026 Poetry for the SoulBy: MK Standby38 Breaking the Glass LensBy: Michael Robb

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Check out Binstock Media Group's Website traumasurvivorthriver.comGet the latest from A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast, AuthenticInside Magazine, Lorilee Binstock in the media, and the latest news.Visit Authentic Insider | Page 07

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Internal Family Systems (IFS) Informed Psychedelic Assisted Therapy The IFS Model (Internal Family Systems) is one of the fastest growing and most popularinterventions for working with psychedelics. Why? Because it's such a natural and effectivepairing for the material that expanded states naturally elicit. Fast track your opportunity to learn IFS by joining The Moxie School in this wildly exciting niche! If you want to learn IFS as it applies to expanded states, The Art of Transformation courseteaches effective methods to deeply anchor transformation in your clients. No matter whatstage of the process you are working: preparation, guiding, or integration, an IFS Informedapproach is key to supporting your clients in lasting transformational change. Lots of courses teach “about” psychedelic assisted therapy, this course teaches you the “how to” of doing interventions throughout psychedelic transformational work.Whether you are a therapist, coach, or guide - a medical professional, mental healthprofessional, or a mid-life career transition person - you are welcome! Bring your curiosity for IFS and your love for working with expanded states!LEARN MORETHE ART OFTRANSFORMAIONAll the detailsAuthentic Insider | Page 09

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“Believing you are unworthy of love andbelonging—that who you are authenticallyis a sin or is wrong—is deadly. Who youare is beautiful and amazing.” ― Laverne CoxAuthentic Insider | Page 10

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What are they? Are they even important?MICRO-TRAUMASYOUR MICRO-TRAUMASAND PARENTINGTrauma? No. I didn’t experience any trauma as achild.The words are almost identical from client toclient. They are all certain that they’ve neverexperienced trauma.For most, when they hear the word trauma, theyimmediately assume what is referred to as “BigT” trauma - a major trauma such as livingthrough war, gun violence, abuse, or a major caraccident - a life-threatening event.But there’s another kind of trauma: micro-trauma. Margaret Crastnopol, Ph.D., author ofMicrotrauma: A Psychoanalytic Understandingof Cumulative Psychic Injury, defines micro-trauma as “seemingly insignificant experiencesthat are emotionally injurious to oneself oranother.”1 Losing your favorite stuffed animal on a flight asa young child.Your best friend suddenly ditching you for themore popular crowd in 6th grade.Your aunt making a passive remark about howmuch weight you’ve gained since leaving forcollege.Mispronouncing a word in 7th grade historyclass and earning yourself the nickname “Ply-mouth.”Getting cut from the team senior year and toldyou’re too slow.These are all examples of micro-traumas. Theywere events that likely either went unnoticedby your caregivers, or they rushed to move youthrough the pain and upset, rather than sittingwith you in your pain and disappointment,because it was “not that big of a deal.”But to you, it mattered. And that experiencestuck with you.Every adult has experienced some version of amicro-trauma throughout their life, and notjust one. These micro-traumas, like majortraumas, cause a flood of emotion anddysregulate your nervous system. Thatemotion, if not fully felt, processed, andreleased, stays stored in your body, and will bereactivated when the next similar eventhappens.The micro-traumas compound over a lifetime,and you begin to attach meaning to the events.You begin to see life through the lens of theseexperiences, and the messages attached. Written by Tina Hamilton, The Healing ParentAuthentic Insider | Page 11

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Life is laced with opportunities formicro-traumas to occur. It is not aboutavoiding micro-traumas, ratherunderstanding that what might seeminsignificant actually impacts the wayyou interact with the world significantly. When I tell parents this, the first reactionis typical horror as they recount all ofthe ways that they potentially areharming their children. But the intent isnot to fear-monger.When you are more aware of micro-traumas - how they occur and what theylook like - you can better understandhow to support our children throughthem.I am reminded of the words of Dr. GaborMate: “Trauma is not what happened to you,but what happens inside you as a resultof what happened to you.”I understand this to mean that traumaticevents are part of life, some that can’tbe avoided, and none of which can beundone once it happens. When there issupport, guidance, and a safe space toprocess what happened inside (theemotional wounding), you can work toheal the wound, preventing it from I’m not good enough. People will leave me. I’m not deserving of this.I’m notsafe.I don’t belong. becoming a rigid scar that colors everyinteraction you have for the rest of yourlife.It’s when you ignore the pain thataccompanies these micro-traumas that itcauses the effects of trauma.As a parent, it is important that you areaware of your own traumas - major andmicro. Unprocessed trauma and theaccompanying emotion will impact howyou interact with the world, especiallyyour children.A parent who was constantly criticized forminor mistakes as a child may strugglewith perfectionism, and become overlycritical of their own children.Messages such as:Parenting Through the Lensof Micro-TraumasAuthentic Insider | Page 12

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Another parent who felt abandoned byfriends during their teenage years mighthave difficulty trusting their child’sfriendships, leading tooverprotectiveness.Recognizing and addressing these micro-traumas is crucial for breaking the cyclein parenting. By acknowledging theimpact of past experiences, you cancultivate a more empathetic andresponsive approach to your children'semotional needs. You can create anenvironment where children feel heard,validated, and supported, rather thandismissed or rushed through theiremotions.Awareness of your own micro-traumasand how they have shaped the way youshow up in the world will allow you to bemore mindful about your approach toparenting. By acknowledging the impactof these seemingly minor events, you canfoster deeper connections with yourchildren and break free fromgenerational patterns of emotionalneglect. Through compassion and self-awareness, you can create a nurturingenvironment where both you and yourchildren can heal and thrive.Tune in next month to learn more aboutwhat I see as the number one micro-trauma that affects nearly every adulttoday: childhood emotional neglect.It’s when you ignore thepain that accompaniesthese micro-traumasthat it causes theeffects of trauma.Authentic Insider | Page 13

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MAuthentic Insider | Page 20March is Women’s History Month, and whilethere are countless women to recognize andhonor this month, one area that may getoverlooked, outside of the United StatesSupreme Court, is the judiciary. Women judgesaround the world make a powerful difference inthe lives of everyday citizens who come beforethem. “Women’s leadership in justice canenhance public trust and confidence, empowerthe less privileged, and make the courtenvironment accessible to the marginalized.”Judge Elisa Samuel Boerekamp[i] What manymay not know, is that just by agreeing to be ajudge, a woman is also agreeing to harassment,death threats, and intimidation. It may be hard for those living in the UnitedStates or other countries with a long history ofwomen lawyers and judges to comprehend theimportance women judges make and thedangers that may come with the job.For comparison purposes, Arabella Mansfieldbecame the first woman lawyer in the UnitedStates of America in 1869 and fifty-nine yearslater, Genevieve Rose Cline became the firstwoman appointed to the federal bench, whereshe sat for twenty-five years. Today,approximately one-third of judicial positionsacross the country are held by women.[ii]While this may seem like a low number, it isimportant to recognize that as of 2022approximately 38% of lawyers were women, adramatic increase from the 3% of womenlawyers in 1970, so statistically judicialappointments are on par with attorneybreakdowns[iii] . This tends to show that in theUS judicial appointments, they have theappearance of being fair and meritorious.However, in many other countries women arestill not allowed to hold judicial appointmentsor are an extreme minority.[i] “When all the law and quotas are there, mindset is what we need to change”[ii] United States Courts. "Women's History Month, Opening Doors for Women Everywhere."[iii] 2Civility. “Here’s What the Legal Profession Looks Like in 2022” Insider | Page 16but Rather the Trier of Factand Holding the GavelWritten By Kathryn Marsh, Prosecutor’s POVWHEN LADY JUSTICE ISN’T BLIND ANDHOLDING SCALES

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Internationally, women judges are workinghard to break down barriers and improveaccess to justice, however, according torecent numbers, women only hold theposition of Chief Judge in approximately 26of 153 countries.[iv]But if justice is truly blind, why does thismatter? One of my former bosses who wasappointed to the bench told me “It’simportant for every citizen to be able tolook at the bench and see someone likethem holding the gavel.”[v] How can weexpect individuals to have faith in a systemif they’re not represented in that system atthe highest tiers. Moreover, just theinclusion of a diverse bench tends toensure that there are more fair andbalanced rulings. One study found that byjust having a female judge on an appellatepanel, their mere presence caused malesjudges to vote in ways they would not haveotherwise in sexual discrimination cases ifthe appellate panel had been all male.[vi]Ensuring women are seated at the judiciarytable ensures women’s voices, policies andrights are heard. “Without access to justice,other universally-recognized human rights -including those that protect and empowerwomen and other vulnerable ormarginalized groups – might exist only onpaper. Equal representation of women inthe judiciary and other criminal justiceinstitutions is therefore a crucial step tohelp ensure these rights and protectionsare being enforced. With their differentperspectives and experiences, more womenin justice can enable better responses togender-based violence, trafficking inpersons, and other crimes that maydisproportionately affect women andgirls.”[vii][iv] IDLO “Women Judges Break Down Barriers to Women’s Access to Justice”[v] Justice E. Gregory Wells, Maryland Court of Appeal[vi] Christina L. Boyd, Representation on the Courts? The Effects of Trial Judges’ Sex and Race, 69 POL. RSCH. Q. 788, 789–90 (2016)[vii] United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime “Women must wield the gavel of justice to ensure justice for all,” says UNODC Chief on the second annual InternationalDay of Women Judges” Insider | Page 17What many may not know, isthat just by agreeing to be ajudge, a woman is alsoagreeing to harassment, deaththreats, and intimidation.

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In 2022 in Haiti, where women make up just11% of the judiciary, one woman judge wasshot on her way to work.[ix] In Africa, women hold on average 4 out ofevery 10 judicial spots, however they arealmost all in the lower courts. Womenjudges face harassment, low levels ofsecurity and few opportunities to progressthrough the ranks. One woman judge’shouse was burnt down, and others areforced to relocate to remote areas far fromhome in order to get a job or get promoted.[x]Although the odds may seem daunting,every year more and more women arejoining the judicial ranks and every timethey do, women and girls have greateraccess to justice and equal rights. Whilethis month we often reflect on women whocame before us, it is important toremember those who are courageouslyserving all of the world today. If you want tolearn about ways to support women judgesthroughout the world or internationalinitiatives for equal justice, check out theInternational Association of Women Judgesat Many women have taken up the call to beJudges in developing nations to help improveequal access to justice at great risk tothemselves. Between 2002 and 2021 women inAfghanistan, fighting for a democratic future,and human rights, became lawyers and judges.They established domestic violence courts, afirst in their nation, and encouraged ageneration of young girls to seek highereducation. However, this came at greatpersonal cost. In Afghanistan “Women judgeshad long faced discrimination and threats fromdefendants in their courts and even frompeople with whom they worked. They werebattling years of oppression in a culture thatexpected women to defer to men, to stay in thehome, and to stay out of the public eye. Thesewomen judges had defied these expectationsand had dared to sit in judgment of men.”David F. Levi.[viii]. Two women judges who saton the Afghanistan Supreme Court wereassassinated, and when the Taliban tookcontrol of the country again in 2021, for manytheir lives were forfeit. Two hundred womenjudges escaped Afghanistan, 54 were lastknown to be in hiding with their families.Afghanistan is not the only example wherewomen judges face daily threats or intimidationyet still do their job and make a difference. In2021, Pakistani Justice Ayesah Malik outlawedthe “virginity test” when investigating rapecases that had been in practice for at leasttwenty countries since the colonial area. Shereceived extreme backlash for her ruling.[viii] Duke Law. International Association of Women Judges Receives Bolch Prize for “Swift, Breathtaking” Effort to Aid Afghan Women Judges”[ix] ABC RN. “About a third of the world’s judges are female. Meet the women demonstrating why diversity on the bench matters”.[x] United Nations. In Africa, women judges improve trust in courts, bring justice to the less privileged and empower women and girls. Insider | Page 18Many women have taken up the callto be Judges in developing nations tohelp improve equal access to justiceat great risk to themselves.

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The Woman WhoDoes NotRequiredValidation FromAnyone Is TheMost FearedIndividual On ThePlanet.~MohadesaNajumiAuthentic Insider | Page 20

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Authentic Insider | Page 22Love, jobs, and friendships are some of the big themesplaying a part in your twenties, all things I’ve writtenabout before. But there is something that affects thosethree themes which I never wrote about, which is whenyou move to a new city – another extremely big thememany young professionals find themselves in. Changingthe place you live in means having to recenter yourselfwith brand new surroundings, which is definitely not aneasy feat. I recently moved to Atlanta from Miami after living therefor practically my whole life. The reason for my movewas to transition into another era, married life in a newcity to discover for ourselves. Many people who moveshortly after college do not have the privilege of havinga partner to lean on, so I wanted to share ways one canmake the transition easier and quicker to get used tothrough friendships, work, and routines. One of the hardest parts about being an adult is makingfriends. What’s even harder is leaving those friends youalready made strong bonds with and then starting fromzero in a new place. Fortunately, there are now manyavenues you can take to scratch the surface and scopeout the ‘friends’ situation in your new city. One of thembeing Bumble BFF: the founder of Bumble created asister-app for the purpose of making friends. At first Iwas a little skeptical about using it, but after my bestfriend told me she made a friend through it when shemoved away, I decided to take a leap of faith anddownload it. After a week of swiping and meaninglessconversations, I found someone who I am happy to call agood friend of mine in Atlanta. I remember when I sawher profile I thought “I hope this girl matches with me. Ilove all of her outfits. I would wear every outfit she hason here.” We met at a Spanish restaurant and kept onmaking plans ever since. Of course, I know the sound ofdownloading an app and meeting a stranger somewherelike a restaurant or a park sounds a bit daunting orscary. My advice is to do it once and if you don’t like it,you don’t have to ever do it again – but you will neverknow unless you try. Finding Yourself in aNew Community By Sarah Correa-Dibar Sure-fire ways to helpmake yourself at homein your new home. Gen ZPOV

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Authentic Insider | Page 23A second way of making friends is through friends ormutuals. They say we are only six degrees away fromknowing the whole world, so the odds of a friend ofyours knowing someone who lives in your city arepretty probable, even if it isn’t a close friend of theirs. Iwas fortunate to have one of my close friends fromMiami have one of her own close friends in Atlanta, soI followed her on Instagram and reached out to her amonth after I moved. We met up for dinner andthankfully we hit it off immediately. A week later, shegenerously introduced me to more of her friends andnow we all meet up every week to have dinner andwatch The Bachelor. That’s the cool thing aboutmaking one or two friends on your own – theyintroduce you to their friends and you meet andbefriend more people by default. I feel very proud ofmy effort and commitment to build these relationships,because each friend I have made here is so differentand brings so much to the table. Friendships areessential when moving to a new city. They give yousomething to look forward to each week and also giveyou an excuse to get to know the city more throughrestaurants or activities you try together.Most moves happen because of a new job or jobrelocation, whether it be your own or your spouse’s.If that is the case, it means this job has an office orcoworkers in your new city – and this is somethingyou can definitely take advantage of. Show up to theoffice even if it’s optional, at least to the days wherethe majority of your coworkers will go. This is alsogreat practice for meeting friends outside of worksince it pushes you to open up and be present in arelatively uncomfortable setting. You also develop aroutine. You get to know more surroundings, and it'san excuse to dress up and feel nice about yourappearance when working. If there is no office butyour coworkers still meet up for happy hour, makethe effort at least once and show up to the happyhour. You can always leave early if it’s not for you,but at least you got to practice your conversationalskills and try out a new bar. Finally, if you work fromhome or you’re in grad school (another big reason forrelocations) my advice would be to make your localcoffee shop your office once in a while, at least forthe first or second part of the day. Who knows? Youmight befriend a fellow remote worker there as well.If you already met or made a friend, you could eveninvite them to come work or study with you at thesame coffee shop. That way you build on yourfriendship while also working from somewhere out ofyour comfort zone. They say we areonly six degreesaway from knowingthe whole world.

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least once every other week to a nearby bar orrestaurant. You get out of the house for a while, walkaround, and try out new spots! Finally, if you’re likeme and have tons of restaurants, bars or coffeeshops saved on your TikTok or Instagram ‘saved,’ it’stime to get in the car and drive to these places you’vebeen placing on the back burner. Even if you go byyourself, bring your book and make it a solo-date:you deserve to treat yourself. You moved to a newcity on your own, anyway! Finding yourself among new surroundings is noteasy, but you are definitely capable of it. The firststep is getting out of your head and going for it,whether it be meeting a stranger with the hopesthey’ll reciprocate the friendship you need, showingup at your office or at a company happy hour, ortrying out a new experience. Remember everyone isrooting for you, from your friends back home to me –because I was in your shoes, too. Moving to a newcity means you’re moving up in life, because you areconfident enough to make the first ‘move.’Another way to feel more confident in your newcommunity is balancing the making of your ownroutine and the exposure of experiences around you.In other words, build a routine while integrating thebenefits of your neighborhood. Join a gym or aworkout class that’s walking distance from yourhouse. This way, you get to know your neighborhoodwith your walk to the gym and get subtle cardio towarm up before your class. I joined Pure Barre forthree months and it felt so nice to have a gym thatwas walking distance, as it gave me the excuse toget some steps in after sitting and working all day.Another way to integrate yourself into your home’ssurroundings is by going to happy hour after work atBuild a routine whileintegrating the benefitsof your neighborhood.Authentic Insider | Page 24

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Never ApologizeFor Being SensitiveOr Emotional. LetThis Be A SignThat You've Got ABig Heart AndAren't Afraid ToLet Others See It.Showing YourEmotions Is A SignOf Strength.~Brigitte Nicole

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by MK Standby itting in the well-worn armchair of mypsychologist's office, I was told that thepathway to recovery came from reflection,learning and patience. Without being ableto articulate the cause of my symptoms, Iwouldn’t be able to develop the solutionsrequired to address and heal from them.She handed me a notebook and told me tosimply, ‘Write how you feel’. So I did.Swhen something would break past the fog ofapathy, and I’d remember how it felt to, well,feel.While happiness took a little longer to grasp, Ilearned to appreciate emotion in a new light -the physical weight of sadness, a rush ofanger, a genuine smile. I stopped chasing theidea that mental health meant a constantstate of happiness, and learned to find thebeauty in each moment of feeling.At its core, that’s poetry. Poetry is like puttingthe human experience under a microscope,sharpening the edges of a moment andbringing it into a new focus. It doesn’t justhighlight feelings, it celebrates them. Thereason that it’s so easy to relate to a goodpoem, even when we haven’t shared the sameexperience as the author, is because werecognise that relatable, messy tangle ofemotion from our own lives.for the How poetry helped me tounderstand mental healthPeople often associate depression withsadness, which, given the technicaldescription being ‘a prolonged period ofsadness’ feels unavoidable. For me,however, depression looked, or rather felt,like nothing. In my notebook, I’d scribblepage after page on the fleeting momentsAuthentic Insider | Page 26

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Like most people given homework by theirpsychologist, I had never considered thatsomeone other than myself would readwhat I had made. There was no pressurefor it to be good and no expectation ofwriting something that I’d need to be proudof. I simply wrote because I wanted to, andbecause there were moments that Iwanted to capture.A year and several journals later, I decidedto post some snippets of my writing onInstagram. Hidden behind the username‘Confessions of a Lilly’, I began to share mywords with the world. I was shocked by howmany comments and messages I wouldreceive from people who had connectedwith my work - people who said they foundcomfort and solidarity in reading about oursimilar experiences. “Without being concernedabout creating somethingperfect, I give myself thefreedom to write carelessly.”In time, my writing began to form aspecific voice and structure. At first, Ididn’t recognize that what I wascreating could be considered poetry,given it wasn’t in a form that I’d hadany experience reading.Historically, poetry is created within astrict format and anything thatdeviates from that is treated withsuspicion by the writing community. Iwrite in what I’ve come to know as afree-verse format, which is the termfor any poetic writing that doesn’tfollow the standard conventions offormat and rhyme.For me, this provides great freedomin how I write. Without beingconcerned about creatingsomething perfect, I give myself thefreedom to write carelessly. I capturemoments as I see them, not as I thinkthey ought to be documented.Authentic Insider | Page 27

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It felt as though my own process for healinghad turned into something bigger - somethingthat could help more people than just myself.Without meaning to, I found myself inpossession of a platform that helped people tofeel less alone and promoted finding beauty ineven the darkest moments of life; two of themost significant elements for my own mentalhealth recovery. I believe that poetry holds aspecial kind of power in helping us tounderstand ourselves and the world around us. My writing has helped to heal me, and I share itin the hope that it continues to help others.It may sound very dramatic, but I am a poet,after all.All poets, from the great romance writers tothose documenting wars from the front lines,understand that people are complicated. Weare as beautiful and brilliant as we are uglyand flawed, and that is all part of the magic. Whether we write it or read it, Poetry teachesus to explore and celebrate the chaos andcomplexity of being human. Through sharedemotion and shared experience, we gainbetter insight into our mental health and theworld around us. Writing became a form of mindfulness,pushing me to be consciously aware of myenvironment, but also offering me theopportunity for reflective practice. I began tosee the detail in things around me - thesteam of my morning coffee, the crisp air onmy walk to work, laughter lines on my friends’faces. It became my pathway back to mentalwell-being. I found myself in possession of aplatform that helped people to feel lessalone and promoted finding beauty ineven the darkest moments of lifeM.K. Standby’s debut poetry collection Spilled Ink & Coffee Stains is available on yourkindle by clicking here. To get your copy, visit the Yorkshire Publishingwebsite or request a copy from your localbookshop.

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WHO WE AREAPPLY TODAYHelp us create a world where has access to psychedelic healing,regardless of their ability to pay for it.everyoneIf you or a loved one would benefit from psychedelichealing please apply. The Psychedelic Access Fund (PAF) is a 501c3 nonprofit thatbreaks down the financial barriers to psychedelic healing. Weaccomplish our mission by sponsoring select individuals whowould benefit from psychedelic healing but can not affordaccess. Click the button to donate towards our mission.Help someone heal.

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WOMEN’SWOMEN’SHISTORYHISTORYM a r c h i s b o t h E n d o m e t r i o s i s A w a r e n e s sM o n t h a n d W o m e n ’ s H i s t o r y M o n t h ,w h i c h g o h a n d i n h a n d , e s p e c i a l l y w h e nw e c o n s i d e r t h e h i s t o r y o f d o c t o r sm e d i c a l l y g a s l i g h t i n g w o m e n . E n d oo f f e r s a p r i m e e x a m p l e o f h o w w o m e n ’ ss y m p t o m s o f c h r o n i c p a i n a r e o f t e nc a s u a l l y a n d c r u e l l y d i s m i s s e d a n d h o wm e d i c a l i s s u e s a n d r e l a t e d g a s l i g h t i n gc a n c r e a t e e v e n m o r e t r a u m a f o rw o m e n .ENDOMETRIOSISENDOMETRIOSISAWARENESSAWARENESSA N DE a c h y e a r w h e n M a r c h r o l l s a r o u n d , It h i n k a b o u t h o w o o d l e s o f a r t i c l e s w i l ls h o w u p i n t h e m e d i a f e a t u r i n gi n t e r v i e w s w i t h c e l e b r i t i e s w h o h a v ee n d o m e t r i o s i s . I a p p r e c i a t e t h a tc e l e b r i t i e s h a v e s p o k e n o u t a b o u t e n d oa n d h a v e a d v o c a t e d f o r b e t t e r c a r e . A tt h e s a m e t i m e , I ’ m r e m i n d e d o f t h ec o u n t l e s s w o m e n o u t t h e r e d e a l i n g w i t he n d o m e t r i o s i s , i n c l u d i n g m y s e l f , w h o s ev o i c e s h a v e b e e n s i l e n c e d a t t h ed o c t o r ’ s o f f i c e .MA R C H ISB Y J E N N I F E R C H E S A KAuthentic Insider | Page 30

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E N D O M E T R I O S I Si s a c o n d i t i o n i n w h i c h e n d o m e t r i a l - l i k et i s s u e g r o w s i n p l a c e s i t s h o u l d n ’ t , o f t e ni n t h e p e l v i s . H o w e v e r , e n d o h a s b e e nf o u n d i n e v e r y o r g a n o f t h e b o d y . T h eg r o w t h s o r l e s i o n s c a n c a u s e a d h e s i o n s ,l e a d i n g t i s s u e a n d o r g a n s t o s t i c kt o g e t h e r . M e d i c a l a g e n c i e s h a v ec l a s s i f i e d e n d o m e t r i o s i s a s o n e o f t h et o p 2 0 m o s t p a i n f u l c o n d i t i o n s . Y e t , f o rt h e 1 i n 1 0 p e o p l e a s s i g n e d f e m a l e a tb i r t h w h o h a v e e n d o m e t r i o s i s , t h e s t a t eo f t r e a t m e n t a n d c a r e i s a b y s m a l .O n a v e r a g e , p e o p l e m u s t w a i tn e a r l y a d e c a d e f r o m s y m p t o mo n s e t t o r e c e i v e a d i a g n o s i s f o re n d o m e t r i o s i s , a n d i t ’ s o f t e ni n i t i a l l y m i s d i a g n o s e d . T h a tt r a c k s w i t h m y e x p e r i e n c e . M ys y m p t o m s b e g a n a t a g e 1 1 , b u td e s p i t e m y c o m p l a i n t s a b o u tp e l v i c p a i n i n m y t e e n y e a r s , Iw a s n o t d i a g n o s e d u n t i l I h a d as e v e r e p a i n f u l e p i s o d e a t a g e 2 1 .I r e c e i v e d a s u r g i c a l d i a g n o s i sa f t e r a l a p a r o s c o p i c p r o c e d u r e .B e f o r e t h a t , d o c t o r s s i m p l y p u tm e o n b i r t h c o n t r o l f o r p a i n f u lp e r i o d s , w h i c h t h e y t o l d m e w a sn o r m a l . I t ’ s n o t !I w a s r e l i e v e d t o f i n a l l y h a v e ad i a g n o s i s a n d c o n n e c t s o m e d o t s ,b u t t h e n e w s d i d n ’ t c h a n g e t h ew a y d o c t o r s t r e a t e d m e . O v e r t h ey e a r s , I h a d f o u r m o r el a p a r o s c o p i e s t o r e m o v ee n d o m e t r i o s i s l e g i o n s . E a c h o ft h o s e s u r g e r i e s c a m e w i t hs u r g i c a l r e p o r t s c o n f i r m i n g m yd i a g n o s i s i n m y m e d i c a l r e c o r d s . H o w e v e r , d o c t o r s c o n t i n u e d t od i s m i s s m y p a i n . T h e y t o l d m e i tw a s “ a l l i n m y h e a d . ” T h e y t o l dm e , e r r o n e o u s l y a n dm i s o g y n i s t i c a l l y , t h a t I s h o u l dj u s t g e t p r e g n a n t , a s i f t h a tw o u l d b e a s o l u t i o n . O n e m a l eE R d o c t o r t o l d m e , w h e n I w a sa d m i t t e d f o r s e v e r e p e l v i c p a i na t a g e 2 2 , “ Y o u d o n ’ t t a k e aF o r d t o a C h e v y d e a l e r s h i p . ” H i sp o i n t w a s t h a t I s h o u l d s e e m yO B - G Y N b e c a u s e h e d i d n ’ t w a n tt o d e a l w i t h a u t e r u s , e v e n i n a ne m e r g e n c y s i t u a t i o n . A l l o ft h e s e i n c i d e n t s a r e e x a m p l e s o fm e d i c a l g a s l i g h t i n g .Authentic Insider | Page 31

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M o r e t h a n t w o d e c a d e s h a v e g o n e b y s i n c e Iw a s d i a g n o s e d w i t h e n d o m e t r i o s i s , a n d w e s t i l ld o n ’ t h a v e a c u r e f o r t h e c o n d i t i o n , n o ra d e q u a t e t r e a t m e n t s . I d o n ’ t t h i n k w e ’ l l g e t ac u r e a n y t i m e s o o n . T h e N a t i o n a l I n s t i t u t e s o fH e a l t h d e s i g n a t e d l e s s t h a n 0 . 1 % o f i t sr e s e a r c h f u n d i n g t o s t u d y i n g e n d o m e t r i o s i s i n2 0 2 2 . F o r t h i s r e a s o n , s c i e n c e h a s n ’ t m a d em u c h p r o g r e s s , i n m y o p i n i o n , o n g a i n i n g ab e t t e r u n d e r s t a n d i n g o f t h e c o n d i t i o n s o t h a tw e c a n i m p r o v e c a r e . A n d t h e l a c k o fh e a l t h c a r e p r o v i d e r k n o w l e d g e o n t h e t o p i ce x a c e r b a t e s i s s u e s w i t h d i a g n o s i s a n dt r e a t m e n t a n d h e l p s f u e l m e d i c a l g a s l i g h t i n g .W o m e n w e r e l a r g e l y e x c l u d e df r o m e a r l y - s t a g e c l i n i c a l t r i a l su n t i l t h e e a r l y 1 9 9 0 s ; u n t i lt h a t p o i n t , t h e r e s e a r c h a n dm e d i c a l i n d u s t r y l e f t o u t t h ef a c t t h a t t h e f e m a l e b o d y a n dm a l e b o d y a r e f u n d a m e n t a l l yd i f f e r e n t . T h e l a c k o f f e m a l ep a r t i c i p a n t s i n c l i n i c a l t r i a l su n t i l r o u g h l y t h r e e d e c a d e sa g o ( a n d r a m p a n t m i s o g y n y i nt h e m e d i c a l c o m m u n i t y ) m e a n tt h a t m e n ’ s h e a l t h r e c e i v e dp r i o r i t y o v e r w o m e n ’ s h e a l t h .I t o f t e n s t i l l d o e s .A l t h o u g h r a r e , e n d o c a n a l s oa f f e c t t h e m a l e b o d y , b u t t h em e d i c a l c o m m u n i t y s t i l l l a r g e l yt r e a t s i t a s a “ f e m a l e p r o b l e m . ”A n d h e r e ’ s w h e r e w e g e t i n t o t h eh i s t o r y : “ F e m a l e p r o b l e m s ” t e n d t ol a c k r e s e a r c h p r i o r i t y . I c o v e r t h i si n f o r m a t i o n i n d e p t h i n m y b o o kT h e P s i l o c y b i n H a n d b o o k f o rW o m e n .Authentic Insider | Page 32

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P S Y C H E D E L I C SN o w o n t o p s y c h e d e l i c s . W h a t s u r p r i s e d m ed u r i n g m y b o o k r e s e a r c h w a s t h a t , i n m a n yc a s e s , w o m e n a r e t u r n i n g t o s o m ep s y c h e d e l i c s m o r e f r e q u e n t l y t h a n m e n a r e .W h a t d i d n ’ t s u r p r i s e m e w a s l e a r n i n g t h ed i f f e r e n c e b e t w e e n h o w m e n a n d w o m e nt e n d t o u s e p s y c h e d e l i c s . W h i l e m e n o f t e nu s e p s y c h e d e l i c s r e c r e a t i o n a l l y ( a n d t h e r e ’ sn o t h i n g w r o n g w i t h t h a t ) w o m e n a r e t u r n i n gt o p s y c h e d e l i c s t o s e l f - t r e a t f o r c o n d i t i o n sl i k e P T S D , d e p r e s s i o n , a n x i e t y , c h r o n i cp a i n , a n d c o n d i t i o n s r e l a t e d t o t h e i rm e n s t r u a l c y c l e .O v e r t h e y e a r s , I ’ v e t r i e d s o m ee x t r e m e t r e a t m e n t s , a n d n o n ep r o v i d e d r e l i e f . T h e s e i n c l u d e d , b u ta r e n o t l i m i t e d t o , r e c e i v i n g p e l v i cf l o o r B o t o x , t a k i n g a m e d i c a t i o n t h a tp u t m e i n t o m e d i c a l m e n o p a u s e , a n dh a v i n g s p i n a l c o r d s t i m u l a t o rt e m p o r a r i l y i m p l a n t e d . I b e g g e de v e r y o n e o f m y d o c t o r s f o r ah y s t e r e c t o m y , b u t t h e y r e f u s e d . Iw a s f i n a l l y g r a n t e d o n e a f t e r 1 7y e a r s o f a s k i n g a n d e x h a u s t i n g a l lo t h e r a v e n u e s . H y s t e r e c t o m y i s n o t ac u r e f o r e n d o , b u t i t d r a m a t i c a l l yr e d u c e d m y p a i n a n d s y m p t o m s ,l i k e l y b e c a u s e o f s o m e a n a t o m i c a li s s u e s w i t h m y u t e r u s a n d l e f t o v a r y .N o e n d o t r e a t m e n t o u t t h e r e c a ne r a s e t h e m e d i c a l t r a u m a I ’ v ee n d u r e d f r o m m e d i c a l g a s l i g h t i n ga t t h e h a n d s o f c a l l o u s ,m i s i n f o r m e d d o c t o r s . P s i l o c y b i nh a s b e e n s h o w n t o h e l p w i t ht r a u m a i n g e n e r a l , h o w e v e r . A n dd u r i n g m y s e c o n d p s i l o c y b i nj o u r n e y , I f o u n d t h a t m a g i cm u s h r o o m s d i d h e l p m e h e a l f r o ma s p e c t s o f m y t r a u m a t i z i n gm e d i c a l h i s t o r y . F o r t h a t I ’ mg r a t e f u l . A n d , a s o u t l i n e d i n m yb o o k , p s i l o c y b i n m a y h o l d p r o m i s ea s a t h e r a p e u t i c a p p r o a c h t om a n a g i n g e n d o m e t r i o s i s , t h a n k s t oi t s p o t e n t i a l b e n e f i c i a l i m p a c t s o nt h e m e n s t r u a l c y c l e a n d i t s a n t i -i n f l a m m a t o r y e f f e c t s . ( C h e c k o u tc h a p t e r 1 1 f o r a l l t h e d e t a i l s . ) Id o h o p e w e g a i n m o r e r e s e a r c h o nt h i s t o p i c i n t h e f u t u r e . H i n t , h i n t ,r e s e a r c h e r s .I f y o u s u f f e r f r o m e n d o m e t r i o s i s , I ’ m i n c r e d i b l y s o r r y . P l e a s e t a k e c a r eo f y o u r s e l f d u r i n g E n d o m e t r i o s i s A w a r e n e s s M o n t h , w h i c h , w h i l ei m p o r t a n t , c a n b e h a r d a n d t r i g g e r i n g . P l u s , n e v e r b e a f r a i d t o f i r ey o u r d o c t o r i f t h e y ’ r e b e i n g c a l l o u s o r d i s m i s s i v e o f y o u r p a i n o r o t h e rs y m p t o m s . Y o u d e s e r v e b e t t e r .Authentic Insider | Page 33

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As the mental health crisis reaches devastating levels post pandemic, more and more people arelooking for ways to manage their mental health. How does a childhood sexual abuse survivor, a veteran struggling with PTSD and an athletesuffering from Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), trauma, and addiction find effective healing andrelief? Psychedelics. A treatment that was studied and used as effective treatment for mental health disorders until itwas banned and categorized as a schedule I drug in the 1970s, psychedelics have providedmuch needed relief for thousands of people suffering from trauma and mental health issues.Regardless of the laws banning these treatments, the people who understood the power of thesemedicines feel more empowered to find ways to help others find healing through them. On thefollowing page click on the graphic to view the Proof of Concept for "Our Own PersonalRealities." An Upcoming Documentary about the Fight toBring Psychedelic Healing Back into the LightAuthentic Insider | Page 35

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If you are interested in donating orinvesting in this film, please emaillorilee@binstockmediagroup.comAuthentic Insider | Page 36

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Authentic Insider | Page 37You Attract What You Are, NotWhat You Want. If You WantGreat, Then Be Great. ~Kushand Wizdom

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BREAKING THEGLASS LENS:written by Michael RobbFrom Florence Lawrence to Margot Robbie, womenhave spent a great deal of the past century aroundcameras. While the thousands of films made sincethe first motion picture have featured predominantlymale casts and crews, the efforts and impact made byfemale writers, actors, producers, directors, and allother roles cannot be understated. In the past 40 years alone,audiences have showed out indroves for films like 300 (2006) andDie Hard (1988), sure… but theyalso showed out in droves for filmslike Alien (1979) and The Terminator(1984), and their record-breakingdirect sequels Aliens (1986) andTerminator 2: Judgment Day (1991).These films are now small pieces ofsuccessful franchises which havegrossed over $1 billion in worldwidebox offices – a goal achieved withmore than a little help from thestellar lead actresses – SigourneyWeaver (Alien) and Linda Hamilton(The Terminator). the real heroines ofCinema throughthe yearsW O M E NAuthentic Insider | Page 38

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as Ellen Ripley ALIEN (1979), ALIENS (1986), ALIEN3 (1992),ALIEN RESURRECTION (1997)Sigourney WeaverBorn Susan Alexander Weaver in 1949, SigourneyWeaver is a New York City native and Yale graduate.Her first shot at being a film actress arrived in the formof artist H.R. Giger and film director Ridley Scott’stwisted brainchild – ALIEN (1979). The film spawnednumerous sequels, spin-offs, and other continuations. Today, however, we will focus on RIPLEY – THIRDOFFICER of the commercial towing starshipNOSTROMO. She might be third-in-command, butshe’s clearly got more brains than the two malecommanding officers - who outrank her only in the‘formal’ sense. LEADING LADY #1Even when it is down to only Ripley – she does notsuccumb to the horror that is the Alien or its viciousmurdering of her friends and crewmates. With hertrusty cat, Jonesy, under one arm and a makeshiftflamethrower in the other, she is a woman on amission – a mission she becomes the last survivorof. RIPLEY’S story continues in the sequel – ALIENS(1986). “This time, it’s war…” the tagline reads.SIGOURNEY WEAVER was more than preparedfor it, and doubles down for the EXPLOSIVEsequel. Here, RIPLEY must deal with not only aregenerative hive of aliens – but also soulless,money-minded execs, rowdy space marines, andthe TRAUMA of her previous mission. In addition,she must manage the SHOCK of waking up 57years after the NOSTROMO INCIDENT, completelymissing out on her daughter’s lifetime. You can play the story of Ripley’s daughter –AMANDA RIPLEY – for yourself in ALIENISOLATION, a horror VIDEO GAME honoringSigourney’s legacy. Thankfully for us, her actingcareer is far from over, as she has recently co-starred in Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2019) and Avatar:The Way of the Water (2022). When things inevitably go wrong in ALIEN (Spoileralert?), it is because the crew refuses to listen toRipley’s advice, despite her advice in said situationbeing legally and morally sound. The CAPTAIN,DALLAS, finally heeds her advice and warnings –albeit too late. The fate of the NOSTROMO lands inRipley’s hands, whether she likes it or not. Havingevery reason to throw in the towel, curl up in the fetalposition and sob until the unstoppable ALIEN creaturecomes to devour them, too, Ripley consciouslychooses to NOT give up – even when the rest of thecrew loses their cools. Authentic Insider | Page 39

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Linda HamiltonLINDA HAMILTON is a Salisbury, Maryland nativewho also got her on-screen start as a leading lady in1979, on the TV drama Night Flowers. Just beforeThe Terminator (1984), she starred in Children of theCorn in the same year, and TAG: The AssassinationGame (1982) prior to that. LEADING LADY #2Sarah is a FIGHTER. Sure, when we first meet her,she’s a typical “damsel-in-distress”… but so isanyone who gets in the Terminator’s path – cops,street punks, other people named Sarah Connor…no one is safe from this assassin’s RAMPAGE. Heronly chance of survival is to trust a strange man,KYLE, who also claims to have been sent throughtime to protect Sarah rather than kill her. Likeclockwork, their meeting is what brings aboutJohn’s conception.However, it is more than fate or love story clicheswhich brings Kyle to protect Sarah, and for both ofthem to fall in love. Unlike most action flicks, thisscreen romance does not feel forced or unnatural.Kyle may have the brawn and weapons to protectSarah, but he, like her, is a victim of horriblecircumstance – being forced to adapt to a time andworld completely foreign to him, where he does nothave to constantly check over his shoulder for thenext vaporizing plasma blast. By the end of the first movie, Sarah is the onecarrying the wounded Kyle around her shoulder.The same girl who barely let out a peep in thebreakroom among friends is now shouting orderslike “ON YOUR FEET SOLDIER!” The first film ends with a stranger warning Sarah ofan incoming rainstorm… to which Sarah replies “Iknow.” before donning a pair of aviators and drivingheadfirst into said storm, not turning back foranything. SARAH CONNOR is, as we meet her, a timid, youngwaitress with her checkbook in the red and her headin the clouds. But when her head moves from theclouds to the infrared crosshair of a RELENTLESSPURSUER in a TRAUMATIZING turn of events, sherises to the horrific occasion and becomes theHEROINE she was born to be - the FUTUREMOTHER of the RESISTANCE – humanity’s last lineof defense against a nuclear robot Sarah Connor THE TERMINATOR (1984), TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY (1991)TERMINATOR DARK FATE (2019) SARAH is a SURVIVOR. Like Ripley, she is pittedagainst a seemingly unstoppable force – THETERMINATOR – a one-cyborg army sent back in timeby an omniscient ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE calledSKYNET for the sole purpose of TERMINATING HER- the mother of the resistance - before it can even beborn. Humanity’s SURVIVAL is directly linked toSarah – who will birth and raise JOHN CONNOR tobecome the top field general in the Resistance’s waragainst the machines. Authentic Insider | Page 40

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By the end of the first movie, Sarah is the onecarrying the wounded Kyle around her shoulder.The same girl who barely let out a peep in thebreakroom among friends is now shouting orderslike “ON YOUR FEET SOLDIER!” The first film ends with a stranger warning Sarah ofan incoming rainstorm… to which Sarah replies “Iknow.” before donning a pair of aviators and drivingheadfirst into said storm, not turning back foranything. The sequel only continues SARAH’S compellingstory. 7 years pass, and like Ripley, Sarah is forcedaway from her child, JOHN, when he needs her themost. But Sarah won’t take no for an answer at thispoint – not even the most morally corrupt mentalhospitals can keep her chained down. Once shefrees herself and is ultimately rescued by her son,she demonstrates that her horrible time in prisononly made her harder and more determined toeliminate the SKYNET THREAT once and for all. Cinema is, unfortunately like many industries -predominantly male. As such, it often presents tangible andintangible barriers of entry for women of all ages,backgrounds, and qualifications. However, films like Alien,The Terminator, and The Barbie Movie (Yeah, I went there)are proof that female influence in cinema can be not onlyempowering, but profitable – which seems to be allHollywood ever cared about or will care about. Authentic Insider | Page 41

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A Trauma Survivor Thriver’s Podcast is joining Mental Health News Radio Network

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Authentic Insider | Page 43“We cannot all succeed whenhalf of us are held back. Wecall upon our sisters aroundthe world to be brave – toembrace the strength withinthemselves and realize theirfull potential.” ~Malala Yousafzai

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Authentic Insider | Page 44School Absenteeism: We Misunderstand Its Cause(s) and That Means…Authentic Insider | Page 44written by Karen Gross

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Since (and even before) the Pandemic, we have beenaware of rising student absenteeism (call it retention atthe collegiate level). We want to “fix” the situation andget more students across the entire educationallandscape back in school. I get it.But the efforts to improve enrollment actually aremissing the mark in some instances, assuming there isa single driver behind absences and a single solutionor two or three.Recently. one school district reported that it was trying toimprove absenteeism and then gave the data about thelevels of absence across all grades. Colleges anduniversities note dropping out and stopping out when theymeasure enrollment statistics.But, these data all need to be fine tuned and evaluatedthrough a different lens. We can’t lump all absenteeism inone big pot — at elementary, secondary and collegiatelevels. We need to do two key things with the data: (1) Weneed to look for patterns in terms of who is absent: Is it fromone particular school within a larger district? Is it a certaingrade level that is experiencing student losses? Is it within aparticular discipline? Is it within a certain residential hall (orfloor or suite)? Are there demographic patterns such thatcertain subgroups of students are leaving school/collegebased on gender or race or ethnicity or religion or location?Even with these data, we are often not asking thereciprocal question: (2) Who is staying in school and why?Consider which grades have the highest retention andlowest absenteeism and in which schools or courses? Mightthere be a reason some schools/classes/educators aredoing something to retain students and enable them topersist?Here’s the reality: students are absent for many reasons.There is no simple answer either to getting them back. But ifwe ask the right questions, if we look at and parse the datawell, we can get some answers some of the time. Now is notthe time to simply decry: Yipes. We are losing students. Thetime to is ask why and ascertain who among our studentsstays and who leaves.So, before we launch huge initiatives with lots of work plansand strategies, let’s make sure we are asking and answeringthe right questions. And before we leap to answers, we needto allow ourselves to consider a myriad of possibleexplanations, not all of which will reflect well on certainaspects of our schools and colleges.We hopefully teach students to ask the hard questions. Weneed to do that now. And, having been through this exercisemore than once in my career, there are many steps to takeonce one has the data and thought about its meaning. Nextsteps need us to probe the whys before we install theremedies. And to be clear: remedies (not perfection) exist.Think about absenteeism as if it were an illness that wasrising. Random remedies won’t work effectively orsystematically. What is the illness (or illnesses) is the firstquestion. Then we turn to what the illness entails and how toremediate it — and then isn’t a single handed solution. Eventhe same illness might require different solutions for differentpatients.And so it is with students and educational institutions. Startwith the right questions and gather the optimal data. It is wellworth the effort. A Jackson Pollack-esq approach won’t workI’m sorry to report. I know that from vast experience.Authentic Insider | Page 48The RealityWe Need Data

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“The power you have is to be thebest version of yourself you can be,so you can create a better world.” ~Ashley RickardsAuthentic Insider | Page 46

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“Respect” by Aretha Franklin"Girl On Fire" by Alicia Keys“I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor "Just a Girl" by No Doubt“The Man” by Taylor Swift"God is a woman" by Ariana Grande“Roar” by Katy Perry“Superwoman” by Alicia Keys“Good As Hell” by Lizzo“Independent Women” by Destiny’s Child“Not Ready to Make Nice” by The Chicks“Can’t Hold Us Down” by Christina Aguilera“Run the World (Girls)” by Beyoncé“Confident” by Demi Lovato“You Gotta Be” by Des’reeCELEBRATE WOMEN’S VOICES For March, we arecelebrating voices ofwomen who remind us ofour power. Take a listenand let’s empower allwomen to live powerfullyand unapologetically.

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Authentic Insider | Page 48Give that special girl in your life wings to fly with thisenchanting book about all the things a girl can do.Whether she dreams of being a vet that heals people'spets, a firefighter that braves the flames, an astronautfloating in deep, dark space, or a fearless jungle explorer,there's nothing that a girl can't do.a*I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.Lila Greer is full of worries. Even the smallest things—fromcabbages to cardboard—fill her with dread and what-ifs. So whenher family makes a big change—moving to a new town—theworry and what-ifs only grow. What if things go wrong? What ifno one likes her? Lila’s teacher, Ms. Kern. Through some creativity,blackboard erasers, and—most of all—kindness, Ms. Kern finds away to make Lila feel welcome and open to new experiences. Alesson that will resonate with Lila long after second grade.Throughout United States history, there have always been womenwho have spoken out for what's right, even when they have to fightto be heard. In this book, Chelsea Clinton celebrates thirteenAmerican women who helped shape our country through theirtenacity, sometimes through speaking out, sometimes by stayingseated, sometimes by captivating an audience. They all certainlypersisted.

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Spilled Ink & Coffee Stains is a debut poetry collection, exploring the impact ofconnection, both romantic and platonic, on self-perception and identity. Blendedwith an appreciation of nature, particularly that of unkempt or abandonedspaces, the collection draws parallels between the natural and emotional facetsof life. Spilled Ink & Coffee Stains is non-traditional prose, using a free versestructure and a unique voice to redefine the boundaries of modern poetryMENTAL HEALTHBOOKS (FOR ADULTS)If you’re looking for mushroom mansplaining, you’ve come to the wrong book.The Psilocybin Handbook for Women is a resource for everyone, although itfeatures information specific to those assigned female at birth—becausepsychedelics may have different effects and applications across the sexes.This informative guidebook is packed full with everything you need to knowabout psilocybin, including its history, potential medicinal and recreationalbenefits, the latest evidence-based research, how to microdose and trip sit,and more. As if surviving years of childhood abuse and narrowly escaping a cult and mymother’s insanity wasn’t enough, I ended up married to a physically andemotionally abusive woman with a hidden drug habit. Despite my success inclimbing the corporate ladder my questionable instincts caused me to stay in atoxic business environment longer than I should have. After almost dying, Ifinally realized that the changes I needed to make were so vast and far-reaching that they could only be achieved by exploding the life I had anddeliberately creating a new one. *I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.Authentic Insider | Page 49

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For the month of March, we start with mental health. I am seeing that there is someone whocould be viewed as a privileged lady. Great fortune is coming in for many. Whether that befinances, career, and abundance. Others would like more of this to come into their lives.If you are dealing with a difficult situation in your life, I feel that it may not be over. On theother hand, there is something coming to an end, whether that is a job, relationship, or aliving situation of some sort. I feel that many of you could be traveling during this time. For some plans, I see that theremay be a slight delay in travel at the moment. Or some of you want to travel perhaps in thesummertime etc.On another note many people could be thinking about relationships or a marriage. I see thatmany of you will be getting married very soon. In regards to finances, I see it may be a goodtime to play the lottery because you’re feeling lucky.Some of you will win money or receive money from other people. For some in business, I seeit going really well this month, so keep up the great work . Last message and advice, I see that someone needs to forgive and maybe let go of theirparents (whatever that may mean for you). The hold this relationship may have on you iskeeping you from living freely. It can also mean the release of an ex, while others may wantto work on a relationship. I feel you can definitely do this. Remember to always love yourselffirst.Monthly Collective ReadingsMonthly Collective Readings for All Signsfor All SignsJoy is a Narcissistic AbuseSurvivor who has made it her life'swork to help others through lifecoaching. She is also a healer,earth angel and psychic medium.If you would like coaching servicesfrom Joy and/or get your ownpersonal reading, please scan thebarcode below with yoursmartphone camera.READINGSPersonalINFOCoachingAuthentic Insider | Page 50