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All of my sick poems

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Aiden´s Poems

Aiden´s good

                            by: Aiden Thoennes

Aiden is very good at games

Because it's all he does, he sits on his

Couch and only getting up when he has to

Don't ask him to get up and do something stupid

Even if he does do it it won't be done very good

Follow Aiden to Bravo we're about to lose

ABC Poem 


Round, fun

Playing, Spinning, Broken

Having fun with friends




by: Aiden Thoennes


Destiny is fun

Its one of the games I Play

You should try it out


My Favorite Game

by: Aiden Thoennes

A Poem About Me


Short, gamer, lazy, talkative

Friend of Kong

He loved his PC and PS4

His fear is his PS4 breaking

One of his best accomplishments was getting Prestige Master level 556

Who wanted to go flawless


          Bio Poem

       Ugly Box

A box is four sides that

have  the  same length

And all equal angles too

But this one isn't perfect


     Shape Poem 

Acrostic Poem 

Why the Boy was Crying

A very big boy

Cried because another kid was being


Out of nowhere and that kid's name was

Sam and he

Thought that

It was his fault he was




I miss you

Why won't you come back


I always played you

And you just quit


I didn't want this to happen

But it did


Goodbye, PS4

I´ll get a different one

My Old PS4


My PS4

I love my Playstation

It is jet black and lights up

It lights up yellow

And has lots of cords in it

I play PlayStation with friends



List Poem 

My game got stuck inside when it died

So I popped it open and this is what I found inside

A hard drive, too many screws, copper,

disk reader, a power supply, usb ports,

Mother board, metal tray, some more screws

None of it was what I was looking for, I kept going deeper

And deeper until I saw what I was looking for

I pried it open and I finally got it out and I

Put it back in its case.


Inside My Old PS4

There was a man who lived in a meth house

His girlfriend no longer wanted to be his spouse

He asked her to stay

But she said no frickin way

She screamed as she saw a scurrying mouse


Weird Man 




The Big Tree



The biggest of trees

Where a monkey climbs and looks

Too bad it will fall




Just Wait 


Just wait a little bit longer and something good is sure to come - Aiden Thoennes


Useful Stuff 






   Black, Glowing,

         Playing, Turning off, fun,

     Turning it on,  walking around

        Walking,taking off, hurting,

Any color, very useful,