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If you say the wrong thing to someone

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In conclusion,

   If you dont turn in your work

    You will be crushed by an elevator

If the elevator drops on you,

then you will be crushed by an elevator

If you walk under a poorly installed elevator,

then the cable might snap and drop the elevator on you

If you are clumsey,

then you accidentally walk under an elevator that you clumsily installed

If you get tired and reckless,

then you are clumsy

If you work at a construction site,

then you will get tired and reckless

If you need a job, 

then you will find work at a construction site

If you have children,

then you would need a job to support them

If you date a lot of people,

then you will have "accidentally" have children

If you seek attention,

then you will try and date a lot of people for their attention

if you are sad,

then you will seek attention

If you go homeless,

then you will be sad

If your family spends a lot of money,

then you and your family will go homeless

If you get hurt,

then your family will have to pay a lot of money

If you do something even more reckless,

then you will get hurt

If you go with your reckless friends,

then you will do something even more reckless

If you sneak out again,

you will go with your reckless friends

If you hold resentment,

you will try to sneak out again to annoy your parents

If you are punished,

then you will hold resentment

If you lose the argument,

then you will be punished

If there is an argument,

you will most likely lose

If your parents find out,

then there will be an argument

If you sneak out with your friends,

then your parents are bound to find out

If you do reckless things,

then you might sneak out with your friends

If you are depressed, 

then you do reckless things

If you wont be able to bring a date to hoco,

then you will be depressed

If you are grounded,

then you wont be able to take a date to homecoming

If your parents find out when they look on skyward, 

then you will be grounded

If your average goes down,

then your parents will look on skyward, and find out

If you get a zero,

then it will bring your average down

If you don't turn in your work,

then you will get a zero