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Culture Shock Booklet: France

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Culture: The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded colectively(google).  Culture is important because it influences a persons life in a variety of ways such as veiws, values, desires and fears(google).  My pamphlet's purpose is so I can teach you the difference between America and France's culture.



 Informal french is usually in oral conversations with friends and family members.  Formal French is usually used in polite and fancy situations.  The two uses have different kinds of characteristics in grammer and punctuation.                                           

France has lots of holliday traditions.  On La Toissant(All Saints Day) the french put chrassanthumums on graves, and the only stores that are open are flower shops.  On Noel( Christmas) they have Santa but his name is Pere Noel.  Also in France at around midnight they have a huge Christmas Eve dinner to celebrate the very beginning of Christmas day.  On Bastille Day(French Independence Day the French have a huge Military parade in Paris to celebrate their independence.


The French Education System is divided just like in the US.  There is Preschool, Elementry school, Middle school, Highschool, and College.  The school days start at 8:30am to 4:30pm.  In France there are five levels in elementary school, four in middle school, and three in highschool.  The intuition in France is 160 to 900 euros.  France is ranked the 9th smartest country.


Traditional French food includes:

  • Steak and Frites(most eaten/popular)
  • Ratatouille
  • Couscous
  • Blanquette de Veau
  • Bofe Bourguignon
  • Coq au Vin

The French have three meals a day  breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The most important meal of the day is lunch.  Breakfast is the litest meal commonly only consisting of coffee and a pastry.  Dinner usually consists of three courses.   

Food culture is the concepts of foodways, cuisine, and food systems and includes the fundamental understanding a group has to food (

Buying food in france is a lot different than in the US.  The French do not buy things in bulk like we do, instead the french go to the food stores and by a little bit everyday.  In France there are many diferent shops to by food from, there is the butcher to buy meat, the bolangrie to buy bread, the market for fruits and vegtables, and the supremarche to get whatever else you need.

There are thirteen regions in France, which are divided into departments.  Each region has their own character, traditions, cuisine, and french dialects.  City life in France has lots of perks.  Parks, doctors, activities, and schools are all within walking distance.  Walking, taxis and metros are all very common transportation in France.  

Most people in france live in small appartments.  Each member of the family has certain chores and responsibilities.  The extended family gives emotional and financial support.  Children usually make their own bed,  clean a little around the house and wash dishes.  Women usually make dinner and take care of the family.  Men and women also work to help the family financialy

How French Are You?


1. What do you prefer?

    a. Wine 

    b. Soda

2. What do you prefer?

    a. Quality

    b. Convenience

3.What do you prefer?

    a. Football(soccer)

    b. Baseball







Mostly A's means you are more french, mostly B's means more American