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A. Hurst Photography

Product Guide 2017

I'm a wife, mom, dog-owner and lover of the beach. Thank you for considering me to capture a special moment in your life!  I love what I do and want your photos to be something you will proudly display in home as well as share on social media. 

Why Hire Me?

Multiple reasons came to my mind when I went to answer this, and I'll share them below after I let one of my recent reviews (look for them on my website!) answer it for me...  " It blew my mind how patient she was and all of the time and effort she put into getting him to relax, fall asleep and capture the perfect shots! We really enjoyed the shoot and the final results. Can't wait to do the rest of our pictures over the next year with the Watch Me Grow Package!"

Now, if I'm answering for myself, I guess I'd have to say...

I'm patient. (and if you have kids, you know this is important!) I'm creative. I genuinely care about my clients. And, also, I know that in the world today we all have a camera with us at every given moment, so I don't want to give you just a snapshot, but instead an heirloom portrait. When you are gone, will your grandkids go through all your phone photos to find their favorites and print them to show their kids?  Probably not! That's why I really hope you will consider prints, in addition to any digitals you may want.  So, you will have something to hand down, something that shows your legacy.  But either way, I hope you love the photos I take enough to want to hang them everywhere! :)




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A. Hurst Photography