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A Haunted Evening

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A Haunted EveningRise Up Chorus Proudly PresentsSaturday, October 26, 2019at 5:30pmThe Auditorium at St. Luke's17 Oak Ave., Metuchen, NJ

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From theArtistic DirectorDear Patrons of Rise Up Chorus,Welcome to the opening performance of Rise Up Chorus’ third season! For thosethat are new to Rise Up Chorus, welcome to our community. For those who havebeen with us before, welcome back! You are always welcome in our ever-growingcommunity.Each season, we’ve added new ideas, introduced new concert venues, explored newconcert themes, and produced new community events. I can already tell that thisseason’s offerings promise to be unique and special.This concert is a new experience for me as I’ve never had the opportunity to producea Halloween-themed concert before. Our team sat down to begin the planningprocess, and our creative juices started flowing more freely than we had everexpected. We had so many ideas that we couldn’t possibly fit into a singleperformance, so we started to narrow-down our thoughts. Starting with therepertoire, we wanted music that would serve a broad audience, from childrenthrough adults and from all walks of life. We wanted music that people wouldrecognize along with a few new selections. What we came up with is the repertoirewhich we are presenting to you this evening, and I’m so excited to share it withyou.Next was the setting. We’ve been so fortunate to rehearse here at St. Luke’s; Fr.Zelley and his team have been so welcoming to our community, so we thought thiswould be the perfect opportunity to bring one of our performances to St. Luke’s. Weknow this space well; we rehearse here every week. We thought it would be greatfun to transform the room into an all-out Halloween haven. With a lot of hardwork from our incredible chorus members and volunteers, I think we’ve done apretty spectacular job of that.

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COME AND SING WITH US!Rise Up Chorus' next session begins Friday, November 15, 2019All are welcome, no auditions necessary!For information and to sign up email or call:   732-662-4469The rest of the season is going to be just as exciting and rewarding, and we hopeyou’ll join us for it. We’re celebrating the incredible wealth of music by AfricanAmerican composers on February 9 for our performance of “Lift Every Voice andSing!” at Shiloh Baptist Church in Plainfield with our special guest, the greatDonald Dumpson. Then, on May 31, we’re collaborating with the Highland ParkCommunity Chorus as well as the St. Francis Cathedral Concert Series in aperformance of Haydn’s great masterwork, Lord Nelson Mass, which will be pairedwith the more contemporary Son of God Mass by English composer JamesWhitbourn. This concert will feature the Cathedral’s newly-restored and expandedpipe organ, and you won’t want to miss that experience.We also have a wealth of other fabulous events that include a Tricky Tray inNovember and a Youth Chorus performance at the Menlo Park Veteran’s Home inApril. Plus, you are all invited to join us for our first Beer Choir (yes, you read thatcorrectly!) event in June. It doesn’t get much better than this!And, of course, every one of our concerts includes YOU, the audience and patronsof Rise Up Chorus. We always include the audience in our concerts because Rise UpChorus is more than just rehearsals and concerts. We are about community. It isour community that makes us special, and, as patrons of Rise Up Chorus, you arepart of our community. Since singing is what brings us together, we ask that youjoin us in song in every single one of our performances. For a few moments, youbecome more than just listeners of music; you become makers of the music.Welcome to our community. I think you’re going to like it here.Best regards,Matthew J. LaPine, Artistic Director

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Much effort by many people has been required to get us to this day, and thereare so many to thank for bringing this event to fruition. On the occasion of thisconcert,, our seventh since our formation, we extend our heartfelt gratitude…To Father Zelley and the staff of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Metuchen forallowing us access to sorely needed and much appreciated rehearsal space, as wellas this now transformed concert venue! Their belief in our mission and trust in ushas laid the groundwork for a brilliant and hopefully lasting collaboration betweentheir faith community and the community at large.To our Chorus Members, both adults and youths, for their time in practicing andpresenting the music we will share tonight. Whether with Rise Up Chorus since thebeginning or newly joining this session, their efforts are acknowledged and verymuch appreciated.To our Donors for their generous financial support towards this third year for RiseUp Chorus. It is difficult to adequately express how much we appreciate theircreative approaches and personal sacrifices towards funding all that we do. Thesecontributions, and those that we hope will come following your example, areessential to the communities we serve.To my fellow Board Members and Committee Members for the support theyvolunteered for Rise Up Chorus from their time and talents for these many priormonths of planning, refining and fund-raising for the organization. Special thanksto Angela Dohl for her creativity and hard work once again in preparing thisprogram booklet, and to Maryann McGuire for her tireless efforts in leading theteam creating our largest yet fundraiser -- the Tricky Tray -- coming up onNovember 16th. Without all these talented individuals, we would have beenunable to bring this organization forward for the benefit of its members, thecommunity, and those we will serve over the coming years.A word from our president.....

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To our Founders and Music Professionals for their vision, and selflesscontributions of artistic and technical talent. Matthew LaPine, Jessica LaPine, andThomas DeLessio called this organization together from their vision, and they,together with Youth Chorus Director, Mary McGuire, help us to see all that ispossible through music. Rise Up Chorus would simply not exist without the contributions, dedication andtrust of all those mentioned, as well as our faithful audience members. We hopeyou enjoy our presentation tonight as much as we have enjoyed preparing for it.We are so very grateful that we are on this journey together with you!With sincere appreciation to all,Chris M. BishopPresident, Board of TrusteesRise Up Chorus Inc.JOIN US AT OUR NEXT PERFORMANCESunday, February 9, 2020 5:00 pm“Lift Every Voice & Sing”Shiloh Baptist ChurchPlainfield, NJ

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A Haunted EveningThrillerO Fortuna (from Carmina Burana)Dies irae (from Requiem)Toccata in D MinorTheme from JawsMonsterDouble TroubleJabberwockyAddams Family ThemeNightmare Before Christmas MedleyPurple People EaterHalloween (Main Theme)Monster MashLittle Shop of HorrorsZombie JamboreeThe Time Warp (from The Rocky Horror Picture Show)arr. Mark Brymer Carl OrffWolfgang Amadeus Mozart Johann Sebastian BachJohn Williams Brian Tatearr. Teena ChinnCarolyn Jennings Vic Mizzy arr. Alan Billingsleyarr. Greg Gilpin John Carpenter Bobby Pickett arr. Jay Althouse arr. Kirby Shaw arr. Andy BeckGuest Instrumentalists Raymond "Skip" Zipf - PercussionJonathan Kirschner - GuitarSteve Pasierb - BassMatthew J. LaPine - Adult Chorus DirectorMary McGuire - Youth Chorus DirectorThomas DeLessio - AccompanistBruce Bussell - soloistNancy Belford - soloistAngela Dohl - soloistCarol Baldi - soloist

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Isabel BadilloMaria BalboaCarol BaldiNancy BelfordNancy BernheimerJeannine BurtonBruce BussellMachiko CaputoStephen CaputoSue CeaAlison ChaplinSherri DamociChris DamociAnita DaughertyKenneth DengLynne DengAngela DohlJane DowlingElly FadenFord FosterSarah GeigerPatricia GlaveJeremy GroveMichael GuidoSarah HannahColin HoganStanislav JaraczKaren KeithlerSusan KingsleyTerry KohlChristina LeslieDiane MansmannMary McGuire Maryann McGuireBeth MoroneyJoseph PacilioSandy ReedyLuisa SchoepfEric SchwarzMichelina SeppiKaren SiegelVanessa SilvaShirley SmoyakFran SobonKathy StaegerAliz ThomasDonna TiuTed TiuDoris YounkenAnton YudinMildred OgariSarah OgariKanisha ShivAnika ValluruDillan AlenAnoushka BhallaSimran BhasinSophia Dimayuga Youth Chorus MembersAdult Chorus MembersDaniel LaPineAnna LeonNikul Maloo Rise Up Chorus Board of TrusteesChris M. Bishop -Board PresidentThomas DeLessio - AdvisorAngela Dohl - Events ManagerSusan Kingsley - Communications ManagerTerry Kohl - Community Relations LiaisonJessica LaPine - AdvisorMatthewJ. LaPine - Founder & Artistic DirectorDanielle Miyagishima - TreasurerShirley Smoyak - Secretary

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Donations to Rise Up Chorus can be madethrough our website or by mail to: Rise Up ChorusPO Box 4335Metuchen, NJ 08840 Rise Up Chorus is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organizationRise Up Chorus is made possible bythe generosity of the following donors:Middlesex County Arts & History GrantBarbara & Robert SandermanThrivent CaresAT&TNoble AvellinoMonika BagleJane & Robert BerryMelanie BissonDennis BlackAlison Seiner BrownAmy and Keith BuninBruce BussellYolande CallenderMillie CamachoBruce CamireMachiko & Stephen CaputoAlison ChaplinMary Jane ConnollyNancy & Michael ConroyCorinna Crafton Alai Maryann & Thomas McGuireJean MeyersAngela & Walter SchoepfKathy StaegerJulie MacriJackie & Tom McGuireMary T. & Mike McGuirePaul McGuireJennifer & Tommy MichaelsDonald MoloneyAlexis Monaco Clifford ParrishJosephine PedalinoWeng PinedaSandy ReedyWilliam SchnellerKaren SiegelKathleen SpadafinoJessica StanislawczykAziz ThomasDoris YounkenAnne CullinanKathy & Chris DaltonAnita DaughertyDorothy & Jim DeGeorgeBecton DickinsonWendy DiLeonardoElly FadenRick FortuneFord FosterJennifer GarrShari GarretsonSusan HamiltonAnn HergenrotherKaren KeithlerDavid KirpanTerry KohlBeth LebelAnne LynchUp to $100Up to $250Kenneth DengSusan KingsleyJessica & Matthew LaPineAmy Jane AgnewColgate-PalmoliveLou Ann & Bill McGuireLinda LaPineShirley SmoyakOver $1000Up to $1000Up to $500Isabel BadilloMaria BalboaSuzanne & Chris BishopMelina & Stanislav JaraczKaren & Benito LeonDiane MansmannJoan MastDonna & John McGuire

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Addams Family Theme1. (Spoken) I was working in the lab late one night,when my eyes beheld an eerie sight,For my monster from his slab began to rise,and suddenly, to my surprise... Chorus: He did the mash. (He did the Monster Mash.) The Monster Mash. (It was a graveyard smash.) He did the Mash. (It caught on in a flash.) He did the Mash. (He did the Monster Mash.)2. (Spoken) From my laboratory in the Castle East,To the master bedroom where the vampires feast,The ghouls all came from their humble abodes,To get a jolt from my electrodes. (to Chorus) 3. (Spoken) Out from his coffin Drac’s voice did ring,Seems he was troubled by just one thing.He opened the lid and shook his fist, and said,“Whatever happened to my Transylvania Twist?”It’s now the... (to Chorus) 4. (Spoken) Now everything’s cool, Drac’s a part of the band,And my Monster Mash is the hit of the land.For you, the living, this Mash was meant too,When you get to my door tell them Boris sent you.Then you can Mash... (to Chorus)They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, They’re altogether ooky, the Addams Family. Their house is a museum, where people come to see ‘em, They really are a scree-um, the Addams Family. Neat. Sweet. Petite.So get a witch’s shawl on, a broomstick you can crawl on, We’re gonna pay a call on the Addams Family.Monster Mash

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