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A Guide to OASIS V

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A Guide to OASIS V:Frequently Asked Quesons

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This user guide has been created by MSDS Marine andAshtree Heritage with funding from Historic England to support the roll out of OASIS V in England. In 2020/21 the project team provided twenty-eight free online workshops to over 630 people. The content of this guide has been developed from quesons that were frequently asked during these workshops. The support and assistance of colleagues at the Archaeology Data Service (ADS), especially Dr Tim Evans, is thanked and acknowledged.

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IntroduconUseful contactsADS Helpdesk The ADS have a team dedicated to helping users with OASIS. They are incredibly friendly and approachable and can be contacted MarineFor support related to this user guide or the training workshops please contact: Other SupportTraining VideosRecordings of the OASIS rollout training support workshops have been recorded and are available on the ADS Vimeo channel here: hps:// Quick Reference GuidesQuick reference guides have been created for each user group. These provide a visual aid to the OASIS workow. They can be found on the OASIS help page: hps:// GuideHow to use this guideThis guide has been split into quesons asked by dierent user groups. A general secon at the start is applicable to all users.This user guide is intended to be used to support, and not replace, the comprehensive OASIS V support manual found within OASIS and has been developed around frequently asked quesons during the OASIS rollout workshops. This guide has been split into a number of secons. You can use the links below to jump to each secon. • General• Admin Users• Built Heritage Users • Commercial Archaeology Users (including specialists & freelancers) • Community Group Users• Marime Archaeology Users• Historic Environment Service Reviewers • Museum Usershp:// introducon to OASIS with an overview of the form:

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IntroduconHow does OASIS make data FAIR?What do we mean by making data FAIR? This is basically a set of principles designed to improve data sharing. FAIR stands for:• Findable – making data and metadata easy to nd.• Accessible – how can the data be accessed?• Interoperable – making sure data can be integrated with other data, applicaons and workows.• Resuable – well described data and metadata will opmise its reuseAbout OASISHow does OASIS V connect the sector?One of the big benets of OASIS V is its ability to connect the sector. Users are encouraged to use the OASIS plaorm to share informaon with colleagues throughout the sector on projects, requirements and reporng. Connecng all parts of the sector

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IntroduconOASIS V now meets these principles through the use of Linked Open Data vocabularies. These derive from the Forum for Informaon Standards in Heritage (FISH) naonal thesauri. The lookup of controlled keywords removes typo errors on terms, greatly improves data indexing and searching and makes OASIS metadata FAIR. How do I request new terms are added to keywords within OASIS V?The terms come from the Forum on Informaon Standards in Heritage (FISH) Thesauri. There is always scope to change or add new terms. In the rst instance contact the ADS to discuss your suggeson. If you are requesng a new term or change then a scope note is incredibly helpful in helping them take the request forward with FISH.How does OASIS connect archives?OASIS V allows documentary, physical and digital archives to be linked within one OASIS record. OASIS acts as a signpost to documentary and physical archives and also links to digital archives deposited with the ADS.OASIS can link physical, documentary and digital archives

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GeneralGeneralHow do I set up an OASIS account?You can sign up for a new account here: hps:// are the dierent levels of OASIS access?Descripon Who1 Users who create OASIS records* Commercial Community GroupsResearchers & Academics 2 Users who review OASIS records HERsNaonal Organisaons3 Users who need to view informaon from an archive perspecveArchivesMuseumsRecord Oces4 Users who oversee work undertaken in their countryNaonal Heritage Agencies5 Users who have access to data in the system to help address their own needs. Note access is only given to signed o recordsResearch Framework GroupsSpecialist Data Users* Level 1 users are divided into two groups: Level 1 - Researchers: This includes archaeological contractors, built heritage specialists and other heritage professionals who undertake projects that should be reported to the local Historic Environment Record (HER) or who produce reports that they wish to archive and make available online. Level 1a - Community Groups: This level of access is for community groups, volunteers and other groups who do not associate themselves with commercial archaeology but who undertake projects that should be reported to the local HER who produce reports that they wish to archive and make available online.L1 L1 L2 L3

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GeneralA disncon has been made between the two types of Level 1 users so that parts of the form can be customised for users that normally work outside of development control work or who use the form less frequently. If you are unsure what level of access you require, please contact the ADS.How do I set up a new organisaon?If you are creang a new organisaon within OASIS you can do this when you set up your new user account. In certain cases where higher level users have potenal access to large numbers of records, an extra level of validaon will be in place before you have access to any records:In these cases, ADS will review the account to ensure that the user is genuine and that there is no duplicaon with an exisng organisaon. New Level 5 users will be referred to the OASIS Management Board where appropriate.My account status is set to pending, what does this mean?if your account status is set to pending it is because the user with Admin access for your organisaon needs to approve the account. If you are unsure who this is then you can always contact the ADS helpdesk who will be able to advise you further.How can I tell what level I am in once I am logged on?Once you are logged into OASIS you will see the leer O followed by a number in the top right-hand corner of the page. This number refers to the access level you have logged in as. For example, O1 would mean you are logged in as a Level 1 user. • For new Level 2 reviewers• For new Level 3 reviewers• For new Level 5 reviewersUser level icon

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GeneralTip: Click on the arrow to access a range of opons including your user prole and opons to change countries or role. Can other people in my organisaon update records that I have created?Yes! OASIS V enables mulple people within an organisaon to collaborate on records and add informaon as required. Records in which the organisaon has been agged will show in the Watched Projects list that can be accessed by all users in that organisaon. The Admin part of the form maintains a log of all form changes which includes who has created or edited a record, when it was updated and what was edited. Aer migraon will our users have to create new passwords and log ins? Yes, OASIS V is a completely separate system to previous versions ofOASIS.Once I have uploaded my report, is the record closed?The workow in OASIS V is incredibly exible with records remaining open so further informaon about the archive or specialists’ reports can be added at a later date.By broadening the range of users, the workow has become much more exible. As before, you will be able to create a record and upload the report. HERs and naonal organisaons such as Historic England will connue to validate records where required but instead of the record being closed upon sign o, the record will remain open. This will allow further informaon about the archive or specialist reports to be added to a record. The OASIS V system

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GeneralHow can I incorporate OASIS into my project workow?Data can be transferred to OASIS at dierent stages in a project lifecycle: • Creang an OASIS record at the start of the project will provide informaon on the relevant Historic Environment Record and Museum/Archive repository.• Add details of the archive content during the analysis phase. • Upload the nal report once completed and approved.• Addional informaon can be added at the archiving stage such as completed • documentaon.Incorporang OASIS throughout your project will faciliate communicaon between Level 1 users, HERs and Museums, allowing you to manage the whole archiving process through the OASIS record. OASIS V is exibile and individual units or groups will be able to adapt the OASIS workow to suit their individual needs. What does Review mean in OASIS V?Previous versions of OASIS used the term validaon for the process HERs use to check records. OASIS V has replaced this term with review.Transfer of data to OASIS throughout a project lifecycle

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GeneralWhat is the dierence between a Lite and Standard review?If an OASIS record is Standard, it requires a HER to review it in order to progress through the system. To prevent backlogs, there is a window of 6 months in which the record can be reviewed. Aer this me, the bibliographic record and report will move through the system automacally. If an OASIS record is Lite, then it does not need any review from the HER user. Once the core elds have been completed, the bibliographic record and report will be transferred to the Library automacally. The record will stay open to collect any further informaon such as archive details.OASIS Lite is an opon for HERs in England only. It should be noted that OASIS Lite records can sll be viewed by the HER although they are not required to review it. If your site covers a large area, it is possible to select mulple HERs although only one Level 2 user is required to review the record. A new notes funcon in the Admin area allows Level 2 users to communicate and decide who should be the reviewer. What or who decides if a HER is Lite or Standard?The individual HER can choose if they wish to use OASIS Lite or OASIS Standard. A HER may choose OASIS Lite if they have limited resources for example. The majority of HERs in England are OASIS Standard. How can I nd out the status of a HER? There are two ways in which you can check the status of a HER: • Access the list of organisaons via the ‘Countries’ tab at the top of the page. Clicking on the name of the organisaon in this list will show all the informaon known for that HER including whether the HER is Lite or Standard.

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General• Once you have chosen the relevant HER in the Reviewers/Admin secon of the form, hover your mouse cursor over the name and a pop-up window will show if it is Lite or Standard. What is an ORCID ID?ORCID stands for Open Researcher and Contributor ID and is a global, not-for-protorganisaon. Their mission is to enable transparent and trustworthy connecons between researchers and their contribuons. ORCID provides a persistent digital idener (an ORCID ID) that you own and control, and that disnguishes you from every other researcher. You can connect your ID with your professional informaon — aliaons, grants, publicaons, peer review, and more. You can use your ID to share your informaon with other systems, ensuring you get recognion for all your contribuons, saving you me and hassle, and reducing the risk of errors.ORCID have a comprehensive data privacy policy and oer the ability to determine your own sengs for visability and sharing. To nd out more about the ORCID Privacy Policy, click hereYou can sign up for a free ORCID ID by vising hps://orcid.orgCheck the status of a HER in the Reviewers/Admin secon of the form

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GeneralCan an ORCID ID be retrospecvely added to older work? If you update your user prole in OASIS with your ORCID, this will then be included in records transferred to the ADS Library aer your update. Your user prole should also be synchronised across OASIS and the ADS Library, with all your previous works appearing under your name and with your new ORCID. Please note that this only happens on the next ‘live’ transfer, so may take a short me to update.If this does not occur, or if there is a separate issue relang to your user prole in OASIS and the Library, then please email the main ADS Helpdesk at who will assist.Is my OASIS account retrospecve i.e., will it link me with reports that I have uploaded whilst working at former organisaons? If you were a watcher on another record, you may sll see that appear on your personal project list. However, you can only view the record if you sll have authorised account with that organisaon. If you do not have an authorised account (e.g., your status has been set to ‘inacve’ aer you le), then the system defaults to a page explaining this. You can get rid of these projects appearing in your list by selecng the ‘unwatch’ opon.Archives: no repository opon in the Reviewers/Admin secon of the form

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GeneralIf mulple signicant nds have been discovered during the project, should they all be recorded in the OASIS record? Wherever this is sensible, yes please. It is not the purpose of OASIS to act as a complete nds inventory with 1000s of entries. However, you should include key nds that you think users of the record (including Archives) need to be aware of.ADS are currently invesgang the capacity to build new tools into OASIS to extract keywords from summary text and the PDF report to help the user compile a list and save me. This is sll someway o compleon, but users will be alerted of any signicant developments.If a monument ranges large me spans e.g., medieval - modern can you just use very rst to last or do you need to enter every me period?As a minimum, the rst and last me period of a site should be recorded. However, a discussion should be held with the relevant HER to determine how they require this to be recorded. In the past, some clients have asked not to be idened on the OASIS form If I’m choosing the Private/Public Corporaon opon under Funder Type, is it mandatory to enter in a client name? The form requires this eld to be completed which includes both the type of funder and the name. In the name eld, ‘Private’ could be entered for this to allow condenality to be kept and to allow the user to proceed with the rest of the form. If a client asks you not to share details of a report online, what is the procedure to upload to ADS?You can sll complete an OASIS record but set the report for no public release ever. If the situaon changes in future the OASIS record can be updated to release the report into the ADS library. It should be noted that a report marked as ‘no release’ can sll be accessed by all reviewers, and the naonal heritage body.

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GeneralDo we sll need to contact museums at the beginning of projects, or will the new form contact them automacally?The form will contact them automacally and you can use the form to communicate with them on requirements during the lifecycle of the project. This ensures all correspondence is in once place and will remain with the record should sta leave the project etc. It is recommended that you communicate with the Museum at the start of the project. You can do this via OASIS in the Admin secon of the form. Can OASIS be used to submit an enre archive (Context lists, drawings etc)? If not, what other upload methods are there?In the Archive secon OASIS will take lists/documentaon required by the museum or archive, but not actual data as this hasn’t been built into the system. You should sll use ADS-easy for all small to medium projects. This has recently been redeveloped by the ADS to make it more user friendly.Larger projects have to be negoated and normally sent via other means as ADS-easy does struggle with 10,000s les and very large les (500Mb+).Is there sll a place to upload archive images through OASIS, or is that now all through ADS directly?No, this funcon stopped on 1st April 2021. Images should now be submied to the ADS through ADS-easy (a faster way to deposit small to medium size project archives).Where is the submit buon?There is no submit buon in OASIS V! The new system is clever and the idea is that the record is open for the Level 2 users to review the record from the moment it has been created.

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GeneralCan I save a summary of my OASIS record?Yes you can! When you have completed your record you are able to download a summary as a PDF at the boom of the summary page. What is a GeoJSON format le?GeoJSON is an open standard format designed for represenng simple geographical features, along with their non-spaal aributes. It is based on the JSON format.The features include points (therefore addresses and locaons), line strings (therefore streets, highways and boundaries), polygons (countries, provinces, tracts of land), and mul-part collecons of these types. Who are the ‘watchers’ on the boom of the list on the le-hand side?These are organisaons that may be interested in the record. This is populated from the informaon that was inpued in the Reviewers/Admin secon. These organisaons are reviewers (the HER, naonal organisaons and the museum if the project has an archive). You’ll also see your organisaon on the watchers list along with your name.If a project crosses country borders e.g., if a project is partly in England and partly in Scotland, how should this be dealt with? You have to start a record in one of the UK countries/crown dependencies. If your project area then extends across an area, you will get the opon to tag in a relevant HER and naonal body, but the workow is that of the country the record was created in. For most cases (themac research projects), this should suce as its leng people know that the project exists. In other cases, it is recommended that separate records are created if they relate to parcular acvies either side of a border.

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GeneralHow can OASIS link projects that are carried out over several years with dierent commercial contractors, dierent developers and somemes even dierent site names and site codes?There are two ways, both using the Addional Info page: • At any point a user can set up a new Programme/Scheme of Works. Adding in this scheme automacally links an OASIS record to a larger whole.• Alternavely, there is a ‘related OASIS record’ funcon. You can use this to relate your record to mulple other OASIS records, either via a hierarchy (Is Part of) or just a generic associaon. The form requires the OASIS ID so it only accepts real records! Once added in, links to related records are inserted into the form. This allows users with the relevant access rights to see and view these records.Previously HS2 projects were managed by a separate account. Is this no longer the case?For simplicity HS2 records sll have their own separate organisaonal account.Linking OASIS records in Addional Info

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GeneralI am based in England and Scotland, will there be a further training specically for Scotland?Historic Environment Scotland will be rolling out training in due course. Please contact them directly for more informaon.Are archaeological projects in Wales supposed to use OASIS V?Yes. OASIS (Wales) has been developed by RCAHMW with the assistance of the Archaeology Data Service and the Marine Environmental Data and Informaon Network (MEDIN). The data capture form is based on those developed in England and Scotland and is used for reporng informaon from marime recording projects by data producers to the Naonal Monuments Record of Wales. The form provides the opportunity to upload digital copies of both completed project archive reports (grey literature) as well as les dening the geographical extents of projects.On compleon, informaon gathered through OASIS will be validated by RCAHMW before inclusion in the NMRW. Copies of the grey literature reports will be held in the archives of RCAHMW for long-term preservaon and disseminaon through the on-line Coein service.What is the ADS Deposit Licence? OASIS uses a Creave Commons Aribuon 4.0 Internaonal (CC BY 4.0) licence where reports are transferred to the ADS Library. This allows your report to be freely re-used, as long as it is correctly aributed to the original creators. The CC BY licence is used internaonally and ensures that your work is Open Access while encouraging correct aribuons. If you are the Admin user for your organisaon, when you rst log into the system you may see a nocaon stang ‘You have yet to recieve an ADS Deposit Licence’ with the opon to see further informaon. If you choose the opon to send a licence, the system will generate an electronic CC BY licence using the detailsthat have been entered in the organisaon prole. Once you have recieved the licence, clicking ‘agree’ on the licence will send a copy of the licence to the ADSand a duplicate copy to the licence signatory.

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GeneralI keep geng an OASIS error: Page not found (404)As with all new systems there is the potenal for the odd error within the system. OASIS relies on its user community to report these errors by sending a screenshot to and if possible leng them know what acon triggered the error, the browser you’re using and if you are using a VPN for access. Feeding this informaon back to the ADS will ensure OASIS V becomes the best it possibly can be for the whole sector.Is there a preferred browser to use?OASIS V works with all modern browsers. Chrome, Safari or Firefox are advised.Who do I ask for help?The ADS have a dedicated OASIS support team who can be contacted at

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Admin UsersAdmin UsersWhat does an admin user do?An admin user has to authorise all individuals that want to be associated with an organisaon. A user cannot access any records unl the organisaon’s admin has granted them permission. The admin user can also remove users from being associated with an organisaon. At this point the user will lose access to an organisaon’s records. What is the dierence in access between admin and standard roles?Standard User Admin User• See all records belonging to the organisaon • Receive nocaons about records they have created/updated • Create new records • Update records any records belonging to their organisaon Can do the same as a standard user plus:• Receive nocaons about all records within the organisaon • Create new users• Add exisng users to an organisaon• Change other users to Admin or StandardCan you have more than one admin user per organisaon?Each organisaon will have one Admin user set as default. Your organisaonal Admin can make exisng standard users co-Admins at any point, and there is no limit to the number of Admins an organisaon can have. If you are struggling to contact your Admin, or unsure of the current status then please contact the ADS who can assist.Will there be a way to delete names from the list of people (e.g., sta members who have le?)Yes, this can be done by the admin user in the Organisaon Prole. Admin users have the opon to toggle a user as ‘Acve’ or ‘Inacve’.

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Built Heritage UsersBuilt Heritage UsersHow do I know I am in the buildings form?The buildings form is brick red in colour whereas the main form is purple. This is a great way of checking you are in the correct form.OASIS defaults to the main projects page when I click on New Record. How do I access the buildings form? The buildings form can be accessed by clicking on ‘Change Country or Role’ in the menu found next to the user level icon in the top right-hand corner of the page. Choosing this will bring up a series of opons, one of which is ‘Buildings (England)’. You can also set ‘Buildings (England)’ as your default country/type in this menu. Clicking this opon will open the Built Heritage OASIS and from there, you can open the buildings form by clicking New Project. Accessing the Built Heritage form L1

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Built Heritage UsersBy Built Heritage, do you mean associated with a standing building only? This term is somemes used in other ways.We mean a very broad interpretaon of built heritage, ranging from standing buildings recording, built historic environment characterisaon and architectural research.For Building Acvity Type, Historic Building Recording Level 2/3 is oen requested. Would a Level 2 or 3 be best to enter in this eld?It’s possible to enter mulple acvity types in a record so a Level 2 and Level 3 can be entered here. In the Work Undertaken secon which describes methodology, further informaon can be entered here to clarify that the project is a hybrid of Historic Building Recording Level 2 and Level 3. Is there or will there be a Buildings (Scotland)?This is not planned at present and would be a decision for Historic Environment Scotland. Building Recording is integrated into the main OASIS workow in Scotland and is not a separate module. One of the few dierences between OASIS in England and OASIS in Scotland is in the use of terminology which will be dierent for projects in Scotland. Projects in Scotland should be recorded in the main OASIS as usual.Do you expect that Heritage Statements will be deposited with OASIS?It is hoped that all projects relang to Built Heritage will be recorded in OASIS which includes Heritage Statements, Heritage Impact Statements and Assessments of Signicance.

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CommercialArchaeology UsersCommercial Archaeology UsersMy project is a geophysics survey, how do I access the geophysics OASIS Plus module? You can open the OASIS Plus modules by choosing a parcular acvity type. For the geophysics OASIS Plus module, choosing Geophysics Survey as the acvity type will open an addional secon of the form. This will appear on the le-hand side of the form and will have a red ‘X’ to show that the secon is uncompleted. When adding geophysics reports do the geology and soils need inpung manually like in OASIS IV or does it automacally update them?The form generates the geology from a live spaal lookup against the BGS web services. Upon entering the Geophysics secon, you should see these automacally lled in. If further details or claricaons are required, then there is a free text Notes eld provided.The Geophysics OASIS Plus module L1

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CommercialArchaeology UsersWith the development type, our projects are oen pre-applicaon and prospecve. The development type has not been determined or shared. What would we select in the box for these projects?Please enter ‘Non-residenal development’ and then ‘Other non-residenal development’.If you carry out work on a scheduled monument under a secon 42 licence, do you need to ck the Historic England Review or is it just for projects they fund?Historic England have provided the ADS with the polygons for all scheduled monuments and there are systems in place to update these as new sites are designated. If your project overlaps any of these you get the opon in the Level 2 reviewer secon to select Scheduled Monument Casework. Historic England Review is for projects funded by Historic England only.When you’re entering a record in the Acvity Type part of the form ‘Post Excavaon Assessment’ comes up as an opon but that’s the only post-excavaon related opon. Is there a way to enter an analysis report (rather than assessment)?This is a known gap in the FISH Event Types Thesaurus, which is used for that eld. It is recommended that Post-Excavaon Assessment is used for the Acvity Type with further detail on the project methodology provided in the ‘Work Undertaken’ secon. Expanding the Event Types Thesaurus will be considered by the FISH group in the near future.If you create a project at the WSI level, but then don’t get the eldwork, can you then delete the record?Yes, you can! In the Admin secon of the form, there is now an opon to delete a record and the system will prompt for a reason for deleon. It should be noted that the record is not fully deleted and it can be reinstated at any point in the future.

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CommercialArchaeology UsersI, as a consultant start a project and I produce a DBA and a WSI for geophysics, I then bring in a sub-contractor to do the survey and they produce a report. I then produce another WSI for evaluaon trenching and use another sub for that work. Do I start the OASIS record? If I do can other organisaons then add the details of their surveys to the record or will that responsibility remain with me? Can other users be added at the start?This requires a pragmac decision as the scenario is quite complex. In this case the person consultant should create the record and compile the informaon from the specialists/ other people. You could always add these people into your organisaon and your project but in theory they would have access to all records under your organisaon which may not be appropriate. It will be down to individual organisaons to establish their own workows but support will always be available from the ADS if needed.The delete tab in the Admin secon of the form

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CommunityGroup UsersCommunity Group UsersWho can view the data in an OASIS record? While the record is in OASIS, a restricted number of people can view the data. These are: • Members of your organisaon in OASIS can both view and edit the data.• The Level 2 Reviewer - the relevant Historic Environment Record and naonal organisaons.• Level 3 Archive Repository – the relevant archive repository e.g., a museum who can add informaon such as the archive accession number to the record. The OASIS record forms the bibliographic record for the report in the ADS Library which will be visible by anyone accessing the Library. Not all informaon is transferred e.g. funding informaon. Informaon transferred from OASIS includes: • Title of report• Publicaon type• Author• Publisher• Other persons i.e., OASIS reviewers• Year of publicaon• Locaon L1Example of a record in the ADS Library

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CommunityGroup UsersWe have archives of defunct organisaons should we enter these?It is likely that a decision will need to be made on a case-by-case basis to ensure that informaon is not duplicated. In the rst instance contact the ADS to discuss the archive in queson.Is the system interested in archival projects or just ongoing work? You can record previous projects as well as ongoing work in OASIS. Recording work previously carried out will ensure that this informaon is added to the ADS Library and the wider corpus of archaeological work carried out in the UK. Are there any plans to integrate with the Portable Anquies Scheme data?At present no but this may change in future so do stay posted. News about OASIS will always be posted on the OASIS blog here: hps:// If our group has a project with ten test pits scaered over a village, should we create an OASIS record for each test pit? If the test pits are all being excavated as part of one project, it is recommended to create a single record for the whole project. If the report covers all ten test pits, we suggest uploading the one report. If you produce a report for each test pit, you can upload mulple reports to one record.What support is there going forward for community groups?The OASIS V rollout support project has made available resources to help community groups such as this user guide and a series of online training materials. The Archaeology Data Service has a dedicated help desk for any enquiries about the ADS Library and OASIS. The help desk can be contacted via email:

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Marime Archaeology UsersMarime Archaeology UsersDoes the shapele polygon upload accept any recognised datum / projecon?The shapele must use one of the following projecons: EPSG:27700 (OSGB 1936 / Brish Naonal Grid), EPSG:4326 (WGS84 - World Geodec System 1984), EPSG:3857 (WGS 84 / Pseudo-Mercator. This is a Spherical Mercator commonly used in Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, and ESRI applicaons).Where can I add an MMO licence number?This can be added in on the Acvity Type page under Planning Reference ID.Is it possible to add UKHO numbers to the OASIS record?You can add UKHO numbers on the Work Undertaken part of the form under Associated Ideners.Is it possible to add the numbers of droits for items reported to the Reciever of Wreck under the Merchant Shipping Act to the OASIS record?At present no but there could be scope to add this in future. Does the Crown Estate Marine Data exchange count as a digital archive locaon?If this is where you are instructed to lodge a digital archive, yes.As use of OASIS is a standard licence condion will there be a way to communicate with the MMO to allow for easy discharge of condions?At this me the MMO is not registered with OASIS.L1

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Marime Archaeology UsersCan you upload shapeles for areas that go beyond the territorial waters, or do you need to crop the shapele?OASIS is built using a global Mercator, so shapeles can extend over UK territorial waters. However, please try and be sensible and crop your project wherever possible. Covering the whole of the Atlanc Ocean will increase the me it takes your project to load!Please note that if a shapele does not clip territorial waters (you can see the extent in the records for Historic England and Historic Environment Scotland) then the form will not recognise your project locaon, and you cannot proceed through the form. Geographic extent for the Historic England Marine HER

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HistoricEnvironmentService ReviewersHistoric Environment Service ReviewersWill OASIS V data be compable with most of the commonly used HER database soware eg HBSMR?OASIS V and HERs both use the same terminology and vocabularies and in this way are compable.Are there going to be any changes to the OASIS exports? Currently an XML export can be imported into HBSMR using the importer tool - will the export be broadly the same for OASIS V?OASIS V is a dierent schema, so it is likely that any current importer tools will have to be revised. Feedback on community requirements for addional opons can be made via the OASIS Management Board.I currently download the lists of projects set to the HER to validate as a csv le so that I can open it directly in GIS which enables me to easily see if there are any outstanding projects in a new HER search. Will I sll be able to do that in OASIS V?Yes, a CSV export opon will be available shortly.What is going to happen to non-validated records in OASIS IV when the data is transferred to OASIS V? If the record is incomplete, it will stay as such unl the Level 1 user completes all mandatory elds. If a record is awaing acon by the Level 2 user, the record will remain at this stage but with the 6-month review window in place. Please note the review is marked as starng from the day the record is migrated, not from when it was originally completed.L2

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HistoricEnvironmentService ReviewersCan all Level 2 users within an HER see all reports that have been submied?Yes. All sta within a HER including planning archaeologists can view all records that have been agged as being within the catchment of that HER. Members of sta will need to register for an OASIS account and apply to join an organisaon. Once the membership applicaons have been approved, sta will be able to view all records and subsequently reports, that the HER has been agged in. Which member of sta actually reviews the record once submied will very much depend on individual team workows. It will be down to each HER to establish their internal workows to review records. Can I change the status of my HER? It is possible to change the status of an HER by accessing the Roles and Preference tab in your Organisaon Prole. This will provide a list of roles that the organisaon has within OASIS, and these can be amended by clicking the edit icon next to the name of the organisaon under ‘Further Details’. Accessing the ‘Reviewer Properes’ tab will allow you to change your HER from OASIS Standard to OASIS Lite or vice versa. It should be noted that this change will aect all exisng OASIS records linked to your HER including records in progress. Changing from OASIS Lite to OASIS Standard

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HistoricEnvironmentService ReviewersIs there any facility for eding exisng OASIS records that have gone right through the OASIS process without HER input but have signicant errors which haven’t been picked up?An OASIS record can be edited at any point, including correcons to what has previously been record.Who can put an embargo on reports being released to ADS library?Both Level 1 and Level 2 users can edit records and set embargos on reports being released to the ADS Library.Does the six-month review window reset if the contractor edits the form?The only way that the six-month window can be reset by a contractor is if the report is removed and re-uploaded.Can you provide the exact wording of the note added to records that progress without HER review? The exact word has been agreed by the ALGAO representaves who sit on the OASIS Management board. The exact wording is: This report was uploaded to OASIS by (unit name) and has been transferred into the ADS Library for public access. The relevant Local Authority (insert name) has not reviewed this record, and has no responsibility for content. The presence of this report online is presented for research purposes under the Terms and Condions of use of the ADS.If a report goes into the library on the Lite system but needs to be rened can the end user retract/replace the out-of-date report?Yes. A request to do this should be made to the OASIS Helpdesk:

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HistoricEnvironmentService ReviewersIf a report is uploaded into the ADS library with the caveat aer six months without being reviewed, is it possible to subsequently mark it as reviewed and remove the caveat?Yes. A subsequent review will be mirrored in the public record.My HER is using OASIS Standard. When does the 6-month window for review start? The 6-month clock will begin once the core elds of the form have been completed by the Level 1 user. It will then appear in your Watched Projects list with a note to say that a review is needed. Important note: for migrated records this starts when the record has been migrated and not the date of the original compleon.Does the Watched Project list tell Level 2 users when the 6-month window for the record is about to expire? Yes. The date and me remaining appears on this page.Countdown to review in the Watched Projects List

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HistoricEnvironmentService ReviewersWith the six-month automac approval, what about reports that should not be approved because they have inherent/fundamental problems?A brand-new funcon is the extended review funcon available in the Admin panel, which extends the review date to 12 months. This can only be used once, but it is hoped will provide users with enough me to react. Another way to deal with this scenario, is to edit the report details and set an embargo on its release. There are several me opons: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or no release. The creator of the record will be noed through the system that a change has been made but it is recommended that the Level 2 user communicates through the system to explain why an embargo has been set and to liaise with the Level 1 user to upload a correct report.In extreme examples, a report can always be deleted by the Level 2 user. Please note that this is a live delete; ADS will hold a backup of the le server that goes back to 3 months, but anyme longer than this then the report cannot be retrieved.Can a Level 1 user edit the record aer the HER has reviewed it?A record can be edited by the Level 1 user aer it has been reviewed. A nocaon will be sent to the HER when a record has been edited or updated. Extending the OASIS Standard review period

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Museum UsersMuseum UsersHow can I edit my organisaon’s prole? If you are an Admin user for your organisaon, you can access the prole by clicking on ‘Organisaon Prole’ in the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of the screen next to ‘03’. This will bring up a series of tabs. Choose Roles and Preferences and in the Further Details column, click on the edit icon. This will bring up a series of opons including the ability to upload documents, set your Museum’s status to accepng archives or not and edit your collecng area. Accessing a Museum’s Organisaon Prole L3

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Museum UsersWhat if our collecng area overlaps with other organisaons?That is ne. The spaal lookup will match any collecng area with which it overlaps. The user will have to dene which organisaon is receiving the archive from the list.Is there anywhere to see where your collecon area overlaps with another, or a way to ag when you change your collecng area, that it now overlaps with another?Not at this me. There are denite plans for a separate applicaon for users to view all collecng areas in one map. The ADS hope a Beta will be complete for December 2021 for feedback and subsequent renement.Building this into a separate applicaon helps keep the current OASIS V applicaon as streamlined as possible and prevents any complexity impacng upon the stability of the current system.It would also be useful to be able to show former and current collecng areas, would that be possible?This would be an advanced funcon, that could be built into a future development (see above).Are Level 3 museum users also able to upload reports and projects? We run our own community excavaon projects usually once a year funding allowing.If your museum also runs projects such as community excavaons, it is recommended that you contact ADS to set your organisaon up as a Level 1 user in addion to Level 3. This will allow you to create records and upload reports as the Level 1 user for the project. When you rst log into OASIS, you can select which role you would like to log in as i.e., Level 1 or Level 3.

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Access support for OASIS:OASIS Help Page: OASIS Vimeo Channel: Helpdesk: L1 L2 L3